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202 1 Art Fresh is expressly designed to provide an opening for emerging artists regardless of age to show their work in a gallery setting. Art Fresh is one of the two exhibitions reserved for artists who are at the threshold of their artistic career. Many of the young artists who have shown works in the past during Art Fresh which has replaced the Young Generation exhibition have gone onto becoming successful artists nationally and internationally. The exhibition is open to self-taught artists with less than ten years professional experience since first exhibiting their work and art school graduates who graduated less than ten years ago. The exhibition is open also to artists who might have dropped out of producing work but who wish to make a fresh start. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage and promote the emerging artists who are genuinely keen in pursuing a career in art making. The criteria that have guided the judges in selecting the works shown in the exhibition are authenticity in the creative aspects of the artists' work and their commitment to the creative process in the visual arts. Entrants were asked to submit a minimum of four works produced over the past year. This was to ascertain that they are producing works not just for the exhibition, but are essentially working artists. It furthermore represents a body of work that allows for a better appreciation of the artists' work in the judges' selection, and ultimately for the viewers to more fully appreciate their work. Thirteen artists were selected for this year's exhibition. Of that number nine artists' submissions went through a judging process while four were invited artists (*indicated by an asterisk). This year the three judges were: well-known artist and teacher at Sanaa's Studios, Tina Spiro; Paula Daley, recognized artist and lecturer at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts; and Gilou Bauer- Curator of the Mutual Gallery. Gilou Bauer Director / Curator


Pretty Pum Pum (front)

Pretty Pum Pum (side)

Breast Chops

Artist’s Statement This body of work was inspired by my story which I believe reflects the story of women and their perception, primarily by their male counterparts. Throughout the process of creating works under the theme of, Butcher Shop, these works were done to reflect the slaughter and debasement of women from my perspective, which turns out to be, in some regard, the glorification of women by men. It is my inference that women are considered as merely sexual objects in many instances. The representations presented are embodiments of my own retort consequent to my experience. I was inspired by Jane Alexander's, Butcher Boys, which reflects the grotesque nature of Apartheid in South Africa. Her aim was to criticize the society's wanton slaughter of blacks. I hope to appeal to viewers in a similar approach.

Biography Toorel Asher is a Sculptor, working primarily with clay. Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in 2011, with a concentration in Ceramic Sculpture. She currently resides and works in Kingston, Jamaica.

Exhibitions 2011

Final Year Exhibition, Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts




Self Confrontation

Artist’s Statement Through my works I highlight objects and occurrences consisting of cultural curiosities into noteworthy works of art. Such seemingly simple things may be regarded as mundane and routine at a glance, but hold profound significance to what I capture and portray. With each composition created, I breathe life into a visual language of activities from everyday life into immobile memories to which we can all relate. I make collages with these memories which form a dynamic collection of narratives about the contemporary world I have created. My creativity is fuelled by my environment, my experiences and the experiences of others. In essence, the elements of my life flow within my paintings; my friends, my family, my environment, my culture, other cultures, and the wider world are the raw materials that influence my art and become the reservoir from which I seek inspiration.

Biography A 2011 graduate from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Kimani Beckford was born in St. Catherine. In high school he became known for his artistic flair which further confirmed what had already been discovered by his family – his talent in artistic visual expressions. His admiration of Marcus Garvey, Mutabaruka and local and international artists such as Phillip Thomas, Salvador Dalli, M. C. Escher and Rembrandt has added to his personal and professional growth.

Exhibitions 2009


Awards Curator's Selection, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica Studio 174, Kingston, Jamaica UNESCO sponsored exhibition, Paris, France Andorra's Embassy, Madrid, Spain Museo da Cidade, Lisbon, Portugal Ara Art Gallery, Andorra-Andorra da Villa Casa Rossell Garden, Andorra-Ordino


JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition 1 silver, 2 bronze medals, 2 certificates of merit


JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition 2 silver, 3 bronze medals, 3 certificates of merit


JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition 1 silver, 2 bronze medals, 1 certificates of merit



The Colonial Self 1

The Colonial Self 2

Artist’s Statement Black identity is multidimensional......... Through my works my intension is to reveal double consciousness of black identity, both self imposed and externally constructed. The discomforting depths of existence create continuous experimentation to break colonial impositions. As a result the black self becomes objectified. My intention is to reveal a presence of inferiority complex depicted through stereotype, social inequality and alienation. Through my paintings, I wish to portray the struggle to reclaim the self through imitation of the psychological and physical façade. I have decided to explore the phenomenon of identity, depicting the culture of women in Downtown Kingston, where it has become a ritual to change their appearance.

