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1. Store, and 1.1. Product Types Detailed description of products: Subscription/Renewal • Note: subscriptions ordered through the store are purchased like all other merchandise. Subscriptions ordered through “Subscribe” page operate differently. The following description is for the Store: • Digital Subscriptions o Subscription Length: 1 year, 2 year, 3 year o Subscription Type: Digital Deluxe Subscription (6 digital editions, 3 of which are not available in print, plus 3 CD downloads) OR Simple Digital Subscription (3 digitized print magazine with additional features, plus 3 CD downloads) • Print Subscriptions o Country selection (I’m in Canada; I’m in the USA; I’m outside North America) o Subscription Length: 1 year, 2 year, 3 year o Price E-commerce is needed for digital products as well as offline products. Shipping costs for print subscriptions are included in the subscription price (this is why there is a different price for Canada, US and International subscriptions). Digital subscriptions will, of course, not have shipping costs. Shipping costs for merchandise and everything other than subscriptions will apply. There will be 6 prices for shipping; 2 tiers for Canada (a lower price and a higher price depending on number of items shipped), 2 tiers for USA and 2 tiers for international. Users cannot suspend or terminate subscriptions. The advantages of creating an account for users would be that they would know how many more issues they have in their subscription. Would having an account help with the kind of firewall needed in selling MP3s? How will that work? Gift Subscription • Same as subscriptions above, but with a place for Gift Recipient’s Address, that gets transferred to the checkout page. • Also needed: a text box for a personalized message to be sent with the subscription. Yes, we would need a form to capture delivery address, but not an account for this new person, unless one is needed for the purchase of digital products (see above). Back Issue Magazines and Recordings • When user clicks this category within the store, they’re taken to a secondary page where they can view all the cover shots of all 110 issues (we need to be able to

• • • • • • • • • • •

add covers). There should be a keyword search bar on this page, or users can just click on any one of the cover images to see the following: Issue # __ Year Published Cover image Description of magazine (text block) Summaries of contents (text blocks for every article within; some will be linked to full content available elsewhere on the site.) Keywords from the article that user can click to view all articles tagged with the same keywords CD cover art Track listings on CD Short streaming excerpt for 5 tracks on every recording Price for each magazine and recording (priced separately, but featured together on the same page—there is a recording for every magazine issue) Add to cart

Currently, we only have hard copies of our back issue magazines and recordings. However, we would like to quickly transition to selling digital copies of the magazine and recordings. MP3s of the recordings will require some time to create (we will need to obtain some permissions). We are considering using Issuu to open and view the PDFs of these back issues (see as an example). This is a free service, and is really easy to use (they supply the code, and customization is easy). Featured Packages • Graphic • Name • Available until date • Description • Price • Savings of • Option to add short streaming excerpt (this featured package will sometimes be a CD to be mailed, sometimes a book, or a digital download) Re: your question, “would these be bundles of related products available for purchase with a discount?” – yes; but functionally, they are no different than any other kind of architecture for the other products in the store. We will decide the discount and promote it with the discount. We don’t need any special functionality for this. Some items we will tag as “on clearance” in order to move merchandise. Postcards • We do not need a wireframe built specifically for this. This can be a duplication of Featured Packages above. But we’d like a graphic for this to appear on the store landing page.

There are two types of postcard sets: signed and unsigned.

Recordings • Again, not distinct from Featured Packages. • Sometimes we will want to include a streamable excerpt from the recordings. Some of these recordings will be digital and others CDs needing to be shipped. Books • Again, not distinct from Featured Packages. This will be printed versions—we will not need to sell digital books in the foreseeable future. Tickets • Note: this will not be needed for initial launch. The hope was to be able to sell tickets to concerts on behalf of other organizations and concert presenters. Ticket purchasers would print their receipt from us with a unique tracking number (we would generate 20 tracking numbers). The purchaser would be assigned a 4 digit number, and the box office would check the number against the list of available numbers to confirm it was a valid, purchased ticket. Tickets will not need to be tied to vendor database; we will have only a certain number of tickets per event, for events with general seating (no—the user will not be able to choose seating). The user would pay via the site, print receipt and present it at the event. Promo codes: determined offline. i.e. if a user enters “SPECIAL45” they’ll receive a discount of 45% off their purchase. 1.2 Payment methods Options are diverse for payment. Paypal is easy and cheap to integrate, we’re aware. However, we have negotiated a good deal with our credit card payment processor (Global Payments), and they have the code to integrate into a payment gateway. Here are the details provided by the representative: “We have API (script) which can be used to make your own gateway (this to avoid using ready to use gateway available, few names, PAYFLOWPRO, BEANSTREAM, AUTHORIZED.NET) and use our payment processing; please pass on this info to the person who is developing your website, the can also get in touch with me directly. Thanks, Dave Ghanshyam Account Sales Global Payments Canada GP

