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October 23, 2009 - November 19, 2009

Testifying to A Moral Duty Muslim Led Hearing Adds Voice of Faith to Health Care Debate


Rain Does Not Stop Muslim Day at Six Flags | pg 4 CCMO Takes ‘Leap of Faith’ with New Office | pg 10

From right, Mahdi Bray, Dr. Jamal Barzinji, and Nihad Awad on the panel of a citizen’s hearing on health care reform organized by the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections on October 14, 2009. Photo by Muslim Link.

By Muslim Link Staff Amidst the clamor of the health care debate, an old, venerable voice is growing louder and more insistent. A coalition of faith groups delivered a united message in support of universal coverage at a citizen’s hearing on health care on

October 14, 2009 in the Rayburn House office building on Capitol Hill. A citizen’s hearing is a meeting organized by ordinary citizens to voice their opinions to government officials and the general public, and to hear testimony from experts on this issues. Invited members of Congress are not obligated

to attend. The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT) was the major organizer of the health care hearing. Several other faith groups, including Islamic organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the MuslimAmerican Society Freedom Foundation, and

the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) as well as Christian, Buddhist, and other inter-faith groups participated and offered statements. AMT Chairman Dr. Agha Saeed could not make it due to influenza, so MAS Freedom’s Mahdi Bray

Over 4 Tons of Food Collected by Howard Muslims | pg 10 DC Muslim Recognized for Community Activism | pg 10 Capitol Hill Jumah Attracts 5000, In Pictures| pg 12 Women and Men as “Garments” | pg 19


The Blessed Home: Where Bloc Vote Could Tip Kindness Lives | pg 20

College Park Muslim Takes Leap Ballot for Deeds, Into Local Politics Say Muslims Sharply dressed in a dark blue suit, crisp white shirt, and periwinkle tie, College Park, Maryland resident Siddique Fazlul Kabir easily stood out among the handful of casually dressed city council hopefuls at a meet-the-candidates forum on October 8, 2009.

shaking up this year’s election for College Park City Council. F a z l u l Kabir is the first Muslim to run for elected office in the city’s District 1, the home of Dar-us-Salaam and Al-Huda

But it’s not the clothing


By Muslim Link Staff

By Muslim Link Staff Virginia Muslims are hoping to re-confirm their arrival as a pivotal voting bloc this coming election day. On November 3, 2009, Virginians will vote for a new governor, and Virginia Muslim Political Action

Committee (VMPAC) President Mukit Hossain is gearing up to make sure about 74,000 Muslim voters show up to cast their ballots and send a message that the Muslim community cannot be ignored. >> BALLOT Pg 9

Marketplace Your Guide to Products and Services for Your Muslim Lifestyle

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TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

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THUL QIDAH 1430 | October 23 - November 19, 2009


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TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Community News Creating links through mutual understanding and cooperation

Thousands Soak in the Fun at Wet Muslim Family Day By Amina Haleem Muslim Link Staff Writer

other than Six Flags in the future, Ameen said that’s up to ICNA’s national leadership.

Backyard barbeques and masjid moon bounces have got nothing on celebrating Eid in a national theme park. Year after year of five booth bazaars and grilled hamburgers have got young Muslims craving for a more grandeur scale of ending the Holy month of Ramadan with friends and family in a more exciting and fun way. Six Flags theme park has solved that problem. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) hosted its annual Muslim Family Day at Six Flags on Sep. 26, 2009 in Largo, MD. Close to 5500 tickets were sold by presale, online, and at the door according to Syed Ameen, one of the head organizers for this year’s event. “We were expecting nine to ten thousand people,” Ameen said. “The rain affected the numbers but did not dampen the spirits of the people who [attended]. In spite of the rain, people were still enjoying the park after 7 pm.” The rain became a concern early in the afternoon, but the extremely short lines were an incentive to remain at the theme park. Being wet was not a deterrent to enjoy the Islamic environment and roller coasters. There was no rain date due to the Six Flags policy of staying open rain or shine. Asked if ICNA would rent theme parks


“ICNA has a corporate arrangement with Six Flags,” Ameen said. There are currently nine Six Flags in the country that host the annual Muslim Day. “However,” says Ameen, “we can consider working with other local theme parks in the future.” Entire families from the DC metropolitan area came enjoy an entire day of roller coasters and halal food supplied by local vendors. Café Kabob, Silver Spoon, King Kabob, and Pizza Roma were among those restaurants that had booths and provided food for the hungry families. Pizza Roma is a hot spot halal restaurant in College Park for Muslim teenagers and families alike. Abdul Qadir Baig, owner, arrived at the theme park at 10am and did not pack up until 7:30pm. He recruited 6 other Pizza Roma workers to have shifts at the booth, including his daughter, 19 year old Nimat Baig, who called the event “unbelievable”. It was the restaurant’s first time as a food vendor at Muslim Day, but Baig says he will be back again next year.

There was plenty to do and see at the theme park for all ages, including lifesized characters like Daffy Duck an outdoor bazaar with 10 clothing booths, and a table for Ilmfest, an Islamic Conference sponsored by the Al-Maghrib organization and Islamic Relief. Almost all rides were open to the Muslim Day attendees except the water park which was closed for the season.

One thing that impressed Baig was the adventurous females at the park. “Seeing Muslim women bungee jumping was really cool.” The usually expensive bungee jumping was just ten dollars per person, attracting normally more reserved people.

With the massive advertising initiative by the local masjids and Islamic centers, ICNA was able to reach their financial goal, enabling them to continue their dawah booths and post a Why Islam billboard on Interstate 95, according to Ameen.

Silver Spoon Restaurant



Islamic Garb Gallery



Khan El Khalili Warehouse


MCC - Instructors Needed

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Pizza Roma


Rj Cafe




American Muslim Consume Conference MCC Fundraising Dinner

...31 ...25 ...15 & 27 ...36 ...8

Sisters’ Meena Bazaar


Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home


Zoning In: DUS Annual Fundraiser


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Children traded being wet for the short lines and unlimited turns at Muslim Family Day. Photo courtesy of Mahmood Aijazi.

Access Dental


Six Flags Muslim Day is a nation-wide event that is gaining popularity in a number of cities around the country. Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston are just a few of the other major cities in America that have joined in the Muslims-in-a-themepark excitement. The Muslim Day at Six Flags Great Adventure park in New Jersey had a record-breaking 25,000 Muslims attend the event, according to ICNA. Some national sponsors of Six Flags Muslim Day are ICNA Relief, Islamic Relief, Amana Funds, and Mujadidi Foundation.

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TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Father, Daughter Petition DC Hospital to Recognize Islamic Holidays By A Contributing Writer Children’s National Medical Center will include Islamic holidays in its 2011 calendar, The Muslim Link has learned. The development comes following a request by Jamaal Abdul-Alim, a Washington, D.C.-based journalist who was moved to petition the Children’s Hospital Foundation to incorporate the Islamic holidays into its fund-raising calendar after his daughter, Hadiyah, age 8, noticed the calendar only included Christian and Jewish holidays. “They don’t have any Islamic holidays in here,” Hadiyah remarked upon being given the calendar, which arrived with a letter seeking donations for the hospital and its work. Incidentally, Hadiyah had been to Children’s Hospital earlier this year at the onset of the swine flu epidemic when she began experiencing certain flu-like

symptoms. Fortunately, the ailment was less severe, although it was a scary moment in her life. After the hospital visit, the AbdulAlim household received various correspondence from the hospital, including its 2010 fund-raising calendar. Abdul-Alim decided to donate $10 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, but first sent an e-mail to the foundation stating that his financial support, even though it was modest, would be contingent upon the foundation doing the “right thing” and making sure Islamic holidays are reflected in the calendar. Somewhat to his surprise, Abdul-Alim said, Barbara Schroeder, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, responded promptly with favorable news. “You are absolutely right that we must

include these holidays,” Schroeder stated in an e-mail that Abdul-Alim shared with Muslim Link. “I am sending your request on to the company that produces our calendars with the directive that the 2011 calendar must include Islamic holidays.” Schoreder also indicated that a colleague at the foundation who is Muslim would be consulted to help make the changes. Abdul-Alim said the development illustrates a number of things, namely, the power of the pen -- a central concept of the teachings of Islam -- as well as the power of an observant and socially aware Islamic youth. As a result, the father-and-daughter team have made it their goal to get 100 U.S.-based calendars that currently lack Islamic holidays to include the holidays in time for their 2011 editions.

in consultation with DMV-based Islamic astronomers, educators and others to ensure that calendar-makers get accurate information concerning three major religious events in the Islamic calendar, namely, the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, as well as the Eid-ulFitr, which commemorates the end of Ramadan, and the Eid-ul-Adha, which commemorates the trials and triumph of the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). Hadiyah said the goal of the project is make sure that believers in Islam get the same recognition and respect for their holidays as people of other faiths. “We’re people, too,” Hadiyah said. To learn more about the Islamic calendar project, send inquiries or suggestions to

They are working on the calendar project

Female Professionals, Students Connect at ‘Best You’ Workshop By Hiba Akhtar

Muslim Link Contributing Writer The Muslim Women of Maryland, an organization at the University of Maryland at College Park, invited collegegoing Muslim women throughout the area to attend the group’s second-annual ‘Your Best You’ event, held at the Prince George’s Room of the Stamp Student Union on Sunday afternoon, October 18, 2009. ‘Your Best You’ is a workshop in which established female Muslim professionals and college graduates speak to young Muslim college students about incorporating various aspects of college life with traditional Islamic principles to bring more meaning to one’s life. According to Muslim Women of Maryland president Nour Al-Muhtasib, the theme of this year’s event, “Stepping into the Professional World,” was an answer to the questions many young Muslim women are asking about what to do in and after college. Professional presenters included marriage counselor and therapist Salma Abugideiri, who also serves as the co-director of the Peaceful Families Project, a national organization devoted to ending domestic violence in

Muslim households; Asma Mirza, the former president of Muslim Students Association National; and Asma Hanif, the co-founder of Muslimat Al-Nisaa, a shelter for underprivileged women and children in Baltimore. Each speaker conveyed a different message to the young women in the audience. Abugideiri urged women to break away from cultural notions that a woman should end her career when she gets married; Mirza encouraged women to make use of their twenties, explaining that this was the only time in which they are responsible for themselves and their faith; and Hanif even passed around a sign-up sheet with volunteer opportunities after encouraging the audience to choose a life path which will help each woman to make a difference in the community. “Muslims are supposed to be the best of people,” said Hanif. “Where are our efforts?” Recent University of Maryland graduates who were active with the Muslim Women of Maryland also provided insight and advice to those who are now dealing with the rigors of college life. Among these presenters are Reem Dughly, who gave a presentation entitled “How to Do Well in College,” and American

University law student Jesmin Saikh, who presented about preparing for professional education programs. “This event sends a positive message for Muslim women: try to be the best version of yourself as you can,” said Dughly. “It’s encouraging to see the women in our communities and in our areas succeeding and making a difference. The event helped me feel connected with them.” Though the turnout at the event did

not match organizer Shabnom Khan’s expectations, her hopes that the event will inspire women to achieve their potential might have been met for some audience members. “I feel as if I should think about my life in a sense [broader] than just about me succeeding,” said Sumayyah Taufique, who is expecting to graduate in December with a degree in psychology and English. “This event showed me that I can and should do something to impact humanity.”

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


College Park Muslim Takes Leap Into Local Politics POLITICS >> continued from pg 1 School. The City of College Park is managed by a mayor and eight city council members, two council members from each of College Park’s four districts. US citizens living in a district vote for their two council members, while all US citizens living in College Park vote for the mayor. This year as in the last several years the mayor position has only one candidate running. Due to its non-profit church status, Dar-us-Salaam can neither endorse nor advocate for Fazlul Kabir, whose family is actively involved in many Dar-us-Salaam activities. However, many community members see Kabir’s candidacy as test run which could signal how welcome or unwelcome a fast growing Dar-us-Salaam is in College Park. The Dar-us-Salaam project, which includes the kindergarten though eleventh grade Al-Huda School, a full-time hifz school, a masjid, publishing arm, a dawa office and various other departments and off site businesses, moved into its current facility – located on about 10 acres of parkland surrounded by a dense neighborhood of

single family homes and small streets – in 1996. Since that time, the Al-Huda student body grew from about 150 to about 500. In recent years, a few vocal residents with homes very close to the Dar-us-Salaam property petitioned Prince George’s County to strictly enforce zoning laws limiting the number of worshipers who can pray at the masjid. After discussions with PG County officials, Dar-us-Salaam moved juma’ payer, Eid prayer, Ramadhan activities, and all masjid related activities off-site. With the zoning enforcement as a backdrop, some Muslim residents hope a Kabir victory would help facilitate better communication between the city and Darus-Salaam. However, Kabir’s campaign focus is on public safety, traffic, and inclusion – with an emphasis on getting College Park’s large Hispanic population civically involved. Still, residents see the campaign as a major step towards a more politically engaged Muslim community. “[Kabir’s] campaign does not say anything particularly about Muslim issues, but Muslims in College Park have issues he will have to deal with,” said College Park resident Mokarram Hossain, whose children attend Al-Huda School. At the meet-the-candidates forum, Kabir

outlined his priorities should he be elected, specifically mentioning outreach to the Hispanic community. An influx of Hispanic families and businesses over the last 10 years has altered the face of North College Park, yet Spanish-speaking residents are a rarity at neighborhood council meetings and voting polls. “We can’t build the community by leaving [out] half of the residents … the fate of this community depends on you,” Kabir told the twenty or so residents who came out to the candidates forum, none of whom was Hispanic. City Council candidates were asked about their views on the Route 1 Sector Plan – a major initiative to change the character of US Route 1 between the University of Maryland and Interstate 495 (North College Park) – making it more dense and commercial with restaurants, offices, and retail outlets connected by walking paths. The plan is highly controversial in North College Park, where many residents say increased traffic will impact safety and quality of life. “The traffic issue is very important. Unless we fix the transportation issues, the [Route 1 Sector Plan] is not going to work,” said Kabir. On the issue of public safety, Kabir repeated his campaign position that a permanent police presence in the city is possible without raising taxes. Currently College Park is patrolled by Maryland State and PG County police since it has no police officers of its own. To the disappointment of Kabir and his supporters, the University of Maryland student newspaper, the Diamondback, wrote in its coverage of the candidate’s forum that Kabir advocated a tax increase to fund a police force. An audio recording of the forum has Kabir saying: “It’s possible to have our own police station without taxing the residents if we work together, recruit local businesses, and go to the local and state government to get funds.” The position is consistent with Kabir’s campaign literature and website entries. Despite being sent the audio file, the Diamondback refused to correct the mistake. Comments on the newspaper’s website questioned why the paper made such a glaring error and refused to correct it.

