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Autoline DeepSea™ System • • • • •

High performance and gentle treatement of the fish less labor-intensive operations fresh bait - high baiting percentage passive gear - selective and sustainable fisheries premium quality fish - premium value

- A better way to fish

“The longline vessels using Mustad Autoline™ Systems are cost efficient. Less labour intensive operations and catches of excellent quality affects the bottom line.”

- A better way to fish

Christian Hedløv Engh, CEO Mustad Autoline

Mustad Autoline ™ Mustad Autoline develops and supplies technology to the world’s line fishing fleet. Autolining is an environmentally friendly catching method which also preserves the quality of the fish. We at Mustad Autoline are continuously developing new and innovative solutions, so that more fish can be caught by hook and line. From longlining to Autolining Baiting, coiling and handling longline gear were done 100% manually until the early 1970s when Mustad started the development of the Mustad Autoline System™ that mechanised the whole fishing operation. Today the system handles the entire process from baiting, setting the line, hauling the line, hook cleaning and storage of the line and hooks. Less labor intensive operations and catches of excellent quality affects the bottom line. Market leader world wide Mustad Autoline has equipped more than 700 boats worldwide and is the market leader. Russia, USA, Iceland, Faroe, Greenland, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, Korea, New Zealand and Australia are our main markets, -together with Norway. Agent and distribution network Mustad Autoline headquarters and factory are located in Norway, the natural center for fishing and fishing related industries in Northern Europe. In addition to our sales offices in Aalesund - Norway and Seattle - USA, we have a dedicated distribution and agent network in all main markets. Knowhow, research and development Based on experience, knowledge and tradition we develop solutions that are innovative and durable even in the roughest conditions. We work closely with our customers in R&D, engineering and service throughout the solutions life time. We strive to learn from our customers to better understand the longline fisheries and the day to day tasks to be able to deliver integrated solutions that improve the longline fishing.

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We focus on the complete process, not only technical and mechanical solutions but also HSE processes are of great importance both within our organization and on board the fishing vessel.

Our product range Most of the today’s bottom fishing longline fleet is using Mustad Autoline™ technology. With a global service network, we offer the best guarantee of a profitable and safe operation: Autoline DeepSea™ System Latest generation Mustad Autoline™ system mostly installed on vessels of 70 feet and longer, typically aiming at setting and hauling 30-65.000 hooks daily on distant fishing grounds. Autoline Coastal™ System Provides strong and proven solutions for vessels from approx. 35 feet, depending on the stability and deck space onboard, setting and hauling 8 – 25.000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds. Can also combine different gear depending on seasons. Autoline SelectFish™ System A new and flexible drum based system with easy snap on and snap off technology. The snooded hooks with clips are stored on separate magazines for easy storage and handling, while the mainline is efficiently spooled onto drums. Setting and hauling 8 – 16.000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds. The system can combine different gear depending on seasons and fishing grounds. Installed on vessels from approx. 35 feet.

Autoline DeepSea™ System Latest generation Mustad DeepSea™ System typically installed on vessels of 70 feet and longer. Setting and hauling 30-65.000 hooks daily on distant fishing grounds.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Premium quality fish - premium value Fresh bait - better catch High baiting percentage Increased numbers of hooks set and hauled Less labor intensive operations Improved safety on board Motivated crew Experienced and proven turn-key supplier - system, technology, training, service and maintenance Low maintenance and maintenance cost Minimal impact on the eco system Selective, passive and sustainable fishing No damage to the seabed

The features Shooting, hauling and storage The fishing process can be separated into a shooting process and a hauling process. In addition, the system include a mechanized storage system for hooks and lines. Shooting the line - 3-6 hooks per second When the first buoys and anchors are thrown overboard, the lines are pulled from the storage magazines through the baiting machine. Setting speed can vary between 6 and 10 knots (3-6 hooks per second), depending on the spacing between the hooks. A patented baiting system secures accurate baiting of each hook that passes through the system, independent of setting speed. The baiting machine is operated by one man who feeds bait fish into the baiting section. A LineSetter pulls the line through the baiting machine at a constant speed. Monitoring of the shoot-