Direct Line 416.847.4565 Direct Fax 647.260.4119 Toll Free Line: 800.610.1822 EXT 74565 Toll Free Fax: 800.608.8595” 1.3 Reporting and Other Functionality Great points here. 1. Customer orders subscription (either print or digital) or merchandise. 2. Assuming we use Global Payments, the customer’s credit card is immediately charged. 3. Customer receives an auto-reply e-mail from Musicworks saying ‘thank you for your order on! We have processed your payment successfully, and’ –then, depending on what they purchased, ‘we will mail your package this week’ or ‘you can access your digital download here’ or one or two other options, depending on what they purchased. 4. We don’t need to mark the items shipped when they are processed. All we would need would to be able to download transactions weekly for processing. A CSV would be needed with the following information: o Date o First Name o Last Name o Company o Address 1 o Address 2 o City o Province/State o Postal/ZIP code o Country o E-mail address o Phone number o Last 4 digits of credit card number (if this is legal) o Item 1 ordered o Item 2 ordered o Item 3 ordered o Item 4 ordered o Item 5 ordered o Examples of items:  1-year CANADA Subscription – Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  1-year USA Subscription – Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  1-year International Subscription– Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  2-year CANADA Subscription – Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)

2-year USA Subscription– Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  2-year International Subscription– Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  3-year CANADA Subscription– Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  3-year USA Subscription– Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  3-year International Subscription– Print/digital – Qualifier from promo code (i.e. “student”)  Recording–<Title>  Musicworks Issue <Number> o Best case scenario, these items would export to CSV and include automatically the account number for our financial database (example: “4050” for Subscriptions) o Controlling Stock: is this easy? I would like all business to occur online, but if someone sends us a cheque for a recording of which we only have 50 copies, can there be a manual override in the system so I can change the available copies to 49? o Generating invoices through the website: Our customers very rarely need an invoice (sometimes they request a receipt, but it’s rare), and we enter website sales into our financial database (Quickbooks) as cash sales, avoiding the invoicing step. Is it possible to create Quickbooks invoices through the site that our bookkeeper can just be marked “paid” (thereby saving some time and energy)? No problem if not, but if that’s an option, I’d like to know about it. 2. Listen It seems better to create one content type “Audio content” and specify the content types as one of several categories, including: Audio Interviews Video Interviews Podcasts MP3 downloads Audio streaming Video streaming (embedded Vimeo videos) Ideally, the user will be able to customize how s/he experiences this Listen section of the website. From a user-experience perspective, we want this section flexible. If someone wants to search for specific content (i.e. “sound art”), s/he should be able to find it on this page in multiple media (perhaps a video of a sound art project we featured last year, a podcast with a sound art artist, and several tracks of sound art available to stream).

Alternately, if someone simply wants to come to this Listen section and watch videos, it should be easy for them to do. In general, we will continue to add more and more audio to become accessible to users on the site, and we will use the various “sections” (like “editor’s picks”) to highlight certain music at certain times, and encourage users to listen to new things. Fields for all content types: o Title o Sub-title o Genre o Credits o If you like this, see… (some kind of functionality that allows the user to easily move from what s/he is currently listening to/viewing to something else s/he will probably like.) o Image o Caption for Image o Description o Audio streaming o Video streaming Listen by Genre o This isn’t a description of content, but rather a navigational tool for the user o We will launch the site with likely 100 tracks of music ready to be streamed by users, and we will steadily make more tracks accessible. o “Listen by Genre” allows the user to come up with a playlist of the kind of music s/he wants to hear. The tracks will all be tagged by genre, and then when the user selects a particular genre, s/he will see all the tracks available in that genre. Each track will have a graphic to the left of the streaming bar, and a short description below it. o Genres include: o Electronic (includes electroacoustic, soundscape, acousmatic, audio art, electronic, computer music) o Concert Music (includes chamber, choral, opera, and orchestral) o New instruments o Interdisciplinary (includes dance, theatre, video art) o Media arts o Installation o Improvisation (includes musique actuelle) o Avant-pop o Podcasts o Audio Interviews o Musicworks Contest Winners Current issue web exclusives

