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September 2013/Week 1

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Exclusive music industry events for young people BORN TO BE WIDE ANNOUNCES EVENT SERIES FOR 14-25 YEAR OLDS

Born To Be Wide, the organisation behind Scotland's 'Wide Days' music business convention, is set to host a series of events for young musicians and those who want to work in the industry. Off the Record is open to anyone aged 14-25, and will take place in five locations in Central Scotland over the next nine months. Supported by the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) programme, which is administered by Creative Scotland, it will feature key figures from the music business taking part in seminars, workshops and advice sessions – all geared to demystifying the industry and providing the basic knowledge to get started.

Vic Galloway

The first Off The Record will be staged at Musselburgh's Brunton Theatre on Saturday 5 October, in partnership with East Lothian's Youth Music Forum, ElJam.

Topics will include: Organising & Getting Gigs Recording - All About The Studio Promotion - Radio, Press & Blogs Releasing Music - Online, On CD, On Vinyl Participating speakers include: Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Scotland), Olaf Furniss (Born To Be Wide Director/The Scotsman), Michael Lambert (Born To Be Wide Director/artist manager), Scott McDonald (KFM Records), Steven Milne (musician/booker at Aberdeen's Lemon Tree), Tallah Brash (musician/booker at the Electric Circus), Stuart Stenhouse (EmuBands) and Gavin Fort (Verden Studios).

Admission is two pounds and includes lunch. As spaces are limited, booking in advance is strongly recommended. Ticket are available online from or in person from the Brunton Theatre box office in Musselburgh.

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Universal You release new 4 track EP

Includes the re-working of Simple Minds “Love Song� Download from iTunes : Amazon : Beatport

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Born To Be Wide Announces ‘Promoting Gigs’ Seminar

MU Wins TUC Support For Musicians

Edinburgh : 3 October :

The TUC Congress has supported a Musicians’ Union (MU) motion demanding fair compensation for musicians for private copying.

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Scotland’s leading music business event organisation, Born To Be Wide, is to host a Promoting Gigs seminar at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on Thursday 3 October. The discussion will cover key aspects of putting on a show, getting booked, how artists/managers can best work with promoters and how to get the most from a concert. Confirmed speakers include Electric Circus booker and musician, Tallah Brash and Synergy Concerts’ Grainne Braithwaite. They will be joined by Regular Music’s John Stout, who is also the agent for Salsa Celtica and who previously managed the Picture House and booked for the Usher Hall. Additional speakers will be added soon. “This is a great opportunity to get an insight into what should be considered when promoting gigs and what promoters look for in artists,” says Born To Be Wide director Olaf Furniss. “It will also explain what musicans can reasonably expect from those who book them, what they need to do to make a show a success and what is involved in putting on your own gig.”

Panelists: Grainne Braithwaite [promoter, Synergy Concerts] John Stout [promoter, Regular Music] Tallah Brash [booker & marketing manager, The Electric Circus] Additional panelists TBA

Born To Be Wide's Olaf Furniss

:photo by Jannica Honey -

Born To Be Wide was launched in February 2004 to provide a meeting place for those involved or interested in the Scottish music scene. A diverse range of musicians, journalists, promoters, label owners and friends of music, invited to play their all-time favourite records unless they were by Morrissey or Joy Division.

Since April 2008 the night has hosted seminars covering subjects such as Unveiling The Mind Of A Music Journalist, A&R, Music PR, How To Get On The Radio, Music Management, Booking Agents, a Norwegian night and a German special which included a seminar, a live show by Berlin band Jeans Team and a DJ set by the Consul General. Born To Be Wide also runs the Wide Days conference and showcase event which takes place in Edinburgh in April, and has hosted events in partnership with the Scottish Parliament, Heart of Midlothian FC and creative industries conference, Go North, Born To Be Wide is supported by the Musicians’ Union and fed by Hendersons.

GIGnotes: Thursday 3 October, The Electric Circus, Edinburgh. Time: 19.00 Doors / 19.30-21.30 Seminar / 2130-Late DJ Sets by seminar guests. Price: £5.50 / £4 Musicians’ Union. Tickets link: ADVERTISE IN OUR 3 WEEKLY DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS

The Government is currently attempting to introduce a private copying exception, which would make it legal to copy CDs or DVDs onto an iPod or computer. The MU motion accepted by Congress agrees that this is a good idea as long as the Government acknowledges its obligations under EU directives and ensures that the exception is accompanied by fair compensation. Artists and creators in almost all other EU member states benefit from a levy system imposed on the manufacturers of MP3 players and similar devices. These levies have not impeded market penetration of such devices and have not meant higher prices for consumers. John Smith, MU General Secretary, said: “The MU is not proposing an ‘iPod tax’ on consumers. What we are asking for is fair compensation for creators from the device manufacturers. These manufacturers are already paying patent and software licences for each device sold, and yet, under the UK proposal, the act of copying music onto these devices - the content the consumer is most interested in - will not generate any income for musicians. “Despite an outstanding international reputation for British musicians, more than half of MU members still earn less than £20,000 a year from their profession. We have one of the best music industries in the world. The Government should be making it easier to survive as a musician – not harder. I am delighted that the TUC have agreed to support us in this battle.” The Musicians' Union was established in 1893 and represents over 30,000 musicians working in all genres of music. As well as negotiating on behalf of its members with all the major employers in the industry, the MU offers a range of services tailored for the self-employed by providing assistance for professional and student musicians of all ages. You can contact the MU in Scotland at: 1 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow G3 7UY T: 0141 341 2960 E:

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Time to put Caithness on your band's tour! Hot on the heels of another great Bfest, there's more good news for music fans in Caithness with the launch of "Caithness Gigs". The new company has been set up as a not-for-profit venture to bring the best in live music to Wick and Thurso and give local musicians a platform to develop their careers. First up will be local boys The Maginot Band. Since recently signing a management deal, the band have been locked away in the studio writing new material, which will be showcased at their up-coming mini tour that sees them play Inverness (Mad Hatters, 4th October), Wick (Blackstairs Lounge, 5th October) and Thurso (Y-Not, 6th October). The band are delighted with recent developments and are looking forward to getting out on the road. "It's great to have management on board, and that they found us through the music we had online shows that people are out there listening to what's happening in Caithness. We're really excited about these gigs, and the fact that we get to play the new songs to our local fans first is going to make it really special,” said Darren Coghill, drummer with the band. Bfest organiser and co-founder of Caithness Gigs, Ryan Cook, is looking forward to the new company's first gig - "It's great to be launching this new company with a local band who are really going places, and it’s also special on a personal level for me with our first gig being in the refurbished Blackstairs Lounge," said Cook. Ally Gray, Caithness Gigs' other co-founder adds "It's important for us that we start with a great local band, but we're also aiming to bring some excellent touring bands from further afield and are already in talks with quite a few acts. Many acts are now seeing the Highlands as a great touring destination, whether it’s young acts looking to gain experience ‘on the road’, or more established acts looking to test new material or re-connect with audiences through playing more intimate shows than they would in the cities. Previously, not many bands would naturally think of coming to Wick and Thurso, but I think we’re seeing a positive change in that regard, that can benefit both the artists and the music scene in Caithness." Ally continued: "As well as gigs, we're also aiming to host events to offer advice and guidance to Caithness musicians and anyone looking to work in the music industry. As a board member of the Scottish Music Industry Association, I’m delighted to be involved with any venture that helps strengthen the music industry in Scotland, and helping develop the future of the industry is a major part of that." Along with the gigs lined up for The Maginot Band, Caithness Gigs are also bringing Them Beatles back to Wick. The Fab Four tribute act, described by Real Radio as "More like The Beatles than The Beatles," will be playing at the Pulteneytown People's Project on 2 November.

