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Your donations save people around the world.

2013 - 2014 Issue 1 Current Projects... • My Orphan • Water4Life • FeedMe • Grow a Fruit Tree • Community Mosque • Disaster & Emergency Relief • Education4everyone • Energy4life • It’s Your Call

bringing hope to life

Donation Hotline: +44(0)1282 604055 Charity Reg. No: 1081018 you can find us on:

bringing hope to life

Who Are We?

Muslim Global Relief (MGR) is a well respected British registered charity established in 2000 to help poor, defenceless and needy people throughout the World. Located in the United Kingdom we are an international development and relief charity promoting where possible, local partnerships with a focus on sustainable livelihoods. Our motto is “bringing hope to life” which visibly translates the fact that we promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and disease. We also respond to emergencies and natural disasters, helping people in crisis. Our aim; is to reach out to those communities that find it extremely difficult to receive help. We support the vulnerable in society, the neglected and the misplaced in a non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious and non exclusionary manner.


Without discrimination, we are inspired by a spirit of selflessness, a caring for humanity and we will endeavour to be a strong friend and ally of dispossessed people for many years to come. MGR provides immediate help in times of disaster either through natural causes or by conflict to help alleviate the suffering of the needy and destitute members of society worldwide. Our charity also helps to rebuild local communities through self-sustaining, environmentally friendly long term projects. It is your kindness that has turned so many lives around, bringing smiles back to people’s faces, restoring their confidence, their independence and providing them with new opportunities.

Thank you for your generous support.

We will endeavour to be a strong friend and ally of dispossessed people for many years to come.

What We Do

Muslim Global Relief started its development and relief projects initially in Pakistan AND INDIA. However, things have progressed significantly and we now help and support communities throughout the Indian sub Continent, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. From its inception; MGR has placed a great deal of emphasis on supporting orphans. Orphan sponsorship is not just about providing food and shelter; our orphan programme provides education to help orphaned children develop the skills they need to make positive changes in their lives, and break free from poverty. We are also intent on the provision of clean drinking water globally, by supplying manually operated or motorised community water pumps. We have already provided thousands of people with the life-saving gift of safe drinking water - and our mission has only just started. MGR provides a wide range of charity services from short term disaster and emergency relief, education4everyone, energy4life projects, food aid, the provision of fresh drinking water, medical support, orphan sponsorship, the supply of fruit trees and importantly our new initiative... It’s your Call. The team at MGR is dedicated to turning your ideas into Sadaqa Jariyah projects. Whether you want to build a school, water well, Mosque, hospital, hostel, orphanage or any other specific project, we will ensure that your bequest is fulfilled on time and within your specified budget.

MY Orphan

Give them hope for a better future

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My Orphan

Where there is extreme poverty, there are always orphaned and abandoned children. Political conflict, ineffective governance, corruption, and poor access to health care creatING an environment in which children and women suffer most. The current situation in many parts of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are no different.

The Facts... • Worldwide, an estimated 132 million children ranging from newborns to age 17 have lost one or both parents (UNICEF). • Every 2.2 seconds a child loses a parent somewhere in the world. • Every day 5,760 more children in the world become orphans. • By 2015 it is projected that there will be 400 million orphaned children worldwide. • HIV/AIDS alone has orphaned 14.9 million children, most of them in Sub-Saharan Africa. • In developing countries, more than one third of all children live in poverty. • Over 1 billion children suffer from at least one form of severe deprivation of basic needs like water, food, and sanitation.


6/8/2011 11:14:47 PM

Unaccompanied girls are especially at high risk of sexual abuse. Meanwhile, unaccompanied boys are at high risk of forced or ‘voluntary’ participation in violence and armed conflict. MGR’s aim is not just to provide some kind of support to as many children as possible. It is to provide sustainable, intensive support to the most marginalised and vulnerable children and young people. It would be easy to reach out to thousands of children and give them a school uniform, a nutritious meal or a lift back home from school - but without addressing family social, medical and economic issues - these children will most likely be forced to drop out or simply starve to death. MGR encourages friendship and love between children and their carers so that they can treat them like their own children creating high levels of confidence, love and respect. MGR is currently sponsoring 123 orphans in Pakistan, India, Sudan and the Gaza Strip. During orphan sponsorship MGR looks after a child’s educational needs throughout the term – we pay for his/her school fees, transportation to and from school, educational literature, a school uniform and also provide financial support to the family, where possible.

How YOU can help: The cost of sponsoring an orphan child is typically either £27.00 per month or £324.00 annually.

%+44(0)1282 604055



Water4life Water bottle, Hand Pump & Well

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Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic micro-organisms that most commonly are transmitted in contaminated water. Infection commonly results during bathing, washing, drinking, in the preparation of food, or the consumption of infected food. Such diseases cause 1.8 million human deaths (mainly children) annually attributable to unsafe water supply, sanitation and hygiene. These people need your help now! Bottled water is not a substitute to a free-flowing supply of safe drinking water, but we consider it to be a secure, safe alternative in the medium term, one complementing existing infrastructure.

