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Editorial Reviews Product Description To the Reader The subject of this book reveals crucial secrets of your life you should read very attentively for it concerns subjects that is liable to make fundamental changes in your outlook on the material world. The content of this book is not just a different approach or a philosophical thought. It is facts that are also proven by science today. To properly understand this information, you will have to ask yourself these types of questions: Where am I, and why am I there? Am I in love or in fear? What is all this around me. The answer to those questions holds the answer to every other possible question you have. The only thing that is preventing us from the answer is how we perceive reality.

Theron Cook Available on Seventh Note The Perception Of Life.






SR. COPY EDITOR David Nazario

WRITERS / JOURNALISTS Alexandra Coppadge Yasmein James David Nazario


PHOTOGRAPHERS André Wright Jr. Perry Thompson Jenea Hall Mia Marcus




............................................. CONTRIBUTORS Edna Garcia – Public Relations Jovan Smith – Stylist / Fashion Writer Ricky Trendy Da’Vista – Stylist / Eyewear Designer DJ Alejandro – Promoter Eric Jordan – Illustrator Maria Tinoco – Public Relations

Contributer: AARON A. THOMAS Hometown: New York, NY Tasks: Promoter / Videographer

Contributer: JOVAN SMITH Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Tasks: Stylist / Fashion Writer

Contributer: KÁTRINA CLOWERS TAYLOR Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Tasks: Art Director / Web / Graphic Designer

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Starting everything with the Mute the Haters Campaign, we quickly got our buzz back and rode that momentum into our campaign shoot in Brooklyn NY. That day we got to meet some amazing artists like, Word Spit, Krys Ivory and Jae Millz. These three artists are featured in the free issue of the Mute the Haters Campaign Vol. 1 issue. In addition, we started a small documentary traveling to different cities to promote at events and concerts. During this time, we collected video drops from artists as well as everyday people willing to share with us their strategies for “Muting the Haters”. It’s all about the journey, so we turned it up a notch and had an official day long networking photo shoot at Teacup Studios in Manhattan on a day when the weather was ice cold! There was snow on the ground, and the wind was blowing, and the Mute team was making it happen! The networking began as soon as we entered Teacup Studios. One in-studio photo shoot, another on the roof top (in zero degree weather) and a video interview were all going on at the same time. In order to make this work, each part of the engine depended on the other. The vibe was right the

whole day as we met and talked to so many talented and creative people. From music artist to models, stylists to photographers and a videographer, to DJ Etc, we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out! With several ideas in mine, we moved forward on our search for a cover artist. In the end, we chose to take advantage of the opportunity and privilege to work with the Meek Mill and his videographer Dave Patten. We feel that Meek represents that little engine that is challenging those big engines, self made, from the ground up! Meek we salute you. Congratulations on signing with Rick Ross and Maybach Music!!! Thanks for blessing the cover of Mute Magazine!

musician Dave

As you look through the magazine, you will be able to visualize our process of completing this issue! To the reader - thank you for picking up a copy of Mute Magazine. Bless up!


















(Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)


We are the little engine that could! Pulling this heavy long train over this high mountain, I couldn’t do it all alone. As a small team of determined individuals striving for greatness, the team used the motto “I think I can” to transcend any obstacle that came up along our journey to success. We did lose a couple of battles but we won the war! Getting this issue out was not easy. We had to convert a lot of negative energy into positivity! We are the engine that was willing to take the train over difficult terrain to our destination. The mantra - “I think I can, I think I can!!!!!”

Behind the scenes


RATE RELEASE Alexandra Coppadge Cover Artist Meek Mill

OUTRO Aaron ‘A-Train’ Thomas Theron Cook




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Jamerson, Suzi, & BZJ of SWRV in Philly sportin’ their Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow’s ‘Hand’ Glasses.

(Photo by Andre´ Wright Jr.)

S.T.S from the MMJB, before his VETERAN FRESHMAN HIP HOP SESSION performance @ the Blockley in Philadelphia. Fat Joe & N.O.R.E. performing @ THE MEZZANINE / PENN STATE in State College, PA.

(Photo by Theron Cook)

Stalley flexin’ on ‘em @ the VETERAN FRESHMAN HIP HOP SESSION in Philly. (Photo by Andre´ Wright Jr.) Mike Jaggerr w/ MTV Sway @ his Mixtape Release Party for The Eleventh Hour in Wilmington, DE. (Photo by Andre´ Wright Jr.) Rick Ross @ THE RIVEREDGE in Reading, PA. (Photo by ATRAINIFICATION) David Nazario, Antonio Cortez, Maria Tinoco, Marene & Juan Chavez @ A MUTE Sponsored Event. (Photo by Theron Cook) J. Cole & Mike Jaggerr backstage @ the University of Delaware’s Annual Spring Concert. (Photo by Andre´ Wright Jr.)

(Photo by Andre´ Wright Jr.)



Big L

painting by Theron


MAY 30, 1974 – FEBRUARY 15, 1999



illustration by KĂĄtrina

Illustration by ejordanill

Clowers Taylor

Glasses by





photography by Jenea




ot only is Swizz Beatz a one man band and husband to one of the most beautiful and musically talented artists of our time, but he is now also the new Creative Director of the Reebok Classics brand. That’s right, Swizzy is now designing exclusive kicks for Reebok. Featured here are the Kamikaze’s. On May 13th these super exclusive limited edition kicks hit select stores in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Manhattan. As hot as they are, not everyone will get a chance to rock these bad boys; there were only 84 pairs released for those serious sneakerheads and shoe fanatics. Signed by Swizz himself the Kamikaze is definitely a must have for those who collect exclusive kicks.