GIGnotes: 5 October - The Maginot Band @ The Blackstairs Lounge, Wick 6 October - The Maginot Band @ Y-Not Bar & Grill, Thurso 2 November - Them Beatles @ Pulteneytown People's Project, Wick 3November - Them Beatles @ Ironworks, Inverness Tickets on sale @ ADVERTISE IN OUR 3 WEEKLY DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS

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BBC ALBA unveils an overflowing musical basket of programmes for the autumn season BBC ALBA has unveiled its autumn package of programmes at a launch event in Glasgow. As the channel celebrates five years on screen, it was delighted to announce details of several music-based programmes within its packed schedule. At BBC Alba's core is high quality home produced programming, being the go-to channel for Scottish sport, traditional music and impactful documentaries. BBC ALBA’s head of service, Margaret Mary Murray, said: “We are very proud to be delivering another very strong package of programmes for our autumn schedule. Our documentaries, music and sport programmes and series, will continue to provide high quality entertainment for our viewers and we are also delighted to be announcing a new pilot drama series for BBC ALBA. BBC ALBA aims to build on the success it has generated over the last five years establishing itself at the heart of Scottish broadcasting and now attracts an average weekly audience of over 600,000 viewers, with 4.1m enjoying BBC ALBA’s content via the BBC iPlayer in the past year, (April`12 – March`13). The musical delights coming up incude:

A SELECTION OF OUR GIGS .... 12 September (Greens) Finbar Furey 13 September (Greens) Blues Heroes Fraser Speirs, Allan Jones Richard O’Donnell 20 + 21 September (Greens)


25 September (Greens) Mick Ralphs Blues Band 26 September (Greens) Collister, Kelly, Filleul

BUSKERS – following the success of the first series, Buskers returns to our screens and delves into the lives of current and former street artists with input from recording artists and the public. From the young to, well, the not so young, you can find every form of street artist, whether solo artists to full bands, fire jugglers to dancers. CELTIC MUSIC SESSIONS – The popular music series continues to offer an eclectic mix of music from bluegrass to folk and Celtic as many of the world class musicians performing at Celtic Connections and take time out to head for the Hòro Gheallaidh ceilidh sessions. CEÒL COUNTRY – this series delivers highlights from the very best of local, national and international country music, filmed at this year’s Northern Nashville Country Music Festival in Caithness. Featuring top performers from Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands and America, Ceòl Country also presents an insight into some of the acts performing at this year’s festival with magazine style features that include in-depth interviews with musicians and country music artists in various locations.

2 October (Greens) Emma's Imagination 3 October (Greens) Guy Tortora


From the first series of Buskers: Matt Johnston, originally from Arran, regularly busks in Glasgow.

Celtic Music Sessions

OPRY AN IUIR – Ireland’s very own Grand Ole Opry – the old Town Hall in Newry opens its doors for a unique series of hour long concerts, each featuring a star of country music including Hugo Duncan, Mike Denver, Sandy Kelly, Nathan Carter, Dominic Kirwan and Mick Flavin. DÈ A-NIS? – the ever popular children’s series returns as the team bring younger viewers the latest music and news, fun and laughter as new presenter Megan MacLellan, from Morar, joins the team for more fun and mayhem.

Click on site below for more details on all Mundell Music gigs

Plus BBC ALBA's unrivalled coverage of musical events will complement these popular series and will feature highlights from this year’s Blas festival, Na Trads, The Royal National MOD, The Worlds 2013 and Gradam Ceol. BBC ALBA is delivered through the partnership set up between the BBC and MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service, a unique broadcasting partnership providing a successful public service.

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the mns collection ….

From Scotland To Chile With Love This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Chilean coup d’etat that ousted the constitutional president of Chile, Salvador Allende, from office and gave rise to the vicious, fascist, dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet on the 11 September 1973. Around 500 arrived on our shores and made their home here in Scotland, the Scottish people responded by setting up huge networks of solidarity and support by ‘adopting’ exiles, they formed a line of defence with boycotts, protest and fundraising. The Chile : 40 Years On network has been set up to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Chilean human and social tragedy brought about by Pinochet’s dictatorship. Thousands of people were tortured and killed, others ‘disappeared’ at the hands of the authorities, the secret police and more were illegally detained. Men, women and children were rounded up by the military and taken from their homes. Most were never seen alive by their families again. One million people were forced into exile. Councillor Gordon Munro, Chairman of Chile : 40 Years On, Scotland Branch, said: "Once again we have compañeros old and new and have brought you a programme of events to mark the ‘other’ September 11th."

"Thanks to..… the Scottish people for their relentless & compassionate support of the Chilean nation during the worst period of Chilean history. For their solidarity, their campaigning, their boycotts and most of all the saving of countless lives of Chilean exiles."

Musical related events still to take place are: September 13: A NIGHT FOR NERUDA: A night of poems and songs, honouring Chile’s most famous and best loved poet, a night devoted to his words, his sentiments and his passion. Bring yours! With Scotland’s Makar poet and playwright Liz Lochhead, Ron Butlin (Edinburgh’s Makar), acclaimed gaelic singer Dolina McLennan (7:84, 2012 Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun Award), Michael Pedersen (Neu Reekie), Pablo San Martín Varela (Chilean Poet). Edinburgh City Chambers, Members’ Lounge, Royal Mile. 7pm Free September 15: RADICAL VOICES: 6.30pm An informal get together for like-minded folk, sing a song, recite a poem and take part, theme will be Pablo Neruda and Victor Jara. Constitution Bar, Constitution St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6RS By donation September16: JUSTICE FOR VICTOR JARA ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: The 16th of September marks the 40th anniversary of the death of the great revolutionary artist Victor Jara. A night to celebrate Victor Jara’s life and music; featuring iconic US folk music pioneer Peggy Seeger (only Scottish gig), Adam McNaughton, Peter Nardini and Chilean musician Carlos Arredondo, amongst others. An accompanying compilation CD will be available with contributions from Christy Moore, Rory McLoed, Roy Bailey and many more. Proceeds will go to the Justice for Victor Jara campaign and the AHMTJustice for Victor Jara Anniversary Concert website. St Andrew’s in the Square, Glasgow 8pm £10/£8

