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Granite counter tops has more pros than cons!! Everyone knows that natural stones are precious for its beauty and its wide variety of uses. Precious stones like diamond, granite and marble are not only used for producing different types of accessories. Unlike diamond, both marble and granite play a very vital role in the field of construction. As we all know that there are many buildings and monuments, built suing marbles and granites which are built hundreds of decadesago. Till date these precious stones are used in construction for various purposes. One of the classic examples of a monument which is built using granite and marble is our very own, taj mahal, which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today, the most demanded natural stone for construction purpose is the “granite”, these stones are high in demand becauseof its classy look which enhancesthe look of each and every building, and it gives a rich look where ever they are. Apart from its durability and lot of other advantagesof granite, this is one of the most significant reasons behind the increasing demands of granites in the market. Granites can be used for flooring of the entire house, but mostly they are used in the kitchen remodeling Houston as countertops. It’s very well known that the kitchen area is one of the meticulously used parts of the house. The kitchen counter tops are the most exploited part of the kitchen, becausealmost all the work is carried out on the counter top. So it always wise to choose a strong and solid material for your counter top, and granite is the best suitable. They are durable and beautiful as well. Hence it’s best to have a granite counter top for kitchen. Of course granite countertops give a rich and stylish look to any kitchen but they provide many other benefits too. Granite comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns and in different forms where they are sold as semi finished and fully finished slabs or tiles. These granite counter tops have the typical feature of adding a senseof luxury to any kitchen. More over it remains as fresh as ever, no matter how many years it has been, since you installed it in your kitchen. They are easy and clean to maintain. They are resistant to cracking, scratching and chipping. These granite counter tops can be used in any way you want, you need not be gentle or be very careful while working on it. As it is heat resistant as well, you can also keep hot pans on them before you transfer them to your dining table. It easesdown your kitchen work as it works great as a chopping and cutting board And these are some of the disadvantagesof granites, which can be very easily over looked becausethey are not that significant.  Granite counter tops do not have a uniform pattern or color.

 It will make your knives blunt, if used as a cutting board  Thesecounter tops have to be installed by professionals, becauseit is not possible to install it yourself.  Joints can be seen clearly, regardless of how good the installer is. Source:

Granite counter tops has more pros than cons!!