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Sutton Life Magazine

March 2013

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4 Alumni Feature Family: Ryan & Beth Schmeits 8 Sutton’s Star Student: Mitch Carlson 15 Sutton FFA 17 Teacher Spotlight: Ron Gerber 20 Memory Lane: Little Nebraska Annie

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MARCH 2013



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Beth and Ryan Schmeits are pictured here with their daughter, Macy. Who would have known moving to Sutton would shape a young girl’s future, spark an interest for future careers, and in turn have her meet her future husband and start a new life together. That can be said for this month’s featured family, Ryan and Beth Schmeits. Before moving to Sutton Beth Mowitz grew up on a farm outside of Polk, Nebraska. She, along with her younger brother (James) and mother (Susan) moved to Sutton when she was in the 8th grade. Their move there was based on a big event in their mother’s life, her exchange of vows with long time Sutton resident Jim Mazour.

ended up back in Wayne and that is where he graduated from, then moved to Lincoln and also attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His parents both still live in Wayne and his older brother moved from Houston up to the Kansas City area last summer with his wife and their three girls. Ryan and Beth will be married four years this June. They met when a bunch of Pinnacle Bank employees from two different branches, Beth’s branch and Ryan’s branch,

After graduating from Sutton Beth moved to Lincoln to attend University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has been a resident ever since and has plenty of family ties in the area to keep her there. “My older sister and her husband and their two kids live in Lincoln as well as my younger brother and his wife and their two boys. My older brother and his wife and kids are in York and my mom recently moved to York as well and still teaches at Heartland Schools.” Ryan grew up in Wayne. He did move to Georgia when he was really little for a couple of years but then they

Beth and Ryan dated for over three years before getting married.

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Sutton Life Magazine

decided to meet for a few drinks. “I saw this cute boy and after we talked a little while we figured out we lived about five blocks from each other and we quickly figured out we both loved sports”, Beth recalls. The couple seemed to really hit it off until Beth asked what year he graduated high school. When he replied with 2003, and this being summer of 2004, Beth realized the age difference, Beth being 22 at the time and Ryan 19. From that point they continued a friendship. “Even while we were friends I think we both knew that we would end up together. We just always had so much fun together no matter what we were doing and even though the age difference bothered me at first I really never think about it anymore. He is very mature.” Beth and Ryan dated for 3+ years before Ryan popped the question. Beth and Ryan were married in Las Vegas with one of Beth’s high school friends, Kyle Leif, officiating the service. “It was amazing! We had our ceremony and reception on the rooftop of a hotel called Platinum Hotel and Spa. We had about 50 people come out and we had the best time,” Beth recalls. “It was very stress free. We both have said so many times that we wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding.” Beth and Ryan continue to reside in Lincoln where they work together running their own insurance agency with Farm Bureau. They sell home, auto, life, and health insurance, while Ryan also does investments. Ryan has been with Farm Bureau for four years. Beth joined Ryan in his business when he started getting busy at work and needed to hire someone. “We thought it over and looked at the numbers and decided we should go for it. So before long I was studying for my licenses.” This fall will make Beth’s three year anniversary with the company. This past September was also an exciting time for Ryan and Beth as they welcomed their first child, Macy, into the world. They did not find out the sex of the baby prior to birth and Beth says that was the greatest decision for

Macy was born in September 2012. them. “Not finding out was hard, but it was the coolest experience of my life after delivery when the doctor told us we had a girl.” Macy is teething right now so she loves to put everything in her mouth. But aside from that Macy has been a wonderful baby. “She is such a good sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night since she was five weeks old.” Ryan and Beth’s moms joke with them saying that when they have their next one and it is normal they will think something is wrong with it because Macy has been too easy on them. Along with Macy they have another family member, their dog, Cali. Cali and Macy are still trying to figure each other out, but the Schmeits’ are hopeful that they will be good friends once Macy can run around with Cali.