View all the MNS digital publications from links at

21 September: NDAJE: AFRICAN CONNECTIONS CLUB: A buzzing club night with live music, drums, dancing, late night DJ and special guests. 1st night in a new home at Summerhall, comes with a Latin flavour, to commemorate Chile’s 40th anniversary. Live music from Samba sene (in rare, unplugged, solo set), Edinburgh African legends, the mighty Makossa plus Latin American music specialist, DJ James Combe. Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL 9pm £10/£8 (Box Office 0845 874 3001)

For tickets:

"Thank you for your support in 2013"

goNORTH Festivals Tour @ Loopallu Prides : Blood Relatives : Fake Major Ullapool : 20-21 September :

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Glasgow UNESCO City Of Music Conjures up Fairytale And Fantasy For Spectacular Family Day Glasgow : 28 September : On 28 September Glasgow UNESCO City of Music welcomes all Princes, Princesses, ogres and witches from across the city and beyond to join them for a fun filled family day at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall and City Halls as they are transformed into a magical fairy tale land for one day only. Kids will be taken on a mystical musical journey with activities for the whole family, from treasure hunts to silent discos, families can take part in a host of activities many of which are completely free.

and City Halls become a dreamlike fairy tale wonderland, every corner will be bursting with exciting performances and things to do. Glasgow Royal Concert Halls will host performances of the children’s classic Peter and the Wolf by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, narrated by TV’s Chris Jarvis, the perfect introduction to the orchestra with each character in the story being represented by a different instrument. Elsewhere in the concert halls the Royal Scottish National Orchestra will help Morag tell the story of Steve and his Seriously Tall Ladder – think lots of music, singing and some magic beans!

Children can also join Children’s Classic Concerts’ very own Owen and Olly for Into the Ice Palace, where they can explore and create a magical soundscape based on brand new text for The Snow Queen by Scottish playwright and screenwriter, Stuart Paterson. This interactive After the huge success of last year’s Under the concert will take them on an exclusive musical Sea family fun day, Glasgow UNESCO City of journey deep inside the Snow Queen’s palace. As Music will once again partner with some of well as all this there will be a treasure hunt, Scotland’s arts organisations, bringing top take part in a unique performance in the Old face-painting, storytelling, arts and crafts, performers including Children’s Classic Concerts’ workshops, a chance to meet the musicians and Fruitmarket. very own percussionists Owen and Olly, the two silent discos - one for Little Monsters and Older kids (14+) can join Scottish Music Centre Scottish Chamber Orchestra with Children’s TV’s one for Heroes and Heroines. for Learn to be a DJ! where they will be taught Chris Jarvis, the Royal Scottish National to scratch and mix with a professional DJ, using In Glasgow’s City Halls the magic continues with Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony all the latest technology. City Halls will also play activities such as Noisy Nights Jr. where Orchestra and Scottish Music Centre for a wide host to the Sound Cave, a mysterious musical Scotland’s Red Note Contemporary Music range of activities across the city, throughout cavern featuring works from composers such as Ensemble will perform new music about the day. Oliver Searle, Anna Meredith and Hanna Tuulikki Creatures and Fairy Tales, written by students Families, including grown-ups, are encouraged and The Club Room where visitors will be from King’s Park Secondary School. Come and to dress up as their favourite fairy tale enchanted by a sound piece from renowned Create! – a chance for amateur and novice characters for the chance to win a host of musicians alike to come together with members Norwegian sound artist, Jana Winderen. exciting prizes as the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and

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Born To Be Wide Event Series For 14-25 Year Olds

Born To Be Wide directors Olaf Furniss & Michael Lambert

:photo by Jannica Honey -

All attendees will receive a free release worth £25 from Scotland's leading digital music distribution company EmuBands. It specialises in placing songs in iTunes, Spotify and all other digital stores and streaming services. Born To Be Wide Co-Director, Michael Lambert said: “For young musicians and those interested in working on the business side, getting a foundation into the many areas of the industry can be very daunting. The Off The Record events are designed to give an introduction to how the key strands work and will help people avoid many of the most common mistakes.” Born To Be Wide Co-Director, Olaf Furniss, adds: “We noticed at our Born To Be Wide events that emerging musicians and managers were missing out on opportunities because nobody had told them about the basic steps. All the speakers taking part in Off The Record have been hand-picked because they are still active in their fields and will be able to give the most current advice.” Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland said: "Off the record is an excellent opportunity to start learning more about the music industry behind the scenes. Often a new artist's music is excellent but their business sense is non-existent. With these talks, seminars & workshops young musicians can find out some tricks of the trade from working professionals, and enjoy an organised networking session in their local area. I think it's a great idea & I'm glad to be involved!" Leonie Bell, Acting Director of Creative Development at Creative Scotland, said: “For young musicians, and young people who want to work in the music industry behind the scenes, the Off the Record events are an unmissable opportunity to meet, learn from and be inspired by experienced music professionals working in Scotland. They’re also a great place for the young people to share aspirations and ideas with each other. These connections will prove invaluable as they take the next steps in the music industry.”


East Lothian Strategic Music Partnership Co-ordinator, Iain Bruce said: “We are delighted that East Lothian has been chosen to launch this exciting, new initiative. Through ELjam, East Lothian Youth Music Forum, a great deal of work has already gone in to supporting young people’s journeys through the various stages of music education and onwards towards the industry. This event represents a fantastic opportunity for young people to come together and gain a further insight in to the realities of the business from those who have been there and done it." Ally Gray, Managing Director, EmuBands said: “We're delighted to be supporting Off The Record, it's great to be involved in an event that will help aspiring musicians achieve their ambitions.”

Tickets online @

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............ member profile:

Patrick Doyle

This is a MUSIC NEWS Scotland series profiling Scottish Music Centre members

"The Scottish Music Centre's task is to champion the wealth of talent that abounds in Scotland's musical community"

Patrick Doyle is a classically trained composer, having graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in 1975. He was made a fellow of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in 2001. After many years composing for theatre, radio and television, Patrick joined the Renaissance Theatre Company, established by Kenneth Branagh and David Parfitt as composer and musical director in 1987. During this time he worked on a number of Shakespeare productions directed by Kenneth Branagh, Sir Derek Jacobi, Geraldine McEwan and Dame Judi Dench. In 1989 director Kenneth Branagh commissioned Patrick to compose the score for Henry V. The hymn 'Non Nobis Domine'; featured in the film, was awarded the 1989 Ivor Novello Award for Best Film Theme. He has subsequently collaborated with Kenneth Branagh on several films and received a Golden Globe for Dead Again and an Oscar Nomination for Hamlet. Patrick has also worked extensively with director Régis Wargnier, and received two Cesar nominations for both the Oscar winning Indochine and the Academy Award nominated East West. In a career spanning over 45 international feature films, Patrick has worked with some of the most acclaimed directors in the world, including Brian De Palma, Alfonso Cuaròn, Ang Lee, Chen Kaige, Mike Newell and Robert Altman. In October 2007 Patrick Doyle's Music from the Movies sell out concert, on behalf of The Leukaemia Research Fund, was staged at The Royal Albert Hall. It was directed by Kenneth Branagh and starred a host of international stars such as Emma Thompson, Sir Derek Jacobi, Dame Judi Dench, Alan Rickman, Imelda Staunton and Robbie Coltrane among many others. His concert works include the song cycle The Thistle and The Rose commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales in honour of the Queen Mother's 90th birthday; the violin concerto Corarsik, composed for Emma Thompson's birthday and the tone poem Tam O'Shanter; derived from the poem by Robert Burns in 2010, commissioned by the Scottish Schools Orchestra Trust. : : The Scottish Music Centre currently supports in excess of 100 composer, group/small business and corporate members. Offering a wealth of advantages, initiatives include the bi-monthly Composers' Digest and Exposed Melodies podcast series, annual Composition Marathon, regular networking events and notification of valuable opportunities, extensive publicity and increased correspondence with national companies, chamber ensembles, soloists and festivals.

