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MusicVentures First Edition connecting unsigned/underground artist worldwide @musicventure

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Editorial This Magazine will be the first of its kind in Europe for HipHop and will act as reference book for a&r managers, because only professional and high quality artist are chosen to be in this magazine. Musicventures magazine targets artists that are not mainstream but very talented . The purpose of this magazine is to support and bring underground/ unsigned HipHop Artist that are very talented together from all over the world and initiate a networking base. In this first edition you can find and read about talented HipHop artists. Artists Bio‘s as well as interviews. Every Artists twitter handle is mentioned in each article to make it easier to contact each other and network.

All Rights Reserved Music Ventures 2013

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My name is Marlo Desire. I am 18 years old. I am a rapper/fashion designer. Im currently trying to get my foot into the door of film. & I am a CREATOR. Musicventure 1

Influence: My main music influences are Biggie, Kanye, and Pharrell. Since I was kid Biggie's music was always relevant. Ready To Die is my all time favorite rap album. Kanye & Pharrell influenced me in music and fashion. They're both creative geniuses and the really inspired me to take the pathway I'm going on.

Inspiration: Who Inspires my music? I would have to say the artists that i work with on a day to day basis. They definitely give me the inspiration to create with all the dope ideas they think of. We build off of each other. Unique: I think what makes my music unique from other artists music is the meaning i put behind it. I think a lot of artists especially local artists from where I stay have no purpose in their lyrics, and as a result they all sound the same. I think my music is different because I simply write about how i'm livin'. My first project "MCMXCV" was an Autobiography of my life in the past year. Each track was a different story, and I made 18 tracks for every year of my life. I think the conceptual aspect of my music is what makes it unique.

Mainstream: I would definitely become mainstream if it meant I were making millions. Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco are proof that mainstream doesn't have to take away an artists integrity. I would definitely sign to a major record deal if the opportunity were given. It would help my music become more Universal. Musicventure 2


Nigel Ishmael is a twist of Hip-Hop that comes out somewhat surprising to most. His music is filled with stories, positive and negative, about people he knows from all walks of life, almost cultivating playlists from his father's influences when he was little (including everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Pink Floyd), mistakes made, and everyday shenanigans as an adolescent living in the median of the Va Beach area. "Nigel is the sophisticated part of my spirit that thinks out literally everything; the part that loves the earth for what it is and keeps calm even if the world were to end; the part that strives for not only selfsuccess but success in humanity," he explains to _________, "while an entirely different story! This is that grimey part that seeks revenge always; that hates the earth for all it's flaws; the part that wants to fuck anybody up in his way or around the path." Musicventure 3

" The contradiction Nigel stands for explains the wordplay in his music to the T. Loud Shrooms, the party of friends and partners who run along with Ishmael, consist of MC's Jonn Rockets, Menace Cane, VanGo da 3rd Eye, and many other people who are either producers, hypemen, filmographers, graphic/ fashion designers, bboys, skaters, or plain supporters of the sound and movement. Nigel and Jonn Rockets recently dropped a full-length mixtape "Rocket Ishmael" which displays "everyday type shit" for the crew. Find the link below:

h t t p : / / nigelishmael1.bandcam

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Musicventure 4

@MXLLXVV What is your background? 1. Well i rep Cleveland, OH thats where i was born. But im from a uhual, its a metaphor of me moving a lot growing up. I lived in ATL, Las Vegas, New York just to name a few. So i witnessed a whole bunch of different styles and what all catches people ear when it comes to music. I try to be different than a typical gimmick rapper. Im not making dance songs, trap songs, etc cause i dont live that life nor do i like that type of music. I like to to make music with 100% honesty which is definitely lacking in the industry, so i came up with a genre called Vent Hop which is basically where you just vent on instrumentals. I give my supporters 100% me i dont hide shit from no one, and notice i said supporters i dont like fans. Fans are usually not loyal to you your whole career supporters will ride with you til the end and beyond.