With the election on November 3, 2009, Kabir and the four other District 1 candidates are going door to door, making calls, and rallying their supporters for a final push. Campaigning with a full-time job has been a new experience for Kabir and his supporters. “Think about this. [You’ve got] to reach some 3500 residents in the neighborhood, knock their doors, spend time talking to them on the issues that matter to them the most. Then there are other issues you [need] to take care of – posting lawn signs, and giving interviews to the local papers .. Getting in touch with the neighbors can be a challenging job. If you knock some 100 doors, you’ll most likely get only 10 neighbors talking, depending on what time of the day you knock the doors,” Kabir wrote on his campaign blog Arif Kabir, the candidate’s 16-year old son, is getting his political feet wet as well. “Volunteering with my father, I learned that one can do all the marketing they want, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the personal touch. One can spend tens of thousands of dollars in pamphlets and brochures, but they’ll have no chance against a candidate who is going from house to house, knocking on door to door, and talking to neighbors,” said the younger Kabir, who designed his father’s campaign literature. Regardless of the outcome of the election, Kabir and his supporters say getting to know the neighbors is a victory by itself. “Through this campaign, I had the opportunity to meet so many of my neighbors who I never met before … I never had this opportunity to listen to the unique perspective of [local issues] from the neighbors. I think that is awesome,” wrote Kabir. Elected city council members generally keep their full-time jobs and are paid $5,000 annually. Most work on city issues after hours. Council meeting are in the evening and routinely go past midnight.

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Testifying to A Moral Duty HEALTHCARE >> continued from pg 1 chaired the meeting which began around noon. Bray said the hearing came about “due to a challenge from Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)” to “keep the momentum going” after a similar hearing organized by the AMT on September 15, 2009 featuring testimony from Muslim leaders and health care professionals. Muslim organizations like MAS Freedom say the health care debate provides a unique opportunity for American Muslims to act on their religious values and help bring health care to the underprivileged. Moreover, Muslim leaders say with the high number of doctors in the Muslim community, the voice of American Muslims should be a part of the health care reform debate. “The religious community has always been at the forefront of social justice, whether it was the abolitionists, in civil rights, or the peace movements … we have a role [and that is] speaking truth to power,” said Bray in his opening remarks. He added he supports a single payer system where the government would support everyone, paid for by tax dollars. Kim Bobo, the Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice, was the first panelist recognized. Quoting from the Bible, she referenced passages where Jesus (peace be upon him) healed the sick, and said he taught all twelve of his disciples how to heal people. “Healing is central to the Christian tradition … Jesus (peace be upon him) never asked if you had a pre-existing condition,” said Bobo to some laughter. “Does the bill heal people? This is the question we need to ask.” Dr. Jamal Barzinji of IIIT in Herndon, Virginia said universal health care – care regardless of income or status – is a “moral duty in front of God” and is achievable if “every mosque, church, and temple mobilized their people.” CAIR’s Executive Director Nihad Awad emphasized health care is a “human right and a civil right”.

“The religious community has always been at the forefront of social justice, whether it was the abolitionists, in civil rights, or the peace movements … we have a role [and that is] speaking truth to power,” said Bray in his opening remarks.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (DIL) said “there is growing support for a public option” but added opponents including insurance firms are “putting fear out there” by misinforming the public. A “public option” involves a federal government health insurance plan. Proponents say such a plan – which would easily have more members than any other insurance firm – would provide competition to private insurance firms and thus drive down the cost of health insurance. Opponents – mainly Republicans and insurance companies – say a public option would amount to government interference in a free market economy. Congressman Kucinich hearing to give brief like most members on was shuffling between hearings.

arrived midremarks, and Capitol Hill, meetings and

After thanking AMT for “broadening the discussion” and getting faith groups involved in the debate, Kucinich, who ran for President in 2004 and 2008, discussed the status of the hotly debated “public option”. “The public option – through the magic of Washington – has shrunk from [being available to] 129 million [people] to 9 million … some said at 9 million we should have said ‘I’ll take it’ before it goes to zero,” said the staunchly liberal congressman. “We may end up with something more ‘bust’ than ‘ro’,” said Kucinich. Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) addressed the hearing next, offering a more upbeat assessment than Kucinich. “It’s a time not for skepticism but of hope,” began Ellison, the first Muslim congressman. He gave a summary of versions of the bill, but said “things are changing moment by moment.”

Insurance companies were going to “flood the airwaves” to “scare the American people” in the coming weeks, he said. “Change comes in steps, and temporary setbacks is not defeat. We are closer than ever.” Asma Hanif of Baltimore’s Muslimat Al-Nisaa, a homeless women’s shelter and holistic health care center, also gave testimony. She said youth who don’t have health insurance suffer unfairly. “Because they don’t have [healthcare] they don’t have vaccinations, and then they are penalized by schools not allowing them to attend … it’s not their fault,” said Hanif. “Our office is not cost effective. It does take time to talk to [patients] to find out why they are ill,” she added, referring to how insurance companies don’t pay health care providers for such consultation. Additional testimony was offered by Rev. Louisa Davis, Coordinator of the Greater Washington Allies in Reconciliation, Rev. Kaz Nakata of the Ekoji Buddhist Temple, MAS Freedom Civil and Human Rights Director Ibrahim Abdil-Mu’id Ramey, and Dr. Lavanya Sithanandam of South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT). Dr. Lavanya Sithanandam’s testimony is reproduced in full in this issue of the Muslim Link. Former Congressman Rev. Walter Fauntroy and Naim Baig of the Islamic Circle of North American (ICNA) also participated on the panel. About 20 people attended the two-hour hearing as audience. A short video on California’s Ummah Clinic, a Muslim run medical clinic open to the poor regardless of faith, ran at the close of the hearing. Organizers and faith leaders in attendance committed to signing a joint statement in support of a public option and delivering it to members of Congress in the coming days.

“A Community Pediatrician’s Perspective on Health Care Reform” The following is the complete testimony given by Lavanya Sithanandam M.D. of South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) at the October 14, 2009 citizen’s hearing on universal health care organized by the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections. The hearing took place in the Rayburn House office building on Capitol Hill. -- TML Hello my name is Lavanya Sithanandam and I am on the board of directors of SAALT- South Asian Americans Leading Together- as well as a community pediatrician in Takoma Park, Maryland. Today I want to tell you how health care reform can help children and families like the ones that I see in my practice. I also want to share with you some of the daily challenges that I, and other physicians across this country, are facing because we are practicing medicine in a broken health care system. Even though I am a pediatrician, I want to first tell you a little bit about the parents of the children that I see in my office- because their experiences illustrate some of the worst flaws in our system. While almost all of the children that I see have health insurancewith about 75% being covered through medicaid and schip and the remaining 25% of children covered through their private insurance. -it is a very different story for the parents of the children in my practice- over 60% of whom do not have health insurance. Let me repeat this- over 60% of the parents can not afford health insurance. It is not uncommon for me to see a child for a preventive check-up or a sick visit, and at some point during the visit, have a parent humbly ask me- a pediatrician- for medical advice, or for a prescription. At times I see parents who just look ill. A few months ago, I saw a child for her annual check-up, and noticed that her father had developed >> REFORM Pg 9


TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


You are invited to a Keynote Speech by

I ma m F e is a l A b d u l R a u f Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is Chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, an independent, multinational, multi-religious project that works with state and non-state actors to improve Muslim World-West relations. Author of What's Right With Islam Is What's Right With America: A New Vision for Muslims and the West, he is also founder of the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) and Imam of Masjid al-Farah. Imam Feisal is a member of the World Economic Forum Council of 100 Leaders (Islamic-West dialogue) and the recipient of The Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution’s Annual Alliance Peacebuilder Award and The Interfaith Center of New York’s Annual James Parks Morton Interfaith Award. Imam Feisal is a graduate of Columbia University, New York, and holds a Master's degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey

Topic American Muslims

Fundrai$ing Fun Fu ndr dra ai$$in ng D ng Dinner Din in nner Contact: Tickets MCC @ 301- 384-3454 $ 30 15200 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring MD 20905

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Bloc Vote Could Tip Ballot for Deeds, Say Muslims BALLOT >> continued from pg 1 “Given the predicted closeness of this election, the Muslim voting bloc can certainly be a deciding factor, as it was in the 2006 Senate race for Senator Jim Webb,” said Hossain. After vetting both gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Creigh Deeds and Republican Robert McDonnell, VMPAC endorsed Deeds for governor. They also endorsed Jody Wagner for Lieutenant Governor and Steve Shannon for Attorney General. “These endorsements were based on the issues of importance to Muslim voters,” said Hossain, adding that VMPAC surveyed Virginia’s Muslim voters to identify these key issues.

REFORM >> continued from pg 7

xanthomas, or cholesterol deposits on his eyelids. I told her father that this was most likely a sign of extremely high blood cholesterol levels and that he should see his doctor immediately. If left untreated, this could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, he didn’t have health insurance, and he didn’t have a doctor. For this man, the next steps are the hard ones: Finding a physician , paying for the office visit, lab tests, medications, and finally follow-up office visits could cost him well over $1000. This is not the only family in my practice dealing with this type of situation due to the lack of health insurance of a parent. In the five years that I have been practicing pediatrics, I have counseled a number of children because an uninsured parent died prematurely from illnesses ranging from breast cancer to heart disease- mostly preventable illnesses. I have seen countless children who are struggling emotionally because their uninsured parent has untreated depression or anxiety and has no access to mental health services; and I have even seen children who have become homeless and have moved into shelters after an uninsured parent was bankrupted because of costly emergency room visits. Most of these parents are hard workingsometimes juggling multiple, lowpaying jobs-as taxi cab drivers, small shop-keepers, nursing assistants- just to provide a better future for their children. But they also make just enough to fall right above the poverty line. These parents do not qualify for Medicaid because they are barely over the poverty line, yet cannot afford health insurance of their own.

Support for diversity and anti-immigrant legislation are two closely linked issues Hossain said Muslims are concerned with. With some local police now involved in “immigration enforcement”, civil rights groups fear profiling will become a standard police tactic. Maintaining a stellar public education system in Northern Virginian counties is also important to local Muslim, thousands of whom work in the technology and healthcare sectors. “The community places a high premium in improving the education and is concerned about recent budget cuts in education,” said Hossain. An issue aligned with Islam’s abhorrence of usury is payday lending, and VMPAC found the community wants legislators to protect society from this practice.

