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Islam Dominated US Media Coverage of Religion In 2010

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Rabi Al-Thani 27 - Jumada Al-Awwal 10 , 1432 A.H. | MD, VA, and DC. Metropolitan Area Bi-Weekly Newspaper | FREE

April 1st 2011 - April 14th 2011

Our Rights At Risk


Annual Qur’an Competition Held in Central VA | pg 4

Second Capitol Hill Hearing on American Muslims Focuses On Their Civil Rights By Muslim Link Staff Arguably the most quoted part of the United States Constitution is from the First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or, prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Ironically, today some of the most divisive, irresponsible vitriol fomenting antiMuslim sentiment in America

comes from current and former members of the US Congress. On March 10, 2011, the head of the House Committee on Homeland Security Peter King (R-NY) convened a hearing dealing with “radicalization” within the American Muslim community. Most of the major Islamic organizations including CAIR and ISNA were labeled “fronts” for “political Islam” by witnesses

Islamic Relief Raises $100k for Libyan Civilians | pg 5 invited by King. Critics called the hearing “political theater” at the expense of American Muslims. On March 29, 2011, another hearing was held concerning American Muslims, this time

coming from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Some critics viewed this hearing as “act two” of political theater, the only difference being this >> RIGHTS Pg 10

Hablamos Islam Niños

Couple Fills Void In Spanish Books for Muslim Children By Neda Hashmi

Muslim Link Staff Writer

College Park, MD resident Hernan Guadalupe reads from a book for Muslim children he co-authored with his wife, both who are Latino Muslims. The couple is trying to fill a void for Latino Muslim families. Photo courtesy of Hernan Guadalupe

Like many bilingual parents, Wendy Diaz and her husband Hernán Guadalupe decided that once they start a family, they will first teach their native language, Spanish, so the children will be able to learn their mother tongue. They not only wanted to preserve their native language for their children, but also wanted their them to be able to communicate in Spanish

with their families. When they started to search for Islamic children’s books in Spanish, Diaz says she was surprised that her search came up almost empty. “We were only able to get hold of two of them which the imam from Ecuador (South America) sent us. Even brothers and sisters in Spain said they didn’t have Islamic children’s books in Spanish!” she said. >> SPANISH Pg 8

Baltimore Karate Champion Aims for 2012 Olypics | pg 5

Women’s Fashion Show Event Attracts Over 3,000 | pg 6 MCC Makes Fundraisisng An Art Form | pg 7 Illinois Man Barred From Flying | pg 12 Court Decides On Prosecutor Misconduct | pg 13 The Muslim Link


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April 1st - April 14th, 2011

April 1st - April 14th, 2011


CORRECTION In last issue’s report on the meeting of the Council of Muslim Organizations (“CMO Leaders Meet, Discuss Hearing, Cooperation” , March 18 2011 issue), we incorrectly stated that Dar Al-Noor provided the lunch. In fact, Dar Al-Noor hosted the meeting, but the lunch was sponsored by Islamic Relief USA. We regret the error.

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April 1st - April 14th, 2011


Community News Annual Qur’an Competition Held In Central VA By Rana Khan

to memorize the Quran and how he was able to complete this monumental task in 2 years, alongside his PhD studies in Electrical Engineering.

Muslim Link Staff Writer The Sixth Annual Central Virginia Quran Competition was held at the Islamic Center of Virginia (ICVA) on March 19, 2011. In what has evolved over the past six years as a widely anticipated event among the children in the area, the competition drew close to 200 participants, bringing inquiries from as far as Pennsylvania. The category ranges were from the lowest “Tots A” (4 years of age and under, comprised of some of the shortest “surahs” (chapters) from the Quran) to Category 6 (which required memorization of 5 “juzz” (sections) of the Quran). Participants underwent preliminary testing a week beforehand, leading to the selection of 24 finalists for the March 19 event, from which the first, second and third place winners for each category would be chosen. After Dhuhr prayer and announcement of the finalists’ names, an opening speech was made by the Imam of ICVA, Imam Ammar Amonette, in which he emphasized that every child was a winner through his or her participation

“It is never too late, whatever the age,” advised Dr. Rifaat. “ Make the “niyaah” (intention), and put the effort and Allah will reward you with the best.” This was followed by the keynote speech of the event by Imam Safi Khan, director of Dar-us-Salaam in College Park, MD. Imam Safi spoke in detail about the concept of “haya’a” (modesty, shyness or shame) in Islam, from its basis in the Quran and sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Malik Smith, one of the winners at the Qur’an Competition. Photo courtesy of Rizwan Mujeebuddin. in the learning of the Quran. This was followed by lunch and recitation of the Quran by Dr. Rifaat, a “hafidh” of the Quran, a graduate of the Al-Rahmah Quran Academy in Baltimore, MD, in 2009, and a new resident of Richmond. Dr. Rifaat spoke about his lifelong wish

“To have shame is to not do things displeasing to Allah,” said Imam Safi. “Haya’a is moral conscience. It is staying away from any foul conduct. If you have ‘haya’a” in your heart, it means you have a heart that is alive. The higher your “imaan” (faith), the higher your sense of “haya’a”.” Imam Safi then elaborated on the different kinds of “haya’a” which included shyness with Allah, with His angels, shyness

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from each other and shyness from one’s own self. Shyness with Allah involves not doing anything displeasing to Allah and being always conscious that Allah is aware and watching every thing one does. Shyness from the angels also involves a similarly heightened level of awareness that the angels are around oneself, recording and witnessing all that one does. Shyness from people involves being conscious of one’s conduct towards others, and shyness from one’s own self is comprised of abstaining from wrong actions even when alone. Imam Safi ended his speech with advice on methods one can use to acquire more “haya’a” such as renewing one’s “imaan”, reading the Quran, studying more about Islam, never missing a prayer, taking the Prophet (peace be upon him) as one’s role model, keeping good company, being true to Allah, being aware that Allah is watching, and staying far away from anything that distances oneself from the pleasure of Allah.

>> QUR’AN Pg 9

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April 1st - April 14th, 2011



Islamic Relief Raises $100,000 for Libyan Civilians at Virginia Dinner By Asma Yousef

Muslim Link Contributing Writer Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works to alleviate poverty and illiteracy worldwide, held a fundraising dinner for Libya’s civilian population Sunday, March 20, 2011, at the Sheraton Premier in Vienna, Virginia. IRUSA has worked tirelessly on the eastern and western borders of Libya assisting thousands of refugees as they fled the ongoing violence.

Over 350 people attended, with friends and family flooding registration tables set along the entrance of the Premier ballroom. IRUSA volunteers eagerly manned registration tables as hospitality volunteers escorted attendees promptly to their seats. After the attendees were seated, presentations recapping IRUSA’s relief missions in impoverished countries such as Mali and Haiti began to play on large screens, highlighting IRUSA’s various projects. Guests attentively

watched images of children enjoying educational services in newly built schools and receiving schools supplies from IRUSA’s staff. Imam Johari, a prominent religious leader in Virginia, highlighted the necessity of supporting the commendable work of Islamic Relief USA and the pressing needs of Libya’s civilian population, and he encouraged audience members to give what they could in donations. Hands flew up as amounts of money were called to

be donated. Spotting the hands in the air, volunteers rushed to donors with donation slips and pens. Volunteers were stationed at every corner, hoping to hand their donation slip to highest bidding donor. As the evening came to an end, volunteers scurried to the back of the ballroom to total up the amount of funds they had received in credit card, cash and check donations. By the end of the night, over

>> RELIEF Pg 9

Baltimore Karate Champion Aims for 2012 Olympics By Contributing Writers Baltimore Muslim and martial artist Shakim Shabazz has a 72-0 record in point fighting karate, but he is not satisfied. The winner of three world titles at competitions across the nation, his ultimate aim is to be selected as the first Muslim member of the United States karate team which will compete at the 2012 Olympics. “I start all my matches by saying ‘alhumdulillah [all praise and thanks be to Allah], please guide me safe in battle without harm’,” said the undefeated martial artist, who last competed March 26, 2011 at the Amerikick International Karate tournament in Philadelphia.

A regular attendee of Bayt Allah masjid in Baltimore City, Shabazz tries to use his skills to help inner city youth “stay focused on the right path of self respect and to strive for higher education.” He teaches martial arts and cardio-kickboxing to the youth free of charge as long as they maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5. He plans on opening a school – Shabazz Martial Arts – in Salisbury on Maryland’s eastern shore in the near future. “To be the first Muslim to [make the US Olympic team] will be a very historic moment and [it will] show kids [they should] never give up on there dreams,” said Shabazz.