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The fourth member of the family is their dog, Cali. When Beth and Ryan are not working together they are sharing lots of common interests. They both still play basketball November through March, each having a city league team. They also both have teams that participate in the annual Whoopers and Hoopers tournament in Hastings, Nebraska. Beth even points out that last year her team won the Women’s B Division. “This was great competition and especially tough for me because I was

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Beth and Ryan share a love of sports. playing while I was 4 ½ months pregnant.” Their teams also participate in the Cornhusker State Games each July. When they are not hitting the hardwood they are hitting the course. “Three years ago we joined the Yankee Hill Country Club here in Lincoln and we love it. As soon as Macy can run around I’m sure we will have her out there with us.” Last year, Beth points out, they played a record number of rounds of golf. “Since I was pregnant it was the only competition I had in my life so I think I was out on the course at least three times per week.” With their busy schedule, however, Beth still has time to reminisce about her life in Sutton. What she misses most you ask? “Honestly, just the people. I always smile when I think back on growing up in Sutton. It’s a great town and it has the best people in it. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m proud to be from Sutton and that’s where I still tell people I’m from even though I’ve now lived in Lincoln longer than I ever lived in Sutton. I honestly can’t imagine how different my life would be if I hadn’t grown up there. I got into banking because of my stepdad Jim, and if I hadn’t worked at a bank in college who knows if I ever would have met Ryan. I also have a ton of friends that are from Sutton and they are some of my favorite people in the world. I’m always quick to tell everyone that it’s the best small town in the world and I mean that with all my heart! Also, I have to throw in Sweet Treat hamburgers and cheese balls-nothing beats that!” So once again we say….Sutton, the good life!

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“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” This quote, by Kevin Durant, the favorite of this month’s spotlight student Mitchell Carlson, is so fitting to him and his attitude on the court or field as well as in the classroom. Carlson, a senior at Sutton Public Schools, is the son of Joan Alberts and Mark Carlson and the stepson of Tom Alberts. Mitch describes his family as “huge”. He has two older brothers, Terrance and Evan. Then there are his three younger brothers Lee, Isaac, and Cory along with his lone sister, Alika.

this year. In addition to honors outside of the team, Mitch was also honored on both teams, by his teammates, as a team captain. He also tells about his opportunities to be a volunteer as a result of being an athlete at Sutton. “Because of sports I have participated in I have had multiple opportunities to be involved in the community especially with the youth. I have coached and refereed elementary basketball and I have also helped out with the elementary soccer club.” While it seems that sports may consume most of Mitch’s time he makes time to be an active member of National Honor Society. As part of this organization Mitch says one of the highlights has been serving the community and others by helping organize and run numerous blood drives. And yet still Mitch finds time for his studies. Mitch currently sits at the top of his class and will be graduating with honors.

Another important family member for Mitch is his hero, Grandpa Darwin. “My grandpa has always been a great role model for me. He has always had a great interest in my academics and always made sure he explained how important education is. He is a great family Mitch Carlson is a senior man, hard worker, and a very at Sutton Public Schools. caring guy who is always willing to lend a helping hand. So he has just had an all around positive effect on me throughout my life.” Mitch’s high school principal, Mrs. Thompson, also sang of his praises as a person on and off the court/field. Mitch was interviewed for this article three days after, for “Mitchell is a young man that thinks about the world in the second time this year, he and his teammates earned a much different way than most. He is driven and has a a state runner –up medal and made all that “huge” family focus that very few have at this time in their lives.  I have so proud. Mitch was the member of not only the state enjoyed my time with Mitchell and he has always been runner-up football team, but also the Mustang basketball someone I could count on as a student to be a leader and team that earned that same honor just this month. trust with helping our school.” As a member of the football team this fall Mitch earned Academic All-State honors for the second straight year and was also selected to the All-State team. Mitch was also chosen as Academic All-State for the basketball team

Mitch’s plans after high school? He will be attending University of Nebraska-Lincoln and pursuing a prelaw degree while majoring in political science. “After completing my undergraduate degree I hope to enroll in

