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April 15th - May 19th 2016


MD, VA, and DC Metropolitan Area Monthly Newspaper | FREE

As a Generation Passes, Time Has Come for Muslim Cemeteries By Hena Zuberi


PG County Muslims Endorse Edwards, Ivey for 2016 | pg 6

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

It was the death of his son, 28 years ago, that started Mohamed Sayed on his journey to help build Firdaus Memorial Gardens. Sayed and his wife had buried their two year old at the Muslim section of the Maryland

DC Library Apologizes for Hijab Incident With Security | pg 8


US Deports Bangladesh Muslim Asylum Seekers | pg 24

Running for the Hills: The Stuff of Birds | pg 22

Thousands Gather as Erdogan Officially Opens Diyanet Complex By Hena Zuberi

Lanham, MD.

Muslim Runs for Libertarian Vice President Spot | pg 26

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

Several thousand Muslims gathered in the rain to meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the grand opening of the Diyanet Center of America on Saturday, April 2, 2016. The new community center and cultural complex is located at 9704 Goodluck Road in

Buses from New York, New Jersey, Virginia brought Turks in to see the opening of the Turkey’s $110 million gift to the Muslims and people of the United States. The local American Muslim community was also well represented. Signage lined Goodluck

Muslim Coalition To Cruz: Drop Hate Leader As Adviser| pg 26

Road welcoming the President. Traffic crawled, as cars looked for parking.

>> ERDOGAN Pg 10

Purifying Your Soul Need These Two Elements | pg 28


April 14th - May 19th,2016


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We also support a mobile medical unit that serves the medical needs of Syrian Refugees and their host families in the impoverished Wadi Khaled valley in Lebanon. All members of the family are seen by our staff physician in Wadi Kahled where access to medical care is hard to access or afford.

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April 14th - May 19th,2016


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April 14th - May 19th,2016


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April 14th - May 19th,2016

Community News



Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America? Experts, Journalists Discuss the Un-Discussable at Washington DC Conference By Hena Zuberi

and all of these broad claims,” said Smith deconstructing the narrative that American Jews overwhelmingly support the Israeli Lobby.

Muslim Link Staff Reporter “Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?” was the theme of a well attended daylong conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on March 18, 2016. The conference was co-sponsored by the American Educational Trust, publisher, and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep).

Who funds the lobby was another question answered by Grant. Grant pointed out that the Israeli lobby transitioned into the largest charitable entity in the United States. In 2012, there was about $3.7 billion, by the end of the decade it will be at $6.2 billion. The tax burden that this creates directly means that Americans, just to offset the subsidy, will be paying about a billion dollars extra in taxes by the end of the year.

Dale Sprusansky, editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs moderated the first panel. In the panel, Grant F. Smith analyzed the history, size, scope and activities of Israel affinity organizations and ‘their increasingly negative—but little known—impact on all Americans’. He quoted a recent poll, in which 62 percent of the British people believe that the Israelis occupy Palestinian land while 51-55 percent of Canadians and Mexicans believe the same. There is only one country in North America that believes the opposite is true -- the United States.

He noted the distinction between the Jewish lobby and the Israeli lobby. “If we look at the latest Pew Charitable Trusts survey, you find that 82 percent of the Jewish population in this country does not belong to such organizations. They’re only somewhat attached to Israel, 70 percent. Most have never

traveled to Israel. Forty-four percent think settlement building is a bad idea. If you take that remaining 18 percent and multiply it by the adult Jewish population, it’s about 774,000, or the population of Charlotte, North Carolina. The lobby knows and talks about this internally, saying, you know what, someday we’re going to be challenged on these numbers

Dr. Roger Mattson, who recently wrote a book on how Israel, with the help of its American supporters, diverted U.S. weapons-grade uranium to Dimona in the 1960s, and why the U.S. government never did anything about it, spoke about his research.


ICM Youth Discuss Bullying, Islamophobia Hiba Akhtar

Muslim Link Contributing Writer On March 23, local civil rights activist Zainab Chaudhry visited the Islamic Center of Maryland for a “Hate Crimes, Bullying & Discrimination: Open Forum on Islamophobia and its Implications.” The event was intended to be a workshop for about 120 Muslim teenagers to help them understand the growing culture of Islamophobia in the United States, and to help them overcome its obstacles at school and in the community.

Islamophobia, explained Dr. Chaudhry, is a $119 million industry designed to ‘otherize’ Muslim communities and individuals. To combat its implications, Dr. Chaudhry explained the necessity for Muslim teenagers to report Islamophobic incidents they may have experienced to teachers or administrators at school. Hand in hand with increased scrutiny and negative perceptions of Muslims comes the need for Muslims in middleand high-school to become visibly engaged with their communities to change the perceptions of people through volunteering and community work. At the event, Muslim teens and youth had

the opportunity to discuss experiences that directly affected them at school, while parents also had an opportunity to ask questions and gain perspective from Dr. Chaudhry’s presentation. The event was organized by Adileh Sharieff, the mother of a teenage daughter who is helping the Islamic Center of Maryland put together new programs to attract the youth. “The best part of the event was watching how Sister Zainab connected to the youth and how they felt comfortable openly discussing incidents they had experienced,” she said.

event, had a conversation with Chaudhry about what college-age students can do to change the rhetoric about Islam in American. She left with a positive perspective and also the feeling that more needs to be done. “I was definitely the student who was bouncy, full of energy, and wanted to be positive in every way to show how empowering and uplifting Islam is,” she said. “But now I’m realizing in the current that more events like this need to happen so we can brainstorm how to effectively make our place in society, live positive and healthy lives, and contribute- even when times are tough.”

Mariam Ashraf, a participant in the




April 14th - May 19th,2016

Prince George’s County Muslim Council Endorses Edwards and Ivey Reminds Muslims Early Voting Starts on April 14th As always during a presidential election year everyone with any degree of political sensitivity or concern focuses on the candidates for President of the United States. Who’s better; Bernie or Hillary? Who is worse; Trump or Cruz? It is important that our community not get so absorbed by the presidential race that we forget an important fact immortalized by the statement of former Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill, “all politics is local”. Therefore Prince George’s County Muslim Council a registered 501(C) 4 organization would like to remind the Muslim community in Prince George’s County about a few local races to which we should also be turning our attention. The county and state offices are not up for re-election this year but our local and statewide federal seats are in play. Due to the retirement of longtime U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, her Senate seat is open. The leading candidates for her seat are U.S. Representatives Donna

Members and supporters of Prince George's County Muslim Council and the President of the Anne Arundel Muslim Council join Congressional candidate Glenn Ivey (center) for an event in Bowie. Edwards of the 4th Congressional District which covers parts of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties and Chris Van

Hollen of the 8th Congressional District representing much of Montgomery County.

Rep. Edwards has been in office since June 2008 and has been a strong advocate for women and children’s issues. Rep. Van Hollen has served in the House since 2002 and has moved up in leadership to be the Ranking Democrat on the budget committee. On the issues, both candidates are very similar in their policy positions with few exceptions. However, Rep. Edwards has an established relationship with the Muslim community in Prince George’s County and the greater DMV area and has boldly taken votes on international issues that most members would not consider demonstrating a willingness to put values ahead of politics. We need that kind of courage as well as greater diversity in the Senate. PGCMC is endorsing Donna Edwards for


A SCH UoD O llege Park, M H D - C





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Al-Huda School is an accredited Kindergarten to 12th grade Islamic School in College Park, Maryland For more information call (301) 982-2402 or email | 5301 Edgewood Rd., College Park, MD 20740


April 14th - May 19th,2016






April 14th - May 19th,2016

Washington D.C. Library Reassures Community After Hijabi Patron Asked to Leave By Muslim Link Staff A young woman was threatened by a DC Library Officer for wearing a hijab at Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library. Timothy Craggette is a former DC police officer who now works for the city’s library system. Fifty people gathered for a protest on March 25, 2016, dressed in hoodies and hijabs two days after the incident under the leadership of Darakshan Raja, a D.C. based activist.

our demands which allowed for people to understand why this isn't an isolated incident. We brought signs and handcuffs with us,” said Raja. Jessica Raven, Executive Director of Collective Action for Safe Spaces, witnessed Craggette at Shaw Library harass and intimidate a woman, threatening her with handcuffs for refusal to remove the hijab. The officer then told the woman to either remove the hijab or leave the library. “It was very clear that she was wearing

“Today we showed up and reclaimed space. The very library where a Muslim woman was kicked out is where we read


>> LIBRARY Pg 20

The Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library. Internet Photo.

April 14th - May 19th,2016





April 14th - May 19th,2016


>> continued from pg 1

The underground parking at the center was blocked off and parking was arranged at the Duval High School parking lot. Freshly planted tulips and bulbs bloomed in the majestic complex which features a masjid in the Uthmani style, a multipurpose cultural center, Islamic Research library, banquet hall, indoor pool, basketball court, and fitness center. The largely Turkish crowd held up ‘We love Erdogan’ and ‘I love Turkiye’ signs straining to catch a glimpse of the hugely popular leader. Young men carrying bouquets of flowers waited for the arrival of the President. Erdogan was joined by Dr. Mehmet Gormez, Turkey’s president of religious affairs at its highest religious authority. “Never feel ashamed because somewhere remotely located on this Earth has been committing murders under the name of Islam,” said Gormez. “Those homicidal organizations have nothing to do with Islam.” The crowd cheered, "We are proud of you, Mr. President" in Turkish, as Erdogan approached the stage set up in front of the courtyard of the masjid. International dignitaries as well as state and local officials gathered in the VIP section. President Erdogan took American leadership to task on the anti-Muslim rhetoric coming from the presidential candidates.

“It is very interesting and shocking for me to see some of the presidential candidates here in the United States using these allegations and using these labels against Muslims openly and on a continuous basis,” Erdogan said. Umm Khalid took a taxi to the center from her home in Montgomery County and stood in line for three hours to see the grand opening. She is a Somali grandmother and her grandchildren attend the weekend Islamic School at the Diyanet Center. “The Ummah needs this,” she said, grateful that there was a strong Muslim leader who can stand up for Muslims worldwide. “ I don't feel tired; I haven't seen a gathering like this


since Eid,” she added. Rushern Baker III, the County Executive of PG County attended the event. County Councilman Todd Turner represents the area. “Prince George’s County is

rich with diversity and our immigrant community is an integral part of the fabric that makes our country great. We welcome the Diyanet Center as a venue of peace and expect it will offer important opportunities for county residents to

enhance their understanding of the Turkish culture,” he said.

>> ERDOGAN I Pg 16

snow of the season and Mustafa Sharif is getting ready for the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community (GIC) Masjid’s Open house.

teal building is a magnificent sight in the snowfall.

Driving past suburban roads, past Liberty Heights Avenue, past the under construction Shoprite and serene Gwynn Oaks Park,

A welcoming community in Baltimore City; a model community with a model masjid which resonates with the call to prayer. Cen-

trally located near the beltway, there is optimistic talk of growth in the brand new masjid, of the school district making the high school into a magnet school,

of quiet streets, historic homes, open green spaces, and convenient commute to

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Germantown Leaders Hope To Pray In Masjid This Year | pg 15 VA Muslim Cemetery Might Be Largest In America | pg 20

>> Gwynn Oak Pg 6

Home of the Heart Beats Faster with Yaqeen Boost

Should College Applicants Discuss Their Muslim Identity? | pg 28

Around 1,800 Supports Help Raise $1.95M at Dec 15 Dinner By Muslim Link Staff

Egypt Closes Vital Gateways Into and Out of Gaza | pg 29

Call this event the "December 15 miracle". Or call it the "the winter 2013 miracle".

The Muslim Link

Or, just call it "yaqeen".

Coupons PG 38

Muharram| Safar | Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| 13 Jumada al-awwal, 1435|Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab |Shaban |Ramadan|Shawwal| Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah

>> yaqeen Pg 18

Running foR the hills Dispatches from muslim homesteaDers

Tips are shared: ‘get an educator’s card at the library and you can get six weeks to check out books’, ‘present your portfolio for review in a binder and show

>> schools Pg 10

An Al Ansar Homeschooler showing off her snow globe made in Sr. Andini's art classes held at Dar Al-Taqwa in Maryland. Photo by Muslim Link.

ADAMS Medical Clinic Offers Compassion at No Cost By Hena Zuberi

the masjid is the new health clinic for the ADAMS Compassionate Health Network (ACHN). ACHN is a volunteer-based operation dedicated to providing quality healthcare to community members in need,

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

MakeSpace Fundraiser Attracts Support, New Ideas | pg 12 ARTS: Local Author Filling Gap in Children's Books | pg 26 WPRESS: Guantanamo -- Tell the World the Truth | pg 30 ISLAM: The “Sunnah” of Divorce and Reconcilliation | pg 31

Across the street from the post office in Chantilly, VA, right off Route 28 is the ADAMS-Sully Center. It can be spotted by the army of The Cleaning Authority company cars parked in the Muharram| Safar |lot. Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada comPassion Pg 14Al-Awwal| Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab | Shaban | Ramadan |Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|30 THUL-HIjjAH , 1435 shared parking Next to >>

The Muslim Link

Coupons PG 38

running for the hills


Second Muslim Store Owner Murdered In Richmond | pg 5

unemployment is in double digits nearing 20%, schools are struggling and there’s a church on nearly every corner Islam is growing at a rapid pace, especially among young males.

Dar Al-Hijrah Expands Social Services w/ Thrift Shop | pg 7

fBi Pays Wife to inform on husBand >> PG 22

>> PG 45

>> PG 24

In one room, Asmaa ElHaggan, mother of a ten year old son, teaches Model U.N Debate class. Seven weeks of classes are taught by mothers divided by age on topics of interest to the group or based on her expertise. By pooling money together, they recently had

showing off snow globe art projects. A cluster of 20 mothers meet in the multipurpose room, tending toddlers and babies, chatting, and readying lunch. They form the Al-Ansar Homeschooling Cooperative, based on a consensus model where every member

Even ADAMS Expansion Sites Need Expanding | pg 14

“People are looking for a change. They’ve seen the results of what their parents and grandparents have tried. They know about 40-60 years of trying everything else. They don’t want the same things their parents have tried with little success,” Anthony

Support Group Forming for HIV Positive Muslims | pg 10 Muhammad, Vice President for the 7th District Citizen’s Advisory Council for the Metropolitan Police Department told the Muslim Link.

“There are five Masjids in Southeast

>> surge Pg 22

With Doors Open for All, MCC Clinic Celebrates Expansion By Hena Zuberi

Muslim Link Staff Reporter Shabana Izhar, a new immigrant who lives in Bowie adjusts her shalwar

WPRESS: Project to Name Civilian

Drones | pg 25 ADVERTISEMENTVictims|of US11

ing pavilion at the Muslim Community Center Clinic. A regular United Nations of patients surrounds her; a Hispanic woman coming from a nearby church,

CIVILRIGHTS: Did President Obama Kill Al-Awlaki? | pg 26 ISLAM: The Sunnah of Love, Tenderness, Romance | pg 28 RECIPES: Sister Heather Returns with a Winter Warmer | pg 34 The Muslim Link

Coupons PG 35

Muharram|kameez Safar | Rabi |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab |Shaban |Ramadan|Shawwal| 7 Thul-Qedah, 1434|Thul-Hijjah and Al-Awaal settles down

in the chairs in the wait-

>> latina Pg 15

PResentIng YouR 2013 Ramadan suPeRheRoes! Pg 26

local leadeR focus:

IsB ResIdent scholaR Yaseen sheIkh Pg 10

>> PG 23

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The Muslim Link

13 Jumada Al-Awwal - Jumada Al-Akhir 3 1435 A.H. |

MD, VA, and DC Metropolitan Area Monthly Newspaper | FREE

March 14th - April 3rd 2014

As Ramadan Approaches, Date Buyers Seek to Avoid Israeli Fruits Grown On Stolen Land


African American Muslims Featured at Newseum | pg 4

By Hena Zuberi As halal grocery stores in the region start their planning their Ramadan purchasing, a concern on many Muslims’ minds are the origins of the dates that are carried in the stores. Some come from California or Saudia, but others marketed under the name Jordan Valley are from Israel.

