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The Dawn of the MiLi Smart Age has Arrived

Introducing the Revolutionary Smart Mobile Storage Series

The MiLi Smart Mobile Storage Series Finally, busy professionals, creatives, travellers, students or digital lovers can stop worrying about data storage on their mobile devices. Purposely designed and crafted for the mobile power user. The MiLi Smart Mobile Storage Series is the next giant leap forward for our brand and product strategy.

Small, compact and portable, each device of the Smart Mobile Storage Series allows users to connect, save and access data on the fly, when, where and how they need it. For effective personal management and control, each MiLi Mobile Storage product integrates the power of iData Pro App to enhance the digital user’s life. The added connectivity provides intelligent features and smart tools for real-time access and applications that manage storage without tapping the resources of a mobile device.

“No More Storage� is now a thing of the past. Welcome to the MiLi Smart Age.

iData Pro Your Smart Flash Drive | For iOS & Mac/PC

The flagship product of the Smart Mobile Storage Series, the iData Pro offers the largest data storage for mobile devices.

256 GB of Storage Capacity 16 GB

32 GB

64 GB


128 GB

256 GB

Modern Design & Enhanced Usability Modern Design - Sleek metallic casing to match your iDevice. Solid and Stylish. Intuitive User Interface - Back-up your photos, videos and contacts to one secure location in a few easy steps. Longer Lightning Connector - No need to remove your case to simultaneously charge and sync.

Turbo-Charged Speed with USB 3.0 You thought the iData was fast? The MiLi iData Pro has upped its speed levels to new heights. For a 2 GB movie, the time to transfer to and from your PC is 100 seconds; to and from your iDevices is 200 seconds.



iData Pro Maximum Performance & Reliability MiLi’s R&D team developed the MiLi Microchip for iData Pro. Customized for the iOS smart flash drive, the revolutionary MiLi Microchip delivers unmatched stability and increased funcdtions for the flagship product.

Total Security at Your Fingertips The iData Pro’s data encryption function safeguards your images and files on your iDevice. It supports Touch ID’s passcode function to ensure your privacy is protected.

Multiple Device Compatibility Compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems. Just plug and play.

iData Pro App At the heart of each Smart Mobile Storage Series product is the MiLi iData Pro App. Not only can you manage your files quickly and easily, but you can take control of your media. From pictures, videos and audio, the iData Pro App allow you to record and play files via its stand-alone player.

In fact, you can use the in-App camera to save your memories directly to your iDevice.

Hassle-free Data Compression The iData Pro App also takes productivity to another level - you can compress and uncompress zip files right to your iDevice, saving you time and hassle, so you can work on the go.


Available in: Supports:

HI-D92 Silver, Gold, Rose Gold USB to Micro USB OTG adapter, Micro USB 3.0 data cable 16G / 32G / 64G / 128G / 256G capacities All mainstream file formats for Audio, Video, Image & Document Supports iDevices running iOS 8.0 or above; smart phones with OTG function running Android 4.3 or above

iData Pro Size:

40.5mm x 28mm x 7.7mm

Model No.: Colors: Includes:

iData Air Your Smart Wireless Storage | For iOS & Android Devices With the newest addition to the MiLi iData storage series, the iData Air, you can wireless save and transfer pictures, video and other files to and from your mobile device.

Freedom to Roam Finally, with the iData Air, you are in control of your data. When. Where. What and How. Simply keep your iData Air securely in your pocket or bag.

iData Air Ultra Convenient Finally, no attachment needed. Wirelessly connect, save and transfer data without any physical connection.

Total Control Use the Smart App to manage your data—from iDevice to iData Air to Android phone. It’s your choice.

High Performance Trust the stability and speed of MiLi technology to ensure your data and files are safe, secure and there when you needed.


Battery Capacity: Available in: Working Distance: Supports: Size:

560mAh 8G, 16G 10 metres iOS 8+, Android 4.3+ 53mm x 53mm x 12.5mm

MiLi Smart Refill Bottle Making everyday skincare and cosmetics smart and convenient At home, work, play or travel, you demand the right tools and products to help you live your daily life. Now, with the MiLi Smart Refill Bottle, you can take your favourite lotion, moisturizer or sunscreen with you and learn how best to use them with information from the App.

Compact-Sized Containers for Easy Travel Travel-size your skincare items. Now, you can get onboard to your favourite destination with ease.