Biography Alicia Brown studied fine arts at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, where she received a diploma in Art Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. She is a young upcoming Jamaican artist who is known for her modern way of representing portraits. She currently lives and works in Kingston, Jamaica.


Exhibitions 2002 2003-04 2009 2010


First Time, Pegasus Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition, Kingston, Jamaica Impressions in Blue, Studio 174, Kingston, Jamaica Rejuvenation, Studio 174, Kingston, Jamaica Question me Black, Studio 174, Kingston, Jamaica Betty Bolivar Gallery, Sarasota Florida Passion, Pegasus Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition, Kingston, Jamaica Quartet, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica 5

2003, 04 2004, 11

Two Bronze Medal s, JCDC Fine Art Exhibition Merit Certificates, JCDC Fine Art Exhibition


Study of Eve 2 - Mother Divine Study of Eve 3 - The Seeds of Love

Study of Eve 1 - Anticipation

Artist’s Statement I try to use my camera to tell stories I cannot necessarily form with words. Even if they can be formed with words, sometimes a photograph tells so much more than words ever could. There are times when I fail, and there are times when I succeed. But the excitement lies in just being out there; the anticipation of the moment, when all my other senses fade away, and I am one with the subject and its surroundings. I find that failure, in its own way, motivates me to explore more, to look further, and to take a minute to appreciate the world around me. This currently has me leaning towards the art of abstract photography. I like the fact that it invokes thought for the viewer. Abstract photography can tell a story in so many different ways, and it is up to us as individuals to interpret the image and see the story for ourselves.

Biography Krystal Dadag is a Jamaican-based photographer. Her background includes experience with graphic design, and an honours degree in Computing and Information Technology. Her journey with photography began back in 2000 when she took an assistant's job with a photographer in Montego Bay. Since then she has surrounded herself with like minded people and other photographers, and with encouragement and support from her family and her husband (professional photographer Julian Dadag), she fell head over heels in love with the art of photography.


Exhibitions 2010


UWI Camera Club's annual B & W exhibition, Kingston, Jamaica

Publications 2010

Panache, Jamaica Magazine's winter edition 6

Most Outstanding Emerging Artist under 30 JCDC National Fine Arts Exhibition, silver medal


Space Between


Artist’s Statement My artwork takes a critical view of social, political, economic and cultural issues. In my work I deconstructed the Caribbean Diaspora mix with European culture, and part of my personal surreal quality. Often times these issues are organized or employed according to their ability to create mood, and express emotions. The psychological application of color signals a strong presence of light and dark views that give vitality and directness. The use of bright yellow and orange screams for attention. When using my palette, as an artist, I transform my inner self to the subject matter, which is often different to avoid the psychological function of color.

Biography Since his youth, Leon Dingwall has had a passion for art. Born in May Pen, Clarendon, he received his formal education at the Mico Teacher's College and the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. He is currently Head of the Department of Visual Arts at Mona High School and lives in Spanish Town.

Exhibitions 2007-08 2008

JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition National Gallery of Jamaica Biennial

Awards 2007 2008

JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition, 1 silver medal JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal




Artist’s Statement I use environmental art as an approach to addressing social issues and political concerns. A converting listening device, commonly use in espionage and in police investigations The Bug shown in the exhibition is a representation of technology being used in a so called Third World country such as Jamaica, to help in the interception of conversations by "Criminals Elements". The sculpture, made from old police bike parts depicts the reality of the May 23, 2011West Kingston Excursion, where over 70 civilians were killed as a result. The work explores the advanced technological help given to the Jamaica Defence Force by the United State. The buglike feature of the piece shows the natural interaction and comparison between man and his environment. The work also depicts the bug as a weapon and carrier of information. I believe that, just how the bug is use for a weapon of destruction, why not let it be for creation.