Musicventure 5

Who influences you? 2. my family (FlyyHippies/FABB) they are the ones who push me to be better. The world will witness are talents very soon we are taking over the world on some pinky and the brain. They're the reason why i create music today

Who inspires you/your music? 3. Mannnnnn so many to name other than my team..... I would have to say Curren$y, Hov (Jay Z), Devin The Dude, Pimp C RIP by the way and most definitely Gucci Mane. They have so much talent thats all i listen to for real. Those we my fathers growing up they exposed me to real shit.....Real talk Whats unique about your music? 4. I dont sound like a typical gimmick rapper. I turn my life into poetry/art i dont take someone else life, struggle, or whatever and turn it into art. I could tell you i got bars and this that and this but i rather let my music speak for itself and let the people judge.

Would you go mainstream to make more money? 5. Only if i can keep my sound, my image. I wont sell my soul for anyone or anything. I dont do this for the money i do this cause i love music. I love hip hop its my passion What do you see 5 years from now with you/your music? 6. FlyyHippie/FABB impire. Me and my fam on top of the world. Bigger than John D Rockefeller was. FlyyHippies (Forever Live Your Youth) FABB (Flawless Always Breaking Boundaries) (Datpiff) -------> The FlyyHippies 505634986149114?fref=ts (Instagram) -----> @Mxllxvv

Musicventure 6

@PinkLipBastuurd Breez , The Pink Lip Ba$tard, coming out of Tennessee, is an extremely raw and talented female artist full of artistic expression & ambition. Hip-hop through poetry, all the way into photography, design, and fashion. A combustible element of pure potential. Independent in all forms, producing her own photo shoots, filming and editing all videos, designing all her graphics, even mastering all of her songs. Lyrically she certainly has the most off the wall flow. Keeping to herself mostly, it's possible the only time anyone will get a rise out of her is by listening to her music.

Musicventure 7

what is your background( musically/ or anything you want to tell people out there about yourself)? Im female "rap" artist , or hip-hop . I mean really you cant necessarily put me into a category . Im an artist . I create art . Whether its through music , photography , graphic art , painting , graffiti , etc Im from the south so I have that type of feel . but Im very diverse musically .

Youtube Channel: http:// cokedoutbetty

who influences you? Im influenced by a lot of different artist & a lot of different things .

SoundCloud: http:// pinklipbastuurd

who inspires you/your music? Artist(s) such as , KiD CuDi , Kanye , TDE , Rvidxr Klvn , & many more . You can tell who im inspired by , by vibing to my music , really ...

Twitter: pinklipbastuurd Facebook 'Like' Page: https:// PinkLipBastuurd Tumblr: http://

To Contact: Email: immaculatebreez@gmail. com

what is unique about your music? What's unique ? ... Hmm , I guess my sound can be very unique or different .. I rap differently or approach a song differently . & also my off the wall flow . would you ever become mainstream to make more money? Uhh .. If I had the opportunity ? Maybe I probably would . Musicventure 8


V DOT is a product of the city of Baltimore and a contributing visual artist to the DMV. Setting the standards and bringing artist’s all over the city together is what he does. Respect the movement is pretty much his philosophy. At the age of 25 with the old spirit of a man who has been there and done that, he continues to define himself as an artist and pushes the envelope of what is HIP HOP was, is and needs to be. His intricate and dynamic artistic style definitely places him in a class all by himself. The sky is not the limit for V Dot because his music surely takes you to a place far beyond this planet. He will be a household name much sooner than later. It’s just a matter of time, so follow him now @vdotperiod……and don’t be left behind.

Musicventure 9

What is your background musically/ or anything else you want to tell ppl out there about yourself? I started doing music n middle school beating the table at lunch time freestyleing which was all fun.i was actually reciting other people lyrics acting like they was mine lol. Finally started writing my own raps by 8th grade. Who inspires you/ your music? Dudes like dmx, nas, lox, jayz inspired me the most So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game? i think where the game is its kool goin back 2 that real hiphop genre.

Who influenced your style? I used 2 live n atl 4 3 years i believe the south definetly influence my stlye in a since.but i always jus wanted 2 find my own lane.n due time i found my style

How do you separate yourself from other artists? i separate my myself from other artist by doin me

Would you become mainstream to make more money? Absolutely thats always part of the plain but will never chenge who i am 4 no1 Who do you want to work with in the future? kenderick lamar,jayz Musicventure 10

Young upcoming artist from the DMV (Baltimore,Md) That goes by the name GetMoneyDummiez. Subscribe to their YouTube GMDummieTV & follow them on Twitter/I.G

@Lorbigbrova @_imdev

Musicventure 11

What is unique about your music?

