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CUISINE-a Marriane May Macapugay Editor-in-chief

Eillen Joy Clenista Associate Editor

Rizza Janine Chan Creative Director

Ma. Ynez Cabredo

Art Director

Anne Elizabeth Parras Senior Editorial Manager

Camille Santiago Editorial Assistant

Ed’s Corner Savoring Your Vacation In love, you can always CRAVE for anyone. But there will always be that SPECIAL SOMEONE that’s enough for you to forget the rest. Just like in food, your favorite food can only take away all your pains, sadness, depression and stress. These foods should be in front of you whenever you crave for it. There are no alternatives for our favorites, and it seems like a make or break situation. If you able to munch your apple of the eye, your mood changes as if you’re floating in the air but if you fail to taste it, you can easily get feel irritated or annoyed. Those actions can be compared to a pregnant woman who is experiencing “Paglilihi”. Our favorite food is merely our comfort foods since it makes us feel at ease and satisfied. Comfort foods are commonly desserts or foods that are usually recommended to consume rarely or once in a while. Our issue is not merely about food cravings but also relevant food issues and articles related this summer. It features all time favorite local restaurant that most people love to dine in, new restaurants where family and friends can spent their time this summer vacation, new and original recipes that you’ll surely crave to prepare, crazy food cravers confession, special writers’ section, diet police for those image conscious readers, food crunches that give you an idea about food finer points, movie bites that can tempt you to eat our all time favorite desserts, food 101 which discusses controversial food issues, and many more. Hence, flip through the pages and feel free to embrace every details featured. It is an instrument to discover new things like you’ve never encountered before. Grasp through our pages to ascertain the deeper meaning of cravings. It is the time to have a fruitful summer vacation with your family and friends. Plunge into the articles to munch and savor your vacation that you crave for a long period of time. Marriane, editor-in-chief



1 0 1 D O FO Wonders of Vegetables NE BY MARRIA

Vegetables seem to be the greatest enemy of meat lovers all the time (especially children). As a matter of fact, even a tiny cut of vegetables in every dish are being set aside by those people who hate vegetables. Researches prove that vegetables will savor better to you in the future—a soothing reflection for those people who find it complicated to munch right. As our age increase, the

savor of vegetables turns out to be more engaging and by that the taste buds modify with age. Dr. Adam Drewnowski, director of the University of Washington Nutritional Sciences Program lately accomplished research that explains our demand for good taste is at probability with our requirement for good nutrition. Dr. Adam Drewnowski said that, “Plants protect themselves against being eaten by secreting bitter-tasting toxins. In small amounts, the phenols, flavonoids,


isoflavones, and other chemicals are proving to be good for us.” It is normal to hate bitter flavors. Bitter and sour tastes are linked with spoiled or toxic foods by humans and other animals. Through careful breeding and food processing, manufactures have detached these adverse flavors for years but that forfeits some nutritional value. During food preparation, an excellent ploy is to formulate bitter but healthy foods more appetizing. Dr. Drewnowski recommends that we should acquire a cue from the Mediterranean chefs, who usually season bitter vegetables with a dash of salt and olive oil. The bitter taste is rounded through the help of olive oil; it also contains its own heart-healthy benefits. He also said that as we grown-up, we will like vegetables more. Surveys from Dr. Drewnowski’s research shows that eight in ten older people supported an increasing preference for green vegetables, wholegrain foods, and bitter fruits like grapefruits and lemons. Eating right amount of vegetables doesn’t mean you are already considered as vegetarian. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to shift from



being a vegetable hater to a vegetable lover. At first, it seems to be totally dif ferent from the lifestyle you used to have, but as time goes by you’ll see the difference from yourself that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Everybody’s (especially non-vegetarians) asking what forces a vegetarian to eliminate meat and implement a totally different style of living. There is no particular answer for this controversial question. For many reasons, non-vegetarians become a vegetarian. Most vegetarians assert that they have ethical problems with eating meat. Chickens are butchered when they do not generate eggs quick enough and strained to live in small cages. Through this inequality among animals, people turns out to be a vegetarian. They also oppose with hormone-laden feed used to make them rise faster and generate more, another thing is that animals are obliged to reside in a crowded and stressful environments.