Biography Robert “Toby” Grant received a Diploma in Fine Art from the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts in 2008. He currently lives and works in Llandewey, St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Awards, Fellowship, Grants

Exhibitions 2008


Solo exhibition: Fall From Grace Instalment at Phillip Sherlock Centre at the University of the West Indies Creation, Edna Manley College: Final year show Hands of Gold, Permanent Sculpture for IAAS 100th Boys and Girls Championship Curated Exhibition: Edna Manley College of Visual Arts Final Year Art Students 8

2004 2005 2009

Sandals Encore Performing Arts Competition; Placed 2nd in the island (received certificate) Silver medallist, JCDC Fine Art Competition Recipient of the NCB 2009 Calendar Awards


Altered-States( Converstation with Col Percy Wyndam)

Momma Always Told Me That I would Never Have To Go Far To Find Myself

A Tight Fit (what an interesting predicament that I have found myself in) 1

Artist’s Statement We live in an age where representation and reality are interchangeable. I use painting as a historical device to critique a contemporary issue of representation--that is representation through the photographic lens. I am interested in how legacies of colonialism and slavery inform how people of color are represented today. I come to painting as a conceptual device—the reason why I paint is because I (a black male living in the digital age) am not supposed to. In art history, painting underwent many transformations and evolutions, all the while being an act reserved only for white men. Others were simply not part of history. Painting, for me, is one of gaining authorship and appropriation. It points to the missing pieces of art history while perceiving our age with critical eyes. In appropriating the language of painting, I investigate representation, existence and what it means to be in this generation. The very act of painting affirms and yet denies my existence; and it has never been a more conceptual act than it is now.

Biography Andrae Green was born in Kingston Jamaica. He attended the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts where he obtained a Diploma in Painting in 2004. He pursued his studies at the New York Academy of Art, where he earned a MFA in 2008. Andrae Green's paintings have been shown both locally and internationally. He resides in Jamaica, where he teaches at the University of Technology and is fully engaged in his studio practice.

Exhibitions 2002 2004 2005

2008 2010 2010-11 2011


Our First Time, Pegasus Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica 2011 CAC (Contemporary Artist Centre) Woodside, Troy, New York Final Year Exhibition, Edna Manley College of Art, Kingston, Jamaica Curator's Eye, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica Awards Mercy Mild, 128 Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica No More Movements, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica 2002 Outstanding Achievement in Painting Award, Jamaican Arts Festival, Kingston, Jamaica MFA Exhibition, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY 2004 Award of Excellence, Edna Manley College Biennial IV, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica of Visual and Performing Arts, Art Fresh, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica New Generation II, Norman Manley VIP Gallery, Kingston Jamaica Art We Love This Week, Saatchi Online New Generation – Seven Contemporary Artist, Norman Manley VIP Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Quartet, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica In the Spirit…An Exhibition of Caribbean Artist, Inter American Bank Staff Gallery, Washington, DC Anastomosis (Interconnections), The Gallery, Jericho Public Library, Jericho, NY 9



Angel by Nature

Artist’s Statement The ongoing process of developing my technique has always been a struggle between abstraction and more traditional painting methods. I like taking my work beyond the impression of a brush stroke by pouring, scrapping, splashing, dripping and manipulating the paint in any way reflective of my mood or state of mind. The concept behind the paintings I have entered, presents the viewer with a puzzle with far too many pieces missing. However I have left enough bread crumbs to spark examination, thus opening up the paintings to more discourse about possible scenarios as to what was lost in translation.

Biography A teacher by profession and an artist by way of life Raymond Graham was educated at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts where received a Certificate in Painting in 2003 and a BA in Art Education in 2010.






2005 2005 2006

2007 2008 2010

Final Year Exhibition - Edna Manley College, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC 2003 Fine Arts Festival - Kingston Mall Young Professionals - Gallery Pegasus, Kingston, Jamaica Young Generation - Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC Fine Arts Festival - Shortwood Teachers College, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC Fine Arts Festival -Shortwood Teachers College, Kingston, Jamaica Tribute to Bob Marley Competition and Exhibition, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Final Year Exhibition, Edna Manley College, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC Fine Arts Festival – Shortwood Teachers College, Kingston, Jamaica JCDC Fine Arts Festival, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Super Plus Under 40 Artist of the Year, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Art Fresh, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica 10



