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Muslim Views . June 2017


Sanzaf educates the masses during Ramadaan SANZAF COMMUNICATIONS

THE South African National Zakah Fund (Sanzaf) stepped up its zakaah advocacy initiatives during the month of Ramadaan through a series of seminars, radio and television discussions as well as publications. The initiatives were aimed at educating the public about the virtues of zakaah, and providing a holistic understanding of the third pillar of Islam. Sanzaf also invested in its ongoing specialised zakaah consultancy service, where our established team of learned scholars and advisors provide the community with the most effective and confidential one-on-one zakaah consultation service, at no charge.

(Left) Sanzaf in partnership with the Saabri Ashrafi Relief Fund (SARF) recently handed over a hearse to representatives of Masjid ur Rahmah, in George, in the Southern Cape. The new vehicle, which is sponsored by SARF, will assist Masjid ur Rahmah in providing much-needed burial services to the community of George and nearby Garden Route areas. From left are SARF trustees Hamida and Mustaq Brey, Sanzaf Garden Route representative Shaikh Sa-id Wehiliye, Showkat Mukadam (Sanzaf Second Deputy National Chairperson) and Imam Cassiem Zalgoankir (Jamia Ahmedi Sunni Masjid). Photo SANZAF COMMUNICATIONS

The fund provided nutritious meals at iftaar to over 137 000 people through local partnerships

in under-resourced areas throughout South Africa. On the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, San-

zaf encourages the community to pay their fitrah and fidyah timeously. We are reminded of the hadith narrated by Targeeb, in which Rasulullah (SAW) is reported to have said: ‘The fast remains suspended between the heavens and the earth until the fitrah is discharged.’ Help Sanzaf bring joy to over 23 600 families this Eid by making your contributions at any of our offices or via our website. This year’s minimum amounts are R40 for fitrah and R10 per day for fidyah. For more information on Sanzaf projects and programmes, call 0861 726 923, follow us on Twit-

(Above) Sanzaf Western Cape Chairperson, Moulana Hassiem Cassiem, at a recent radio interview. The interview formed part of Sanzaf’s Advocacy and Tarbiyyah initiatives during Ramadaan. Photo SANZAF COMMUNICATIONS

ter @SANZAFSA and Instagram @sanzaf_official, like us on Facebook or visit our website at:

(Left) Sanzaf aimed to provide nutritious iftaar meals to over 137 000 people in under-resourced areas throughout South Africa. In the Western Cape alone, some 2 400 people were fed every night at various masajid and jamaat khanas. Here some children wait anxiously for Maghrib to arrive at Masjid Mubarak, in Photo SANZAF COMMUNICATIONS Belhar.




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Muslim Views, June 2017  

Muslim Views, June 2017