Even when I see a child or family that does have private health insurance, I am still seeing them struggle. Over the last 2 years, the number of families in my practice that have high-deductible insurance policies has doubled. Just a few weeks ago I had a family bring their 3-year-old daughter to see me because of issues with speech delay. At the end of the visit, her mother was in tearsnot because of her child’s health, but instead because they are struggling to pay their mounting medical bills. They must pay $30 copays for each visit as well as over $500 for their deductible (an amount that has doubled from last year). In my practice, I am seeing more and more families like this onefamilies who value the care I provide for their child and desperately want to pay me for my services, but they just can’t afford to. Ultimately, I am the one who ends up deferring the cost of their office visits. This is the number one cause of lost revenue in my practice- patients defaulting on bills due to high deductible plans. In the meantime, insurance companies are finding more and more ways to make it difficult for me to care for my patients. In this past year reimbursements for routine visits and basic vaccines have gone down in varying amounts. In fact in a growing number of pediatric offices, certain standard childhood vaccinations are not being offered, because some insurance companies are paying only 80% of their costs. In addition to withholding some basic services such as vaccinations, pediatricians are also reluctantly forced to directly charge their patients for items not covered by insurance companies- and items we would never have dreamed to charge our patients for just 10 years ago. At pediatric management conferences, we are being

VMPAC said Deeds scored better than McDonnell on all those key areas. Moreover, McDonnell’s strong alliance and endorsement of exCongressman Virgil Goode cast him in a negative light for many Muslims, explained Hossain. The non-profit Consumers Union says about pay-day lending: “Marketed as short-term relief for a cash crunch, payday loans carry annual interest rates of 400 percent and are designed to catch working people – or those with a steady source of income such as Social Security or a disability check – in a long-term debt trap.” “For Muslim voters, it is at once a religious and a social justice issue,” said Hossain. urged to charge our patients as a means to stay afloat- so $30 for school forms, $20 for phone calls to the pediatrician, $5 for Tylenol administration- all in the hopes of recouping some of our practice’s expenses that are directly related to patient care, yet which insurance companies are withholding from us. The number one health epidemic plaguing children across America, and in my practice- is obesity. I am reimbursed $0 dollars for spending 20 minutes on a visit for obesity- valuable time that I spend to determine if there are any medical causes for the obesity, time that I spend to provide nutrition counseling for the family, and time that I spend reviewing how my patient can make some meaningful lifestyle changes to reverse course. $0 for a valuable visit. Instead I get paid $120 for a 5-minute derma bond procedure to glue a small wound together on a child. This is not only a broken and costly system that values procedures over thinking, and emergency care over prevention, but one that works against the best interests of my patients and their long-term health. I spent over 12 years of college, medical school, and then residency learning the art and science of medicine and how to be the best doctor I can be. However, in the last 5 years, since entering “the real world” of medicine- I have spent a disproportionate amount of my time learning the art and science of insurance companies. I have had to memorize which insurance company covers which medications, which insurance company will allow me to order a CT or MRI without contacting them first, which insurance administrator will be most likely to approve my medication request for my patient, and what number of patients I must see in order to cover my expenses. I also have to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money

The community’s moral values also lead it to “oppose cuts in state social services, like healthcare and other state programs,” added Hossain. Like most all Virginians, Muslims view traffic congestion as a major challenge to the quality of life. VMPAC said Deeds scored better than McDonnell on all those key areas. Moreover, McDonnell’s strong alliance and endorsement of ex-Congressman >> BALLOTii Pg 23

to make this happen-more than an hour a day on paperwork, hiring a staff of 7 to help with billing . These are all resources I would rather spend towards improving the quality of care for my patients, rather than the quantity of care. No wonder then that less than 2% of medical students today say they want to enter primary care- it’s not just an issue of money and lower reimbursements, but it’s also the frustration of dealing with the red tape imposed on us by insurance companies. Now-Don’t mistake meI find tremendous joy as a pediatrician. Being able to help children from disadvantaged, lo1w-income backgrounds has always been and remains my mission in liferegardless of the red tape and lowered reimbursements. But I worry that without meaningful health care reform, many more doctors will be practicing medicine with their hands tied behind their backs and many more families across America will unfairly suffer. I ask you today to reflect upon this historic moment that faces us with the possibility of genuine health care reform, and think about the lives and the individuals and the children that you may impact with this important work. Think about the parents in my office when you debate the merits of a universal health care coverage or a robust, federal public option. Think about that struggling mom in my office when you consider eliminating highdeductible insurance policies, think about the time I need to spend to help my obese patient when you weigh how to incentivize doctors to provide quality care rather than quantity care, - and finally think about this country twenty years from now when the children in my practice will be adults. Will they be better off as a result of the changes we are about to make? I truly hope so. Thank You.

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


CCMO Takes ‘Leap of Faith’ with New Office Over 4 Tons of Food for round table style meetings, brought Muslims should jump,” remarked Dr. By Muslim Link Staff about 40 area leaders representing Jamal Barzinji of the International Collected The Washington DC metropolitan about 25 different Muslim organizations Institute of Islamic Thought. area’s Coordinating Council of Muslim together to discuss how CCMO can be The CMO should also engage the by Howard Organizations (CCMO) has struggled more relevant. embassies of Muslim nations and since its inception in the 1980s and its relaunch several years ago to remain “What can we do for you? This is why we organizations like the Organization of Muslims relevant to area Islamic organizations. are here, to get your comments,” CMO Islamic Conference (OIC). Whenever Perhaps its because many masajid don’t see “coordination” as something critical to their operation.

On October 13, 2009, CCMO leaders announced they are now the “Council of Muslim Organizations” (CMO). Not just looking to coordinate, the CMO is looking to provide unified representation for Muslims in the national capitol region. Taking an even more significant step, the CMO announced their new office and their first employee – a sister hired to facilitate communication between masjid leadership by providing support through phone calls, emails, and general administration for the new office, located in Northern Virginia. The evening event, a dinner held at the new office which has a common area

President Asma Hanif said after all the guests said their name and affiliation. Mukit Hossain of the Virginia Muslim Political Action Committee said he hopes CMO can change its IRS status from a 501-C3 to a 501-C4 organization. The later designation allows non-profits to engage in political campaigning and lobbying. “There is a real gap in civil engagement in our community. Being a 501-C3 excludes organizations like [VMPAC]. I would love to see the CMO move towards being an advocacy group,” said Hossain.

Muslim dignitaries come to Washington DC area they should meet with the CMO, said a representative from Annandale’s Mustafa Center.

Other comments on what the CMO might do included having quarterly meetings so local leaders can exchange ideas and network, setting up khateeb training programs, establishing a monthly enews letter, establishing a council of area youth groups and student associations, and establishing an inter-faith office.

A few members said the CMO should push for Muslim involvement in health care reform.

“We’ve been expected to do so many things with so few resources,” said Imam Johari Abdul-Malik from Dar Al-Hijrah. “The next giant step means going from a virtual council to a physical council,” he said, pointing to the office space CMO now rents.

“Health care is a unique issue which

>> FAITH Pg 23

Fairfax Doctor Educates Muslims on H1N1 When the Fairfax County crafted a disaster plan in case of pandemic influenza, they knew every community in the county had to be on board or else the plan could be ineffective. To reach the county’s large Muslim population, they turned to on of their own, policy analyst Dr. Zubair Saeed who works for the Fairfax County Health Department. “Part of my duties include outreach to the Muslim, non-Muslim of Middle Eastern origin, and Indian (Hindu, Sikh) communities in Fairfax County. For the past year – even before this H1N1

pandemic – I have been conducting outreach in these communities. This outreach has primarily focused on educating the public about seasonal and pandemic influenza,” Dr. Saeed wrote in an email to the Muslim Link. Delivering 30-minute Powerpoint presentations at local masajid, Islamic schools, and appearing on radio talk shows like “The Crescent Report”, Dr. Saeed discusses H1N1, demonstrates proper hand washing techniques, and reminds Muslims about what the Qur’an and Sunnah say about hygiene and preventing the spread of disease. There is usually a question and answer

period where Dr. Saeed gives updates and dispels misinformation audience members might have about H1N1. “The health department also held two Muslim business summits earlier this year. At these summits, Muslim business owners from all around the county learned about Continuity of Operations (COOP) strategies to sustain their businesses in the event of disasters and/or public health emergencies. So far, alhumdulillah, our outreach efforts to the Muslim community have been warmly received and greatly appreciated,” said Dr. Saeed.

By Muslim Link Staff The Howard County Muslim Foundation (HCMF), a non-profit group in Maryland focused on the well being of citizens of Howard County, collected close to 10,000 pounds of food for the Howard County Food Bank, almost double what the group collected last year. At a picnic held indoors due to rain at the Dar Al-Taqwa masjid in Columbia, Maryland, over 400 volunteers, guests, and elected officials came to enjoy the conclusion of the food drive. Dar AlTaqwa offered their hall free of charge. For weeks volunteers solicited canned food donations at Giant and Safeway stores, and went door to door giving out around 9,000 bags so neighbors could fill them with donated food items to be collected by HCMF volunteers. The picnic included activities for children and remarks from guests like Jahantab Siddiqui, a representative from Senator Barbra Milkuski’s Office. Siddiqui presented a certificate of achievement to HCMF. Close to 30 elected officials attended the picnic, including Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD), Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, and many other officials from the county council, board of education, police, fire and rescue, and other county offices. HCMF President Dr. Rashid A. Chotani thanked all the volunteers for the hundreds of man hours put into the food drive, saying “none of this would be possible” without the volunteers.

DC Muslim Recognized for Community Activism By Contributing Writers Area community activist Hodari AbdulAli received the first Humanitarian Excellence Award offered by the New Africa Islamic Community Center of Washington DC at a ceremony on October 18, 2009. The event, themed “Commitment to Community Activism”, honored AbdulAli as a businessman, journalist, and community activist. He is the founder of the Give Peace A Chance Coalition, an organization formed to “raise public awareness about U.S. foreign policy

and imperialism in relation to Africa and its people”. Abdul-Ali has led fact finding missions to the Sudan. Abdul-Ali also hosts and produces a radio program every Wednesday morning from 5 AM – 8 AM on radio station WPFW (89.3 FM), heard in and around Washington, D.C, and on-line around the world at A 1976 graduate of Howard’s School of

Communications, Abdul-Ali also served as editor and chief of the Hilltop, an award winning campus newspaper. Upon graduation from Howard University he accepted a position with the Washington AFRO American Newspaper.

hosted book parties for many prominent authors such as Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Ruby Dee, Rosa Parks, Dr. Ben Carson, Alice Walker, Nikki Giovani, Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour, and many others.

In 1981 Brother Hodari founded Pyramid Books in Washington, DC, and by 1991, Pyramid Bookstores Inc. became the first chain of African American Bookstores in the U.S.A. At its pinnacle Pyramid operated six establishments, three in Washington, DC, one in Baltimore, MD, one in PG County, MD, and one in his home town of San Diego, CA. Pyramid

Currently he operates Dar Es Salaam Books and also serves as the executive director of the Imam Jamil Action Network (IJAN), an association of activists working to free the unjustly incarcerated Imam. Imam Johari Abdul-Malik served as keynote speaker at the awards dinner.

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


“It is not their meat nor their blood which reaches Allah, it is your piety in worship that pleases Him.” (Al-Hajj:37)

Share the Joys of Eid by Giving Udhiya to Those in Need

Zakat Foundation offers Udhiya in the following countries: Afghanistan $80 Azerbaijan $80 Bangladesh $65 Burkina Faso $65 Chechnya $95 China $85 Egypt $200 Ethiopia $60 Gambia $65 Ghana $65 India $65 Indonesia $85 Iraq $100 Mali $65 Mauritania $65 Niger $65 Pakistan $80 Palestine $280 Palestinian Refugees $200 (Lebanon/Jordan) Philippines $65 Somalia $60 Sri Lanka $65 Sudan (Darfur) $80 Syria $180 Tajikistan $65 Thailand $70 United States $170

Our Udhiya is Not Canned: Zakat Foundation purchases well-maintained livestock from local farmers in each country. We begin to slaughter and distribute fresh meat on the first day of Eid ul-Adha. For $25, you can add to the celebration of Eid ul-Adha by sharing an Eid Gift with an orphan or needy child.

Donate Your Udhiya Today! Please visit our website: or call toll free: 1-888-ZAKAT-US (1-888-925-2887) Zakat Foundation of America | P.O. Box 639 Worth, IL 60482 | tel: 708-233-0555 | fax: 708-233-0339 | Tax ID: 36-4476244

muslim_link_9.5x13.1_udhiya.indd 1

10/13/09 11:33:48 AM

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Jumah on the Hill On September 25, 2009, about 5,000 Muslims – mostly from outside the DC metro area – prayed juma in front of the Capitol building. Organized by the Dar-ul-Salaam masjid in New Jersey, the event was advertised as a “Day of Islamic Unity” but was only sparsely promoted in the Washington DC metro region, and area masajid were mostly unfamiliar with the details of the event. Organizers advertised an estimated 50,000 worshipers would attend and had famous Egyptian qari Muhammad Jibreel lead the prayer. The khutba was given by

Imam Abdul Malik from North Carolina. The Imam reiterated the basic call of Islam, “worship the Creator and not the creation”, and told Muslims not to fear practicing their religion openly, and told the American public they had nothing to fear from Islam which is the “greatest blessing to America”. Local Muslims who attended the event were mostly appreciative of the effort and look forward to having an annual jumah on Capitol Hill, but were surprised by the lack of coordination between the New Jersey and New York based organizers and Washington DC area masajid. All photos here are by Muslim

Most attendees traveled to the prayer in charter buses coming from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. (Right) A group from a Nigerian masjid shows off their commemorative bumper sticker. (Left) Almost all the Muslims from New York and New Jersey left their homes in the pre-dawn hours, and were headed back immediately after the prayer.

Event organizers including the khateeb made it a point to publicly thank the sizable police force which surrounded the prayer area. The event ran smoothly, and even police officers enjoyed themselves, taking pictures and video.

There were several Christian groups and individuals who protested or proclaimed their message throughout the prayer. At one point the khateeb implored them to respect the worship service. Some Muslims leaving the prayer engaged in dialogue or debate with the Christian parties (far left). When things got a little heated, police were quick to diffuse the situation (center and right).

American-Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) Focuses on Marketing to Muslims The first annual American Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) will take place on Saturday, October 31st, 2009 in New Brunswick, NJ on the campus of Rutgers University. Researchers, entrepreneurs, marketing and advertising executives from corporate America will convene to discuss and explore the rapidly growing and untapped American-Muslim consumer market. American-Muslims consumers are estimated at 6-8 million with an annual spending in excess of $170 billion. This conference will provide American businesses and executives with useful

insights, information and opportunities on how to access and attract the American-Muslim market. Companies are not addressing the needs of Muslims. “Muslims want to be acknowledged in mainstream media. You don’t need to change your product or show Muslims in your ads. Instead, consider advertising in a Muslim media outlet. Say Eid Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem during the holidays. The Muslim community will respond. When we see an ad we like we send it to our friends and share it with each other,” said Mohammed Abdullah, director of the event.

