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Autoline Coastal™ System • • • • •

A down-scaled autoline system higher efficiency - less labor-intensive operations fresh bait - high baiting percentage (min. 90%) passive gear - selective and sustainable fisheries premium quality fish - premium value

- A better way to fish

“The longline vessels using Mustad Autoline™ Systems are cost efficient. Less labour intensive operations and catches of excellent quality affects the bottom line.”

- A better way to fish

Christian Hedløv Engh, CEO Mustad Autoline

Autoline Coastal™ System Mustad Autoline develops and supplies technology to the world’s line fishing fleet. Autolining is an environmentally friendly catching method which also preserves the quality of the fish. We at Mustad Autoline are continuously developing new and innovative solutions, so that more fish can be caught by hook and line. From longlining to Autolining Baiting, coiling and handling longline gear were done 100% manually until the early 1970s when Mustad started the development of the Mustad Autoline System™ that mechanised the whole fishing operation. Today the system handles the entire process from baiting, setting the line, hauling the line, hook cleaning and storage of the line and hooks. Less labor intensive operations and catches of excellent quality affects the bottom line. Market leader world wide Mustad Autoline has equipped more than 700 boats worldwide and is the market leader. Russia, USA, Iceland, Faroe, Greenland, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, Korea, New Zealand and Australia are our main markets, -together with Norway. Agent and distribution network Mustad Autoline headquarters and factory are located in Norway, the natural center for fishing and fishing related industries in Northern Europe. In addition to our sales offices in Aalesund - Norway and Seattle - USA, we have a dedicated distribution and agent network in all main markets. Knowhow, research and development Based on experience, knowledge and tradition we develop solutions that are innovative and durable even in the roughest conditions. We work closely with our customers in R&D, engineering and service throughout the solutions life time. We strive to learn from our customers to better understand the longline fisheries and the day to day tasks to be able to deliver integrated solutions that improve the longline fishing.

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We focus on the complete process, not only technical and mechanical solutions but also HSE processes are of great importance both within our organization and on board the fishing vessel.

Our product range Most of the today’s bottom fishing longline fleet is using Mustad Autoline™ technology. With a global service network, we offer the best guarantee of a profitable and safe operation: Autoline DeepSea™ System Latest generation Mustad Autoline™ system mostly installed on vessels of 70 feet and longer, typically aiming at setting and hauling 30-80.000 hooks daily on distant fishing grounds. Autoline Coastal™ System Provides strong and proven solutions for vessels from 30 feet, depending on the stability and deck space onboard, setting and hauling 8 – 25.000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds. Can also combine different gear depending on seasons. Autoline SelectFish™ System A new and flexible drum based system with easy snap on and snap off technology. The snooded hooks with clips are stored on separate magazines for easy storage and handling, while the mainline is efficiently spooled onto drums. The system can combine different gear depending on seasons and fishing grounds. Installed on vessels from 35 - 100 feet.

Autoline Coastal™ System Autoline Coastal™ System is designed for vessels from 30 feet, setting and hauling 8 - 25,000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds. The system requires little space and is reliable and easy to maintain.

Discover the benefits • • • • • • • • • • •

Fresh bait - better catch High baiting percentage No manual baiting Less labor intensive operations Better working conditions Motivated crew Easy to use A proven and solid solution Low maintenance and maintenance cost Excellent training and service agreement Easy to install and dismantle to adjust to seasonal fisheries • Passive and sustainable fishing method The features Shooting, hauling and storage The fishing process can be separated into a shooting process and a hauling process. In addition, the system includes components for storage of hooks and lines. Shooting the line When the first buoys and anchors are thrown overboard, the lines are pulled from the storage magazines through the baiting machine. 3 hooks per second The setting speed is approximately 3 hooks per second, depending on the spacing between the hooks. A patented baiting system secures accurate baiting. The baiting machine is operated by one man, who feeds bait fish into the baiting section. Hauling the line By means of a line hauler, the line is hauled over a rail roller through a hook cleaner. The fish is removed from the hooks in front of the hook cleaner. The line

is pulled through a guide tube to the hook separator and storage system. Hook and line storage system The hook separator SP2000 clears the hooks and snoods quickly and efficiently from the mainline and conveys them onto storage magazines. The hook separator operates synchronous with the line hauler. The line is then guided onto a storage rack, the hooks are picked up and guided onto a magazine where damaged hooks can be straightened or replaced. The Autoline CoastalSystem™ is a compact and user friendly system. Autolining provides much better working conditions for the crew compared to conventional longlining. No more heavy loading of land baited fishing tackle and less labor intensive operations on board. The coastal fleets working with Autoline CoastalSystem™ will find that it is cost efficient. Less labor intensive operations, and more hooks in the sea. The bait will be fresher and the consumption of bait will decrease in comparison to conventional longlining. Together with catches of excellent quallity this gives the fisherman the opportunity to increase his earnings considerably. Longlining is a passive and sustainable fishing method. The seabed is not damaged and the impact on the eco system is minimal.

