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Niall O’Shea Niall O’Shea, Dublin singer songwriter’s album Inner City Dogs has ten tracks that will leave your musical taste palette wanting more, with songs like Chrissy! And Red Horizon, they showcase a beautiful angle that Niall has captured on this album,

upbeat and very easy on the ear with the use of brass adds a nice commercial tone to these songs. Better Days is a cracking tune on the album, vocals and lyrics are top notch, elements of jazz chords and some fantastic slide guitar playing, are only some of the elements that make this song, I have noticed the variety of styles that Niall is working with on Inner City Dogs, from blues to folk in Alleyways and hints of jazz back to rock with Sun Bleached Cans, it must be Niall’s musical influences and tastes of playing styles that inspired him to create such a great album, Inner City Dogs is a must for any pure music lovers collection.

they give a nice pictorial image of the story behind the song. Solid Gold, blues music with a taste of country rock, mid tempo song yet it crawls with a catchy drum beat, a bit like a rattle snake. Final tune on the album is Cold Winter, what a perfect way to end

such a great album and with an acoustic number too, a blues/folk song with some catchy lyrics, the harmonies on the vocals blend together in perfect tone on this song, great tune and a fantastic album. http://www.thehotsprocket

Inner City Dogs Album review By Trevor Halpin

The Hot Sprockets By Trevor Halpin Dublin five piece blues rock outfit The Hot Sprockets release their debut album Honey Skippin' produced by organ and guitar player Boz Boorer, the album bleeds of blues on a rock edge, it kicks in with their song Crusin' upbeat with a superb vocal melody, this tune sets up the next song nicely called Midnight Train, the tone in this song has a soulful ring to it, but it rocks out in the drum department. Sleep Shake will get you kicking your heels, country blues groove with a cool chorus to sing along to, dynamics in this song is perfect, I love the way the song shifts in dynamics, it almost allows you to take a

breather after shaking your body to the song. Country Dirt and Bad Jim are very similar in style, country blues apart from the sneaky blue grass melody in Bad Jim. Track six on the album is a piece called Chant; it's all done "a cappella", like a chant from an old gospel song, it's a great intro to the next song I'm Leaving, vocals sound excellent on this song, it's like a 70's kick back to a good old blues rock tune. Honeyskippin' has a good ballsy rock bass line with a catchy chorus that will have you repeating. Help Me With Myself, the hooks in the bass line give this song it's character, catchy with the trademarks of Rory Gallagher. Out Grown, this tune is slightly different to the style that

The Hot sprocket have showcased on this album, it's got a strong Latin groove tempered with some fantastic vocals. Long Way From Home, a slow burning country folk tune in the vein of Neil Young in Castles Burning, lyrics are great



South of Heaven

By Trevor Halpin South of Heaven are a three piece blues rock band from Netherlands, their album A Beautiful Winter has ten tracks, some hard rock driven while others more on the blues rock side, their opening song Room in Your Life, has got a good catchy chorus to it, just a perfect upbeat rock tune to kick in this entertaining album, the

voice of the lead singer has a real strong tone, Paul Weller meets Eddie Vedder, Internet Pornography is one of the tracks on the album that stands out, fantastic vocals and I love the way South of Heaven change the dynamics of the song, super stuff from this three piece Netherland band, A beautiful Winter is a must if you like good rock music.

Changing Gears By Trevor Halpin Dublin four piece band Changing Gears are on the music front since 2007 and their new album The End boast twelve excellent tracks, fine lyrics and good music structures makes a good album but great lyrics and intelligent composition makes a great album, The End is very easy listening,

on the style of Tom Petty with a dash of Bob Dylan. Call Me When Your Down, stands this album up, vocals and melody are married in perfection, it is a slow moody song but it's got tons of potential, just like Changing gears, excellent album and well worth the listen.


Worldservice Project By Trevor Halpin UK five piece jazz outfit Worldservice Project (WSP) have already graced the jazz frontier by winning the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award in 2010, contemporary jazz with glitches of jazz fusion styles describe such beast of an album the WSP have


Age of Sail Debut Album

By Trevor Halpin Alan Tully has been around the Dublin music scene since 2005, The Age of Sail is his debut EP containing five songs of

put together, nine songs that keep the mind and ears absorbing the flawless musical talent that you will hear on Relentless, we can go talking about influences or peers in the jazz world and I'm pretty sure WSP have stumbled upon Weather Report and some old Miles tapes on their journey creating such piece of musical art, superb stuff.

pure folk music, as folk music goes it should be played with gentle guitar strokes and melodic vocals, Tully has nailed it on The Age Of Sail, each song on the EP has its own character but revolves around the whole Tully sound, the stand out song for me on this EP is Edge Of The World, Alan's voice takes full control of the mood in this tune, emotion and passion drives the superb lyrics, along with the rest of the songs on The Age of Sail this debut EP is something for Tully to be proud of.