Entrepreneur Magazine said American Muslims have the buying power roughly equal to the state of Indiana. However, “reaching them requires an understanding of their culture, beliefs and preferences. Muslims are more interested than most Americans in seeing advertising that acknowledges them,” it says. Muslims are a neglected market with huge potential for brands who are willing to connect with them online and offline. According to an article in Advertising Age, ‘In the coming years, the U.S. market will likely begin to recognize and court the $170 billion purchasing power of American Muslims.

The conference seeks to promote the American Muslim Market as an affluent, vast and untapped market segment, and understand the American Muslim market and ways to effectively market products and services to it. It also aims to serve as a networking opportunity for companies owned and operated by AmericanMuslims, and American-Muslim ready products/companies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and others to collaborate and exchange resources and ideas. For more information, visit the conference website at www.

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Here they are ... your Ramadhan Super Stars! The children listed in this issue fasted all or part of the month of Ramadhan, opting to participate before they are obligated to fast. We salute these shining lights and ask Allah to keep them on the straight path throughout their lives, Ameen! -- TML

RAMADAN SUPER STARS Hanzallah Shahid Hamza Layla Abdulaziz Anissa Eema Safia Shabeer Sumaya Nadia Omar Neha Ismael Minah Moussa Ikhlaas Aishah Nimah Asiya Taqeeyah Abdurrahman Sahaar Ahmadou Kareem Hafsah Decosta Musa Aquil Mohamed Ayman Hafsa Danyah Maryam S. Syed Furqan-F Sabreenah

Abdullah Abdurrahman Abdus-Salaam Abdus-Salaam Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Ali Ali Anis Arafat Asif Bechir Bhat Bhura Bhura bint Sameer Ahmad Cason Chandia Clark Conteh Cromwell Ebrahim Edwards Eldirdiri Fatima Hawkins Imam Ishaq Jilani Khan

8 9 10 5 11 9 10 8 8 8 9 8 9 8 8 13 6 7 9 9 7 5 4 8 11 8 7 7 8 9 8 9 9 12

Baltimore, MD Waldorf, MD Bowie, MD Bowie, MD Silver Spring, MD Silver Spring, MD Falls Church, VA Silver Spring, MD Falls Church, VA Baltimore, MD Laurel, MD Laurel, MD Baltimore, MD Baltimore, MD Catonsville, MD Fairfax, VA Ashburn, VA Bordentown, NJ Bordentown, NJ Sterling, VA Baltimore, MD College Park, MD Ft. Meade, MD Ellicott City, MD Catonsville, MD Catonsville, MD Washington, DC Falls Church, VA Catonsville, MD Alexandria, VA Catonsville, MD Beltsville, MD Columbia, MD Catonsville, MD

13 9 25 9 All 16 20 10 18 10 All All 26 29 5 20 3½ 2 All 27 15 3½ 3 23 29 1 7 7½ 3 15 9 All 20 28

Shahirah Surayyah Khalil Tariq Ammara Habiba Aasiyah Aishah Atiyya Hany Hany Sara Sara Amjad Mumin Tasneem Irem Abdul Hamid Abdul Shahid Abdul-Malik Moubarak Samia Nasreen Aminah Diyadin Layyinah Abdullah Safiya Safiya Zainab Timaj Moulaye Hamza Ahmein Amatullah

Khan Khan Lee Lee Maqsood Matmula Muhammad Muhammad Nasur Nasur Nasur Nasur Odeh Odeh Odeh Ozpolat Rahim Rahim Saibou Saibou Salim Sawwan Scott Scott Scott Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sherif Sy Talbi Watson Wiliams

12 13 7 9 13 8 9 9 9 9 7 7 8 9 7 6 5 11 5 8 14 14 11 8 7 9 7 8 6 8 5 8 9 12

Catonsville, MD Catonsville, MD Baltimore, MD Baltimore, MD Catonsville, MD Baltimore, MD Gwynn Oak, MD Lanham, MD Laurel, MD Laurel, MD Laurel, MD Laurel, MD Ellicott City, MD Laurel, MD Laurel, MD Hyattsville, MD Silver Spring, MD Silver Spring, MD Landover, MD Landover, MD Baltimore, MD Catonsville, MD Baltimore, MD Balimore, MD Balimore, MD Baltimore, MD Baltimore, MD Baltimore, MD Baltmore, MD Baltimore, MD Laurel, MD Glen Burnie, MD Catonsville, MD Baltimore, MD

28 24 15 25 23 28 27 12 ½ 21 21 7 7 23 15 15 2 10 All 1 2½ 25 23 All 22 9 27 ½ 15 ½ 5 6 1 ? 14 27 25

Adam Abdur-Rahman Catonsville, MD 4 yrs, 2 days

Asilah Abdur-Rahman Catonsville, MD 6 yrs, 17 days

Areeb Ahmed Karim Laurel, MD 9 yrs, All days

Hibbah Ahmed Karim Laurel, MD 8 yrs, 9 days

Ahmad Al-Bassyiouni College Park, MD 9 yrs, All days

Leena Alsaadi Fairfax, VA 7 yrs, 8 days

Noor Alsaadi Fairfax, VA 7 yrs, 8 days

Adam Amir Ahmad Lanham, MD 7 yrs, All days

Musa Amir Ahmad Lanham, MD 5 yrs, 14.5 days

Fatinah Amirah Hanover, MD 9 yrs, 15 days

Marya Ansari Falls Church, VA 6 yrs, 4 days

Ayeesha Azeem Lanham, MD 2 yrs, All days

Hamzah Azeem Lanham, MD 11 yrs, All days

Isa Azeem Lanham, MD 5 yrs, All days

Rehana Azeem Lanham, MD 9 yrs, All days

Umar Azeem Lanham, MD 3 yrs, All days

More Ramadan Super Stars Next Page

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Yusuf Azeem Lanham, MD 10 yrs, All days

Ahmad Shiddiq Barokah Leesburg, VA 6 yrs, All days

Fatimah Zahra Leesburg, VA 8 yrs, All days

Maryam bint Muhib Beltsville, MD 7 yrs, 3 days

Talha ibn Muhib Beltsville, MD 9 yrs, 8 days

Baraka bint Shakoor Baltimore, MD 8 yrs, All days

Mohamed Elsayed Greenbelt, MD 6 yrs, 17 days

Nour Elsayed Greenbelt, MD 8 yrs, 17 days

Al Nisa Elshalom Jamaica, NY 8 yrs, 25 days

Melchizedek Elshalom Jamaica, NY 11 yrs, 25 days

Hassana Emran, Herndon VA 7 yrs, 1 day

Nabeeha Emran Herndon, VA 9 yrs, 1 day

Hussain Francisco Silver Spring, MD 5 yrs, 1/2 day

Isa Ibrahim Muhammad Gholston Gwynn Oak, MD 7 yrs, 10 days

Layla Gholston Gwynn Oak, MD 9 yrs, 10 days

Sulaiman Ghori Bambleton, VA 6 yrs, 3 days

Mostafa Sherif Halawa Columbia, MD 9 yrs, 28 days

Raneem Shaker Hammad Catonsville, MD 5 yrs, 3 days

Muhammad Farell Hardianto, Herndon VA 9 yrs, 15 days

Zayd Hijazi Bowie, MD 7 yrs, 27 days

Zayn Alabideen Hijazi Bowie, MD 7 yrs, All days

Tala RaďŹ c Hjarrah Dunn Loring, VA 8 yrs, 25 days

Moosa Jaweed Laurel, MD 8 yrs, 5 days

Yesmine Jamli Gaithersburg, MD 8 yrs, 14 days

Yousef A. Jemli Gaithersburg, MD 5 yrs, 1 day

Ibrahim Jilani, Laurel, MD 7 yrs, 14 days

Nabeeha Jilani Laurel, MD 7 yrs, 14 days

Nuha Jilani Laurel, MD 7 yrs, 14 days

Yusuf Johnson Beltsville, MD 5 yrs, 21.5 days

Theresa Kearney Arlington, MA 8 yrs, 20 days

Tommy Kearney Arlington, MA 12 yrs, 18 days

Tyler Kerney Arlington, MA 12 yrs, All days

Burhanudin Kemet Bowie, MD 7 yrs, 17 day

Hasan Khan Silver Spring, MD 8 yrs, All days

Mohammad Talha Khan Ashburn, VA 8 yrs, 10 days

Zayd Khan Lanham, MD 8 yrs, 15 days

Ayisha Korme Hyattsville, MD 9 yrs, All days

Abdullah O Madad Burtonsville, MD 6 yrs, 3 days

Abdulrahmane Y. Madad Burtonsville, MD 7 yrs, 5 days

Mahmoud Mansour Laurel, MD 7 yrs, 24 days

Marwa Mansour Laurel, MD 9 yrs, 26 day

Tasneem Mansour Laurel, MD 11 yrs, All days

Dujanah Mohamed Beltsville, MD 6 yrs, 20 days

Muna Mustafa Hassen Greenbelt, MD 9 yrs, 15 days

Mohammed Ali Mouhamd Ahmed Ali Hyattsville, MD 8 yrs, All days

Daiyan Mohammad Musabbir Silver Spring ,MD 8 yrs, 11 days

Laila Mustafa Hanover, MD 11 yrs, all days

Abd-Elwwudood Omran Savage, MD 11 yrs, 11 days

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

Hanaa Omran Savage, MD 9 yrs, 5 day

Hude Oweis Columbia, MD 6 yrs, 27 days

Eyesha Shaikh Gainesville, VA 9 yrs, 14 day

Fatima Shaikh Gainesville, VA 7 yrs, 5 days

Abdullah Yahya Columbia, MD 5 yrs, 1 day

Omar Yasin Falls Church, VA 9 yrs, All days


Abdullah A Qidwai Sterling, VA 6 yrs, 1 days

Zainab M. Salako Laurel, MD 7 yrs, 6 days

Aya Salman-Nahl Alexandria, VA 8 yrs, 4 days

Saad Salman-Nahl Alexandria, VA 10 yrs, 24 days

Ishmael ShaďŹ Riverdale, MD 8 yrs, 2 days

Muhammad Sheikh Abdalla Riverdale, MD 7 yrs, 7 days

Arsalam Ahmed Siddiqui Beltsville, MD 9 yrs, 5 days

Aadil Tahir Ashburn, VA 8 yrs, 7 days

Emaan Tahir Ashburhn, VA 9 yrs, 8 days

Angie Tayel Laurel, MD 7 yrs, All days

Aasiyah Yahya Columbia, MD 7 yrs, 2 days

Jibril Yasir Kensington, MD 6 yrs, 8 days

Ugbad Yasir Kensington, MD 9 yrs, All days

Hamzah A. Yousuf Reisterstown, MD 8 yrs, 5 days

Adnan Zaber College Park, MD 11 yrs, All days

Muhamad Zakaria College Park, MD 7 yrs, 15 days

Bilal Mohammed Qamar Ellicott City, MD 8 yrs, 2 days

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Health & Family Reflections on our lives and society

Wife Abuse in the Muslim Community By Kamran Memon Islamic Horizons Magazine Wife abuse has hurt many Muslim women, destroyed many Muslim families, and weakened the entire Muslim community. How much longer can Muslims afford to look the other way? “And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and he has put love and mercy between your (hearts)...” Qu’ran 30:21 “I recommend that you treat women with goodness. The best of you are those who treat their wives the best.” Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) While North American Muslims loudly protest the widely-documented Serbian abuse of Muslim women in Bosnia, the abuse of many Muslim women at the hands of their own husbands in North America is hidden and ignored by the community. Domestic violence is the single major cause of injury to women in America. “Nearly one quarter of women in the United States - more than 12 million- will be abused by a current or former partner some time during their lives,” according to the American Medical Association; and, despite Islamic teachings of justice and compassion, many Muslim women in the United States and Canada are no exception.

leaders, social workers, and activists in North America, the North American Council for Muslim Women says that approximately 10 percent of Muslim women are abused emotionally, physically, and sexually by their Muslim husbands. (There are no hard numbers, because community leaders haven’t taken the well-known problem seriously enough to research.) Wife-abuse, which stretches across

Although it’s completely contrar y to the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Muslim community nonetheless tends to dismiss the seriousness of mental abuse, rationalizing it as a petty argument between husband and wife, and saying it’s not serious unless he hits her. all ethnic, racial, educational, and socio-economic lines in the Muslim community, results in severe emotional and physical pain for many Muslim women, a stacking up of sins for many Muslim men, and many weak, unhappy Muslim families that fail to contribute adequately to the development of the Muslim community and the rest of North American society. Despite the severity of the problem, the Muslim community has largely closed its eyes and devoted very few resources to helping the victims and stopping the abusers.

Based on information from Muslim

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This is doubly unfortunate because family violence is one of America’s most critical health problems (according to the American Medical Association and the U.S. Surgeon General), and Islamic leadership is needed to deal with this crisis; but Muslims are clearly in no moral position to lead society because they commit and tolerate abuse within their own community.


