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Game Play 1.

2 teams of 2 face off in a match to 5. The game is played on a round table with four goals at the north, south, east, and west ends of the table. Opposing players sit opposite one another (e.g. Team 1 positions players at N and E posts, and Team 2 positions players at S and W posts). Championship game is played to 7.


The game is played with a single puck which is made from the top of an open Windsor Canadian Premium Whiskey bottle (1.75 L).


The game uses no hands; only the force of the players “blow” can move the puck to score a goal (hence the name: “Blowjob Hockey”).


The object of the game is to defend you and your partner’s goal from having the puck blown into it, and to strategize with your teammate in order to score on either of the opposing team’s goals.

Game Rules (Tournament Official)


When a foul is called, the offending team must each take a pull off the Game Windsor Bottle. Shots are not measured, but all of the players must go by an unwritten code of drinking esthetics that states you must fill the mouth and cheeks with a good portion of healthy whiskey. The list of fouls are as follows:     

Placing your hands or objects on the playing field at any time during a match Blocking a would‐be goal with your chest Scoring a goal on your teammate’s defended post Heaving during the course of a game Failure to record a point scored by your team

Note: You shall not be required to partake in excessive whiskey drinking AS LONG AS you comply with the rules, and you defend your goal against the opposing team’s attempts to score.


Whenever the puck should fall onto the floor, the team who was last scored upon will have 30 seconds to locate the puck. At which point, if the puck is not back on the playing field, the team members must each take a shot.


Games will last until the first team reaches 5 points/goals. Players must only win by 1. The losing team falls from the tournament bracket, and must take one last shot before leaving the table. “Skunks” require 2 shots per team member.


If any player cannot continue due to his or her state of intoxication, then the remaining player can either choose to take all shots on behalf of the team (at which point, the whiskey will be measured into a double‐ shot glass to ensure no unfairness takes place), or the team must forfeit the game and their spot in the tournament.


Winner of the game will advance to the next round in the tournament. Winner of the tournament will receive an award worthy of a Blowjob Hockey champion, as well as party‐wide recognition that if anyone is willing to perform oral pleasure before nights end…it shall be granted to the victors!


Blowjob Hockey Rules & Regulations