What type of music influence/ influenced your music?

Our music is different, its us! Not watered down or trying to imitate what we see on t.v or hear on the radio. Every song we put out is based on a true story that we lived or based on our living conditions &/Or environment.

It doesnt directly influence our music but we are more into the 90's hip hop. Just the whole overall sound and style of the music.

Question: Would you ever become mainstream to make more money?

Music is just in my family, every one plays or played a instrument or sings. We always have been playing around freestyling, makeing songs, but didnt really start taking our craft sserious until about late 2011 almost 2012.

Honestly, going mainstream is not where our minds are focused at. We just enjoy making and putting out good music! Yes, good music can/will bring you money and if it so happen a mainstream deal is offered if its a good deal who wouldnt except that money! lol

How long have you been doing music?

"G$D Edition -Fed hill raps" "G$d Dez -Born Day" "G$D Dev -Minds Eye"

Musicventure 12

@RealReyStackz Musical Background: I played the drums and viola growing up. The viola was forced, the drums was more of a choice. I loved the drums though, i hated the xylophone section of percussion, that whole reading music thing was such a task lol i still managed to pass all the exams. Looking back I wish I had paid a lot more attention to it. I ended up dropping band in high school to play football, but the team introduced me to the whole freestyle battling scene. We would rap pretty much everywhere, jv football games, track meets, basketball games, class, anywhere. I did that for a minute then stopped rapping when I moved to Statesboro for college. Through some coincidental situations I ended up meeting Young Junior and the Street Kingz family. When he heard me rap, he said he wanted me on their upcoming tape, Street Kingz Radio vol. 1, he sent me the beats about a week later. I wrote to them pretty quick, everything was a testament to my battle days in my opinion, a lot of abusive language but a lot of dope bars. Fortunately, that tape showed me the importance of actually being conscience of what you're saying on the tracks and mixtapes. Musicventure 13

I didn't play a major part in the second volume of the Street Kingz Radio series, I wanted to take some time to get myself together mentally and figure the direction I wanted to take my career in. In the process of clearing my mind I came up with the idea for Area 929. I figured people would ask the question, "Who is this guy?" I gave them an entire project of my life. Influences Predominately 90's southern hip hop, late 70's to early 80's soul and jazz. I'm a huge Goodie Mob fan, the Soul Food album can ride anytime. Of course OutKast, The GAP Band, Dizzy Gillespie, The Temptations, Frankie and Maze, The Isley Brothers, stuff like that. Also a lot of gospel, Southern Christians try to make church every Sunday, plus moms only played gospel radio on Sundays. My pastor's delivery of his sermons was also a big influence, he had a way of rhyming his words that intrigued me, ever since I was a child. I saw influential a man could be with words and how when he could tell us anything that we would believe whole heartedly, he chose to tell us something intended to help us live a better life.

Inspiration Growing up in SC, I was always considered a lucky kid, I lived with my mom and grandma on the "good" side of town, but I often visited my dad's side of the family on weekends. It was hood, some would say, but it was family, and a completely different type of freedom. Different challenges and struggles, the biggest one for me was fitting in. I always had a pass because of my uncles and cousins but I always stuck out. It was a different place than my usual, Monday through Friday environment. A lot of the stuff I witnessed and even participated in would have gotten my ass beat at home but I was experiencing life, good and bad. Those experiences over the years, those exhilarating risks of doing the things that may not be right in the name of innocently living inspires me. The thoughts and results those situations produce are what make the records.

Musicventure 14

Unique? My perspective first and foremost, i dont think South Carolina has made any major marks in the hip hop and the ones of us that have don't even claim to be from here. I like to teach a lot, not book stuff or education, more life lessons. I feel like we all have similar tests in life, meaning similar lessons, if anything I've witnessed or gone through can help you improve your lively hood, I'm all for it. At the same time I realize that you have to remember to be happy above all and not take life too serious, so that means we party, we enjoy life, we make mistakes and bad decisions but we learn from every second of it, but more importantly we apply life's lessons to our lives. I'm living like everyone else, scared, confused, and fast; I just realized a long time ago that you can always learn something new, until you can't. Music Links : AREA 929 LINK - 483694.html Contact Info: TWITTER & IG : @RealReyStackz Booking/Features:

