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Content Answers Solution and Knowledge in HIV/AIDS Project………………...2 Entrepreneurship DT TNs……………………………………………………………3 SWITCH Project…………………………………………………………………………..4 Education Project……………………………………………………………………….5 Environmental DT TNs……………………………………………………………….6


Answers Solutions and Knowledge on HIV/AIDS (ASK Project) Project Description

Miriam Bergan (Norway) and Achilez Chinonso (Nigeria) at a training in Kibera.

“…With the youth group we talked about how they could go on to facilitate new groups after the end of the ASK-project. We passed on experience and soft skills, so that with time they could start their own project in Kibera… It was a great experience” -Miriam Bergen, Exchange Participant, Norway. It was a great time, I live, I learnt and I changed a piece of the world -

Soban Khan, Exchange Participant, Pakistan

“We appreciate the work you have done here, and I wish you all the best. Am sure my students will build this HIV/AIDS club to great heights. Thank you for this contribution” -

Johnstone Odhiambo, Principal, TAPA school.

“I think working on the project has taught me a lot, the skills, the stressful experience of coordinating training sessions, am glad I got involved” -

Lucy Kimari, Team Leader LWHIV Program, AIESEC Strathmore 09-10

Project focuses on building awareness of HIV/AIDS in marginalized areas in Nairobi Kenya. It involves delivering HIV/AIDS information sessions and creating open spaces for people in the community to talk about the disease. The main objective is to ensure the destruction caused to family units by HIV/AIDS is reduced to ensure the overall growth of the country. Job Description 1. Raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in marginalized areas in Kenya. 2. Developing interactive sessions to boost learning and involvement of people in marginalized areas. 3. Generate a network of HIV/AIDS oriented groups and individuals from marginalized areas. 4. Ensure the community and university public are actively engaged in discussions around HIV/AIDS. 5. Organizing community engagement events. 6. Develop a project follow up plan after project’s closure. Number of TNs available 30 TNs available Realization Date TNs will be realized between the following dates: 17th May-23rd July 2011 Example of TN IDs TN-In-KE-UN-2011-1938 or TN-In-KE-US-2011-1454

Entrepreneurship TNs Project Description

Jessie Singer and the AHCP team  “It was a great experience I got to give back to society and build entrepreneurial skills in the most impoverished of areas…” -Jessie Singer, Canada

AIESEC Kenya has been continuously seeking to build capacity in individuals living in marginalized areas. DT TNs have been raised in Non-Governmental Organizations that focus on building entrepreneurial skills in people living in marginalized areas. Job Description 1. Preparing and adapting training materials for the Entrepreneurship Classes inclusive of: contacting guest speakers, arranging for field trips and conducting trainings 2. Participating in the tutoring and mentorship program, providing assistance to students and conducting activities for younger kids. 3. Help raised NGOs develop new initiatives including: the child protection and counseling program, women's literacy circles and HIV/AIDS training and sensitization. 4. Assisting in developing entrepreneurial ventures that can empower women in the organization.

The jewelry shop started by AIESEC interns… “Creating the Jewelry project ensured that lots of families have been engaged and put food on several tables…”

5. Improve organizations’ established projects to ensure they are sustainable and effectively raising the standards of women in the organization.

Number of TNs available


20 TNs Realization Date TNs will be realized between the following dates: 17th May-23rd July 2011 Example of TN IDs Bowling for books event… “The bowling for books event was created to raise funds for AHCPs new library, it was a great event…” Markus, Germany


SWITCH Project “Uplifting lives through capitalizing on information technology…”

Project Description The swITch project has been designed to focus on uplifting the lives of people living in marginalized areas to equip them with skills to enable them to uplift their standards of living. The Project focuses on teaching youth and primary school students on how to use Information Technology skills to ensure that they gain substantially from the increase in ICT technology and connectivity in the country. Job description     

Empowering the young teenagers on behavior change and its importance in the 21st century. Training the young students on basic computer user proficiency skills. That is simply computer literacy. Imparting the young teenagers with soft life skills such as leadership skills, communication skills and presentation skills. Conducting brainstorming sessions with the young teenagers on innovation, entrepreneurship and career preparedness. Conducting discussions with the students on how to acquire vital information about life. Also how to develop a reading culture in the process.

SWITCH Project has assisted in molding young minds into progressive individuals

“I had a great experience working with the children and helping them out…” -

Flavia, Uganda

Number of TNs available 10 TNs Realization Date TNs will be realized between the following dates: 17th May-23rd July 2011 Example of TN IDs TN-In-KE-US-2010-1405

Engaging schools to build a better understanding of ICT “I had so much fun on this project…” -

Emanuel, Uganda


EMACK is present in over 80 schools in Kenya offering a new and interesting perspective to reading…

“It was a great experience working with the children….” -

Masumi, Japan

EMACK is a holistic project aimed at improving education opportunities for marginalized populations in Kenya. The program seeks to improve access and retention rates for children historically underserved by the education system by focusing on a number of key strategies: these include increased community and parental participation in all aspects of school life; improved coordination and dialogue among key stakeholders to inform education programs and policies; improved learning processes in the school system characterized by active, enjoyable learning leading to improved literacy, numeracy and life skills.

Job Description 

 

Several students are usually engaged in the program to ensure they gain self confidence and other essential soft skills….

“Am glad I made a change in this part of the world….” -

Iris, China

Offering teaching support in the schools as teaching assistants and offer technical and system improvement support to school administrations to improve efficiency e.g. data management, information management, knowledge management etc. Support in student engagement in extracurricular activities for example school clubs, sports and school initiatives. Support the EMACK officials in implementing programs. Identifying opportunities for increasing synergy between EMACK and other education programs including sharing of ideas, lessons and resources. Identify opportunities for and facilitate dissemination of project achievements and findings through appropriate media other duties as assigned or requested.

Number of TNs available 30 TNs available Realization Date TNs will be realized between the following dates: 17th May-23rd July 2011 Example of TN IDs TN-In-KE-DU-2010-1263

The EMACK project is seeking to revolutionize how teaching is done through involving the whole community….


Environmental DT TN Description

Engaging schools and the community to plant trees and look after the environment…

The environmental DT TNs are TNs that seek to build environmental awareness in the community mostly focusing on how to build a recycling culture and energy conservation. Job Description -


Arranging education workshops in schools and the general community to build knowledge and capacity in marginalized areas for greater environmental awareness. Organizing events that build awareness on environmental issues in the community. Offering the community alternative sources of fuel and use of their waste materials. Engaging the community to ensure environmental projects created are sustainable and have a great impact.

Number of TNs available 30 TNs available Realization Date TNs will be realized between the following dates: 17th May-23rd July 2011 Example of TN IDs TN-In-KE-UN-2011-1961

The environmental TNs available seek to boost urban agricultural procedures helping people living marginalized areas to fully utilize their small pieces of land for sustainable returns. The project should be successful running in Kenya’s marginalized communities…

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