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MusĹ? Planet

A Global Noise Magazine Volume

02 2013/12

Musō Planet

Volume  2    December  2013    Featuring:    Latinoamerica  Shoegaze,  A  Year  in  Review  of  Japanese  Shoegaze Music  by:    Stella  Diana  (Italy),  Elephant  Stone  (Canada),  Oeil  (Japan) The  Megaphonic  Thrift  (Norway),  future  (France),  Afor  Gashum  (Israel) Zeit  (Sweden),  Sonic  Hearts  Foundation  (Scotland) i

muso |ˈmyo͞ ozō|

1. (スラング)音楽好き

2. musicianの省略形

夢想 (musō)

a daydream, a reverie


Contents/目次 4

Intro - A Short Letter


Latino America Shoegaze - An Interview with Jairo Manzur

ラテンアメリカシューゲイズの運営者Jairo Manzurのインタビュー


A Year in Review of Japan Shoegaze/日本シューゲイズの年回顧


Muso Planet volume 2 Track Listing/トラックリスト


Stella Diana


Elephant Stone




The Megaphonic Thrift




Afor Gashum




Sonic Hearts Foundation



a short letter by Matthew Bedford

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who

With two issues in the books in 2013, I am looking

downloaded the first issue of Muso Planet. I am

forward to many more to come in 2014. To make

very pleased with the positive reader response and

Muso Planet an effective means of spreading the

really honored that so many excellent artists agreed

word about great music from all over the planet, my

to participate. I am even happier to bring you the

New Years resolution is to do whatever I can to im-

second issue of the zine, which features even more

prove the quality of the zine.

wonderful music from eight of the world’s finest bands.

本webzineは2013年に2号発行することができ ました。2014年も続けて発行していく予定で

まずは前回の創刊号をダウンロードしてくれたあな たに感謝します!読者からの良い反応を頂いたし、 多くの素晴らしいバンドが参加してくれたことにつ

す。Muso Planetを通して素晴らしい音楽を世界中 へ広げるべく、このwebzineを向上させることが2 014年の抱負です。

いてとても嬉しく思います。そして、今回世界の素 晴らしいバンドを8組特集する第2号を発行でき、

With volume 2 wrapped up I have already begun


working on the third issue and, with a number of plans in the works, there should be a lot of exciting

This issue is a special one as the compilation album

new content to look forward to. In the meantime I

features two previously unreleased tracks: one from

hope you enjoy Muso Planet volume 2 and I wish

Norway’s The Megaphonic Thrift and another from

everyone a happy 2014!

Japanese band Oeil. In addition six other bands have offered music from their impressive catalogs,


making this another collection of music worth listen-


ing to.


今号は世界で未発表の曲を2曲収録しています:そ れはノルウェーのThe Megaphonic Thriftと日本の

第2号を楽しんで読んで下さい。皆様、良いお年 を!2014年もよろしくお願いします!

Oeilからの新曲です。他6組のバンドも快く自身の アルバムやEPから1曲ずづ使わせてくれ、本当に聴 く価値のあるコンピレーションとなっています。


An Interview with Jairo Manzur Jairo Manzur is a busy man. Based in Colombia, he runs the most comprehensive resource on shoegaze music in Latin America. Through his blog, Latino America Shoegaze, Jairo has covered the genre thoroughly, while also organizing multiple compilation albums and promoting artists via his radio show, “A Storm in Heaven”. He was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his work with Muso Planet. Jairo Manzurは多忙な男である。コロンビアに拠点 を起き、ラテンアメリカのシューゲイズ音楽につい て幅広い情報源を持っている。彼は自身のブログ Latino America Shoegazeでシューゲイズというジャ ンルをほぼ網羅し、いくつかのコンピレーションア ルバムもオーガナイズし、更には彼自身のラジオ番 組”A Storm in Heaven”でアーティストを紹介してい る。今回Manzur氏は好意により、Muso Planetのイ

Souvlaki, and The Comforts of Madness are


some of my favorites records ever. Besides the sound for me it is important that shoegaze never

Muso Planet: What is attractive to you about

was a mainstream genre, and the only pursuit of

shoegaze music? あなたにとってシューゲイズの

the bands was and is to create beautiful music.


Jairo Manzur: It’s hard to describe. I have al-

はっきり説明するのは難しいけれど、昔からずっと 音楽には興味があり、初めてシューゲイズを聴いた

ways been a curious person about music, but


the first time I got into shoegaze I totally fell in


love. It’s possibly something about the sound

入ってるアルバムはLoveless, Souvlaki, The Com-

that totally sends my mind away. Loveless,


forts of Madnessの3つ。シューゲイズのサウンド







クトを始めている。しかし僕の意見ではシューゲイ ズに終わりが来ることはないと思う。シューゲイズ

MP: The “death of shoegaze” is considered to have occurred in the mid-90s, yet here in Japan as well as all over the world the genre is still going strong.  Why do you think it has retained its popularity 25 or so years after its inception? いわゆるシューゲイズの終わりは90年代だったと

の代表的なバンドが解散してからも世界中で様々な バンドが結成され、シューゲイズの文化が続き、注 目し続けるファンが存在するからだ。

MP: What made you decide to start your blog? あなたがブログを始めたきっかけは何ですか。

言われていますが、今もこのジャンルはまだ世界中 で繁栄しています。なぜジャンルの確立から25年

JM: The blog started in April or May of 2011.


