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藝術總監 Artistic Director 李垂誼 Mr Trey Lee

For Immediate Release Musicus Society to Launch The Inaugural Musicus Fest A meeting point for artists from Hong Kong & across the world to collaborate & inspire future generations [Hong Kong, October 3, 2013] Musicus Society proudly announces its inaugural Musicus Fest, a first of its kind in Hong Kong that aims to support the growth of local arts scene by assembling distinguished artists from Hong Kong and abroad to educate our local students, bring music to our community and collaborate in concerts. The annual festival will feature about twelve distinguished artists and one of Europe’s leading orchestras, the Tapiola Sinfonietta of Finland, on its first tour to Asia with Hong Kong being the first stop. Musicus Fest is the creation of its Artistic Director, internationally acclaimed cellist Trey Lee: “I will never forget my moment of musical awakening onstage as a student at the Blossom Festival with one of the world’s great orchestras. Suddenly, music seemed like a truly viable and fulfilling career option. With top-notch musicians coming to Hong Kong in a variety of capacities—from giving star-studded concerts to being pedagogues and role models, making music in venues unique to our city—I fervently hope that Musicus Fest can have the same effect on Hong Kong’s young people as Blossom did for me!” The festival will include over 25 community events and concerts throughout the city through its three interrelated parts: Musicus Inspires! (Sep – Dec) – with UNICEF Hong Kong as Principal Partner, this educational program strives to provide opportunities for local students of all social backgrounds to learn from great artists. The program includes:  

‘School Visits’ by festival artists and speakers to schools serving low-income areas or under-privileged students. ‘Encounters with Renowned Orchestra’ where local students will take group lessons, rehearse and perform alongside world-class orchestra members.

‘Behind the Scene’ arts management training where students will attend workshops run by professional arts administrators and receive practical training.

‘Open Rehearsals’ and Master Class.

榮譽贊助人 Hon. Patron 董建華 The Hon Tung Chee Hwa, GBM

名譽顧問 Hon. Advisors 鍾逸傑 The Hon Sir David Akers-Jones, KBE, CMG, GBM, JP 陳達文 Dr Darwin Chen, SBS, JP 羅啟妍 Ms Lo Kai Yin, SBS 徐霞 Ms Xu Xia

會長 President 李垂音 Ms Chui-Inn Lee

主席 Chairman 蔡關穎琴 Mrs Janice Choi, MH

副主席 Vice Chairman 紀文鳯 Ms Leonie Ki, SBS,JP

義務秘書 Hon. Secretary 何文琪 Ms Angela Man-Kay Ho

義務司庫 Hon. Treasurer 羅君美 Ms Elizabeth Law, MH, JP

理事 Council Members 陳嵐 Ms Lilian Chen 陳慧蕊 Ms Anne Chen 陳晴 Ms Judy Chen 黃慧琪 Ms Vicky Wong

義務法律顧問 Hon. Legal Consul 何文琪律師事務所 Angela Ho & Associates

義務會計師行 Hon. Auditor 陳著芬會計師有限公司 Peter Chan (CPA) Ltd 垂誼樂社有限公司 香港皇后大道中 228-238 號 聯業大廈 15 樓 1502 室 Musicus Society Ltd c/o Unit 1502, 15/F Enterprise Building 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, HK Tel: (852) 3543 1120 Fax: (852) 3747 1375

Musicus Heritage (Nov 30-Dec 1) – partnering with Po Leung Kuk and Asia Society, this program offers free community concerts at the heritage sites, which provide the story background of the music. A special highlight will feature two young composers Jeff Leung and Kenny Lam, whose works inspired by the history of the locations, will be world premiered by the festival artists. Musicus Onstage (Dec 2 – 4) – performances by distinguished local and overseas artists in collaboration at Hong Kong City Hall will be featured, including the Breguet’s Celebration of Excellence series of orchestral and chamber music concerts, followed by an Encore concert, gathering all festival artists plus young performers participating in Musicus Inspires!. Musicus Society gratefully acknowledges our sponsors and partners for Musicus Fest - UNICEF Hong Kong, Leisure & Cultural Services Department, the Radio Television Hong Kong, Finnish Consulate-General, Po Leung Kuk, Asia Society, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Hong Kong Federation of Women, Breguet, CITIC Telecom CPC, Ricoh, Kennis Design and TOM LEE Music, for today's press announcement. Please refer to attached pages regarding the Presenter, Principal Partner and Sponsors. Press Enquiry:

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