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Explorer that travels through the country.

wanted for being a video game addict

Last seen playing mine craft at school. Brown Hair, Blue eyes, 5’10 194lbs Award: slap to the face

Germany, Berlin 5

Italy, Rome 1

Mexico, Mexico CIty 4

The reason i want to go to rome is to see the old buildings that are still up. Also it will be nice to learn more things about the roman empire.

See where Hilter Died, where the berlin wall used to stand. And be a manager at a music store

Egypt, Cairo 2 Want to see the prymiads, the nile river and some othere view things that are things i want to do.

See the aztec prymaids and city ruins, also to lear the legend of el tepozteco which is very fluent in mexico

Areas i want to travel to when i get older.

Australia, Sydney 3 Want to see the Coral reef, maybe go work at a surfboard shop there as well.

Essay ! Trip to the Texas was a great vacation that i did when it was in the summer of 09. Before we went out there my family had to go and rent a car for our vacation because we didn't had a car suitable for like 800 mile trip. I had to go to because its a family thing for this stupid thing that i personally didn’t care for a new car. Just for one week but after sitting for 3hours waiting for my parents to close the deal with the car dealer. After wards we went back home and got all of our bags together we went south on I29 then we cross over on I35. ! Then we arrived down in San Antonio like 3am. The motel we first stayed down there was Hotel 8’s its was a nice hotel for one night i thought it could've went better. The first thing i did in that hotel was turn on the tv and watch this network that only showed Military movies that are form the 1950 to 2000 I enjoy watching all these things but i had gone to bed. The only thing we did the next day was went to my dads sisters house down near new burffles which is a town that a few miles away form san Antonio. The best thing we did that day was eat at this diner that served food that was unbelievable good. ! The next thing we did was went to this Museum that shows all this history About all different things that i didn't consider of thinking that it happen. it had all kinds of things one was a Egyptian arfactes that was awesome. Another thing i lost my old set of binoculars that i used to use all the time. that was so embarrassing another thing we did was went down through the river that runs through the hear of san antiano. Another thing i visted the almo its small now I thought it would be bigger but it wasn’t since the City kept on expanding and they had to destroy the walls of the also. ! Another thing that happen out there Was that we went out to Corpus Christi and we Went to this island called mustang Island. I had to take a ferry to get to the island because the way it was set up. when we arrived on the island it had one main city on it which had like 12,000 people that live on it. any way i went out to the beach and swim in that ocean. but the ocean currents kept on pushing me back as i tried to swim out there. I decide not to swim that far when a wave coming my way the salt form the sea water got inside my mouth it tasted so horrible I had to spit it out as much as i can. Also it was hot that day and since i had no shirt i had a bad sunbun where the skin was peeling off. The next thing we did was look at was where jfk was assainted in Dallas at ! When we came back home I just releax and slept in as much as i can. My parents took the rented car back. Then after that all of us releax and just didnt do anything for the next few days well beside me going to boyscout camp.


Muti-Genre Reerach Project


Muti-Genre Reerach Project