vegans won’t munch through yeast, dress in wool, or even munch definite vegetables (such as carrots) that oblige killing the plant to yield. Nowadays, there are already commercialized food services or restaurants that are fit for vegetarians. It is appropriate for those budgets conscious individuals. For Php150 to Php300, you’ll be able to eat a complete healthy meal. Bodhi, Oh my gulay, Chimara Neo-vegan Café, Greens, Bliss Café, Gloria Maris, and Good Burgers are some of the vegetarian restaurants that you may try to dine in. For those people who are not so budget conscious and want a casual dining experience, Circles Event Café at ShangriLa Hotel Makati, Cyma Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and Cantinetta Pasong Tamo serve vegetarian courses for Php 350 to Php 1,700 per meal. They offer casual dining experience at its best and it has an array of continental, oriental, a la carte, and etc. When done precisely, a vegan diet is much more heart-healthy and generally has higher amounts of antioxidants. Invest as early as now and discover the wonders of vegetables.

“that eight in ten older people supported an increasing preference for green vegetables”

Through their personal beliefs, people who turn out to be vegetarians for this reason frequently portray ethical boundaries in diverse spots. Some of them hinder

Photos taken from


MOVIE BITES Chocolate Fantasy By Ma. Ynez R. Cabredo

Photos taken from the official website of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie-gallery/albums/userpics// charlieposterlarge.jpg

Don’t you crave for chocolates every now and then? Well, everyone do! Everyone is curious of how does our favorite chocolates were made! There is one movie that somewhat gave answer to our curious mind.

Though the answers given and shown by the movie are all imaginations by human beings, well, you’ll still enjoy the movie a lot!

would own the chocolate factory once he retired since Mr. Wonka have no family, he leaves his company to a young child and his grandpa once his gone.

There is this one boy named Charlie Bucket, he lives with his grandpas and grandmas. He has one grandpa named Grandpa Joe who tells him stories about this one chocolate factory in their town. But then as time passed, there are lots of competitors and the owner, named Willy Wonka closed his factory. Then there come a time where the factory was again opened but new workers for the factory were mysterious only Willy Wonka was since going in and out the factory. Then there is news saying that Mr. Wonka would be sending out a five chocolate bar with golden tickets, whoever have one golden ticket would have the chance to have a day-tour around the factory and a lifetime supply of chocolates. Charlie was one of those lucky people who have the golden ticket together with 4 bad children. They had a tour with Mr. Wonka and some moms, dads and Charlie’s grandpa was able to visit different rooms inside then factory. Well, only Charlie remained behaved and the only one left before they had finished the tour. Mr. Wonka announced that he’s the winner and that he

As you read the summary of the story, you would see the part where something about them going in different rooms. Those rooms are the place where the chocolates and other candies being made. All of you would be shocked and would enjoy every room they visit, particularly the chocolate room where you would see the workers of Mr. Wonka are like Santa’s elves! And they even prepared a presentation to their guests. The room that you may enjoy was the nut sorting room, where squirrels are the one to break good walnuts to be used for the chocolates. Squirrels really look cute as they crack the nuts and throw some bad nuts. Well, every room they visit, one child would be eliminated once they would misbehaved that is why Charlie was left alone since he didn’t break any rules of Mr. Wonka inside the factory. Everyone loves chocolates! Who doesn’t? However the chocolates were made, all we know is that it really taste great and could also be one great comfort food for lots of people!





i s i Cu

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by E


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Jo illen


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you drink could contain molecules that Dinosaurs drank – there is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when it was formed. ☼☼ It’s estimated that at any one time, around 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk.

☼☼ The World’s First Chocolate Candy was produced in 1828 by Dutch chocolate-maker Condrad J. Van Houten. He pressed the fat from roasted cacao beans to produce cocoa butter, to which he added cocoa powder and sugar.