DUS Wins 10th DC MIST Tournament, Full Results | pg 8 the Jordan Valley holds 28.3 percent of the West Bank’s land, and is ‘the largest single Palestinian territory under

Modest Fashion, Fashionistas Take the Runway in DC | pg 10 >> stolen Pg 12

OPED: Disabled Muslims and Masjid Accommodation | pg 27 Somalis Say NGOs Killing Their Incentive to Farm | pg 31

HoCo Dept of Planning and Zoning Recommends Approval of DUS Campus Plan Dept Staff Report a Positive Step Towards Final Approval in Coming Months By Muslim Link Staff After a detailed study and assessment of Dar-us-Salaam's application to develop an education and community campus in Western Howard County, Maryland, the How-

ard County Department of Planning and Zoning issued a twelve page report recommending Dar-us-Salaam's application -- called a "request for a conditional use" -- be granted for "a child day care center, a religious facil-

ity, and private school." The report issued on February 27, 2014 was submitted to the Howard County Hearing Examiner for her consideration. This month she will hear testimony from Dar-usSalaam, neighbors, and area

residents before deciding on Dar-us-Salaam's application. Her decision is subject to appeal to the five member Howard County Board of Appeals.

You may have seen him selling outside your masjid after Jummah, selling artisan goat cheese, yogurt, goats milk and fresh, free range organic eggs.

phone doesn't ring— it bleats and brays. He drives a truck with an exquisite deer skull strapped to the hood. He shows me the natural engraving on the skull, finding beauty in the bizarre. Down the dirt road with neat wooden signs showcasing the art of manliness

Matt Jose is an urban farmer; his

>> farm Pg 18

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

The Muslim Link

Young Researchers Present Findings at MYFIKR | pg 10

Islamic Relief, FAITH Join Hands for Eid Al-Adha Charity | pg 11

Rise in Abused Children Prompts New FAITH Program | pg 14 As Egypt Rolls Back On Democracy, US Bolsters Sisi | pg 25

Author Reverts to Islam | pg 26

running for the hills

WhY AAfiA?

2 8 M u H a rr a M - 2 S a fa r 1 4 3 6 a . H .


By Hena Zuberi

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

Dynamic sessions, packed halls and up and coming speakers marked the 50th Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

and Muslim Student Association (MSA) Nationals during the long Labor Day weekend, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. The conference came on the shoulders of the 50th

anniversary of the March to Washington and Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I Have Dream” speech. The theme of the three day convention was based on the beloved community

- Envisioning a More Perfect Union and featured over 100 speakers including Congressman Andre Carson, Dr. Altaf Husain,

Finding What's Missing At An Orphanage In Mexico | pg 5 3Di Athletics Holds First Weekend Basketball Camp | pg 6 Sh.Yusuf Islahi: Be Optimistic About Our Ummah | pg 7 Locals Who Witnessed Egypt Massacres Speak | pg 17 Muslims Organize for VA Attorney General Hopeful | pg 18 ISLAM: Top 8 Excuses Not to Go for Hajj | pg 34 NATION: Inside America's First Muslim Frat House | pg 30 CIVILRIGHTS: Inside the NYPD's Muslim Spying Program | pg 32 The Muslim Link

Coupons PG 43

>> iSNa Pg 12

Muharram| Safar | Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|7 Rajab, 1434 |Shaban |Ramadan|Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah

all aboard for hoMe of the heart lunch cruise Pg 9

dining out? order now with our halal Menus section Pg 38

w w w. M u S L i M L i n k Pa P e r . c o M

november 21st - December 18th 2014

issues are as diverse as the American Muslim community in the DC Metro area. American-Muslims are scattered all over the country. >> marriage Pg 16

A Look at ISNA’s 50th Year Anniversary Convention

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The Muslim Link

Men and women who really want to get married often face a myriad of issues in finding a good match. The

Adherence to cultural norms and expectations, generational disparity and the neglect of the Islamic standard for the choice of partners are also hurdles single American Muslims face

Five Decades On, American Muslims Still In Search of the ‘Beloved Community’

>> PG 26

8 S h a b a n - R a m a d a n 1 4 3 5 A . H . | w w w . M u s l i m L i n k P a p e r. c o m

Meeting venues and forums are few and this seems to be one major deterrent to suitable marriages.

A major part of creating a beloved community is the creation of a family. However, the Muslim marriage crisis is at our doorstep.

>> PG 21

>> PG 18

Running foR the hills Dispatches from muslim homesteaDers


By Hena Zuberi Muslim Link Staff Reporter

Many Muslim men and women face hardships in meeting a spouse. The Muslim Link took a closer look at the issue of finding a suitable partner in our community and the resources we have to respond to this crisis.

The Muslim Link

md, Va, and dc metropolitan area monthly newspaper | fRee

MoCo Muslims Distribute Udhiya Meat to Area Needy | pg 5

Masjid Al-Rahmah Gets $74K Federal Security Grant | pg 12

Homestead Halal

w w w . M u s l i m L i n k P a p e r. c o m

The Muslim Link Asks: How Hard Is It to Find a Life Partner In the DMV Area?

28 MUHArrAM, 1435| Safar | Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal| Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab | Shaban | Ramadan |Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|30 Thul-Hijjah

Muharram| Safar | Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal| Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab | 8 Shaban, 1435 |Ramadan|Shawwal| Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah


The Muslim Marriage Crisis

Muslim Youth Learn How to Get a Grip with Golf | pg 8

Urban Farm Raises Goats, Sheep, and Young Men

7 Thul Qedah - 5 Thul-Hijjah, 1434 A.H.

september 13th - october 10th 2013

Muslim Family Day At Six Flag Caps Summer for 6,000 | pg 5

Do Homeless Have Right to Occupy Public Property? | pg 6

Founding IMAAM member Firdaus Kadir welcomes Indonesian president Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (far right) at the grand opening of the IMAAM Center

>> imaam center Pg 1

By Hena Zuberi

ISLAM: Revive Your Heart by Worshipping In Secret | pg 32

Coupons PG 38


After two decades, the dream of establishing a masjid and community center in Maryland finally became a reality, and the presidential benefactor who facilitated a three million dollar donation to purchase a church and convert it to a masjid came with a delegation to witness the opening of the Indonesian Muslim Association in America (IMAAM) in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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LIke & FoLLow uS THe MuSLIM LInk

MD, Va, and Dc Metropolitan area Monthly newspaper | FRee

For hundreds of Indonesian-American families and Maryland Muslims, "grand opening" couldn't have more meaning than it did on Friday, September 26, 2014.

TML Interviews Al-Rahmah School Principal | pg 7

from Palestinian farmers and allocated to settlements and military camps. According to the Inter Press Agency report,

october 24th - november 20th 2014

IMAAM Center Realizes 20 Year Old Dream By Muslim Link Staff

Greening Our Sacred Grounds Seminar Held In MD | pg 6

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

After the 1967 Six-Day War when Israel captured the Jordan Valley from Jordan, tracts of land were taken

30 THuL-HIjjaH 1435 a.H. - 27 MuHaRRaM 1436 a.H. | www.MuSLIMLInkPaPeR.coM

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MD, Va, and Dc Metropolitan area Monthly newspaper | free

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE ALLAHU AKBAR: Finally, Athan Sounds Special thanks to the Masajid, organizations and businesses that sponsored our event! Jazakum Allahu khayran! ALSO IN THIS ISSUE Big Step for the Safety the Dar AlICNA-Mas Convention 2014: from Masjid In Germantown Janaza for Richmond Imam Fills Hijrah Congregation | pg 5 MD, VA, and DC Metropolitan Area Monthly Newspaper | FREE

June 6th 2014 - July 10th 2014

7 Rajab - 4 Shaban, 1434 A.H.

A New Venue, A New Record

Neighborhood Streets | pg 5

MCC Aims to Be Model for Senior Supportive Masajid | pg 6

By Zainab Arain

Baltimore, MD (May 27, 2013) – The energy in the air was palpable on Saturday morning, as people lined up to register before the event officially began. Thousands from across the country gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center over Memorial Day weekend to attend the 39th annual ICNAMAS convention. The theme – Faith. Submission. Service. –

Immigrants, Elders Warned of Scammers Posing as IRS | pg 6 Local Leader Writes On FaithBased Wealth Building | pg 8 sought to generate reflection upon the multiple facets of faith and the path on which it directs humanity. It focused the theology of Islam and its manifestation as service to

God and service to mankind. In addition to those attending several thousands more watched the live broadcast of the sessions.

More than 120 international scholars, intellectuals, and community activists,

Gay Congress Hopeful Is “Great Friend” of Muslims | pg 14

>> icna Pg 24

CIVIL RIGHTS: Hate Ad Sparks US Free Speech Debate | pg 30

Howard County Approves Dar-us-Salaam Campus Plan ISLAM: Fasting Before Ramadan Dar-us-Salaam to establish a By Muslim Link Staff On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, after over a year of engineering studies and public hearings, Howard County approved the Dar-us-Salaam Education and Community Campus plan. The approval by Howard County Hearing Examier Michele LeFaivre allows

In Sha'ban | pg 34

campus on the 66-acre former Woodmont Academy site with 275,300 square feet of building space including a 56,000 square foot masjid, elementary, middle, and high schools, a daycare, two gymnasiums, and two indoor pools.


Coupons PG 38

The decision comes after the >> dar-us-salaam Pg 39

Muharram|Safar|18 Rabi al-awaal, 1432|Rabi Al-Thani|Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab|Shaban|Ramadan|Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah

The STory Which BindS: The Seerah and Your KIdS PG 20

By Hena Zuberi

Muslim Link Staff Reporter Yasmin Loya, Shahana Khan and Azra Malik are friends living in the Germantown area for nearly 30 years. They raised their children here, got them married, cooked Ramadan meals, and for decades hosted donation drives in their garages and halaqas in their living rooms. They remember starting to dream of a masjid in their city in 1996. They are a part of an active community, a portion of the almost 100,000 Muslims in Montgomery County, which just needed a place—a masjid to call their second home— to pray, mourn, celebrate and grow. On November 8, 2014 with much fanfare this dream was realized.

The Islamic Society of Germantown opened its doors to politicians, imams, and hundreds of visitors and most importantly to those who had been waiting for the past 13 years when the

society bought the parcel of land — nearly an acre—at 19825 Blunt Road

The Muslim Community: Just a Click Away? As social media becomes more common, businesses, organizations and even religious congregations have begun adopting the virtual tools not only to further their causes but to create a new type of boundless virtual community that risks no fire code violations and requires no million dollar blueprint plans.

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

Chances are you’re reading this article on the Internet and not in its “antiquated” paper form. Chances are even greater that you didn’t type in a URL to get to the digital version but rather clicked on a link from a Twitter feed or a Facebook post. If you want to share this with someone, and you know you do, chances are that even if you are reading

this on hard copy, you’re going to send the digital version via a social media platform or e-mail.

Quickly fading are the days of newspaper clippings and passing the paper across the breakfast table.

Islamic Relief USA (IR) is >> CLiCK Pg 12

Area Syrians Watch Events With Worry, Anger By Wafa Unus Muslim Link Staff Reporter

With death tolls in Syria reported between six and seven thousand in the past 11 months, some American Syrians are faced with continued concern for the safety of their loved ones back home. The region, riddled with political upheaval and protest against Syrian President Basher Al-Assad’s dynastic rule has seen an unprec-

The Muslim Link

'A symbol of friendship'

Shopping and Shipping for Syria Winter Relief | pg 8

turkish prime minister breAks ground for $100m mAsjid complex in mArylAnd, pg 22

Alzouman, a young man from Saudi Arabia who studied in the United States, wondered how he could perform a

historic deed like that and be recognized by Allah for that deed on the day of judgement. An avid outdoorsman, Alzouman thought that maybe -- if Allah accepts it -- he could be the first Muslim ever to call the athan from the highest point on planet Earth -- Mount Everest -and be raised with Bilal on the Day of Judgement.

From the time he entered Nepal, it took Alzouman two months, and a mountain of perseverance and willpower, to make the climb. Here his amazing story at Dar-us-Salaam's Annual Banquet on December 14, 2014 at the Bethesda North Marriott. For more information, see the ad on page 2 of this issue.

Muharram|Safar|Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|11 Rajab, 1433|Shaban|Ramadan|Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah



PG 30

PG 28

1 1 R a j a b - 2 4 R a j a b , 1 4 3 3 A . H . | w w w . M u s l i m L i n k P a p e r. c o m

OP-Ed: Europe Setting Up Clash of Civilizations? | pg 21 LETTERS: Your Reactions To Last Issue’s Stories | pg 25 The Muslim Link


in For The


Photo Essay of ICM’S Ground Breaking -- PG 22

Muslim FunFest 2012 Beats the Heat

The largest annual social gathering of Muslims in the region, the carnival offers large mechanical rides similar to

dc MuslIM InterscholastIc tournaMent results Pg 9

IntroducIng the MuslIM lInk halal Menus sectIon Pg 38

The Muslim Link

MD, VA, and DC Metropolitan Area Bi-Weekly Newspaper | FREE

June 1st 2012 - June 14th 2012

Despite almost 90 degree heat, several thousand Muslims from the greater Washington and Baltimore metropolitan region as well as hundreds from surrounding states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania took a day for fun and socializing at the 5th annual Muslim FunFest family carnival.

VA Burial of Boston Bombing Suspect Causes Anger | pg 9

with largest event ever, The Muslim Link baltimore school has big Coupons Muharram| | Rabi Al-Awaal Al-Thani| Jumada plansSafar for next 25|Rabi years, pg 34Al-Awwal| 2 Jumada al-akhir, 1434|Rajab |Shaban |Ramadan|Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah PG 38

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Interfaith Coalition Opposes VA Foreign Law Bill | pg 4

ISLAM: Winter - The Best Season for Worshipers | pg 18

Running Muslim: The Other Boston Story | pg 4

Al-rAhmAh school mArks 25 yeArs


WPRESS: Report Shows Drones Target Civilians | pg 16

Palestinian Journalists In the Line of Fire | pg 5

Wives of Incarcerated Terrorism Suspects March In DC | pg 6

Like most Muslim youth around the world, Farouq Alzouman knew the story of the companion Bilal Ibn Rabah (Allah be pleased with him) who was the first Muslim to ever call the Athan.