ing process and baiting percentage is achieved with LineController™, a specially designed computer-based control system. Hauling the line By means of a line hauler, the line is hauled over a rail roller through a hook cleaner. The fish are removed from the hooks in front of the hook cleaner. A line retriever simplifies the hauling process and reduces the wear on the other hauling components. Through cameras and a specially designed computer-based system, LineController™, the captain controls and monitors the hauling process. Hook and line storage system Operating in synchronus with the Line Hauler, the hook separator clears hooks and lines quickly and efficiently from the ground line and conveys them onto storage magazines. The ground line is pulled around a pulley/sheave while the hooks are picked up by a rail that guides them onto a magazine where damaged hooks can be straightened or replaced. Hooks and lines are then conveyed onto storage magazines. Service & training Mustad Autoline carries out service and service inspections, as well as installation support on new systems and components. Training courses are offered. For further information please contact us at our service mail

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- a better way to fish Baiting, coiling and handling longline gear were done manually until the early 1970s when Mustad began developement of the Mustad Autoline™ system that mechanised the whole operation of longline fishing. Today the different systems handle the complete process from baiting, setting the line, hauling the line, hook cleaning and storage of hooks and line. The components - shooting the line SuperBaiter™ with automatic double baiting The SuperBaiter automatically cuts the bait at a preset size and baits the hook. The bait is placed on a conveyor chain which feeds it into the machine. When the hooks are pulled through the machine, the knife is triggered and the piece of bait is cut. The bait is double hooked before it is shot over the stern. Key information • Up to 6 hooks per second • Baiting precision better than 90% • Low maintenance cost • Simple adjustment to desired bait size • Easy troubleshooting • Few moving parts • Compatible for circle hooks, EZ baiter hooks and offset hooks. • Patented RotoBaiter™ baiting system

Technical Specifications SuperBaiter™ Power source

Servo Electric

Source of electricity

Control cabinet: 35 A 400 volt 50/60 H/Z

Weight baiting machine

380 kg / 838 lbs

Weight control cabinet

105 kg / 232 lbs

Setting speed

Up to 6 hooks/sec.

Did you know - every year The Baiting Machine can also be supplied with 500 000 tons Mustad LineSetter™ and Mustad LineControlof fish is caught ler™. with Mustad Autoline™ systems

A LineSetter™ pulls the line through the baiting machine and improves the baiting performance and catch rate. The constant speed will improve baiting performance. The LineSetter allows bottom contours to be followed more closely resulting in an increased catch rate. A slack line will sink faster and reduce incidental catch of seabirds. The LineSetter is a compact unit installed behind the baiting machine. The line passes between two rollers which pull it through the baiting machine at a constant speed. Hydraulic power is drawn from existing power supply.

Autoline DeepSea™ System The components - hauling the line The hauling station with SuperHauler™ H3200 Since about 80% of the time on an Autoline vessel is used for hauling, efficiency here is key to increasing profits. The recommended solution is a complete hauling station with SuperHauler™ H3200, RotoCleaner™, LineRetriever™ and computerized LineController™. With the LineController™, the skipper takes control of the hauling process and is able to monitor the power and speed of the hauler from a touchscreen in the wheelhouse. The LineRetriever™ is synchronized with the line hauler and keeps constant tension on the gear. SuperHauler™ H3200 The Super Hauler H3200 is a compact and silent high-pressure line hauler, horizontally mounted for better visibility and optimal pull force. Large sheaves reduce wear on the line and sheaves significantly, the line does not slip in the sheaves during hauling. The hauling unit can be delivered separately, and controlled manually by a valve at the rail. RotoCleaner™ for optimal cleaning The RotoCleaner™ releases the fish and removes all remnants of fish and bait even when using baitfish with heavy, leathery skin. Four rotating brushes clean the hooks and allow the line to go through without damaging fibers. The hooks and line are then flushed with high pressure water.