During that time I got to know many great bands


from Argentina and Brazil that played shoegaze. That was an important thing for me because it

JM: Well, first the internet explosion has helped

was the first time I knew Latino American shoe-

a lot. Back in the 90s people could get over

gaze bands. After talking with them I started to

bands like Slowdive or My bloody Valentine eas-

organize some of their material and information

ily. In the recent years new generations have

and started the blog. At that time there were

found shoegaze thanks to the internet and many

maybe like 15 bands related to this project, and

of them have begun to create projects and

that was the initial kick. I didn’t really know any-

bands influenced by that sound. Besides, in my

thing else about other bands or shoegaze

opinion shoegaze never died. After the death of

scenes in countries like Peru, Chile or Mexico,

the classic bands many other projects all over

but after a while I started to receive email from

the world started and that fascination about the

other bands that found the concept of Latino

shoegaze sound has maintained a strong cult fol-

America shoegaze very appealing. I also started

lowing of the genre.

to research about other projects via the internet. By the end of the year many bands had ap-


peared and we organized our 2011 compilation,


which included two digital albums with 27 bands


in total.



own cultural and musical background. Also in


relation of the economic situation of many coun-


tries, getting proper gear was and is very expen-

でシューゲイズバンドを見つけたのは初めてだった から、僕にとって非常に重要な出来事だと言える。

sive requiring some bands to be more creative. Good examples are bands like Evamuss or Espira from Lima’s 90s shoegaze and experimental


“Crisalida Sonica” scene. At that time also one


of the most famous shoegaze bands from Latino


America, Resplandor, started.

ペルー、チリ、メキシコなどのバンドや音楽シーン についてはあまり詳しくなかったが、やがて色々な 国のバンドからメールが来始めた。更にネットを 使って多くのことを研究し、その年の終わりまでに はかなりのバンドを知ることができ、27組のアー ティストが参加した2枚の初コンピレーションアル バムをリリースしたんだ。

ずっと前からラテンアメリカのシューゲイズシーン に熱心なニュージャージー出身のジャーナリストの 友人がいるのだけど、彼は以前ラジオ番組で「ラテ ンアメリカの国々は文化、社会的な面から違ってい ることも多くあるが、共通する部分も多い」と言っ ていたのを覚えている。例えばペルーのバンドに よって作られたシューゲイズ音楽は、メキシコで作

MP:  Is there any characteristic of shoegaze in


Latin America that makes it unique? ラテンアメ



ウンドを好むバンドも多いし、自国の伝統的な音楽 から影響を受けてそれを自身のシューゲイズに混ぜ

JM: I remember a journalist friend from New Jersey who had always followed the Latino American shoegaze scene pointed out on a radio show that culturally and socially the countries of

込むバンドも多い。または経済的な理由から高級な 楽器、機材を買うことができず、最低限から最大限 を生み出さないといけないバンドもいる。90年代

Latin America are very different but still share


many things. In that way the shoegaze made by


a band in Peru is different from the shoegaze


made in Mexico because of the particularities of their own societies. Many bands have followed

MP: Trementina has just released their new al-

a more classic shoegaze sound others have cre-

bum on Japan’s Vinyl Junkies label.  Are there

ated more original mixtures, using things of their

any other bands who are seeing more global ex-


posure or who may be on the verge? チリのTre-


mentinaが最近日本のVinyl Junkiesより新しいアルバ

Meets the Obsoleteが今年の一番人気なラテンアメ




からLoomer, Mi Andromeda, Puna等の潜在能力のあるバンドは世界中で人気になっ

JM:  Early this year Asalto al Parque Zoologico


was also released in Japan through HANDS AND MOMENT Record Label, and was the first

MP: What areas do you feel have a particularly

Latino American shoegaze band to have an al-

strong shoegaze scene? ラテンアメリカで特に盛

bum released in Japan as far as I know. Many bands have received a lot press and attention from foreign media. Last year DKFM Radio

んなシューゲイズシーンがあるのはどこの地域で しょうか?

choose songs from Adelaida (Chile) and This Lonely Crowd (Brazil) as some of the bests of

JM: In the last two years Chile has proven to

the year. This year maybe the most popular or

have one of the strongest shoegaze scenes;

successful band was Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

great bands new independent record labels aris-

(Mexico) who signed with the U.K.’s Sonic Cathe-

ing, and many great gigs. Buenos Aires has

dral and toured the US and Europe. I believe

probably the best scene with the most variety

that bands like Loomer, Mi Andromeda, or Puna

thanks to the strong cultural life of the city. The

will get more global exposure in the future as

same thing in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and

they have a lot of potential.

this year many bands have been doing great thing in Mexico city where many great festival

他には2013年にアルゼンチンのAsalto al Parque Zoologicoというバンドも日本のHANDS AND MOMENTSよりリリースしているよ。調べた限りで

are taking place. ここ2年ほど、チリのシューゲイズシーンはラテン アメリカでも盛んな地域のひとつだね。素晴らしい

は、彼らは日本のレーベルよりリリースされた初め バンド、新しいインディレーベル、素晴らしいコン てのバンドみたいだね。外国のメディアに注目され サートが多く見られる。一番なのはアルゼンチンの ているラテンアメリカのバンドは多いよ。アメリカ ブエノスアイレスかな。強力な文化のおかげで本当 のDKFMシューゲイズラジオは、昨年チリの AdelaidaとブラジルのThis Lonely Crowdをその年の