☼☼ The world’s rarest coffee cost $300 a pound. It is called Kopi Luwak and comes from Indonesia!

☼☼ The World’s costliest coffee, at $130 a pound, is called Kopi Luwak. It is in the droppings of a type of marsupial that eats only the very best coffee beans. Plantation workers track them

☼☼ of the tomato consumption is in the form of catsup and tomato sauce.

and scoop their precious poop.

☼☼ Did you know that Brazil Nuts are only grown in Rain Forests?

☼☼ Gum is thought to be an ancient human treat. Tar containing teeth marks has been found dating back to 7000BCE.

☼☼ Each American eats approximately 22 pounds of tomatoes yearly. Over 1/2

☼☼ Did you know there are over 15,000 varieties of rice?

☼☼ Did you know that butter is one of our oldest foods? ☼☼ Did you know that cabbage is 91 percent water? ☼☼ It takes nearly 2,000 coffee cherries to


☼☼ The next glass of water

☼☼ to provide enough beans for a pound of

cuisine-a ☼☼ roasted coffee! ☼☼ Did you know that sliced bread was not always sold in stores? The question for today is: Pre sliced bread was introduced to Americans under what brand name? ☼☼ Did you know that about 88% of all milk is water and only about 12% is solid ☼☼ substance that has food value? ☼☼ There are over 400 varieties of natural cheeses! ☼☼ Did you know that in Japan, the most popular topping for pizza at Domino’s Pizza is Squid? ☼☼ Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America..

England. ☼☼ APPLES are more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than CAFFEINE. ☼☼ Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that is reputed to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love. ☼☼ Worldwide, consumers spend more then $7 billion a year on chocolate. Annual per capita consumption of chocolate is 12 pounds per person. ☼☼ Large doses of coffee can be lethal. Ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours, can kill the average human. ☼☼ McDonalds and Burger King sugar-coat fries so they will turn golden-brown. ☼☼ What is the literal meaning of the Italian word Linguine?

A: “Little tongues.”

☼☼ The Tootsie Roll Company produces more than 16 million lollipops a day! ☼☼ In the beginning, doughnuts were made of raised dough and ☼☼ a nut was baked into the center...That is how the word ☼☼ “doughnut” came about!” The doughnut was one of New England’s earliest sweets, although it did not originate in New

☼☼ What was margarine called when it was first marketed in England? A: Butterine. ☼☼ What are the two top selling spices in the world?

A: Pepper is the top seller; mustard is second. ☼☼ World wide, consumers spend more

than $7 billion a year on chocolate. Annual per capita consumption of chocolate is 12 pounds per person.

☼☼ What is the largest fruit crop on earth?

☼☼ Large doses of coffee can be lethal. Ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours, can kill the average human.

A: Grapes, followed by bananas.

☼☼ Nabisco’s “Oreo’s” are the world’s best-selling brand of cookie at a rate of 6 billion sold each year. The first Oreo was sold in 1912.

☼☼ When Coca Cola was first produced it was a green colour.

☼☼ The hottest pepper in the world is the Habanero.

☼☼ What food product overtook ketchup as the top-selling condiment in the United States in 1991?

☼☼ When honey is swallowed, it enters the blood stream within a period of 20 minutes. ☼☼ How did the icecream sundae get its name? A: The sundae was created in Evanston, Illinois, in the late nineteenth century to get around a Sabbath ban on selling ice-cream sodas. It was dubbed Sunday but spelled with an “e” instead of a “Y” to avoid religious objections. ☼☼ What food product was discovered because of a long camel ride? A: Cottage cheese. An Arab trader found that milk he was carrying in a goatskin bag had turned into tasty solid white curds.

☼☼ Chop Suey was invented in New York City not in China.

A: Salsa. ☼☼ What common salad ingredient belongs to the aster family? A: Lettuce. ☼☼ What is the worlds\’s largest herb?