For further information, please contact: Christopher Glasgow, Communications Officer: / 0141 552 5222 or visit:

NOISY NIGHTS ARE BACK! – CALL FOR SCORES Edinburgh : 30 September (submissions deadline 5pm 23 Sept) :

Calling all composers! Red Note Ensemble's 'Noisy Nights' is fun, free and your chance to listen to (and compose for) the musicians of Red Note. Noisy Nights is a place to meet music-lovers, curious minds, musicians, composers and artists in an informal space and hear some of the best examples of brand new music while having a beer. All sorts of music are welcomed here – as are all sorts of listeners. And, with the established 10 Minute Composer’s Challenge, the audience also get the chance to write their own pieces to be played by the ensemble after the interval. This Noisy Night is for Trumpet, Viola and ‘Cello. Please send your under-five-minutes-inlength submissions to no later than 5pm on Monday 23 September for possible performance on 30 September at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre bar!


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GREG TROOPER scottish mini tour - october 1-4 -

'Super' Trooper Has Scottish Dates A songwriter who has had his material covered by everyone from Steve Earle to Billy Brag and Vince Gill and next month releases his eleventh album in a career that’s been more illustrious than most, is set to return to Scotland to keep fans happy, for a short run of dates in October promoted by Brookfield-Knights. Brooklyn-based Greg Trooper is one of the most popular performers on the circuit and always plays Scotland whenever he returns for ‘live’ work in Europe. He has a firm fan base here from making great records since 1986. This latest release Incident On Willow Street, was produced by Grammy-winning Stewart Lerman and brought together by a pedigree team including Larry Campbell (Dylan, Levon Helm), Kenneth Blevins (John Hiatt) and Lucy Wainwright Roche (vocals) among others. Steve Earle has for many years been happy to nail his colours to the mast and declare himself a fan, stating in a recent interview: “Greg writes great songs, including one of my very favourite compositions in the world, ‘Little Sister.’ On top of all that, there’s his voice – an instrument I have coveted for 15 years.” Billy Bragg says that he considers the man to have a rightful place on “the list of our finest contemporary songwriters.” Respected US critic Dave Marsh says: “Greg Trooper is a songwriter and performer who deserves about 12 times the attention he’s received. He knows how to play rock against country and folk and position the pressures of adulthood against the longing for adolescent freedom.” On this side of the Atlantic, Whispering Bob Harris has featured many tracks on his BBC Radio 2 shows and described Greg as “One of the great, great American singer-songwriters,” while Maverick magazine stated simply: “This is a must-see gig.” The latest UK tour kicks off at Leith Folk Club on October 1 and there are dates at Kilbarchan Old Library on 2nd, the Acoustic Music Club in Kirkcaldy on 3rd and Heart of Hawick auditorium in the Scottish Borders on 4th. After that, he heads for a string of English dates including The Barbican Theatre in Plymouth and The Green Note in London, before touring in Holland and Germany.


album - ‘To Each & Everyone - The Songs of Gerry Rafferty’

release date - out now :

The Songs of Gerry Rafferty In 2013, Barbara set to work on a new studio album for Greentrax, featuring a collection of songs by her late, close friend, the songwriter Gerry Rafferty, who died in 2011. The album has been released just ahead of Barbara’s latest UK tour which commences in October - details at The new album is extremely important to Barbara, hoping to keep alive the memory and awareness of the prodigious talent that was Gerry Rafferty’; the fundamental motivation behind this album. Barbara says, ‘Gerry Rafferty, was, for me, amongst the best songwriters of his generation. This is subjective of course, but his catalogue stands to attention when his name is called, in the pantheon of great artists of the last 50 years and ‘Baker Street’ alone made him a worldwide household name.’ Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings was immediately excited by the project and gave full support to Barbara and her producer,Troy Donockley. Troy Donockley absolutely dedicated himself to the project and not only produced the album but also played a host of instruments on it. Session musicians were Christine Waldock, Frank Van Essen, Neil Drinkwater, Nick Holland, Brad Lang, Russell Field and Andy Dinan. The selection of songs is impeccable and includes ‘Baker Street’, ‘Steamboat Row’, ‘Mary Skeffington’, ‘To Each and Everyone’ and ‘Another World’ – a total of thirteen songs. The beautiful front cover was painted by John Byrne whose paintings adorned most of Gerry’s albums, and is designed by John Slavin of Designfolk. The photo of Barbara is by Brian Aris. Troy and Barbara dedicate the album to Gerry Rafferty’s memory and we feel sure that Gerry would approve of what Barbara and Troy have done with this selection of his songs.

new releases

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scotland's new releases ..... album : single : ep / cd : vinyl : download UNIVERSAL YOU


ep : download Release Date: Out Now The headline track is a cover of “Love Song” which was originally recorded by Scottish legends Simple Minds back in 1981. Universal You has created a throbbing crossover dance track with razor sharp guitar hooks and sexy vocals.The other tracks confirm the bands move to dance rhythms while retaining the guitars they have become known for. Listen: Available from:


Album : cd / download Release Date: 23 September Gerry Jablonski and The Electric Band have long been one of the most successful acts to come out of Aberdeen. Their first two albums on Fat Hippy Records have sold to classic blues rock fans all over the world and both albums have had to be re-pressed. Their stunning third album recorded while their drummer Dave Innes was fighting cancer shows real passion and pain and it takes the band to a new level. Listen: Available from:

Treacherous Orchestra. 'Wide Open' is a snap shot of Ross's influences and is a diverse collection of musical styles that have inspired him. The nine tracks feature Put Your Love In Front Of Me his talents as master piper and whistle player as well as Album : cd / download his skills on cittern and mandolin - he is joined by a Release Date: 30 September wonderful line-up of musicians. 'Wide Open' is dedicated to his teacher and mentor the late Gordon The Little Kicks are a 4 piece band with a reputation for Duncan. a great live show and are known for their distinctly catchy upbeat indie pop songs. They have shared Listen: stages with the likes of Foals, The Vaccines, Frightened Rabbit, Glasvegas, Maximo Park, Mystery Jets, Errors, The Kooks, Editors, The Macabees and many more. Available from: Their debut album “Boxing Clever” was released to critical acclaim and their second album “The Little Kicks” received favourable reviews in the NME (7/10) who said the band “produced a nice line in brittle funk alongside epics they should be proud of”. IsThisMusic Ainslie/116041585175630 awarded the album 4****/ 5 and The Scotsman named The Little Kicks as a band of the year for 2011/2012 -----------------------------------------------and The Sun newspaper included the band in a feature of Top 10 for 2012.