に色々なバンドがいるんだ。サンパウロやリオデ ジャネイロについても同じことが言えるし、今年は

最も優れているバンドにノミネートしたし。イギリ スのSonic Cathedralレーベルと契約を結び、アメリ



Flores de Bach (Chile/チリ): One of my favorite


shoegaze bands. They have created an excellent shoegaze formula highly influenced by Los

MP: If you had to name a few bands that best

Andes culture and feeling. 僕の大好きなシューゲ

represent latin American shoegaze music, who


would you recommend? ラテンアメリカのシュー





Un.real (Puerto Rico/プエルトリコ): One of The JM: 次の5つのバンドを挙げるよ。

oldest and greatest shoegaze bands from Latino America. ラテンアメリカシューゲイズで中年活動

Asalto Al parquet Zoologico (Argentina/ アルゼンチン): classic but always evolving shoe-

gaze sound. クラシックで発展し続けているサウ ンドのあるバンド。 ( -al-parque-zool-gico=

Puna (Peru/ペル): Instrumental/experimental powerful and delicate sound. インスト、実験的な強 く、精巧な音楽を作る。(http:// nmerso)

Everything is Falling Apart (Mexico/メキシコ): Mexican trio that has never received the recognition that it deserves. Their album Teenage Heart is really awesome. 賞賛に値するのにその評価をま だ受けていない3人組のバンド。特にTeenage Heartというアルバムはおすすめである。(http:// age-heart)


MP:  In 2012 you put out a free three-disk compilation of latin American artists.  Do you have plans do this again in the near future? 2012 年にラテンアメリカアーティストのコンピレーショ ンディスクを無料で3枚配信しましたよね。今後も そのようなことをする予定はありますか?

JM: Yes, this year we will released our first CD compilation, I organize a radio show on Radio Inclub, an independent radio from Lima. The radio show is called “A Storm In Heaven” and airs weekly, featuring our radio announcer, Ian Bronte, from Ecuador. This year we did 30 radio shows in total covering bands exclusively from Latino America. Radio Inclub is about to start a record label and the owner has expressed interest in releasing our 2013 compilation which I hope will see the light around the end of Decem-


ber or the beginning of January. The name of


the compilation will be “Planos Definitivos/ Se-


cuencias Infinitas” and 200 copies will be available.

もちろんあるよ。今後、初となるコンピレーション CDをリリースするんだ。僕はリマのラジオ局、 Radio InclubでA Storm In Heavenという番組を番組 のアナウンサー(エクアドル出身のIan Bronte)と毎週 やっていて、今年は30のラテンアメリカのアーティ ストのみによるラジオコンサートを行った。Radio Inclubは近々レコードレーベルを設立して、12月の 終わりか1月の始めに僕らの2013年のコンピレー ションアルバムをリリースする予定なんだ。アルバ ムの名前は“ Planos Definitivos/ Secuencias Infinitas”で、200枚限定リリースだよ。 For more information on Latino America Shoegaze please visit the following site. Though the blog is

2012 Latino America Shoegaze Disc C Cover

written in Spanish, it is still worth checking out if you don’t speak the language as Jairo posts a number of links to music and videos by some of Latin America’s finest shoegaze artists. こちらのウェブサイトを訪れて下さい。ブロはスペ イン語で書かれているのに、スペイン語が読めない 方にも読む価値がある。Jairoは様々な音楽やビデオ などのリンクを投稿している。 Latino America Shoegaze’s releases, including compilation albums, can be downloaded here.


A Year in Review of 日本シューゲイズ Japanese Shoegaze の年回顧

2013 was a big year for shoegaze music all over

the scene developing in the country is one to

the world. Of course there was My Bloody Valen-

keep a very close eye on.

tine arising like a shoegazing Jesus Christ, gracing fans of the genre with their first album re-


lease in 22 years. There was also a number of


fantastic artists across the planet releasing solid

ド、My Bloody Valentineの22年ぶりとなる新作の

tune after solid tune making the scene that cele-


brates itself a more global community than ever


before. Japan in particular has seen a massive year in celebration of shoegaze music, from events revolving around the long-awaited M B V release to those serving as further evidence that

れ、高品質なアルバムが作られ、シューゲイズシー ンはますます世界的で大きなコミュニティになって きた。特に日本ではM B Vのリリースと関連するイ



songs from each band. The second release re-


ceived a lot of attention as any tribute to My Bloody Valentine naturally would. Yellow Love-

The anticipation of what 2013 had in store actu-

less was a reconstruction of the quintessential

ally started a year earlier, when it was an-

1991 release by an all-Japanese roster of bands.

nounced that My Bloody Valentine would be visit-

The cover album featured a variety of artists

ing Japan on what was originally scheduled to

from the aforementioned Lemon’s Chair and To-

be a 3-show tour in early February 2013. Due

kyo Shoegazer to longstanding alternative/indie-

to tickets selling out rather quickly and in further

pop trio Shonen Knife to droning metal act Bo-

support of their newly released album, two extra

ris. The album sent a message of appreciation

dates were added. As could be expected, the

to the soon-to-arrive My Bloody Valentine and

event was massively celebrated, spawning a

showcased a wide range of Japanese musical

number of My Bloody Valentine-related events at


clubs in Tokyo and Osaka. MBVのツアー前にはシューゲイズファンの注目に値 2012年にMy Bloody Valentineが翌年来日ツアー