A: The banana. ☼☼ Which fruit has a variety known as Winter Banana? A: The apple. ☼☼ CAFFEINE: there are 100 to 150 milligrams of caffeine in an eight-ounce cup of brewed coffee, 10 milligrams in a six-ounce cup of cocoa, 5 to 10 milligrams in one ounce of bittersweet chocolate, and 5 milligrams in one ounce of milk chocolate.



NEW RESTAURANTS Crave NEW For a Change! By Anne Elizabeth B. Parras

Summer is getting nearer, and everyone rushed themselves to a long vacation! Others wanted to have a new leisure time to do this coming summer while others wanted to try something new for a change! Everyone loves to eat and rest, they wanted to have a relaxation or just eat, eat and eat! There is something new for everyone that they may try this coming summer so that they will surely love and enjoy it! There are uncommon restaurants that you can try, enjoy and love especially with the food they served.

be offered in all AMAZING CONES’ food outlets that will be established and operated throughout the country. Its food kiosks will be serving a wide variety of delicious new flavors for its Amazing Pizza Cones, Amazing ice, and Amazing swirls, guaranteed to delight the palate of all of its patrons.

You may be used to

new shape that goes well for people on the go! As another way of reintroducing “wraps”, new age food concepts, inc. presents a new way to enjoy pizza! Amazing cones pizza-in-a-cone is a good try. Imagine a savory cone crust with the type of fillings you love in pizza. Each cone was stuff with choice ingredients, all the familiar tastes of a pizza but shaped like a cone. You get a whole lot of flavor packed inside. The crust is formulated to be shaped as a cone while capable of being sealed at its tip. When

eating pizza as a square, a triangle, or a small circle, but now, a new age food concept, inc. introduces a

heated, it doesn’t crack or become soft and the best part? It’s totally drip-free with the lower tip sealed and the

Experience an AMAZING way to enjoy pizza...

Introducing new age food in cones! Amazing Cones!!! AMAZING CONES is a trilogy of “food on the run”, developed to answer a customer’s needed to eat and go, without the hassle of dripping and spilling food on oneself or everywhere else. It is made up of: gourmet pizza cones, soft serve ice cream, and flavored ice. The triumvirates make up the food products that will


Photos taken from

pizza topped with mozzarella, you have a pizza that’s not only mess-free, it’s practically handy! Amazing cones pizzain-a-cone is jam packed with flavor from top to bottom. Filled with natural ingredients, each cone will definitely satisfy those with hefty appetites. When you need to reheat it, just pop it in the microwave and

it tastes as fresh as you first bought it. Crispy and savory, Amazing cones are baked in a patented design oven. What’s really amazing about it is that you can microwave the cones in the oven and they never lose their crispiness but the flavor doesn’t stop with pizza. Soon it will have other fillings in store. These include pies, fajitas, breakfast cones and a parade of new flavors coming to you in the coming months. Pizza-in-a-cone, new age foods concepts, inc. will also be introducing the soft ice cream with flavor bits called Amazing swirl and Amazing ice- granitas using popular Filipino desserts. Internet is very useful in this day and age and this is one of the hobbies of everyone. There are many good internet cafes with 19″ LCD monitors and fast internet connection. Also, they come at a price that’s definitely worth

cuisine-a it, 20 Philippine Pesos per hour only; some even would go low as 10 bucks. You can’t get a better deal considering the quality of the computers for rent. You can try

this second option that you can enjoy this coming summer which is the Café Noriter. ’Noriter’ is a Korean term for “playground” this is one of the spots that you would like to hang out when you bring your laptop with you. You can just order any food or drink on the menu with a minimum of 50 bucks and you can have unlimited Wi-Fi internet access. This place is really great because of the decorations around; it feels warm and comfy with the postcard/stationery-like. an


third choice is affordable authentic

Joey Pizzeria.