6/8/2011 11:14:49 PM



4,277 water bottles have been distributed in Pakistan equating to 11,692 litres – Each water bottle contains 2.5L.

How YOU can help: The cost of a single bottle of water is £1.50 or for a pack of six - £9.00 People can simply donate one bottle or donate for a pack of six or multiples thereof.

“Bottled water is not a substitute to a freeflowing supply of safe drinking water, but we consider it to be a secure, safe alternative in the medium term.”

Hand Pumps:

Water Wells:

From 2010 to 2013...

From 2010 to 2013...

From 2010 to 2013...

From 2010 to 2013...

400 hand pumps have been installed in India and Pakistan – over 1,200 people benefited from clean, fresh drinking water. 142 additional hand pumps have been installed in two major disaster areas – Haiti and Pakistan.

How YOU can help: The cost of one hand pump system is £150.00 in an area where the water table is high or £420.00 in an area where the water table is very low.

39 water wells have been installed throughout Pakistan – each well benefiting 600+ people in each village. 1 major water system has been installed in the Gaza Strip – benefiting 400,000 people. Presently, 31 water wells are in the process of being installed in Pakistan – these wells will benefit at least 3,000 local people.

How YOU can help: The initial cost of a single water well in Pakistan or India is £600.00 .

Feed Me Project


Hunger is the number one cause of death throughout the world and a third of the world’s hungry live Show them you care in withPakistan a charity gift and India. Every minute, at least five people in the Indian sub-continent die of hunger equating to 7,000 people dying every day WITH 2.5 million dYING annually in this area. It is a shocking fact but true. Let’s feed the hungry a wholesome meal

MGR-SubBrandsset2.indd 4-5

6/8/2011 11:14:54 PM


One person alone cannot feed all these hungry, destitute people but when we act together, we can make a real difference. Even a small contribution from you that will feed one hungry child a day helps to make the world a better place. Imagine this on a large scale… we do! Food prices in developing countries have more than doubled pushing millions more into poverty. Whilst our Ramadan and Qurbani programmes give a welcome meal and extra nutrition to the most vulnerable families, thinking long term is the key to tackling this huge crisis. MGR is implementing short and long term nutritional projects to feed those living below the poverty line. Our FeedMe project provided much needed nutritional food to over 26,000 people in 2012, with your help our aim is to feed over 100,000 people this year in India, Gaza, Pakistan and Africa with our food parcels. Please donate just £5.00 to give a hungry person a healthy and fulfilling meal, £60.00 to provide a family with one month’s essential food rations.

How YOU can help: *Please visit our website or contact us for costs of participating in our, Sadaqah, and Aqiqah projects.

PROJECTS* INCLUDE MGR - Iftari/Sehri Project: This scheme runs during Ramadan throughout Pakistan, India and Palestine helping around 300 people a day with their daily requirements of food/water to enable them to fast.

MGR - Emergency Relief Project: This scheme provides food and water to the masses in times of emergency or natural disaster.

MGR - Qurbani Project: This scheme operated in eleven countries last year with over 10,000 people benefiting from fresh meat. MGR - Sadaqa Animal Project: Our Sadaqa project in Pakistan and India provides fresh meat to over 300 people a year. MGR - Aqiqah Project: The Aqiqah is performed on behalf of our donors and provides fresh meat to over 150 people a year. MGR - FOOD PARCEL Project: Falling incomes and austerity measures have triggered an explosion in demand for emergency food parcels as Britain’s poorest families struggle to put a meal on the table. In third world countries more and more people now rely on food parcels for just the essentials like milk, bread and flour. MGR Food parcels benefited over 7,000 people in 2012 with essentials like flour, rice, oil, lentils etc.


%+44(0)1282 604055


The MGR ‘Fruit Tree Planting’ project aims to help the most disadvantaged households, poor communities and PEOPLE worldwide. Our donors share a love for fruit trees, a respect for nature, and a desire to foster relationships with disparate communities living in poverty and uncertainty. We strive to restore local communities to a healthier state through our actions. This initiative is aimed at enriching the environment and improving human health by bringing delicious, fresh, locally grown raw fruits and vegetables of the highest quality into the lives of needy people. We plant trees that yield edible fruits, nuts, leaves, or roots - thus spreading life-sustaining ecological diversity throughout the world. Fruit trees will be planted alongside other soil-building flora, native and medicinal trees, hardwoods and plants that contribute to sustainability. As we plant, we bring vibrant health to the community. Fruit trees also provide essential shade during unbearable summer heat!