Bullied Youth Finds Little Help From School System | pg 4

CIVIL: NYPD Targeting Masajid For Intel Gathering | pg 14

New Women's Group Forms After Anti-Hijab Event | pg 5

By Muslim Link Staff


Dar Al-Hijrah Food Bank Helps Falls Church Needy | pg 5


CAIR-MD Relaunches with Inaugural Banquet | pg 21

Cabbie Records Hateful Speech, Attack from Passenger | pg 6

PG 13

Md, Va, and dC Metropolitan area Bi-Weekly newspaper | Free

More Special Eids, Special Days Needed for Special Kids | pg 6

New Masjid, Islamic Academy Planned for Chantilly | pg 9

>> masjid Pg 14

The Muslim Link

Md, Va, and dc Metropolitan area Monthly newspaper | free

First Muslim to Raise the Qur'an and Call Athan from Everest to Tell Story of Perseverance at DUS Banquet


18 Rabi Al-Awaal - 1 Rabi Al-Thani, 1433 A.H. |

By Wafa Unus

w w w. M u s l i m L i n k P a p e r. c o m

Women's Shelter In VA To Be Managed by ICNA | pg 8

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February 10th 2012 - February 23rd 2012


May 17th 2013 - June 13th 2013

those found in large theme parks and a huge collection of vendors offering products and services for sale, all in an Islamic environment. The carnival shuts down at each salah time and the congregational prayer is held in the center of the carnival area. Muslim FunFest is a project of the Dar-usSalaam community. We capture it in photos on

>>PG 24

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2 Jumada Al-Akhir - 6 Rajab, 1434 A.H. |

Study Links Masjid Involvement, Voting | pg 5 Diabetes High Among Immigrant Groups | pg 5

Annapolis Muslims Hope For New Masjid| pg 6 MD Dept of Health Does Faith Specific Outreach | pg 6 Essay and Debate Competition Marks 10 Years | pg 8 ISLAM: The Questioning In the Grave | pg 30 The Muslim Link

Coupons PG 37

Lack of Muslim Foster Families Resulting In Children Losing Islam By Hena Zuberi

The Northern Virginia couple fostered the 6-year old twin girls for a year before they legally adopted them. The twin girls birth parents were abusive, and their parental rights were terminated by the court. The Ismails tried to keep some connection with the birth parents but


PG, Anne Arundel Muslims Meet With Rep. Donna Edwards | pg 4 Practice of Hijamah Making Slow Comback In Community| pg 5

they were unsuccessful.

Muslim Link Staff Reporter

The phone rings at 8:30pm, after Anna and Muhammad Ismail have tucked their twins in bed.

The Muslim Link

Md, Va, and dc Metropolitan area Monthly newspaper | Free

april 12th 2013 - May 16th 2013

The phone call this evening is coming from the Fairfax County Foster and Adoption Program Coordinator. The coordinator needs to place a 16year old Pakistani female removed from her parent's home. Her religious background is similar to the Ismails; they are prepared for this call as registered foster parents with Fairfax County.

Porn Addiction Afflicting Youth, Adults Say Experts | pg 5 ISWA Imam Offers Brief History of Muslims in Guyana | pg 15 FAMILY: Spiritual Reflections on Special Needs Parenting | pg 16

>> foster Pg 26

Muslim Community Center Breaks New Ground The ground was ready for spring and a crowd of over 200 well-wish-

The original founders, Dr. Hashim and his wife

WORLD: 10 Years On, Rally for Justice for Aafia Siddiqui | pg 20 ISLAM: Taking Care of Things at Home Is Part of Piety | pg 29


April 14th - May 19th,2016


>> continued from pg 5

Prof. Kirk J. Beattie spoke on how Congress shapes Middle East policy, and how the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) shapes Congress. His speech was an analysis of how AIPAC creates incredibly strong support for Israel in the U.S. Congress and was based on more than 150 interviews with Congress staffers and dozens more with Middle East policy lobbyists and activists. The second panel discussed the influence of Israel on American foreign policy. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, spoke about what Israel’s influence is on U.S. foreign policy. “Does the unbiased policy of the U.S. toward [Israel] jeopardize U.S. national security interest? You bet it does, big time,” said the colonel. Jim Lobe discussed the neocons who push pro-Israel policy. Justin Raimondo took a look at how U.S. elections and politicians are impacted by such beliefs. Gideon Levy is a well-known journalist in Israel with Haaretz, whose speech from last year went viral. He gave the keynote for the conference to a standing ovation. “American congressmen should know that the life of Palestinians in Israel right now is the cheapest ever. With everything we went through, never was it so cheap. Never was it so easy to kill Palestinians. Never was it so little discussed. Never was it hardly covered by the Israeli media, the biggest collaborator with the occupation. Never was it so natural that any Palestinian must be held as a suspect, and any suspect must be executed. American legislators should know this.”

Grant pointed out that the Israeli lobby transitioned into the largest charitable entity in the United States. In 2012, there was about $3.7 billion, by the end of the decade it will be at $6.2 billion. A panel filled with exciting Palestinian voices was titled “Responding to Israel’s Influence on Campus and in Court” moderated by Janet McMahon. Susan Abulhawa, a novelist, is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury Department for allowing taxdeductible contributions to go to illegal Israeli settlements. A Haaretz investigation reported in a four-year period—between

She shared the narrative of the people most affected by these monetary contributions. “They start terrorizing us at a young age. At any given time, Israel typically holds hundreds of Palestinian children in administrative detention, where they are interrogated and tortured without charge, without trial, without their parents, without a lawyer, without an advocate. They’re often kidnapped on their way to

Despite the heavy duty lineup of speakers, the conference was not covered by mainstream American media —a testimony to the influence of Israel.

2009 and 2013—that 50 U.S. tax-exempt organizations alone funneled more than $220 million to exclusively Jewish settlements in Palestine. The Hebron Fund is a Brooklyn-based group that provides approximately half of the Hebron settler community’s funding. Between 2009 and 2014 it transferred $5.7 million to the settler community of just a few hundred individuals who live in the midst of 220,000 Palestinians.

and from school, playing in the streets and throwing rocks at tanks, as they have a right to do, or pulled from their beds and dragged away in the middle of the night. They’re shot and murdered or maimed wherever they stand,” she said. Rula Jebreal, a Palestinian journalist gave the second keynote. She was raised in a Palestinian orphanage and went on to be the first foreign anchor woman on Italian

television. Previously an admirer of American media, she says that American media has been the most disappointing thing she has seen in her life. “Even working in countries like Egypt, I’ve seen pushbacks by certain journalists, reporters, TV hosts far much more than in this country. And I’m saying that because I’ve seen what that produced. Iraq was a war of choice. It was a non sequitur country that was invaded for a non existential threat. It could have happened only with the tacit, silent and vocal consent of American media, which sold a lie—and none of these people have ever been fired! They’ve actually been recycled, and they still are called experienced and the experts on many issues—Iran and the Iran nuclear deal, they’re writing long essays about Obama’s doctrine, as they call it. Nobody ever questioned their failures, their lies, their manipulation. None of that has happened,” she stated. She noted that the Israeli model is not contained in Israel. “It’s being transported and it’s becoming part of the American model. So when you have police brutality and the cozy relationship with the media, it’s becoming a cozy relationship in the police departments. So the police who abused their powers in Ferguson have been trained actually by Israeli police, and it’s considered normal. Nobody’s investigating this kind of cozy relationship,” she said. Book signings for speakers who had published books were held after the speeches. Despite the heavy duty lineup of speakers, the conference was not covered by mainstream American media —a testimony to the influence of Israel.



To d ay

Call ....


To d ay












April 14th - May 19th,2016


excellence integrity transparency


Celebrating the Prophet


S AT U R D AY, M AY 7 , 2 0 1 6 | 6 : 0 0 P M








A N D D R . Z A I N A B A LWA N I T I C K E T S A R E AVA I L A B L E AT W W W . A D A M S F R . B R O W N PA P E R T I C K E T S . C O M for sponsorships, please contact : ....

April 14th - May 19th,2016


>> continued from pg 6

the U.S. Senate seat. Due to Ms. Edwards’ candidacy for the Senate, her current fourth Congressional District seat will be vacant. The three strongest candidates for that seat are former Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, former States Attorney Glenn Ivey, and current State Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk. Glenn Ivey was known as a very effective State’s Attorney during his time in office. He has maintained an excellent reputation and has continued strong relationships with certain members of our community. He has a demonstrated understanding of the issues and policy –making in Washington due to his prior career on the Hill as a staffer in both the House and the Senate and a former appointee of Attorney General Eric Holder. He made a concerted effort to reach out to PGCMC early in the process when he decided to run. This is also true

for Delegate Pena-Melnyk who comes across as a sincere legislator and hard worker who is almost impossible not to like. Former Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown has relationships with

The community should also be aware that there is a race for the Board of Education in District 5. PGCMC has made no endorsement in that race but the

Based upon experience, understanding of Washington and electability, the members of PGMC are supporting Glenn Ivey for Congress in the 4th District. the Muslim community elsewhere but did not reach out to us here in Prince George’s County where he resides. Both Ivey and Pena-Melnyk provided swift and strong responses to our candidate questionnaire. Based upon experience, understanding of Washington and electability, the members of PGMC are supporting Glenn Ivey for Congress in the 4th District.

incumbent Verjeana Jacobs has reached out to the Muslim community and will be participating in the “Faith, Economics and Politics Conference” on Saturday, April 23rd at the Diyanet Center. Edwards and Ivey will also be joining us at the conference along with State Delegate Erek Barron, County Councilmember Danielle Glaros and tentatively County

Executive Rushern Baker. Make sure to come out and hear what they have to say. Other panels will include Islamic scholars, business development agencies, professional educators and youth leaders. You can register for the conference at Last but not least, our own Sister Jameelah Malik will be running as a female delegate for Bernie Sanders. Check your ballot carefully to see if she is on it as her name will only appear on the ballots for the 4th district in which she is running. Please give her your support whether you are voting for Clinton or Sanders. Early voting starts on Thursday April 14th and the final day of the election is Tuesday, April 26th. If you have questions about where to vote go to: http:// elections/Pages/default.aspx for more information. Make sure the voice of the ummah is heard!

Jobs at al-Huda scHool in College Park, MD & Harrisburg, PA AdministrAtors: Minimum qualifications: Master’s in Education K-12 Certified teAChers*: Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in education ArAbiC, Qur’An & islAmiC studies teAChers: Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Arabic Language Counselors: With experience in Islamic counseling Computer teAChers: 1-2 years teaching experience in the field

highsChool teAChers: Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in education with a specialization in Advanced Placement (AP) level Math, English, Biology, or History pe teAChers: 1-2 years teaching experience in the field presChool direCtor, AssistAnt direCtor & pre-K teAChers: Candidates with appropriate course work and experience

sChool informAtion: • Full-time Islamic school established in 1995 • Accredited by the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools • Grades: PreK - 12th grade • Student body: 600+ • Facility: 26 classrooms, 54,000 sqft building on 9.7 acre land • A project of Dar-us-Salaam** benefits: • Competitive salaries • Excellent health benefits (medical and dental insurance) • Excellent Islamic working environment • Paid sick/personal leave • Paid holidays that match the Islamic calendar (i.e. both Eids) • Professional development programs

Send reSume along with a cover letter and references to the following address: Dar-us-Salaam c/o, Employment, P.O Box 596, College Park, MD 20741 Email: | Website: | Fax: 301-982-2325 | For more information please call: 301-982-2408 ** Dar-us-Salaam: Striving to build a vibrant Islamic community that can serve as an effective vehicle to call people to Islam. Dar-us-Salaam encompasses a variety of services, including a preschool, a private full-time elementary, middle and high school, full time hifzh school, various businesses ventures, a newspaper, and other education and community services. Visit us on the web at to learn more about our mission and for a more complete listing of available positions.


April 14th - May 19th,2016



April 14th - May 19th,2016


>> continued from pg 10

“I am watching the statements of some US presidential candidates with astonishment. Muslims are fundamental elements of America. Nobody can force Muslims to make a choice between being a Muslim or an American,” Erdoğan said. “It is unacceptable for the Muslims of the world to be forced to pay the price of a horror of a pain and suffering created by a handful of terrorists, infamous terrorists here in the aftermath of 9/11,” he stressed, in the aftermath of several terrorist attacks in his own nation. He shared that his administration had intelligence on the Brussels attackers and even had captured one, but the Belgian government cleared him for release.

Aylin* drove from New York and was very upset that she could not see the President speak as many of the spectators were fenced behind the press pool. The tiered stand blocked the view of the crowd who had been waiting for hours in the rain to catch a glimpse of Erdogan. Sections with better views remained empty and were blocked off by security. Many attendees complained about the lack of organization at the points of entry. “It was very exciting seeing so many Muslims around me but it was very crowded and unorganized because the general public could not see the President as he was speaking,” said Zahra, a student from a local school. Neighbors were given passes to see the ceremony. There was tight security provided by TSA and secret service, as every attendee was checked. However, at a certain point security

Another highlight for the attendees was the recitation of verses from Surah al Imran in the Quran by President Erdogan while inside the masjid complex.

"Terrorism will never have a religion, will never have a nation, will never have a nationality, nor will it ever have a root or ethnicity," Erdogan said.

stopped checking people and let a sudden mass of people inside. Aside from the permanent collections in the museum, the “Aşk-ı Nebi” (Love of the Prophet) calligraphy exhibition, was

“The Ummah needs this,” she said, grateful that there was a strong Muslim leader who can stand up for Muslims worldwide.

shown as part of the opening ceremony. The collection has toured the world. Another highlight for the attendees was the recitation of verses from Surah al Imran in the Quran by President Erdogan while inside the masjid complex. Enthralling worshipers with his recitation, the president sat near the ornate, marble minbar, designed and made in Turkey like the doors and other decorative features of the grand masjid. Fentress Architects led the design of the complex set on a 14-acre site. The traditional architectural design was provided by Hassa Architecture based in Istanbul. Hilmi Senalp, the chief architect of the project, had stated earlier that the complex was built to represent the “külliye” tradition, a complex of social and religious buildings that were common in Ottoman times. “Külliye was the basis for Muslim urban development as it combined structures for religious, social, economic and public health needs of the community with a mosque, madrasa [school], public kitchen, hospital, bathhouses and marketplace.

So, we based our design of the site on this concept,” he said. He added that “the center is important for both better representation of the Turkish and Muslim communities and for addressing the needs of the community here. It is a mixture of traditional Turkish architecture and American construction experience. It will enrich American history [with] culture and civilization,” said Senalp. “People of all races, religions and backgrounds gathered for the grand opening of this beautiful mosque and cultural center. What a peaceful morning to remind all of us that it is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences,” said attendee Aleena Hasnain. “May this center bring prosperity to all the civilizations on the face of the earth and all the local communities in Maryland,” Erdogan said to the crowd. Name changed for privacy*

Dar-ul-Tawheed Seeks to Revive Islamic Services in NE, SE DC By Muslim Link Staff For years, Islamic activity in Washington DC's northeast and southeast neighborhoods has been sporadic and minimal. Families would have to travel into Maryland or into the western parts of the District to attend lectures, weekend school, or Muslim social programs. Dar-ul-Tawheed, the youngest masjid in Southeast Washington DC aims to change that. Now established in a renovated, one story building at 3765 First Street SE, Imam Abdul Ali and the brother and sister volunteers are hard at work to make the masjid buzz with activity.