BARBARA DICKSON To Each & Everyone The Songs of Gerry Rafferty Album : cd / download Release Date: 1 September

Available from:

Barbara Dickson's new album is a collection of 'The Songs of Gerry Rafferty'. A tribute to someone she admired and was proud to call a friend. Barbara Dickson is an international recording artist with several hits to her credit and an actress with many stage successes. She tours throughout the UK in major venues to packed houses and will embark on her next tour in October. Barbara was both a friend of Gerry and a great admirer of his songs, which comes across in this tribute album. It is again produced by the amazing multiinstrumentalist Troy Donockley.


Album : cd / download Release Date: 2 September

Available from: (on release) Pre-order: ------------------------------------------------

GIFTED KINGS Lose What Makes You


Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire is the eponymous debut album from one of Scotland’s most industrious and respected bands, released on Middle of Nowhere Recordings Hart takes a leap of songwriting faith on the album – visiting themes of death, desolation, religion and lossunderpinned by the hopeful romanticism, characteristic of his earlier work, Roddy connects with his band The Lonesome Fire to create a vividly widescreen sonic landscape, given life by the producer of Coldplay’s multi-million selling album X&Y. Listen:

Glasgow's Gifted Kings are set to release their their debut album, recorded under the same roof as legendary Oasis and Queen albums. The band is made up of two sets of brothers: Derek Murray (guitar/ vocals), Andy Murray (lead guitar), Gary Smith (drums), Paul Smith (bass). On “Lose What Makes You” Gifted Kings teamed up with top producer Nick Brine (Oasis, The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen) and mastering wizard Pete Maher (U2,Depeche Mode). Their music has been used in several shows on Channel 4, S4C, ITV1, Sky Sports. Ripcurl and O’Neill Sports have adopted Gifted Kings' music in advertising campaigns targeting the USA, Australia and Asia.

Available from: - pre-order now!



Available from:

Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now


Album : cd Release Date: September

Listen: Soundcloud:

Wide Open


-----------------------------------------------Nominated as 'Musician of the Year' at the 2013 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Ross is one of the most sought after musicians in the Scottish music scene today; performing with Salsa Celtica, Dougie MacLean and The RoddyHartandtheLonesomeFire ------------------------------------------------


ep : cd / download Release Date: Out Now The debut 6 track EP from Glasgow four-piece The Apparells. Lee Cuthbertson (Lead guitar/ vocals), Paddy McBrearty (Rythym guitar/ vocals), Stephen McCartney (Bass) and Jay Murray (Drums) all brought up in the shadows of Glasgow’s famous shipyards, have went from strength to strength since forming in 2011 creating a buzz wherever they go and steadily building up a healthy fan base. Listen:

music news scotland

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scotland's new releases ..... album : single : ep / cd : vinyl : download

available at gigs as well as from the band’s website

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Songs From Inspire

INSPIRE Album : download Release Date: Out Now

UNKLE BOB Release Name

The Scots Music Group’s Inspire project aims to broaden access to community music by working in partnership with local support organisations in Edinburgh, offering opportunities for vulnerable people affected by issues of homelessness, poverty, addiction and mental health to take part in music, song and dance. 'Songs from Inspire' features Karine Polwart, Dick Gaughan, Louis Abbott & Sarah Hayes (Admiral Fallow) and Adam Holmes, produced by Matheu Watson and Ian McCalman, mixed by Matheu Watson and Paul Savage.

ep : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Unkle Bob returns with brand new EP, Songs For Others, released on 19th August 2013 via JustMe. Largely recorded in a Scottish bedroom, singersongwriter Rick took inspiration from artists like R Stevie Moore, Nick Cave, Grizzly Bear and The Smiths, moving away from a purely acoustic sound to experiment with electric guitars, distortion pedals and looping effects. The EP embodies Unkle Bob’s ability to create catchy hooks, enhanced by echoing, overlapping Listen: vocals and cathartic lyrics that explore love and loss.

Available from: Download only, available on iTunes @ http://bit. ly/13SJEaw & other platforms

Listen: Available from:



For The Many


Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now The latest instalment in the Thula Borah story has arrived, praised in the past for their haunting and diverse sounds, the band now presents a six track album that drips quality from every pore. The mix includes brooding, haunting soundscapes, some more direct compositions and a couple of longer songs. Those lengthier tracks allow the band to explore deeper themes and ideas through the natural progression of the music. Listen:

WINGIN' IT Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now Wingin' It are an award winning guitar duo from Scotland. Adam Bulley and Chas Mackenzie formed the duo in 2005, having met playing in other projects in and around Scotland. The duo perform a wide range of material from Rock, Pop, Funk, as well as instrumental pieces in the style of Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass and Classical. "Astonishingly good" Martin Taylor MBE Listen: Available from: ------------------------------------------------

Available from: iTunes, Amazon and many more digital locations as well as band camp. Physical copies will be


Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now The Marshals' sound can loosely be described as ‘country rock', although the power pop hooks of "Two's Company" and the Stones-y swagger of "You Can Have My Heart" convey the band's love of guitars, their way with a catchy chorus and their unabashed belief in the power of rock music as a storytelling medium. Organ and piano are more prominent on this album, on two tracks simple strings are employed to beautiful effect. Listen: Available from: ------------------------------------------------

THE CUT THROAT RAZORS Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Welcome to the world of The Cut Throat Razors, a sharp dressed Glasgow based 10 piece band formed in 2010 who have been filling the dance floors of Scotland ever since. This, their first album, was released in June in Glasgow's Stereo where the band performed their self-penned songs of love, lingerie, libation and liberation. They have a big punchy sound, evoking classic ska, motown, new wave, big band swing and polka! You will find them strangely unique. Listen: Available from: id575684702 ------------------------------------------------

HERCULEAN The Falling Thunder ep : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Herculean are a three-piece alternative rock band based

GET YOUR NEW RELEASE LISTED! If you’d like your new release to be included in the MUSIC NEWS Scotland ‘New Release’ section and ALSO be in with a chance of being picked for the MNS Top 4 spot then send it to: New Releases, MUSIC NEWS Scotland, Romar House, Birgham, Berwickshire. TD12 4NF If only available as download then email link to Email (as above) information about your new release for our listings, which should be in the format below:


BAND NAME: Release Name: album / ep / single: Advertisers also get a 'boxed listing' cd / vinyl / download: - list all formats with artwork image Release Date: email Carol for details: Description: - 50 words approx Listen: - link to listen to your music Available from: - webshop, download, retail record shop your website/facebook/twitter

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music news scotland

scotland's new releases ..... album : single : ep / cd : vinyl : download in Glasgow. The defining factors in their music include atmospheric guitars, falsetto vocals, anthemic choruses and mature songwriting. Their debut EP was recorded at Chem19 Studios and engineered by Jamie Savage, brother of award winning producer Paul Savage. They've been described as "Future wordsmiths" by BBC's Ally McCrae. Listen: Available from: ------------------------------------------------

LLOYD JAMES FAY The Black River Chronicles

they'll love! The band have been touring the UK extensively for three years and are planning a busy 2013.