Baltimore martial artist Shakim Shabazz hopes to add an Olympic medal to his trophy collection in 2012. He hopes to be selected for the US Olympic Karate Team. (File photo)

Law Office of Khalid Mahmood Licensed in Virginia and Maryland


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ZF team at Libyan-Tunisian border providing food and water for 7,000 people daily.


ZF coordinates coo with Libyan Red Crescent & Tunisian authorities to supply field hospitals at the border and in Benghazi with medicine and doctors.

UN Photos by A. Duclos

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April 1st - April 14th, 2011


Women’s Fashion Show Event Attracts Over 3,000 By Hiba Akhtar

Muslim Link Staff Writer Saturday was girls day out for Muslim women of the Washington Metropolitan area, who dressed up and stepped out of their homes in excitement, to attend the first annual ladies’ socialization event called Zoyasani, held at the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia in Fairfax. Over 3,000 women attended the event, which featured a fashion show, talent show, nasheed presentation, and over 40 vendors selling cultural and Western clothing, jewelry, makeup, Islamic art, and educational games and toys for Muslim children. Muslims of the DC area are no strangers to such all-day bazaar-style events, but the real attraction which set Zoyasani apart was its commitment to providing these services in an environment made up of strictly women. No boys or men over the age of 6 were allowed at the event- including vendors and restaurant staff in charge of the food stalls. This gave women, especially those who cover, an opportunity to dress up and relax in a halal setting. “It is so wonderful and comfortable to be here,” said Farhana Khurram, a young mother who came to the event with a friend. “Sometimes these events attract a lot of young men and young women, and there is a lot of mingling. I think when

my daughter gets older I would not allow her to go to those events, but here it is all women, and we should have a chance to enjoy ourselves amongst each other.” Sisters Maryum and Fatima Ahmed also got in on the assignment, trying on various fancy outfits and participating in the entertainment part of the event. “We finally get the chance to have fun and look pretty without worrying about our hijabs,” said Maryum. “We needed this.” It was clear by the turnout at the event that Khurram was not the only attendee to feel this way. Event organizer Ayesha Assadullah said that she was expecting 1,000-1,500 people to attend. She was blown away at the crowd of over 3,000 people eager to enjoy the day’s festivities. The unexpected turnout did cause problems regarding overcrowding at the event, but Assadullah, who also serves as the CEO and founder of the Zoyasani company, specializing in ladies socialization events such as this one, says it made her more prepared for future events. “We had vendors drive in from Delaware and people attend from California, New Jersey, and other states,” said Assadullah. “As a hijabi and niqabi, I have always attended similar events but never in a womens only setting. I think people really didn’t feel as

comfortable doing things like getting their henna applied or shopping for outfits with other men around. Young girls were so excited about the fashion show. Women need events like these.” It was a strong first start for the Zoyasani company, said Assadullah, who, after the success of this initial event, says she is excited to expand the brand to other Muslim-populated areas such as New Jersey, California, and Texas. Assadullah said it was a little tricky in the months leading up to Zoyasani to communicate the idea of a women’s only event at such a scale. “When I spoke to

vendors, some didn’t understand that ladies only really means ladies only. They would say, ‘that’s fine, but we will have to be in the bazaar section to sell our goods.’” But being polite and adamant about the goal of Zoyasani- no men, not a few men, got vendors to think outside the box. “They got their wives or daughters to take care of their tables and the buying and selling of their goods.” If anything, the success of Zoyasani indicates that the day when women’s socialization events become the norm could not be far off.


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April 1st - April 14th, 2011



MCC Makes Fundraising An Art Form By Syed Junaid Hasan

indoor tracks or swimming pools.

Muslim Link Staff Writer The words ‘art auction’ may immediately bore many of us, not to mention that we fail to understand what the artwork is about, much less think of spending our money on it, especially when the price exceeds that of a used car. But that is exactly what happened on Saturday evening, March 26th at the Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, Maryland – but before you read further, replace ‘drab’ and ‘dull’ with ‘colorful’ and ‘awe-inspiring’. The event was for the construction of MCC’s youth center, so the money was worth the art being auctioned off to raise funds for the multi-million dollar project. The energy in the room was surprising as both the young and the established alike shared their appreciation for something rarely seen at Muslim fundraisers – art. But most memorable was the sheer talent in the artwork given that it was produced by Muslim artists, and that it was good art. The range of styles displayed included abstracts, classical and modern calligraphy, photographs of the Islamic Center in DC, hand-painted silk scarves, digital image on canvas, and even multilayered works of fabric and paint. Yet others were fusions of different styles, and in all they represented a degree of talent not otherwise publicized in our Muslim communities. Many pieces sold for more than $2,000, with some beyond $5,000 as aggressive bidding by a lively audience brought a fun yet competitive edge to the auction. All proceeds went towards the MCC youth center, the initial construction of which requires 2/3 of the funds cash-inhand. Though this project was proposed many years ago, others took funding priority; the design and funding phase was reinstated in response to the current increase in the Muslim adolescent population and lack of exercise spaces geared towards Muslims that include

Write to us!

The idea of an art auction to raise money for the MCC youth center is attributed to Sr. Maliha Ilias, in conjunction with Sr. Nadia Janjua, chairperson of MWIA (Muslim Women’s In the Arts). The event brought a fresh view of Muslims’ artistic genius when given space to act, think, and express their thoughts, talent that would be augmented across the community with the construction of a youth center. It is not a matter of art versus science, as many perceive the former being impractical and frivolous compared to the latter, but that expression is integral to the human experience. As mentioned during the speeches before the live auction, we Muslims have for generations shown our love for Allah and His messenger by expressing them in written and hymned poetry, calligraphy, sculpture and art. Likewise was the hope with this event. When asked, ‘Why conduct an art auction to fundraise?’, many responded that Muslims need now more than ever an intergenerational network where the young and the established alike can bring their culture and talent together so that a strong community-wide ‘Muslim’ identity may be born. The speakers at the fundraiser included Dr. Sulaiman Nyang of Howard University, Sr. Nadia Janjua, and others including Sr. Hena Khan (author of Night of the Moon – a critically-acclaimed children’s book about Ramadan). All spoke of their concerns, experiences, and hopes regarding the generation of young Muslims in America that are losing what is theirs – an international culture of language and art, of effort and success, and that a youth center like MCC’s proposed plan would help them in furthering this rich past by making their very own Muslim history. May Allah Subhanahuwata’ala help MCC and other communities built spaces everyone can rely on for exercise, fun and leisure – all in an Islamic environment.

Some of the original artwork for sale at the MCC’s Art Auction in support of the planned $2.5 million youth center and masjid expansion project launched last year. Photos courtesy of Aeysha Chaudhry.

Stop venting at dinner parties and in masjid parking lots. Cool down, get your points together, and send us a letter to the

editor or post a comment online.


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April 1st - April 14th, 2011


>> continued from pg 1 So Diaz decided to buy books in English and translate them to Spanish herself. She contacted the publishers of these Islamic books to volunteer as a translator, but says she was either turned down or the publishers were unresponsive. “I decided to take the matter into my own hands and write books myself. At first my own children were my only motivation, but the more I thought about other kids in Latin America, Spain, and in the US whose first language is Spanish and whose parents are Muslim, then they all became my motivation,” she said.

The first printed picture books in Spanish deal with the famous hadith of Jibreel (peace be on Him) written in a simple way that children can understand. Hablamos Islam Ninos -- “We Speak Islam, Kids” -- is the website for the husband-wife publishing team. Photo courtesy of Hernan Guadalupe.

There are Spanish translations of a few major Islamic texts, such as the Holy Qur’an, but surprisingly few options exist in Islamic books for Spanish-speaking children. To solve this problem, Diaz and Guadalupe are publishing their own books of poems, nursery rhymes, and stories from the Qur’an and Hadith. “My idea is instead of introducing fictional superheroes into our children’s lives, introducing them to our real heroes,” said Diaz. “It is most important, in my opinion, that parents have the tools to teach their children in their own language, because if they can’t teach their children, then who will? The reality is that Islam has spread to every corner of the earth and a lot of people who embrace Islam don’t speak English, let alone Arabic.” Although their first book was only in Spanish, they are planning to print subsequent books in both Spanish and English. Diaz and Guadalupe work on the books together, with Diaz writing the poems and stories and working together with her husband to illustrate and self-publish the books. “My husband and I already know so many Spanish-speaking Muslim families both in the US and abroad, so we are able to sell the books we print quickly,” said Diaz. “The challenge is

getting the word out there that these books are now in existence and getting the funds to mass-produce them.” At the moment, they are funding this project themselves, putting any proceeds from book sales back into printing more books. “That slows us down, but alhamdulillah, even if we do this little by little, it is worth the effort, insha’Allah,” she said. There are an estimated 40,000 to 200,000 Latino Muslims in America, and many more throughout the world. According to the U.S. Census, Hispanics/Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the US., so it leads one to wonder why there aren’t more Islamic materials available to this fast growing population of our community. Diaz notes that although there are large groups of Muslims and numerous masajid in every country in Latin America, she has not heard of any organized full-time Islamic school for children there. “In one masjid in Puerto Rico, there were some Islamic studies classes for children, but they were using texts in English! Although some people in Puerto Rico speak English, it is still a predominately Spanish-speaking island,” she said. Diaz, who is of Puerto Rican descent, converted to Islam at the age of 20 after learning about it in high school and further with a Muslim family, while doing research on her own. Guadalupe, whose family is from Ecuador, and a few members of his family (including his mother) also converted within the same time-frame. In addition to the Islamic children’s books, Diaz and Guadalupe run two websites for adults and www.hablamosislamninos. com for children. The websites offer free Islamic literature and e-books, with poems, videos and activities on the children’s website.