Written by J.Smith

Stylist & Designer In today’s society we are programmed to duplicate what the media shows us.While these are great platforms to build upon, you may want to be conscious of just how high you ‘pump up the volume.’Just maintain the bar above mute, when pulling it all together. Perhaps select a top that screams, pick bottoms that tone down any possible flaws, and a shoe that will play on throughout the day. While style is the symphony, comfort is key — strive to be in pitch when you step into the world each day. While we all try our best to stay ahead of the curve, it is our melodic duty to be on key. Mixing patterns, textures, and fibers is how we set ourselves apart from the crowd. This is more than a trend — it’s an aphonic way of showing ones personality in a tonality that speaks the truth. Take on your wardrobe with all hands on deck, tweak the treble, and drop the bass.

This Spring/Summer, make music with any of the following suggestions: 10



G-Sharp Great pieces every guy should own

• Little Black Dress • Elastic Waist Skirts • Minimize Blouses • Tights with Skirts & Shorts • Classic Ankle Boot

• High Top Fashioned Footwear • Athletic Fit Polo Shirts • Slim Fitting Denim • Preppy Blazers • Layering Tops with Accessories

Good ideas for the ladies

P itchy

What NOT to do

• Skirts that Restrict Movement • Uncomfortable Shoes • Too Tight, Revealing or See-through pieces • Mix Seasons Together • Don’t Pleat Large Areas

Reppo II – a stylish bag with in-built pair of full-range loudspeakers and an amplifier.

• Avoid Pants that Fall Down • Don’t Cover Every Inch • Wear Someone Else’s Size • Too Much of One Color • Over Indulge on Accessories

If you have any doubts about what you are wearing, change it in some way. No need to settle with mediocrity, when we all posses the power to do great things. Break out the geek-to-chic spectacles, charmed life jewelry and fancy footwear, to complete your amped up daily ensemble. The real deal is to be yourself and represent your inner swag on the flipside.




“TouchTunes and frog teamed up to re-ignite the social spirit of vintage jukeboxes for a generation used to on demand digital content.” —GizMag Designer: Massimo Battaglia

Mute’s Choice

The new Hyper Touch Guitar is amply customizable and flexible to musician needs. A multi-touch screen has replaced the strings and allows myriad possibilities of expression. Designer: Massimo Battaglia

Vermicompost? Aquaponics? Written by Alexis Campbell Photography by PermaCultivate

These questions are not uncommon in conversations with Eron Lloyd, Alexis Campbell Neil Brantley and Brian Twyman, the co-founders of PermaCultivate. Terms like forest gardening, urban farming, and stainability aren’t out of the ordinary either. Sound strange? It gets deeper. This dynamic team of urbanites live and breathe permaculture, a design science that utilizes ecological systems in all aspects of human life. “We’ve got to think outside the box,” says group director, Eron Lloyd. “Permaculture is a real solution to many real problems.” Located in Reading, PA, PermaCultivate, an educational non-profit organization, is putting permaculture principles into practice, starting with their hometown. “We love our city,” explains communications director Brian Twyman, “but Reading needs a lot of hard work.” The challenges they are referring to are familiar to many communities across the state of Pennsylvania. Reading has been placed under Act 47, a financially distressed status. In the face of city-wide dysfunction, PermaCultivate hopes to change the way the city thinks and does business. With a mission to educate and regenerate, PermaCultivate’s flagship project, Reading Roots Urban Farm, will serve as a model for other groups looking to bring positive change to their city. The farm, a full food production and educational site, will provide fresh produce year-round to families and restaurants in the city. The project, reminiscent of Roosevelt’s Victory Garden campaign, is a new twist on the historic movement, encouraging city dwellers to take back their vacant and abandoned urban space with flowers and food. “We hope to demonstrate the value of underutilized or neglected city resources,” states operations director, Alexis Campbell. “With the right tools, we can create sustainable jobs and provide for ourselves on a local level.” This creative thinking is part of a larger PermaCultivate initiative that challenges people to look at waste as a resource. In addition to transforming derelict, blighted property, the group plans to operate a commercial compositng operation where organic waste will become the foundation for their plant production.

“Some of our greatest resources end up in the garbage. Our composting operation will divert organic waste from the landfill to our garden beds. Really, as farmers, it is our most valuable resource.” The farm will also serve as an educational outlet for city youth. Partnering with the Reading School District, PermaCultivate is currently providing several schools with educational programming ranging from agriculture to environmental sciences. “Our goal is catalyze positive change while empowering others to create change for themselves,” said community relations director Neil Brantley. “At PermaCultivate we hope to cultivate change by educating and inspiring.”



Written by Alexandra Coppadge Photography by AndrĂŠ Wright Jr.