Musicventure 15

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Musicventure 16


Picture by Sean Dackermann

I go by the name Olde E and i'm a member of THE CREATORS. I'm a quientisental anime, videogame, movie, comic, music nerd. I grew up listening to hip-hop and later became huge into the independent music scene. My problem was that none of the lyrics i heard were really about anything i lived. After hearing the rapper Benefit's super mario rap i immediately knew what i wanted to create music that not only was dope lyrically but also filled with cryptic messages and references to things that i enjoyed doing. Where are you from? Harford county Maryland. The suburbs of Baltimore Musicventure 17

what is your background musically? I've always dabbled in and out of music. My roommate (Ronin a fellow CREATOR) and i have been making music for years in our apartment. I'm part of a Rap collective called CREATORS. Where are you from? Harford county Maryland. The suburbs of Baltimore what is your background musically? I've always dabbled in and out of music. My roommate (Ronin a fellow CREATOR) and i have been making music for years in our apartment. I'm part of a Rap collective called CREATORS.

what inspires your music? The biggest influence on my music is the nerd culture i grew up on. I was never into street antics and more of a book nerd. So what are your thoughts on the current state of the game? To me we have extremes on the good and bad side. On one side we have completely abandoned the idea of wordsmiths in lieu of trap image. But on the other hand we have the reemergence of mainstream "Crews" which are changing not only how we think about crews but how we make music. How do you separate yourself from other artists? I don't have to because my music does it for me. There aren't many backpack nerdcore rappers in the game, and certainly not many that are with a crew with such a wide range of artists.

Would you become mainstream to make more money? Going mainstream isn't really possible for my style so i doubt it. Not being able to write anything would not be a good look. But if Disney channel told me they'd pay me a million dollars to make a Wreck-it-Ralph 2 sound track you better believe i'm on it. Who do you want to work with in the future? Everyone really. But the stand out artists i'd like to work with are XV, C h a n c e t h e r a p p e r, C h i l d i s h Gambino, Los, Wati Heru, and Sammus heres a link to one of my songs battle-cry

Who influenced your style? My biggest influences are Lupe Fiasco, Edan, and XV. They push the boundaries of what i thought of hip-hop.

Musicventure 18


Where are you from? I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinios. Westside to be exact. What is your background musically/ or anything else you want to tell ppl out there about yourself? I got introduced to music at a young age. My father was an African musician That had many concerts and studio sessions as I was growing up. I use to watch him and his band rehearse and sometimes I got a chance to see him perform. At my father band rehearsals members of the band would let me play with there instruments. From then on I fell in love with music. Musically I started off as a producer making beats for a hobby. I use to freestyle but never remember my lyrics because I did not write any. Then it came a time in 2009 when I started writing songs and producing and pretty much got serious. Who inspires you/ your music? My father was definitely one of my biggest inspirations I feel if it was not for him taking me to his studio sessions and concerts I probably would not have been so motivated to start my own music career. Musicventure 19

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game? My current thoughts are scattered. Do to the fact of how much hiphop has changed. Before it was more for everyone of almost all ages now it seem like hiphop is reaching out to the younger generation. To summarize what I'm trying to say is I see hiphop in a state of good vs bad. Meaning we have artist that make really good music and we have artist that make horrible music that is consider good, due to a well put beat and a catchy hook.

Would you become mainstream to make more money? I wouldn't mind becoming a mainstream artist for more money. My main intentions toward my music career is to make music people would dance too and enjoy listening too. Other than that a record deal is not really what I am interested in. Like they say "more money more problems." Also Many big name artist don't own their masters and most of the money artist receive are split amongst them and others.