Cartas à JulieMarie By Trevor Halpin

Three piece band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have put together eleven tracks on a sweet listing album, the great thing about listening to international music, there is no need to translate talent and this band has plenty of it, progressive alternative rock music

Editor: Trevor Halpin

Design & Layout: Trevor Halpn


Phillip Ó'Baoighealláin Arne Eichler could be one way to Trevor Halpin describe this album, it sounds like a great theme If you would like to to a quirky cartoon, track write for MRU contact nine on the album called us at La conquéte is driven with a nice jazz groove but ezine@musicreviewunsig reminds me of early Cure music, worth checking out We would like credit Sean if you like your music O’Neil for artist of the served in a bowl of fruity month April edition photo jelly.


Exclusive live review 17/04/11 By Phillip Ó'Baoighealláin

Jen Moore The first act to take to the stage tonight was JEN MOORE. Just one gal and her guitar. Opening up and getting the night’s proceedings started was a song called “Woman”. With this song a voice cracks through the air and sparkles. The playing on the song holds up here, and there are patches in the song where her voice adds a bit of gravel to it. This helps the song to bounce along just nicely. What you have here is a song

with aplomb, even if it does happen to be her newest song. “As Good As” was a song that has a more ‘poppy sound’ to it according to the artist. It is a song that keeps things very simple and is worked really well. This song manages to grab you and keep hold and a comparison to KT TUNSTALL comes into the equation here. Things stick to the beautiful side of the music with the next song. You have to appreciate the melodic and upbeat sound that is the intro for “Dance”. There is nothing about this song that is going to let you down. Everything here takes off and you really feel it when she gets into her stride on

it too. Next song “Goals” draws a comparison to “Two Seconds” by LAURA CANTRELL in how the opening gets into its rhythm and runs along with itself. Calling it on its own merits this is a song that puts a smile on your face when you hear it. It gets slowed down at a point, which is a brief noticeable moment, but it picks itself back up soon enough and runs on home from there. “Been So Long”closed off her set. The tempo on this one is good again and the song and lyrics are very well matched. This song deserves a heads up because it kept the atmosphere going that was built on at the beginning of things.

Tara Stewart We tried to get the legendary Alf Stewart but something happened. Hailing all the way from Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, we had TARA STEWART up next. I got directions to the world famous MRU studios from her last week, so for some reason our paths just seem to be crossing all the way. I wonder what the adjustment team would make of that? Barefoot as she took to the stage she got things going with opening track “Yellow Man”. This was also the song she recorded for MRU that day. There was no tip-toeing around the music here though. This song has a good rhythm to

it and it is also backed up by a wonderful voice too. This song might be about a yellow man but it has a serious backbone behind it that supports it. “Stone Wooden” reminds me of something that LA ROUX could put out if they went down the acoustic route. Just in terms of how she pitches her voice and the rhythm come across when you hear it. This skims along like a well placed pebble on the surface of a pond, and the rhythm talks for itself. This is a song grounded in greatness and simplicity. Coming up with the goods yet again with two covers, but sandwiched in between with one of her own songs. A very well delivered version of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac that had something intimate added to it by ANTHONY MANNION on cajun. All of the aspects of this song were worthy of a mention here. “Girl

Next Door” was next and there is a lovely feel to this song. When the words flow you can feel the heartbreak behind the lyrics and you get caught up in the moment too. A great deal of things seems

to have been worked out and work on this one. Then a cover of “1-2-3-4” by FEIST brought to a close everything, With the Cajun and guitar bringing the song along nicely.


