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Mussiene is starting a cycle of wine dinners

Chef David Coelho is starting a cycle of wine dinners at Mussiene thus seeking to exalt the h a r m o ny between wine and culinary worlds, creating a s y m p h o ny that c o m b in es perceptions of distinct sensor y nature, like a sweet smile! The first wine dinner will take place on 29 October, friday, by 8pm. In a par tnership with Decante Vinhos, will be attended by his repres entative H e r m í n i o Sanona and Ricardo Borges, a g r o n o m i c engineer at Quinta do Outeiro (Silves), which will feature the Paxá wines. We call your attention to the attached fl yer, which discloses the m e n u and wines at tasting.

About chef David Coelho and Mussiene Mus s iene restaurant started operations at 16 July of the present year. It's a project of David Coelho. Young chef, g raduated from the Escola de Hotelaria e T urismo do Algarve in 2002, David Coelho already has an ex p erience of 8 years, during which he served as u n d e r - c h e f in d e m a n d i n g hotel units, such as CS Herdade dos Salgados Golf, u n d e r - c h e f and chef of r e n ow n e d restaurants such as Evaristo Lx and O M arinheiro , in Seismarias, Albufeira. In this last, in 2008, he saw its quality cuisine awarded with the prize “Bib G o u r m a n d ” from Michelin Guide. Board m e m b e r of the Associação dos Cozinheiros e Pasteleiros do Algarve since 2006, has participated in several events, with other c o m m i t t e d professionals, who share the c o m m o n goal of e n h a n c i n g and p r o m o ti n g the Algarve cuisine.

São Bar tolomeu de Messines, 26 October 2010

wine dinner press release  

Chef David Coelho is starting a cycle of wine dinners thus seeking to exalt the harmony between the culinary and wine worlds, creating a sym...

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