Who do you want to work with in How do you separate yourself the future? from other artists? I would love to work with Kanye to I separate myself by being versatile. me he is a music genius. In order to be on top you have to try I would love to work with Jay-z and new things and take risk. When learn the business as well as P. Diddy, taking those risk as an artist you But for now I'd like to work with have to make sure to set a goal and anyone who would like to work with achieve it or atleast meet it. By me me. being versatile I feel I will achieve many goals I have set, and so far I #iLLANOIZE Mixtape coming soon. have. Make sure to follow me on Twitter Who influenced your style? Many different artist have influences on my style. Like Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-z. Kanye West, Lil Music Video links wayne, Common,R.Kelly, Lauren Hill, Dmx, Michael Jackson. Some newer artist are j.Cole Drake, Big Sean etc. Even some Local artist in Chicago like ChanceTheRapper, Tink, Dreezy, Chief Keef, some I may forget to mention. Musicventure 20

Colorful creativity in between grey industry Growing up in a suburb of Stuttgart, in the southern part of Germany, kids are surrounded by concrete and industry. Especially Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are the city's trademark. Folks that are originally from this area are so called “swabians� and known for their focused workforce, especially in the blue collar branches. Konstantin Brezger, known by his stage name KeZ (pronounced like: Cash), originates from a family that has been working in the construction sector for generations. Hard work and strong morals were taught and expected. By having his mentality shaped in that way, he was well equipped to pursue a solid way of education and life. Musicventure 21


Early in his process of growing up, KeZ fell in love with the creative world of music. The biggest impact on him had Tobi Tan, who is an artist and producer (The Titans), that introduced him to self made music. Having a mentor who has been working with great musicians before, like 113 (France), Samy Deluxe (Germany) and Voicemail (Jamaica), led the way for the teenager to develop an own musical character and instinct. The world of US rap was fascinating to him and cd's like “2001” by Dr. Dre became milestones. Motivated by Tobi Tan, KeZ began to write his first lyrics in English. What started as an outlet for the emotions and reflections of a teenager, became an ambition. It took him five years to get from the first fragile footsteps to the point where he was able to design entire songs and to give his thoughts a strong voice. When the developing artist turned 18, he was given the opportunity to meet an editor of the most known music magazine in Germany. The guy he was about to meet, had already been working in the music business for years and so he could supply a professional opinion and relevant contacts.

On his way to meet the editor in Munich, KeZ didn't know how this event would change everything for him. After presenting two songs, the man promised to make use of his whole network and to get him a major deal. Leaving Munich and relying on spoken words , he dropped down his work in expectancy for the “let's go call” from a major label. After several weeks and many phone calls, it was clear that KeZ wouldn't get into the comfortable situation of having people investing in him. Realizing how the music business seemed to work, he reconsidered his ambitions and work. One year later, as new influences and changes in life set in, far away from the major labels, KeZ developed a hunger that only increased since. What used to be plain love for hiphop music, became specified into a dedication to rap as a vocal art form, giving the possibility to record different genres of music. Releasing the first projects like the documentary “24/7”, music videos like “Top Notch” and “Sky is the limit”, meant the first presentation to the public. Especially by moving to Berlin in 2012, the young artist developed a new relationship to his lyrics and sound. Musicventure 22

Amazing street art, cultural diversity and the anonymity of the capital formed a fresh and free state of mind. KeZ's songs deal with common topics, wrapped in new school style with respect for the oldschool. Different rap patterns are underlined by hiphop, electronic and pop music, giving the audience an insight of a creative musician, rather than a rapper by definition. Staying true and original to his audience, even more important to himself, is the main goal. Profit is a nice financial appreciation of work, but it shouldn't be the basis of a creative ambition and pursue.

Right now KeZ is working on his first album “Trust me”, which is produced by the Titans and will be released at the end of 2013. The free mixtape will feature his label colleagues “JR”, “Increez” and many more. While working on the album, soundcloud offered the chance to create side-products with different producers and artists from all over the world. Songs on soundcloud include remixes and collaborations, for example with Scope (Croatia). It seems that KeZ has found a way to combine the solid background of his family with the passionate work of a creative mind.

Links: Soundcloud: Youtube: view=0&flow=grid Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:

Musicventure 23

@Kezmusic 1. Where you from? Originally I come from a small suburb of Stuttgart in the southern part of Germany. Two years ago I moved to Berlin and all my artistry is created here in the capital. 2. What is your background musically? I think my background has a very stereotype character, in that music was handed to me by several people, when I was becoming a teenager. The first record I bought was Dr. Dre's “2001�, with which I was able to connect and it was definitely a milestone for me to get in touch with this certain genre of music. Growing up and having people with different influences surrounding me, my preferences for music widened as well. Nowadays I would count in acoustic, pop, electronic and alternative music, besides hiphop, to my sources of inspiration.