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Sutton Life Magazine

law school and become a trial lawyer,” Mitch explains. “Law has always interested me and I want a job where I’m not doing the same thing every single day and being a lawyer there would always be something new.” So with his future goals in mind, it should come as no surprise that Mitch’s favorite class in high school has been Government. “I would have to say government because it is all very interesting to me and I have always been intrigued by politics.” As he peruses his future goals there is one teacher at Sutton Public Schools he has learned a lot about living life to its fullest. “Mrs. Meyer is my favorite teacher because she is always willing to do whatever she can to help you. On top of that she is always a bright spot in the day. She never has anything negative to say about anyone and always has a smile on her face.” Perhaps those life lessons Mrs. Meyer displays are characteristics that Mitch will try and carry over in to his future career. As Mitch looks in to his future and is excited to pursue new goals he will be the first to step back and look at his past, his life to this point, living in Sutton Nebraska. “The best part about growing up in Sutton is the size of the community. It definitely has the small town aura to it. Everybody knows everybody, people look out for each other and everyone cares for one another.” And when he looks back on his high school career Mitch looks back at his athletic career to find his greatest moment. “My greatest high school memory has been playing in Memorial Stadium for the state championship in football.” So, as Mitch steps on to campus at UNL next year, he will constantly be reminded of that moment, and

Mitch has been awarded with Academic All-State honors for both basketball and football. MARCH 2013

Mitch’s favorite high school memory is playing in Memorial Stadium for the state championship. in turn his high school and his teammates, each time he looks across campus and sees that stadium standing tall. Now that school and his sports career are starting to wrap up at Sutton, what does Mitch expect to fill his summer with? “My past summers have pretty much consisted of basketball and football camps, the weight room, and working on the farms. But now that I am done with high school sports it will probably consist of working and hanging out with friends.” There is no doubt that Mitch has lots of different talents and from what he has proven in his high school career at Sutton Public Schools there is little doubt that that talent will work hard to achieve his future dreams and goals.


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Sutton Life Magazine

MARCH 2013

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2012-2013 Sutton FFA members. Growing up we all dream about being a part of something great, something that we can be a part of that will make an impact on other people’s lives as well as our own. For many Sutton Alumni, FFA (Future Farmers of America) was that impact on their lives. Last year at Sutton’s annual Dug Out Day’s Festival, the Sutton FFA chapter teamed up with the Sutton FFA Alumni and created a float containing a majority of the past Sutton FFA Presidents who were still living. The float was named best in the parade. While it is not certain the actual charter date of the Sutton FFA Chapter, through a little research, it has been determined that in 2014, the Sutton chapter will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Today, Sutton’s FFA chapter is still going strong. The 20122013 chapter officers for this year are as follows: President - Brody Yost Vice President - Lyndsay Drudik Secretary - Ashley Overturf Treasurer - Wyat Overturf Reporter - Alexa Stripe Sentinel - Alyssa Stripe Parliamentarian - Sam Barritt Historian - Jered Lemkau This year has not only been busy, but has been very successful. Eight members were recognized for their proficiency in their SAE’s. These applications took quite

MARCH 2013

some time to put together, and to have all that applied to be able to go to state is amazing. Not only are these members awarded at districts, but now their proficiencies will be judged at state. This year, State Convention will be held April 3, 4, and 5th in Lincoln. Sutton members competing in events at the state level are Colton Kleinschmidt, Kane Majors, Jered Lemkau and Tyler Bailey in Agronomy; Alyssa Stripe, Alexa Stripe, Max Olson, and Brody Yost in Farm Business Management where the competitors will manage an example farm. Ashley Overturf in Job Interview; Nicole Keenan, Brittney Reinsch, Haliee Hanthorn, and McKenna Griess in Agriscience; Aaron Cloet, William Wochner, Reed Stone and Sophie Griess in Natural Resources; Dalton Schmer, Daylon Barnhill, Sam Barritt, and Blake Delarm in Meat Evaluation; Dillon McCroden, Savannah Schurman, Ashley Overturf, and Austin Reinsch in Nursery and Landscape; Nathalie Ford, Megan Drudik, and Alison Cloet in Ag Communications. The chapter will be taking three Jr. High Quiz Bowl teams as well. The teams will go through rounds answering Ag related questions for points. Nathalie Ford will be competing in Extemporaneous Speaking. Ashley Overturf will be a part of the 3rd Annual Ag Issues Academy. This is a seminar where she will meet with representatives and listen to new ways on making agriculture more significant.