From a regular “feed the hood” social service program which takes donated food and clothing literally onto the streets of the most impoverished Washington DC neighborhoods, to youth sleepovers, to weekend schooling and sisters' only bazaars, Dar-u-Tawheed hopes to build a service-oriented, education focused community which is a guiding light and a refuge for the youth. Towards that effort, Dar-ul-Tawheed has initiated a 90-day fundraising drive called “Pathways out of poverty, hunger, and violence” – a title reflective of the environment in the immediate vicinity of the masjid – to generate funds as well as a supply of food and clothing donations from partner masajid in the DMV region. Imam Abdul Ali is confident that Muslims living in the

suburbs and wealthier neighborhoods of Maryland and Northern Virginia wish to assist the Muslims in “the last frontier” of Southeast DC with serving their neighbors and sharing Islam with both young and old. To learn more about the on-going work of the Dar-ul-Tawheed community, call Imam Abdul Ali at 202-52-9997.

April 14th - May 19th,2016








DONATE TODAY The Leader in Empowering Lives Through Zakat

1.888.ZAKAT.US | ZAKAT.ORG ....

April 14th - May 19th,2016


each qabr. A metal rod in center of each qabr demarks each grave, which the contractor, Sue and John Johnson, use metal detectors to ascertain and dig out a fresh grave. Simple gravestones mark each grave and candle or incense burning is strictly forbidden.


>> continued from pg 1

National Memorial Park cemetery on Route 1 in Maryland. “At that time, I thought there should be a Muslim cemetery,” says Sayed. In 1996, the three communities from Frederick, Gaithersburg and Hagerstown met in Frederick for the first time to discuss issues and concerns of their prospective communities. One of the most urgent needs discussed was the issue of Muslim cemetery. “All attendees agreed to pursue the project and the late Dr. Abdul Majeed was appointed to look for a property to serve that purpose,” recalls Sayed. In 2008, the cemetery came to fruition. Sayed is the Chair of the Islamic Waqf of Maryland (IWM), which manages the 10-acre Firdaus Memorial Gardens cemetery and the 100 acres that it sits on New Design Road in Frederick County, Maryland. Near the banks of the scenic Monocacy River, the Firdaus Memorial Gardens has space to be the burial ground of 8000 Muslims with room for expansion to house 6000 more. Serendipitously, the "Monocacy" means "well-fenced garden" in a Native American language. The late Dr Majeed was the first person buried in the cemetery he envisioned. Lots are available for $750. “That’s a deal you couldn’t beat with a stick,” says Mohammad Aslam, the administrator of the waqf who handles funeral arrangements. A complete funeral costs $5000, which includes transportation to the cemetery, the concrete vault, digging the grave and funeral home expenses. The cemetery is an example of what communities can accomplish when they pool resources. 20 minutes away from each center, the Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens (AFMG) was developed with cooperation of three communities. The IWM is a management services organization formed by the Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM), the Islamic Society of Frederick (ISF), and the Islamic Society of Western Maryland (ISWMD). The ISF, the ICM and ISWMD in Hagerstown each raised money to fulfill this Fardh e Kifayah and bought the land in cash in October 2001. Serene and picturesque, a gravel road winds down well-kept lawns. A mid size shed is the home of the waqf office and shelters the heavy machinery. The


Sayed often comes to the cemetery to reflect on death and life. He shares his joy in seeing youth of the community play and pray on the grounds. A cricket field is set up in one of the empty sections and families often come and recite Quran. “I visit everyday to open my final home that opened my eyes to the reality of this world,” says Sayed.

The cemetery is an example of what communities can accomplish when they pool resources. Twenty minutes away from each center, the AlFirdaus Memorial Gardens (AFMG) was developed with cooperation of three communities. concrete vaults used to line the graves as required by the cemetery to help prevent a grave from sinking are neatly lined up next to the shed. The original plan included a mega-masjid that would serve the three communities for the annual festivals. Plans also included a K-12 Muslim school, and an Islamic learning institution. Those plans were shelved due to inaccessibility to water.

even done midnight burials), says that he was troubled after visiting his brother’s grave in a cemetery in New York. The lack of Islamic ethics tarred the sanctity of the graves and he wanted to make sure that he is apart of fulfilling this major responsibility of Muslim service and leadership. The wooded lot was cleared and

Buying gravesites in non-Muslim cemeteries with separate Muslim sections should only be a secondary choice, the first and obvious choice for any Muslim is to be buried in a Muslim cemetery.

A picnic area with playground for children is next on the agenda, as well as a covered pavilion with fans that will accommodate the funeral prayer.

approximately $300,000 was used to the build roads on the property. Lawn care, snow removal and other maintenance are a tremendous expense says management.

Aslam, the administrator for the waqf who arranges immediate funerals (he has

A unique numbering system diminishes wastage of land with a 6-inch gap between

A separate infant section forms the entry to the graveyard. The waqf would like to start a funeral home but need qualified Muslim morticians to run it. The endowment plans an apartment complex, a strip mall and a wedding hall on the property. Topping the list of priorities is a senior residential home. Muslims can continue to use both Muslim cemeteries and Muslim sections in mainstream graveyards, says Imam Adil Khan, but buying gravesites in nonMuslim cemeteries with separate Muslim sections should only be a secondary choice, the first and obvious choice for any Muslim is to be buried in a Muslim cemetery. “Hence, separate land must be purchase by Muslim communities to fulfill this obligation. On the same note Muslim funeral homes are in demand as well, in the entire DMV area there are only few,” says Imam Khan. Along with the All Muslim Association of America (AMAA) (the Stafford Cemetery) in Fredericksburg, VA (featured in an earlier issue of the Muslim link), and the Islamic Center of Virginia’s large Crescent Memorial, the Al-Barzakh Cemetery as it is popularly known is a Muslim graveyard with its red cedar mulch covered graves in Doswell, in Caroline County, that serves the Muslim community in Virginia. The Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia, Inc. (IFSVA), initially developed the approximately one acre of land on route 725 (just off I-95 near Kings Dominion) to accommodate about 100 burial plots. An African-American brother donated the entire lot.


April 14th - May 19th,2016



April 14th - May 19th,2016


>> continued from pg 8

[a] hijab,” Raven said, according to The Huffington Post. “All I heard was he started asking her to take off her hijab. My jaw dropped,” she said. “The man next to her spoke up, but the officer continued to harass her. Ultimately, he came towards her in an intimidating way, pulled out his handcuffs and said if she didn’t want to take off [the hijab], she had to leave.” At least two other library patrons also witnessed the harassment. Craggette acknowledged that he took out handcuffs and told the woman that if she didn’t remove it, she would have to leave, which she did. She has not come forward since the incident. “The woman did not want to make a report or share her identity at that moment. Therefore, as advocates we are requesting the DC Public Library and other institutions to respect the choice of the individual, and if they decide to come forward in the future, it should be their choice. The onus is not on individuals who experience harassment to report it; it is the responsibility of the DC Public Library to prevent harassment and discrimination by developing proactive solutions to make the library system safe for everyone,” read a statement by the Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS), Muslim American Women’s Policy Forum (MAWPF) and Many Languages One Voice (MLOV). The coalition offered recommendations to address this problem, which included: developing a public awareness campaign to demonstrate that the DC Public Library is a safe and welcoming space for people of all races, ethnicities, religions, and genders; and to intervene and convene a joint DC government Listening Session that invites Muslim communities, which includes all various ethnicities and racial groups to discuss ways they experience discrimination, bias, racism, and Islamophobia in the District. CAIR National contacted DC Public Library officials about the reported incident and received an apology from the executive director of the library, along with assurance that people of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome in local libraries. “We thank the DC Public Library for its swift and appropriate handling of this incident and for restating its policy of


inclusion for all District residents,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. However, local activists want constructive action. The executive director of DC Public Library system Richard Reyes-Gavilánt called it an isolated incident. "We're doing everything that we possibly can in order to address the situation and make people understand that the library is a place of inclusion," he told NBC news.

"Certainly what happened yesterday is an isolated incident that we regret strongly." “We assert that this is not an isolated incident; it occurred in the context of growing Islamophobia in the District. DCPL and other public institutions must take proactive measures to address harassment and discrimination against Muslims by developing a public awareness campaign, training DCPL staff on institutional racism and Islamophobia, and implementing a system to report staff

abuses,” say activists. Craggette was placed on an administrative leave after the incident but is back to work; he will be on the night shift where he will not be interacting with library patrons. He was dismissed from the D.C. police force in 1990 for destroying a citizen’s property but was later rehired, reported WUSA9.

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A Night for Palestine Supporting Healthcare Projects in Palestine

Saturday, April 30 at 5PM

Diyanet Center of America (Turkish Center) 9704 Good Luck Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

$20/Person for ages 3+ Buy tickets now at

*Vending & Childcare Available* Contact Asra Rahman |


Main Speaker



MC & Comedian




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Running for the Hills

The Stuff of Birds In May of 2011, Sister Jann McClary and her husband Tariq moved from the Washington DC metropolitan area to establish a new home in the mountains of Colorado, building it from the ground up as part of their plan to become free of the spiritual and physical stress of modern urban life. Sister Jann is documenting her experiences for the Muslim Link. See her earlier installments at by searching for Running for the Hills. Make sure you select "Exact Phrase" in the search options. --TML Ever check out birds? They seem to be the least concerned with their stuff. You don't see them trying to figure out what stuff to take with them when they leave the nest everyday. I've never seen them with backpacks to put their stuff in. Maybe they've got little twig lockers where they keep all their bird thingees. Nah, probably not, but they're hiding stuff somewhere. Everybody's got stuff. Some have too much. Too much will overflow. Overflow needs more space. Toss it? Nope. Save it? Yup, might need it. Where to put it? Without a basement or an in-home thrift store, you either live with it, and it becomes an eyesore each time you walk by it, arrange parts of it cleverly outside your home and call it “yard art”, or you consign it to that money-pit called a rented storage shed. From the time we are born, no even before that, in utero, we start accumulating stuff. Folks are forever giving the babyto-be rattles, pillows and fuzzy neon critters even before it climbs out of the womb; bouncy seats, pacifiers, bizarre little squiggly things that squeak and more ones-ies than the child could ever possibly wear in one lifetime will clog closets and drawers. Good thing we have mommies. They seem to know when it's finally time to get rid of it all. But it only gets worse as we grow. We just can't seem to stop accumulating stuff! Maybe we need to slow down because Allah subhana wa t'ala warns us in Suratul Takaathur that “The mutual piling up of things diverts you 'til you reach the graves...” So while babies don't have much say in the matter, we grown ups


have to keep ourselves in check. One thing homesteaders are guilty of is having too much stuff. I stand accused. I don't mean vases and artwork, gilded mirrors and tea sets. We've got too many plastic tubs, old tools and jars; too many pieces of pipe, bits of netting, faded tarps and half-empty cans of paint. We can't seem to part with all this flotsam and jetsam. (Mommy, help!) We tell ourselves, “I might need that do-hicky if the whatchamacallit breaks.” Or, “I can use that beat-up pot whenever the thingee starts to leak again. (Didn't have enough left-over silicon goop to fix it proper the last time.)” All of our pieces of might-could-use get kept because when homesteaders have to use ingenuity over cash to fix a thingee, that might-could-use will be just the fix. We never know what task or project can utilize something in our stuff pile. Gotta keep all this stuff accessible and that means another building project: a storage shed. Wouldn't be a proper homestead without one. We went to a local sawmill and got some rough-cut lumber for the walls and studs. Our neighbor and jack-of-all-trades, Rich, came over to help and within a few days he and Tariq put up the floor, walls and >> STUFF Pg 30

Top: Shed for our stuff. Middle: Reserve building stuff . Bottom: Emergency food stuff (Photos by the author)

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SATURDAY, MAY 14TH 2016, 11AM-5PM FREE ADMISSION CALLING ALL SISTERS! STEP INTO SPRING WITH BEAUTY! Join us for a day of beauty, health tips and a variety of cuisines! Featuring expert advice on a variety of topics, delicious food from around the world, a photo booth, henna, beautiful clothing, exquisite jewelry, cooking demonstrations, and so much more!




Civil Rights

April 14th - May 19th,2016

US Deports Muslim Asylum Seekers Hena Zuberi

Muslim Link Staff Reporter U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported 85 detainees for repatriation to Southeast Asia on April 3, 2016. Many of them were Muslims from Bangladesh. The deportations came as a result of an agreement formed between the State Department and the Bangladeshi government. The asylum seekers were fleeing political violence— many had left Bangladesh, crossed several countries to seek safe haven in the U.S., fearing persecution for supporting the opposition Bangladesh National Party (BNP), otherwise known as the Awami League. Detainees arriving in Bangladesh say that they were tied up in body bags and suffered torture while in detention and during their deportation. These individuals trekked across South and Central Americas to the US-Mexico border and then turned themselves in to border patrol seeking asylum. Many were detained for up to two years without proper recourse. “They kept us only in the prison. Not only they kept us detained, even we were kept tied to hands and legs with each other. Everyone was tied. We were tied for three days. Some of them were put in the body bags, which are used for dead bodies. At least 2,000 to 3,000 Bangladeshis are still imprisoned in U.S. jails,” said a deportee speaking to media at the airport in Dhaka. Another testified that his hands were tied to his waist with chains. “I was also chained to my legs. They didn’t feed us for the whole journey. We have never seen such horror in our life,” he added. “We are again dealing with hundreds being deported. And many of them to danger, possibly even death. The fear is palpable in the crying phone calls we


get. The fear is palpable in the voices of those detainees who call laughing, joking, and talking about everything but don't say or ask anything about the impending deportations,” says Fahd Ahmed of Desi Rising Up & Moving (DRUM), a social justice organization focusing on the rights of South Asian immigrants. “[On Sunday night], over a 100 were taken away. Some will only have to deal with the incredible debts and trauma they incurred through the journeys of walking across dozens of countries to get here. But some will also return to face police, government agencies, religious extremists, and other threats eagerly waiting for them. The same reasons they left in the first place,” adds Ahmed. According to reports from detainees, over 500 hundred South Asian migrants have currently been amassed at a detention center in Florence, Arizona. “Bangladesh has among the highest numbers of asylum claims outside the Western Hemisphere— more than doubling from 2013 to 2014 to about 580,” writes Michelle Chen in the Nation. Rep. Joe Crowley (N.Y.), vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, urged the Obama administration to stop the deportation of undocumented Bangladeshi immigrants pending a thorough look into their asylum claims. Activism by the Bangladeshi-American community had brought this concern for a group of Bangladeshis "with legitimate claims of asylum are in imminent danger of deportation” to Crowley’s attention.

Bangladesh is extremely bad, it is guaranteed when I go back home that someone will kill me,” Saif Islam, an asylum seeker and Awami League supporter, told The Huffington Post through a translator at Tuesday’s rally. "Because they are political asylum seekers, they will most likely be abducted and tortured,” said Kamran Ahmed, one of the seven asylum seekers attending the protest told the Daily News. Ahmed (no relation to Fahd) had been detained at the El Paso detention center where a number of the men are still detained and facing deportation. Many of these asylum seekers participated in the #FreedomGiving hunger strikes last year in fall; they protested then at the Clinton headquarter and were back seeking support with urgency. Activists say that asylum seekers’ names were leaked to the media, so the Bangladeshi government knows who they are, and has already threatened their families. They warn that unless action is taken, they will be sent to their deaths. “Last Fall, asylum-seekers exposed their prolonged detention and discriminatory treatment inside Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers with several waves of hunger strikes that involved over 1,000 people and twelve facilities. Some participants went over twenty days refusing food and only resumed eating after ICE officials sought authorization for tortuous forced feeding and catheterization to break the strikes,” shared Fahd Ahmed.