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April 1st - April 14th, 2011




>> continued from pg 4 Shaheen Kazi and Shagul Hamid, former residents of Richmond now living in Reston, Virginia, have been attending this event with their young children for the past few years.


“We find it beneficial for us and our children and we feel it is a blessed gathering due to the recitation of the Quran and the remembrance of Allah,” they said. “I really liked the talk by Imam Safi Khan. It is one of my favorite topics and one not covered much,” said Kazi. The keynote speech was followed by testing of the finalists by Shaikh Muhammad Nahavandi, a teacher at Darus-Salaam’s Hifdh school. Participants were asked to recite from a surah from their category in front of an eager audience and were judged on the quality of their memorization, “tajweed” and “tarteel”. All the finalists received a certificate, trophy and cash prizes. Certificates and gifts were given to every participant in the competition and trophies were awarded to all participants who obtained a minimum of 85% in their total score on the testing. Shaikh Nahavandi also shared some closing remarks with the audience. “It is heartwarming to see these young boys and girls reciting the book of Allah and loving Allah and His book,” said Shaikh Nahavandi. “It (the learning and memorization of the Quran) will be the healing of the hearts of our children. It removes any doubts about Allah, any arrogance and misguidance. How can the disease (of the hearts) resist the words of Allah?”

ICCL ACADEMY in Laurel, Maryland seeks First Grade teacher to serve a diverse Muslim Community. The academy is dedicated to provide education that opens the minds and hearts of young Muslim children. We believe that the Academy will develop compassionate and competent leaders that world needs today and in the future, Insha Allah. The candidate should have: • • • • •

4 years College degree in Education or related field 2 years of teaching experience in US Schools Strong Communication skills Good computer skills Valid Visa status

Please Mail Resume & Cover Letter To:

ICCL Academy, 7306 Contee Rd., Laurel MD 20707 OR email at

Shaikh Nahavandi praised the parents for encouraging their children towards the study of the Quran, saying it is the best thing they can do for them. “This Quran brings “shifa’a” (healing) to the heart and body, and “rahmah” (mercy). We want our children to be showered with mercy and to be guided. It is in this Quran that there is guidance. We want our children to have peace and tranquility in their hearts, by the remembrance of Allah. When you send your children to learn Quran, you are sending them to a garden from the gardens of Paradise.”


>> continued from pg 5

$100,000 was raised during the threehour event.

For further information please contact Qazi Ilyas at 410-992-8088

With final remarks and encouragement from the host of the night Naeem Muhammad, the event was a success. Many audience members were Libyan Americans, who expressed relief and gratitude for Islamic Relief’s continuing efforts to aid Libya’s civilian population amid the ongoing violence.

More events like this are held every week, to benefit people facing difficulty around the world. We hope everyone will watch for them and continue to support them. The author is the Media Relations Representative of Islamic Relief.

April 1st - April 14th, 2011


>> continued from pg 1

time Muslims were the good guys. Chaired by Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois), the new subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, named the “Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights Subcommittee”, invited four people – one prominent Catholic Cardinal, one Muslim attorney and civil rights advocate, and both the former and the current assistant US Attorney Generals in charge of the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice – to testify on “Protecting the Civil Rights of American Muslims”. About 80 people including many local Muslims, civil rights and inter-faith activists attended the two-hour hearing held in the Senate building. Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington , represented the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and began his testimony with a quote from Pope Benedict about how the Catholic Church “promotes and defends … religious freedom for everyone”. He described Catholicism’s history of tolerance and mutual respect, and also how Catholics have been targets of discrimination in American that continues till today. He noted how laws enacted by the government can sometimes force religious institutions to choose between obeying the law or following the moral dictates of their religion. He tied today’s American Muslim experience to the discrimination faced by Catholics, especially with regard to questions about their loyalty to America. Discrimination cases taken by the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division involving American Muslims or people perceived to be Muslims were described in testimony from Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. Of over 800 cases ranging from verbal threats to murder, 37 cases were taken to trial by the Department of Justice resulting in 45 convictions, said Perez. Many on-going cases involve work place discrimination, bullying in the school system, and local zoning ordinances being used to prevent masajid from certain neighborhoods, Perez testified. During questioning from some committee

members – many members were absent – the senators’ lack of understanding about Islamic practices went on national display. In one instance, Assistant Attorney General Perez referenced a case the Department of Justice took on behalf of a Muslim public school teacher in Illinois who was denied a 3-week unpaid leave for hajj during the school year. “The law requires that employers give a reasonable accommodation to workers’ sincere religious beliefs, unless doing so would cause an undue hardship for the employer,” explained Perez. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), the highest ranking Republican on the subcommittee, criticized the Department of Justice’s decision to sue the school district. Graham asked whether the teacher couldn’t go for hajj sometime outside the school year. Perez said no. “I’m no authority on the hajj, but is it these three weeks in this one year that this lady could go?” asked Graham. Perez’s explanation about the lunar basis of the Islamic calendar did not satisfy Graham. “Put yourself in the school district’s position. If you were a Christian who said, ‘I want to go to Rome for three weeks, or I want to go to Jerusalem for three weeks, in the middle of the school year,’ I would say, ‘No,’” replied Graham. “I’m a Christian. I do not believe there is anything in my faith that says I get three weeks off to observe Easter on any particular year. ... It’s my understanding that she could have met her religious obligations without creating this burden of being the only math lab instructor in the school district. And I think that’s going too far, quite frankly. And the fact that you took this case up will do more damage than good.” The former Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice under President George W. Bush also testified, citing examples of how the Department of Justice dealt with the backlash against Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11 by both prosecuting hate crimes and engaging with the American Muslim community. The only Muslim to testify was Farhana Kherea, an attorney and the Executive Director of Muslim Advocates, a legal

advocacy group which has worked on safe guarding the Muslim community’s right to charitable giving, among other areas. Muslim Advocates was named during the Peter King hearing as front for “political Islam”. Khera described on-going Islamophobia, and particularly mentioned several elected officials by name who speak on the national platform in ways that contributes to Islamophobia. She mentioned the statement of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who is likely to run for the 2012 presidential election, expressing shock at churches that allow Muslims to share their space. “As much as I respect the autonomy of each local church, you just wonder, what are they thinking? If the purpose of a church is to push forward the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then you have a Muslim group that says that Jesus Christ and all the people that follow him are a bunch of infidels who should be essentially obliterated, I have a hard time understanding that,” Khera quoted Huckabee as saying. Muslims revere Jesus as one of the greatest messengers of God, born miraculously from his mother Mary (peace be upon them both). A chapter of the Qur’an is named after Mary and the Qur’an references their stories on multiple occasions. Huckabee is not just a politician but also an ordained minister. Khera also mentioned hate-mongering individuals and organizations by name, and described how they are gaining audiences in critical agencies like the New York police department. She also listed dozens of examples of hate-crimes against Muslims, those perceived to be Muslim, and masajid. As part of a list of recommendations to the government for stemming the rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes, Khera said elected officials should “refrain from making hateful statements about Islam and the American Muslim community” and should condemn those public officials who engage in hate speech. She also asked the Department of Justice to update their hate-crime tracking and recording methods. Currently, statistics only classify ethnicity-based hate-crimes as either “Anti-Hispanic” or “Anti-Other Ethnicity”, she testified. During the questioning period at the end of the hearing, Senator Durbin cited the

Quotes from the Senate Committee Hearing On “Protecting the Civil Rights of American Muslims” “As a religious community, our Catholic faith and our respect for the religious beliefs and freedoms of others commit us to defend and promote the right to religious freedom for all as a moral priority and human responsibility … Today, that commitment calls upon us to speak a note of caution on how our society approaches the Muslim community. The quality of that approach will declare to the world what kind of society we hope to be, and will shape relationships among our own citizens, for better or worse, for generations to come.” “Acts of bias and discrimination towards Catholics and our beliefs are often expressed very publicly. For example, we are charged with discrimination or called ‘bigots’ when we advocate for the traditional understanding of marriage between one man and one woman ...” “Today, these examples of religious discrimination originate less often from a sectarian religious bias, and more often from a radical secular perspective that insists that no moral principle or religious belief should ever challenge individual decisions to do or choose whatever one wants or prefers. Ironically, in the name of this very narrow and socially problematic vision of “freedom,” authentic religious liberty is restricted.” – All quotes from Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick representing the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

“excesses” of sharia law – he referenced the killing of a Pakistani Christian politician for opposing blasphemy laws and the stoning of women – and asked Khera to clarify what sharia law means in the American Muslim context.