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FORMS OF ABUSE OF MUSLIM WOMEN “Domestic violence is an ongoing, debilitating experience of physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse in the home,” says the American Medical Association. Although Islam promises women protection from such problems, the reality in many Muslim homes is different. The most common form of abuse is emotional and mental abuse. In Muslim homes, this includes verbal threats to

divorce the wife, to remarry, or to take the kids away if she does not do exactly as she is told; intimidation and threats of harm; degradation, humiliation, insults, ridicule, name-calling, and criticism; false accusations and blaming her for everything; ignoring, dismissing, or ridiculing her needs; neglect and the silent treatment; spying on her; telling her she is a failure and will go to hell; twisting Islamic teachings to make her feel worthless because she is a woman; restricting her access to transportation, health care, food, clothing, money, friends, or social services; physical and social isolation; extreme jealousy and possessiveness; lying, breaking promises, destroying trust; etc. Emotional abuse can take place in public or at home. Although it’s completely contrary to the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Muslim community nonetheless tends to dismiss the seriousness of mental abuse, rationalizing it as a petty argument between husband and wife, and saying it’s not serious unless he hits her. In reality, mental abuse does severe psychological harm to many Muslim women. It destroys their self-esteem and makes them question their self-worth; some have mental breakdowns and go insane. Furthermore, psychological abuse can lead to physical abuse. Physical abuse includes pushing, shoving, choking, slapping, punching, >> See ABUSE on Pg 17

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009 ABUSE >> continued from pg 16 kicking, and beating; assault with a weapon; tying up; refusing to help her when she is sick or injured; physically throwing her out of the house; etc. Physical abuse escalates in frequency and severity. The third form of abuse is sexual abuse, involving forced, violent sex. For example, a wife may not want to have sex for health reasons, but the husband may force her anyway. These three forms of abuse are usually related and occur of a long period of time. Muslim men, just like non-Muslims, often start with mental abuse and work their way up. Muslim women need to recognize the signs of escalating abuse. WHY DO SOME MUSLIM MEN ABUSE THEIR WIVES? There are a number of factors that make many Muslim men abusive. Abusers are often part of a cycle, picking up the habit after watching their own fathers abuse their mothers in North America or in Muslim countries. And their own children learn this abusive behavior and abuse their wives. (This is an important point because the longer the Muslim community tolerates abuse, the longer it will be passed on from father to son, from generation to generation.) For cultural reasons, some Muslim men accept the idea that it’s normal for a man to hit his wife and that she is no more than a piece of his property. Some Muslim husbands abuse their wives as a result of frustration resulting from economic hardship, political oppression experienced outside the U.S., problems with the children, or an inferiority complex. Some abuse their wives because they want them to be more “modern” and less Islamic by removing their hijab (Islamic dress), while others are abusive because they want the opposite. Some Muslims with superficial ties to Islam don’t know that abuse is unacceptable due to their weak faith, poor Islamic knowledge, and lack of interaction with the Muslim community. Tragically, some Muslim men actually use Islam to “justify” their abusive behavior. Focusing on rituals, considering themselves to be Islamically knowledgeable, and disregarding the spirit of Islam, they wrongly use the Qur’anic verse that says men are the protectors and maintainers of women to go on power trips, demand total obedience, and order their wives around. They disregard the Islamic requirement for the head of the household to consult

with other members of the family when making decisions. Then, if their wives dare to speak up or question their orders, these men misinterpret a Qur’anic verse that talks about how to treat a disobedient wife and use it as a license for abuse. In reality, the Qur’an and Sunnah provide clear instructions on what procedures a husband must use in conflict situations where the husband is innocent and the wife is rebellious and at fault. The first

HEALTH & FAMILY | 17 never hit a woman and was extremely gentle and compassionate with his family. WHY IS HELP SO SCARCE? One problem is that many Muslims don’t want to get involved in the “private” family affairs of other Muslims. Rather than enjoining good and forbidding evil, rather than trying to stop abuse in a friend’s or neighbor’s family by offering to mediate between the husband and wife or by encouraging them to speak to

Relatively few imams have had the wisdom and courage to tackle the problem head-on. As a result of this, many abused women don’t bother turning to imams for help. step is a peaceful discussion between the two of them about the problem and solutions. This is intended to soften hearts and eliminate misunderstandings. If this doesn’t work, the next step is for the husband to tell his wife his expectations in a firm, decisive manner. If the rebelliousness and disobedience continues, the husband is supposed to leave the bed, which is really a punishment for both of them for not being able to resolve their differences. If that fails to solve the problem, representatives of both sides meet to try and arbitrate. As a last resort, if he thinks it will prevent divorce by letting the wife know how serious he is, the husband can use a light slap on the hand or shoulder

Muslim counselors, many irresponsible Muslims close their eyes and pretend they don’t know there’s a problem. So the abuse goes on. Another reason why abuse isn’t stopped is that many abused Muslim women simply don’t seek out help. They’re afraid that if their situation becomes public they will lose their privacy because Muslims gossip so much, and they fear the abusers will become more hostile when the negative publicity gets back to them. Furthermore, many abused Muslim women remain silent because they lack confidence in themselves and believe that they somehow deserve the abuse. Abused Muslim women also keep

The Muslim community has clearly failed in its obligations to protect many Muslim women and to bring many cruel Muslim men to justice. but not on any other part of the body, and it shouldn’t leave a mark or scar. Anything beyond this is Islamically prohibited. This procedure is to be followed _only_ when the wife is the cause of a serious problem and the husband is innocent, compassionate, and well-behaved. If the husband is the cause of the problem, he has _no right_ to do any of this. Unfortunately, Muslim wives often accept un-Islamic treatment from their husbands because they don’t know their Islamic rights, and they don’t realize their husbands are crossing the Islamic line. Abusive men are completely disregarding the Islamic teachings of kindness, mercy, gentleness, and forgiveness, just as they are disregarding the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who

quiet out of a feeling of hopelessness and a belief that no one will help them, out of financial dependence on their husbands, out of a desire to keep homes together for the children’s sake, or out of love for the abusive husbands. Other Muslim women accept the abuse as a fact of life and learn to live with it. Of those who reach a breaking point and seek help, many Muslim women turn to imams but often find them unhelpful. Imams often tell these women to be patient and pray for the abuse to end. Some imams make the abused Muslim women feel guilty, telling them they have brought the abuse upon themselves and instructing them to go home and please their husbands. Other imams, who are sincerely but mistakenly misinterpreting Islam by putting the importance of family privacy above any harm that might come to the individual woman, tell the women

it is wrong for them to discuss their problems with anyone other than their husbands. The imams’s reactions stem from ignorance, cowardice, or friendship or blood relationship with the abusive husbands. Relatively few imams have had the wisdom and courage to tackle the problem head-on. As a result of this, many abused women don’t bother turning to imams for help. Looking for other sources of help, many abused Muslim women have turned to relatives only to be told to accept the abuse because making a big deal out of it could hurt the relatives’ family honor and reputation. Finding many imams and relatives to be more cruel than Islamic, abused Muslim women often turn to Muslim female activists and Muslim women’s organizations for help. While these activists are often untrained in crisis intervention, they are getting the abused women out of their houses and hiding them until Muslim men can be sent to try to reason with the husbands. They often collect money from other women to give to the abused women until it’s safe for them to go back home. When continued attempts to salvage the marriages have proven futile, these activists counsel the abused women on how to get out of their marriages. As for national Islamic organizations, most have largely ignored the issue of wife abuse, neglecting to highlight the problem and solutions during national conferences or to devote resources to helping abused Muslim women. Overall, the services provided by the Muslim community for abused Muslim women take care of one-quarter of the need, according to Muslim activists. Because the Muslim community often leaves them to suffer, many abused Muslim women turn to shelters run by non-Muslims for help. (Seeing abused Muslim women at shelters leaves nonMuslim social workers with an ugly picture of Islam. As far as many of them are concerned, Islam is no more just and compassionate than Christianity or Judaism because the Muslim community tolerates wife abuse too. Going to a non-Muslim shelter can result social workers taking children away from troubled Muslim homes if they think it is better for them to be in a more stable environment, which often ends up being a non-Muslim home.) Many women go even further, leaving Islam altogether because the Muslim community fails to live up to the Islamic promise of protection, brotherhood, and sisterhood. THE COMMUNITY’S ROLE The Muslim community has clearly >> See ABUSE II on Pg 18

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

18 | HEALTH & FAMILY ABUSE II >> continued from pg 17 failed in its obligations to protect many Muslim women and to bring many cruel Muslim men to justice. The community needs to deal much more effectively with wife abuse in order to stop the immediate suffering of people in abusive situations and to help build healthy Muslim families. First, the community must accept the fact that there is a problem and that it doesn’t know how to deal with it. Then a core group of trusted, active Muslim men and women in each North American city, who are committed to ending wife abuse in the Muslim community and to strengthening Muslim families, must become knowledgeable about Islamic guidelines on the family and be trained in crisis intervention and counseling. (Unfortunately, some community “leaders” will be too ignorant or arrogant to seek such training; but they must not be allowed to get in the way.) Since there aren’t yet many Muslims qualified to teach crisis intervention and counseling, several Muslim women throughout North America have started learning these techniques from nonMuslim social service agencies (listed in the phone book under wife abuse, domestic violence, or crisis intervention). Other Muslim women and men need to follow suit. Whatever they learn from these agencies should be cast in the light of their Islamic knowledge of properly functioning Muslim families. Once they know what they’re doing, members of core groups across the continent should recruit and train others in their communities in crisis intervention and the Islamic perspective on the family. There should be a network of at least 100 trained counselors in every major North American city.

A list of trained Muslims and their phone numbers (or one Muslim hotline number) should be circulated throughout the community in each city so that abused women know whom they can turn to for meaningful help. (Most of women approaching the network initially will be physically abused Muslims. Victims of mental abuse will less likely to reach out at first because many have become accustomed to the abuse and accept it as a way of life. But educational programs at community gatherings -- explaining what Islamic family life should be like and explaining that there is help available for abused women -- will let emotionally abused Muslim women know they have a way to stop the pain.) These trained Muslims should give abused women shelter (at people’s homes or at community facilities, such as a rented apartment) for periods ranging from several days to several months depending on the extent of the abuse, while counseling them. (Beyond this, taking into account the fact that many Muslim women will still turn to non-Muslim shelters because they don’t want to deal with the Muslim community or because the community program is not big enough to help them, the Muslim community should sensitize people running non-Muslim shelters to the particular needs of Muslim women; and trained Muslims should visit the shelters regularly and constantly remind shelter operators that they are available to help whenever a Muslim woman comes in.) While caring for the abused women, the trained Muslims should counsel the abusers separately, making them aware of the reasons they abuse, of the fact that their actions are truly harming their wives, that such behavior is completely


un-Islamic, and that God will hold them accountable. After separate counseling, the next step would be joint counseling for the husband and wife, and then counseling for the entire family. The objective should be to heal the family, but divorce may be necessary. Another option, that some Muslims in New York have tried, is to punish Muslim men for their abusive actions. A “security force” warns, and then beats up, if necessary, Muslim men who continue beating their wives. Usually the abusers get the message; this is the only language many of them understand. Some men have to be beaten before they wake up and are ready to listen to rational, Islamic arguments. Police and psychiatrists may have to be involved in severe cases of chronic abuse. Community education is an indispensable factor on top of all this. Starting today, throughout the process outlined above, community leaders and other concerned Muslims need to educate people -- about the problem and about efforts to help victims and prevent future abuse -- through Friday khutbahs (sermons), educational seminars, and workshops. These educational programs can themselves reduce abuse by letting people know the community isn’t going to tolerate it anymore. the community isn’t going to tolerate if anymore. Furthermore, the community needs to establish classes to teach Muslim men, young and old, how to be proper husbands and fathers and to teach Muslim women, young and old, how to be proper wives and mothers. Many Muslims don’t know their rights and obligations in these roles. In addition, in order to prevent future family problems, parents and community

leaders must teach children and young adults to be compassionate, to value the family, and to resolve problems in an Islamic, non-violent manner. It’s also important for Muslims to go into field like psychiatry, women’s issues law, social work, and counseling. No Muslim community in any North American city has taken all these steps. Unfortunately, the entire plan could take years to implement. (Of course, that makes it all the more necessary to start immediately.) But when theses steps are taken, abuse should decrease if not stop in the Muslim community, according to Muslim social workers and activists. If, once all these steps are taken, there are more abused Muslim women in specific communities than these networks can adequately help, then Muslims should establish good quality, properly staffed, and well funded Muslim shelters. Many communities may not need to go this far, but some may. DO YOU REALLY CARE? It sounds like a lot of work, but the problem is serious enough to warrant a lot of work. The Muslim community has shamefully tolerated abuse for a long time. How much longer will Muslim families (and therefore the Muslim community) be weakened by abuse? How much longer will abusers be allowed to run free and unpunished in the community? How much more abuse will Muslim women have to endure before the community decides that enough is enough? [If you are an abused Muslimah, or if you would like to help combat domestic violence, visit Muslimat Al-Nisaa at, or call 410-466-8686, or email -- TML]

The Muslim Link newspaper is looking for full and part-time candidates to fill upcoming staff writer positions. The ideal candidates are committed Muslims who have a penchant for good writing, are involved in community work, have a strong work ethic, and believe in establishing Muslim media. To join our team and start on a job which offers ground breaking opportunities and excitement, send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to the editor.

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TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

ISLAM | 19


���������������������� ���������������������

The way of life given to us by our Creator and practiced by our Messenger Sallallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam

‘Fear Allah and Be Just With Your Children’ Does Justice Mean Equality?