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, protesters rallied in front of Hillary Clinton’s New York campaign headquarters seeking support and comments from the Presidential candidate.

While media attention has focused on Trump’s virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric, mass deportation of Muslims is already reality sanctioned by Democratic Partybacked policies for many refugees and migrants, say activists.

“Because the political situation in

"While many of are rightfully worried

about the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric come from the Republican candidates, the Obama administration is actually implementing those policies right now to keep Muslim, South Asian and African refugees out of the country, and to deport them back to death or danger. We don't need elected officials who talk nice us. We need to push to change policies that benefit the most marginalized within our communities and society,” said Ahmed of DRUM to the Muslim Link. The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) also issued a statement in solidarity with the asylum seekers. “We are reminded that as anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric continues to be used as leverage for Presidential candidates of the Republican party, we are also equally disgusted by the policies sanctioned by the Democratic party ordering the mass deportations of refugees and migrants, including women and children, to their deaths,” added APALA's National President Johanna Puno Hester. “Furthermore, the racist policies that justify the racial and religious profiling that continuously criminalize Muslim and South Asian refugees and migrants need to end. The hashtag #Deported2Death on social media highlights the consequences of the potential removals. APALA, DRUM, MPower Change and the #Not1More Campaign are calling on the Homeland Security and State Departments to stop the removal of these detainees. Groups encouraged concerned residents to sign the petition to demand an immediate halt to deportations. The petition was hosted by the #Not1More Campaign at: portfolio/state-dept-bangladesh Follow #Deported2Death and #Not1More on Twitter.

April 14th - May 19th,2016




National News

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Muslim Runs for Libertarian Vice President Spot Hena Zuberi,

Muslim Link Staff Reporter A Tennessee man, William Coley, makes history as the first Muslim Vice Presidential nominee. Coley, a libertarian activist and the national director of Muslims4Liberty, an American Muslim organization ‘committed to advancing the cause of liberty from a principled and Islamic perspective’, has agreed to be the running mate of Libertarian Party presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry. Perry is one of 15 candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination for U.S. president. He and Coley will be making several campaign appearances in the run-up to

Muslim Coalition To Cruz: Drop Hate Leader As Adviser ​​ (WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/17/16) – The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of leading national and local American Muslim organizations, today called on GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to drop designated hate group leader Frank Gaffney Jr. as a foreign policy adviser. Gaffney’s organization, the Center for Security Policy (CSP), has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Cruz’s list of foreign policy advisers reportedly also includes three people who work for Gaffney’s organization, including Fred Fleitz, Clare Lopez and Jim Hanson. Also on Cruz’s list is Andrew McCarthy, who has echoed Gaffney’s view that Muslims are seeking to impose Islamic law in America. Cruz also named retired Lieutenant


the party’s nominating convention, which will be held May 26-30 in Orlando, FL. According to a press release, Perry chose Coley as his running mate because “he has intimate knowledge and insight both of the religion, and the cultures of the countries (the U.S. military) has been actively bombing or occupying,”

General William G. “Jerry” Boykin to his list of advisers. Boykin has in the past stated that “[Islam] should not be protected under the First Amendment,” that there should be “no mosques in America” and that there can be no interfaith dialogue or cooperation between Muslims and Christians. “To appoint a notorious conspiracy theorist and hate group leader to such an important role in a presidential campaign sends the wrong message to American voters and to the international community,” said USCMO Secretary General Oussama Jammal. “We urge Senator Cruz to drop Frank Gaffney as a foreign policy adviser and to instead name a person who would base his or her advice on accurate information, not on fear-mongering.” Of Gaffney, the SPLC notes: “Gaffney’s wild-eyed accusations would certainly fit right into the redbaiting [House Un-American Activities Committee] tradition, judging from his long history of smears and innuendo aimed at Muslims. . . Among the ‘enablers’ of civilization jihad in America, President Obama is near the top of Gaffney’s list.

The Libertarian Party is the country’s third-largest political party since its founding in 1971. “If you have not previously considered the Libertarian Party, I encourage you to do so now. We are an extremely diverse group of people who are passionate about liberty…about all rights, of all people, all the time. We do not denigrate or disparage any group. We respect the humanity of all people and their rights to make their own decisions about their lives. Simply put: Libertarianism is the idea that every person has the right to pursue happiness in any way they wish as long as it doesn’t hurt people or take their stuff,” wrote Nicholas Sarwark, Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, in an open letter, trying to woo disgruntled

Muslim Republicans and inviting them to join his party.

But Gaffney has tried – and failed – to gather support for baseless suggestions that Obama is a practicing Muslim. . . Gaffney’s scurrilous broad-brush tactics have a serious effect on the lives of all Muslims in America, from students and housewives to corporate executives and budding politicians. A shadow of unfounded suspicion follows even the most upright Muslim citizens.”

in which it’s Muslim-only,” and hosted “white supremacist” Jared Taylor on his “Secure Freedom” radio program.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has referred to Gaffney as “one of the country’s leading anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists.” Gaffney is a key promoter of the bizarre conspiracy theory that Muslims in public service are infiltrating the government on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has questioned “whether Mr. Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States,” claimed the Missile Defense Agency logo is part of a “worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam,” claimed an aide to Hillary Clinton was a secret Muslim Brotherhood operative, was a key witness for the plaintiffs in a controversial lawsuit seeking to block construction of a Tennessee mosque, promoted the debunked claim that Dearborn, Mich., is a “ghetto enclave

Coley became a political activist after he attended a Smoky Mountains Tea Party Patriots meeting in 2011 in which Bill French, a self-taught expert on “political Islam,” claimed that Islamic law was gaining ground in Tennessee. He lives in Maryville, TN with his wife and seven children. He is completing his Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and Islamic studies training in the Maliki school through a WebCT program in Qatar. A Facebook page has been set up to promote the Coley campaign.

G a ff n e y ’s s t a ff a t t o r n e y, D a v i d Yerushalmi, has advocated outlawing the practice of Islam in America and is the key promoter of anti-Islam bills in state legislatures nationwide, including one being voted on today by the Idaho legislature. When leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, he quoted from a sham survey commissioned by Gaffney’s organization. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization and a member of USCMO, details Gaffney’s and the Center for Security Policy’s role in America’s Islamophobia network in its report, “Legislating Fear: Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States,” and on its website, Source: The Islamic Circle of North America

April 14th - May 19th,2016 CEMETERY I

CONTINUED | 27 in filling in the grave with dirt.

>> continued from pg 18

Al Barzakh does not allow flowers, marble tombs and elaborate signs. They also don’t bury the deceased in a cement box or a vault. “We are the only cemetery in the area [where] you don’t have bury in an encasement because of the location of Al-Barzakh is away from residences,” says Dr Safwat Ahmad, the Ameer of IFSVA. Since the cemetery is not located a heavily residential area there are no problems with ground water contamination, burying in just the kafn (shroud) is easily practiced. The entire funeral is completed for $1000 dollars including land, burial, and headstone. “We are the least expensive in the whole state of Virginia,” he says. The Barzakh cemetery does not reserve graves for patrons. “Who ever dies, get buried in the next grave and we go in rows. No one will walk over a grave because we go in lines and rows- we eliminated that issue,” he adds. Describing the method of burial, Ahmad says that three volunteers get inside the grave and the body is laid head first, facing Makkah, they turn the body on the right side and cover it with wood slats. “After that we take 3 handfuls of dirt,” says Dr Ahmad, after shoveling more dirt, the cemetery has a tractor that helps

He emphasized the making of an Islamic will (esp. if one is married to a non Muslim) especially to determine how you will be buried he has seen men being buried in a suit and tie in a casket. One local brother was even burned to death (cremated), he said. “Sign it, have your wife sign it,” he urges. As of now there is no Muslim cemetery in the Baltimore metro. “I love to have our own. I think that we should build our own Muslim only cemeteries that are built and controlled by Muslims. We would invest our money in ourselves, Insha’Allah. But, brothers who are married to non-Muslim, Christians or Jewish, wives need to understand that unless their wives become Muslim they would not be allowed to be buried next to them in the Muslim only graveyards. This is only one of the different issues that Muslims must understand regarding the Muslim only graveyard,” says Imam Hassan Amin of Muslim Social Services Agency located in the Baltimore metro. He believes that the need for Muslim graveyards is very urgent. “This is something that is needed in the Muslim community, because Allah says, "every soul will have a taste of death." Therefore, we all are going to die. We have no reason for not having our own

Culpeper County Permit Denial For Proposed Islamic Center Sparks Controversy By Omama Altaleb WTOP News, April 6, 2016

WASHINGTON — A decision by Culpeper County lawmakers to deny a permit request for a proposed Islamic center Tuesday at the county’s Board of Supervisors meeting is stirring up controversy. Mohammad Nawabe, a representative of the Islamic Center of Culpeper, applied for a pump-and-haul septic permit since the proposed site on Rixeyville Road doesn’t have access to public utilities and the soil doesn’t support a traditional septic tank. But his request was denied in a 4-3 vote Tuesday morning. While some Culpeper County residents applauded the Board of Supervisors’ decision to reject the permit, Nawabe says the decision is based on religious bigotry

graveyards. We invest heavily in life, homes, cars, land, clothing, etc. why not invest in death? If we cannot have our own graveyard then we purchase a section of an existing graveyard. Again, we always prepare for life, but as Muslims we should also prepare for death. Investing in graveyards is one of the ways we prepare for our ultimate home.”

development, the waqf management wants to create job opportunities and serve the Muslim community.

“It is the responsibility of the Muslim leadership to purchase land, funeral homes, establish janazah funds, certify Imams as morticians so they can take care of the deceased rites according to Islamic principles, purchasing vehicles for transportation of the deceased, etc. The imams must educate the masses about these issues since death is inevitable, it will come sooner or later,” adds Imam Adil Khan.

The waqf is run by Chairman Mohammed Sayed (ISF), Vice Chairman Wael ElKoshairi (ICM), Secretary: Dr. Zubair Faridi (ISWMD), Treasurer: Sayed Naved (ICM), Non-voting members include Waleed Beidas (ISF), Dr. Abdullah Shamim (ICM), and Rafique Chaudhry of ISWMD.

Imam Faizul Khan of the Islamic Society of Washington Area believes that money should be spent on providing free burial plots for those in the community who cannot afford the entire cost of burial. Muslim communities in and around the Frederick, ICM and Hagerstown area will receive a survey in the upcoming months to determine other priorities for the development of the land next to Firdaus Memorial Gardens, says Sayed. Keeping the organic needs of the community front and center, whether is a recreation center for youth, camping facilities or a housing

and discrimination. Nawabe, who has two businesses in Culpeper, told the Richmond-Times Dispatch that he’s exploring legal action. Since 1995, the board has approved 18 out of the 19 pump-and-haul permits that were considered. But the supervisors who rejected the permit say the special sewage permits are only for hardship cases where the owner has no other option. Since the center hasn’t closed a deal on the land yet, the county says it can find another site to purchase.

Currently, 66-acres of land is leased to a corn farmer. 10 acres are scheduled to be rented to Calvert Energy for a solar farm and will provide electricity to the cemetery.

To make arrangements for burial at Al Firdaus Memorial Gardens, including picking up the body from the place of death (transportation), bathing (Ghusl), prayers (Janazah) and transportation to the cemetery, call Mohammed Aslam, AFMG Administrator, at 202-486-3257 or send an email to For investment opportunities call Mohammad Sayed, Chairman IWM, at 301-509-7787 or send an email at To make arrangements for burial at Al Barzakh Cemetery contact Dr Safwat Ahmad (804) 519-4938, (804) 276-5637 For more information visit

of the religion not because it’s a pump-and-haul or environmental reasons,” she says. “I don’t think, in our country, we should turn down somebody because of religion reasons. We’ve never done that,” Hansohn says. “That’s what we are based on — that religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom to have a business,” she adds. WTOP’s Mark Lewis contributed to this report.

Nawabe told the board in a previous meeting that the center will be used for prayer twice a week for a couple of hours by about 15 attendees. Supervisor Sue Hansohn, who voted to support the permit, says she has received complaints from residents expressing fears about the Islamic center. “The majority of the calls and emails I had was because

Nabeel Babar delivers the sermon at the Islamic Center of Culpeper. Photo by Culpeper StarExponent.


28 |

April 14th - May 19th,2016


Is there any special virtue in fasting during the month of Rajab? Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: The month of Rajab is one of the sacred months of which Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily, the number of months with Allaah is twelve months (in a year), so was it ordained by Allaah on the Day when He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are Sacred (i.e. the 1st, the 7th, the 11th and the 12th months of the Islamic calendar). That is the right religion, so wrong not yourselves therein” [al-Tawbah 9:36]

The sacred months are: Rajab, Dhu’lQa’dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and Muharram. Al-Bukhaari (4662) and Muslim (1679) narrated from Abu Bakrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The year is twelve months, of which four are sacred: three consecutive months, Dhu’l-Qa’dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and Muharram, and Rajab Mudar which comes between Jumaada and Sha’baan. These months are called sacred for two reasons:

1- Because fighting therein is forbidden unless initiated by the enemy 2- Because transgression of the sacred limits therein is worse than at other times. Hence Allaah has forbidden us to commit sins during these months, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): “wrong not yourselves therein” [al-Tawbah 9:36]

said (p. 373): In the phrase “wrong not yourselves therein”, the pronoun may be understood as referring to twelve months. Allaah states that He has made them a measure of time for His slaves, which they may use for worshipping Him, and thank Allaah for His blessings, and they serve the interests of His slaves, so beware of wronging yourselves therein.

Although committing sins is haraam and forbidden during these months and at other times, in these months it is more forbidden.

The pronoun may also be understood as referring to the four sacred months, and

Al-Sa’di (may Allaah have mercy on him)

>> FASTING Pg 30

Struggling to Purify Your Soul? How to Really Get Ready For You Need These Two Elements The Month of Ramadan By Khurram Murad As you proceed on your journey in along the path of self-purification andTazkiyah, in quest of the ultimate goal of Paradise, you will encounter difficulties and hardships. These may often seem insurmountable. Overcoming them may be made easier by a good early grasp of the prerequisites of tazkiyah. These include: Genuine Effort In order to succeed, you must have a deep desire to make a genuine effort to fulfill your obligations as a Muslim: {But as for those who strive hard in Our cause – We shall most certainly guide them onto paths that lead unto Us: for, behold God is indeed with the doers of good.} (Al-`Ankabut 29: 69) With desire, of course, come actions. But know that it is not solely the results of your endeavours that count; what matters


most is that you made your best effort. This is a very important point to appreciate because without genuine effort nothing can happen. Those who think that du`aa’ (prayer) alone can work miracles are not living in a realistic world. Prayers are part of the effort, but Prayers are not the whole answer. If you pray, `Allah! Guide me and make me good’, it is not going to bring you any benefit unless you are also determined to become good and make an effort towards becoming good. Once you have done the latter two things, then, of course, Prayer will be a source of barakah or Divine grace that will further inspire and strengthen your efforts. The initial desire and the ensuing effort to do and become good, is part of the continuing process of self-development, a process that may begin at any point in life that you choose and continue till your last breath:

>> PURIFY Pg 30

By Anas Hlayhel Many Muslims approach Ramadan with mixed feelings. On one hand they've heard how the Companions used to eagerly await Ramadan six months in advance. But on the other hand, they genuinely worry about the long hours of fasting (in hot weather in some cases) while they have to work. Such feelings of anxiety are sometimes accompanied with a sense of guilt that we're not eagerly anticipating the month, like the Companions used to. The question then becomes, is there anything we can do to lessen this pre-Ramadan anxiety, and hence be better prepared for the Month of Fasting? To help answer this question, let me bring to your attention what I believe is a key verse in this regard. Allah says about the prayer: “And indeed it's big except on the people of khushoo'” [Qur'an:2:45]

At first, you might be saying, well, what's this to do with fasting? But let's do some examination. In essence, God is saying that the prayer is hard and difficult, except on people who possess certain qualities. The difficulty in the prayer lies in the fact that we have to perform it five times a day, every single day of our lives. Therefore, it requires a lot of persistence. Likewise, fasting is hard and difficult. But its difficulty lies in the fact that we deprive ourselves from essential pleasures which we take for granted and we incur a certain amount of pain on our bodies— the pain of hunger and thirst. Therefore, it requires a lot of endurance. But whether it's the challenge of persistence or endurance, Allah forewarns us that it will be difficult if we only focus on the physical aspect of worship. Indeed, when you tell nonMuslims how Muslims fast from dawn to sunset (now an average of 16 hours for many people on Earth), their heads will shake in disbelief. >> RAMADAN Pg 34

April 14th - May 19th,2016


Salaah times for April 14th - May 19th 2016 Day

If a person had a stream outside his door and he bathed in it five times a day, do you think he would have any filth left on him?” The people said, “No filth would remain on him whatsoever.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said, “That is like the fi ve daily prayers: Allah wipes away the sins by them.” ---Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari and Muslim

Prayer times generated from for the WASHINGTON, DC area.














































































































































































































































































































































The Worst of our faults is our interest in other people’s Faults. -Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s (allah be pleased with him) ....