Available from:

Listen: Available from: deltamainlineofficial

Available on itunes, Amazon and more!





Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now


Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now Second album Ghosts is an excellent snapshot of a band achieving its full potential while resolutely following its own path. The Collar Up sound is partly informed by the soundscape reveries and sophisticated arrangements of Beach House, Mercury Rev, Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins. Bookended by instrumental opening and closing credits, Ghosts gushes with a veritable torrent of lush, reverb-heavy textures.

Described by the Glasgow Daily Record as The Stones meets The Beta Band with Hendrix on decks, Electrobuddha's Evolution album is out and out Scottish Having already caught the critics’ ear (Radio 1, Channel rock at it's finest and has been played by the likes of Listen: 4) as frontman of acclaimed Scottish alternative rock Jim Gellatly. Well worthy of a listen. quartet Thula Borah, Lloyd James Fay embarks on his first foray into solo territory with the highly anticipated Listen: Available from: release of his beguiling debut LP, The Black River Chronicles. An introspective reflection of his formative years, childhood stories and forlorn first loves in Available from: suburban Lanarkshire’s creaking post-steel-industry suburbs, the album sees the Glaswegian suburbanite album rocker turn pastoral singer-songwriter and embrace the -----------------------------------------------subtler ambient and acoustic textures that pepper his band’s catalogue. -----------------------------------------------Listen: A Strand of Pearls Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now Available from: featuring NAZARETH A Strand of Pearls is the new album from John Mackie I've Got (Enough Love) Poet. The album centres around the poems from John's single : download work, Pearl Diving By Moonlight, backed by the music of Release Date: Out Now Gavin Sutherland, Miguel Padilla, Alexander Jarvie, Kris Orskov, Alastair Thomson and Duncan Wood. -----------------------------------------------The 3rd single release from 'The Dons of Hip Hop' - Shy "Generously hypnotic verse - at once intellectual and & DRS featuring RocK Royalty Nazareth! The new face intimate." of Scottish hip hop meets the Classic rock titans in a rap infused remix reminiscent of the Run DMC vs Listen: Aeromsmith hit 'Walk this Way'. Recorded in Germany, Slow your breath its one of 2 album tracks to feature the Dunfermline ep : cd / download Rock Gods. Release Date: Out Now Available from:




In celebration of Electric Honey's 20th Anniversary, the renowned college label presents 'Slow Your Breat', the debut EP from exciting new singer-songwriter Alex Hynes. Stirling based Alex is a Scottish-Canadian multi-instrumentalist who has already supported acts as diverse as Eddi Reader, Ruby Turner and Gallagher & Lyle. His EP comprises a small collection of distinct songs capturing a broad range of sounds and influences. Listen: Available from: itunes, amazon, spotify ------------------------------------------------


Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Listen: soundcloud / bandcamp / youtube - com/shyanddrsvevo Available from: i-Tunes/Amazon ------------------------------------------------

DELTA MAINLINE Oh! Enlightened

Debut Album : cd / vinyl / download Release Date: Out Now Delta Mainline are from Edinburgh and their muchanticipated debut album 'Oh! Enlightened' was recorded at Chem19 Studios over two years, with engineering and co-production by Davey McAulay (Mogwai, Mike Heron, Remember Remember). The album flows effortlessly, its celestial air countered by an unpredictable sonic menace, before climaxing in a serene, haunting end. The band will be touring Oh! Enlightened across the UK from March.

The Trade have been busy working on new songs during some of the busiest times of each of the guys Listen: lives. But the fruits of their labours have come together and they've now recorded their second album - Fu-Go which they feel is giving something to their fans, which, iTunes, ------------------------------------------------

TOMMANI Banzai Bushi

Album : cd / download Release Date: Out NOw Banzai Bushi is the debut album by recording artist/ producer, Tommani, and released by a new Scottish Independent label, Rock Aye Records Ltd based in Midlothian. It draws on the artist's long held love of computer games and related technology, the creative influence of Joe Hisaishi (composer for many Studio Ghibli movies), and the inspiration of traditional Japanese Edo period folk music. Listen: Available from:, iTunes, ------------------------------------------------

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music news scotland

scotland's new releases ..... album : single : ep / cd : vinyl : download ROBERT LAMBIE Moon Bay Tides Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Robert Lambie is a singer/songwriter from Scotland. Moon Bay Tides, released by Broad St. Music Productions, is his debut album. The result of a voyage of creative discovery, the album uncovers vast musical landscapes and acoustic expressions of the human condition. Available from:, iTunes,


Connections and playing the Royal Concert Hall.



Available from: iTunes/Amazon etc ------------------------------------------------

Available from:




Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now


single : download Release Date: Out Now After growing popularity within the Edinburgh music scene and a series of successful gigs, The Well Rested have decided to release Family Tree as a single. The Well Rested are a three piece, Edinburgh based band and I would describe the music as Alternative Indie/ Folk. This stripped down music is refreshing, original and easy to listen too. Prominent bass and drums play along side catchy guitar riffs. Listen:

Their highly anticipated debut album 'Nothing in Common' via Platform Records. They concluded 2012 with a slot at Edinburgh's Hogmanay Street party on New Year's Eve alongside Simple Minds and The Maccabees. 'The Shape Of Things To Come' was BBC Radio Scotland’s Janice Forsyth show ‘Single Of The Month‘ and Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist Winner on BBC 6 Music. Listen: Available from: CD - Download

Available from: Every major download and streaming service, including iTunes, spotify and amazon etc.







Album : cd / download Release Date: Out Now

Following the release of her two previous EP's 'Sticks and Bricks' (2010) and 'I Begin' (2011), Panda Su returns with new single 'Maps', (Peter Panda Records) on 29th April 2013. Somewhat different from her previous work, 'Maps' signifies a new experimental

Craig Jeffrey is a very talented singer-songwriter from the Scottish Borders and his new EP 'Connected' is written by Craig, produced by Donald Shaw and released on Vertical Records. Craig started out performing in small pubs and anywhere else he could get a gig progressing on to playing some big festivals, including winning a Danny Kyle Award at Celtic

single : download Release Date: Out Now

In Here Somewhere single? : vinyl / download Release Date: Out Now

Having been compared to My Morning Jacket and Neil Young, In Here Somewhere features Three Blind Wolves’ warm Americana-tinged sound, yet with a chilling core. With plays and support from John Kennedy at XFM and Vic Galloway at BBC Radio 1 Scotland and the band also popped into BBC Radio 2 to perform a session for Dermot O'Leary. Listen: Available from: ------------------------------------------------

DUNCAN WOOD Swarbtricks

Album : cd Release Date: Out Now The music of the legendary Dave Swarbrick. Thirty seven original compositions from the pen of the master, tastefully arranged and performed by Scottish North East fiddle and mandolin player Duncan Wood, with guests including veteran Boys of the Lough front man Cathal McConnell from County Fermanagh on flute and whistle, and Martin McDonald from the Isle of Lewis on guitar. A rich assortment of traditionalsounding melodies which demonstrate the


'Record Store Day 2013' was on 20 April : We encourage you to support independent record shops in Scotland : A selection of popular ones are below. If you run or have a favourite not listed please let us know and we'll happily include it.