Japan Shoegazer FestivalとHigh Fader Re-




Lemon’s Chairと東京酒吐座が共同制作したJapan


Shoegazer As Only Oneというスプリットアルバ


ム、もう1つはJapan Shoegazer As Only Oneと同日


にリリースされ、世界中で注目を集めたMy Bloody


ValentineのトリビュートアルバムYellow Love-

Leading up to the tour was a noteworthy pair of releases, both orchestrated in some part by Mas-

lessである。Yellow Lovelessは1991年にリリースさ れたMBVの代表作、Lovelessを日本のバンドによっ

ashi Imanishi, the man behind the Japan Shoe-

て再現した作品である。Lemon’s Chair、東京酒吐

gazer Festival and shoegaze label High Fader Re-


cords. The first of these releases was a split al-


bum featuring Imanishi’s own band Lemon’s


Chair and fellow heavy-hitters in the Japanese

My Bloody Valentineに感謝を表現するだけでなく、

scene, Tokyo Shoegazer. The album was titled Japan Shoegazer As Only One, and featured two



後半∼11月前半に行われたJapan Shoegazer


Festivalは名古屋に初上陸を果たし、その試みは 大成功に終わった。名古屋公演には主催の今西氏

2013 also marked a sigfnicant year for the Japan Shoegazer Festival. The first event fell flush in the middle of a nationwide shoegaze

率いるLemon’s Chair、広島からポストロックバ ンドのSpeaker Gain Teardrop、大阪からFestival

craze, being scheduled right around the My


Bloody Valentine tour, and soon after it was


announced that an “Extra” event would be


held in May. The big news of the year came in


the summer when Masashi Imanishi notified fans of the event that it would be held in a third city, in addition to the usual Tokyo and

Shoegazer Festivalが2014年にまた名古屋へ戻ってくることが発 表された。

Osaka locations. The late October/early November event would come to Nagoya, and The Japan Shoegazer Festival’s first trip to the city would be an instant hit. Featuring some of the usual suspects – Lemon’s Chair, Hiroshima post-rockers Speaker Gain Teardrop, and Osaka’s Euphrates – as well as some local Nagoya talent the show was a success, as it was announced halfway through the bill that all tickets had sold out. As could be expected, a return to Nagoya in February of 2014 was announced shortly after. Cruyff in the Bedroom celebrated its 14th anniversary this year.

2013年はJapan Shoegazer Festi-

There were a lot of significant releases by


some of Japan’s more prominent members of

トはMy Bloody Vlentineの公演に合わせて開催さ

the shoegaze community over the past year.


Shelling’s self-titled debut was a dreampop

は今西氏が次のJapan Shoegaze Festivalが通常の

masterpiece. The Earth Earth and Sugardrop


both released impressive sophomore albums,


as did Kinoko Teikoku, who also released an EP in December. Veterans of the Japanese 13

shoegaze scene like Speaker Gain Teardrop and the “Japanese King of Shoegazer” Cruyff in the Bedroom have also released much-anticipated albums in 2013. The release of the new Jesus Cruyff Superstar celebrated the latter’s 14th anniversary in the form of a 2-disc tribute album, featuring an impressive lineup including Japanese artists civic, Plastic Girl in Closet, The Earth Earth, among others as well as international acts such as Ringo Deathstarr. It was a fitting tribute to a band that has been representing Japanese shoegaze for more than a decade. また2013年は、日本のシューゲイズシーンの一 Kinoko Teikoku’s Eureka was one of the best albums of 2013.

線に立つバンドが多くのリリースをした年でもあっ た。Shellingのセルフタイトルアルバムはドリーム ポップの代表作となった。The Earth Earthと Sugarpopはともに第二作目となるアルバムを発表

When considering a Japan shoegaze “band of the year” there are a lot of candidates. Lemon’s Chair saw the stage a number of times over the course of the year and deserve praise for their


involvement in some of 2013’s most significant

シューゲイズのベテラン、Speaker Gain Tear-

events. Cruyff in the Bedroom were celebrated

dropや”日本シューゲイズの王様”Cruyff in the Bed-

in spectacular fashion for their contributions

roomも今年アルバムをリリースしている。Cruyff in

over the last 14 years. Indeed there are a lot of

the Bedroomといえば彼らの結成14年を讃える2枚 から成るトリビュートアルバムも今年リリースされ た。本作にはPlastic Girls in Closet, The Earth

bands in Japan’s shoegaze scene whose accomplishments in the last year should not be overlooked. That being said, a band that made massive strides and has been on a crash course with


stardom over the last year (and then some) is To-


kyo’s Kinoko Teikoku. They wrapped up 2012


with an appearance at Rockin On Japan’s year-


end countdown show, and their release of


Eureka blew the minds of bloggers and music fans. Perhaps most significant was the band’s inclusion on the “Next Music from Tokyo” tour in 14

Canada, which received nothing but amazing re-

that the country’s brand of shoegaze should be

views. As if that wasn’t enough, the band re-

monitored closely in the years to come.

leased their EP Long Goodbye at the end of 2013, wrapping up what has been an absolutely brilliant year for a genius band.

