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8th April 2019


Quran For Busy People Every Muslim wants to deeply understand, connect with, and be transformed by, the Noble Quran. In order for that to be a realistic possibility, we need to devote ourselves to it. No matter how much, or how little we invest in the Quran, it pays us back manifold. The aim of this practical course is that each individual leaves with a strategic, comprehensive plan for their personal Quran studies, that they can maintain, no matter how busy their life gets. This takes everyone at all levels of understanding into account. Whether you look at the Quran all you see is squiggles and dots, or whether you're a master of Arabic, the Quran For Busy People plan will work for you. There are 3 phases of the Quran For Busy People Plan:

1. Develop the Daily Quran Habit. This is the cornerstone of your progress. Without this, even the best teachers, and the most noble intentions will be virtually impossible to implement. With this in place, your success becomes inevitable. You'll discover several powerful strategies that have worked for many students to make your daily Quran connection time your favourite part of the day.

2. The Strategic Quran Plan. It is possible for a dedicated student to study the Quran for an hour every day for 20 years and still never understand it or memorize it or access any of its divine wisdom. On the other hand, it is possible within one year, in just 25 minutes a day for a student to fluently recite the script, understand the language, be competent in tajweed (accurate pronunciation) and understand some of the deeper meanings of the Quran. What is the difference between these two students? Strategy. This phase starts with an assessment to determine where you are currently in each of the 12 modes of Quran study. By the end of this course, you'll have your strategic plan in place to get the highest possible return on your investment of time, energy and devotion to the Quran.

3. The Quranic Paradigm Of Transformation Ultimately, we want to not just study the Quran, but for the Quran to transform us into the highest, best version of ourselves. This comes only through gaining some insight into the Quranic methodology of transformation. Every English-speaking Muslim will benefit from reviewing their approach to their Quran studies, developing, then implementing a plan that keeps you motivated, on track and engaged with the Quran for the rest of your life, insha'Allah. Our hope is that due to this devotional study, Allah can teach us, and make the Quran a means for us to be raised us in love, understanding and consciousness, insha'Allah. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Learn Online with IIDR With our live streaming option you can watch the course from your device also have access to the course recording afterwards for up to 42 days. All online attendees will receive a PDF version of the course materials (where available), so you won’t miss a thing. Get registering now.

Mamoon Yusaf Mamoon Yusaf is a personal development coach, at the service the Muslim community for over a decade.

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Welcome to our newsletter. We are a small organisation based in East London. Do good and share the good.

The Muslim Advertiser 52.1  

Welcome to our newsletter. We are a small organisation based in East London. Do good and share the good.