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We Want Your Help We Want Your Help Charity event on 22nd Mistake

for murder following a Birmingham street stabbing. About 12:03am nieghbours heard shouting and someone screaming “help”, the victim was seriously hurt. he was taken to heartland hospital and died after 2 days.


Latest News: A Serious Car Accident Closed 2 main highway...


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Sale was Sale was Mistake

Millions Of Pound lost Staff not happy >P11 Of Millions

june To feedon the22nd poor >P13 “Charity” Latest News: Gang Leader Guilty murder of boy A man, named Arif Ahmed has been charged

Small Heath



Ridiculous Women aged 19 bought killer make up containing lead caused skin desease

Closed: Illegal selligs in make-up shop.

A car accident in coventry road, a man and women were taken to hospital after suffering serious injuries.the man suffered leg injury and women head injury


Business 900 jobs at the new supermarket

New supermarket has recently opened and looking for new staff. They have opproximatley 900 places and looking for employes with an experince. Owner of AL Halal supermarket Will Recruite the new staff


Mohammed Khan manager of Amsons fled from court yesterday after being charged 6 years for selling make up which contained lead. he was confronted by angry mob as he come out main road conventry road yesterday to give his talk. their was demonstration outside amson sayin “close down amsons” after a while the shop

By Mitchell Marcus

Heath correspondent shouting “theives”. A woman has been given skin disease after purchasing make up, which contained lead. Subsequent to the event, the woman had worried about the disease spreading to her 2 kids The hospitail confiirmed that the situation was a serious issue. The shopkeeper who was later named, Ali Khan has

escaped jail; he was charged for selling make up contaminated with lead. Khan aged 42, from mansel road could have been jaied for up to six months,but very luckly instead got a year probation.. “its so unbelievable” says james mitchel jude “this should be closed down due to the violent people in demonstration” . The demonstration went out of hand, police said two people were taken to hospital and an al-

legation of assault was being investigated. the demonstrators also claim one of them was hit by a car, driven by Mohammed khans staff. the women wanted to take this furthur and she wants the shop closed.. mohammed applogised. he confronted the fine and asked her to drop the charge for the last time as he offered her couple of thousands . Arif court case brgins >P4

Small Heath Mail TUESDAY, NOVEMBER, 22 2010

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Tuesday june 22, 2010 7 Goverment views.........page12 Tv show 15 Jobs 18 21 Tv guide 23 25 40

Small heath First ever Celebration In Our Local Community!

Childern excited after first ever eid celebration in small heath park Celebration: childern Playing football in small heath park

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2010 Pts. 33 32 29 27 25 22 21 19 16 14

Small Heath

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By James Marcus This year our local Small Heath community had planned a gathering to celebrate the Eid festival. Like every other event people are always hoping for good, sunny, hot weather in which they can enjoy themselves. Last year green lane Mosque community agreed to pay for all expanses and to make little kids enjoy the festival Eid as it will allows them to link with local community. The local community has generously joined In with green lane to help out with the setting out the project, things like bouncy castle, food and drinks tent, praise and worship program, bring-and-buy stall, family life table, publishing table, ADRA stall, 5-a-side football, cricket, keep fit and an

ice cream vendor. Mohammed massed, Adam Ali, Youssef and Chrome volunteered to give out leaflet and give people in the community about what’s going on. This is because so many people asking “what’s the purpose of this event?” and the leaflet explains it all, at the bottom it says to bring family and friends along. Overall many people came, we saw the happiness of the children by the various activities. The older people were curious what was going on in their local park as they never seen events happen in small heath before. We had mixed audience of friends family community members with Adventist onlookers to rapturous applause. An independent observer esti-

mated that approximately 500 people were present throughout the day. They took many things away with them and we pray that the most important achievement is for us to be seen as part of the community and not apart from our community. It is a bridge that we will continue to build upon, with outstretched hands, with the message of the miracle of salvation from our loving and soon coming Saviors. About 400 people came to this Eid event, and took many things away. We hope this will get the community to get together. We are still planning to have another event on the 24/12/2010.

By James Marcus

Small heath sixth form been rewarded after been givin the hat-trick of top ratings by Ofsted inspectors they have outstanding teaching students acheiving high grades in their a levels 89% with B+. high proportion of students with special educational needs or disabilities,

Best School In England: Wheelers Lane Technology College demanding work for students, who take every opportunity available to learn at the fastest possible rate” most of the students live local to the school which is good because their attendance is very good compared to holy trninity school. the head teacher was re-

Story Continued...

It was an unexpected accident; it didnt seem real after seeing the couple crash. The ambulance was called by Harry Adamsand were pronouced dead at the scene. The couple died after losing control of the car. The man, Ashley Bennett, was driving south on Mansel street Saturday evening, when he drove a large pothole, lost control of the car and hit a landpost. They were both stuck in the car and died in hospital after 8 hours. The two passengers, 23 year old Libyan man and 21 year old Russian woman were unable to get out of the car. No one in the car was wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. The pothole was visible from distance away. The speed of the car made the driver lose control. At the hospital it was cinfirmed that the couple had suffered severe internal injuries which subsequently culminated in thier deaths considerd the accident. .

Teenager was finally caught after pleading guilty Caught in the act: Sakawot Amin

the report stated that the park was consibrisey for the local community and kids aged 3 mostly

Birmingham School Has Been Rewarded With Best In England

was commended for its high quality of teaching and the outstanding care and guidance given to students. “outstanding school” said peter james (report). over 1500 students said that they are happy with the new building and statidfied with teaching. a student said “i find this school is good because of the consistency of high quality teaching and innovative approaches to the curriculum. the narrative has been very successful as the student commented. Teachers set very demanding work for students, Teachers set very de

Fatal Car Accident closed 2 main highway


ally proud with the report as it made every one contibute to the report, which reflects the commitment of students, staff, governors and parents. Ofsted stated in their report that exceptional teamwork is the key to the school’s success towards the grades.

A man, named sakawat Amin has been charged for murder following a Birmingham street stabbing. About 12:03am nieghbours heard shouting and someone screaming “help”, the victim was seriously hurt. he was taken to heartland hospital and died after 2 days, he was stabbed 7 times in his chest and leg . sakawat had been taken to crown court on and pleaded not guilty. he was been sentenced for cause of murder of Ali aged 30, in small heath, on Monday. Mansel road, small heath was dressed in a blue jumper and black jeans. he remanded was the judge, who orded the case ti be transferred to the city’s crown court where Arif Ahmed will appear on 24th decemnber. will be done.

Small Heath


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