2013年は日本のシューゲイズにとって重要な年だっ たことは間違いない。ベテランからニューフェイス まで多くのアーティストがファンのために尽力し、

2013年の“バンド・オブ・ザ・イヤー”はどのバンド になるだろうか、と考えるとたくさんの候補が思い 浮かぶ。Lemon’s Chairは今年何度もステージに立

世界に今後日本のシューゲイズから目を離さないほ うがいいという熱いメッセージを発信した年であっ た。

ち、日本のシューゲーズシーンに与えた影響の大き さから見てもその称号に相応しいバンドである。 Cruyff in the Bedroomは過去14年間に及ぶシーンへ の貢献から、今年トリビュートアルバムにてその賞 賛を受けた。他にも本年見逃すことができない功績 を収めたバンドは大勢存在する。以上のことを踏ま えた上で、今年最も大きく発展しその目覚ましい存 在を見せつけたバンドは、東京のきのこ帝国である と言えよう。前年の2012年をRock On Japanの年末 公演で締めくくった後の今年始めにリリースされた ユーリカにファン、ブロガーは衝撃を受けた。彼ら のカナダの”Next Music from Tokyo”ツアーへの参加 については良い評判しか聞かれず、今年きのこ帝国 にとって最も重要な出来事だった。それでは物足り ないというように12月に彼らが1年を締めくくるの に相応しいEP Long Goodbyeをリリースした。

In short, 2013 was a bit of a statement year for shoegaze music in Japan. A lot of artists, new and old, came together to create a year of memorable experiences for fans of the genre in Japan, and also let the rest of the world know


THE BANDS Muso Planet Volume 2 Compilation Album/コンピレション音源


Stella Diana (Naples, Italy) - “Shohet”


Elephant Stone (Montreal, Canada) - “Heavy Moon”


Oeil (Tokyo, Japan) - “Owl Moon”


The Megaphonic Thrift (Bergen, Norway) - “If You Shiver (Overload)”


Future (Paris, France) - “Skylights”


Afor Gashum (Tel Aviv, Israel) - “Morning Sickness”


Zeit (Gothenburg, Sweden) - “Beautiful Disaster”


Sonic Hearts Foundation (Glasgow, Scotland) - “Northern Lights”


Stella Diana

Formed in 1998 in Naples, Stella Diana is a long-

1998年に結成されたStella Dianaはイタリアの音

serving contributor to the Italian scene. The five-


some is hailed for its powerful and original brand


of music. While Naples has produced its fair share of shoegaze talent, Stella Diana offers a dynamic sound unlike any of its fellow city-

ナポリは数々のシューゲイズバンドを産出している が、Stella Dianaのサウンドはどの音楽とも異なった

mates. The band has established its sound over


the last 16 years, predicated on Dario Torre’s ad-

ムと多くのライブ経験を通じて、Dario Tor-

dictive vocal hooks, with two full-length albums


and an abundance of live experience.


Stella Diana breaks the mold of shoegaze music

Stella Diana’s track record to date, one can be

in Italy. The band have set a standard, not only

confident that 41 61 93 will be every bit as good

within the country but anywhere, with a well-

as we have come to expect of the Italian outfit.

constructed sound blending elements of shoegaze music with post-punk and a hint of dream


pop for good measure. Their most recent re-

なるアルバム、41 61 93のリリースに向けて準備を

lease, 2011’s highly regarded album Gemini, is a


showcase of the flexibility of the band’s core


sound. There is a lot of variety on the album, giving it tremendous replay value while never straying from the qualities that are markedly Stella Diana’s.

Clan of Xymoxをサポートし、新曲を披露した。2 年前にリリースされた前作Geminiの完成度は非常に 高く、他者には真似できない出来であったが、これ までの彼らの功績から次回作の41 61 93はまた素晴

Stella Dianaはイタリアのシューゲイズを土台に出発


している。シューゲイズ、ポストパンク、ドリーム ポップを組み合わせた構成が申し分のないサウンド を生み出し、国内だけでなく世界中で認められてい る。2011年にリリースされた直近のアルバム Geminiはバンドのサウンドが柔軟であることを ショーケースする作品に仕上がっている。このアル バムの内容は変化に富んでいながら、終始Stella Dianaを象徴する核を保っており、リスナーは何度も 再生したくなるだろう。

For more information or to get Stella Diana’s music please visit the following links. 詳しいバンド情報や 音源はこちらのウェブサイトまで:

The band is preparing to release its third studio album 41 61 93 in February of 2014. Stella Diana had introduced the new and highly anticipated material live at Italy’s SYMBOLISM Fest where they supported Dutch darkwave pioneers Clan of Xymox. It has been 2 years since the release of Gemini, an album of such quality that it will be difficult to follow up. Still, based on


Canada Elephant Stone

Rishi Dhir, founder of Montreal-based psyche-

years saw a number of North American and Euro-

delic four-piece Elephant Stone, is a highly re-

pean tours, including one alongside Brian Jone-

garded sitarist in the psychedelic rock commu-

stown Massacre and an appearance at SXSW.

nity. The reputation he had developed for himself had led to collaborative efforts with ac-

Rishi Dhirはカナダ、モントリオール出身の4人組サ

claimed bands such as the Black Angels and the

イケデリックバンド、Elephant Stone(エレファント

Horrors, among others. In 2009 he formed Ele-


phant Stone, and in the same year the band re-

でもあり、the Black Angels、the Hor-

leased their debut album The Seven Seas. The album was a hit, having been nominated for Canada’s Polaris Music Prize. Elephant Stone continued to pick up steam, as the next couple

rorsなどの人気のバンドと共演経験もある。200 9年にElephant Stoneを結成し、同年デビューアル バムのThe Seven Seasをリリースした。アルバムは すぐにヒットし、カナダのPolaris音楽賞にノミネー


