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The Muweti Journey

The Muweti Journey - Introduction The Muweti Journey creates an environment which fosters a journey of reflection, stimulates creative and constructive dialogue and provides a platform which assists in reframing paradigms for sustainable personal and leadership development. The external experiences undertaken, in an environment which is underpinned by a sustainable dictate, allows for a solid internalised connection between self development and sustainability.

“We aim to trigger the first steps of self acknowledgement and to exploit the consequences for development of self discovery.�

The Muweti Journey - Objectives To provide the springboard for individual and team emancipation or unshackling from personal limitations. Exposure to self disclosure and differing perspectives from each participant as well as external sources, allows for the development of trust in a humble but solid manner. This trust, plus the group acceptance of the forward process, provides the platform for individual and team development. This platform supports the development of personal integration as a glue to reinforce one’s ability to operate in complex environments with a sense of humanity and again with the emphasis on sustainability.

“To open and foster self enrichment by exploring and testing new behaviour patterns�

The Muweti Journey - Process

Story Telling Transformative Listening Group Coaching Bush Walk


Sleep Out Responsible Leadership Conversations Group Assignment Cultural Experience Game Drive


The Muweti Journey - Outcomes

Self Awareness Development Commitment Generative Interaction Internalisation of long term sustainability

Muweti Bush Lodge Greater Kruger National Park +27 82 332 0473 +27 82 651 9104

Muweti Journey  

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