15 |

The State Degree is the highest degree you can get while in high school. This year the members getting their degrees are Brody Yost, Lyndsay Drudik, Ashley Overturf, Reed Stone, and Aaron Cloet. “The FFA chapter would like to thank the community! Especially our parents! We would not be able to be a part of something this great if it weren’t for the people supporting us and standing behind us this year. All the donations were greatly appreciated and responsibly used to purchase supplies that could be used to help study for these up coming events,” says Ashley. With this year winding down the Sutton FFA Chapter has one more important event to show the community how much they appreciate them. Anyone is welcome to Sutton FFA Members sporting their blue jackets at come to the spring banquet on April 22 at 7:00 pm at the National Convention last fall. Community Center in Sutton. Each year, the banquet is held “Taking your team to state in an event and competing to recognize the year’s accomplishments of the chapter at a state level is such an honor. Our chapter has been and its members. The new officers for the 2013 - 2014 year will be announced, and a meal will be served. Ashley extremely blessed this year,” says Ashley Overturf. adds, “Come for a great time as we thank the community, A ceremony that FFA members look forward to at the congratulate members, and bring the 2012-2013 FFA year state convention is the handing out of the State Degrees. to a close.”


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Ron is pictured here with t wo former students. From the outside looking in Sutton, Nebraska looked like a nice small town to teach and live in. That was an initial thought for this month’s teacher spotlight, Ron Gerber. Ron, who took a teaching job in Sutton in 2000, would be the first to tell you that Sutton has become much much more than that. Sutton has become home. “My favorite part of Sutton is the community support of the school and the pride in the community. Sutton is an excellent community to call home and should be proud of all it has to offer.” Ron grew up in Cordova, Nebraska with his parents and five older brothers. When he was in 7th grade his mother passed away from cancer, but, as Ron explains, she is still a huge influence in his life, perhaps one of the biggest. His family continued to live in Cordova where Ron attended, and graduated from, Friend High School.

subjects. Since thy have started doing this Ron has taken on the math instruction for all 5th and 6th grade students. His high school English teacher, Don Hicks, urged Ron to become a teacher. “He thought that I worked well with my peers and younger students and that my love of sports would fit well in the field of education. I bought in to what he was saying,” Gerber explains. Mr. Hicks was correct. Not only is Ron a quality teacher in the classroom, but also on the mats and on the field.

Ron continued his education at University of NebraskaLincoln, graduating from there with a degree in Elementary Education. Before landing in Sutton in 2000, Ron taught 5th grade at Culbertson, NE.

Ron currently serves as the Head Coach for wrestling where he is assisted by Jason Majors and Owen Schernikau. In the fall you will find Ron on the sideline coaching the Junior High football team. Gerber also shares that he has enjoyed, and learned a great deal from, working with Coach Rafert and Coach Spongberg in football coaching. There was also a time that he helped out with track and Legion baseball in the summer. So, as you can see, Ron’s love for sports and coaching has also been a great asset to Sutton Public Schools.

Ron currently is a 6th grade teacher in Sutton Public Schools. He has had the opportunity to teach all the core curriculums at this grade level. However, in the past few years the 5th and 6th grade teachers have started departmentalizing the core

Although Ron has been a member of the Sutton staff since 2000 there may have been a time or two where you would walk the halls of the school and see no Mr. Gerber. Why, you may ask? Because Mr. Ron Gerber, a former member of

MARCH 2013

17 |

Gerber (right), is pictured here during a wrestling meet with former Assistant Coach, Dave Lewis. the Army for 20+ years, had his fair share of deployments. “My deployments were to Iraq and they were in a time and a place that made me realize we need to appreciate all we have, each day we have, and so many of the things we take for granted”, Gerber recalls. Gerber goes on to explain his gratitude to the school and community during this time. “The school and community were extremely supportive of me during my deployments and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Debbie and Nate Jones for all the many chores they handled for me while I was deployed.” Growing up in a Military family where he saw his father spend 23 years in the Air Force had Ron prepared for a military life on the surface, but it ended up having so much more to offer. “The deployments taught me many great life lessons”, Gerber explains. Since leaving the Army Ron has turned his primary focus