By Hajar al-Rajhi Al-Nu`mân b. Bashîr once addressed the people from the pulpit and told them about what took place between the Prophet and his father, saying: My father gave him a gift. Then my mother, `Amrah bint Rawâhah, said: “I will not be satisfied until Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon it) is a witness to it.” So my father went to Allah’s Messenger and said: “I gave a gift to my son from `Amrah bint Rawâhah, and she told me to have you be a witness to it, O Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked: “Did you give your other children something similar?” He replied that he had not. So the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Fear Allah, and be just between your children.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (2587) and Sahîh Muslim (1623)] Islam teaches us the principle of treating our children with justice, and treating children justly usually means treating them equally. We see this clearly in the hadîth cited above. The Prophet (peace be upon him) declared the father to be unjust, because he gave one child a gift without giving an equal gift to the

others. In this case, treating the children unequally was the same as treating them unjustly. But does justice always mean equality? This is an important question, since it is essential for us as Muslim parents to understand what justice between our children entails. We know the matter of justice is serious in our religion, because

The Pious Predecessors exercised great care and vigilance to be fair to their children. They tried to be equal in how often they paid attention to each child, how often the played with them, spoke with them, even how often they smiled or looked at them. They only made exception when they had to show anger or disapproval to a child for some

Consider the consequences when we favor some of our children over others. It creates hatred and resentment between siblings where love should be. the Prophet (peace be upon him) told the father to “Fear Allah”. This is a strong rebuke to the father on account of his conduct. Such a strong rebuke shows us that being unjust in our dealings with our children is a serious sin. Consider the consequences when we favor some of our children over others. It creates hatred and resentment between siblings where love should be. It makes them envious. It ca also make the child who is treated less favorably to suffer from self-doubt and low confidence.

wrongdoing, and then they did this with fairness in order to correct that child for that particular misdeed, and that with the intention to develop the child’s character. The Qur’ân gives us a good example, in the story of Joseph, of a family where some children felt that one brother was more loved and more favored by their father. They went so far as to plot to kill him. In the end, they tossed him into a well in the chance that a passing caravan would take him away.

Therefore, as fathers and mothers, we should always show equal love for our children. Being equal in material things, like clothing, gifts and treats is certainly very important part of it, but it is not the whole story. It is also crucial to make sure not to show favoritism in the time and attention that we give to any one of them. We should make sure that our children feel that they are equally loved and esteemed. An important part of this, however, is to recognize that each of our children is a unique individual, with his or her own particular set of needs, talents, and interests. Therefore, when we should show our love equally to each of our sons and daughters, we should do so in a manner that responds to the unique needs of each. What is best for a small child may not be appropriate for an older child. Likewise, what will interest, please, or benefit one child will not be the same for another. This is where justice and equality do not mean exactly the same thing. There are times and ways in which we will have to treat our children differently. There are three factors that need to be taken into careful consideration: >> See JUSTICE on Pg 20

Women and Men as “Garments” The Qur’an has a beautiful passage that describes women and men as “garments to” one another (2:187). What does it mean to be a “garment” – an article of clothing – to someone else? What is the function of a garment? It covers what is private to you, makes you look nice to others, remains close to you, and keeps you warm. But there is another important function that garments serve, and it appears in a striking manner in the 12th Sura of the Qur’an, the Sura of Yusuf (Joseph, peace be upon him). In this Sura, we find several references to Yusuf’s garments, particularly his shirt (qamis). One day, his jealous brothers leave him stranded in a well. They return to their father Ya‘qub (Jacob, peace be

upon him) and tell him that a wolf had devoured their younger brother. To support their claim, they display Yusuf’s shirt stained with “false blood,” as the Qur’an puts it. However, with Yusuf’s shirt in front of him, Ya‘qub sees through their lies; he knows that Yusuf is alive. Later in the narrative, Yusuf becomes a slave in Egypt. The wife of his master tries to seduce him. Despite his attraction to her, Yusuf rejects her advances and turns away from her. In the process, she tears his shirt from behind. She then lies and accuses Yusuf of wrongdoing. A member of her household states that if the shirt is torn from the front, she is telling the truth, but if it is torn from behind, she is lying. It thus becomes clear that Yusuf

has been falsely accused. Again, the shirt functions as a witness. It is through the shirt that God protects Yusuf, not necessarily from the schemes made against him (as he later finds himself in prison), but from the filth of falsehood. A simple shirt. And yet, in accordance with God’s will, it protects and supports Yusuf. Finally, as Yusuf acquires enormous power and success after having been oppressed, he runs into his brothers. This time, however, they are in the inferior position. At one point, Yusuf gives them his shirt and tells them to place it on their father’s face in order to restore his sight, which he had lost over the years. Here, God uses the shirt of Yusuf to bless what

is dear to Yusuf. And the shirt, like the truth, provides sight. Spouses, both male and female, are blessings from God. They protect us, support us, and allow us to see with our hearts what we would otherwise miss. And if we abuse them in any way, then not only do we cease to play our assigned role, but we become blind – blind to the truth, God’s wisdom, and the beauty before our eyes. Indeed, “it is not people’s eyes that are blind, but their hearts within their breasts” (Q. 22:46). Source: Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse --

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

20 | ISLAM

The Blessed Home: Where Kindness Lives Islam is a beautiful religion, full of wisdom and harmony. If this wonderful religion is followed properly then a typical Muslim would only be a great example to follow. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The most perfect believer in faith is the one who is best in moral character...” [At-Tirmithi] Spreading kindness at home: ‘Aa’ishah (Allah be pleased with her) said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said: ‘”When Allaah, The Almighty,Wills some good towards the people of a household, He introduces kindness among them.’” [Ahmad] According to another report: “When Allaah loves the people of a household, He introduces kindness among them.” [Ibn Abu Ad-Dunyaa] In other words, they start to be kind to one another. This is one of the means of attaining happiness at home, for kindness is very beneficial between the spouses, and with the children, and it brings results that cannot be achieved through harshness, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allaah loves kindness and rewards for it in such a way that He does not reward for harshness or for anything else.” [Muslim] Helping the wife with the housework: Many men think that housework is beneath them, and some of them think

JUSTICE >> continued from pg 19

1. Children have different emotional constitutions. Some children have a greater need for affection, while others have a greater need for praise or reassurance. There are children who must be taught things with more care and thoroughness and others who want to be included in decisions. True justice entails giving each child what he or she is in need of. If a parent gives the same exact gift or treatment to each, some children will be favored by it while others will be disfavored. The parent may believe he or

that it will undermine their status and position if they help their wives with this work. The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) however, used to “sew his own clothes, mend his own shoes and do whatever other work men do in their homes.” [Ahmad] This is how ‘Aa’ishah (Allah be pleased with her) responded when she was asked about what the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) used to do in his house; she described what she herself had seen. According to another report, she said: “He was like any other human being; he would clean his clothes, milk his ewe and serve himself.” [Ahmad] She was also asked about what the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) used to do in his house, and she said, “He used to serve his family, then when the time for prayer came, he would go out to pray.” [Al-Bukhaari] If we Muslim men were to do likewise nowadays, we would achieve three things: 1.We would be following the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him); 2. We would be helping our wives ; 3. We would feel more humble and down to earth. These narrations should act as a reminder to those men, who demand food instantly from their wives, when the pot is on the stove and the baby is screaming to be fed; they do not pick up the child or wait a little while for the food.

she is being just through such dogmatic equality, but he or she is really favoring the child who actually wants the gift or actually benefits by the particular kind of attention being given. The other children lose out. The unwitting parent might be bewildered to see that most of the children are resentful and spiteful, in spite of the parent’s best efforts to be equal and fair. 2. Since each child is a unique individual, each will behave differently towards his or her parents. It is unavoidable for parents to feel differently about their children on account of how their children treat them. Sometimes, a child’s behavior warrants special treatment. A child who shows extra respect and good behavior to his parents will be

Being affectionate towards and joking with the members of the family: Showing affection towards one’s wife and children is one of the things that lead to creating an atmosphere of happiness and friendliness in the home. Thus the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) advised Jaabir to marry a virgin, saying, “Why did you not marry a virgin, so you could play with her and she could play with you, and you could make her laugh and she could make you laugh?” [AlBukhaari and Muslim] The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said: “Everything in which Allaah’s name is not mentioned is idleness and play, except for four things: a man playing with his wife...” [An-Nasaa’ee] The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to treat his wife ‘Aa’ishah (Allah be pleased with her) affectionately when performing Ghusl (ritual bath) with her, as she said: “The Messenger of Allaah and I used to perform Ghusl together from one vessel, and he would playfully pretend to take all the water so that I would say, ‘Leave some for me, leave some for me.’” [Muslim] The ways in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) showed affection towards young children are too famous to need mentioning. He often used to show his

acknowledged and rewarded for doing so in the way that child’s parents respond to the good behavior. This may actually be an unwitting response of the part of the parents, but it is a natural one. 3. Sometimes, a child’s circumstances demand some form of special treatment. Obviously, a small child needs more direct care and attention than an older one. Also, a child who excels in his or her studies needs to be shown special regard for doing so. A child who is religious and morally upright should be shown respect for it. A child who has a disability should be shown the extra care, affection, ad support that dealing with the disability requires. With grown children, one who is poor or facing unfortunate circumstances can be given

affection towards his grandchildren Hasan and Husayn. This is probably one of the reasons why the children used to rejoice when he came back from traveling; they would rush to welcome him, as reported in the following authentic narration: “Whenever he came back from a journey, the children of his household would be taken out to meet him.” He used to hug them close to him, as ‘Abdullaah Ibn Ja’far said: “Whenever the Prophet came back from a journey, we would be taken out to meet him (to the boundaries of Al-Madeenah). One day we met him, Hasan, Husayn and I. He carried one of us in front of him (on his animal), and another on his back, until we entered Al-Madeenah.” [Muslim] Compare this with the situation in some miserable homes where there is no joking or playing, affection or mercy among its members. Whoever thinks that kissing his children goes against the dignity of fatherhood should read the following narration reported from Abu Hurayrah who said: “The Messenger of Allaah kissed AlHasan Ibn ‘Ali, and Al-Aqra’ Ibn Haabis At-Tameemi was sitting with him. AlAqra’ said: ‘I have ten children and I have never kissed any one of them.’ The Messenger of Allaah looked at him and said: ‘The one who does not show mercy will not be shown mercy.’” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim] Source:

the help that he or she needs. In all cases, however, the essence of justice must always be upheld. Though our hearts have a tendency to love one child more than another and to favor some of our children at times over others, we should do what is in our power to be just between them. Though this is certainly complicated by the fact that just treatment is not always the same as equal treatment, we must to the best of our abilities and knowledge strive to be fair and to show equal love. And May Allah forgive us for whatever unwitting mistakes we might make. [Source:]

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

Request For Dua’s

{ To Allah We B e l o n g , a n d t o H i m i s O u r R e t u r n }

“Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and good, and to Us you will be returned.” (Surah Al-Anbiya:35)” 9-22-09 The mother of Br. Mumtaz Khan has returned to Allah. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. May Alla have mercy on her and give her Jannat ul-Firdaus. Amin. Her janaazah was held at ADAMS Center. She was buried at Al Firdaus Memorial Gardens in Frederick, MD. (Source: Rizwan Jaka) 9-23-09 Sis. Aliya Khan, the mother of Br. Ikram Khan, of Germantown, MD passed away in Ashburn, VA. May Allah forgive her sins and enter her into Jannat ul-Firdaus. Amin. Her salaat ul-janaazah was at ADAMS Center, and she was buried at Al Firdaus Memorial Gardens in Frederick, MD. (Source: ICM) 9-29-09 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sis. Ehsan Sadek, mother of Muhammad Said. The Janaaza prayer was offered at Masjid Al-Rahmah.. May Allah (SWT) forgive her sins, and enter her into Jannat ul Firdaus. Amin. (Source: ISB) 10-3-09 Sis. Sarwar Jehan passed away. May Allah forgive her sins, grant her Jannat ul-Firdaus, and give her family strength to bear this loss. Amin. (Source: Sufyan Erberle) 10-3-09 Sis. Rashida Shafi has returned to her Lord. Her janaazah was held at Masjid Noor in Springfiled, VA and she was buried at King David Memorial Gardens in Falls Church, VA. (Source: Ismail Laher) 10-3-09 Br. Muhammad Khan has passed away. Inna lilllahi wa inna ilahi rajioon. Salaat ul-janaazah for him was held at Dar Al Noor in Manaassa, VA. (Sourcel Mohammed Mehboob) 10-4-09 Br. Hammad Raza passed on to meet his Lord. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. May Allah grant him Jannat ul-Firdaus and give his family strength to bear this loss. Amin.(Source; Nuzaira Azam) 10-5-09 Sis. Gulshan Ara Ali, wife of Brother Amir Ali, passed away. May Allah have mercy on her and grant her paradise, and give patience to her family in this time of difficulty. Amin. Her janaza was at ADAMS Center and she was buried at Sterling Cemetery. (Source: Sharhab Khan) 10-14-09 The janaazah of Sis. Hawa Sahid, the mother of sister Ramatu and brother Mohammad Ibrahim, was held at PGMA. She was laid to rest at Maryland National Cemetery in Laurel, MD. (Source: Jihad Ashkar) 10-15-09 We are sad to announce the death of our Sis. Zakia Omar Daghar of Germantown, MD Sis. Zakia passed away at the Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, MD. Sis. Zakia was the mother of Salim Ahmed Balala, Samir Ahmed Balala, Harith Ahmed Balala, Maliha Ahmed Balala and Salha Ahmed Balala. Salaat uljanaazah was held at the slamic Center of Maryland. She was buried at Al Firdaus Memorial Gardens in Frederick, MD. (Source: ICM)