トされた。その後の2年間でBrian Jonestown

2013 has seen continued success for Elephant


Stone, who released their self-titled sophomore


full-length earlier this year. In addition the band


The band’s sound is a throwback to the 60s pop with classic psychedelic tones coalescing into stunning textural harmonies. Topped off by Rishi’s delicately soothing vocals, Elephant Stone’s sound can groove at times, and mesmerize at others with layers of droning melodies. The occasional infusion of the sitar-work for which Rishi Dhir had developed a reputation is fitting of a band self-proclaimed as “hindie-

has further built upon its impressive resume with appearances at SXSW and Austin Psych Fest and touring in support of the Black Angels. Most recently the band has gone on tour with fellow Quebecois The Besnard Lakes. The future looks bright for a band that has achieved a lot in its first four years. 2013年もElephant Stoneにとって成功の年とな り、第2作目となるアルバムをリリースした。彼ら はSXSWとテキサス州のAustin Psych Festに出演し

rock.” The blend of psychedelic rock and the oc-

Black An-

casional traditional Indian instrumentation cre-


ates a sound the likes of which we haven’t heard

は同市出身のバンドのThe Besnard Lakesと北米ツ

since the heyday of Kula Shaker.


Elephant Stoneは60年代のヴィンテージポップ音



For more information or to get Elephant Stone’s mu-


sic please visit the following links. 詳しいバンド情



メロディーでリスナーを魅了する。時折インドの伝 統的な楽器を用いたサウンドを吹き込み、「ヒン



み合わせでElephant StoneはKula Shakerの絶頂期から久しく聴かれていないサウンドを創 造する。




Oeil is a three-piece shoegaze band based in To-

Shiny Happy Records’ The Sun Rises in the East

kyo. The group was formed in 2006 and re-

collection in 2012.

leased its first EP, and only recorded work to date, Urban Twilight in 2007 prior to undergoing


a number of changes. Things settled in 2008


and the band established a lineup that still re-

ビューEPのUrban Twilightをリリースしてからバン

mains in tact today, combining the talents of


Takafumi Hibino, Nina Kurosu, and Mitsuko


Hoshino. Despite the lack of releases, Oeil has been actively performing live and also has appeared on Quince Records’ 2008 Asian shoegaze compilation Half Dreaming, as well as

リース数は多いとは言えないがライブ活動は精力的 に行っており、最近はQuince Recordsよりリリースされたアジアシューゲイズコンピ レーションのHalf Dreaming、Shiny Happy Re-


cordsより2012年にリリースされたThe Sun

there has been no shortage of written material,

Rises in the Eastというコンピレーションに曲を寄

which the band has been performing live for sev-


eral years. With the release of “Scent” and Muso Planet volume 2 track “Owl Moon”, it ap-

Mitsuko Hoshino, in an interview with Muso

pears that music fans will soon have access to

Planet, described the band’s sound simply as “a

more music from one of Japan’s most impres-

strawberry drowning in cream”. Indeed the

sive shoegaze acts.

sound is thick and sweet, employing many dreamy shoegaze elements. The deeply textured tracks draw on Loveless-era My Bloody

2013年後半はOeilが活動的だった時期であり、 上海初のEast Asia Shoegaze Festivalに参加した。

Valentine, whom the band cites as a major inspi-


ration. In Urban Twilight, the band’s lone 5-track


release, the influence can be heard immediately,


with the noisy soaring guitars draped in dreamy


pads. Hoshino’s tranquil vocals lull the listener into a dreamlike state.

おり何年間もライブで 演奏していたそうである。先 ほど述べた「Scent」と今回このMuso Planet2号で


世界初披露となる新曲「Owl Moon」はファンに






Loveless時代のMy Bloody Valenti-


neから影響を受けたサウンドが何層にも重なってい る。Urban Twilightはノイジーなギターサウンドが美 しいシンセサイザーに優美に覆われており、穏やか

For more information or to get Oeil’s music please visit the following links. 詳しいバンド情報や音源は こちらのウェブサイトまで:

なボーカルはリスナーを夢幻の世界に連れて行くよ うである。

The latter half of 2013 was a relatively active pe- 74

riod for Oeil, who was invited to Shanghai to participate in summer’s inaugural East Asia Shoe-

gaze Festival. The band has also begun record-

ing new material, releasing a new track Scent on its Bandcamp page. Though Oeil has only recorded a small amount of music to this point,


Norway. The Megaphonic Thrift

The Megaphonic Thrift is a noise-rock band

The Megaphonic Thrift(ザメガフォニックスリフト)

based in Norway. The group is comprised of


four members who combined their efforts to cre-


ate a unique brand of noise. Based in Bergen, a city with a reputation for street art, they have established themselves as purveyors of a unique brand of noisy music on the backs of two stun-

バーで構成されている。ストリートアートで有名な Bergen市に拠点を置き、2枚のフルアルバムをもっ て独特のノイズ音楽を確立した。

ning full-length albums to date.


The Megaphonic Thrift’s sound is built of a num-


ber of layers of cascading textures. Rumbling,

のファーストシングルとなる” If You Shiver (Over-

muddy bass and powerful drumbeats underline


big, blaring hooks by means of which tracks snowball into deep soundscapes of melodic noise. The music teeters toward chaos, but

リンのスタジオBlank Blankが制作を担当してお り、“Tune Your Mind” 、“Broken Glass/Yellow

never ceases to be catchy. Each song is


packed tightly with an array of sounds brilliantly


arranged to craft a brutal multi-pronged assault


on the ears.