MGR’s unique ‘Fruit Tree Planting Project has five principle aims: rovide an 1 Pexcellent source of food and shade for beneficiaries and a means to provide vitamin rich fresh fruit and nourishment on a seasonal basis. o enable our 4 Tgenerous donors

elp malnourished, 2 Hneedy people and the environment at the same time.

and/or their loved ones (even those who have passed away) to participate easily in Sadaqa or Jariah projects.

Provide a seasonal To date, we have planted 1,058 trees 3 source of income from the sale of in Pakistan and India; we need your fresh fruit. help to plant thousands more over his incentive 5 Teven the coming years. encourages

How YOU can help: For only £10.00 per tree or from as little as £2.00 a month, you can help the poor and the environment together by planting a fruit tree.

children to participate with the small donations usually required.


One of the biggest threats to people in a third world country apart from hunger is the constant increases in commodity prices and climate change. Unfortunately, climate change is here to stay; the fight to prevent global warming has failed, so we must learn to adapt. Ironically climate change has already benefited our Energy4Life recipients. Solar panels were originally a symbol of clean living which was thought to protect the environment, but now they are being used to capitalise on the effects of the changing climate throughout the world. The soaring cost of electricity with escalating oil prices makes it extremely difficult for individuals worldwide to pay off their electricity bills. In addition, due to the extremely hot weather, Pakistanis, Indians, Afghans and communities throughout Africa have to endure no electricity for up to eight to ten hours each day. Intermittent power cuts are a daily inconvenience.


GR has recently installed 2 MGR has installed solar 1 M a solar panel system in panels at a local Mosque Noshera, Pakistan to help Mr Gul Khan and his family who cannot afford to use the luxury of electricity. Because of this generous gift, his family now enjoys free electricity providing light to two family rooms and operating a much appreciated fan to circulate cooling fresh air.

in Orrisa, India, which a poor community use daily. With MGR’s help the people now enjoy their community building. A resource that keeps them cool during the day and offers light in the early morning and late at night. The total population in this village now exceeds 700.

GR in 2012 built three 3 M new homes in Pakistan and

included solar panels in the construction process. Every member of each household now benefits from this simple yet… essential technology. Please help us to help them.

How YOU can help: Cost of a complete system comprising of 2 lights, 2 fans, battery backup with convertor is £750.00 DONATION HOTLINE

%+44(0)1282 604055

Community MosqueS

Muslim Global Relief helps to construct Mosques throughout the Muslim world and thrive on bringing communities together since a Mosque plays a fundamental role in A community. Mosques are the centre point of any town or village, a place where people can congregate for their five daily prayers and Friday congregation sermons. Not only for prayers, a Mosque serves as a place where people can also come together for news, information, education, social gatherings and meetings. Since religion is an integral part of daily life for many of our beneficiaries MGR demands that religious and spiritual needs are also provided for along with physical ones.

THE OBJECTIVES OF MUSLIM GLOBAL RELIEF’S MOSQUE PROGRAMME ARE AS FOLLOWS: Muslim Global Relief the Mosque 1 Fisorprimarily, a place for prayer, to encourage the practice of the Islamic faith in the communities, and a centre of community life; slam preaches unity of the spiritual 2 Iand the worldly aspects of life therefore community gatherings in Mosques include both spiritual and social elements; slam emphasises the importance of 3 Ieducation and so teaching and learning are the fundamentals of our community Mosque programme. Since the 2004 Tsunami until the Pakistan Floods of 2010, hundreds of Mosques have been destroyed or severely damaged, resulting in many local communities being deprived of such an important institution. So far, MGR has built three Mosques in Ghari Habib Ullah, in District Balakot, Kashmir, one on the outskirts of Muzaffarabad itself and another situated in a small community called Dana Village in Muzaffarabad. Another completed Mosque is located at Masjid Haji Ibrahim, in Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia; the reason for selecting this area is due to the fact that a severe earthquake recently devastated the area and it had been without a permanent Mosque for over five years.

How YOU can help: We can build you a comprehensive, Mosque for as little as £8,500 *. However, depending on your individual circumstances partial donations are most welcome and we will constantly keep you informed as to the progress of your investment. Alternatively, why not donate £50.00 to us for a prayer mat. On completion of your Sadaqa Jariah project Muslim Global Relief will provide you with local feedback. If you sponsor a Mosque in its entirety a framed photograph showing a confirmation plaque with your name, or that of a loved one will be sent to you together with location details and information from the grateful recipients.