n a house without electricity or running water, 21 year old Mike Jaggerr lived with his father on West 28th Street, until he was nine years old. But Jaggerr does not hide his family’s financial struggle; in fact, he embraces this struggle and shares the story in his music. “I want to give people all of me so they can relate to me, and see where I’ve come from and where I want to go.” “On the mixtape there is a song called ‘Away’ which tells the story of how I lived with my father and how we didn’t have electricity or running water,” Jaggerr says. “I want to give people all of me so they can relate to me, and see where I’ve come from and where I want to go.” Despite insurmountable circumstances, Jaggerr found his passion in music, and delved into the world of Hip Hop. The up and coming rapper released his debut mixtape, The Eleventh Hour, in January of 2011, and has been creating a buzz for himself ever since. Jaggerr wrote and produced each track on the mixtape, while Shade 45’s DJ Wonder served as the host. Notable tracks on The Eleventh Hour include, “Away,” “Cruise Control”, featuring fellow MC and producer Big K.R.I.T. and “Rainy Days,” all of which have been receiving praise and recognition on multiple music websites and Hip Hop blogs. Jagger’s musical efforts are not going unnoticed. Recently, The Source Magazine selected Jaggerr as the ‘Unsigned Hype’ for their April issue. Although Jaggerr’s buzz is growing within the Hip Hop community, he has loftier goals to achieve. “In terms of music, I want to be a voice for the world.” Jaggerr says. “I don’t just wanna speak for my block. I want the world to be my block.” Jaggerr is certainly expanding his block and his voice as The Eleventh Hour mixtape continues to receive praise and recognition among music fans. And even though the search engine Google might confuse Mike for Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger, the music world is slowly but surely learning all about Mike Jaggerr, the triple threat from Wilmington, Delaware.

Written by David Nazario Photography by André Wright Jr.



Talking about the importance of realizing your own greatness and pursuing your dreams, Common recently made a stop in Pennsylvania to speak at Kutztown University and a nearby high school in Reading, P.A. At Kutztown, Common opened up his speech with an impromptu freestyle before instructing his young audience of mostly undergraduates to find their path, believe in their path, and live it. For Common, this path since a young child growing up in Chicago was rapping. Recounting the first time he realized he had a passion for rhyming, Common talked about how he felt after spitting his first rhyme and the hard work it took to perfect his craft. Opening up about his personal life, the G.O.O.D. music artist also spoke about his relationship with Erykah Badu and how it taught him the importance of not letting his “light” be dimmed by another individual. “You have a responsibility to shine,” said Common. He also spoke about the death of his cousin, his trials as an actor and the hard work that it will take to get to the level of a Will Smith or a Jamie Foxx. The following day, the rapper turned actor surprised a crowd of about 300 eleventh and twelfth grade students at Reading Senior High School with a similar speech that also encouraged the teens to be themselves.

HONOR Written by Yasmein James Photography by André Wright Jr.

Long before Rap City, 106 & Park, Yo! MTV Raps or MTV Soul, there was Video Music Box. The first public television show to focus exclusively on an urban market on public television, Video Music Box was the pioneer to it all. Usually taped in a park, studio or in the streets for an occasional block party, Video Music Box showed people what Hip Hop was all about through video for the very first time. “Video has always been important to Hip Hop or the music industry in general… but especially to Hip Hop in the beginning because people didn’t really understand what this was,” said Ralph McDaniels, the creator of Music Video Box. “It was a bunch of loud noise to a lot of people so they wanted to see what it was.” Video Music Box was created in an era when some of the only black artists you saw on television were Michael Jackson, Rick James and Lionel Richie. McDaniels felt there was a huge disconnect between what was being shown on network television and the other music genres AfricanAmericans identified with. Frustrated with the state of black music and its representation on television at the time, McDaniels decided to create a show that gave other minority artists the opportunity to showcase their talent. The idea arose while McDaniels worked as an intern at

a local television station in New York City, where each day he would received video clips from aspiring artists. The videos were never played, but they still kept pouring in. Knowing people in his community would love to see some of the material that came through the television station, McDaniels created a demo reel, and in 1984, the movement began. “Not only were we finding the artists, but we were finding people who were important to the streets because it was not just about the artists. It was about the DJs, the hustlers, all these different people that made Hip Hop what it is,” said McDaniels. More than two decades and several awards later, Ralph McDaniels is back (like he ever left) and this time with a book. Entitled The Video Music Box Story, the book highlights the beginning of the broadcast of what McDaniels calls “the revolution of Hip Hop.” Like the television show, the book will pay tribute to everyone who helped bring Hip Hop to the forefront of mainstream America. Still in the editing stages, The Video Music Box Story will be in a bookstore near you soon.



Jerry Jerr y “Wond ” Wonda a Duplessis Written by Alexandra Coppadge Photography by Mia Marcus

Today, when you think of producers, names like Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell usually come to mind. People rarely mention Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis. Yet, Wonda is one of the most successful and musically inclined producers to emerge from Hip Hop’s golden era. He is the man behind the platinum sound. Most known for helping to construct the sound on The Fugees iconic album, The Score, Wonda has produced hits for everyone from pop stars like Justin Bieber and Shakira to music legends like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Wonda is a Haitian-born, self-taught musician who plays guitar, congas, bass and the drums. It is this musicianship that separates Wonda from other top producers in the business. “As a musical composer you have to map out the whole song and create the song. You have to visualize the music and bring it to life,” Wonda says. “Record producers don’t necessarily create songs. I know a lot of producers who don’t play any instruments.” Wonda’s skills as a musical composer create his signature “platinum sound,” which he coined after the name of his studio in New York City. In 2010, albums recorded at Platinum Sound Studios have collectively received 12 Grammy nominations, including Song of The Year, Best R&B Album, Best Rock Album and Best Rap Album. With all of Wonda’s accolades and success it is a mystery why musical audiences outside of the industry do not know him. The answer is simple. Wonda’s passion is music and not fame. “I don’t chase fame,” Wonda says. “I create music because that is my love and that is what I am meant to do. I don’t need to be recognized for that.” Wonda does not make video appearances or need his name shouted out over the track like other famous producers. You might not know him, but your favorite artist certainly does.