of the Sunday Roast

My Dance Radio I have been counting down the days since I learned these guys were going to be on the line-up at the Roast tonight. I saw them play just three songs at The King Kong Club a few weeks ago, and while it was only three songs, it was a definite case of quality over quantity. That night they had vibrancy and an urgency about it that made their sound stand out for me. Tonight they impressed me again for the second time. “Ava” was first from the band. This just opens as something straight out of funky town. The electronic synth of the song is astonishing. Here is a drum machine at work that would make Stock, Aiken & Waterman applaud. This in turn gives the song a solemn sound to it, but it is very pronounced as soon as the intro kicks in. But gives it a timeless 80’s feel to it too that reminds me pop is not a dirty word. Wonders abound when you hear this one. “I Found You” is a song that has a great rhythm to it. The pace sweeps you up like a tornado, and when you hear it you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. This was a case of ripping up the room with this one. hardcore with “Why Don’t The sound on this one is all You Let Me Go?” I think on the money here. the answer to that question Check the band out for one is because this is a song song and make that one you hold onto. There is a song “Cold Comfort”. property to it that just gets You’ll be glad you did. you excited. The sound is The intro is a master class just like a baked potato and in catchiness. And while the bass/tempo and rhythm the sounds and the beats all work in tandem. Shit are dropped, the band hot stuff from the band keeps a steady hand on here. “Scene Of The Crime” everything else. Nothing falls off here. The opens just as well as all the exceptionally cool is what other songs. This one has is brought to the table here that feel good magic to it and marks the band out as too and the performance one of the underground has to be mentioned. To acts to check out. Things see two musicians play the moved into the more same keyboard at the same

time and produced that sound, definitely worth the admission alone. This song also has an undertone to it that deservedly draws a comparison to THE EURYTHMICS in how it plays. A ditty little bit of keyboard playing meshed with some heavy drumming rolling out a sound. “Frustration” was up next from the band. This song is exceptionally cool, but it would still sound just as cool if they were a mainstream band. This song hits the spot. Then the band brought some more of the ‘Fuck

Yeah in a Bottle” with “Sinking Ship” and this one grabs the imagination too. The intro alone is better than the whole package that some bands can throw out. This song is a high octane one that goes toe eleven. The energy running through this could substitute for a dysfunctional Japanese nuclear power plant. This is something bordering on genius with this one song tight here in terms of how catchy and fresh it manages to sound. “Get Down” is a song that you have to hear before you die. This is a song that Sally couldn’t fake an orgasm to. This is the real thing and is wonderfully delivered. One of those tracks that you keep playing over and over. It just blows you away and bowls you over at the very first time of asking. Closing track was “Writing’s On The Wall” and here is another top class tune from the band. The pace on this one works its socks off. Having seen this band play tonight for the second time, my advice is to make MY DANCE RADIO your dance radio. Don’t even think about it. Just do it.



MRU TV Cymru (Wales) coming soon

By Arne Eichler

Chemical Addiction http://www.myspace. com/chemicaladdicti onkk

himself. To help her create her unique sound, Jessica has drafted in a number of well-known Irish musicians.

I did some recordings of some songs for a friend of mine who was selling them at Mind Body Spirit fairs, and it was actually successful

The long-awaited debut album from Dublin singer Jessica is due to be completed before the end of the year. Fans familiar with Jessica’s musical style can look forward to more of the same from the album. “I would say my music could be described as ‘new-agey’. I hate putting a label on it but I think it would have to be that way. “You know, me being a bit of a white witch, my songs reflect that,” says the musician who professes to love “candles and spells and ritual”. The singer, who considers herself to have a very eclectic taste in music, has been working on the album for the last eight months, and explained that the production has been slowed by scheduling difficulties. “Getting into the studio has been difficult because the studio is quite busy,” says the Dublin-born artist, “but we’re getting there – we have about six or seven tracks done now and we’re hoping to have it finished by the end of the year.” Jessica has been working in Les Keye’s Arad Studio in Dublin City and she highly recommends both the facilities and Keye’s expertise. “For a small-band sound it’s a great set-up. Les has a great reputation as a sound engineer.” The artist explained that Keye has arranged many of the songs, and feels that his sound engineering skills are enhanced by the fact that he’s an active and successful musician

Jessica said: “Paul Cantwell is coming in to do drums for one of the songs on Monday, and we have Darragh O’Kelly – he’s a fantastic keyboard player – and Niall Toner

Jnr. came in to play some guitar on one of the tracks.” One thing that’s not certain at this stage is how fans will be able to get hold of the album, and it may end up only being available online. “It might just be a small little release – we’ll see what happens. “If not, it’s definitely been a labour of love, but we’re throwing around some ideas now [about distribution]. Fans wishing to keep upto-date with progress on the album can follow Jessica on the internet. “People can find me on Facebook, or I’m on Abbanham as well – some of my songs are up there, too,” she explains. Regardless of whether she decides to charge for her music, the fan of

musicians such as the Cocktail Twins, Nick Cave and Emmylou Harris, reveals that she does have some previous positive experience of selling her music. “I did some recordings of some songs for a friend of mine who was selling them at Mind Body Spirit fairs, and it was actually successful. “I had to go back and cut more because word of mouth got out, so it was good fun and I got to sell quite a few of them.” Anyone wanting to catch Jessica live should keep a look-out for one of her gigs at Moxie Studios on Pembroke Row, D2. Jessica confirmed: “We’re hoping to maybe do another gig in Moxie Studios on a Friday night. Probably the next gig will be there in the next month or so.”

