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Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Copyright 2011 Malta UNESCO Youth Association www.muya.info Published by Gutenberg Press Gudja Road, Tarxien. Malta. GXQ2902 All Rights Reserved First Edition: 2011 Written by Sarah Suda, Christianne Caruana, Philip Caruana, Alexander Thenner Illustrated by Nicole Diacono

Should you wish to translate this book into your own language, we would be more than happy to provide you with the required resources and assistance. Kindly contact Malta UNESCO Youth Association on info@muya.info.

Note by the Authors This book is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, introduced by the UN General Assembly on the 10th December, 1948. This Declaration was adopted after the world went through World War II. Following such a tragic event that lasted many years and affected millions of people around the globe, the leaders of many countries decided that such an act should never happen again. Together they wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is a road map that guarantees the basic rights of each and every person. They all signed the Declaration promising that the people in their countries will be protected by the articles in the Declaration. Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been in place for more than sixty years, if we look around us we can see that we do not always follow this Declaration both as people and as countries. This book tells the story of Eleo, a young boy who lives in the ideal planet of Bubble-onia where the people have managed to live in harmony with each other for many, many years. However, unfortunately, the planet does have other problems and together with Eleo and his grandfather Bobbla, we will find out how they live on the planet and what the people of Bubble-onia intend to do to overcome their challenges.

Sarah, Christianne, Philip, and Alex Malta UNESCO Youth Association November 2011

This book is dedicated to our daughters, Aaliyah and Rosaleen, and to all children. We hope they will grow up to live in a more peaceful world.

It was a sunny day on the roundest of all planets, the Planet Bubble-onia; a planet that is home to native Bubble-onians and others like the Spikures and Droplings. Both come from other planets but they have been welcomed like brothers by the native inhabitants. Little Eleo runs into his grandfather’s bubble house. “Bobbla, I heard that our beautiful planet Bubble-onia is going to burst because we will collide with Spikure!! Is it true?” Bobbla smiled and asked him to sit down. “Yes little Eleo, this is true. But do not worry! Once again we will send one of us Bubble-onians out there to find a new planet for us, so we can live together with others in peace and bubblistic harmony just as we are now.” “I want to tell you a couple of secrets, little Eleo”, his grandfather continued. “The last time we were building a new planet, I was sent out and I found a nice blue planet in the mighty Universe, from where I brought a book with the rules to the happy life we have. Come my son, let us go for a walk together and I will tell you everything.”

Eleo waits for Bobbla until he is ready to leave and they walk out together. As they reach the end of the street, Bobbla points to the left where there is a nursery with a big window. As Eleo looks through the window he can see a Bubble-onian nurse walking along the corridor carrying many babies. Among them there are many differently coloured Bubble-onian babies and a Dropling baby who was crying out loudly. He can also see two Spikure toddlers playing with a Bubble-onian on a little carpet down the corridor, being very careful not to hurt him with their little spikes. “Look Eleo”, says Bobbla, “many new brothers and sisters are born in Bubble-onia.” Eleo looks at Bobbla and nods in agreement. “But Bobbla, why are they so different?” Bobbla is happy that Eleo has asked that question and continues to explain, “We are all born different from one another but we are all the same and help each other like one big family. Take a look around you!”

Bobbla leads Eleo as they keep on walking and turn left towards the maypole that has been set up for the planet holiday. Bobbla and Eleo smile as they look on and see different bubblings, the name given to all the children living on Bubble-onia, going round the maypole. All bubblings are of different colours and not all of them are Bubble-onians either. Each bubbling is holding a coloured rope as they skip and run around the pole. “Look at all those little bubblings Eleo, all are different and yet they are playing and having fun together” says Bobbla to little Eleo. “What great fun Bobbla! It is true! That is why you never scolded me when I played with bubblings who are not like me,” replies Eleo. Eleo now understands that it is more fun to play games and be friends with different bubblings. Life is more interesting that way.

As they keep on walking, Eleo and Bobbla arrive at the main Bubbly park. Here they stop to watch different bubblings play with different coloured kites. The bubblings are all helping each other: even though they are not all native Bubble-onian bubblings, little Spikures and Droplings are playing around them. They are helping each other so that their kites all fly at the same height. The sight of the colourful kites makes Eleo smile as it is very beautiful. “Oh Bobbla how beautiful it is. I would also like to play with kites,” says Eleo. Bobbla looks at Eleo and nods in agreement, “Of course it is so much fun. But remember it is more enjoyable if we help each other so that kites not only fly at the same height, but can even go higher.”