Here are a few of Our favorite albums & singles produced by ‘Little

FUGEES The Score

WYCLEF JEAN The Carnival

Bass’ himself:

CARLOS T.I. SHAKIRA You Know What It Is Hips Don’t Lie SANTANA FT.THE PRODUCT G&B Maria Maria




No, No, No

It Doesn’t Matter


Written by Yasmein James Photography by Perry Thompson

They say the third time is the charm. After parting ways with both J Records and G-Unit, Olivia is back with a vengeance. With a new album in the works entitled “Show the World” and a reality television show on VH1,“Love & Hip Hop,” Olivia is grabbing this opportunity by the horns and running with it. Even though she has been in the industry for over 10 years, she has not quite gotten the respect she deserves even with two number 1 hits while signed to G-Unit. Hoping to change her past relationship with the music industry, Olivia has been on her grind. She has already released the “Under the Radar” mix tape as well as the “Love & Hip Hop” EP.

On top of all this, Olivia is working on a clothing line with Victoria’s Secret. While many artists find it hard to stay current in the ever-changing business, Olivia attributes her resilience to her astrological sign, Aquarius. “I don’t know if you know about Aquarius, but we don’t take no s*** and we are just straightforward,” Olivia said. “I just go for what I want. Being that I was on different labels, I was always able to reinvent myself even if I wasn’t able to be who I wanted to be on that label. I was still able to do it again and again.” And this time around will be no different. She is looking forward to all that 2011 will bring with the release of her new album, but is not forgetting the journey.

Q: Where does the name Suzi Analogue come from? When I was 15 I was a huge RZA fan. I still am, but then I loved everything he was doing: the artwork, the crazy hooks, the mathematics, and all these sick beats he was making were from a global perspective, but through his eyes and ears as an individual at the same time. It was really dope to wrap my head around. I was listening to the Bobby Digital project so often that a homie started calling me Suzi Analogue, and it kind of stuck. The name Suzi, to me, is super vintage American name, and Analogue is the mode I operate in and the way I see the world. They say happiness is a warm gun, so we shorten it to Uzi too. Whoop there it is.

Q: Where do you hail from?...where do you currently reside, and where you are at the moment? I'm the story of the East Coast. From the down south beginnings, to the up north migrations. I went to grade school in southeast VA though. I live and work in Philly now. I'm something like a nomad though, just came back from Europe.

Q: Can you tell us about your recording career, SWRV, how cool you are & your new business ventures? I've been independently recording and now

producing music since '05 when I was 18. It's been an adventure ever since then and I'm super grateful to have made original music with some great people like Georgia Anne Muldrow, Blu, Stalley, TOKiMONSTA, Coma-Chi (Tokyo), La Melodia (Amsterdam), and Klipmode, and a lot more that would take the rest of this page to name...but it's not about that, I just have a lot of love for these folks that love sound just as much as I do. This May, my first record will be available in record shops around the world, so that's cool. It's called NNXT and will be released on the Dopeness Galore Label inside of a limited edition box with a t-shirt inside. NNXT features a song produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow called The Program, and the other produced by me called The Thing. In 2007, I started making more beats for myself and some just turned into instrumentals. Then artists started to want to collab on something different from singing simple hooks, so in the last year I got to produce some music for myself, Stalley and now Blu and I working closely together with another dope producer out Detroit named Quelle. The entire time i've made music I've always had like-minded and talented people around me and we support each's kind of crazy. Music is a wild journey to me, I just go with it.

Written by Kátrina Clowers Taylor Photography by André Wright Jr.

Suzi Analogue is a talented singer, songwriter & producer reppin' VA, Philly, Boston, LA, & Tokyo. Her musical stylings have been compared to the likes of Erykah Badu, M.I.A., and Santigold. She has a dope personality, a soft spot for Dilla and a love for all things vintage and futuristic. Let's get familar...

In 2010, me and Jamerson Morris (my boo) launched SWRV, right now an online shopping destination. We had both been collecting vintage clothing, accessories and cool things for years and integrating them into our own personal style. SWRV was our NNXT logical step to sharing that with the world. SWRV has been a pretty powerful way to not only connect with people on a fashion-aesthetic tip, but also on a really forward cultural level. Shortly after the launch, Brandon Johnson, the 3rd member of our team came aboard. Brandon, [BZJ] always brings fun and

fresh ideas to the table. Together we represent and consume styles of music, art and fashion that melt down geographical boundaries and even language barriers In 2009, I also started a nail art service called Nail Tite that was definitely a first in Philly. Nail Tite was inspired by my already ridiculous manicure obsession and love for the nail technology innovations I witnessed while living in Tokyo in 2008. Like the About page says: Nail Tite specializes in providing painted nail art, 3D pieces, and next level nail innovations, as technology and the nail art industry continue to combine giving today’s nail polish lovers an endless menu of possibilities to wear. Nail Tite’s design menu represents straight imagination in a whatever-you-wantworld full of personal style. Right now I'm working on some prom design requests! Haha. This summer and fall, there will be some great opportunities for my East Coast lady's to get Nail Tite. I really can't go on about myself for too long though, seriously... @suzianalog for stream of consciousness updates.

Q: How would you describe your sound? All the drums, stories, jokes, crunk and pretty things i've heard over the last 22 years blended up to make your head nod over some of the sickest beats on earth. Put simply. Q: Aside from fashion, on any given day, how many "hats" do you wear as a young entrepreneur? I slip from songwriter to web designer to photojournalist to nail artist all

in one day. As an artist, the entity Suzi Analogue is pretty boundless. I've hosted a radio show, designed costumes for theatre, directed my own documentaries - I just do what feels good to me and study ways to get better at it all. All of my " business ventures" come straight from my heart to your head and hands.