Illustration of hauling unit for Autoline DeepSea™ System

Technical Specifications SuperHauler™ H3200

new version

Hauling speed

150 m/min, 500 ft /min

Hauling power

1700 kg/ 3750 lbs

Pressure drop

270 bar (230 bar continuously) 3916 PSI (3335 PSI continuously)

Oil flow rate Weight

100 l/min, 26.4 gal/min compl. 1099 kg/ 2423 lbs

Hydraulic Motor

Radial Piston, stainless steel axle

Sheave diameter

outer: 0.75m/29,5" inner: 0.6m/23.6”

Sheave material


RotoCleaner™ Pressure drop

90 bar (1300 psi)

Oil flow rate

10 liter/min (2,64 gal/min)


190 kg/ 419 lbs

Hydraulic Motor

80 ccm (4.88 in3) 4 pcs.

The optimal cleaning gives increased productivity: • Increased functionality of the hook separator • Reduced number of stops during hauling • Increased number of hooks set and hauled • Extended life of the fishing gear Did you know • Less wear on the sheaves for the main - 80% of the time hauler and hook separator is used for hauling • Reduced consumption of brushes - efficient hauling is a key to increased profits!

- a better way to fish The components - hauling the line cont.

Technical Specifications

LineRetriever™ - provides constant tension The FB320 LineRetriever™ is synchronized with the line hauler. The LineRetriever™ keeps constant tension on the gear to prevent slack and passes it through guide tubes to the hook separator. The use of LineRetriever™ reduces the risk of line slippage on the sheaves, thus contributing to optimal operation of the hauler and hook separator.


Computerized LineController™ Get the most out of your equipment by taking control of the hauling and baiting process. With this system you can monitor and control the line pull and speed from the wheel house. With LineController™ onboard, you will: • Bait more hooks • Lose less bait and gear • Avoid line breaches • Increase hauling efficiency The LineController™ is a computer-based control and data storage system designed specifically for autolining. The system consists of software, sensors, hardware and touch screen monitors for easy operation.

Hauling power

34-38 kg (75-84lbs)

Hauling speed

129 m/min (423 ft/min)

Oil flow rate

16 l/min (4.22 gal/min)


113 kg/ 249 lbs

Hydraulic Motor

80 ccm (4.88 in3)

LineController™ Power supply

supply ups and a power adapter)

Following data is automatically stored in the software database of the LineController™: • • • • • • • • • •

Expandable system LineController is available in either baiting or hauling versions or as a full version that combines the two and adds database functionality. Data regarding position, depth plot, hooks, bait percent and more will then be stored automatically in the database. You can at any time upgrade from Baiting or Hauling version to the full version of LineController.

230V (at 115V the installer must

Trip number Number of lines Setting time Hauling time Number of hooks

• • • • •

Baiting percentage Catch Catch rate per hooks Depth Position - GPS

If internet connetion is available you can also: Receive computor based support by a Mustad Autoline technician Remote trouble shooting of the SuperBaiter™ through the LineController™ Choose one of five languages

Autoline DeepSea™ System The components - storage of hooks and line Hook separator SP2000-02/03 The main function of the Hook separator unit is to separate the hooks from the mainline and guide them onto the storage magazines. This is done automatically and consistently as the gear is hauled onboard. A secondary function is that the unit is also a slack taker, keeping tension on the gear coming from the main hauler. The hook separator operates efficiently at up to 111 m/min and allows the vessel to haul more gear per day. This is of great importance to the working environment as well as increased profits.

Illustration of storage unit for Autoline DeepSea™ System

Technical Specifications Hook separator SP2000 -02/03

The special hook guide design reduces wear on hooks and gear and ensures efficient re-racking. The Hook Separator has built-in high pressure water jets for cleaning of gear and untangling of hooks and snoods. • • •

Efficient separation of hooks and line Increased number of hooks hauled Increased profit

160ccm (hydraulic aggregate 16 l/min)

Hauling speed

111m/min (364ft/min)

Hauling power


Pressure drop

35-40 bar (500-580 psi)

Oil flow

16 l/min (4.2 gl/min)


300 kg (660 lbs)

Option (specify frequency when ordering):

New version hook separator SP2000-03 Compared to the version SP2000-02 the new version SP2000-03 has been raised by 150mm to enable the exit rail to slope. This modification simplifies the working process considerably and demands less working force as the hooks slide in the direction of the storage magazine. We offer a special upgrade from both version SP200001 and 02. Contact us for further information.