Presently, each mosque is built to the following standards: A 600 Sq ft covered area – comprising of: • 1 x main prayer room • 1 x toilet facilities • 1 x ablution place • 1 x courtyard • 1 x veranda (Subject to change due to conditions on the ground & preferences by communities*)



Vocational training and education are two of the most important routes out of poverty. In rural areas of Kashmir, access to training and education is very limited and more often than not this restricts people’s opportunities to build stable and secure livelihoods. Education is the fourth necessity for a person after water, food and shelter. For those in the third world, education can enable individuals to lift themselves and their families out of the poverty trap. Through our charity, we support many international school projects and we are working to achieve accessible primary school education for as many children as possible. For many years Muslim Global Relief had been running a vocational centre in rented property. However, due to its huge popularity we decided to build a brand new centre in its entirety. Our new vocational centre consists of three classrooms and provides training for boys and girls in various educational fields including sewing, embroidery, electrical systems and information technology. Computer courses are also carried out periodically. Twelve girls at a time are taught embroidery lessons based on a six monthly cycle and to date, many girls have completed their course and are now working from home or community centres to earn a second income or in some cases… the main household income. MGR constantly seeks funding to support ground-breaking projects that seek to improve educational standards for children throughout the world.

Help us to help OUR FUTURE now! How YOU can help: • Sponsor a student for a 6 month course for only £200.00 • Sponsor a childs education from only £15.00 a month • Sponsor a sewing machine for a student when she qualifies for only £55.00 • Sponsor a computer for a student when he/she qualifies for only £250.00 There are lots of ways to get involved with Muslim Global Relief to help change the lives of children in need - whether you’re a student, parent, teacher or business there’s something for everyone.


%+44(0)1282 604055

Disaster & Emergency Relief

Muslim Global Relief aims to alleviate the suffering of human beings by providing humanitarian relief and developmental aid to people who have been marginalised by geography, or harmed by natural disaster, war, armed conflict, exploitation or economic deprivation.

DisasteR & EmErgEncy rEliEf

Our response team are ready to act when disaster strikes


Our staff and associate partners in several regions of the world are well versed in emergency preparedness and train community leaders how to prepare for and mitigate the impact of major disasters and to provide effective and timely relief to the people most in need; in a way that maintains their dignity and encourages their self reliance. Floods, Earthquakes, Famine, Civil War and Droughts affect millions of lives throughout the world every year.

Our disaster and emergency relief work consists of:

• The distribution of food and clean water • Provision of Medical Camps and appropriate Medication • Educational support for Children • Provision of Temporary Shelter for Children and the Elderly • Assistance with long term reconstruction

our most recent RELIEF PROJECT: SYRIA 2012

The crisis in Syria started with the uprising in March 2011, and has now escalated with millions of people becoming refugees in neighbouring countries. Jordan and Lebanon are both stretched to saturation point so that there aren’t enough shelters to accommodate them all. There are over 400,000 refugees already registered in Lebanon on the border with Syria and countless who remain unregistered there. The situation is worsening as almost 3,000 refugees are crossing over each day.

MGR’s Response:

We are distributing Emergency Relief Packs containing food and water to hundreds of internally displaced families living in Lebanon refugee camps.

How YOU can help: £60 could provide food for 1 family for one month £400 could provide a family with shelter our funds are limited and we urgently need more support to continue our vital work: please donate today.

How ELSE YOU can help: For just £3.00 per month you can help to contribute towards the supply and distribution of vital emergency relief in readiness for the next global disaster.

It’s Your Call

Charity begins at home. A true believer is always prepared, after meeting the needs of his family, to assist other people in need of his help. Thus the spirit of kindness and well wishing is the essence of charity. The giver is not to expect any reward from the beneficiary as there waits for him an abundant reward from God - material, moral and spiritual - what God deems it best to confer on His servant! A ‘one off’ donation to Muslim Global Relief ensures that every penny of the money that you donate will help to part fund or fund completely, any specific project that you have in mind. Whether you give money to build a Mosque, a Hospital wing, an Orphanage, a Water distribution Centre, supply Medical Equipment or to provide Schooling for under privileged children – It’s YOUR CALL: You have control over your own specific project.

Please contact our ‘It’s your Call’ department at MGR, a department that is dedicated to turning your thoughts and ideas into actual projects. Our teams of experts are devoted to ensuring that your project is completed according to your plans, on time and within budget. Special projects are not only hassle free, but are often the most effective and secure way of carrying out your very own charitable project, either individually, together with family and friends or through your business. Projects are simply carried out on your behalf by Muslim Global Relief:

There are two types of ‘It’s your Call’ projects: You can develop your own idea and work with MGR’s experts to deliver the project.  You can donate towards a larger commitment project which other donors are also contributing towards.  In both cases the project is yours, with MGR simply ensuring the successful implementation of the project in hand. Shortly after the completion of your project, you will receive a personal feedback report with the details of your project and details of the people that you’ve helped.





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Muslim Global Relief 124 Manchester Road Nelson BB9 7AQ United Kingdom

Bringing hope to life  

Muslim Global Relief (MGR) is a well respected British registered charity established in 2000 to help poor, defenceless and needy people thr...

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