Q: Are these the same hats you would like to own when you're all grown up?...and if you could add a few more to the "collection," what would they be? Yeah, more or less. Right now I'm working on how to balance them out, they're all so nice. I would really like to write or score music for a children's television program, or I'd really like to become a pilot. I'd really like to host a talk show. I'd really love to edit a magazine, Mute Mag...are you guys hiring?

Q: What are a few of the dopest thing you own? My grandmother's photos with her handwriting on the back. Hands down some of the best things I own. I collect a lot of photos and photo-based tell it all. I own a cat, a lot of records and cassette tapes, some of those things are priceless. I own a lot of crazy things in our SWRV collection, we post a lot of crazy things we find on our blog:

Q: What's one thing you would trade them all for? No trades, finder's keepers.

Q: Where's the crazy place you've ever performed?

I just did a short guest set in Amsterdam on Red Light Radio (Future Vintage Show), a radio station that's set up right in the middle of the Red Light District. The station actually is set up just like a classic red light window, so I was playing my set while people walked by looking for hook-ups. Haha. The show and DJ's are really dope though, check them out: http://

Q: Why is Analog > Digital? Analogue is the buttery warm essence of everything that makes digital. Creatively, my Analogue-ness is centered in how I try to create authentic listening experiences for peoples.

Q: If you had to chance to work with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be? Duke Ellington. I just think that would be nuts.

Q: Let the people know, how does one SWRV? To me the question is, how do you NOT SWRV? How is it possible for people to live day to day and stick to the same unexciting routines or looks and sounds? You only live once. SWRV is the act of bypassing the oncoming traffic in your life and creating your own lane that works for your journey. We apply that concept to the music we make, listen to, way we dress, places we love...SWRV on everything.

Q: Your current project out right now is the NNXTAPE, can you explain the concept behind it, and what can new listeners expect? Well, the NNXTAPE is a seamless mixtape. It's 24 tracks of exciting music: sounds and motivations that

were inspiring to me from 2009-2010. I really wanted to make a progressive mixtape on a timeless format, so I made the tape. Cassette tape was the first format I ever purchased music on, I had to begggg my mom for a CD Player. Each tape is hand-made. The NNXTAPE is really just an introduction into my world on all levels. I actually have a lot of material out there though, mixes and features...that can be found at http://surelease.

Q: Can you tell us a lil about your future projects and plans for world domination? I'm working now on a solo dolo project called Chills & Thrills. Just starting, but I would like for it to end up an LP, and it's gonna be sick.

Collaboratively, TOKiMONSTA & I are finishing our Analogue Monsta project, and that's going to a really fun one. We're both 90s R&B heads that like all this progressive instrumental music and IDM, so you can only imagine where we're going. Like I mentioned before Blu, Quelle, and I are also brewing up something nice...this summer should be really cool. I record alone usually, but the collabs make it fresh. Jamerson and I have been working on a blendtape for SWRV and we really want to involve more music with SWRV in the near future because it's such a big part of our lives, we even have a tag team project called LAVA (He's from LA, i'm from VA... Okay). We're also working on some original designs with some great ass people, so that's going to be sick. MNDSGN is a talented music maker and fam member and him and I have been working on a project called Brain Wave Projection over the last year with some really smooth tunes on it. I'm a young artist, but not a new one. If you're new to me, check out what i've been doing up until now....there's going to be more of that but on such a grande level. From me, expect everything.

Q: How do YOU Mute the H8RS? Turn everything up, TO THE MAX.

Q: So, do you wanna give any shouts aside from Me & You, Yo Mama and Yo Cousin too? All the teachers I've had, young and old. All the people that make me possible. Plus all the people who don't want me to be possible. They know. Love you.



Written by David Nazario Photography by André Wright Jr.

There’s definitely something different about the rapper Meek Mill from North Philadelphia. Yeah, his fast flow and lyricism is crazy. And yeah he came up on Smack DVD’s rapping about guns and the life and what he’s seen growing up on the mean streets of Killadelphia, but, the difference is that Meek Mill is much more than your average Philly rapper. Not only does he spit hot lines, but he also spits hot songs. This alone separates Meek from other rappers in the city. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen an artist with such promise and crossover potential come out of the city of Brotherly Love. In fact, with the exception of Beanie Sigel, Eve and Freeway, Philly rappers haven’t had a reputation of being artist that can consistently produce radio hits that gain both mainstream attention and radio spins. This is not the case with Meek, and probably the main reason why he is one of the newest members to the Maybach Music Group. “In Philly everybody got the best lyrics, but it’s about making songs. It’s about making the hottest song. That’s what we lack here in Philly; I’m trying to bring that back and open that door so people can go back to making songs,” said Meek. With his Flamerz series mixapes,

Meek separated himself from other rappers by not only rhyming over original beats and making songs, but also changing up his lyrical content. “On my mixtapes I changed it over from just spitting a lot of bars to making songs. I started talking some fly… not even being like goon with every rap or even talking about negative stuff all day. Sometimes I talk about fly stuff, sometimes I talk about money. I talk about reality. The reality is, Robert Rahmeek Williams has been working on his craft for almost fifteen years. The nephew of famous Philadelphia DJ Grandmaster Nell, Meek discovered he enjoyed rapping and began to play around with lyrics around the age of ten. Weekend visits to his grandmother’s house where his uncle would set up shop blasting the all the latest music was where Meek fell in love with rap. However, it wasn’t until Meek was sixteen that he began to take rap seriously. Ultimately, it was a stint in jail two years later that would motivate Meek to put his whole life into rapping. When he’s not rhyming over beats from artists like Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson and Fabolous, he usually chooses to spit over high energy tracks with an undeniable nod factor. Packed