にぴったりとはまるMegaphonic Thriftの音楽ととも

彼らのサウンドの特徴は幾層にも重なる滝のような テクスチャーだ。濁りうなるベース、力強いドラム を土台に、鳴り響くギターが深い旋律的なノイズの 音景を創造する。彼らの音楽は混沌しているように

に、結果的に見事な実験的なヴィジュアル作品と なった。この大きな期待を背負ったアルバムは、 2014年3月にリリースされる。 For more information or to get The Megaphonic


Thrift’s music please visit the following links. 詳しい




Currently the band are working on their third studio album, as well as a video for the first single off the album “If You Shiver (Overload).” The

video will round up a trilogy of music videos made by Berlin-based creative studio Blank Blank. The videos for “Tune Your Mind” and “Broken Glass/Yellow Fingers” make up the first two instalments in the trilogy. What originally started as a single video project has blossomed into a really cool and well-done experimental visual device with The Megaphonic Thrift providing fittingly instense accompaniment to the sci-fi story. The much-anticipated album should be set to hit stores in March of 2014.




The Paris underground is teeming with musical


talent, and one phenomenal group the region


has produced is spaced-out shoegaze duo Fu-


ture. Future burst onto the Parisian scene in September 2012. The band consists of bassist and vocalist Yann Canevet and guitarist Brice De-

12年9月にパリのシーンに姿を現した。メンバー はベース、ボーカル担当の Yann Can-

lourmel. Future released its debut EP, Abyss, in

evetとギター担当のBrice Delour-

April of 2013. Later in August, they performed as

mel。彼らはデビューEP Abyssを2013年4月に

a supporting act for American noise-rockers Soft


Moon at Paris’s Nouveau Casino in the summer

クバンドSoft Moonのサポートバンドとしてパリの

of 2013.

Nouveau Casinoでパフォーマンスを行った。


Future’s music is driven by up-tempo drum ma-


chine beats beneath layers of pads and atmos-というアート集団にも

pheric synths. The guitars are heavily reverbed


and woven into the electronic foundation to create a dreamy ambience. Sunken deep in the mix are Canevet’s vocals, just to the point where

やDead Horse Oneなどの地元出身のバンドととも に属している。Futureは今後もフランス国内で公演

they can be made out adding an almost instru-


mental element to the already deeply layered mu-





For more information or to get Future’s music please


visit the following links. 詳しいバンド情報や音源は



ビエンスを編み出す。Canevetのボーカルはかろう じて聞こえるほど背景に落とし込まれており、既に 何層にも重なる音楽にインストゥルメンタルな要素 を加えている。

In addition to maintaining the band, the duo is involved in Nothing (, a French artcollective consisting of a number of local bands including Venera 4 (in which Canevet also performs), and Dead Horse One. Future continues to perform within their home country, but they have expressed a desire to expand beyond the French border and play out abroad. In the meantime Future remains an active player in a city with one of the most exciting music scenes on the planet, and a band worth following as it continues to grow.


Afor Gashum


Israeli outfit Afor Gashum are long-standing

then internationally via Land Speed Records on

members of the Tel Aviv indie music scene.

November 18.

Originally formed some years back by frontwoman and principal songwriter Michal and former

Afor Gashum(アフォーガシュム)はイスラエルにある

guitarist Alon, the band garnered some attention


in the local circuit. They dissolved when Michal


relocated to New York, and later London, where


she participated in a number of musical projects.


Upon returning to Israel to work on a book project, Michal, along with original bassist Oded, decided to reform Afor Gashum, adding guitarist

にロンドンへ渡ったことによりバンドは解散し、そ の後彼女は様々な音楽プロジェクトに参加した。本

Shai and drummer Aviv to the ranks. From the


Inside, the first album from the band’s current in-


carnation, was released in Israel in February, and

OdedとAfor Gashumを再結成した。新生Afor


Gashum初のアルバム、From the In-

tion for a new album. On the side, she main-

sideは2月にイスラエルで、11月にLand Speed

tains a must-read music blog, discussing a


range of topics including features on a number of shoegaze artists. Music has followed Michal

Afor Gashum is Hebrew for “rainy grey”, and is

Sapir on her various journeys throughout her life,

somewhat representative of the band’s sound.

and continues to be something about which she

Sometimes in her native tongue and sometimes

is very passionate. This passion can be felt in

in English, Michal’s vocals gently contrast the

every note and breathy lyric in the music of Afor

music’s often-gloomy melodies with a sense of

Gashum, making it a truly pleasant listening ex-

hope. From the Inside features a variety of


sounds, ranging from delicate tunes such as “Morning Sick”, to others, like “Bad Star” and


“Aeroplane”, which are characterized by big


noisy textures. The music is very emotional and


inspiring. It pays homage to leftfield guitar rock


of the 90s, mixing in some classic shoegaze fla-


vor, and wrapping it into a unique and refreshing


package that is warm and nostalgic.