Italian pizza is the


It is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in its distinctive take on contemporary ItalianAmerican cuisine. Whether by dine-in, take-out, or delivery, every order from the Joey Pepperoni menu is sure to

satisfy those who crave enduring delights such as pizza and pasta—at affordable prices, to boot. In short, it offers a premium dining experience at nonpremium cost. Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria has engaged the culinary services and savy of Chef Giorgio A. Bucciarelli, a Milan, Italy-raised Master Pizzaiolo-Italian Executive Chef who was formerly with, among others, Don Bosco Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and Culinary School. Chef Giorgio now assumes the role of Executive Chef of Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria— further guaranteeing that, simply put, Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria knows how pizza should be! So, what are you waiting for, try these new restaurants that will surely make your day beautiful and bright! A new experience that you can truly love and enjoy! Be one of the new food cravers this coming vacation!!! 




Discover Our Writer’s Cravings and Comfort Foods by Eillen Joy Clenista Photos taken from

Marriane May Macapugay

Ma. Ynez Cabredo Combination of Hershey’s Chocolate, Pringles (Original) and Coke ~ She believes that Hershey’s Chocolate and Pringles do belong together with Coke. ~ She usually eat those foods whenever she is alone; early morning before going to class; every time she is bored or if she wants to avoid thinking things that makes her feel depress..

Rizza Janine Chan Sour Cola Gummy, and Tamarind Candy



~ Rizza loves Sour Cola Gummy because of its sweet and unique taste. It is so addictive, once you start eating it. ~ She often eats this food since both Root Beer and Sour Cola Gummy makes her very hyper while Tamarind Candy makes her very talkative.


Fried Rice, Chicken with rance barbecue sauce, and French Fries ~ She loves to eat those three combinations whenever she is craving a lot. For her, the most amazing restaurant offering this menu is the Icebergs. ~ Whenever she eats these foods, her energy reaches to the highest level.

Anne Elizabeth Parras Mango with Shrimp Paste, Corn, Dark Chocolate, Ice cream and Tamarind Candy ~ Everytime she eats these foods, her brain voices out and say this--“Makes me happy Everyday!”

Camile Santiago Pancit






sapin ~ It makes her life complete and also it makes her happy whenever she eat the food she craved for.

Eil en Joy Clenista Mashed Coffee



~ Whenever she’s sad or depress, it helps her forget every thing and it also makes her feel relax and comfortable. ~ Coffee: whenever she wants to sleep and it also helps her to ease everything.



Take Pleasure to Some Recipes by Camille Santiago StrawBArry banana)


Ingredients: 1 pack strawberry 1 banana, broken into chunks 1 cup strawberry yogurt 2 teaspoons white sugar Ice Directions: 1.Place strawberry, banana, strawberry yogurt, sugar and ice into a blender. Blend until smooth and serve. Leche flan Ingredients: 5 egg yolks 1 can condense milk 1 tbsp. vanilla to add to the mixture 1 can water (use the condensed milk’s can for measuring) 1/4 cup to cup sugar for caramelize Directions: In making of simple syrup you have to place the sugar and water in a sauce pan. Wiat until caramelize. Procedure: 1. Separate 5 eggyolks when the eggs are cold. It’s easier to get the whites and the yolks separated. Set the whites aside to use for Flan de Huevos Blancos or Angel Cake. 2. In a mixing bowl, mix the eggyolks, eggs, condensed milk, water, and vanilla until well-blended. Set aside for a few minutes so that the mixture reaches room temperature. Do not beat up the mixture to form bubbles. Just try to make sure that the eggwhites are blended in. 3. While waiting for the mixture to reach room temperature, prepare your baine marie (bano maria). Get a rectangular roasting pan that is slightly taller than the baking pan that you are using for your flan. Put this roasting pan inside your preheated oven. Add water to the pan, about mid-way. Be careful that you don’t splash water around as you heat this pan of water. 4. Get a small rounded doublemeshed metal strainer, as finelymeshed as you can find them (similar to the strainer that comes with a wok). This is the secret of the

recipe. 5. Get a bowl and put the strainer over it. Spoon (with a 1/4 cup measuring cup) the mixture over the metal strainer. With a rubber scraper, smoothen any eggwhites through the strainer. Using a wooden spoon (or other mixing spoon), blend the smooth mixture. 6. When you have finishing straining the mixture, blend the muixture with your wooden spoon one last time. Try not to produce any bubbles while doing this.

out the plastic wrap. Take your serving platter and place over the Leche Flan. Invert the mixture in one quick move. Chockyogurt 1-2 pack of Cadbury chocolate bar 1 cup of yogurt

6.Add the finger sili and simmer.