Artist, Musician & Videographer

As talented as Dave Patten is, you would never know from his humble demeanor. Not only is he a gifted videographer with three music videos in production and a feature film in pre-production, but he is also a musician who has recently released his sixth album entitled “Exposure” and working on his seventh. If that is not enough, several of his channels on YouTube have over 1 million hits. The 23-year-old is definitely focused and even though he says being a musician is his main concern, he is not quite ready to part with film. “I have always liked film and music. I don’t know. They are two separate things, but they go really well together,” said Patten. He is lucky that they do because it has given him the opportunity to do as he says what he loves full time. In the simplest form, he describes his music as pop, but his unique ability to draw from elements of other artists is what Patten thinks makes his sound so different.

Photography by André Wright Jr.

with raw sentiment, metaphors and quick wit, the lyrics go hand and hand with Jahlil Beats. (Jahlil is an up and coming producer from Chester, P.A. who is responsible for a few of Meek’s hits including, “So Fly”, “Hottest in the City”, and “Make Em’ Say”) The internet definitely played a big role in Meek’s journey from a local celebrity, to a rapper who appears on 106 & Park alongside Rick Ross and Wale to premiere a video featuring the trio. “I started off in the DVD scene, and then it transferred over to YouTube. People were watching from every city, explains Meek. “We were attacking that MySpace and that internet too. We picked up a buzz with the mixtape game and the next thing you know them mixtapes was doing numbers in the streets and on the internet with major downloads, and people started to catch on.” There’s something to say when an artist creates a strong fan base for himself without jumping into the game under the wing of his more famous label mate. “I did everything on my own except for one photo shoot that we did with Maybach music. I got my music to the radios on my own, put it on the internet on my own, my own studio time…everything,” explains Meek.

“I take a lot of elements from different artists and kind of combine it into something that is not really out there,” said Patten. In addition to being able to reinvent sounds, he also has an acoustic rock side, which many may familiarize with John Mayer or Jason Mraz. Patten is also a big fan of Hip Hop and loves working with Hip Hop artists. Because of this, he feels he will be able to combine both worlds and do something that is not really out there right now. He has accomplished this through his work with rapper Meek Mill. They have already released “Believe Me” and “How good,” which Patten worked on as both a videographer and musician. They are also working on other projects together. Ultimately, Patten would love to be recognized as an artist and musician. However, he believes that success brings more success and is hoping to use his music career success towards his film career. “If I can make it with music, then I will always have film to go to as well,” said Patten. -Yasmein James

Grand Hustle. Contrary to popular belief, and despite the fact that both Tip and Meek promoted Meek as a Grand Hustle artist, Meek was actually never officially signed to Grand Hustle. According to Meek, it was strictly an affiliation. “I was never signed to Grand Hustle. I wanted to deal with Tip and them but it was something between… it was business. I don’t know what happened at the end of the day.” Regardless of what happened and despite the fact that Meek doesn’t seem too sure to even know himself, there is no love lost between the newcomer and Grand Hustle captain. “Tip booked. He a gangsta first before all the rap stuff, so with any situation he’s gonna be behind me.” Although Meek hasn’t talked to T.I since he’s been locked up, with the exception of an occasional email, he is still working with T.I. as a spokesperson for T.I.’s clothing company, Akoo. A self made artist in every sense of the word, Meek’s future is looking bright these days, but he still knows there’s a lot of work to be done “I been waiting a long time to get in the game, so it ain’t no time to slow up or choke up now,” says Meek. From the sounds of things he is ready for all that is coming his way and the work that it will take to get where he wants to be. “I didn’t make a million dollars out the rap game yet. I’m in the process of getting my mom a house right now. I will feel like I made it when I did everything for everybody that came up with me - my mom, my sister, my nieces, my nephews. I don’t feel I’m at that point yet.”

Although he was already a star around his way, it wasn’t long before the buzz from his Flamerz mixtape series began to get attention from people that could potentially take Meek’s career to the next level. It was his Flamerz 2 mixtape, featuring standout tracks, “Hottest in the City” and “I’m so Fly”, that caught the attention of Charlie Mack, the founder and On May 24th, Meek will get his first taste of exposure on a national president of 215 Aphillyated Records, who signed Meek to his level. Meek, Rick Ross, Wale and newcomer from Atlanta, Pill will release Self Made Volume 1, a compilation album from management company. Maybach Music Group that will feature all four artists Around that same time, Meek met the “King of the South” and was flown out to Los Angeles to potentially sign a deal with



39 Written by Alexandra Coppadge Photography by André Wright Jr.

In an age in music when every song sounds the same, gimmicks trump talent and artists are mere carbon copies of each other, it is rare to find individuality and creativity. However, it is not impossible. Like a rose blossoming out of cement, Stalley, an Ohio native rapper, emerges on the scene to breathe new life into Hip Hop. Instead of using auto-tune or a catchy, snap your fingers dance tutorials; Stalley brings his own sound, “Trunk Music”, to the forefront of Hip Hop. For his latest project, Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music), he recruited a fellow Ohioan, producer Rashad, and the two created the soundtrack to Ohio’s night life.

“I wasn’t able to find a producer who could create the sound that I wanted,” Stalley says. “I really created my own lane.”