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Civil Rights

Under Suspicion: Illinois Man Barred From Flying By John Curran Associated Press March 21, 2011 Abe Mashal, a 31-year-old dog trainer, says FBI agents told him he ended up on the government’s no-fly list because he exchanged e-mails with a Muslim cleric they were monitoring. The topic: How to raise his children in an interfaith household. Mashal, a former Marine from St. Charles, Ill., found out he’d been flagged last April, when he tried to board a flight to Spokane, Wash., to train dogs for a client. Since then, his family members and friends have been questioned, and he said he has

lost business because he is not allowed to fly. Mashal, who says he has never had any links to terror or terrorists and is a “patriotic,” honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran, is one of 17 plaintiffs in lawsuit filed in June by American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit over the list. FBI agents questioned him at Chicago’s Midway Airport, then in his home. Finally he was summoned to a hotel in Schaumburg, where more FBI agents told him he’d been placed on the no-fly list because of an e-mail he had sent to an imam, or Muslim cleric, that they had been watching.

Mashal said he had sought the iman’s advice about raising children in a mixedreligion household. Mashal is Muslim, and his wife is Christian. The agents offered to get him off the list if he would become an undercover informant at mosques, Mashal said. He refused and said he feels he was being blackmailed. “I feel like I’m living in communist Russia, not the United States of America, for someone to jump into my life like that,” he said. The FBI and the Department of Homeland

Security, which enforces the no-fly list, would not comment on Latif’s case. In October, Homeland Security sent Mashal a letter saying that it had reviewed his file and that “it has been determined that no changes or corrections are warranted at this time.” Curran reported from Montpelier, Vt. -----------------------------------------------In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

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Prosecutor Misconduct Protected by Supreme Court Decision Wrongfully Convicted Urge Action in Wake of Supreme Court Decision Expanding Immunity for Prosecutors (New York, NY; March 29, 2011) -- After today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Connick v.Thompson granting prosecutors even greater immunity for their misconduct, the Innocence Network released a letter signed by 19 innocent people who were wrongfully convicted in part because of the bad acts of prosecutors demanding greater accountability for prosecutorial misconduct. The letter, which was addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Presidents of the National District Attorneys Association and the National Associations of Attorneys General, demands to know what systems they intend to put in place to ensure that innocent people don’t fall victim to overzealous prosecutors. In its 5-4 decision today, the Court ruled that Thompson did not meet the burden of proving that the New Orleans District Attorney’s office was deliberately indifferent in failing to turn over information pointing to Thompson’s innocence and the need for training and supervision to safeguard those rights. The Court reasoned that because prosecutors are required to attend law school and/or pass the bar exam and are required to meet certain professional standards, “recurring constitutional violations are not the ‘obvious consequence’ of failing to provide prosecutors with formal inhouse training about how to obey the law.” “Basically, what the Court is saying is that because they are lawyers, there was no reason for the District Attorney to believe that his prosecutors might need training to be sure they are fulfilling their constitutional obligations to disclose information that might be useful to their defense,” said Keith Findley, President of the Innocence Network. “This logic completely ignores the reality of what happened to John Thompson who was sentenced to death by prosecutors who repeatedly failed in their obligation to disclose exculpatory information. No other profession is shielded from this complete lack of accountability.” The dissent by Justice Ginsberg notes,

“...the Brady violations in Thompson’s prosecutions were not singular and they were not aberrational. They were just what one would expect given the attitude toward Brady pervasive in the

by the Court today,” said Kathleen Ridolfi of the Northern California Innocence Project. “If prosecutors don’t quickly enact systems to stem misconduct, we are sure to see an increase in innocent people’s

Prosecutors possess enor mous power over all of our lives, yet today the Supreme Court took away one of the few remaining vehicles that we have for holding them accountable for their actions. District Attorney’s Office. Thompson demonstrated that no fewer than five prosecutors – the four trial prosecutors and Riehlmann – disregarded his Brady rights. He established that they kept from him, year upon year, evidence vital to his defense. Their conduct, he showed with equal force, was a foreseeable consequence of lax training

lives being destroyed by prosecutors who too often put securing convictions above their obligations to seek the truth.” In recent Supreme Court cases dealing with the issue of prosecutorial misconduct, the National District Attorneys Association, the National Association of Assistant United States Attorney’s Attorney

Prosecutors were guilty of misconduct in Califor nia 707 times from 1997 to 2009, yet were disciplined only 7 times. in, and absence of monitoring of, a legal requirement fundamental to a fair trial.” “Prosecutors possess enormous power over all of our lives, yet today the Supreme Court took away one of the few remaining vehicles that we have for holding them accountable for their actions. It is virtually impossible for the wrongfully convicted to meet the standard endorsed

Generals and the Solicitor General have filed friend-of-the-court briefs arguing that there are already plenty of systems in place to cure the problems of misconduct, including internal disciplinary systems, state bar disciplinary systems, monitoring by the courts, and in extreme cases, criminal prosecution. Yet, as the letter released today notes,

prosecutors are rarely disciplined for their misdeeds. The letter cites a recent landmark report by the Northern California Innocence Project, Preventable Error: A Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in California 1997-2009, that found prosecutors were guilty of misconduct in California 707 times from 1997 to 2009, yet were disciplined only 7 times. The letter also points to a USA Today investigation by Brad Heath and Kevin McCoy that was published on Sept. 23, 2010, that documented 201 instances where federal prosecutors violated laws or ethics rules since 1997, yet only one of those prosecutors was suspended from practicing law - and that was only for one year. “Misconduct was found in the cases of all the innocent people who signed onto this letter, yet none of the prosecutors involved were disciplined in any way,” said Barry Scheck, Co-Director of the Innocence Project. “How many lives are going to be destroyed before we realize that prosecutors are no different than any other professionals? There are good ones and there are bad ones, and we need systems in place to stop the bad ones.” “Our condolences go out to John Thompson and his family, who endured his nightmare with him. He spent 18 years in prison -- 14 on death row -- because of the bad acts of prosecutors,” said Emily Maw, Executive Director of the Innocence Project of New Orleans. “While nothing could bring back the years he lost to this misconduct, a jury and an appellate court felt he should at least be compensated for his wrong. But the Supreme Court in a poorly reasoned decision that failed to recognize the reality of the New Orleans prosecutor’s office in 1984, has stripped him of that compensation today.” A copy of the letter, which was also sent to the District Attorney offices in the counties where the signers were originally prosecuted, is available at http://www. [Source: press release from the Innocence Project]

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14 | ISLAM


The Consequences of Committing Sins By Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah The great scholar Ibn Al-Qayyim AlJawziyyah wrote the following words in a famous tract called Al-Jawaab Al-Kaafi in response to a letter written to him by an individual who was seeking advice on how to rid himself of major sin. We take a look at the dire consequences of committing sins in general: One: The Prevention of Knowledge. Knowledge is a light which Allah throws into the heart, and disobedience extinguishes this light. Imaam Shaafi’ee said: I complained to Wakee’ about the weakness of my memory So he ordered me to abandon disobedience And informed me that knowledge is light And that the light of Allah is not given to the disobedient.

Two: The Prevention of Sustenance, Just as Taqwaa brings about sustenance, the abandonment of Taqwaa causes poverty. There is nothing which can bring about sustenance like the abandonment of disobedience. Three: The Prevention of Obedience (to Allah). If there was no other punishment for sin other than that it prevents one from obedience to Allah then this would be sufficient. Four: Disobedience weakens the heart and the body. Its weakening the heart is something which is clear. Disobedience does not stop weakening it until the life of the heart ceases completely. Five: Disobedience reduces the life span and destroys any blessings. Just as righteousness increases the life span, sinning reduces it. Six: Disobedience sows its own seeds and gives birth to itself until separating from

Ever y time a sin becomes insignificant in the sight of the ser vant it becomes great in the sight of Allah. it and coming out of it becomes difficult for the servant. Seven: Sins weaken the hearts will and resolve so that the desire for disobedience becomes strong and the desire to repent becomes weak bit by bit until the desire to repent is removed from the heart completely. Eight: Every type of disobedience is a legacy of a nation from among the nations which Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, destroyed. Sodomy is a legacy of the People of Lot. Taking more than one’s due right and giving what is less is a legacy of the People of Shu’ayb. Seeking greatness

What if you find a Watch in The Sand? By Abdur-Ra’oof Shakir Suppose you found a watch in the middle of the desert. What would you conclude? Would you think someone had dropped the watch? Or would you suppose that the watch came by itself? Of course, no sane person would say the watch just happened to emerge from the sand. All the intricate working parts could not simply develop from the metals that lay buried in the earth. The watch must have a manufacturer. If a watch tells an accurate time, we expect the manufacturer must be intelligent. Blind chance cannot produce a working watch.