o This would include streaming tracks of audio that are related to the current issue on the stands, but it would be music that does not appear on the CD published with the issue. Composers often submit multiple tracks of music for our consideration, but we can only publish 70 minutes on the CD. “Current issue web exclusives” is music not published anywhere else, and will serve to both promote our current issue and the composers within it. o No unique fields for this content type. Editor’s Playlist o All fields are the same for this content type. o Editor would sign in, assemble a playlist, replacing old playlist (no need for an archive, as all the music should still be accessible via keyword search). o Editor would add to the “description” field why she chose the particular track this week for the playlist. “Description” in this content type would be a larger field, acting as a text-and-audio blog for the editor. o Each playlist would contain between 8-12 tracks. Audio Interviews and Podcasts o At first launch, these two categories should just be in the “Listen by Genre” section. We will not have produced enough (if any) of these to warrant a branded section for these two types of content. o Within 6-10 months of launch, these 2 categories will be branded entities requiring distinct attention (but not likely any additional architecture). o The audio interviews will not have any additional fields than the other categories in this section. o Podcasts will be two types: o streaming audio accompanied by a photo slideshow (should we build that architecture now? The manner of slide swipes will remain the same in every Podcast, though we might want to customize how many seconds elapse before each new slide. o Downloadable audio podcasts Musicworks Contest Winners o Again, nothing new here. Just streamed audio. The contest will be described below in item 6. Featured Sound o This won’t happen at first launch. The intent was to create an advertorial opportunity whereby concert presenters could showcase the music from an upcoming concert, or an upcoming CD launch, we would promote it (and the upcoming concert or CD). No extra fields needed here; just branding. 3. Magazine Feature Articles

o Full text articles available online from current issue and back issues (not all articles from all magazines will be available online in this free way, but many will be) o This section is modeled after o Fields: o Graphic o Graphic caption/credit o Category (linked so you can sort by category within the Musicworks magazine scheme, i.e. Profiles, Features, Sound Bite, etc.) o Genre of music discussed in the article o Article Title (links to full article)  Additional fields in full article view: larger graphic, Musicworks issue number, year and month of publication) o Author (links to other articles by that author) o Incipit text, 50 words (with a “continue reading” link) o Streaming (i.e. the capacity to include a related track of music to accompany the text) o FYI live link (if you liked this, try…) DIY o The Do It Yourself section of the magazine will be posted online, and will need a flexible template that we can adjust to fit the particular article. o Each article will require a title, author line, date, issue number like the feature articles. o Additionally, each article will need a combination of images, headings, text blocks and video streaming. Exclusive Interviews o This will require flexibility also. Featured artists/composers from the magazine will be interviewed in a variety of ways: through the “Two Minute Portrait”—20 standard questions answered in text; through the audio interviews in the Listen section, and through text transcriptions of interviews that had to be edited down for the magazine. No new fields other than the ones listed above in the DIY. Podcasts o Same as Listen section. Current Issue o We discussed the possibility of using a modified, hyperlinked version of the Table of Contents from the magazine to highlight which articles from the magazine have web exclusive content. What do you think of that idea? I think we can do this just with HTML; the user could click on sections of the JPG (or whatever format is easiest), and an interactive box could pop up, outlining all the available online features pertaining to that item in the TOC. o This section should also have a summary of what’s in the current print issue (like what is currently on

Back Issues • This section is the SAME page as clicking “Back Issues” within the store. • User can view all the cover shots of all 110 issues (we need to be able to add covers). There should be a keyword search bar on this page, or users can just click on any one of the cover images to see the following: • Issue # __ • Year Published • Cover image • Description of magazine (text block) • Summaries of contents (text blocks for every article within; some will be linked to full content available elsewhere on the site.) • Keywords from the article that user can click to view all articles tagged with the same keywords • CD cover art • Track listings on CD • Short streaming excerpt for 5 tracks on every recording • Price for each magazine and recording (priced separately, but featured together on the same page—there is a recording for every magazine issue) Your question: What is meant by “Audio streaming from article” • This means audio tracks available for streaming that pertain to the content of the article (i.e. an article on the performer Greg Oh would include a track of Greg Oh playing piano) 4. Digital Edition Many ways to accomplish what we need here, but knowing that our budget is what it is, here is a cheap and cheerful option: o Excerpts of digital editions would be available for free preview (through issuu, as on, or o Digital editions would be purchased in the store. o Purchasers would be sent a link and password in their autoreply after purchase. o Users would click the link and navigate to a page requesting a password. User would enter password, and move to a page that looks like the top half of this one: Here they can download the file for iPad, or just read the magazine online through the Issuu interface. o The privacy settings of Issuu allow for a digital edition not to be located through Google or Issuu… only if you have the link. Message from Issuu representative: “Of course a paying user with some technical knowledge could then distribute the URL to non-paying users, but the same thing can happen with a login/password as well. To guard against this you can check the URLs referring to your document in our statistics. If a website other

than your password protected page is referring to the document, or if it is being viewed directly, you can then remove the document and upload again to change the URL.” 5. Reviews Categories: o o o o o o o o Fields: o o o o o o