JCDC Fine Art Competition - two silver and one bronze, St. Catherine Home Coming (1st place and overall winner) JCDC Fine Art Competition - two silver, one gold and the award for most outstanding amateur entrant Runner-up in the category of the Visual Arts in the Kiwanis Club Young Achievers Awards 2008 Super Plus Under 40 Artist of the Year Public Vote Award


Web of Life

Buju's Entrapment

Artist’s Statement My artworks are imaginative and seek to enlighten specific life situations. My love for life and nature is highly sensitive and appreciative, which induces me to express myself through painting. I like to play with space and dimensions, which is the reason for my surrealistic expression. Despite the creative process of my works I want my viewers to relate to the artworks in their own way. My inspiration as an artist comes from almost anything a smell, song, environment and even dreams. At times I incorporate different textures on the surface of my paintings as relief.

Biography Cavel Johnson was born in St. Ann, Jamaica. He started doing drawings from as early as basic school. With the encouragement from his teacher, he studied art at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. His goal was to become a graphic artist but with his experience working in different schools he developed a love for teaching. He graduated with a diploma in Art Education in 2008. He lives and works in Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

Exhibitions 2008

Studio 174, Kingston, Jamaica



Distant Relatives #2

Artist’s Statement The up and down hill battles are at the forefront of my work. The inner self and psychological state and experiences are the vehicles that carry the work and allow the viewer to complete them. As I examine the history of the Caribbean and its dynamic and diverse culture, it is quite clear that all Europe competed for sovereign control. These recent paintings were motivated by the words and lyrics of the Hon Bob Marley, a Jamaican reggae icon and his son Damion 'Junior Gong' Marley, who I had seen in concert recently. His latest album 'Distant Relatives' has influenced the works where there is a subconscious and conscious inter-play with political undertones and sexual innuendoes represented in obscured areas, techniques, textured surfaces and glazes.

Biography Robert A Joyette was born in Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines. He began from a very early age exploring cartoons and animation characters. He studied art at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts from where he graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts in 2004. He lives and works in Kingstown, St. Vincent.

Exhibitions 2000 2002




Annual Roots Fest, Edna Manley College, Kingston, Jamaica Colour Museum, Jamaica School of Dance, Kingston, Jamaica Old Patti Bag, Grosvenor Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Sunny Brock Port University, N.Y, USA (exchange students exhibition) at the CAG(e) Gallery - Edna Manley College, Kingston, jamaica Spaces, (solo exhibition) Alliance Francaise, Kingstown, St. Vincent Old Public Library, Kingstown, St. Vincent Young Professionals, Pegasus Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica

2007-09 2008

2009 2010



Young Generation Exhibition, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Glove Factory, Kingstown, St. Vincent Duo exhibition, Alliance Francaise, Kingstown, St.Vincent Carifesta X, Guyana Embracing Change, Cuban Embassy, Kingstown, St. Vincent The Art of Miniature, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Live to Tell, to commemorate Haiti relief earthquake, St.Vincent Art Fresh, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica


My Dear Daddy 1

My Dear Daddy 3

Artist’s Statement The image of the lost parent continually becomes Other until it finally ceases to exist at all; a disturbing scenario for the child seeking refuge in the scarce relics of said parent's life. This group of 'character studies' of my self, was created as an appendix to the narrative of a larger work in progress entitled 'My Dear Daddy'. My Jamaican father, Francois McGilchrist, died twenty five years ago. He was forty two, I was six, yet I have always felt strongly connected to his memory. As his image was starting to fade, I was suddenly required to move back to his homeland, living at 'Wilmar', an empty house which lingers with traces of a Jamaican heritage that I am struggling to make my own. His image has now taken an unprecedented weight in my life which this body of work tries to rationalise through a series of narrative still images.

Biography Born in Kingston, Jamaica Olivia Mc Gilchrist was educated in France and the U.K. She received a French Baccalaureate, specialising in Literature and Philosophy (1997) and holds a B.A. in Fine Art from Middlesex University, London (2003) and an M.A. in Photography from the London College of Communication (2010). She lives and works in Kingston, Jamaica dividing her time as Assistant Curator at the National Gallery of Jamaica and teaching at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts.