Because this is linked to our 'new release' section we are only listing genuine high street retail shops who sell physical copies of new cds/records 'friendly face to friendly face' with their customers! Email your record shop details to be included to:

Avalanche (Edinburgh) Grassmarket EH1 2HY : Apollo Music (Paisley) Causeyside Street PA1 1YH : Barnstorm (Dumfries) Queensberry Street DG1 1BU : 01387 267894 Coda (Edinburgh) [trad/folk specialist] Bank Street EH1 2LN : Concorde (Perth) Scott Street PH1 5EJ : Europa (Stirling) Friars Street FK8 1HA : Imperial (Inverness) Market Hall IV1 1PJ : Love Music (Glasgow) Dundas Street G1 2AQ : McAlister Matheson (Edinburgh) [classical] Grindlay St EH3 9AT : Monorail (Glasgow) King Street G1 5RB : Ripping Records (Edinburgh) South Bridge EH1 1HN :

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FESTIVAL Listings Following is our 'short' listings guide to forthcoming Scottish music festivals - see our comprehensive guide in our weekly FESTIVALS! publication @

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Festivals! the weekly Scottish music festival supplement from MUSIC NEWS Scotland

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tla o c s s new c i s u /m / : p t t h

Selective Service play the Tenement TV Beach Tent at 'Live @ Troon' : see page 11

INSIDE: Skye Swing Jazz Festival : Blas Festival : goNORTH @ Loopallu : Perthshire Amber : Live @ Troon : Cry Parrot Music Language : Fiddle 2013 ..... plus our 2013 music festival listings!


for more listings read our FESTIVALS! supplement @


Blas Festival

Shetland September 13-15

Highlands September 6-14

Shetland Blues Festival

Festival is perfect for you. Wonderful musicians perform great music in striking and sometimes unexpected locations across the beautiful Scottish county of East Lothian.

The UK's most northerly blues Blas Festival is rapidly establishing festival brings the crème da la crème of British Blues to Shetland, itself as the Highlands' premier Orkney Blues Weekend Gaelic and traditional music festival. with gigs running all over the isles and acoustic and electric blues, this Orkney Blas takes place in venues across is becoming one of the best festival September 20-22 the Highlands and includes an weekends in the Northern Isles eclectic line-up of local, national Another spectacular weekend of and international artistes blues awaits us in late summer. A medley of solo artists, bands and jams hosted by the port town of Lagavulin Islay Stromness spread across several Linlithgow Jazz Festival local venues. Islay Folk Festival September 13-15 Linlithgow September 11-15 The Islay Jazz Festival is an Loopallu extraordinary and totally unique The 15th Linlithgow Folk Festival event which presents the best jazz Ullapool promises to be the best yet! With September 20-21 concert, family ceilidh, workshops, you can hear in Scotland in the most unusual, atmospheric and canal cruises, children’s events. On paper they said it wouldn’t work, inspirational venues a festival in late September in a remote village on the West Coast of Scotland 60 miles from the nearest Ceòl Cholasa town, but Loopallu seven years later Best of the West Colonsay Folk Festival has had the likes of Paolo Nutini, September 11-15 Mumford & Sons and Franz Festival Ferdinand grace their little stage. Inveraray Ceòl Cholasa is held the third This is a small intimate festival with September 14-15 weekend of September each year a line-up of well known festival and features internationally Best of the West Festival an 'end of favourites and Scottish acts. acclaimed artists from Scotland and season' showcase held annually in beyond. This year will be our sixth the grounds of Inveraray Castle in Festival and like last year our 2013 Argyll. This family weekend includes extravaganza will run for a full five two days of music and song with Isle of Jura days. Yes, FIVE days! Proceedings performances in both English and Music Festival kick off on Wednesday 11th Gaelic. The festival has a strong September and conclude, just in Jura focus on local young talent as well time for the ferry, on the evening of September 27-29 as the best of the established Sunday 15th September. And performers. As well as a great linesetting the scene for our up of music, food and drink it's also Now in its 20th year, The Isle of celebrations will be our opening Jura Musical Festival is a wellimportant to us to provide a wide Wednesday evening concert, when established favourite for lovers of range of activities for all ages. the artists playing for us will be the traditional music scene. To none other than the TANNAHILL celebrate this 20th landmark, the WEAVERS. Yes, the boys are weekend is going to be even bigger popping in just before they embark and better than ever. From the Tarbert Music Festival locals Friday night ceilidh right on their annual tour of the states. Tarbert through to a brand new Sunday September 20-22 night concert in the distillery cooperage, headlined by Wolfstone, Stirling Fringe Festival Annual free music festival in the enjoy a weekend packed with beautiful fishing village of Tarbert fantastic performances, stimulating Stirling Loch Fyne, Argyll. Every kind of workshops, spontaneous sessions September 12-15 music from Rock to Pipe Bands, and great craic. To guarantee you Reggae to Jazz to Folk. Thanks to don’t miss out, you can preStirling is to host it’s first ever very generous sponsors, Tarbert purchase your tickets online now. Fringe-style arts festival this music festival is mainly a free September hosting 35 events festival. However, there is a small including art exhibitions, comedy shows, theatre, street performance admission fee but only for the main event on Saturday Night. No tickets and live music. There is a live Lockerbie Jazz Festival are needed, just show up and pay performance of Vivaldi’s Four at the door. There is a collection to Lockerbie Season, a concert by the Stirling cover costs, please give generously! September 27-29 Gaelic Choir and a special acoustic show from Pete Townshend’s little Lockerbie’s Jazz Festival is a brother and fellow Who guitarist, wonderful mix of musicians: great Simon Townshend. Founder and Scots, exceptional Europeans and The Lammermuir director of the Stirling Fringe legendary jazz stars. There is Festival CIC, Barry McDonald, said: Festival traditional jazz, swing, modern jazz, “Stirling’s creative community is East Lothian salsa, blues and jump-jive, from growing and we hope to showcase September 20-23 amateur musicians to globe-trotting to the rest of the country what a professionals and from young rich seam of artistic talent we have. If you love music, and exploring players to seasoned performers. new places, then the Lammermuir Blues and soul singer Ruby Turner

and Kyle Eastwood, son of Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood, will headline this years Lockerbie Jazz Festival.