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back to being an educator and coach as well as continuing his education. “I will have only 2 courses left for my degree to be a principal. I would have had all of my courses completed many years ago if not for my deployments.” This summer he will continue to work towards finishing his degree and also shares that he looks to find some time to just relax. Advice for those looking to enter the field? “Honestly, realize kids come first in education. If you are in it for the glory or a big paycheck there are better professions for you.” Changes Gerber has noticed in education in the past few years? An important change Gerber notes, on the positive side of things, is that our society is more open to the differences that each and every one of us bring to the classroom. “Teachers are able to share information with each other much more easily as well.” On the negative side of things, Gerber points out, is the tremendous amount of paperwork as well as the demands of testing that are now required in education. “Sometimes both the students and teachers feel rushed and don’t get to experience the love of learning and sharing the knowledge you have.” That aside Ron still finds lots of joy in teaching on a daily basis. His favorite moments, though, are when a high achieving student struggles and then the light bulb comes on for them. “This sounds very hardened but my favorite teaching moment is when, over a course of two classes, four of my higher achieving students were brought to tears. They were not used to having to follow steps or procedures to find solutions to problems. The incredible feeling of accomplishment for both them and me was achieved the

| 18

Sutton Life Magazine

next day when they realized what had seemed so hard was very simple when they put in the effort and did the steps to get the work done,” Gerber recalls. It’s moments like this that quickly remind Gerber why he chose, and has stuck with, the teaching profession. An interesting fact that readers may not know about Mr. Gerber is that, although he serves as Sutton’s wrestling coach, he was the leading scorer for his basketball team in 8th grade and also served as a basketball student manager. “It is for this reason that I encourage everyone to be involved in numerous activities and give things an honest try; you never know where it might lead you.”

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Written by: Jerry Johnson and the Sutton Historical Society

Minnie (Rowe) Crabb, 1886 Sutton High grad likely when she was living in New Mexico. We do not know the circumstances of this photo but one wonders if the costume designer for a certain 1939 Judy Garland film might not have seen this pic. Among the ten names in the Sutton Alumni Directory for the graduates of the class of 1886, the school’s third class is Minnie Rowe listed with her married name of Minnie Crabb. It’s probably a good bet that no one in Sutton today ever heard of Minnie Rowe.

a biography of his Grandma Minnie with the text and photos of her life – her diaries, the text of books and poems she wrote, her family story and more.

Our articles normally require an effort: pick a topic, determine if there might be enough material, research that material, organize That changed a couple of weeks ago when a small package a proper article and then write it. Imagine the excitement of arrived in P. O. Box 92 for the Sutton Historical Society. finding a topic with organized material of a story ready for Minnie’s grandson, a retired college professor had assembled the telling. So, thanks to David Thayer of Coralville, Iowa for sending the story of Minnie Rowe back to Sutton. Minnie Rowe was born in 1870 to Joseph and Mary (Whatton) Rowe in Leicester, an industrial city in the middle of England. The men in Joseph’s family were listed in the English census as “cordwainers” who were shoemakers but generally associated with a better class of shoes especially leather shoes and other luxury footwear. Joseph owned a shoe factory and Mary was the supervisor of the women workers.

Downtown Stockham, Halloween, 1900 where Minnie taught school and was the assistant principal.

In 1872 Joseph sold his factory, packed up his family of wife and five kids including two-year old Minnie, his mother and step-father and two step-brothers and headed for Nebraska “where oranges grow” or so he was told.Well, Osage orange

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The Wollman and Rowe brothers must have had some influence in the community as the northwest township in Clay County became Leicester Township named after their home town. The pressing question here is, “How do you pronounce “Leicester?” I’ve heard a range of attempts though many avoid trying.The font of all useful knowledge,Wikipedia includes audio clips of such words. The mechanical voice says something close to “lesta” – a spelling that would have saved some paper over the years.