Exhibitions 2008


Solo show: Portraits of Women, Madame Lillies Art Space, London, UK, part of the Photomonth, East London Photography Festival 2008 PH74 Gallery artists group show, Espacio 8, Madrid, Spain Photomonth, East London Photography Festival, Pebbledash Gallery, London, UK A Distance Between:exploring European Identity through Photography, Pebbledash Gallery, London, UK M.A Photography students from London College of Communication and Ecole Louis Lumiere, Paris part of the Photomonth, East London Photography Festival 2009




Reports from an ordinary Satellite, work in progress from LCC MA Photography, Fachhochschule Bielefeld University gallery, Germany Reports from an ordinary Satellite, work in progress from LCC MA Photography, Rhubarb-Rhubarb Photography festival, AE Harris, Birmingham, UK Renaissance Photography Prize Exhibition, The Hospital Club, London, UK M.A.P. 10 Final Show of the M.A Photography at the London College of Communication, London, UK JCDC Fine Art Exhibition, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica


In & Out of the Blue- The Outstretched Arm Series

Untitled from the Fat Man Slim Man series

Artist’s Statement My paintings are said to be intuitive. Painting to me is a cathartic function. My expressions are responses to various intakes absorbed over time: observing, listening, thinking, talking and feeling, to the point where there is an overwhelming need to release what has build up inside. Many times what starts the process is unlikely to dictate what the outcome will be. Similar to the fulfilment of letting go, there is an emotional and textural response. As the markings change by mixing together all the elements, it leads to an unpredictable finish. The desire in me to create something new comes from a sudden desire, quite unpredictable. I may not be able to determine the outcome, but whatever the result, it is always a part of me.

Biography Oliver Myrie is a 2005 graduate of the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston, Jamaica. Lives and works in Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica. His works are inspired by what he calls “the upper and lower blue”, the highest and deepest elements of our human experience”. A working philosophy of his is “to find an expression beauty and to show it”.








Celebrating Jamaica's Young Artists – USAID, The Pegasus Gallery, Kingston Jamaica Young Generation, Mutual Gallery, Kingston Jamaica National Biennial, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica Super Plus Under 40 Artist of The Year Competition, Mutual Gallery, Kingston Jamaica JCDC Art Festival Fine Art Competition, Kingston, Jamaica 2010 Young Talent V, National Gallery of Jamaica Elemental, HI-QO Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Art Fresh, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica National Biennial, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica Quartet, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica 14

Scholarship to the University of Contemporary Art, Pont-Aven, France



Artist’s Statement “Curves” is part of a body of work that represented the progression of people, circumstance, time and things. The shape and form represented in the work is influenced by geometry. Through line and movement the piece attempts to portray order, strength, resilience, love, fragility, unity, life and the aesthetics. Design techniques used include undulating clay slabs with line movement that move the viewer's eyes up and down the form, glazes add depth, texture and unique colour through layering, firing and re-firing. For me, the fascination is with creating a fresh relationship with each individual piece and firing. This experience creates an awareness of the artist as a channel and in so doing, new forms, design ideas and firings becomes another chapter in my experience as a ceramic artist. A significant number of my pieces are presented using the free form method as well as wheel thrown and altered. I believe that this facilitates expression of my individuality and creativity allowing me more personal involvement in determining the final outcome of the forms. Entering the arts as a mature student, communications practitioner and event manager has equipped me with experience, discipline, persistence, focus and patience, qualities mandatory to any level of success.

Biography While pursuing a career as a communications practitioner in the corporate world Vilya Thomas enrolled in a pottery class in the Continuing Education Programme offered at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. She holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) Caribbean Institute of (CARIMAC), 1984. She left her job in the corporate world to pursue her new found passion in ceramics. This led to her receiving a Diploma in Ceramics (First Class Honours (Upper) in 2004 which she upgraded to Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) in 2010. She has participated in several group shows and exhibitions in Jamaica and in the United States. Currently, she works from her studio when not engaged in lecturing Event Management at the School of Arts Management and Humanities at the EMCVPA or conducting workshops in pottery making.

Exhibitions 1996 2004 2004, 6-7 2007 2011

JCDC Fine Arts Exhibition, Kingston, Jamaica Final Year exhibition, Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston, Jamaica Association of Jamaica Potters , Bank of Jamaica, Kinggston, Jamaica Edna Manley College Staff & Student Show, Cage Gallerym Kingston, Jamaica Fire and Clay, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Olympia Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica Evolution (solo exhibition), Olympia Gallery,Kingston, Jamaica 15

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