But what else tells accurate time? Consider the sunrise and the sunset. Their timings are so strictly regulated that scientists can publish in advance the sunrise and sunset times in your daily newspapers. But who regulated the timings of sunrise and sunset? If a watch cannot work without an intelligent maker, how can the sun appear to rise and set with such clockwork regularity? Could this occur by itself? Consider also that we benefit from the sun only because it remains at a safe distance from the earth; A distance that averages 93 million miles. If it got much closer, the earth would burn up. And if it got too far away, the earth would turn into an icy planet making human life here

impossible. Who decided in advance that this was the right distance? Could it just happen by chance? Without the sun, plants would not grow. Then animals and humans would starve. Did the sun just decide to be there for us? We need to experience sunrise. We need the sun’s energy and its light to see our way during the day. But we also need sunset. We need a break from the heat, we need the cool of the night and we need the lights to go out so we may sleep. Who regulated this process to provide what

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in the land and causing corruption is a legacy of the People of Pharoah. Pride/ arrogance and tyranny is a legacy of the People of Hud. So the disobedient one is wearing the gown of some of these nations who were the enemies of Allah. Nine: Disobedience is a cause of the servant being held in contempt by his Lord. Al-Hasan Al-Basree (radiallahu ‘anhu) said: They became contemptible in (His sight) so they disobeyed Him. If they were honorable (in His sight) He would have protected them. Allah the Exalted >> SIN Pg 17

The Fatal Combination: The Wind of Negligence and Desire! By Moutasem al-Hameedy Ibn al-Qayyim said: If negligence of Allah and the hereafter is coupled with pursuit of desires, unadulterated evil is born. More often than not, these two ills are found together. A careful study of the corruption permeating the private and public arenas of human life surely reveals that those two causes are at the


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World Press


Islam Was No. 1 Topic in 2010 Analysis by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life February 24, 2011 The following are excerpts from the 16page report. The full report is available at – TML -----------------------------------------------Events and controversies related to Islam dominated U.S. press coverage of religion in 2010, bumping the Catholic Church from the top spot, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Much of the coverage focused on the plan to build a mosque and Islamic center near ground zero in New York City, a Florida pastor’s threat to organize a public burning of the Koran and commemorations of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Stories related to these three events collectively accounted for more than 40% of all religion-related coverage studied in mainstream U.S. media (broadcast and cable television, newspapers, radio and major news websites). Mainstream media devoted more attention to religion in 2010 than in any year since the Pew Research Center began measuring coverage of religion and other subjects in 2007. The amount of space or time media devoted to religion doubled between 2009 and 2010, going from about 1% of total coverage to 2%. And for the first time since tracking began in 2007, neither the Catholic Church nor religion’s role in American politics were the No. 1 topic of religion coverage in major news outlets. These are some of the findings of a new study that examined news stories from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2010. Religion Coverage Overall in 2010

There was more coverage of religion in the mainstream press in 2010 than in any year since PEJ and the Pew Forum began measuring coverage of religion and other subjects in 2007. Of the news content analyzed in 2010, religion-related issues and events accounted for 2.0% of the newshole – the total amount of space or time available for news content in newspapers, on television or in other media. That is about double the amount of religion coverage generated in each previous year of tracking (0.8% in 2009, 1.0% in 2008 and 1.1% in 2007).1 PEJ monitored 130 different topics and sub-topics in the news in 2010. As usual, politics and elections attracted more coverage than any other category of news, accounting for 11.9% of the overall newshole in 2010. U.S. foreign affairs (9.3%) and the economy (8.3%) also occupied a large share of the media’s attention last year. While the amount of attention devoted to religion increased, the geographic focus of the coverage, as in past years, was largely domestic. Of all the space and time allocated to religion last year in the mainstream U.S. media, 70.3% was devoted to stories that took place in the U.S. About a fifth of the religion coverage (18.9%) focused on international events. And 10.8% dealt with subjects that spanned domestic and foreign locales. Top Religion Stories of the Year Four of the top five religion stories of 2010 involved controversies related to Islam. The plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero was the No. 1 religion story in the mainstream media in 2010, accounting for nearly a quarter of the religion coverage (22.7%). A Florida pastor’s plan to host a Koran burning event on Sept. 11 was also a

As the public learned more about the [New York mosque] project, it became a flashpoint in a national debate about tolerance of Muslims and Islam, and about freedom of religion more broadly. major newsmaker, the No. 3 religion story overall, filling 14.5% of the religion newshole. Many stories on the religious dimension of 9/11 commemorations also focused on Islam. In addition, much of the coverage of the administration of President Barack Obama and religion issues (the fourth biggest religion story) dealt with public perceptions of the president’s faith and the belief among a large segment of the public that Obama is a Muslim. The only one of the five biggest religion stories of the year that did not involve Islam, at least in part, was coverage of the Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandal, including controversy over Pope Benedict XVI’s role. This ranked as the second biggest religion story of the year, filling nearly one-fifth of the religion newshole (18.8%). But among the top religion stories, Catholicism and related issues received less than half as much attention as the media paid to Islam in 2010. In 2009, by contrast, three of the five top religion stories involved Pope Benedict, accounting for 9.6% of all religion news that year, far more than any other single religious tradition or leader. And in 2008, Pope Benedict’s visit to the U.S. was the No. 1 story of the year, accounting for more than a third of all mainstream religion coverage. Islam in the News As the public learned more about the [New York mosque] project, it became

a flashpoint in a national debate about tolerance of Muslims and Islam, and about freedom of religion more broadly. During the week of Aug. 16-22, the controversy was the No. 1 story in all of the mainstream media collectively, filling 15% of the total newshole. The coverage faded slightly the following week, but the mosque controversy was still among the top stories, at No. 4, filling 6% of the newshole. During the week of Aug. 30Sept. 5, the mosque controversy briefly disappeared from the top news stories. But as the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approached, the debate over the mosque and Islamic center returned to the headlines, reaching the No. 4 spot and filling 4% of the total newshole during the week of Sept. 6-12. Even the terms used to discuss the controversy became fodder for media debate. Was it fair to call the center a mosque? Was it “close to ground zero,” “in Lower Manhattan” or “in New York City”? And what about the decision to change the name of the building from Cordoba House to Park51? The Associated Press drew fire from political conservatives for issuing guidelines to its reporters suggesting that they “continue to avoid the phrase ‘ground zero mosque’ or ‘mosque at ground zero’” and instead “say it’s ‘near’ ground zero, or ‘two blocks away.’”

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The national attention focused on the New York mosque controversy may have helped generate interest in another story related to Islam – Florida pastor Terry

Jones’ plan to burn a Koran to mark the anniversary of Sept. 11. Jones’ plans, along with the debate over the Park51 mosque and Islamic center, injected an element of tension into the annual round of stories remembering the Sept. 11 attacks. The religious dimension of the 9/11 attacks and the religious

aspect of many of the commemorations was the fifth biggest religion story of the year, accounting for 4.7% of the religion newshole in the mainstream press in 2010. A New York Times article published on Sept. 11, for example, opened with the following observation: “The ninth

anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was marked on Saturday by the memorials and prayer services of the past, but also by events hard to envision just a year ago – heated demonstrations blocks from ground zero, political and religious tensions and an unmistakable sense that a once-unifying day was now replete with division.”



bottom of it all. Negligence stands in one’s way towards comprehending the truth and seeing it with his mind’s eye; therefore, he joins the misguided. Pursuit of desire impairs his [natural] tendency to pursue the truth, his zeal to embrace it, and the passion to follow it; in which case one falls in the category of those who have incurred Allah’s wrath. From ‘Ibn al-Qayyim’s Letter to one of his Brothers’.