Bobbla decides that they should cross the park and walk together among the lovely trees. Eleo and grandpa pass by a group of Bubble-onians enjoying a barbeque.

Each of them is doing different things. Two of them are cooking some food whilst the others are busy cleaning and preparing the table. “Yummie, that smells good,” says Eleo, “and to tell the truth I am getting hungry. Do you think we can join them?” Bobbla too is getting hungry and tells Eleo that it would be possible to join the party but along with eating they should also help others in preparing the food, set the table and clean afterwards because in Bubble-onia everyone has to help out. Eleo agrees and Bobbla greets the group, “Hello friends, do you think we can join you?” “Yes, of course” calls back one of the them, “just lend a hand!”

After the group all finishes eating, each and everyone starts to clean up his plate and the area where they sat. As one bubbling is throwing away some things, the waste does not fall into the bin but right outside. His mummy does not look very happy with what her son has just done and calls him over.

“My dear boy, I know it was a mistake but next time be more careful. Go and pick it up and throw it in the right place,” says the Bubble-onian mummy. “See Eleo, the boy made a mistake,” says Bobbla to Eleo, “but even when we make mistakes we are not unfairly punished”. As Bobbla finishes cleaning up, he tells Eleo that they should move on as they have much more to see.

Bobbla and Eleo walk to the end of the park and come to a very busy cross road. In fact there is a traffic officer guiding bubble cars, bicycles and pedestrians. “Bobbla, what is that Bubble-onian doing over there?” asks Eleo. “She is controlling traffic so that everyone is kept safe,” replies Bobbla. “I never realised that Bubble-guards have this little book on them,” says Eleo. “They make sure that everyone follows the rules and keep us safe every day. In this book you can find the rules that everyone in Bubble-onia has to follow to have a peaceful Bubblistic life,” explains Bobbla.

Eleo and grandpa cross the road carefully and keep on walking until they arrive to the footcube playground. “Look Eleo, they are playing footcube. The referee in footcube has to be fair on both teams,” says Bobbla. “Oh I see”, but what should the referee do when the fans are shouting?” asks Eleo. “The referee should not be influenced by the fans, but should apply the rules to everyone in the same way,” replies grandpa.

Bobbla and his grandson walk until they arrive to the law courts which is a big transparent building and everyone who passes by can see what is going on inside. “Bobbla, why have they gathered here?” asks Eleo. “In this case, some Bubble-onians asked for help to defend their rights. One lawyer defends one side and another defends the other.

The judge hears both sides and then he decides who is guilty and what the punishment should be. All this has to be done in public. Until a decision is made, if there is a suspected wrong-doer he or she may be held in a place where one is not free” explains Bobbla. “Will I also be judged like them?” asks Eleo. “Unless you break the rules of the bubblistic life of Bubble-onia you will not ever be judged or punished, so there is no need to be afraid if you live a good life,” says Bobbla.

Eleo tells his grandpa that he understood and grabs his hand as they keep on walking together down the street. As they stroll along, they see a Dropling mummy scolding her little bubbling because she seems to think that he has done something wrong. “I promise I have not done anything wrong mummy!” cries out the little Dropling. His mother stops being angry and starts to reason with her little son. “Look, my little Eleo, everyone is innocent until there is real proof that he or she has done something wrong.” Eleo agrees and they decide to keep on going.

As they walk along there are many houses on each side of the road. Some have their doors and windows open however some of them have their curtains drawn and signs put up saying ‘no peeping through the curtains (smiley face)’. Grandpa turns to Eleo and says, “Look my son, the curtains are closed and no one is looking in. We all can have a place were we can be there without neighbours and passers by looking in,” explains Bobbla. “This is called privacy, my dear Eleo. In Bubble-onia we respect that each and every one of us can have a private space where no one is allowed to peep in.” Eleo agrees, “so can I consider my room my own little private space Bobbla?” Bobbla smiles in approval, “Yes, my dear son.”

At the other end of the street, a family is packing stuff into their bubble car. A sign on the car makes it clear that they are off to Bubble-onia Beach. Grandpa points this out to Eleo, “See that family of Spikures packing their stuff to go on holiday to Bubble-onia Beach. They will stay there for the summer.” Eleo smiles, “that is very nice, we should do that soon.” Bobbla agrees, “We are all allowed to move around freely and go wherever we like.”

Eleo and grandpa keep on walking towards the city centre. On their way they meet a couple of Droplings who happen to be friends of Bobbla. They greet each other and chat for a little while and then they keep on walking. Grandpa turns to Eleo, “My Dropling friends Chrissy and Alex are much happier in Bubble-onia and they have been welcomed here as they have not been treated justly in their planet Clowdia.� Eleo smiles at Bobbla and tells him that he is very happy that Chrissy and Alex are now living a happy life.