MiLi Smart Refill Bottle 3 Needs, 1 Solution

Smart Skin Moisture Detector or Smart UV Index Detector

User-friendly Spray Jet

Smart Apps

Lotion / Toner Container

Worldwide Utility Patents MiLi Smart Refill Bottles have been granted utility patents in China, Germany, and many other countries around the world.

Pure Your Smart Skin Moisture Detector

5 Seconds is all You Need for Beautiful Skin The MiLi Pure instantly detects the level of moisture in your skin—hands, face, eyes, and neck—to give you powerful insight into your skin’s condition. The Pure App records the data, provides detailed analysis and offers skin care tips in real time. Indulge your skin with the MiLi Pure experience.

Key Benefits: • Make informed decisions on cosmetics and skin care products that meet the needs of your skin • Sleek, elegant and compact design to carry with you anywhere • Gain knowledge on your skin over time with helpful tips and information Embedded with a Swarovski crystal for a luxurious look and feel

Pure Designed with Your Skin’s Needs in Mind Precise Data Analysis in Four Body Areas Once the probe touches your skin, the MiLi Pure App delivers professional skin moisture detection for four areas of your body: your hands, face, eyes and neck. Historial Data Record By day, week or by month, you can easily tell if your skin has improved. Personalized Skin Hydration Solutions The intelligent MiLi Pure App integrates your test results with various types of skin measures and analysis to create a customized personal skin hydration solution for your skin over time.


Model No.: Supports:

Battery Life: Size:

HD-E20 iDevices running iOS 7.0 or above, Andriod 4.3 or later version, and with Bluetooth 4.0 or above Approx. 2 years 67mm x 29mm x 20mm

Skinmate Your Smart UV Detector The MiLi Skinmate provides helpful sun protection tools and advice for your skin and eyes at your fingertips.

Wireless Connectivity Simply press the button on MiLi Skinmate to pair with your phone via Bluetooth. Now, the MiLi Skinmate is integrated with Apple Health Kit.

The Ultimate Travel Companion Worry-free sun protection, wherever you are.

Skinmate Make Smarter Decisions The MiLi Skinmate helps to test the UV effectiveness of all sun protection products and gear. Despite UV protection ratings, high UV Index readings, such as 8-10 (very dangerous), alter the UV protection performance of various products. So use the Skinmate to help you choose the right UV products for you and your family. By taking into account your skin type, the UV Index and the SPF of the sunscreen, you can monitor and set reminders to re-apply.


Model No.: Colors: Supports:

Battery Life: Size:

HD-E30 White iDevices running iOS 7.0 or above, Andriod 4.3 or later version, and with Bluetooth 4.0 or above Approx. 2 Years 48mm x 66mm x 6mm

Introducing the MiLi Smart Skincare & Cosmetics Series Finally, everyday health and beauty products for skin and cosmetics have entered their next evolution-the MiLi Smart Age. Today, more than ever, everyday life puts more strain on our skin. Also, we are now more empowered to capture data and understand our bodies and act accordingly. With this in mind, MiLi developed Smart Skincare & Cosmetics Series to empower women and men of all ages and backgrounds to learn about their skincare needs.

Why We Developed the MiLi Smart Skincare & Cosmetics Series Managing UV exposure and moisture are key to maintaining healthy and youthful skin, but in today’s busy lifestyle, proper skincare is a hassle. Through our research, our team discovered that size matters. The ability to carry products are that small, compact and aligned to one’s sense of style are important to you, the user. Having portability and connectivity are key, so that you can:

• Make informed decisions on cosmetics and skin care products that meet the needs of your skin • Sleek, elegant and compact design to carry with you anywhere, even when travelling abroad • Gain knowledge on your skin over time with helpful tips and information • Use your skincare products daily, with no hassle • Apply lotions, moisturizers and sunscreen easily

With this in mind, the MiLi Smart Skincare & Cosmetics Series was born. Now, your products can utlize the powerful MiLi Apps to enhance you lifestyle. The added connectivity provides intelligent features and smart tools for real-time insights and measurements into activities while delivering useful tips and suggestions during use.

Simply put, MiLi Smart Products empower users to make informed decisions, purchases and daily care based on their individual needs and requirements. No more guessing needed. Welcome to the MiLi Smart Age.

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Everyday Health & Beauty Products have Entered the MiLi Smart Age Introducing the MiLi Smart Skincare & Cosmetics Series

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