How To Build and Maintain a Community A FUNDRAISING DINNER | APRIL 9, 2011 | 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

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>> continued from pg 14 we need? Moreover, if we had only the warmth of the sun and the protection of the atmosphere we would want something more beauty. Our clothes provide warmth and protection, yet we design them also to look beautiful. Knowing our need for beauty, The Fashioner of the sunrise and the sunset also made the view of them to be simply breathtaking. The Creator who gave us light, energy, protection and beauty deserves our thanks. Yet some people insist that He does not exist. What would they think if they found a watch in the desert? An accurate working watch? A beautifully designed watch? Would they not conclude that there does exist a watchmaker, One who appreciates beauty? Such is God who made us. Source:


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If a person had a stream outside his door and he bathed in it fi ve times a day, do you think he would have any fi lth left on him?” The people said, “No filth would remain on him whatsoever.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said, “That is like the fi ve daily prayers: Allah wipes away the sins by them.” ---Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari and Muslim


>> continued from pg 14 said: {And whomsoever Allah disgraces, none can honour him.} [Al-Hajj 22:18] Ten: The ill-effects of the sinner fall upon those besides him and also the animals as a result of which they are touched by harm. Eleven: The servant continues to commit sins until they become very easy for him and seem insignificant in his heart, and this is a sign of destruction. Every time a sin becomes insignificant in the sight of the servant it becomes great in the sight of Allah. Ibn Mas’ood (radiallahu ‘anhu) said: “Indeed, the believer sees his sins as if he was standing at the foot of a mountain fearing that it will fall upon him and the sinner sees his sins like a fly which passes by his nose so he tries to remove it by waving his hand around.” [Al-Bukhari] Twelve: Disobedience inherits humiliation and lowliness. Honor, all of it, lies in the obedience of Allaah. Abdullaah ibn alMubaarak said: I have seen sins kill the

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hearts and humiliation is inherited by their continuity. The abandonment of sins gives life to the hearts and the prevention of your soul is better for it. Thirteen: Disobedience corrupts the intellect. The intellect has light and disobedience extinguishes this light. When the light of the intellect is extinguished it becomes weak and deficient. Fourteen: When disobedience increases, the servant’s heart becomes sealed so that he becomes of those who are heedless. The Exalted said: {Nay! But on their hearts is the Ran (covering of sins and evil deeds) which they used to earn.} [Al-Mutaffifeen 83:14] Fifteen: Sins cause the various types of corruption to occur in the land. Corruption of the waters, the air, the plants, the fruits and the dwelling places. The Exalted said: {Evil (sins and disobedience of Allah, etc.) has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned (by oppression and evil deeds, etc.), that Allah may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return (by repenting to Allah, and begging His Pardon).} [Ar-Rum 30:41]

Sixteen: The disappearance of modesty, which is the essence of the life of the heart and is the basis of every good. Its disappearance is the disappearance of all that is good. It is authentic from the Messenger (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) that he said: “Modesty is goodness, all of it.” [Muslim] A Poet said: And by Allah, there is no good in life or in the world when modesty goes. Seventeen: Sins weaken and reduce the magnification of Allaah, the Mighty in the heart of the servant. Eighteen: Sins are the cause of Allah forgetting His servant, abandoning him and leaving him to fend for himself with his soul and his shaytaan and in this is the destruction from which no deliverance can be hoped for. Nineteen: Sins remove the servant from the realm of Ihsaan (doing good) and he is prevented from (obtaining) the reward of those who do good. When Ihsaan fills the heart it prevents it from disobedience.

Twenty: Disobedience causes the favors of Allah to cease and justify His retribution. No blessing ceases to reach a servant except due to a sin and no retribution is made deserving upon him except due to a sin. Ali (radiallahu ‘anhu) said: “No trial has descended except due to a sin and it (the trial) is not repelled except by repentance.” Allaah the Exalted said: {And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned. And He pardons much.} [Ash-Shura 42:30] And the Exalted also said: {That is so because Allah will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their ownselves.} [Anfaal 8:53] May Allah have mercy upon us and help us to abandon the sins that are the causes of our problems. Ameen. [The bulk of this article was derived from Ibn Al-Qayyim’s Al-Jawaab Al-Kaafi English Translation by Abu ‘Iyaad and The Ill-Effects Of Sins by Muhammad Saalih ibn Al-‘Uthaimeen] Source: www.

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We Need More Advocacy and Less Protesting from Our Islamic Organization By Kaleem Kawaja Maryland

In the last over nine years since the awful 9/11 terrorist attack on US by a bunch of terrorists who said that they perpetrated that montrosity to protest injustice to Muslims, Islamophobia has mushroomed in the US population. And with that major organizations of American Muslims, ISNA, MPAC, CAIR etc have tried hard to protest against Islamophobia as a means of defending the 5 million strong American Muslim community. But the attacks of Islamophobes against the Muslims of America are continuing unabated. The adversaries of American Muslims are misusing all available means to malign the basic tenets of Islam, Islam’s holy book Quran and the Islamic sharia laws to demonstrate that Islam condones violence to non-Muslims, suppresses Muslim women and propagates harsh punishment for everyday social offenses. Unfortunately the Muslim community and their organizations are conducting very little advocacy to debunk these wild allegations in the public American forums.

Some efforts are being made by American Muslim groups like ISNA, MPAC, CAIR etc. But those efforts are at a very low key since all these organizations are busy running protest campaigns against the aggressive anti-Muslim groups.

the anti-Muslim media regularly picks up the instances of obscurantist applications of Sharia and heralds it as the real Sharia. Obvioiusly that has greatly maligned Sharia and the Islamic code of conduct, presenting it as cult-like..

The result is that most American people receive hardly any authentic picture of what Islam is, and what laws, guidance to the community the prophet of Islam preached. It is a historical fact that as Islam spread out in some countries where a tribal culture still prevails, where modern education is at low level, and where some extremist Muslim groups hold sway, they have codified their obscurantist way of life as parts of the Islamic way of life. Thus some of these countries practice a obscurantist version of Islamic Sharia. More than anything that has caused much suppression of Muslim women reducing them to second class status. But the genuine Islamic Sharia is very nuanced and incorporates a lot of conditions in the application of the criminal laws of Sharia and in allowing polygamy to Muslim men and in a man’s ability to divorce his wife. These facts are totally hidden from non-Muslims because

For instance in North America and Europe a very large number of non-Muslims think of the Sharia law as draconian. Thus in quite a few states in US the anti-Muslim politicians are propagating that Sharia is inherently oppressive of human rights. This fact came to light in the recent CNN documentary, “ Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door”,that talked about the intense opposition of the general American population in Murfesboro, Tennesse, a town with a population of 100,000, to the local Muslim community and their plan to build a mosque. Most non-Muslims in most cities in North America, other than the about a dozen largest cities, know very little about Islam and fall prey to the antiSharia and anti-Islam propaganda. It becomes the responsibility of the major organizations of American Muslims that they organize a large scale and wide campaign throughout North America,

including relatively smaller cities to educate non-Muslims about the real nature of Sharia and the basic tenets of Islam. Their campaign should also disseminate information about the many contributions of Muslims over the centuries in the arenas of architecture, fine arts, science, literature etc. Of course they should speak up when someone maligns Islam, but that should not be their top priority. Once non-Muslims learn about the real nature of Islam and Sharia they will not pay attention to the hate campaigns of the enemies of Muslims. Another thing the major American Muslim organizations should do is to hold their conventions in cities throughout north America including the southern and midwestern states in US, and not just in the about dozen cities that have concentration of Muslim population. That will help enlighten a wide range of nonMuslim Americans about the realities of Islam and Sharia. They should understand that repeated full house conventions in a dozen cities has become like “singing to the choir” with decreasing benefit for spreading a positive image of Islam in North America.