As they arrive in the city centre they remember that it is the Bubble-onia festival day as everyone there is participating in a parade. Bubble-onians, Spikures and Droplings all together are walking in the parade. Banners and Bubble-onia flags are being carried by the different citizens of Bubble-onia. “Wow, grandpa how amazing to look at all the different colours and flags,” says Eleo. “Yes, my dear grandson. In Bubble-onia even the Spikures and the Droplings can become citizens of our beautiful planet.”

As they walk along, they see a wedding bubble car passing by with newlyweds. Eleo stops Bobbla and starts clapping happily, “Look Bobbla, a Bubble-onian lady has just married a Spikure! How happy I am for them!” Grandpa laughs at Eleo’s excitement, “Yes my dear grandson, here in Bubble-onia all of us can marry and have a family, even if we come from different planets.”

Eleo smiles at Bobbla, “Can I get married too?” Grandpa bursts out laughing and explains, “You are still too young to get married now, but once you are old enough you can!”

A bubble bicycle is coming along from the other side of the street. Eleo pulls at Bobbla’s sleeve, “Look grandpa, that little bubbling has a bicycle just like mine.” Bobbla says, “It could be like yours, but that does not mean it belongs to you.”

Bobbla explains that many Bubble-onians own different things and to own things one has to buy them or they have to be given to you as a present. “I can see that this little bubbling is enjoying his bicycle as much as I enjoy mine!” says Eleo.

Eleo and Bobbla keep on walking until they arrive to a little opening where they see a Bubble-onian preacher talking on a stage in front of an audience. “Grandpa, what is going on there?” asks Eleo. “Here the preacher is expressing and sharing his beliefs with the audience,” explains Bobbla, “However the people listening are free to believe what they think is best for them.”

Eleo and grandpa leave the audience and continue on their way. As soon as they turn right, a group from the Bubble Motorbike Club ride past. Eleo turns to Grandpa and says, “Wow Grandpa, look at that! Can I join this group when I grow up?” Bobbla smiles at Eleo again and says, “Of course you can my dear grandson, but only if you want to.”

Eleo and Bobbla keep on walking down the street, and as they look to their left they see a wall covered with election posters.

As they walk by, Eleo looks at the pictures of the people on the posters. “Orange is Cool, Purple is Super, Yellow is Banana!”, exclaims Eleo as he reads the poster slogans out loud. “How colourful and interesting these posters are Bobbla!”, says Eleo. “Soon there will be elections for the Bubble Parliament my dear son,” explains Bobbla. “They all want to be chosen to represent the Bubble-onians. Their job will be to decide on good things to do for us to make our lives better.” Eleo smiles and tells Bobbla that maybe he too might be a Prime Bubble some day. “Why not! Everyone can try,” answers Bobbla.

As Eleo and Bobbla reach the end of the street, they come to a large Bubble shopping mall. There are many Bubble-onians, Spikures and Droplings inside: shopping, having fun, playing games, waiting for the theatre or having coffee. Some Bubble-onians are also at work. “Look Eleo,” says Bobbla, “everyone is happy because everyone living in Bubble-onia is encouraged to be what they want to be. Look at everyone enjoying themselves by learning games or going to the theatre, even these things make us the beings that we are.”

Bobbla and Eleo keep on walking until they reach the end of the shopping mall and exit from the back door. As soon as they leave the mall, they find themselves in the daily market. There are different stalls at the market. There is Lucy the carpenter working on small chairs to sell that day, there is Markus setting up his makeup stall whilst many other stall owners are busy already selling their goods. “Look Eleo, all of us living in Bubble-onia can choose what work they want to do. Also, all have enough money to be able to take care of their family,� explains Bobbla.

After the market, Bobbla and Eleo keep on walking towards the Bubble Luna Park next to the river. There are several families having fun and enjoying themselves. Eleo stops to look at the carousel. Bobbla comes up behind him and says, “Look Eleo, we all have free time to do whatever we want in order to have fun and rest. We have free days between working time. Resting is important son.” Eleo turns to Bobbla and asks, “When we are free, can we go to Bubble beach to swim and play?” Bobbla smiles at Eleo and says, “Yes of course!”

Eleo and Bobbla continue their walk and take the bridge to cross the river. From the bridge they can see a lot of different Bubble houses lining up the riverbed. Eleo looks over and says, “Look Bobbla, it seems as if you can see the whole town from here!”. “Yes, that is true my son, and look how different we all are. But it does not matter, because we are all safe and happy and if we ever need help, we will all get it,” replies Bobbla. “Do you remember the baby bubblings we saw at the nursery and the little bubblings playing in the park? Those get special attention since they are the future of Bubble-onia.”

