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How Your Donations Can Help

We are a small UK charity working in Africa in Mgongeni, an urban slum area of Mombassa, Kenya. Our aim is to empower the people to take action to impove their environment and basic facilities. By providing training, educatiod, improved healthcare and better services, they will take control of their lives and provide a better future for their families. We provide poor children with the sort of education only normally available only to the rich. With the exception of our teachers, our local co-ordinator and computer centre team, our members are volunteers, so all the money raised is spent on the projects. The programme is aimed at empowerment and not giving aid. We want people in the community to realise they are responsible for their own future. We cannot change the world, but with your help we can make a difference to this deprived community.

Empowerment of the community: In Mgongeni there is no rubbish clearance, rubbish gets dumped everywhere. Mustard Seed had been trying to educate and motivate the community to the dangers of indiscriminate dumping of rubbish,  

    Other projects in the community include: building a well, providing mosquito nets, and supporting two football teams as well as a boxing club. Empowerment through education: The poorest children cannot go to school. Even the overcrowded but free government schools insist upon school uniform and books which they cannot afford. Our school provides high quality education in classes of 25 for the poorest children, we have excellent resources and a feeding programme. MSP has acquired land and is seeking funds to build a new school, and for equipment and educational resources. Empowerment of women: Mustard Seed has provided training to the women in the community in preventative medicine and child care. We realise that education for children is not enough, so we have been providing adult education. We offer basic reading and writing skills in Swahili with the intention of also starting English classes.


Mustard Seed Project, a brochure promoting the charity's work in Kenya.

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