Upcoming Events In Your Area YUSHA EVANS AT MUSTAFA CENTER Oct. 17 2009, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm Br. Yusha Evans (formerly Joshua Evans), the current Programs Director for WHYIslam?, will be speaking about his experience moving from being a Christian youth minister to a dai’ee speaking about Islam throughout the U.S. Born and raised in Greenville, SC, he accepted Islam in 1998 and has since studied Islam in both the U.S. and Egypt. Come hear his inspirational story of submission to Allah subhanah wa T’Ala. Bring friends, coworkers and family! Location: Mustafa Center 6844 Braddock Rd, Annandale, VA 22003 Contact:, or calll 703-658-7134 HAJJ WORKSHOP Oct. 31 2009, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Prepare yourself for the ultimate spiritual journey by attending Dar us-Salaam’s annual workshop! Become proficient in the rites, terms, du’aat, do’s and don’ts, and make the most of your trip.Taught by Imam Safi Khan. Hosted by PGMA in Lanham, MD. Register for free at with the names of people you are registering. Location: PGMA, 9150 Lanham-Severn Rd., Lanham, MD 20706 Contact: 301-9829848, or COMPETITION IN ARABIC READING Nov. 14 2009, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Creative Education and Publishing is pleased to announce an Arabic Reading Competition for youth ages 6-12. The competition aims to encourage the learning and love of the Arabic language. Three levels of competition allow children in grades 1 through 6 to compete. Readers will be given a written test first. Stories for the competition are available at El Iman Learning Center. Must register to enter. Registration: $11 (includes stories and cost to mail them to you); $10 if you pick up stories in person. Prizes awarded for winners in each level! Location: El Iman Learning Center, 3431 Carlin Springs Rd., Falls Church, VA 22041 Contact: Alameddine at 703-856-7005, or info@creativeeducationandpublishing. com. AL MUMTAHINAH HOME 3RD ANNUAL FUND RAISER Nov. 14 2009, 3:00pm to 8:00 pm The Womens Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home warmly invites you to come share a special evening of discussion on “Patience and Perseverance”, with guest speaker Jeanette Habullah, author of “The Magnificent Organ”, as we seek Allah’s provision and encourage you to help us continue our mission of providing safe haven for women and their children. Admission: $35 (Light refreshments available) Location: Dar al-Taqwa, 10740 Route 108, Ellicott City, MD 21042 Contact: Sr. Nadia 443-965-0555 or Sr. Amina 443-455-4378 SISTERS MEENA BAZAAAR! Nov. 22 2009, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Sisters, get ready to get your shop on! Get to MCC where vendors will give you the opportunity to shop for Eid, insha Allah! Enjoy food, clothing, jewelry, books, threading, mehndi, and MORE! Vendors welcome! Please call 301-384-3454, or 301-879-2263 Location: MCC, 15200 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 Contact: 301384-3454, or 301-879-2263 AMERICAN MUSLIM CONSUMER CONFERENCE Oct. 31 2009 9:00 am to 6:00 pm This one-day landmark conference event is being organized to highlight the American Muslim consumer as an untapped market segment in the USA, understand it and its growth, trends and opportunities, provide information related to its needs and ways to access it, and to learn how to effectively market products and services to Muslims. Speakers and attendees will include research executives, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals interested in the American Muslim market; companies and executives who would like learn more about American Muslims and have access to them as consumers, and who already cater to American Muslims. Shouldn’t YOU be there, too?Registration: $89. Breakfast and lunch included. Location: Rutgers State University of New Jersey, Busch Campus Center, 604 Bartholomew Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854 Contact: (THIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT FOR THE MUSLIM LINK NEWSPAPER. is a separate entity from the newspaper)

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


Salaah times for 4 Thul Qidah - 2 Thul Hijjah 1430 A.H.

If a person had a stream outside his door and he bathed in it fi ve times a day, do you think he would have any fi lth left on him?” The people said, “No filth would remain on him whatsoever.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said, “That is like the fi ve daily prayers: Allah wipes away the sins by them.” ---Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari and Muslim










23 OCT




























































































































































































































































TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

Editor-in-Chief: Minhaj Hasan Office Manager : Jann McClary News Desk: Rashad Mulla Layout & Design: Fadlullah Firman Staff Writers: Farkhunda Ali Farha Marfani Rashad Mulla Maryam bint DawudMussallihullah Sharia Advisors: Sheikh Salah as-Sawi Imam Safi Khan The Muslim Link (TML) is published on the first Friday of every Islamic month (Hijri calendar) and distributed throughout the Washington, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia Metropolitan Areas. TML is a non-profit publication and is based at Dar-us-Salaam in College Park, Maryland, USA. Staff and contributors are not necessarily affiliated with Dar-us-Salaam. The views expressed in The Muslim Link do not necessarily reflect those of Dar-us-Salaam or TML management or their underwriters. Dar-usSalaam and TML are not responsible for the accuracy of information presented by advertisers, or for the religious compliance of events, products, or services published in TML.

FAITH >> continued from pg 10 With an annual organizational membership of only $100, the CMO cannot sustain an office much less an employee. Imam Johari appealed to each organization for a monthly donation of $300. “We stepped out

CONTINUED | 23 on a leap of faith, and the first of the month is coming up,” he said, referring to the office rent. A few organizations including CAIR committed to some amount, while several others said they would take the request back to their board for consideration. “Washington DC is the most important city in the nation. It has to have a shura council,” said CAIR Executive Director

BALLOT II >> continued from pg 9

motto is “Christian Leadership to Change the World”. G.I Jobs Magazine awarded the school “Military Friendly University for 2010”.

Virgil Goode cast him in a negative light for many Muslims, explained Hossain.

Hossain said endorsements of other candidates up for election on November 3 was based on their willingness or unwillingness to engage with the Muslim community, and whether or not they distanced themselves from anti-Muslim rhetoric which has marred Virginia’s politics over the last several years.

“[Virgil Goode] is infamous for his vitriolic opposition to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s taking his oath of office on the Qur’an. While in a meeting with Muslim leaders, Mr. McDonnell denied he supported all of Mr. Goode’s views, [but] he also refused to repudiate Mr. Goode’s prejudicial remarks about Muslims in America,” Hossain said. McDonnell is a graduate of conservative anti-Muslim Christian pastor Pat Robertson’s Regent University, whose

“While candidates from both sides have attended the Eid Al-Fitr prayers and spoke at various masajid, clearly the history and current level of engagement favor the three Democratic candidates,” explained Hossain, adding that the number of registered Muslim voters


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Nihad Awad. The meeting ended with a short presentation by Dr. Iqbal Unus of the Fairfax Institute on a new Imam training and credentialing program. CMO thanked IIIT for sponsoring the dinner and the ADAMS center for providing the tables and chairs. For more information on the CMO, visit

in Virginia increased slightly since last year, growing from 72,000 to about 74,000. Hossain said the State Delegate elections are just as important as the choice for governor. “After the 2010 census, the Virginia House will be involved in the redistricting of the electoral districts,” he said. “VMPAC will provide rides to anyone who needs it. We must all turn out to vote this year because our future depends on it.” For more information on VMPAC visit or email

The Muslim Link newspaper is looking for full and part-time candidates to fill upcoming staff writer positions. The ideal candidates are committed Muslims who have a penchant for good writing, are involved in community work, have a strong work ethic, and believe in establishing Muslim media. To join our team and start on a job which offers ground breaking opportunities and excitement, send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to the editor.

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24 | Marketplace


Your Guide to Products and Services for Your Muslim Lifestyle

The Muslim Link


• All existing customers who have an ad half page or larger in either the Main section or Marketplace section get a FREE coupon in each issue their ad runs. • For businesses not currently in the paper, coupons are just $10 each issue, paid in advance. • All coupons are one size (approximately half the size of an 1/8 page ad) and are text-only, no images. • You tell us the deal you are offering, and the expiration date • The section will be promoted on the front page of the newspaper, directing readers to the actual coupon page inside. Now is the time to take advantage of this great advertising savings. Drop us an email at, or give us a call at

LIL’ ITALIAN CAFE McLearen Shopping Center, 3065-R Centreville Rd, Herndon, VA 20171


Mon-Fri 9am to 10pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 10pm

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KOSHER SUBWAY OF BALTIMORE 706 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21209 410-653-5782

Very Unique Subway - Local Handmade Meats, Even Fries and Baked Potatoes, Meat Pizza, Soy Cheese and Lots More.

5% off all Non-Sale Items With this Ad. Details at Exp. Date: Dec. 31, 2009

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1050 17th St., N.W., Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036 202-776-7191

18530 Woodfield Rd., Gaithersburg, MD Call for appointment

Open 7 Days 10:30am to 10:00pm

$100 off Minor Cases, $250 off Major Cases, With this coupon Exp. Date: Dec. 31, 2009 brought to you by��Musl mL nk



$5 off Facials, $2 off Henna

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KHAN EL KHALILI The Largest Islamic Department Store on the East Coast

SISTERS SHOPPING DAY Valid Saturday, Oct 3, 2009

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On all ladies fashions & accessories

5826-A Seminary Road, Falls Church, VA 22041 Ph: 703-671-1286 Exp. Date: Dec 31, 2009 brought to you by��Musl mL nk

PHD SALON BARBER SHOP 216 Main Street, Laurel, MD 20707


Mon - Fri 10am to 7pm; Sat 10am to 6pm; Sun 10am to 5pm

$10 with this coupon, (Regular Hair Cut) We Cut All Types of Hair! Exp. Date: Dec. 31, 2009 brought to you by��Musl mL nk

MAURYA KEBABS & CURRIES (INDIAN CUISINE) 11444 Cherry Hill Road, Beltsville, MD 20705 301-937-2690

½ PRICE ENTREE Buy one at regular price, receive

second entrée at ½ price. Equal or lesser value. 10% off on $25-$50 order (Valid Mon-Thurs only) Exp date: Nov. 30, 2009 brought to you by��Musl mL nk

CHICKEN BASKET 12951 Wisteria Dr. Germantown, MD 20874 301-515-4405 Mon-Sat 11am-9pm | Sun 12pm-9pm

$500 OFF

of any order $2500 or more Not valid with any other coupon Exp date: Dec. 31, 2009 brought to you by��Musl mL nk

The Muslim Link


TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

MP - Clothing Store/Grocery/Event/Education | 25

26 | MP - Advertisement

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

MP - Events | 27

Join us for your Eid shopping and enjoy food, clothing, jewelry, books, threading, mehndi and much more! For vendor information, please call: 301-384-3454 or 301-879--2263

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

28 | MP - Healthcare/Realtor

Najla Abdur-Rahman, M.D. Board Certified Johns Hopkins Trained Pediatrician

7001 Johnnycake Road, Suite101 Baltii more, MD 21244 (Intersection of Rolling and Johnnycake Roads near Masjid Al-Rahmah)

Phone: 410-719-0063

7658 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236 (Exit 32A off 695 Towards Overlea in the Beltway Shopping Plaza near Masjid An-Nur)

Phone: 410-882-6841

p: 709.945.8229 w: e:


The Muslim Link newspaper is looking for full and part-time candidates to ďŹ ll upcoming staff writer positions. The ideal candidates are committed Muslims who have a penchant for good writing, are involved in community work, have a strong work ethic, and believe in establishing Muslim media. To join our team and start on a job which offers ground breaking opportunities and excitement, send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to the editor.

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TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

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30 | MP - Professional Services

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


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TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

MP - Professional Services/Travel/Restaurants | 31

32 | MP - Restaurants

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009


ville, MD 20705 eek Court, Belts Cr an di In 91 1 11 12 or 240-264-19 240-264-1990 w Visit us at ww m rjc at us l ai or em

MP - Restaurants | 33 We now hav e WI-FI availa ble!

aurant in the The only halal restia Metro area spec lizing in BBQ beef short ribs!

Q sauce Home-made utBheBrn -style

SPECIAL : So tatoes, icken Steak w/mashedvepo Ch ied Fr ggies mushroom gravy, grilled



SPECIAL : BBQ short ribs with

mashed potatoes and grill

ed veggies



Strip Steak w/ baked t-bone Rib, Eye or New York �t-b etables potato and broccoli or veg rimp and steak) w/ Surf and Turf - (grilled sh �Su or vegetables baked potato and broccoli



TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

34 | MP - Classified Ads

Place a personal classified ad. Call us at 301-982-1020

$1 per 3 words. You may place a classified on free of charge. All classifieds run 3 months in the marketplace section. To place a classified, email with the exact text of the classified, and send a check or money order payable to the Muslim Link to: The Muslim Link, 5301 Edgewood Rd, College Park MD 20740.

CHILDCARE TEDDY BEAR DAY CARE -Fairfax County permit, First Aid/CPR Certified, -Food Program, -Multichild Discount, -20 years caring, -Extensive Child Care training, -Computer Skills & games, -Near Pool & Playground, -Full-Time Opening for Infants to Age 12, -Emphasis on Language Arts, -Located in Annandale near by Littler River Trnpk. and John Marr Dr. Call Mrs. Lodhi(703)941-0944. Also teaches Arabic.



Licensed childcare provider in Bowie has openings for infants and up. 301-464-1473



I’m offering education, fun, and affordable daycare for your child. I provide care for children in a familystyle setting. Your child will experience books, nursery rhymes, educational programs and exercise. Now enrolling 6 wks to 12 yrs. 7am to 6pm. Drop-in per hour. Weekend and evening care upon request. Before and after school care. Vouchers accepted. Located near 695, Windor Mills, Al-Rahmah masjid. Contact 410-2817155, 410-292-9274, or



Loving mom (License # 13151804) provides daycare in her own lovely house in Columbia, Howard County. Excellent experience providing: balanced care, care-related guidance, and halal healthy food for ages 4 months to 5 years. Non-curriculum language activities are available. References are available. We believe our care will match or exceed your little ones’ Moms Care. Call 410-5312970. Feel good as soon as you enter.