Afor Gashumはヘブライ語で「雨模様の灰色」とい




ときに母国語で、ときに英語で織り成されるMichal の希望を表すボーカルは重苦しいメロディーと対照 する。From the Insideに収録されている曲には優し

For more information or to get Afor Gashum’s music please visit the following links. 詳しいバンド情報や 音源はこちらのウェブサイトまで:

いものもあり、やかましいノイズもある。非常に聴 く者を感激させる音楽である。90年代のギター



As far as the future is concerned for Afor D7%90%D7%A4%D7%95%D7%A8-%D7%92%D 7%A9%D7%95%D7%9D/279052298836898

Gashum, Michal has been writing some new material and throwing together demos in prepara-




In 2008, Erik Engblom and Erik Jonsson began

self as primarily a three-piece unit, calling on the

collaborating on a music project, having gotten

talents of bassist Cecilia Nord for live duties.

to know one another playing in an earlier band. When the pair later relocated to Gothenburg

2008年、Erik EngblomとErik Jonssonは当時ま

they made the acquaintance of Bjorn Alm at the


city’s university and by 2010 Zeit was estab-


lished. In 2011 the shoegaze outfit released a


self-titled album. The follow-up came two years later in September 2013 in the form of Life is Just a Blur, a 4-track EP. The band maintains it-

Bjorn Almと知り合い、Zeit(ザイト)が結成され、2 011年に初EPをリリースした。2013年9月に はLife is Just a BlurというEPをリリースした。彼ら



and music blog Sounds Better with Reverb. Per-

はCecilia Nordがベースを担当する。

haps the only criticism that can be made is their relatively small catalog of music. With two al-

Zeit’s brand of fuzz-soaked pop music is not

bums of absolutely addictive music to build on,

breaking any new ground, but it is very well

we can only hope there will be more to come in

done. The sound utilizes simple, subtle ele-

the near future from the shoegazing Swedes.

ments to produce a big fuzzy atmosphere. The songs are straightforward but deep. Zeit’s most

Life is Just a BlurはBBC、MTV、音楽ブログSounds

recent release is catchy from the start as the first

Better with Reverbなどの蒼々たる音楽メディアやブ

track “Sky” immediately sticks to your brain and


refuses to let go. The EP soon evolves into a


swirling mass of sounds, before culminating in


the big finale of noise that is “Beautiful Disaster.” The sound evolves from track to track, all the while maintaining the elegant simplicity that makes Zeit enjoyable. Zeitのファジーポップな音楽はこれまでになかった まったく新しいもの、というわけではないが見事に 作られていてキャッチーである。シンプルなサウン

であるが、すぐに新作がリリースされることを願 う。 For more information or to get Zeit’s music please visit the following links. 詳しいバンド情報や音源は こちらのウェブサイトまで:

ドでありながら多くの微妙に異なる要素を組み合わ せた雰囲気を醸し出す。複雑ではなく、深いサウン ドである。最新の作品は、一度聴けば頭から離れな いメロディーがなみなみと入っている。ぐるぐる回

るようなサウンドの集まりから始まり、ノイジーな フィナーレに達する。このアルバムは最初から最後 までZeitの独特のサウンドから一瞬も離れずに展開 する作品である。

Life is Just a Blur has received positive reviews from media outlets and bloggers alike. Among those favouring Zeit’s work are the BBC, MTV,


Scotland Sonic Hearts Foundation

Sonic Hearts Foundation is yet another impres-

tracks with a number of videos, the most recent

sive act emerging from a talent-rich music scene

of which is for Into Forever’s first single, “U.S.A.”

in Glasgow. The band kicked things off in 2012 with their debut single “The Storm” and immedi-

Sonic Hearts Foundation(ソニックハーツファウン

ately drew the attention of music fans with in-


tense live performances throughout the U.K.


The Scottish foursome released Into Forever, its

「The Storm」で開花し、すぐに強烈なライブ演奏

debut 4-track EP, for free on Bandcamp in 2013.


The band has also supplemented its impressive

2013年にはInto Foreverという4曲から成るデ ビューEPをBandcampにて無料でリリースした。彼



Looking to build on the positive reviews Into For-

Into Foreverからのファーストシングルである。

ever drew, the band have closed out 2013 with a headlining year-end gig at Glasgow’s King Tut’s.

Sonic Hearts Foundation produces a sound that

The band has recently undergone a lineup

is distinctly theirs. The beats are strong, and of-

change, adding a new bassist to the fold, but

ten punishing on the toms, and the bass is wide.

that didn't slow them down. Perhaps signaling a

The rhythm is tight, and lays a perfect founda-

new release in 2014, they had recently an-

tion on which pulsating synths, ambient pads,

nounced a return to the studio.

and billowing guitars, drenched in reverb, come together to form a massive structure. Perhaps the most identifiable aspect of the band’s sound

Into Foreverは今年大絶賛を受け、彼らはグラスゴーで人気

is frontman Anthony Henderson’s wailing voice.

のライブハウスKing Tut’sで年末ライブを行い2013

Sonic Hearts Foundation takes all of these ele-


ments and weaves them together masterfully on


Into Forever. Recorded in a home studio, the


E.P. doesn’t offer the affectionately flawed pro-


duction values that may be expected, but rather the deep and complete work of a band that knows what it’s doing. Sonic Hearts Foundationの作るサウンドは独自であ る。ビートは強く、トムを打ち鳴らし、ベースが濃 密に弾かれている。ぎっしりと詰まっているリズム

アルバムが発表されるかもしれない。 For more information or to get Sonic Hearts Foundation’s music please visit the following links. 詳しい バンド情報や音源はこちらのウェブサイトまで:

の背景では脈動するシンセサイザーと残響するギ ターが合体し、深いサウンドを創り出す。特に独特 asgow

なのはAnthony Hendersonの力強いボーカルである。Into Foreverでは先ほ ど述べた要素が組み合わさり、印象的な構成となっ ている。ホームスタジオでレコーディングされたの に、本EPは欠点の見当たらない、威力のあるアルバ ムに仕上っている。


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