2 T of sugar

7.Mix in the prawns.


8.Season with salt, paprika, gourmet seasoning and hot sauce.


9.Garnish with chopped parsely. 1. Ostras Frescas al Horno

7. Pour the mixture on your prepared caramelized pan. It should have a thick, liquid “feel” to it.

Ingredients: 3k. Fresh Oyters (scrubbed clean) Bioling Water

8. Open your oven and pull out the rack with the roasting pan (that has hot water on it).

2 Tbsps. Chopped Garlic ½ c. Butter

Position the Leche Flan’s pan into the center of the roasting pan. 9. Bend a little and check the height of the water around the Leche Flan’s pan. You might need to add more water (using your measuring cup) so that the water outside the pan reaches the height of the leche flan. This is the secret to having very little syneresis (or “weeping”). 10. Remember: For the first 45 minutes: 325 degrees Fahrenheit For the next 20 to 25 minutes, until the toothpick test shows that the flan is done: 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Rock Salt Procedure: Place Cadbury, yogurt, sugar and ice into a blender. Blend until smooth and serve.

Ingredients: 500g. Prawns deveined) 20 g./pc.)

12. Taking the Leche Flan out of its pan:


Unmolding the Leche Flan: Run a straight-edged (non-serrated) knife on the sides of the Leche Flan. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the Leche Flan and press down ever-so-gently on the surface of the flan. Let the caramel from the bottom of the pan run through the sides of the pan. Get a pan of hot water and let the leche flan’s pan rest gently on this water bath for a few minutes. The rest of the mixture is cold and only the bottom is hot. This is done so that the unmolding is faster — and smoother. Take

2.Pour boiling water over oysters. 3.Remove upper shell and discard.


(size is about

¼ c. Chopped Garlic

Refrigerate the cooled-down leche flan until you’re ready to unmold it.

1.Pre- heat oven to 350 degrees F.

4.Cover the bottom of a baking tray with rock salt, thick enough to hold the oysters on the baking pan with salt.


11. When you take out the cooked Leche Flan from the baine marie, be careful not to splash water around. Set the pan on top of the stove or counter to cool down.

Many a Leche Flan is destroyed by the baker not knowing how to take it out of its pan.

5. Pour the tomato sauce and broth.

2-3 pcs. Calamansi 2 Tbsps. White Wine 3 Tbsps. Tomato Sauce Hot Sauce

2 Tbsps. Broth or Water Dash


To taste Salt ¼ c.

Olive Oil

1-2 pcs. Finger Sili 1 Tbsps. Chopped Parsley Procedure:

5.Top each oyster with garlic and butter. 6.Bake until butter melts.

1. Heat olive oil in a skillet and sauté garlic until golden.

Pescado ala Probre

2.Stir in the prawns and cook until it changes color.

1 k. Lapu-lapu ot other Fish Fillet


3. Sprinkle with lemon juice and white wine.

4 pcs. Calamansi or 1 pc. Lemon or Dayap

4. Move prawns to one side of the pan.

To taste Salt Dash Pepper



LOCAL RESTAURANT The Splendor of Simplicity by Rizza Janine Chan

Since these days most families dine out for lunch or dinner, and some for ‘breakfast on the go’. Since most people are on the rush for work or go to school, there are also times they forgot to eat. If not, they just carry their lunch to work and eat on their way there. They have to go to a fast food restaurant just to eat quickly and get back to work. Just came from a Friday night gimik? Or too lazy to cook dinner? On a tight budget? Hungry but it’s already past midnight? Then no worries, “MagSEx kayo.” The term SEx is used by most of the teens in this day and age; it is the shortcut of ‘Sinangag Express’. This restaurant is currently one of the most famous to all members of family and friends. Aside of the reason that they have to eat fast when going to work or to school, this restaurant is also within your means; with less than Php100 you can already have a complete meal. You can enjoy their most prominent Tapsilog composing of TAP-tapa, SIsinangag, and LOG-itlog. As you can see, the name of the meal is originally Pinoy, even the meal is originally from the Philippines only that there is a sinangag type of rice, the eating of the egg anytime of the day, and also that only a Filipino can eat the same meal for the whole