EMPLOYMENT DOMESTIC HELP NEEDED Experienced house keeper and cook. Live in McLean, VA. Tuesday-Saturday with flexibility. Energetic, trustworthy, and gentle person with recent references. English-speaking preferred. Driving a plus. Starting salary from $350 a week with extra consideration for experience and ability. Call 703-851-7979 08-04-09



Looking for a sister to help a homeschooling mom during the day. Part time /Full Time. Should speak and read fluent English and be energetic. Duties include watching younger children and light housework. No teaching experience required, however, must love working with children. We are located in Greenbelt, MD. Willing to consider live in. Please call 301-328-1638.

FOR SALE WOMENS’ CLOTHING Gorgeous Shalwar Kameez on SALE, VERY REASONABLE PRICES. Casual/semi-formal/formal, Dresses. In Howard County. Contact 410-720-2389.



Shariah Compliant Financing Available on NEW Brick Front Colonial in Greenbelt/ Lanham, MD. Across from NASA Goddard. Beautiful, newly constructed brick front colonial in a new home subdivision offering 5700 sq ft of space, 6 BRs & 6 baths, fully finished walkout basement, private wooded backyard. Home is loaded w/upgrades including 3 fireplaces, GE Monogram appliances, insulated garage, high end lights & chandeliers, ceiling fans in every room, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, Jacuzzis in all baths, 3 wet bar sinks, ceramic & porcelain tile in all baths and a 5 zone heating and cooling system. There are

over $200k in upgrades. Full Home Warranty Included. Priced at $699,000, Reduced from $959,000. Smaller homes also available at 4000 sq ft priced in the mid 400’s. Call 301-343-5757 for more information.



Satisfy your hunger at Planet Pizza. Call us at 301-7629400, visit us on line at www., or stop in at 819 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD 20850. We’re in front of Montgomery College.



A recently closed restaurant has a full line of equipment for purchase -- grills, fryers, commercial utensils and machines, the works for a full sit down restaurant with tables and chairs, cash register, etc . Take everything. Some new equipment just a year old, all in good condition. Call 301257-6854 for a list of major items and to schedule an appointment.

----------------------------RESTAURANT BUSINESS

Established restaurant, over 20 years in business in Montgomery County, MD. $115.000. Contact Adel, 301-956-6759.



Fabulous Hershey’s Ice Cream Parlor for Sale. Store is located next to cinema, in Food Wing of MARLEY STATION MALL. Priced for quick sell is $89,000.00 and Inventory, Gross sales are $180,000.00 with net revenue of $65,000.00 appx. Square footage is appx. 930 sq.ft. Monthly rent and CAM charges are $4,026.00+ Electric. Lease is good till 7/2011, could be renewed. Call Sultan at 410-465-9129, or 703-307-5759.

MATRIMONIAL SEEKING MUSLIMA 40year old Arab Muslim in Maryland, looking for a

Muslima. yosof120@yahoo. com , or P.O. Box 133. Hanover, MD 21076



Sunni Muslim looking for marriage to Muslima. Contact Jamel Allen, #05-A5167, Eastern Correctional Facility, P O Box 338, Napanoch, NY 12458-0338.



Bismillah, alhamdulillah. Striving, studious Sunni Muslim, serious about deen, seeking wife. Write to Jesse Brown, #05B2118, Eastern Correctional Facility, P O Box 338, Napanoch, NY 12458-0338



Incarcerated Sunni Muslim, black male, age 27, seeking possible wife. Please write Jesse Williams, #04A3239, Eastern Correctional Facility, P O Box 338, Napanoch, NY 12458-0388



Alhamdulillah. Incarcerated Sunni Muslim. Black male, 26. I’m seeking a devoted Muslimah who places Allah first, who’s studious, and who’s also ambitious. Age, race, and financial status unimportant. Allah’s the best planer. Establish correspondence, leading to possible marriage. I’m an HIV peer counselor, and a freelance writer. Interested, write: Lemorris Jones, 03B0104, ENYCF, P O Box 338, Napanoch, NY 124560338.



Handsome Pakistani Sunni Muslim male. Age 41. U.S. Citizen. Funny, loving and caring. Seeks Muslim lady. Race/looks unimportant, because beauty comes from within. Salaam. Nadeem Khan, #227131, P O Box 860, Oakwood, VA 24631


IN SEARCH OF SOUL MATE As salaamu alaikum. This ad is from a 6ft, 190lb African American, 51 year-old, in shape, strong Muslim of the sunnah! I’m childless, sincere, without vices, compassionate and monogamous! In search of a friend, companion, soul mate and wife! Shabazz Mohammad, #14064-053, F.C.I. Atlanta, P O Box 150160, Atlanta, GA 30315



BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Start your own VoIP or Calling Card Business! Investment begins at $ 5,000 Call Today 703-871-5273.



Donations accepted, or pick up. Slightly worn items only. Store hours Mon-Sat 10am -6pm. 5115 Park Heights, Baltimore, MD 21215. Br. Allen Scott, 410-542-6925 or 443-538-7643. License #30385946.


Room for rent in house close to Al-Huda School, metro, and UMCP. Call 240-271-9552.

SERVICES HANDYMAN AVAILABLE Assalamu’alaykum! My name is Varga Syahroni. I am an experienced technician in DC/MD/VA. I offer service and repair for cooling, heating, plumbing, refrigerator, dish washers, dryer machines and much more. Call me for reliable service! Free estimates (301) 792-1004 or email varga_



At Loving Home Care we provide care you can trust and afford all from the comfort of your home! Our services are for seniors and loved ones needing

assistance with activities of daily living. We also provide Mother’s Helpers for that mother in need. Companionship, Hygiene Care, Meal Preparation, Errands, Grocery, Light Housekeeping, Grooming, Dressing, Medication Reminders, Doctors Appointments. *Low Rates* *No Deposit* *Bonded & Insured* CALL TODAY: 301-490-1146 -----------------------------


If you have a Class B learner’s and need training, or neeed to drive a Class B vehicle to MVA, then call me. Very reasonable rates. Will work with low budget. Kaba, 240-505-4225 ------------------------------


Licensed contractor. Home Improvement work , interior/exterior painting, drywall install/repair, brick/concrete repair . Estimates done. Contact Br. Allen Scott at 443 538 7643 or 410 467 1259 ----------------------------LAWN CARE SPECIALIST A lawn you will be proud of and services that are affordable, reliable and high-quality. We are “Badr Lawncare Services”. We are fully licensed and insured in the State of Virginia. Right now, we are offering: Needed Fall Services: Core Aeration, starting at $75 (1000 to 3000 square feet), $20 for every additional 1000 sqf. Seeding is also available starting at $53 for townhomes (1000 to 2000 sqf.), and $10 for every additional 1000 sqf. We also treat Weeds (Nutsedge, Broadleaves, clover, violets, Crabgrass, and other hard to control weeds...), and treat Lawn Diseases (fongus, moss, grub...etc). Call Noureddine @ 303301-5657 and ask for our estimates and our 30% discount special for muslims.

TML, Thul Qidah 1430 | Oct 23 - Nov 19, 2009

MP - Masjid Locator | 35

Do you have additions, changes, or corrections to the event listings in the Muslim Link? Email us at, or call us at 301-982-1020.


ISLAMIC CENTER OF GREATER SOUTH EAST (FORMERLY MASJID ASH-SHURA) 3109-B Martin Luther King Ave., S.E. Washington, DC 20032 202-506-7235

ISLAMIC CENTER OF MARYLAND (ICM): 19401 Woodfield Rd. Gaithersburg,MD 20879 Tel:301-840-9440,

ISLAMIC CENTER OF NORTHERN VA TRUST (ICNVT): 4420 Shirley Gate Road, Fairfax, VA, 22030 Tel: 703-941-6558, E-mail:


46903 Sugarland Rd, Sterling,VA 20164, Tel: 703-433-1325,


4637 Eastern Ave., Hyattsville, MD, 20782, Tel: 301-779-9292.


2116 S Nelson St., Arlington, VA, 22204, Tel: 703-778-1550.


3159 Rowe St., Falls Church, VA 22044, Tel: 703-536-1030,


15250 Dumfries Rd., Mannassas,VA 20112.

DAR UL-GHURABA (Masjid ur Rahmah): 155 Baker St., Emporia, VA 23487, Tel. 434-348-786.


6666 Commerce St., Springfield, VA 22150, Tel: 703-922-0111,

DAR AL-NOOR (MUSLIM ASSOC. OF VA): 5404 Hoadly Rd., Manassas, VA 20112, Tel: 703-580-0808, Fax: 703-221-8513,

ISLAMIC COM. CENTER OF LAUREL (ICCL): 7306 Contee Rd., Laurel, MD 20707 Tel: 301-317-4584,

ISLAMIC FOUND. OF AMERICA (IFA): 6606 Electronic Dr., Springfield, VA 22151 Tel: 703-914-4982,

ISLAMIC HERITAGE CENTER (IHC): 262 A-3 Cedar Ln., Vienna, VA 22180 Tel: 703-206-9056.


2635 Riva RdSuite 110Annapolis, MD 21401 Tel: 410-266-6660, Email:

ISLAMIC SOC. OF FREDERICK (ISF): 1250 Key Parkway , Frederick,MD 21702 Tel: 301-682-6090,

ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF GERMANTOWN (ISG): 19900 Brandermill Rd., Germantown, MD 20876 Tel: (301)-972-0504,

ISLAMIC SOC. OF SOUTHERN PG COUNTY (ISSPGC): PO Box 251 Upper Marlboro, MD 20773; 7400 Temple Hill Rd., Camp Springs, MD Tel: 301-627-5710.


514 Islamic Way (Wilson St. ), Baltimore, MD 21217 Tel: 410-728-1363.


4603 Benning Rd., SE, Washington, DC 20019 Tel: 202-581-1616, e-mail:


7832 Fairbrook Road , Windsor Mill, MD 21244 Tel: 410-298-2977, Fax: 410-298-0266,


2642 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD 21218 Tel: 410-467-8798.

MASJID JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN: 4624 York Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212 Tel. 443-869-5233.

MASJID MUHAMMAD: 1519 4th St. NW, Washington D.C. 20001 Tel: 202-483-8832. MASJID AL-NOOR:

10012 Harford Rd., Carney, MD 21234 Tel: 410-663-9637, Fax: 410-663-9817.


6631 Johnny Cake Rd. Baltimore, MD 21244 Tel: 410-747-4869,


1335 W. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21217 Tel: 410-669-0655.


1910 Frederick Avenue (2 Floor) Baltimore, MD 21223 Tel: 443-224-4423,


8000 MLK Highway, Glenarden MD Tel: 301-772-5969.



1510 Lynch Road, Dundalk, MD 21222 Phone: 410-284-2840

5301 Edgewood Rd. College Park, MD 20740, Tel: 301-982-9848,

2701 Briggs Chaney Rd. Silver Spring, MD 20904 Tel: 301-879-0930,



MEDINA CENTER: 9426 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda MD 20814


10740 Rte. 108, Ellicott City, MD 21042, Tel: 410-997-5711,

2036 Day Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21740 Tel: 301-797-0922.



4324 Georgia Ave, NW Washington, DC 20011

2001 Galludet St. NE, Washington, DC 20002 Tel: 202-529-3100.

15200 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20904 Tel: 301-384-3454,




2913 Woodlawn Trail, Alexandria, VA 22306.


4803 Valley St, Alexandria, VA 22312 703-256-8622,

INDONESIAN MUSLIM ASSOC. IN AMERICA (IMAAM): 1611 Veirs Mill Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20851 Tel: 240-453-0808, e-mail:

111 Howard Street, La Plata, MD 20646 Tel: 301-609-8769.

MAKKAH LEARNING CENTER (MLC): 814 Brandy Farms Ln Gambrills, MD 21054 Tel: 410-721-5880, Email:


12950 Center Entrance Ct, Manassas, VA Tel: 703-257-5537.


Howard Center, Room 805 (Above HU Bookstore) Tel: 202-328-3236,


6844 Braddock Rd., Annandale, VA 22003.

PRINCE GEORGES MUSLIM ASSOC. (PGMA): 9150 Lanham Severn Rd. Lanham, MD, 20706, Tel: 301-459-4942, Imam’s Office: 301-459-1441,


8500 Hilltop Rd., Fairfax, VA 22031 Tel: 703-641-4890,

8220 Washington St., South, Laurel, MD 20724. Tel: 301-604-3295.

SOUTHERN MARYLAND ISLAMIC CENTER(SMIC): 1046 Solomons Island Rd, Huntingtown, MD, 20639. Tel: 410- 535-0000



THE ISLAMIC CENTER: 2551 Mass. Ave. NW Washington D.C. 20008 Tel: 202-332-8343.


Chambers Ave, Capitol Heights, MD Tel: 301-324-5040,

11064 Livingston Road Unit L (101) Ft. Washington, MD 20744, Tel: 301 292-9009.

The Muslim Link ~ October 23, 2009 ~ Thul Qi'dah Issue  

The Muslim Link ~ October 23, 2009 ~ Thul Qi'dah Issue