- a better way to fish A down scaled, strong and proved solution developed in Norway. Tested in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific. The components CoastalBaiter™ The Coastal baiting machine has a compact design, requires little space and is designed with Mustad’s reliable and patented baiting system: RotoBaiter™. The machine baits hooks from size 11/0 to 15/0, and can be operated by one person. The RotoBaiter™ baits up to 180 hooks per minute. CoastalHauler™ CH V500 The line hauler pulls the gear from the sea NEW over the sideroller, through the fish stripper and the hook cleaner. The gear is passed on through the guide pipe leading to the hook separator. The hauler can be deliverd with standard brushes or rotating brushes for hook cleaning. Hook separator SP2000 The main function of the Hook Separator is to separate the hooks from the swivel line by guiding them onto storage magazines. This is done automatically and consistently as the gear is hauled onboard. The pressure wheel is powered by a hydraulic motor and synchronized with the hauling speed. The special hook guide design reduces wear on the gear and ensures an efficient reracking result. The Hook Separator has built-in high pressure water jets for cleaning of gear and untangling of hooks & snoods. Coastal MagPacker™ The MagPacker™ Coastal is developed with emphasis on safety and functionality. One person operates the system and can easily transport the magazines to setting and hauling positions. The magazines are retrieved for setting by a simple hand maneauver. Empty magazines are easily moved into storage position. The type of storage unit for the magazines is adapted to each vessel. RotoCleaner™ / Standard hook cleaner The RotoCleaner™ is the latest generation hook cleaner by Mustad Autoline, and is the recommended

solution if not using the CoastalHauler™ CH V500. The RotoCleaner™ cleans the hooks and line perfectly, even when using bait fish with heavy leathery skin. The standard hook cleaner has 3 sets of brushes with step less adjustment of brush space. The jet washing unit can easily be connected and disconnected.

Technical specifications Vessel : from 30 feet, depending on the stability and deck space onboard Hook: EZ 11 - 15/0 and Circle 12 - 14/0 Line: Ø 5.5 - 11.5mm


Weight: 140 kg (311 lbs) Power source: Hydraulic Baiting percent. min. 90% Pressure drop:110/70 bar Oil flow: 16/28 l/min Baiting speed: up to 3 hooks/sec.

CoastalHauler™ CH V500

Weight: 280 kg (622 lbs) Hauling speed: 120 m/min Pressure drop: 180 bar/nom

Hook separator SP2000 Weight: 300kg (667 lbs) Pressure drop: 35-40 bar Hauling speed: 111 m/min

Coastal MagPacker™

Weight: 220 kg (489 lbs)*

*(10 magazines/ 3 m, without hooks and line)

Hauling power sheaves: max. 520 kg (1155 lbs) Oil flow: 45 l/min

Hydraulic motor: 160 ccm Oil flow: 16 l/min

For standard and adjustable magazines


Magazine lenght: 2.0 - 4.0 m Number of magazines per unit: 7 - 20 magazines


Weight: 180 kg (400 lbs.) Hydraulic motor: 80 ccm (4.88 in3) x 4 Pressure drop: 90 bar (1300 psi)

Standard hook cleaner

Weight 156 kg / (347 lbs)

Motor speed: 30 rpm Oil flow:8 l/min (2,1gal/min) 4 rotating brushes

3 sets of brushes

Autoline Coastal™ System Example of the Autoline Coastal™ System on board a vessel :

Coastal MagPacker™


Hook separator SP2000

CoastalHauler™ CH V500

«It’s efficient and easy to operate. The boat holds the Icelandic record in fishing; 20.6 tons in one day! I guess that says it all» Arnar Ragnarson Captain of “Ragnar”

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- A better way to fish

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Headquarters Mustad Longline AS Postbox 41 / N-2801 Gjøvik Raufossveien 40 /2815 Gjøvik Norway

Web: Phone: +47 61 13 77 00 E-mail:

Sales office Norway Mustad Longline AS - Ålesund Web: Gangstøvikvegen 4 Phone: +47 70 10 75 80 6009 Ålesund E-mail: Norway Sales office USA Mustad Longline inc. Web: 4240 Gilman PL W, Bay B Phone: +1 206 284 4376 Seattle, WA 98199 E-mail: USA

- A better way to fish

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Mustad Longline AS reserve themselves against any printing errors and make reservation for changes in the instructions, specifications and designs. The brochure contains indicative information. For the latest updates we refer to our website: 2013-01

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Autolining is an environmentally friendly catching method which also preserves the quality of the fish. We at Mustad Autoline are continuous...

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