Minnie (Rowe) Crabb’s wedding picture, June, 1901, Stockham, Nebraska is another name for a hedge apple. The family arrived in Boston and took the train west to Sutton and a bit more to the rail stop of Inland. Apparently Inland was just across the line into Adams County at that time. The brothers filed for two homesteads just north of the railroad tracks northeast of that Inland settlement. The account of homesteading makes it sound like as a farmer, Joseph was a darn good shoemaker. Within a year he pulled up stakes and came back to Sutton setting up a small shop to make and sell shoes.

Thus, Minnie Rowe arrived in Sutton where she graduated at the age of 16 in 1886. There is one other Rowe, Grace who graduated in 1893 but she does not show up with this Rowe family. Minnie taught grade school in Albion right after high school. Among the documents pictured in the material from her grandson is a teaching certificate from Adams County issued in January 1892.The back is endorsed by officials from Hamilton and Boone Counties and by G. M. Graham, Co. Supt., Clay Co. She attended Hastings College and one of her poems is identified with “Hastings 1890.” In 1890 and 1891 Minnie took a trip to England where she visited siblings who did not emigrate and other family

Joseph was no more than the second Sutton cobbler. One of his step-brothers, William Wollman preceded him becoming Sutton’s first shoemaker according to the Andreas History of Nebraska. Wollman had some experience in the pulpit in England and was recruited by Sutton folk to serve as their first preacher until a real one made it to the new town. Just a word here about the surnames. Joseph Rowe’s mother was Harriet Rowe who later married John Wollman. Joseph kept his mother’s maiden name and grew up in the Wollman family with their eight children.

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members. Her diary from that trip is only one of the segments of diaries included in Mr. Thayer’s story of Grandma Minnie.

mexico” search will lead you more on this story including a couple of videos or the Kelly Mine.

Minnie met a young man when she was at Hastings College. Charles Crabb was from Fairmont who completed two years of college before running out of money. He went back to Fairmont until he heard of a new college inYork. He persuaded the school master to let him teach a few preparatory classes so he could afford to continue his own college studies.Those circumstances gave him a firm grip on the pole position and a good head start to be one of two in the first graduating class at York College in 1894 – the next class was in 1897.

All during these adventures our Sutton grad was keeping diaries, writing poetry and stories, many about places she lived including Clay County. Minnie had also been known as Myrtle but she appears to have not been fond of either name. She chose to write under the name of Little Nebraska Annie. One of her products was a set of children’s books called “Mrs. Gray Bunny Books” which do warrant an entry at amazon. com but are out of print, surely to no one’s surprise.

Charles and Minnie married in June of 1901 while she was The temperance movement figured in much of her writings teaching and was the assistant principal at Stockham High School. including the bunny books and when the Crabbs moved to Los Gatos, California in 1925 Minnie became active in the Charles and Minnie Crabb lived in Missouri; New Mexico; Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) attacking Oklahoma; Deer Lodge, Montana and Los Gatos, California the perils of Demon Alcohol. It was in 1940 while returning during their married life. from a WCTU meeting in San Francisco on her way home to Los Gatos that Minnie and a friend entered the busy San Charles was a chemist, published a country newspaper and Jose intersection of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Winchester was an ore buyer and assayist for Sherman-Williams Paint Boulevard, were hit by a drunk driver and both killed. Karma. Company for a time. The paint company sent him to Kelly, New Mexico, now a ghost town near Magdalena, NM. So what Minnie (Rowe) Crabb’s story again illustrates that the kind of mine do you suppose to be working in? The family interesting history of a community includes the stories of its does not have solid evidence for the answer but Mr. Thayer people, however loosely connected and however minor that and I would guess a lead mine. connection may be. Minnie Rowe’s story was likely completely lost to us unless her grandson graciously thought to share his A bit of research uncovers that the mines at Kelly did produce work preserving her memory for her family. lead and silver but the interesting story involves turquoise rock in the waste tailings of the mines. After the mines played out Minnie walked along Saunders Avenue many years ago, someone sent some of this waste off to be analyzed only to shopped Sutton stores and had close friends here but she left learn that it was an uncommon jewelry grade rock found only no lasting footprints and hardly any memories of herself. We in a few places in the world. Labs at the Smithsonian did that hope that you and the Sutton community enjoy making, and work and the rock was named smithsonite. A “kelly mine new re-making her acquaintance.


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