Recordings Books Equipment Technology Concerts Festivals Events Other Title Author Image Date Review text Link

User registration: o Can you give us an example of a site that uses facebook to login? o Our previous designer had discussed letting users sign-up with a small profile, and then they could comment on blogs, articles and reviews. We would approve their comments before they went live. 6. Contests: Main Contest (only contest for first launch) overview: o Users enter the writing and composition contest through a page modeled after the Canada subscription page (each person who enters the contest gets the option of including a subscription with their entry, for no extra cost). o User enters the following fields (all fields required except as noted):  First name  Last name  Address 1  Address 2 [optional]  City  Province/State  Postal/Zip  Country  Phone number

 

E-mail address Check here [box] if you do not want to receive a 1-year subscription at no extra cost.  Select your entries (drop down menus): • First entry ($20) Sonic Geography/Electronic Music • Second entry ($5) [EMPTY]/SonicG/Electronic Music • Third entry ($5) [EMPTY]/SonicG/Electronic Music • Fourth entry ($5) [EMPTY]/SonicG/Electronic Music • Fifth entry ($5) [EMPTY]/SonicG/Electronic Music  Upload your entry: Users upload a piece of writing (PDF or Word file) or a WAV file (within a maximum number of MB) or both to our backend (it should not be visible to anyone but us) o Users should then get an auto-reply. o Their order should be added to the CSV file created of orders, and the contest entries categorized as Item 1, Item 2, etc. 7. Events Featured Events o This is an advertorial opportunity, but payment will occur offline. o Fields should include:  Event name  Type of event  Date  Time  Location  Graphic (400 x 400 pixels)  Link to website  Description (150 words)  Audio excerpt to stream or embedded video  Link to purchase tickets from Musicworks store o Would it be possible to include a form-fillable page somewhere private on the site that we could direct advertisers to via e-mail? Then they could go in, give us all this information, and we could then approve, editing if necessary, and then post? o This form-fillable would need a checkbox something to the effect of “I am aware this is a paid service, and have discussed this with Musicworks staff. This event will be labeled “advertorial.” If I am uploading an MP3 or video to stream, I confirm that I/we own the rights to do so.” Editor’s Picks o Same as Featured Events, but these will be managed by Musicworks (nonadvertorial) Upcoming Musicworks Events

o Just a category of events, like “featured events”—this will not have any additional fields. o We like the calendar functionality, but will not have enough events to populate it adequately. Perhaps in the future. Musicworks on Tour o We are still ironing out the details of Musicworks on Tour, and this will not be ready for first launch. Essentially, it will just be a Musicworks event that we promote in the events page like the Featured Events above. Buy Tickets o See store section for details. Comments o Only available on Editor’s Picks events. o Admin must approve comments. o Could we discuss possible functionality (like a voting function, after which there would be percentage stats displayed like: “87% thought this event was enlightening” with a pie-chart graphic? Or other options here to make commenting simple. 8. Blogs o Musicworks-created only. We envision it as one blog with 5 bloggers. If a user wishes to read only the blogs written by one particular blogger, we’d like it to be easy to filter by blogger. There should also be a search bar here (can a user search only within blogs?). 9. Miscellanies Donate o We would like to include a description about Musicworks sponsorships and other ways to get involved. o Additionally, users should be able to purchase copies of the magazine for our outreach program (i.e. add $10 to your bill, and provide 7 students with copies of Musicworks). This can be done through the shopping cart. Advertising o Internal system with ability to add banners and links o What kinds of animated advertising options would be easy and cheap to set up? 10. Scalability and Performance User numbers

o Typical numbers are between 50-100 users per day with our current site. o Per month, 1000-1500 users currently. o I cannot guess a reasonable rate of growth with the new site, but I am estimating 2000 users per month within the first year of redevelopment. Marty: do you have a better estimate? Hosting o We are completely open to suggestion here. We have no contract with our existing hosts. We will get the hosting package suitable for our needs, as you recommend.


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