April 14th - May 19th,2016


>> continued from pg 28

this forbids them to wrong themselves in those months in particular, as well as it being forbidden to do wrong at all times, because it is more forbidden at this time, but it is worse at this time than at others. End quote. Secondly: With regard to fasting the month of Rajab, there is no saheeh hadeeth to indicate that there is any special virtue in fasting all or part of this month. What some people do, singling out some days of Rajab for fasting, believing that they are better than others, has no basis in sharee’ah. But there is a report from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) which indicates that it is mustahabb PURIFY

>> continued from pg 28

{O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.} (Aal `Imran 3: 102) There will never be a point when you will be able to say that you are now a perfect person or that you have achieved your full potential. If at any point you feel so, then be sure that is the starting point of your downfall. On the other hand, you may find that the greater your desire to fulfill your obligations as a Muslim, the more you feel beset or plagued by frustration, despondency and despair in your heart STUFF

>> continued from pg 22

roof of what will be our very own personal mini stuff store, insha Allah. Even though we purged our apartment of unnecessary stuff before making the trek to Colorado, homesteading necessitates the acquisition of new kinds of stuff; lumber, cinder blocks, mortar mix and barbed wire; buckets, rope, ladders and lanterns; and more cans of food than you can shake a fork at!


to fast during the sacred months (and Rajab is one of the sacred months). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Fast some days of the sacred months and not others.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2428; classed as da’eef by al-Albaani in Da’eef Abi Dawood. Even if this hadeeth were saheeh, it indicates that it is mustahabb to fast during the sacred months. So if a person fasts during Rajab because of this, and he also fasts in the other sacred months, there is nothing wrong with that. But singling out Rajab for fasting is not right. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (25/290): “As for fasting in Rajab in particular, the ahaadeeth concerning that are all da’eef (weak), and in fact mawdoo’ (fabricated). The scholars do not rely on any of them. They are not among the da’eef ahaadeeth and mind. All of us, whether young or old, have experienced these diseases, and often just give up. What we should try to remember at such times is that it is the intention and effort that matters, not the result. This effort must be a continuing process: {Be not, then, faint of heart, and grieve not: for you are bound to be superior if you are believers.} (Aal `Imran 3: 139) Sustaining Willpower To achieve the ultimate goal in life requires a sustained determination to do so, a willpower that is forever responsive and strong. In Qur’anic terminology this is called iradah. Iradah is basic to all our efforts. Without willing to do something The cans of food and pantry dry goods like rice, flour sugar and coffee are essential, we've come to realize. If we get snowed in or otherwise prevented from getting out for too long a period, we can fall back on our reserves. The wisdom of storing up food is mentioned in Surat-ul Yusuf (ayaat 46-49) in which Nabi Yusuf (alaahi salaam) interprets the king's dream about seven fat cows being devoured by seven lean ones, and seven green ears of corn and seven dry ones. He (alaihi salaam) mentions about the corn saying, “...then will come after that seven hard years which will devour what you have laid by

which have been narrated concerning virtues, rather most of them are fabricated and false. In al-Musnad and elsewhere there is a hadeeth which says that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) enjoined fasting the sacred months, namely Rajab, Dhu’l-Qa’dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah and Muharram, but this has to do with fasting during all of them, not just Rajab.” Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “Every hadeeth which mentions fasting in Rajab and praying during some of its nights is false and fabricated.” End quote from al-Manaar al-Muneef, p. 96 Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar said in Tabyeen al-‘Ajab (p. 11): “There is no saheeh hadeeth that would count as evidence which speaks of the virtue of the month of Rajab, or that speaks of fasting this month or part of it, or of spending any particular you cannot do anything. Iradah is very different from desire. You always hear people reflecting upon unfulfilled aspirations. One of the main reasons why aspirations and dreams remain unfulfilled is that they are no more than desires which faded to assume the status of iradah.

night of it in prayer.” Shaykh Sayyid Saabiq (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in Fiqh al-Sunnah (1/282): “Fasting in Rajab is no better than fasting in any other month, except that it is one of the sacred months. There is no report in the saheeh Sunnah to suggest that there is anything special about fasting in this month. Whatever has been narrated concerning that is not fit to be quoted as evidence.” Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about fasting on the twenty-seventh of Rajab and spending that night in prayer. He replied: “Fasting on the twenty-seventh of Rajab and spending that night in prayer is a bid’ah (innovation), and every bid’ah is a going astray.” Majmoo’ Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, 20/440. [source: islamqa. info] and is indeed the antithesis of doubt, hesitation or lethargy. Once iradah is firmly in place, then you must have no doubts and you must not hesitate. Now, what purpose should iradah serve? The Qur’an makes it clear that this will power must be a firm resolve to seek the pleasure of Allah because this is the part of the bargain that you must deliver:

The Qur’an explains that one of the basic weaknesses in human nature which impedes self-development is the weakness of will. While narrating the story of Adam, Allah informs: {And, indeed, long ago We made Our covenant with Adam; but he forgot and We found no firmness of purpose in him.} (Taha 20:115) Iradah requires strength and consistency

{And whoever desires [arada] the Life to Come, and strive for it as it ought to be striven for, and are [true] Believers withalthey are the ones whose striving finds favour [with God].} (Al-Israa’ 17: 19)

in advance for them, all except a little of that which you have guarded.”

Al-Khattab (radiallahu anhum) heard the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) say: If you trust Allah with the right kind of tawakkul, He will provide you with sustenance as He provides for the birds - they go out in the morning with empty stomachs and come back in the evening with full stomachs.” (atTirmidhi). They don't sit around obsessing about their stuff, and they don't expect to get the stuff they need without some work. Alhamdulillah, He is Ar-Razzaq and AlKhabeer, the Most Aware of the stuff His creatures need.

Laying by in advance is one way to tie your camel, as long as your intention to do it is for future need and not immediate greed. In this life a constant weighing goes on in trying to keep a balance between the stuff we need and going overboard in trying to get it. Sometimes it's, “Can we forgo that solar battery now in favor of another load of road base?” Other times it's not the stuff itself, but the work involved in obtaining it. The way the birds handle their stuff is awesome. Umar bin

R e f e r e n c e s : Ta k e n , w i t h s o m e modifications, from the author’s In the Early Hours.

April 14th - May 19th,2016

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------Badr Community Center Of Dumfries: 17794 Main Street, Dumfries, VA 22026 Tel: 703-554-7983 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Dar Ul-ghuraba (Masjid Ur Rahmah): 155 Baker St., Emporia, VA 23487 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Dar Al Hijrah: 3159 Rowe St., Falls Church, VA 22044, Tel: 703-536-1030 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------Moroccan American community Organization Center 5697 Columbia pike , #200 Falls Church , VA 22041 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------Islamic Center Of Northern VA Trust (Icnvt): 4420 Shirley Gate Road, Fairfax, VA, 22030 Tel: 703-591-0999 | E-mail: --------------------------------------------------------------------------Dar Al-noor (Muslim Assoc. Of VA): 5404 Hoadly Rd., Manassas, VA 20112, Tel: 703-580-0808 Fax: 703-221-8513 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Manassas Mosque: 12950 Center Entrance Ct, Manassas, VA Tel: 703-257-5537 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Islamic Center Of Virginia: 1241 Buford Rd., Richmond, VA 23235 Tel: 804-320-7333 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Islamic Society Of Greater Richmond 6324 Rigsby Road, Richamond, VA 23226

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1628 Good Hope Road, SE Washington, DC. 20020 202.678-1881 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------Darr ul Tawheed 3765 First St SE Washington DC 20032 202-520-9997 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Muslim Society Of Washington, D.C.: Howard Center, Room 805 (Above Hu Bookstore) Tel: 202-328-3236 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Upcoming Events In Your Area ADAMS Spring Festival Saturday, April 16, 2016 11:00am - 06:00pm All Proceeds go to the construction of the new musallah extension. Free Admission. Children's Activities- Decorate your own cookies & cupcakes, arts & crafts, games, face painting, henna. Location : ADAMS, 46903 Sugarland Road, Sterling, VA 20164. Contact : 301-433-1325, Muslim-American 8th Congressional District Forum Saturday, April 16, 2016 02:00pm - 04:00pm Join us as we host candidates for congress from various political parties. Hosted by The Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County. Register and Information on eventbrite: Location : IMAAM Center, 9100 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Contact : For more info, contact Rida Rizvi Rida., Aminda Kadir Baltimore Youth Empowerment Panel Discussion Sunday, April 17, 2016 03:00pm - 05:20pm Join us at our First Monthly Community Panel Discussion on Youth Education and Development. We have a group of great panelists from across Baltimore City. Each topic will have 4-5 panelists, each 2 minutes to discuss their point of view on several issues related to the topics, including: Youth Employment; K-12 Education; Drugs, Youth and Family; STEM Policies and Strategies; Youth Development & Empowerment. Location : 4903 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21207 - pr@ 2nd Annual National Muslim Advocacy Day Monday, April 18, 2016 08:00am - 05:00pm On Monday, April 18, some 300 delegates from more than 20 states will take part in the second National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The lobbying effort is sponsored by the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), a coalition of leading national and local American Muslim organizations. Muslim delegates are expected to meet with a third of the House of Representatives and almost half of the Senate. Register for National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. Location : Capitol Hill, Washington, DC 20515. Contact : Robert Mccaw, USCMO, Faith, Economics and Politics Conference Saturday, April 23, 2016 08:30am - 04:00pm "Faith, Economics, and Politics: The Keys to Empowering our Community." The focus of the conference will be on unifying the Muslim Community in this region to strengthen our political and economic influence. Price: $15 per adult; $25 per couple; $5 for students (high school and college). Childcare available. Register at Location : The Diyanet Center, 9704 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD. Contact : Baltimore County Muslim Council 2016 Legislative Evening Saturday, April 23, 2016 05:00pm - 08:00pm Meet the Legislators. Come Listen to great speakers on Essential issues relavent on current affairs - Dr Zainab Chaudry, CAIR; Aisha Rahman, Esq, KARAMAH; Tajbik Sheikh, Student and Ghadeer Mansour, Student - Eid Holidays and Bullying in Schools. RSVP by April 10, 2016 Location : ISB, 6631 Johnnycake Rd, Windsor Mill, MD 21244. Contact : For more info, Nasrin Rahman 410-370-0506, Dr Mohammed Younus 410-530-3608 The Need to Feed Benefit Dinner Sunday, April 24, 2016 06:00pm - 09:00pm Benefit Dinner for Humanitarian Aid. Sh Yaseen Shaikh, ISB Resident Scholar, Ust. Yasmin Mohahed, Al Maghrib Institute, Sh. Mikaeel Smith, ISA Resident Scholar. Tickets: $35 Individual, $60 Couple, Tickets can be purchased online at www. Childcare $10. Location : Doubletree Hilton, 1726 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208Contact : Saad Malik 443-670-2130, United Muslim Relief Event: A Night for Palestine Saturday, April 30, 2016 05:00pm - 08:00pm A Night for Palestine, Supporting Healthcare Projects in Palestine. Speakers: Dr Jamal Badawi (Main speaker), Osama Abuirshaid, Amer Zahr (MC & Comedian),


Ghassan Abu Khadra (Nasheed Artist), Freedom Dabke Group. Tickets: $20 per person for ages 3+. Buy tickets now at Vending and Childcare available, contact Asra Rahman - Location : Diyanet Center of America (Turkish Center), 9704 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD 20706 Almaghrib Class: The Purification Act II Friday, May 06, 2016 07:00pm - 10:00pm Fiqh of Worship I (Taharah), Instructor: Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya. Tuition: $85. Friday, May 6, 2016 (7PM to 10PM), Saturday, May 7, 2016 and Sunday, May 8, 2016 (10AM to 7PM). For details and to enroll, click: seminars/1166. Location : University of Maryland, College Park Biosciences Research Building, Room 1101 ADAMS Fundraising Dinner Saturday, May 07, 2016 06:00pm - 10:00pm Celebrating the Prophet SAW. Shaykh Omar Suleiman, Comedian Dean Obeidallah, Former Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, Imam Mohamed Magid, Imam Abdur Rafaa Ouertani. Tickets are available at www.AdamsFr.brownpapertickets. com. Location : National Conference Center, 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg, VA 20176. Contact : For sponsorshps, please contact: amer.ahmad@adamscenter. org ISWA Annual Fundraising Dinner Saturday, May 07, 2016 06:00pm - 09:00pm Annual Fundraising Dinner, Reaching our Goals. Featuring: Imam Faizul Khan, Brother Youssef Slitine, Silent Auction. Tickets: Single $50 per person, children under 12 free. Free Islamic Books and CDs. Tickets are available at the main office - 301-879-0930. Come and Support our Efforts! Location : 2701 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905 Helping Hand Benefit Dinner: Inspire Their Dream Saturday, May 07, 2016 06:30pm - 09:30pm Speakers: Mufti Hussain Kamani, Imam Yaseen Shaikh, Br Qasim Mazhar. Tickets: $15 Individual, $20 at door and $50 Family, $75 at door. Tickets can be purchased in advance online at Babysitting: $5 per child. Location : Diyanet Center of America, 9704 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD 20706. Contact : Br Asif Khan 301-252-7553, Br Naveed Ahmed 410-926-7475 United Muslim Relief: 5K Trek for Women Sunday, May 08, 2016 09:00am - 12:00pm Save the Date, 5K Trek for Women. Registration: $25 Early Bird, $35 Regular price, $15 Students, Registration is free for those that raise $1K or more. https://www. Location : Cameron Run Regional Park, 4001 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304. Contact : Zebiba Jibreel, online registration: Washington International Academy 5th Annual Fundraising Banquet Saturday, May 14, 2016 05:00pm - 09:00pm 5th Annual Fundraising Banquet, Empowering Youth. Guest Speakers: Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Mohammed Hussein, Shuaib Khan. Ticket prices: Single $50, Couples $90, Table Reservations $1K (seats 10). Babysitting: $10 per child (ages 2-12). Location : Crown Plaza Tysons Corner, 1960 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA. Contact : Halima Abdi 571-239-4218,, ISWA Annual Workshop: Death and Burial in the Community Sunday, May 15, 2016 01:30pm - 04:00pm Topics to be discussed: Everything you need to know about pre-planning for Burials and Funerals, Ghusl and Shroud Procedures - Universal Mortuary, Muslim Funeral Homes and Cemeteries. Free Admittance, Refreshments available, Free Kafans. Location : ISWA, 2701 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905. Contact : For more information, please contact Imam Faizul Khan at 301-879-0930