By Trevor Halpin The brand new song Panama Red from the Kilkenny grunger's Chemical Addiction, will inject high energetic music into your ears, not the bleeding eardrum type but just enough to move your head to the beat, guitars have the overdrive sound that would kill a jazz player, the vocals have a catchy tone to them, they almost show a bit of punk style in parts but definitely grunge to the bone, instead of blocky wording in the lyrical phrasing they float just nice over the melody, reminds me of Kurt Cobain from the early Bleach album era, cracking tune to put you in the mood for a good mosh.


The music leads & pitch system Ever wanted to pitch your music to top music companies? Now you can, Audio Rokit makes it easy to submit your music to hundreds of labels, TV/film, publishers and more. Audio Rokit launched in December 2010 and was the big brother of a song submission company called Song Pitch Pro. The aim of Audio Rokit is

simple, to save musicians time and hassle when sending their material to music companies. “We spend 8 hours a day, every day, speaking with music companies and meeting with top industry reps. Our job is to do all the leg work for our members so that they can concentrate on making music. We find out what these companies are

looking for and our members are the first to know.” Audio Rokit goes a lot further than this though. Not only do we list all the hot new music opportunities on our Music Jobs & Auditions page, we also make the process of submitting music very easy. All of our members can use the in-built song submission system which allows them to submit music directly to any music company listed on our website, with a single click and with more accuracy than ever. We have listings from 100s of companies, including Record labels, Music management, Venues, Distributors,

Promotion companies, Music Festivals, Media / Radio, Media / TV, Synchronisation & Advertising Agencies and more. Part of our ethos is to develop a relationship with both musicians and the music ‘industry’. We believe that providing tools to the music industry at large enables us to bring even more quality leads to our members. We have developed state-of-the-art tool for both musicians and the music industry, which include a dedicated internal messaging system so that communication between the two is streamlined. We have implemented

Chucky’s River Live Review Twisted Pepper Dublin 15-04-11 By Angela Macari O’Looney Members of Chucky’s River are Diarmuid Comerford-Vocals/Guitars, Conor StaffordDrums/Percussion, Damien WalshGuitars/Sax/Vocals and Cupie-Bass/Vocals. All members of this act really get involved in every number. Joining Chucky’s river this evening was drummer Stephen Rooney, who replaced their usual drummer Conor Stafford due to an injury he’s still recovering from.

They opened up with Get it right. This has a catchy riff intro and an alternating tempo. Guitars perform grunge style in sync parts throughout and Damo’s lead vocals are astounding here. The Darkest Knight This is yet another one of the band’s new repertoire. Cupie performs lead vox. It involves a sung intro and amazing three part harmony. Broken Glass- Damien sings this with Diarmuid performing harmony. Cupie adds further harmony and the full sound is really impressive here. Zumo-A wonderful

opening riff takes you into this song. It’s melodic and catchy, with riveting guitars and in particular Damien’s solo. Diarmuid

several functions to make life easier for A&R such as the “Chorus Blast” feature, the “Status Folders” (which allows easy management of applicants) as well as other intuitive and easy to use tools. Our business is simple. We make sure our members know about the latest opportunities and we deliver their music to those opportunities. Our job is to ensure the listings are genuine and that the music companies are able to respond to our members easily. Audio Rokit has a mission. That mission is to make life much, much easier for both industry A&R and musicians.

lead with a trickling style mood to it and Damien and Cupie perform some sweet in sync riffs throughout. The remainder of their set comprised The Rocker, which was energetically performed by bassist Cupie and also in the set were Weights, Lines of your mind, Another Day, Boundarby. For the last number, Damien performed some elaborate guitar and included a Jimi Hendrix stunt, playing the guitar with his teeth. Diarmuid played tambourine and performed lead vocals. The new line up is quite impressive and their new material is even more impressive. I truly look forward to hearing the new features on vocals and has CD when it’s released! a very distinctive voice. Diarmuid continues the set with Step up. I love the choppy beat in this, the fab chuckysriver

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