On the bank of the river there is a school, which Eleo and Bobbla pass by. They see little bubblings hurrying towards the door carrying their school bags.

Bobbla explains that everyone has the right to learn and it is important because it teaches us how to develop our talents and also how to live together with others. “That is why we love to learn,” says Bobbla. “I will go to Junior Bubble College soon” says Eleo, “I can’t wait for school to start!”

They keep on walking to the main square, where every day a lot of street artists gather. Eleo and Bobbla are having fun as they watch artists, jugglers, musicians and painters do what they know best. “Wow, look how artistic we are in Bubble-onia, can I have a painting of myself?” asks Eleo. “Here in Bubble-onia we truly have many talents. Our artists’ concerts, exhibitions and plays make our life more fun and interesting. They really deserve their money, like this painter here. Have a seat, Eleo!” says Bobbla.

By now, Grandpa Bobbla is feeling a bit tired, so they decide to take a bus. As soon as they get on, a young Bubble-onian is helping an older one get onto the bus. Eleo notices this and says to Bobbla, “It is very nice of this Bubble-onian,” Bobbla replies, “Yes my son, we should all care for each other. If we all respect each other and the rules, life is easy to live.”

As the bubble bus drives near to their house, Eleo and grandpa get off. Eleo notices the Bubble space ship standing in Bobbla’s garden. Eleo turns to Bobbla and says, “We have wonderful rules Bobbla. I hope I will find another planet where we can live together just like we do now.” Bobbla agrees and says, “No need to worry son, we are sure that there are planets out there, where we are welcome. Your Bubble ship is ready for take-off. Come son, I will help you to prepare for your trip. Here is the book, you will need it!”

United Nations International Nursery School: It's Human Rights Day for Them, Too Children of the United Nations International Nursery School look at a poster of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is two years old on 10 December. [December, 1950] UN Photo

This book is the collaborative effort of many a creative mind. The initial idea came about following a Training Course funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission called ‘Rightly Yours and Rightly Mine – a Training Course on Human Rights and Duties in a multi-cultural Europe,’ which was organised by Malta UNESCO Youth Association and took place in Malta in June 2009. Several participants from Italy, Spain, Malta, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Sweden, Greece and the Netherlands were present.

The participants were: Joanna Bonnici & Caroline Grech – Malta Olga Rodionova & Rostislav Tshikalski – Estonia Fabio Cerrito & Giorgio Sinapi – Italy Marina Albuquerque Maranhao & Fabio Santos – Spain Popi Nalpantiodou & Athanasios Tzoganis – Greece Marieke Van Der Linden & Ayla Van Kessel – Netherlands Ivanina Stoyanova - Bulgaria Jasmina Mohorko & Sebastijan Starc – Slovenia Soren Berglund & Mats Grambon – Sweden Dimitrie Anatoli Postovei – Romania

From this Training Course, the idea for a children’s book came about and Malta UNESCO Youth Association has been working on the idea ever since.

Collaborators (in alphabetical order): Alexander Thenner Annette Vella Audrey Spiteri Birgit Oidram Chantal Sciberras Christianne Caruana CJ Saliba Daniel Mifsud Desiree D’Amato Dorianne Formosa Elysia Camilleri Joanna Bonnici Julian Portelli Krista Bonnici Marie Louise Vella Philip Caruana Sarah Cassar Sarah Suda Estonian UNESCO Youth Association, Estonia: Julia Barsukova, Olga Rodionova, Deniss Jershov. Youth Centre of Dravinja Valley, Slovenia: Aleš Kurnik, Jasmina Mohorko, Anja Žibert. Initsiativa Regional Youth Council, Bulgaria: Rosen Dimov

Consultants: Dr Gorg Mallia - University of Malta, Mr Chris Grupetta - Merlin Library, Mr Anson D. Aquilina, Ms Krista Bonnici

The book was partly funded by the European Youth Foundation within the Council of Europe under category B which supports printed publications and audio-visual material.

Special thanks to Athanasios “Sakis� Krezios (Kids In Action) for being a source of inspiration and moreover a provider of precious information about making use of this fund.

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On a faraway bubbly happy planet where everyone lives life in peace and harmony with one another, young Eleo runs into his grandfather's house. He is looking for some answers, only to find out that he had been chosen for a mission. But before he sets off, his grandfather Bobbla needs to give him some precious information that will help him along the way.