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Mickey Oyama Scholarship Fund Audition Form Name_______________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ _______________________Grade____________ $20.00 Processing fee: CH/CC/CA (Circle one) Parent’s name/Legal Guardian___________________________________________________________ Address_________________________City______________Zip__________Phone_____________(C) (H) Instrument(s) __________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___Years playing_________________________________ Music Genres________________________________________________________________________­­­ _ Repertoire learned_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Audition Piece(s) ______________________________________________________________________ Name of Composer: ___________________________Composer dates: __________________________ Accompanist (not required) ____________________________________ Requirements for Auditions: Please see website for instrument and voice requirements. Sight Read: students will be required to sight read a piece appropriate to their playing/singing ability. Genre(s) you wish to study___________________________________________________________ Other special skills we need to know about? ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Student Signature______________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature_______________________________________________________________________

FAQ When do I audition? June 7 and June 21, 7:00PM – 9:00PM, Grand Concert Hall. Please check the MWNW website webpage For more information contact Celine Ferland. To arrange audition time contact Celine Ferland at or 425­644­0988, x 107. Who Can Audition? Auditions are open to all students at all levels in middle school and high school. How long should my audition piece be? Performance piece should be five minutes or less. Are there any repertoire requirements? There are no requirements to repertoire. We want to hear you at your best and most confident. Please perform a selection of your choice. When auditioning try to select pieces that will demonstrate both your musicality and technique. Do I need an accompanist? No, this audition is to hear you. How do you decide who gets offered the scholarship(s)? Scholarships auditions are ranked by accomplishment, talent, and potential according to level of ability per student. What is the scholarship amount? We will offer one scholarship to 5 individual students to use in one of these forms: 1. One academic year of private instruction from a MWNW faculty of the student’s choice. 2. One academic year of opportunity to perform in one of MWNW high quality Performance Ensembles. How do I arrange for the audition? 1. Fill out the application

2. Call in and make an appointment for audition date and time (this will be subject to availability). 3. Bring in application, payment, and copies of repertoire for the audition panel (scores are best), and your music. Can I audition for more than one area? No. These auditions are specifically to offer five talented and deserving individuals into one area of their choice for one academic school year. What are the requirements for a music scholarship? If you are one of the awarded students to receive a scholarship you will be required to attend all lessons or rehearsals (with the exception of emergency absences). You will be asked to perform in one or more of the Faculty Select Concert Series and/or perform with the Performance Ensemble at all community concerts. When do I arrive for my audition? Give yourself at least 30 minutes to warm up in one of our prepared studios. Be on time outside of audition room at your audition time. Come with a good attitude. Can my parents attend the audition? No, auditions are closed. Parents are welcome wait in our lobby. Who will I audition for? MWNW will compile an audition panel. The panel will consist of the Artistic Director, Director of Operations, and various MWNW faculty. Is there anything else I need to know? Yes, while waiting for your time slot please keep all of your party’s voices low. DO NOT OPEN the door during an audition.

Scholarship Application  

Mickey Oyama Scholarship Fund Audition

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