“In working with Rashad I was able to give him all these different ideas in my head. I gave him sounds and quotes and showed him Youtube videos,” Stalley explains. “And since he and I are from the same place he was really able to get me and my sound.” Stalley describes Intelligent Trunk Music as containing lyricism yet being relatable enough to grab mainstream audiences. The rapper’s skills and uniqueness have not gone unnoticed. Stalley was selected to be featured on Damon Dash’s Creative Control, a cutting edge online network that highlights up and coming artists on their journey and rise to fame. “On Creative Control you can see me getting my hair cut, riding in my car or working in the studio,” Stalley says. His webisodes provide fans with an inside look into his life as an artist. Because he is so different it is difficult to define or describe who Stalley is. From his Sunni Beard and lack of flashy jewelry, to his laid back, yet Intellectual Trunk Music, Stalley is definitely one thing for sure - a breath of fresh air.



These 25 Songs should help you Get In Shape for Spring & Summer, no matter what type of music you’re in to!

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Animals – Nickelback

Gonna Fly Now (Theme from “Rocky”) – Bill Conti

Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr – Trivium Snow (Hey Oh) – Red Hot Chili Peppers Surfacing – Slipknot

In Da Club– 50 Cent

True Believer – E-Type Phantom of the Opera – Iron Maideni

Remember the Name – Fort Minor

Have a Nice Day – Bon Jovi

Ding Dong Song - Gunther & The Sunshine Girls

Bodies – Drowning Pool B.O.B – Outkast

Stronger – Kanye West

Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

The Moment of Truth – Survivor Physical – Olivia Newton John

Like Fire Tonight – Gunther & The Sunshine Girls Figure.09 – Linkin Park

Du hast – Rammstein

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

TuttiFrutti Summerlove – Gunther & The Sunshine Girls


Philly natives, June Hott and Drew Kramer (also known as Drew.ish) came together in 2006 with one goal in mind – to create a sound that would cater to people who loved all types of music, not just one particular genre. The outcome was Dephonic, a band complete with a DJ, guitarists, drummer, rapper and lead vocalist. With Soul, Funk and Hip Hop as the inspiration, Dephonic has made a name for themselves as a group that makes feel good music that touches on everything from politics to everyday life. Headed by producer and guitarist B Dubz, Dephonic has put out two independent records to date. The success of these albums has allowed both June Hott and Drew.ish to pursue opportunities outside of Dephonic. With no plans of leaving the band, Drew is currently working with Les Professionnels. Based in Philadelphia, Les Professionnels is an artist, DJ, producer collaboration that is currently signed to Company Policy Records and known for working with artists like, Chris Young and Dice Raw of the Money Making Jam Boys. June Hott has been busy as well. June is currently working on a DJ Omega hosted mixtape entitled, “DJ Omega Presents June Hott’s Home Cooking.”

Stopping by the Mute The H8ers Campaign, lead vocalist Drew.ish and emcee June Hott took a break from recording and sharing the stage with artists like Plain White T’s, Snoop Dogg and Chiddy Bang to pose for a couple of pics for our Spring issue. For info on the band, upcoming events and tour dates, visit: – David Nazario

WEDNESDAY ATOMS Wednesday Atoms calls herself a Futurian. She also carries energy crystals and meditates before going on stage. But more importantly, Wednesday Atoms is a singer who writes her own music and is currently being compared to people like Sade and Lauryn Hill. Hear Wednesday tell it, the Bridgeport Connecticut native is actually from the future and is just on earth as a visitor. Fortunately, she is bringing a little bit of this futuristic influence to all of us with her music that is also a combination of pop and soul. On songs like “Pieces of My Heart,” and “Flat Line”, Wednesday delivers sultry mid tempo grooves that are both refreshing and original. While the previous two tracks mentioned are not exactly shoo-ins for major radio play, “Free Falling” is a definite hit that allows Wednesday to delve into a pop sound that manages to be both catchy and creative. The video, complete with a glow in the dark Wednesday draped in fluorescent lights is only a glimpse at this star in the making. Follow Wednesday on Twitter @heywednesday. – David Nazario Photography by Jenea Hall

Photography by André Wright Jr.


If you thought Sean Kingston and Rihanna were the only artists leading the charge of bringing their Caribbean sound to the top of the pop charts, think again. Creating an island pop sound that is all her own, singer and songwriter, Kamsha is looking to join the new generation of young, Caribbean music stars. Kamsha’s artistic career started at a tender age. The singer was merely eight years old when her poem was published in an anthology for the Library Of Congress. Later, the child writer would add the title of singer to her resume. Kamsha has honed her craft as a singer and songwriter for more than a decade. With a childhood filled with singing and writing poetry, a professional performing and recording career was a natural progression. On the surface, it is easy to mistake Kamsha’s sound for that of Rihanna’s. Ultimately, it is Kamsha’s blend of Pop, Rock, Dance and R&B music mixed with the sounds of her Caribbean influenced lyrical style that separate her from the Barbados beauty. For example, on the up-tempo, high energy track, “Take A Picture” Kamsha delivers a song perfect for the dance club with infectious lyrics that make the tune resonate like a pop song. Already gaining attention for her uniqueness in both her music and approach to fashion, Kamsha appeared in the June and July 2009 issues of Glamour Magazine.

Photography by André Wright Jr.

