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BOOT CAPACITY (dm3 by ISO standard) minimal 344 maximal (to the back restraint of front seats and under the roof) 991 DIMENSIONS (mm) A Wheelbase 2636 4299 B Overall length C Front overhang 860 D Rear overhang 803 E Front track 1588 F Rear track 1545 G Overall width at the height of side mouldings / 1848 / 2037 with unfolded side mirrors H Height (with no load) 1435 1990 H1 eight with open boot flap (unladen) J Sill height (unladen) 830 K Ground clearance (laden) 120 L Length of cabin 1702 M Front elbow room 1480 M1 Rear elbow room N Front shoulder room N1 Rear shoulder room P

Front head room at 14째 seat angle


Rear head room at 14째 seat angle

Y Y1 Y2 Z Z1 Z2 Z3

Boot opening width / maximal Boot opening width at bottom Inner wheel arch width Height of boot opening Maximal length of luggage area Height till boot shelf Length of luggage area behind rear bench

1400 1420 1266 873 832 940 / 980 760 1152 463 1550 510 854

Megane III RS mõõdud  
Megane III RS mõõdud  

Megane III RS mõõdud