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April 1st - April 14th, 2011


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April 1st - April 14th, 2011


Request For Dua’s

{ To Allah We B e l o n g , a n d t o H i m i s O u r R e t u r n }

“Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and good, and to Us you will be returned.” (Surah Al-Anbiya:35)” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-25-11 Truly, we are from Allah, and to Him we shall return. It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we inform you that Brother Kamran Abro’s fatherin-law, Brother Mohammed Shafi Alizai has passed away. Janazah prayer was on March 26, 2011 in Ellicott City, Maryland. Please remember him in your Dua. We ask Allah (SWT) to shower him with His mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and to grant him the highest ranks in paradise, and give his family support and patience during these difficult times. (Source: DAT) 3-24-11 Wife of Chodhry Qayoom (Rafia Begum), mother of Raheel and Nabeel Qayoom, passed away last night after a long illness. Inna lilla-hewa inna elaihey raajeoun. Janaza Prayer was on March 24, 2011 in Sterling, Virginia. (Source: G. Mansoor) 3-20-11 Inna Lillaahi wa Innaa Ilayhi Raaji’oon. It is with deepest sadness and sorrow we announce that our beloved brother Nazir Ahmad has returned to Allah (Subhana wa T’ala). May Allah (swt) grant him a place in Jannat-ulFirdaus and give paitence to his family and our community, Ameen. Brother Nazir Ahmad’s was on March 20, 2011 in Silver Spring, Maryland. (Source: MCC) 3-19-11 Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. Dr. Mohiudding Muzzammel has passed away. He was battling leukemia for a year. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. In the last few days, numerous friends and well wisher had attended his bed side and prayed for him. They are very thankful to this community for the show of support. (Source: ADAMS) 2-28-11 Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaje’oon. To Allah We Belong, and to Him is Our Return. It is with much sadness that we inform you that the father of Tahira Hussain, Muhammad Yaqoob Naroo, has passed away. May Allah swt Grant him Jennah Al-Firdous, accept his good deeds, forgive him his sins, widen his Grave and give it light. May Allah swt also give patience to his family. Ameen. The Janaza was at ISB on January 28, 2011. (Source: Y. Hussain)

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Briefing on Capitol Hill: Impact of 9/11 on South Asian Communities Monday, April 04 2011, 10:00am - 12:00pm Media Advisory Briefing on Capitol Hill: Impact of September 11th on South Asian communities. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th which indelibly altered the lives of all Americans. For South Asian Americans living in the United States, the community’s experience during this past decade has been compounded by bias, discrimination, and profiling. Speakers include: Congresswoman Judy Chu of California (Invited); Talat Hamdani, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows; Sameera Hafiz, Rights Working Group; Manju Kulkarni, South Asian Network Monami Maulik, Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM); Linda Sarsour, National Network for Arab American Communities (New York); Amardeep Singh, The Sikh Coalition; Community members directly impacted by discrimination, profiling, and bias-based bullying. This briefing is happening during the South Asian Summit 2011, coordinated by South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT). For details, exclusive interviews or media passes, please contact: Afshan Khoja, Communications Manager | | 301 270 1855 (o) | 202 579 9048 (c) Location: Capitol Visitors Center Congressional Meeting Room - South -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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>> continued from pg 10 Khera said American Muslims use sharia law for daily life issues mostly related to ritual practices like prayer and fasting. “I cannot imagine the circumstances where [the excesses you mentioned] would be tolerated here in America and in our legal system … the supremacy clause ensures that the Constitution is the law of the land … and that is absolutely important and something that I’m personally very thankful is there,” answered Khera. She added that groups like the Tea Party who are pushing for state laws to ban the use of sharia are “chasing a threat that does not exist.” Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) took aim at Muslim Advocates and also questioned Khera on sharia law and Muslim Advocates’ stance on cooperating with law enforcement. Earlier in the hearing, Kyl said he was “perplexed” that the focus of the hearing

was hate-crimes against American Muslims. He said the “most egregious hate crimes” in America are committed against Jews and Christians and those incidents far outnumber crimes against American Muslims.

then asked Khera – given the notice on the Muslim Advocates website advising Muslims not to speak to law enforcement except in the presence of an attorney – “do you think it’s wrong to investigate and prosecute the individuals I mentioned?”

“I wonder if you’ve made any public statements condemning those religious leaders who’ve employed violent or hateful rhetoric … have you done that?” asked Kyl. “My organization’s work is focused on upholding our constitutional values,” responded Khera.

“Every American has the right to seek legal advice … we both know our legal system is quite complex,” she responded. Kyl then re-emphasized the point. “So you stand by that statement on your website?” Khera responded “I stand by all the statements on my website.”

“So you haven’t condemned … the hateful speech?” Kyl pressed. Khera said she would need more information about the “specific cases” Kyl is asking about.

Senator Durbin then closed the hearing by relating his conversation with a Sikh taxi cab driver who admitted that since 9/11 some people curse him and don’t want to ride in his cab . The cab driver then showed Durbin a picture of his son – a US soldier – that he keeps under his sun visor. Durbin closed the hearing after reading off a list of about 40 organizations – including Christian and Jewish organizations – that submitted written testimony for the record.

“Let me put it this way, would you today criticize threats of death against writers … [and others with unpopular religious views],” Kyl pointedly asked. Khera said such threats would be “inappropriate”. Kyl then went down a list of several cases of “radical Muslim extremists”. He

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The “Spring Pizza” , the Veggie Roll Calzone, and the dark chocolate dipped cannoli. Photos by Author.

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������������������������������������ ��������������������������������� �������������������������������


�� ����


������������������������������ ���������������������


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5 ville, MD 2070 eek Court, Belts 91 19 12111 Indian Cr 426 024 or 240-264-1990 Email us at

Visit us at om www.rjcafeonline.c

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$2699 $2499


We now ha v WI-FI availa e ble



April 1st - April 14th, 2011



������������������������������������ ��������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ �������������������������������




��������������������������������� ���������������



• Free Parking • Metro Access

• Private Studio for Sisters • Children Welcome

Phone: 301-613-HAIR(4247) | 1527 Rockville Pike, Suite 115, Rockville MD 20850

����������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������� ������������������������������� ��������� ������������������� ��������������

������������������������ ��������������������������� �����

������������������������ ��������� ����������������� �������������������������

Professional Hair Designers Specializing in Natural Hair Care ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������� For Sisters: Private Area on 2nd Floor Available by Appt. Only Call Sylist Cealia at 240.501.3985

For Men and Boys 1st Floor Level Walk Ins Welcome Phone # 301.604.6980

2 1 6 M a i n S t r e e t ( O f f R o u t e - 1 ) , L a u r e l , M D 2 0707


HEADACHES SHOULDER PAIN KNEE PAIN NECK PAIN LEG PAIN If you’ve been injured in a car accident or at work, relief is just one visit away ...

LITTLE RIVER CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Dr Ramin Afzaly 6601 Little River Turnpike, Suite 310, Alexandria, VA 22312 Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION 703.941.4464


26 |

April 1st - April 14th, 2011

To Advertise in the Muslim Link Call 301-982-1020

Where You Find Quality Care In-House Personal Care for Disabled and Senior Citizens

46179 Westlake Drive, Suite 330, Potomac Falls, VA 20165 p: 703-621-0671 | e: |

• • • • •

Meal Preparation Grocery Shopping Doctor Appointments Cooking Laundry

• Range of Motion & Ambulation Assistance • Medication Reminders • Other personal services as required

We offer our services in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Somali Medicaid & Private Insurance Accepted Licensed in Virginia

Rahma International Store Abayas Thoubs

Prayer Rugs Hijab

������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������� � ������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������: ����������������������������������� ������ ����������������������� �����������������������

����� ��������������������������� ������������������������������ ��������������������������� �����������������������������

������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ Join our Facebook page and group: Rahma International Store

April 1st - April 14th, 2011


Your Partner For Success TAX MASTER, INC.

is dedicated to supplying a full range of accounting, tax and general financial consulting services for individuals and small businesses. We can help you answer such questions as; what legal form should your new enterprise take? Proprietorship? Partnership? Corporation?

• Individual, Partnership And Corporate Tax Returns Preparation • Multi-state Tax Return Preparation • Personal And Business Financial Planning • Tax Consulting & Business Start Up Advice • Monthly, Quarterly And Annual Financial Statements Preparation • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services • Payroll & Sales Tax Services • Fully Computerized System • CPA Services Available In-house • Free Initial Consultation • Free Review Of Prior Year Tax Return • Direct Deposit From IRS And All States • Fast, Accurate Service

Tax Master Can Save You Money Under The New Tax Law

Please call for a FREE financial consultation

1110-B Elden St. Suite 203 Herndon, VA 20170 Tel: (703) 709-1485 Fax: (703) 409-1486

28 |


April 1st - April 14th, 2011


MBA in Accounting Enrolled Agent, Internal Revenue Services Realtor (Jobin Realtor)

Tax Services

����������������������������������� ��������������������������

���������� MBA, CPA, EA

��Enrolled to practice before Federal and State Tax Authorities

��Accredited Business Advisor ��Certified Internal Auditor ��Certified Senior Advisor

For all your Personal, Business, Tax, & Financial needs �������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ ����������������������� College Park Location: 4920 Niagara Road, Suite 216 College Park, Maryland 20740 Tel: (301) 345-5727 Fax: (301) 345-5525 Email: Website:

Columbia Location: * 6108 Morning Calm Way Columbia, MD 21045 Tel/Fax: (410) 799-8393 *Evening and weekend appointments available


Mohammad Al-Suqi

Cell: 703-861-1625 Office: 703-752-3929 Fax: 703-914-0869 Email: Address: 916 W. Broad St., Suite 203, Falls Church, VA 22046 Quality Service - LOW COST! Serving the Community since 1991

• Professional Tax Services for Individuals & Businesses Organizations • Electronic Filing (Federal & State) • “Complete Peace-of-Mind” ACCURACY GUARANTEED • Find all the deductions & Credit you deserve • Know all the latest Tas Law changes • Quality Service REASONABLE COST

Mainul Haque Realtor (Jobin Realtor)

Accounting Services

• Year Round Accounting & Bookkeeping Services • Customize Payroll Services (Quick Books) & Filing all Payroll Tax Forms for Federal & State • Reconciliation of Bank Statements & Preperation of monthly Financial Statements • Preperation of Personal Property Tax Return & Sales & Use Tax • Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Real Estate Services

• Buying & Selling Homes • Professional and Courteous Services • Competitive Market Analysis • Full TimeLicences Real Estate Agent • Evening & Weekend Appointments Available • Referals are Welcomed

7 Library Court, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 business: 301-208-1576 cell: 240-477-9375 fax: 301-208-1576 email:

April 1st - April 14th, 2011



Place a personal classified ad. Call us at 301-982-1020 We invite you to place a classified on the web FREE of charge at Classifieds in the print edition of the Muslim Link newspaper are only $1 for every 3 words. All classifieds run for 3 issues in the Marketplace section. Get started by emailing your exact text to and then call in your credit card payment to 301-982-1020 or send a check or money order payable to: The Muslim Link, 5301 Edgewood Rd, College Park MD 20740.