day. A unique characteristic of a Filipino and only Filipino has. There are already branches out in manila, about seven of it. Sinangag Express Pedro Gil (02) 526-6992, Sinangag Express Makati Cinema Square (02) 811-1569, Sinangag Express Sunday Market, Sinangag Express Presidents Avenue (02) 541-4962, Sinangag Express Better Living Subdivision, Sinangag Express DLSU, Sinangag Express Aguirre Avenue. In different branches there are also price variations, probable reason would be their distance from the supplier. In the picture, there is the list of menu in BF Homes Parañaque, just like this one their price range is in Php60 but in Better Living Branch it is in Php65. If you ask around about Sinangag Express they will unquestionably tell different comments about the service, food, and their unforgettable experiences. Many say that most of the branches, employees are quite snobbish and lazy. The theory about that kind of attitude is that they are operating 24 hours and the heat in the place might be getting up to them since there are many customers coming and needs to rush things up for the reason that no one should get fuming. The service is not that slow and

accommodating for some but the weather is the enemy of all workers since the restaurant is not air-conditioned they have to take the heat. Even though their establishment is small, they do expect many people to come especially at night for dinner, group of students hanging out, families dining out, and lovers dating. For food, there are also difference about the servings and the way they cook it. There are establishments that serve more than the right serving and there are less than the standard serving. Of course, regulars expect the same amount of serving because all restaurants have their own standardized recipe and servings. Some says that the food is way too greasy to eat and can’t taste the food because the grease covers it; some says that it is too dry to eat. There are many restaurants serving the same menu, but Sinangag Express will be one of the top choices of many. Many tries to duplicate their menu and way of service and their style, but no one just can’t do the same as theirs. If you tried to eat at other restaurant serving tapsilog, their meal is the same but the cut of the tapa is different. There are chunks of tapa while in SEx is something like shredded cut. The tocino is sweet and no fat but in other

firm maybe sweet but hard and full of fat. Many restaurants try to avoid customers to loiter in their firm for too long because it causes them a lost in the count of customers coming. But in Sinangag Express, even though there aren’t enough seats to accommodate all walk in customers, people keep coming in and willingly to wait. If they can’t wait, they just tell the employees there to take out their order. Sinangag Express is one of the common places where group of friends loiter and hangout the whole day. It is nicer to take out the meal because the serving is more than the serving when eating in the firm. Probably, some customers ask for take outs but still eat there. There are many ways to bamboozle the employees in asking for more servings. First is when you make friends with them they put extra before asking serving the meal. Another is when some people flirts with them, they gave more extra serving and with their number written at the back of the receipt. Some employees just give extra servings for unknown reasons maybe too lazy to check the amount of serving. Try this restaurant and the taste of the Photos taken from http://simplefreak. food will tickle your palate like you’ve never had before.


DIET POLICE Snack Attack by Marriane May Macapugay

Photos taken by Ma. Ynez Cabredo and Camille Santiago

Nowadays, many people suffer from diseases caused by too much fat, calories, sodium, and etc. People tend to go on unhealthy diets, skipping meals or snacks, or taking diet pills. Controlling yourself from eating fatty or high calorie foods is one way of achieving a healthy body. Don’t suffer from those crazy things; here are som e food and beverages alternatives in order not to skip your snacks daily. INSTEAD OF: Junk Foods TRY: Mixed popcorn, nuts and dried fruits • Junk foods are rich in calories, fat, and sodium. It is better to take popcorn, nuts, and dried fruits since it is has lower fat and sodium content. INSTEAD OF: Chocolate bar TRY: Chocolate Chip Cookies • It is better to nibble on this if you’re really on a craving zone since one bar of chocolate bar has 280 calories, while three cookies have only 160 calories and about eight grams of fat.