To successfully rap over a beat off of Jay-z’s classic first album, Reasonable Doubt is no easy task. To say the least, tackling one of these iconic beats takes confidence and a whole lot of courage. Fortunately, Washington D.C. native Dutch Captial has just enough confidence and courage to pull it off (YouTube Dutch Capital, “Can I Live” to see the proof). An independent artist, Dutch Capital is making a name for himself on his own terms, shooting videos in Marcy Projects and making his way around the D.C. club circuit. Next up for Dutch is a new single “Everytime” and a mixtape entitled, Capital Murder available on Follow Dutch Capital on twitter @Dutchcapital. – David Nazario Photography by Perry Thompson



– Alexandra Coppadge

JADE ALSTON Jade Alston isn’t new to the game. In fact, she has been around artists since she was a teenager when she worked as a Video Jockey for Urban X-Pressions, Philadelphia’s longest running local video show. However, the first time she saw Kanye West at a studio in Soho, she almost lost it. Her knees buckled and a nervous “hey” was all she could muster enough courage to say, even though she wanted to say more. Like anyone in that situation, she walked away feeling like a complete idiot. On the upside of things, she got the opportunity to see one of her biggest musical influences up close and in person. Photography by André Wright Jr.


After all, it was West who influenced the singer and songwriter to release weekly tracks for “She Mixx: A Woman’s Perspective,” a mixtape that provides an alternative perspective to popular songs made by male artists. The mixtape includes covers of West’s “Runaway” as well as Wiz Khalifa’s “Up” and Jamie Foxx and Drake’s “Fall For Your Type.”

She has already written songs for a number of artists and is patiently waiting for them to be released. Unsure where this journey to becoming an entertainer will lead her, Alston is taking each day at a time, remembering the importance of self belief.

With She Mixx, Alston gave audiences a feel of her sound and music, which she describes as “the music of Kanye West and Carrie Bradshaw’s love child.”

“For anybody trying to do whatever it is that you want to do, the key is to just to do it. That’s it. Just wake up every day and take a step to do it and the first step is to believe that you can no matter what,” said Alston.

While the description might seem strange, she chose the pair for their unique ability to relate to their audience as well as their impeccable sense of style.

This belief has helped Alston begin to pave her own way in the industry. She went from interviewing celebrities to working with Kelis and opening shows for 50 Cent and Amerie.

She Mixx is the prelude to the “Single on a Saturday Night” mixtape that she is currently working on with different artists, songwriters and producers in hopes of launching her own career.

Now she is on the other side of the camera and hopes to have the same success as the celebrities that she once interviewed. – Yasmein James

Brad Nofia Waples April 15 at 11:51am Report RDG Hip Hop Summit August 5th-7th 2011 “Community Through Unity”

Since the inception of Hip Hop it has been the voice of the people and a catalyst for change. It originated as a form of expression for youth looking to escape gang violence and shed light on the social ills plaguing their neighborhoods and communities, in the South Bronx of New York. As it had maturated Hip Hop has spanned the globe, championing revolution as the sound of the disaffected youth culture. It is this universal articulation and capacity for innovation of the Hip Hop culture that we hope to capture and bring forth with the 1st Annual RDG Hip Hop summit. RDG Hip Hop Summit promotes local & regional art, business, and community through Hip Hop and Hip Hop culture by providing opportunities for leadership, commerce, and skill building. We accomplish this mission by collaborating with diverse groups and providing Hip Hop related events and education. The Summit will be held August 5th -7th as a weekend of events intended to stimulate and empower the community and commerce of Reading, Pa. Workshops, performances and competitions will be held around the city to inform and entertain people of all ages with a wide range of Hip Hop topics, including culture, history and career opportunities. By collaborating with local business and venues, the Summit hopes to promote these local businesses and provide promotion and revenue potential to local industry.



Reading, Pennsylvania

MEASUREMENTS 34D / 24 / 38


The Dream feat Kanye West – Walking On The Moon Estelle feat Nas – Fall In Love Erk Tha Jerk – Right Here Fab – When The Money Goes Pleasure P – Under


Across the globe Hip Hop is surfacing as a premiere force in educational and social reform. As the youth of the Hip Hop generation become the leaders of tomorrow, it is functions and events such as The RDG Hip Hop summit that help to shape and direct their paths. Utilizing the relevance of Hip Hop, the Summit connects with the vast ethnic influences and cultures of Reading, Pa. Whether it is Blues, Jazz, Soca, Salsa, Reggae, Country or Rock & Roll, a connection can be found in Hip Hop. The RDG Hip Hop Summit hopes to make the same immense correlation with the community of Reading, Pa. Photography by Jenea Hall






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MUST HAVE ALBUM: Late Nights & Early Mornings

ALBUM: Watch The Thrown

For those of you that don’t know, Jay-z and Kanye West have been working on an album together called “Watch The Thrown.” According to Jay-z the album is coming together amazingly and is close to being finished. As it turns out, “Monster”, “So Appalled”, “The Joy”, and “The Power (Remix)” were all supposed to be on the album, but two out of the four ended up on Kanye’s last album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” “We had done five (songs) so far, and then a few of em’ kind of, were out there, and I put them on my album.” “Sorry Jay,” Kanye said laughing. “But we got some more, and we going to the South of France at the end of this month just to record new ideas” (MTV).

Marsha Ambrosius was formerly one half of the critically acclaimed R&B duo Floetry. This is her first solo album and includes co-songwriting credits with Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill.


PHOTO CREDITS: Page 5: Theron Cook, Perry Thompson page 7: Andre Wright Jr., Edna Garica’ Jenea Hall page 8 Perry Thompson, Jenea Hall, Andre wright Jr.

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Mute Magazine Spring Issue  

Mute Magazine is a printed publication dedicated to MUSIC culture. We print the fashions, the performances, the arts, and the lifestyles of...

Mute Magazine Spring Issue  

Mute Magazine is a printed publication dedicated to MUSIC culture. We print the fashions, the performances, the arts, and the lifestyles of...