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ideas, systems & solutions


ideas, systems & solutions

oil & gaS Subsea & Pipe Installation w Buoyancy and Float w Flexible Welding Habitat w Flexible Automatic Doors w Repair Clamps w Stiffeners w Pipe Lifting Bags w Protection Sleeves w Hang-Off Clamps w Underwater Parachutes w Sealing Sleeves w Pipe Puller w Pipe In Pipe Operation w Grout Bags w Free span Corrector w Flow Restrictor w Thermal Insulation w Inflatable Plugs w High Pressure Stoppers w Joint Testing Seals…

Logistics w Flexible fuel storage tanks w Fuel Dispensing Units w Fuel Farms w Pumps and Filters w Water Storage Tanks w Heliportable Fuel and Water Tanks w Foldable Shelters and Tents w Flexible Roadway and Mat on Mud for Heavy Vehicles…

Environment Protection w Oil Booms w Oil Spill Recovery Floating Tanks…

Platforms w Fenders w Grout Packer w Diaphragm w Mud Wiper w Grout Seal Kit w Inflatable Seals w Water Test Bags for Cranes and Hoists w Jacking Systems w Gripper Tubes for Jack-Up Systems w Flexible Welding Habitat…

power Electricity w Transformer Oil Storage w Rubber Bag w Compensation System w Oil Resistant Gaskets w Inflatable Oil Resistant Seals w Separation Flexible Membranes…

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Nuclear Power w Waste Storage w Effluent Storage w Contaminated Water Storage w Insulation Systems and Plugs…

Design & Manufacturing for Sustainable Development

Musthane offers a long lasting and reliable experience in the Energy Sector through its successful participation in most of the breakthrough projects during the past 20 years.

Services and Technical Assistance w Engineering w Technical assistance for installation w Training w Maintenance

We design and manufacture solutions based on flexible and composite materials. Our offer is divided into 2 expertise areas:

Design to Flexibility®: Design & manufacturing of

solutions based on flexible and resilient materials

Design to Mobility®: Offer of products and services

for situations requiring rapid deployment.

Our know-how relies on 3 basic technical fields: w Design & Manufacturing of polymer made products w Mechanical Design w Transfer & Handling of Fluids We are also involved in the following industries: defense, environment protection, aeronautics, airport and manufacturing.

We support our customers by inventing new concepts integrating the idea of mobility and flexibility.



Mobile stoppers and plugs. Oil Spill containment systems ®

Mobile lifting and flotation systems



Fluid storage and distribution units such as Fuel bladders or water bladders. Mobil fuel dispensing units.


Mobility equipment such as rollable trackways and mats, versatile rapid deployment tents…



System based on inflatable seals and pneumatic jacks



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Musthane - Energy : ideas, systems & solutions  
Musthane - Energy : ideas, systems & solutions  

We manufacture products facilitating the maintenance operations on nuclear sites and preventing accidental pollutions. Our polymer formulati...