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April 14th - May 19th,2016


Request For Duaa

To Allah We Belong, and to Him is Our Return

“Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and good, and to Us you will be returned.” (Surah Al-Anbiya:35)”

03-16-2016 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Br. Syed Alay Mohammad Hashmi, brother of Br. Syed Alay Ahmad Hashmi (a pioneer of the ISB community). We ask Allah (SWT) to shower him with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, grant him the highest ranks in paradise and give his family support and patience during this difficult time. (Source: ISB)

his father Br. Ahmed Halim and wife Sister Khadiga and a new born Mustafa, and siblings Br. Sharif, Sr. Dahlia, Br. Mustafa, Sr. Mona, Br. Mahmoud. Janazah was on March 25, 2016 in Ellicott City, Maryland. May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannah al-Firdaus. May Allah grant strength and patience to his family, and their extended family at this very difficult time. (Source: Maryum Center)

03-17-2016 PGMA sends condolences to the family of Brother James Chabon Robinson who has passed away. Salaat al-Janazah for Brother James Robinson was on March 19, 2016 in Lanham, Maryland. May Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannat ul Firdaus. May Allah (SWT) grant his family patience and ease, Ameen. (Source: PGMA)

03-25-2016 PGMA sends condolences to the family of Brother Ralph C. Willis who has passed away. Brother Ralph was the beloved father of Sister Yasmin Willis, formerly of Al-Huda's front office. Salaat al-Janazah for Brother Ralph Willis was on March 26, 2016 in Lanham, Maryland. May Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannat ul Firdaus. May Allah (SWT) grant his family patience and ease, Ameen. (Source: PGMA)

03-17-2016 PGMA sends condolences to the family of Brother Darnell Stanley who has passed away. Salaat al-Janazah for Brother Darnell Stanley was on March 19, 2016 in Lanham, Maryland. May Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannat ul Firdaus. May Allah (SWT) grant his family patience and ease, Ameen. (Source: PGMA) 03-18-2016 It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our community member Sister May Khalifa Alsaleh. Janazah was on March 18, 2016 in Ellicott City, Maryland. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower her with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and to grant her the highest ranks in paradise, and give her family support and patience during these difficult times. (Source: Dar Al Taqwa) 03-24-2016 It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our community member Br. Muhammad Halim. He was survived by

03-29-2016 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sr. Tahira Ali, mother of Br. Faisal Abdur-Rahman and mother-in-law of Dr. Najla AbdurRahman. The Salatul Janaza was on March 29, 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower her with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, grant her the highest ranks in paradise and give her family support and patience during this difficult time. (Source: ISB) 03-29-2016 It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Sister Ehsan Moussa Fahim. Janazah was on March 29, 2016 in Ellicott City, Maryland. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower her with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and to grant her the highest ranks in paradise, and give her family support and patience during these difficult times. (Source: Dar Al Taqwa)

03-30-2016 Our beloved brother, Nadim Khan, husband of Yusra Khan, and father of Farah and Amir Khan, has passed way. His Janaza (funeral) prayer was on March 31, 2016 in Silver Spring, Maryland. (Source: MCC) 03-30-2016 PGMA sends condolences to the family of Brother Adedji Ahmad Oladapo who has passed away. Brother Adedji was the nephew of Brother Abdurrazzack Gbadamosi, formerly of the PGMA Executive Council. Salaat al-Janazah for Brother Adedji Ahmad Oladapo was on March 30, 2016 in Lanham, Maryland. May Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannat ul Firdaus. May Allah (SWT) grant his family patience and ease, Ameen. (Source: PGMA) 04-09-2016 It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of one of our local brothers, Brother Tanveer Ahmed Qureshi. Janazah prayer was on April 11, 2016 in Laurel, Maryland. May Allah forgive his sins, grant him Jannatul Firdaus and grant the family patience during this time. Ameen. (Source: ICCL) 04-09-2016 PGMA sends condolences to the family of Brother Abdolrahman Talebnejad who has passed away. May Allah (SWT) forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannat ul Firdaus. May Allah (SWT) grant his family patience and ease, Ameen. (Source: PGMA) 04-11-2016 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Br.Jamshed A. Chaudry, a long-time member of ISB. The Salatul Janaza was on April 12, 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower him with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, grant him the highest ranks in paradise and give his family support and patience during this difficult time. (Source: ISB)

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The Role of Faith in Fasting The word khushoo' mentioned in the verse above is a combination of many things. But one essential component of khushoo' is faith or iman. It's not a surprise then that the Prophet made faith a precondition for fasting to be effective. In the authentic hadith: “Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith while expecting its reward, then all his previous sins will be forgiven” [Bukhari and Muslim]. In other words, you treat fasting as a true and complete act of worship. We don't do it out of habit, or because our family or our environment expects us to, but because we worship Allah through this act. If we break it down further, worship is made out of our pure love and utter submission. If we were to apply that to fasting, it means we fast out of pure love for Allah and out of utter submission to His command. So when you're about to fast this time, remember the various bounties that Allah has bestowed you with. Remember the variety of food you have and the availability of cold water. Remember the roof over your head and the decent job you've got. Remember all the special bounties that are unique to your and your surroundings. Then say, I'm fasting out of gratitude to this Lord who has given me all this. Every time you feel the pain of fasting, remind yourself that you're doing it out of love for the Creator, who is the reason for everything you enjoy in this life. In other times, remember that fasting is an ultimate show of utter submission to a command that may not seem very comfortable to follow. You may choose to alternate between the feeling of love and the feeling of submission. Forgiveness of Sins Some people might ask: “Why do I need to fast Ramadan in order to get my sins forgiven?” Can't I do it the easier way, through Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) and other good deeds? The answer is, there will be some types of sins that only Ramadan can help you rid yourself from. In fact, Ramadan is the ultimate way


of getting sins forgiven when all others fail. Consider this hadith of the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him):

that Ramadan is only a tool and it's up to us what we make of it. Ramadan will not do miracles if we're not ready or if we don't use it properly.

“The five daily prayers, Friday to Friday, and Ramadan to Ramadan, will forgive the sins in-between as long as major sins are avoided” [Sahih Muslim].

Another addiction is oversleeping. Yes, some people might sleep some 10 straight hours missing Fajr altogether and barely making it to work on time. Again, Ramadan offers a golden opportunity to become the master of your sleep. For the busy person in Ramadan, you know you can barely manage few hours of sleep in the row. Yet, some people sleep through the whole day, missing Dhuhr and asr, and not waking up till Iftar time at sunset. Again, we see how Ramadan can be a tool that works for you or against you. It's all up to you.

It's clear that we have daily, weekly, and yearly opportunities for forgiveness. You may call Ramadan the “yearly cleansing“. This is why in a different hadith, the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) described the one who was able to attend Ramadan yet failed to get his/her sins forgiven as someone who is far [from the Mercy of Allah]. In other words, the only way you don't get your sins forgiven is if you totally forfeit this opportunity. However, the question remains. Are there some type of sins that only Ramadan can help forgive? Getting Rid of Addictions and Changing Bad Habits If we were to imagine that sins are like shackles that hold us down, then Ramadan is the tool to set us free. I believe this is part of the reason the Sahaba used to have such eager anticipation. Now, since Satan is largely immobilized, we are mostly talking about the sins that stem from the self. Everyone has certain weaknesses that keep haunting them and inviting them to sin. This is different from the method of Satan who is more sporadic and doesn't really care what sin you commit, as long as you commit it. But here, Ramadan offers more than just breaking away from sins. It offers to break away from addictions and bad habits. When we say addictions, some people think of only drugs and alcohol, but in reality, an addiction is much more than that. In fact, an addiction doesn't have to be related to something that is Haram. For example, overeating is an addiction. This is why obesity is a big problem in this country. Now, Ramadan offers a great opportunity to break this bad habit. But, you have to be ready and you have to use the tool of Ramadan properly. Otherwise, we all know too well that some people end up gaining weight in the Month of Ramadan. This is not to mention that food gets wasted in Ramadan more than any other month. So, we clearly can see

Another form of addiction is watching TV. For the serious worshiper, even one minute of TV is a waste of time. Even if he/she used to watch TV outside of Ramadan, their time in Ramadan turns to reciting Qur'an, praying voluntary prayers, and making extra du'a and Dhikr to mention a few. Yet, how many new TV shows do we see introduced in Ramadan, especially in Muslim countries? And no, they are not religious shows! They are romantic soap operas, silly comedy and game shows. Once more, we see how one can pretty much defeat the very purpose of Ramadan. Instead of utilizing Ramadan to help us rid ourselves of a bad habit, now we've turned it up side down and made it a vehicle of sinning or at least watching other people sin. Make your Intentions Now Along with making the intention to fast the whole month, please make the intention that this Ramadan will be like no other Ramadan. I will fast this Ramadan out of faith. I will do it for the love of Allah and out of full submission to His order. I will set some goals for myself. I want to rid myself of sins that may have plagued me for years. I want to change some of my bad habits and break away from some old addictions. I want to change my life this Ramadan. I intend to make this Ramadan the best Ramadan ever. [Source:]

marketplace TML ADVERTISERS INDEX ACCOUNTING & FINANCE Ahmed Eid, CPA | 49 Azzad Asset Management | 3 Bangurah Financial Services | 48 KMS Accounting | 55 Mian Tax Services | 55 BARBER SHOP Barber Lounge | 37 PHD Salon Barber Shop | 48 BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS Washington Report of Middle East Affairs | 33 DINING OUT Almadina Kabobs & Karahi | 38 Amina Thai Restaurant | 37 Food Factory | 40 Jerusalem Market - Alquds | 39 Mandarin Restaurant | 45 Pizza Kingdom | 42 Pizza Roma | 37 Planet Pizza | 44

Hunan Village | 46

EDUCATION FAZ | 51 Marhoum Quran and Arabic Institute | 20 The Muslim Learning Center | 51 EMPLOYMENT Al-Huda School Job Openings | 14 Crown Fried Chicken & Kabob House | 36 EVENTS & ACTIVITIES 41st Annual ICNA-MAS Convention | 61 ADAMS Fundraising Dinner | 13 Al-Huda School Open House | 6 Al-Huda School Summer Camp | 8 Brunch and Beauty Day | 23 Faith, Economics, and Politics Conference | 25 ISWA Annual Fundraising Dinner | 7 ISWA Death and Burial Workshop | 19 Thank You from The Muslim Link | 11 United Muslim Relief - A Night for Palestine | 21


Your Guide to Products and Services for Your Muslim Lifestyle

To Advertise Call 301.982.1020 United Muslim Relief 5K Trek for Women | 15 GROCERIES Quality Ethnic Foods Inc | 62 HEALTH CARE Access Dental | 3 Ansari Pediatrics | 52 Concierge Therapeutic Care | 51 Dr Kanwal Khan | 50 Grove Dental Clinic | 64 Willoughby Beach Pediatrics | 51 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Nejib Youssef | 51 HOME & REAL ESTATE Room For Rent | 37 Samson Properties | 54 LEGAL SERVICES Kemet & Hunt PLLC | 48 Law Office of Khalid Mahmood | 56 Melvin Bilal | 48 Wani & Associates | 3 Waseem Law Group PLLC | 55 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Sheriff Business Brokerage Inc. | 47 Sunbelt Business Brokers of Fairfax | 57 Sure Shot Pest Control Inc | 53 RELIEF AND AID Burma Task Force | 63 Maryum Islamic Center | 9 Mercy-USA for Aid and Development | 2 Zakat Foundation | 17 TRAVEL Almultazam Hajj and Umrah Services | 59 Rendezvous Travel | 58 Zohery Tours | 60



April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Restaurant Section

NOW HIRING BARBERS (571) 620-2887



SEEKING FUTURE SOUL MATE African-American Muslim 53 yo presently separated but looking for a future wife. Prefers South IndianAmerican or Ethiopian, pretty & curvy, ages 26-36 yo. Must have no children, no sponsors. 301-412-7089.

ROOM FOR RENT In Vienna, Northern VA. Walking Distance from Metro. If interested, call: (703)-341-9660 or (571)-451-9441




Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Restaurant Section





Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Appetizers 1. Samosa 2. Samosa chat 3. Shami kabob

$1.25 $2.49 $2.49

Kabob House All Kabobs are cooked on charcoal and served with rice,tandoori naan (bread), salad, chutney (yogurt sauce) andone side of your choice (chickpeas, vegetables or lentils). l. Chicken Kabob (Bone1css) $7.99 2. Lamb Kabob $9.99 3. Beef kabob* $8.49 4. Lamb Chops $12.99 5. Seekh Kabob $7.99 6. Chicken Kabob (Bone-In) $7.49 7. Reshmi Kabob $8.49

Weekend Special 1. Nihari 2. Haleem

$7.99 $7.99

Sweets 1. Rice Pudding 2. Sweets(2pieces) Sweets(Mix)

$2.99 $1.99 $5.99/Lbs


Salads Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and yogurt sauce on the side... 1. Chicken Salad $6.49 2. Beef Salad $7.49 3. Lamb Salad $8.49 4. Gyro/Falafel Salad $5.49 Drinks Buffet Menu MON-FRI (11AM-4PM) $7.99 MON-FRI (4PM-10PM) $8.99 Weekends $9.99

8. Chapli Kabob* 9. Combination Kabob 10. Bihari Kabob* ll. Fish Kabob Side Orders 1. Naan(Bread) 2. Rice 3. Salad 4. Chutney (Yogurt Sauce) 5. Vegetable Curry 6. Meat Curry 7. Grilled Tomatoes

$8.99 $14.99 $8.99 $9.99

$1.00 & $1.25 $1.99 $2.49 8oz. $1.491 12oz. $1.99 8oz. $2.49 / 12oz. $3.49 8oz. $2.99! 12oz. $3.99 $2.99

By Special Order 1. Biryani(Chicken or Vegetable) $5.99 2. Chicken Karahi (For Two) $17.99 3- Lamb/Beef Karahi (For Two)$19-99 Wraps Served on freshly baked bread with cucumber sauce, lettuce,tomatoes, onions and cheese and yogurt sauce on the side... 1. Gyro Wrap (Lamb and becf mix) $5.99 2. Falafel Wrap $5.49 3. Chicken Wrap $6.49 4. Ground Chicken Wrap $6.99 5. Beef Wrap $6.99 6. Ground Beef Wrap $7.49 7. Lamb Wrap $7.99

1. Can Soda 2. Bottle Soda 3. Chai 4. Yogurt Drinks and Mango Laasi $2.49 5. Bottle Water.... 6. Bottle Juice......

$ .99 $1.49 $l.50

$1.25 $1.75




Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016

Restaurant Section




Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

819 Hungerford dr. MUSLIM LINK SPECIAL

$5 off 301-762-9400 ROCKVILLE

Please visit our website:



any order $25.00 or more -- Pick up ONLY --



Large 14 Inch Pizza with 1 Topping, Your choice of either Chicken or Buffalo Wing Order, 2 Liter Soda +Tax








Two 8” Subs, Two Cans of Soda and Two Bags of chips WE ACCEPT COMPETITOR COUPONS FOR PICKUP ORDERS!