Dunbar Traditional Music Festival Dunbar September 27-29 The Dunbar Traditional Music Festival continues to flourish since it began in 1988. Set in the historic seaside town of Dunbar, the Festival is committed to showcasing local and young talent alongside well established and internationally known artists. Song, music, pipes & drums, children's workshop, informal tunes and sessions, concerts, ceilidhs and open air performances are the traditional hallmarks of the annual September event. The Festival caters for a wide range of musical tastes. Initially the focus was on traditional Scottish and Irish music but in recent years this has broadened to include jazz, blues, Appalachian, country, bluegrass and skiffle.

The Doric Festival Aberdeenshire September 27 - October 13 A twa wikk lang splore o the tung, sangs, music and traditions o oor byous Doric culture Now in its twentythth year, The Doric Festival is unique in its involvement of local communities across the North-east in celebrating our language, music and traditions. The Festival provides an opportunity for all, especially our youngsters, to witness the vibrancy of the tongue, music andstories of this North- east neuk, and for performers to participate in the preservation of this heritage.

Deeside Harvest Folk Festival Deeside September 28 This festival has developed a reputation for bringing new and exciting sounds to Deeside, and once again the team has come up with something really special. A strong and colourful thread of song, from old ballad to original songwriting, weaves its way through the festival. And this is hardly surprising, when at its heart is host Frieda Morrison, herself a passionate exponent of the songs of the North East of Scotland and currently Artist In Residence at Edinburgh University’s School of Celtic and Scottish Studies.


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OCTOBER Glasgow Americana Festival Glasgow October 3-6

The Callander Jazz and Blues Festival is now firmly established on the UK Festival map and is one of the largest rural music festival events in Scotland. Visit the Heart of Scotland and experience a weekend of first class entertainment amongst the early autumn splendour of the Trossachs.

Glasgow's annual celebration of Americana brings musicians from as Cupar Arts Festival far afield as Texas and Canada to Cupar perform roots music from blues to October 5-17 rockabilly. This biannual festival programes the very best in contemporary visual art and is a feast of installation, interventions, exhibitions and St Andrew’s Voices performance. The festival won't St Andrews take place again until 2015, so October 3-6 don't miss out! Set in the beautiful historic town of St Andrews and drawing together the very best musicians from the UK and beyond, St Andrews Voices Glasgay! presents inspirational concerts Glasgow celebrating the voice in all its many October 9 - November 9 guises: opera, folk, lieder, jazz, early music, musical theatre and Welcome to Glasgay!. The 20th much more… anniversary festival runs in Glasgow with an exciting line up including work from Jackie Kay, Scottee, Tina C, Maw Broon, Terry Neason, Stef Ullapool Guitar Festival Smith, Martin O'Connor & Donna Rutherford. We celebrate our Ullapool LEGACY and the particular October 4-6 contribution made by LGBT artists past and present. Come and Join us for the 14th Ullapool Guitar Festival this October 2013. Amazing musicians in concert and held held in stunning surroundings. Enjoy workshops, 5 Shetland Accordion concerts, the guitar exhibition/trade and Fiddle Festival show and the best kept secret in Ullapool - three nights of "The Late Shetland October 10-14 Club" - starting at midnight and runs till 03.00 am (and sometimes longer!). If you love guitar music in This the 26th festival presents the all its forms then this Festival is not best in traditional music from Shetland, Scotland, Ireland and to be missed. Only £130 for a full Scandinavia. The Shetland weekend ticket! Accordion and Fiddle Club promotes the best in tradional Shetland music, holding events throughout the year, as well as the annual Selkirk Sessions Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival Selkirk (SAFF) October 4-6

The Spree action will take place in the unique setting of a Spiegeltent in County Square in the heart of the town, with bigger shows to be held in the stunning 850-year-old Paisley Abbey .

produce a varied programme of events exploring new music. The festival brings together a large range of different genres of music to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and encourage people to discover new sounds and widen their musical horizons.


Edinburgh October 11-12 Edinburgh's' newest two day music festival is returning in October!

Perthshire Amber - The Dougie MacLean Festival Perthshire October 25 - November 3

This is the 9th year of Perthshire Amber and promises once again to Beauly be full of wonderful concerts October 12-19 featuring the finest of Scotland's musical talent as well as some Blazin’ Fiddles host the 13th Blazin’ international guests. The venues in Beauly from 12th til 19th October are as special as ever, ranging from 2013. Expect full immersion into the the prestigious Perth Concert Hall to music, culture and craic of the town halls and tiny village halls, Highlands of Scotland – things from atmospheric castles to the which Blazin’ Fiddles have been historic Dunkeld Cathedral and even championing throughout their 15 including an iron age Crannog on years in the Scottish music scene. A Loch Tay…18 venues in all in 2013! unique opportunity to learn from the band and their special guest The festival is always always tutors as well as take part in evolving (remember it began as just sessions, concerts, masterclasses a weekend of concerts!) and this and ceilidhs whilst establishing new year organisers have put a lot of connections in a stunning part of thought into the whole concept of the country. 'Amber Discoveries' to complement

Blazin’ in Beauly

Biggar Little Festival Biggar October 17-27 A family-friendly festival in the historic market town of Biggar celebrating music, dance, arts and crafts, literature, and drama. Biggar will be filled with an eclectic programme of workshops, exhibitions, children's events, performances, a craft and food fair, and festival clubs. Take your pick from more than 50 events spread across 10 days in October. Many events are free! So start planning your visit to the Biggar Little Festival now!

their programme of concerts. All the Perthshire Amber team look forward to welcoming you to Perthshire in the autumn.

Denholm Folk Music Festival Denholm (Scottish Borders) October 31- 3 November

Folk fused with rock and country gives the 10th Denholm Folk Music Festival an added twist. This folk fusion festival in the Scottish countryside is a relative newcomer, slowly building a reputation in the local area. It's a small and cozy affair not far across the Scottish border which has always managed to attract quality headline acts to compliment the workshops and 2013 is the eighth year of the Sound open mic sessions. Free sessions all Selkirk Sessions Traditional Music North East Scotland The Spree weekend in the Auld Cross Keys, Festival and flows on from the two October 23 - November 21 Paisley The Fox and Hounds and Denholm previous Both Sides of the Tweed October 10-20 Meet. Sessions, licensed bar and Festivals which ceased in 2005. sound is driven by the passion to meals available all weekend in the Selkirk Sessions welcomes all The Spree is back after a successful make new music more accessible to Festival Club, Lesser Hall. musicians who enjoy playing folk audiences of all ages and debut in Paisley last year…and the (traditional or modern), backgrounds. It embraces a 2013 version will be bigger and contemporary and bluegrass music; better. Taking place over 11 days in network of local organisations to and anyone who just likes listening October, the festival has been to good stuff. designed to wrap around the Royal National Mòd, Scotland’s premier celebration of Gaelic language and culture, which is coming to Paisley Callander Jazz for the first time. With Mòd fringe events also taking place in the town and Blues Festival at the same time, Paisley will have Callander a real festival feel, and will be the October 4-6 place to be in October.The bulk of

More festival listings in our latest FESTIVALS edition



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