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Maia Jacket €68.79 ABC123me Tshirt €22.19 Nor-Folk Skirt €27.74 Fig and Honey Leggings €23.30 Mingo Scarf €22.19 Gray Label Ella May Coat €97.64 même. Kidswear Jumper €44.82 Kid + Kind Leggings €24.41 Nor-Folk Hat €28.85 Kid + Kind All items available at

Ella May Jacket €47.71 Beau Loves Leotard €39.95 Pop Up Shop Tutu €35.45 Bob and Blossom Tights €24.41 Bobo Choses Maia Coat €176.43 Bobo Choses Scarf €36.62 Tony Cottons Dress €35.51Mini Rodini Socks €19.97 Bobo Choses All available from

Ella May Dress €54.95 Rock Your Baby Tights €19.95 Molo Maia Top €39 Little Man Happy Skirt €54.95 All available from

Ilmur Scarf & Hat €6, Jumper €8, Skirt €8, Tights €4.50, Boots €9 Lyra Scarf €4, Jumper €8, Skirt €12, Tights €5.50, Trainers €11 Cole Hat €3, Jumper €10, Jeans €13, Boots €13 All Penneys

Lyra Jacket €17, Dungarees €16, Top €2.50, Boots €13 Ilmur Jacket €13, Denim Shirt €9, Skirt €10, Tights €5.50, Trainers €15 All Penneys

Cole Hat €3.50, Shirt €9, Jeans €11 All Penneys

Ilmur Jacket €21, Top €11, Denim Skirt €10, Tights €5.50 Lyra Gilet €15, Dress €14, Tights €4.50 All Penneys

Cole Hat €3.50, Shirt €12, Blazer €17, Trousers €6, Boots €13, Dickie Bow & Pocket Square €3.50 Ilmur Scarf €6, Coat €25, Jumper €11, Skirt €8, Tights €4.50, Boots €9 Lyra Shawl €17, Dress €12, Tights €4.50, Boots €11 All Penneys

Cole Scarf €5, Jumper €10, Jacket €15, Trousers €11, Boots €13 Lyra Jacket €15, Jumper €10, Skirt €9, Tights €5.50, Boots €15 Ilmur Cape €27, Dress €12, Tights €4.50, Boots €15 All Penneys




We a� huge �ppor�s of shopp�g local, from �depнdнt �d small ��nс�s. As the Irish mark� for kids f��� �d ��iors t�с off, � look at �me of our favouriт Irish shops to �pport t�s f�ive ���, �d bey�d. Young Hearts! Two sisters Debbie and Sarah have opened a fab online concept store, aimed at Irish modern families. With everything from clothing, nursery decor and gifts to special treats for mamas, Young Hearts is sure to grow even bigger in 2017. !

! ! ! ! ! ! !

!! Little Lamb ! Opening imminently, Little Lamb is opening their online interiors brand, with plans for a studio in the new year. Bringing Hubble & Duke, Nobodinoz and loads of other beautiful brands to Ireland, we can't wait to start shopping!!!

Mira Mira ! Our absolute favourite treasure trove. Based in Sandymount in Dublin, you will discover something new and exciting every time you visit. Amazing clothing for kids, including Rock Your Baby and Molo, toys and gifts for everyone. There’s even a rumour that Mrs Claus drops by Mira Mira to shop every year!!


KID ! This beautiful store opened in Powerscourt Centre in Dublin during the summer, and it is a joy to shop in. Featuring products from the 10 brands within the cooperative, KID provides a one stop place for the modern insta-kid!!!



Nouvella Baba! A pastel colour palette lover’s dream, Nouvella Baba is a stunning online store to shop in for your little one. We can’t get over how beautiful their curation is, and with free shipping over €99, once you take a peak, youÕll deÞnitely end up getting that deal! !

Moss Cottage ! This adorable little cottage store on Dundrum Main Street is full to the brim with the most gorgeous collection of interiors, party wear and gifts for literally everyone you can think of. Their website is even more jammers with ideas. !

and Lollipops and Daydreams. !

Moon & Back ! Moon and Back opened their online shop doors this month, and have a bright and colourful site, with something for every taste. Including lots of Irish brands like Bold Bunny, Dusty Boy Designs

Golden Child Vintage! We L O V E v i n t a g e s h o p p i n g f o r o u rselves, and Golden Child Vintage means we can now do the same for our kids! You’ll ooh and ahh, as you take a trip down memory lane on their site, before styling your kid to be the most original cool vintage-rockin preschooler out there!!!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Hippenings! We are totally addicted to shopping at Hippenings, We pretend its for the kids, but with party and fun ideas Þt for every age, who even needs an excuse. You’re never too old for a sparkly lightening bolt shaped piñata, right?!!

Fable Heart! Fable Heart is a brand where magic is made, kids turn into knights and queens of their very own castles. Where a wave of their magic wand turns even the biggest skeptic into a believer of make believe. While you can shop their beautiful collection online, if you are ever near the Buttermarket in Fermanagh, the Fable Heart shop is a must visit. !!


Mopsy and Lils! The sweetest online gift shop, with some of the most gorgeous educational and traditional toys we’ve seen. We are all gooey eyed over their Fabelab hand made advent calendar. Gorgeous!!

Pass the Parcel! For those simple, key pieces for your little baby, Pass the Parcel gives lots of colour options to pick up those necessities all tog e t h e r. We a r e beyond excited to have found somewhere that sells plain back babygros in Ireland!!


www.Þ Little Larks ! Beautiful classic designs for children, timeless pieces that could be passed down from siblings to cousins and beyond, without ever going out of style. YouÕll Þnd the perfect Christmas and party dress here!

Fill their stockings! Does exactly what t h e n a m e s u ggests. Toys for all ages, including their ever popular mini tent from Deuz, for those dolls and teddies who like to camp out on a summer’s evening! !


Chaos and Harmony ! Brand new on the block (literall y, C h a o s n Harmony HQ is on the same block as Mutiny Kids!) this gorgeous online store has brought some of our favourite brands to the Irish market, including design letters and tell kiddo. !!


Nordville! We are huge fans of pretty toys that immerse the kids in hours of imaginary play, with the added bonus of looking pretty when they are all over your living room ßoor. Nordville has a gorgeous selection of wooden and classic style toys which will be played with for years and years. !

Mutiny Kids Magazine Issue 6  
Mutiny Kids Magazine Issue 6  

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