Did you know - every day 6 750 000 m of line is hauled with Mustad Autoline™ systems

Hydraulic motor

High pressure water pump




2,2kW 3x230V/400V

3,0kW 230V/400V

Water flow / pressure: 4 m3/h / 9 bar

new version



- a better way to fish The components - storage of hooks and line MagPacker™ The latest generation MagPacker™ is a hydraulically operated system for automatic handling and storage of magazines for hooks and line. It is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel and is designed to reduce manual labor and increase efficiency. Magazines are transported back and forth by hydraulic motors. The system allows longitudinal connection of magazines. To insure compact storage of lines, a line pressDid you know er is standard equipment on the MagPacker - every day system. • • • •

Space efficient storage Increased safety on board Less labor intensive operations Increased profit

4 500 000 hooks are set and hauled with Mustad Autoline™ systems

The MagPacker has the advantage of a 600mm or a 450mm clearance between the two magazines in front. This allows the line coils to move along the magazine without obstruction. This is beneficial to the operation for two main reasons: • •

Simplifies the job of moving the heavy gear during setting and hauling less tangles during setting; the line coils don’t catch on other coils and turn around when moving the line towards the baiting machine

The MagPacker™ can be incorporated into any new and existing Autoline DeepSea™ Systems, and individual solutions can be made. Cross ship rails Cross ships rails are the manual solution of magazine handling and storage. The robust cross ship rails have magazine trolleys with large wheels. Magazines are mounted to the trolleys in transverse tracks. This allows the magazines to be pushed aside when full. Storage magazines Mustad Longline provide robust storage magazines in aluminium and acid-proof stainless steel with complete sliding rail, inspection slits and hatches for simple mounting of hooks and snoods.

MagPacker DeepSea™ Clearance between operational magazine and the following

600mma 450mmb

Clearance between the non operational magazines

178mma 203mmb

Avaiable magazine lengths

3,0 - 3,5 - 4,0 m

Maximum number of magazines per MagPacker


Depth with 20 magazines Electrical supply Pressure drop Oil flow

4.5 - 4.7 m 230V, 10A, 1 phase 140 bar, 20 l/min 20 l/min (5,28 gal/min)

Up to 4 MagPackers next to each other

Autoline DeepSea™ System Example of the Autoline DeepSea™ System on board a vessel Hook separator SP2000



The worlds most modern longliners chose Mustad Autoline™ System “Blue North is pleased to once again be working with Mustad Longline as the provider of the Autoline system aboard its new vessel. This system marks the ninth Mustad Autoline™ system installed on a Blue North Fisheries longliner. Combining the SuperBaiter, MagPacker and Line Controller along with the new SuperHauler and hook separator fits exactly with the state of the art design of the rest of the vessel. For a modern longliner incorporating technological advances at every turn, Mustad Longline was the only logical choice for Blue North to partner with to supply the longline package for its new vessel.” Kenny G. Down

SuperHauler™ H3200

- A better way to fish

President / CEO Blue North Fisheries

Headquarters Mustad Autoline AS Postbox 41 / N-2801 Gjøvik Raufossveien 40 / 2815 Gjøvik Norway

Web: Phone: +47 70 10 75 80 E-mail: Service mail:

Sales office Norway Mustad Autoline AS - Ålesund Web: Gangstøvikvegen 4 Phone: +47 70 10 75 80 6009 Ålesund E-mail: Norway Service mail: Sales office USA Mustad Autoline inc. Web: 4240 Gilman PL W, Bay B Phone: +1 206 284 4376 Seattle, WA 98199 E-mail: USA

- A better way to fish

Contact information:

Our distributor:

Mustad Autoline AS reserve themselves against any printing errors and make reservation for changes in the instructions, specifications and designs. The contents in this brochure are indicative informajson. For the latest updates we refer to our website: 2014-01

Autoline Deep Sea System  

Mustad Autoline develops and supplies technology to the world’s line fishing fleet. Autolining is an environmentally friendly catching meth...

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