Two to three cookies is way enough to survive a snack break. INSTEAD OF: Chips TRY : Pretzels


• About 25 (25 to 30 grams) regular-sized tortilla chip is only required for having a much healthier snack, but it is consists of 153 calories, 10 grams of fat, but only 147 mg of sodium. About 17 pieces of pretzels is enough for snacks, it has 106 calories, a gram of fat, and 380 mg of sodium. INSTEAD OF: Soda TRY: Iced Tea • You should only take eight ounces of soda but one bottle of soda is 24 ounces and a can of soda is about 12 ounces. A can of soda has 97 calories, but iced tea has only 60 calories.

it has lower fat and sodium content. INSTEAD OF: Iced Blended Coffee TRY: Iced Café Latte • A tall iced blended coffee contains 200 calories and 34 grams of sugar, while same-sized iced café latte contains 105 calories and only five grams of sugar. INSTEAD OF: Chocolate Cake TRY: Ice Cream • A slice of chocolate cake with frosting contains 235 calories, while ice cream contains 145 calories. You should only consume a scoop of ice cream, more than of it is badly chosen.

food alternatives is simply great in order to have a healthy life. Another thing, snacks is not a replacement for lunch and dinner. It is good to pass those extra things (such as extra rice, chocolate sauce, creamy ranch dip, and etc.). Learn to look at the labels; it’s not just a design for packaging. It has a purpose which serves as a guide to know how much you should consume. The mere fact of eating food alternatives is not just the main factor of having a great body, balanced diet and regular exercise is still the best.

Skipping snacks is inappropriate way losing weight. Finding

INSTEAD OF: French Fries TRY: Popcorn • About four cups of popped corn or two tablespoons of un-popped corn kernels is how much you should actually eat. Compared to French Fries,





IF THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH, WHAT FOOD WILL YOU EAT AND WHY YOU CHOSE IT? “Chocolate cake, I want chocolate cake… Any kind of chocolate cake, I choose this because this is one of my favorite food, I really love any sweet food especially cakes and chocolates.  And because this is my last day on earth I want to give a reward for myself.” -Kayla Marie FloresStudent, St. Scholastica’s College- Manila


“If today is my last day on earth, and I’m asked what “Hmm, I’d go for food will I choose to chocolate cake. eat and why, I will Simply because choose what I’m favorite ko yun .” allergic to which is -Andie Alegrecrab. I will eat as Student, De La much dishes of crab Salle College of St. as possible. I do not Benilde wanna die not being able to eat crab!!“ “Lechon because -Mishenpeople serve it for Student, St. special occasions Scholastica’s like fiesta, birthday, College- Manila graduation, it tastes good and the best “I think I would food for me” choose crispy pata -Joshua Lumiobecause it’s so Student, Perpetual yummy and that’s Manila my favorite food. “Lasagna, wala lang mukhang masarap kainin bago mamatay eh.” -Paul Vincent CabunillasStudent, De La Salle University

Hahaha… and I can only eat it once in a while so I would like to eat it on the last day of my life.” -Abbie SimbulanStudent, Perpetual Manila

“I choose to eat pizza and mojos because it’s one my favorite.” -Emjhae GanitanoPhotographer “Kare-kare, kasi tagal ko ng hindi nakakakain non. Hehehe!!” -Joyce VecenaStudent, Perpetual Manila


ENTERTAIN YOURSELF! Spot the Difference

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Cravings Sweet Diet Chocolate Cola Cake Burger French fries

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Pizza Pasta Cookies Nuts Brownies Food Coffee Churros

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Bread Bake Cocktail Fruit shakes Juice Iced tea Smoothies Salad

25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

Soups Beef Chips Chicken Ham





cuisine-a 1 2 FOOD 101 Wonders of Vegetables……….p.4 DIET POLICE Snack Attack……………………p.13 MOVIE BITES Chocolate Fantasy………………p.5 FOOD CRUNCH...

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