3 Large Cheese Pizzas







Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

1 Za 00% Habih lal a



0%ha 10abi lal Z Ha

in Restaur r a d an an

W ande deli cat ver er


Chinese Halal Cuisine

6366 Commerce Street Springfield, VA 22150 Phone: 703-912-3118, 703-912-5855


Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm (Last Dine In: 9:30pm) Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm (Last Dine In: 10:30pm)

Lunch Buffet (except holiday) 11am-3:30pm Monday-Friday 7.95 plus tax

Website: Email:


CHEF’S SPECIALS Served with White Rice Hakka Crispy Chicken Hakka Crispy Beef Spicy Crispy Shrimp Sweet & Sour Combo (Chicken & Shrimp) Sesame Chicken General Tao’s Chicken General Tao’s Beef General Tao’s Combo (Chicken & Beef ) Orange Chicken Orange Beef Orange Combo (Chicken & Beef ) Sweet & Sour Fish Chili Fish Spicy Crispy Fish Manchurian Fish Hunan Fish Triple Delight (Chicken, Beef & Shrimp) Chicken in Chef’s Special Sauce

15.50 16.95 13.95 14.95 12.50 12.50 13.95 14.95 12.50 13.95 14.95 17.95 17.95 17.95 17.95 17.95 14.50 11.95 7.50 8.00 9.00 9.00 3.95 9.00 6.50 5.25

SIZZLING PLATTERS Shrimp on Sizzling Platter Steak on Sizzling Platter Scallops on Sizzling Platter Sizzling Chicken Sizzling Fish

5.50 6.25 6.25 4.00

DAILY SOUP Egg Drop Soup Wonton Soup Chicken Corn Soup Hot & Sour Soup Chicken Tom Yum Soup Shrimp Tom Yum Soup

6.00 6.50 7.50 7.50 7.50 8.50


Vegetable Fried Rice 9.00 Chicken Fried Rice 9.50 Beef Fried Rice 9.50 Shrimp Fried Rice 9.50 Combo Fried Rice 10.00 (Chicken , Beef & Shrimp) 10.00 Hakka Fried Rice (Chicken & Shrimp)



9.00 10.00 9.50 10.50 9.50 10.50 9.50 10.50 10.00 11.00 10.00 11.00


APPETIZERS Fried Chicken Wings (8) Spicy Chicken Wings (8) General Tao’s Wings (8) Buffalo Style Wings (8) Spring Rolls (2) Spicy Chicken Pakora Teriyaki Beef/Chicken Fried Wontons (8)

Spicy Fried Tofu (8) Shrimp Tempura (4) Crab Rangoon (6) French Fries

18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95

Plain Lo Mein 8.00 8.00 9.00 Vegetable Lo Mein 9.50 9.50 10.50 Chicken Lo Mein 10.50 10.50 11.50 Beef Lo Mein 10.50 10.50 11.50 Shrimp Lo Mein 10.50 10.50 11.50 Combo Lo Mein 11.25 11.25 12.25 (Chicken, Beef & Shrimp)

SINGAPORE RICE NOODLE With curry or brown sauce Vegetarian Singapore 11.25 11.25 12.25 Chicken Singapore 11.25 11.25 12.25 Chicken & Shrimp Singapore 11.25 11.25 12.25 Beef Singapore 11.25 11.25 12.25 Shrimp Singapore 11.25 11.25 12.25 Combo Singapore 11.25 11.25 12.25

CHICKEN Served with White Rice Chicken with Broccoli Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Hunan Chicken Chicken in Garlic Sauce Chicken in Cashew Nuts Mongolian Chicken Manchurian Chicken Chicken Chilli Kung Pao Chicken Szechuan Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken

11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 11.50 12.50

VEGETABLES Served with White Rice Sauteed Mix Vegetables Hunan Mixed Vegetables Eggplant in Garlic Sauce Szechuan String Beans Bean Curd w/ Mixed Vegetables


9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95


Monday - Friday 12pm - 3:30pm All Lunch Specials Served with Vegetable of the Day White Rice or Egg Fried Rice or Plain Lo Mein

(Please No Substitutions) Beef with Mixed Vegetables Chicken with Broccoli Chicken Chilly General Tao’s Chicken Kung Tao’ Chicken Manchurian Chicken Pepper Steak with Onions Sauteed Mixed Vegetables Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Sweet & Sour Chicken


Beef, Chicken or Shrimp Teriyaki or Combination Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp Bean Thread Rice Noodle with Chicken and Shrimp Fried Bananas with Ice Cream Gulab Jamun (2 pieces)

11.95 12.25 12.25 5.25 2.50




Restaurant Section

April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016




April 14th - May 19th,2016

PHD Salon Barber Shop Specializing in Natural Hair Care Braids, Twists, Locs, Press & Curl, Shampoo & Conditioner, Corn Rows, Weaves, Set-Roller Wrap, and much more... For Sisters: Private Area on 2nd Floor Available by Appt. Only Call Sylist Cealia at 240.501.3985

For Men and Boys 1st Floor Level Walk Ins Welcome Phone # 301.604.6980

216 Main Street (Off Route-1) , Laurel, MD 20707


+1. FREE E-File With Tax Preparation 2. Individual & Business Taxes Payroll & Bookk ServicesFREE Audit Support/IRS Issues 3. FREE Year Round Assistance200 586 479 2567

“THE BEST ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICES IN THE NATION ” OUR SERVICES Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. According to a study released by the US Government's General Accounting Office last year, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer. Whether we like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It is just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program there's no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional. We are with you every step of the way.

OUR ADDED SERVICES OUR COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL CHANGE When someone becomes a customer of Bangurah Financial Services, a child gets fed and when a customer pay their bills each month on select services, another child gets fed. We Are The World's Largest Direct seller of Telecommunications, Energy & Other Essential Services. * 24 Countries on 4 Continents * Over $800 Million in Revenue * 24 Countries on 4 Continents

* Over $800 Million in Revenue

* 24 Countries on 4 Continents * Over $800 Million in Revenue

OUR OFFERS Personal Tax Preparation Year Round We Ask All The Right Questions. We Work Harder, Dig Deeper And Fight To Find 100% Of The Credits And Deductions You Deserve Business Tax Preparation Year Round We Prepare Taxes For Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, LLP’s, and Sole Proprietorship’s. 1. FREE E-File With Tax Preparation 2. FREE Audit Support/IRS Issues 3. FREE Year Round Assistance


(240) 315-1412

To Advertise in the Muslim Link Call

301-982-1020 or Email us at


QUALITY SERVICE INTEGRITY REASONABLE PRICE CREDIBILITY HONESTY Address :- 8006 Driscoll Drive Bowie, MD 20720 Email :- Other Services-Visit

April 14th - May 19th,2016





April 14th - May 19th,2016


June 6th - July 10th 2014

April 14th - May 19th,2016


HVAC Innovation


We Install & Service

The Muslim Learning Center 2642 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218


Home School Umbrella Group - Registered Now Enrolling K-12th Graders in Maryland Email: for enrollment packet.

Furnaces | Air Handlers | Air Conditioning | Heat Pumps | Boilers | Water Heaters | Roof Top Units Ductless Heating & Cooling | Humidifiers Thermostats | Air Cleaners | Sheet Metal Duct Work Installation | All Brands Service & Installation

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Certified Technicians 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Heating & Cooling Seasonal Check-up Only

Call Today ! 301-946-0700 $59.50 Residential & Commercial • License HVAC # 5757 • MHIC # 89072 • VA # 2710061540

“Like” us on Facebook •

CHOOSING A LAWYER IS A BIG DECISION : Attorney Ismail Laher A t t o r n e y s


C o u n s e l o r s

a t

L a w, P L L C

Our Lawyers Defend Doctors Nationwide We assist and Defend Health Care Providers with issues regarding: ZPICS, RACS, Stark, Compliance, MACS, OSHA & MEDICARE Audits, HHS, HIPPA, ERP’s, Mergers, Buyouts and more. Please Call For Free Case Analysis.

Our Lawyers Handle Serious Cases

Litigation, Contracts, Arbitrations; Mediations; Disputes; Compliance; Audits, Investigations; Case Assessments, Negotiations, Agreements and more.

We Practice In Many Areas

We file cases on a contingent fee basis. We conduct Initial Reviews of Major Accident, Serious Injuries, Religious & Workplace Discrimination and Criminal cases. We counsel on Immigration Court & Visa Issues, Fraud against Taxpayer Cases, Child Custody & Divorce cases; Corporate & Business Transactional matters; Health Care Law issues; Regulatory Agency Compliance Audits; Real Estate & Mortgage Issues. We provide Independent Counsel Reviews, General Counsel Services and more.

Washington, DC Attorney

Ismail Laher • 202.596.7863 O: 202.298.8750 Ext. 163

Mr. Laher is with Liles Parker, PLLC. He is a Harvard and Georgetown University graduate and a former Jones Day lawyer. Mr. Laher has handled many cases over the years and always acts in their best interests. He always does what is best for his clients. Mr. Laher will help you or try to find you an attorney who can. Please visit for our office locations, articles, emails, free newsletter signups and more.

FAZ CREATIVE EDUCATION Child Care & Private School

FAZ Sunday School Arabic – Islamic Fun Activities


Professional Hair Designers Specializing in Natural Hair Care Braids, Twists, Locs, Press & Curl, Shampoo & Conditioner, Corn Rows, Weaves, Set-Roller Wrap, and much more... For Sisters: Private Area on 2nd Floor Available by Appt. Only Call Sylist Cealia at 240.501.3985

For Men and Boys 1st Floor Level Walk Ins Welcome Phone # 301.604.6980

Birth – 2.5

2.5 – 7

6 – 12 Years old

Hours 7:30-6:30 (Monday-Friday)

Hours 10:00 - 12:30 (Sunday only) 1776 Old Meadow Rd. McLean, VA 22102 (703) 848-8822

1776 Old Meadow Rd. McLean, VA 22102 (703) 848-8822

2 1 6 M a i n S t r e e t ( O f f R o u t e - 1 ) , L a u r e l , M D 2 0707




April 14th - May 19th,2016

Your Child Deserves the Best Medical Care



Same Day Appointments

April 14th - May 19th,2016




April 14th - May 19th,2016

This letter? It’s Real. The Need? Really Large. How You Can Help?

Really Easy.

The Muslim Link newspaper is a free, non-profit publication dedicated to Muslims living in the DMV region. Sometimes we forget about the tens of thousands of Muslims living in the concrete and steel communities hidden from our eyes. They are also part of our community. It costs us $60 per year per inmate to deliver the Muslim Link and give them assurance that “the Muslims are nothing but brothers.” Send your checks to: The Muslim Link, PO Box 596, College Park MD 20741. Make sure to put “inmate subscription” in the memo. You can also donate over the phone by calling our office at 301-982-1020.


April 14th - May 19th,2016


To Advertise in the Muslim Link Call

301-982-1020 or Email us at




April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016


# 1 Brokerage firm in the World!


Marwan Ahmad Business Broker

Cell. 703-375-9611 Sunbelt of Fairfax County • Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together Since 1978

Office 703-842-9420 703-736-3114 Fax

• Assisting Business Owners with Exit Strategy Planning • Offering Personalized Marketing Programs • Providing Business Financing Solutions • Offering Independent Certified Business Appraisals • Completing 4,000 Business Transactions Every Year • Operating 300 Offices on Six Continents

Sample franchise opportunities: ....


April 14th - May 19th,2016


HAJJ 2016

Classic Package (P1) Starts from $9,400.00 (Quad)

Deluxe Package (P2) Starts from $9,950.00 (Quad)

4 Days in Swiss Hotel Makkah (5 Star) 4 Days in Pullman Zamzam Hotel Madinah (5 Star) 2 Nights in Alansar Hajj Building Azizia 4 Nights in Alansar Mena Camp (in front of Jamarat) 1 Night in Alansar Camp Arafat & Mozdalafa 1 Night in Alansar Hajj Building Azizia

4 Days in Pullman Zamzam Hotel Madinah (5 Star) 2 Nights in Alansar Hajj Building Azizia before Hajj 4 Nights in Alansar Mena Camp (in front of Jamarat) 1 Night in Alansar Camp Arafat & Mozdalafa 1 Night in Alansar Hajj Building Azizia after Hajj 5 Days in Swiss Hotel Makkah (5 Star)


MAKKAH FIRST Express Package (P3) Starts from $11,900.00 (Quad)

Classic Package (P4) Starts from $8,700.00 (Quad)

4 Days in Pullman Zamzam Hotel Madinah (5 Star) 4 Days in Fairmont Hotel Makkah (5 Star) 4 Nights in Alansar Mena Camp (in front of Jamarat) 1 Night in Alansar Camp Arafat & Mozdalafa 1 Night Hotel in Jeddah before departure to USA

5 Days in Pullman Zamzam Hotel Madinah (5 Star) 2 Nights in Alansar Hajj Building Azizia 4 Nights in Alansar Mena Camp (in front of Jamarat) 1 Night in Alansar Camp Arafat & Mozdalafa 1 Night in Alansar Hajj Building before departure to USA



5881 LEESBURG PIKE SUITE 100, FALLS CHURCH, VA 22041 CONTACT: 703-931-6000

CALL BROTHER ADEL: 301-592-7736


April 14th - May 19th,2016





April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016





April 14th - May 19th,2016

April 14th - May 19th,2016


stop genocide of Muslims In Burma Before


Out of the 5 million Muslims in Burma only 3 million are left. They cannot hold a job, enter the masjid, go to school, marry, or have children although Rohingyas are indigenous people living in their ancestral lands in Burma. This is the reason 7 Nobel Laureates have declared it a genocide!

Give 10 Minutes a Day To Stop Genocide

The satellite images above by Human Rights Watch show the destruction of homes and property in the Rohingya Muslim area of Kyauk Pyu. There are many towns like that. The Impact of our United Efforts and Phone Calls 1) The US Congress passed H.Res. 418 supporting Rohingyas. 2) At least 3 attacks on Muslims in Burma have been stopped. 3) The US has re-imposed some of the restrictions on aid to Burma this January. 4) Media is no longer dismissing it as a conflict between the two communities. A whole lot of work must be done to stop this genocide. Burmese Muslims have asked us to put pressure on their government to protect them. We are counting on your generosity to do this work professionally.

Justice for All

Muslim MUNA

Muslim Ummah

Peace Coalition USA North America

Atlanta shura

ISNA • CAIR • IONA • MANA • MUNA • Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) • Justice For All • Muslim Peace Coalition USA • Majlis Shura of Atlanta • ICNA Canada • DawaNet Majlis Ash-Shura of Metropolitan New York • Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) • Burmese Rohingya Association of North America • Free Rohingya Campaign

Muslim Link btf advt Aug 27, 2015.indd 1

.... 8/27/15 4:39 PM

Profile for The Muslim Link

The Muslim Link, April 15, 2016  

The Muslim Link, April 15, 2016

The Muslim Link, April 15, 2016  

The Muslim Link, April 15, 2016


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