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Relay For Life 2009: Noon to Midnight Music Marathon A group of people gathered to build the Garden of Peace and Remembrance for use during the RFL 2009 campaign. Last Saturday, th the 13 the Event Coordinator, Fanci Beebe and her team presented a 12-hour Music Marathon. I attended two well attended shows and was really moved by the outpouring of support and sentiment.

being there seemed to fill the air and continually reverberate in our minds.

I attended the MJX8P Netizen and DaveSmall FineSmith performances. While we were all enjoying the music, the purpose for our

12 Noon – Joaquin Gustav 1pm – RockPianoman Pienaar 2pm – Hayduke Schnook 3pm – Truelie Telling 4pm – Jean Munro 5pm – 87Pm Music 6pm – DaveSmall Finesmith 7pm – Shannon Oherlihy 8pm – CallieDel Boa 9pm – Jon Bazar 10pm – OhMy Kidd 11pm – Ichie Kamachi

Officially called the 12 Hour Concert for Relay for Life in Celebration of the Opening of The Gardens of Peace and Remembrance, the day went as follows: 11:45 am - Official Garden Opening

What a great event!