3. Who inspires you and your music? To me there are three levels of inspiration. I actually come from writing music and making use of words. From this perspective, lyrics and their imaginary potential are very important to me. As well as great raps and flow patterns that supply me with input and make me want to proceed and to work hard. On the other hand there is the musical sphere. I would say it is less the artists' characters or images giving me inspiration than their actual songs and sound designs. In that way many different artists of very diverse types of music, are able to touch me with their understanding and their performance of music. The last aspect consists of environmental means. Experiencing and observing everyday situations, being surrounded by inspiring people as my family is and outstanding personalities, like to me Steve Jobs was, do have a huge impact on my artistry.

Musicventure 24

4. So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game? In my point of view, the so called “game” is as strong as it has never been before. I believe that there are less limits in mixing sounds and expressing one's thoughts. There is less “beef”, hate and more room for different collaborations, respect and appreciation. The art form of hiphop, was able to get rid of negative prejudices that were attached. Hiphop music found it's way to become one of the most important genres, when it comes to popular music. Great artists selling out huge shows and festivals. Young people and even generations above, are listening to dope beats in their cars and prefer to go to clubs that play black music. Today you can find so many different interpretations of hiphop, which implies that gangster rap and conscious rap gained new sisters and brothers. Black sheep will always be found, in every matter of live, but I love the current state of the game. 5. How do you separate yourself from other artists? I believe the most obvious way in which I differ from other artists, is the fact that I don't express my art rapping in mother language. Musicventure 25

That means people may notice that I'm not American at some point, as well as the use of terms that might be different from what they are used to hear. My producers, The Titans, also support an American rapper. He said that the way I built my sentences and use words is correct but nobody he knows would say it like that, but he considered it rather interesting than negative. The next point I would name is the music that underline my rhymes. Having Tobi Tan and Increez as my producers, I'm equipped with an distinctively European sound. For example the song “STIUTK”, which can be found on my soundcloud profile, doesn't appear American to me and presents the music culture over here. Another point is the undeniable fact that we are all individuals. By having the main goal to work with my personal potential and intimate thoughts, opinions, feelings and stories, I should've already excluded that there is another musician just like me. As a fact, claiming this, is without judging or me putting my artistry above others. This is something that audiences are supposed to decide on.

6. Would you become mainstream to make more money? I would say that there are two major differences in calling an artist “mainstream”. When it comes to considering this stream as the largest channel in communicating to the audience, then nobody would not appreciate it. So am I, because getting a lot of attention would mean that many people out there can connect with my nature and my music. Knowing that you can share your thoughts and your artistry with as much people as possible is of great worth for an artist. On the other side you have major labels, artists and producers that try to catch the wave of the mainstream, in order to make huge sells. This is definitely not what I'm aiming at. Not because I believe that it is immoral, it's more that I'm convinced that listeners appreciate authenticity. This is just my opinion about “mainstream” from an unsigned and unhyped perspective. I don't know what it feels like, having a deal, having to make sells to fulfill contracts and having people decide on and influence your work. I imagine this to be difficult, but there a re several examples, like Mac Miller, that sticked to their way, which I'm appreciative of.

7. Who do you want to work with in the future? It might sound cheesy but I would just love to stay working with people that reach out, show love and supply a basis of respect. Right now, I have a bunch of great people, throwing inspiring projects at me. Artists who work with my producer team such as “JR”, or “Kbee” and “Sean Dean” from London, are just very appreciative of my art and approach me with love and passion. Still, even having you guys from musicventures mag showing interest, made me want to make this interview and to cooperate. I am very thankful for this. 8. UPCOMING PROJECTS? Definitely check me out on soundcloud and let me know how you feel about the songs. I am planning to release my free online mixtape in autumn this year, which will be called “Trust me”. It all will be produced by The Titans and by saying that I mean highly produced songs like “STIUTK” on soundlcoud. We just shot videos to the songs “Berlin”, “The Warning” and “Far Away” which also will be coming up in the following months.

Musicventure 26

@musicventure All Rights Reserved Music Ventures 2013


Underground/ Unsigned Hip Hop Artist

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