CHILDCARE EXCHANGE BABYSITTER/HELPER NEEDED I need a Muslim Baby sitter and mother Helper. Must have some experience in babysitting and house work. Monday to Friday; 8:00 am–3:30 pm. I live in Tysons Corner, VA and my house is near a metro bus stop. Please contact at 443851-1275 email: fatimamom4@gmail. com.

EMPLOYMENT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Amaana, a growing non-profit organization, seeks a qualified Executive Director and an Accounting Clerk. Go to for more details.

an ensuit, mostly renovated, walkout basement, two separate kitchens. Address: 4713, Quimby Ave, MD 20705. Rent $1800/m (nego).Pls email or call 301-3269561 -----------------------------------------------ROOM FOR RENT- COLLEGE PARK

Brothers ONLY. Room for rent at College Park for $400 plus shared utilities. less than 1 mile from Al-Huda School, 1.2 miles from Greenbelt Metro, 0.5 miles from MOMs Organic Market, 1.1 miles from Shoppers, - 0.3 miles to a MetroBus Stop. Contact Roy Caspari 202.903.6419, -----------------------------------------------ROOMMATE WANTED

Roommate wanted, Sister Only. One block from Wheaton Metro. All included, $400/month. 301-922-1839.



A MUST SEE SINGLE HOUSE FOR RENT 5 BR with 3 and 1/2 bath including

MUSLIM SEEKING WIFE Incarcerated, 29, Black Male follow Ahlus sunnah Jama’ah. I’m seeking

a wife the age 21-40 nationality unimportant. Come home this year in sha Allah. James T. Vaughn 1181 Paddock Rd Smyran, DE 19977.

MISCELLANEOUS FREE TO GOOD HOME 2 M/F Yorkie Puppies for adoption to a loving home. Contact me at: BRDJMS01@AOL.COM -----------------------------------------------FREE YORKIE PUPPIES

Two Yorkie Puppies they are free please contact me asap peterwht90@yahoo. com -----------------------------------------------ENGLISH BULLDOGS FOR ADOPTION 2 M/F lovely and playful English Bulldogs now available for free adoption contact


-----------------------------------------------HOME SERVICES Licensed contractor. Home Improvement work, interior/exterior painting, drywall install/repair, brick/concrete repair. License #30385946 Estimates done. Contact Br. Allen Scott at 410-467-1259 or 443-538-7643(cell) -----------------------------------------------HANDYMAN AVAILABLE Manage your home repairs to do list with reliable handyman services 24 hrs available. Experienced technician in Virginia and Maryland. Offer service and repair for Cooling/Heating, Plumbing, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, and much more. Contact today Harish for quality at 2405354176 or harish.thakar09@yahoo. com.

Now serving Frederick, Hagerstown and Eastern Shore, MD

To Advertise in the Muslim Link Call

301-982-1020 or Email us at


April 1st - April 14th, 2011

����������������� ���������������������� Every Muslim has read

that the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam told his ummah about the wonderful nature of honey. In the Qur’an in Surah An-Nahl, Allah described honey as a “drink of varying color wherein is healing for men”. Its no wonder that scientists are spending more and more resources examining, testing, and developing honey-based medical treatments. As early as December 26, 2007, the Associated Press ran a story titled “Honey makes medical comeback”. One company that has believed in the restorative power of honey for a long time is HoneyDerm, Inc., a Lansing, Michigan based company that spent years bringing the healing power of honey to people suffering from hair loss, dandruff, and skin disease. Their most famous product line is Hairback Lotion and Hairtonix Shampoo, that “helps stimulate new hair growth and thicken existing hair”. Honeyderm, Inc also claims the products solve dandruff and scalp psoriasis. The Muslim Link requested access to some of Honeyderm’s customers, and Brother Mahmoud from Honeyderm gladly offered us some phone numbers. Brother Hasan, in his late 30’s is from Maryland and suffers from the common skin disease eczema. “I’ve had eczema

since high school, and it got worse as the years went on. I went to a dermatologist and he recommended a cortisone-type prescription cream. It did stop the itch, but my skin was still dry and tight. I’ve tried lotions and shampoos from Aveeno, Lubiderm, Vaseline, and others. Alhumdulillah, I found Honeyderm’s Dermatonic-P, and it is really, really a blessing for people with Eczema or other skin illnesses. I no longer wake up sweating at night! AllahuAkbar!.” We called Abdurihman Khalil from Chicago. He did not know we were going to call. Abdurihman started losing his hair when he was about 28. He discovered the Hairback product line at a convention and decided to test its claims. “The hair loss stopped completely,” said Abdurihman. “It’s excellent, and I’ve been using it now for 6 years.” We also called Brother Mustafa Al-Omary in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He decided to do something about his thinning hair at age 40 and tried the Hairback treatment. Asked how long it took for him to see results, he told us “Oh gosh, less than a month. My thin spots filled in within 3 months,.” He said he would “absolutely” recommend the product to anyone. “It’s not a fly-by-night product, its awesome,” said Mustafa. We

also called Najeebudheen Appat, a 30-year old living in Los Angeles, CA. He’s had a severe dandruff

“Alhumdulillah, I found Honeyderm’s

Dermatonic-P, and it is really, really a blessing for people with Eczema or other skin illnesses. I no longer wake up sweating at night! Allahu-Akbar!.” -- Br.Hasan, Maryland problem for a long-time, and had been searching for a solution. “I tried so many different products like tonics and shampoos, I can’t even remember them all, until I found this product around 2002. My problem was solved completely, the entire thing is taken care of. I even called [Honeyderm] with the great feedback,” recalled Najeebudheen. He told us that Allah creates shifa in many things, and Honeyderm’s products are a part of that. “For dandruff problems, this is the total solution,” he told us from his mobile phone.





On Honeyderm’s website, there are many more testimonials from Muslims and non-Muslims from around the nation and the world. There is also a gallery of “before and after” pictures of both hair loss treatments as well as skin treatments. And best of all, for those of us who’ve “tried it all”, there is a full money back guarantee. Allah said honey heals. The Prophet Sallallahu’alyhi wa sallam said honey heals. The people we called said honey heals. With a money back guarantee, there is absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain – your hair and skin!



Honey-Based Healing for:

Hair Loss, Hair growth, Itching, dandruff, and Scalp Psoriasis. Acne, Wrinkles, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, and Rosacea. Plus Supplements for Diabetics, Immunity, and Liver Health.

Order Risk Free Today by calling (800) 424 - 7710 or buy online at MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������

April 1st - April 14th, 2011



Greenscape Horticultural 2700 Fleetwood Ave Baltimore, MD 21214 | phone: Ali: 301-526-5008 or AJ: 443-926-3921 | fax: 410-426-1629 | Email: or

������������������������������������������� ���������������������������� �������������������� ~ Turn a New Leaf with Us ~ • We provide quality Interior and Exterior Horticultural Services that include full landscape designs for interior and exterior as well as lawn maintenance • We provide plant installation and maintenance • We provide fresh and live flower rotations • Special Events and Holiday Decorating • Commercial and Residential Services • Pressure Wash/Concrete Wash

Please join us for our Wedding Show

Sunday, May 1st, 2:00 PM at the Greenbelt Marriott, 6400 Ivy Lane Greenbelt, MD 20770 To RSVP, email:

~ We Speak Arabic ~

follow us on Facebook & Twitter

The Muslim Link - April 1, 2011  

The Muslim Link - April 1, 2011

The Muslim Link - April 1, 2011  

The Muslim Link - April 1, 2011