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i r e S p o h S n a aw 1 P 5 ’ w r e e n d e n e e r F h e c c e The t g® Special, e h t m n o Musta spiration fr der creat n n e i F o f w e s v i e t d ra a m v i t o e n n m i w i l d l y s e ra t h a t s o to t h e m o 0 in 7 ’ d n d i a m d l r o w e d i s t . y ou r o t is h r e d Fen

e h t — s r a t i u ies g der ’72 — s n e e m F i t d e n a m o s o d t n s a 0 c 6 e nt r i t h e m i d - ’ e f h t o s o t y a tion w r i e f h t o s d e n g u a o p c i r e t o s e ore

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e-style Vintag and strap tuners s buttonauthentic for an are touch. hardw g gig ba Deluxe shly li for sty tive c e t o r p ort. transp dius 9.5”-ra od o rosew rd with a fretbo m jumbo iu d me r easy frets foility. playab

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Mustang® Special — The Pawn Shop Mustang offset Mustang® body, ’60s “C”-shaped 24” sh and dual Fender Enforcer™ humbucking picku ers and unique switching—a creative alchemy o ponents. Other features include a rosewood fret radius and medium jumbo frets, pickup toggle s selector slide switch for each humbucking pick tonal options, mint green pickguard, ’70s-style bridge, vintage-style tuners and strap buttons, a

g Special has a modified hort-scale maple neck, ups with ’70s-style covof diverse Fender comtboard with modern 9.5” switch, three-way coil kup enabling 18 different hard-tail Stratocaster® and deluxe gig bag.

Par t S t ra Par t Te tocaster ®. le Par t P caster ®. re e ve n . c i s i o n B a s s ® , Pa ’ 6 0 s a n r t ’ 5 0 s, p a r t d the Pa par t ’70s, w Fende n Shop seri es r a d i ve ’ 5 1 c o m b i n e rs s o f c l a s e we a l t h si design c Fender e one tr lements in to ul l o o k i n y d i s t i n c t i ve g sound , dynamicing gu itar.

C-shap Teleca ed s ® for thic ter neck and 9.5k, solid grip maple ”-radius with mfretboard jumbo edium easy p frets for layabil ity.

1960sstyling’70s design an aut imparts “rare bhentically shop loird” pawn ok. Vintag tuners e-style buttonand strap for an s hardwauthentic are tou ch. Deluxe g stylish ig bag for transp ly protective ort.

Single Specia c™oil Texas pickupl neck glassy for warm, tone

Fende r humb Enforcer ™ u bridge cking searin pickup for g lead tone. ’70s-st tail Stryle hardbridgeatocaster ® rock-sofor tuning lid stabilit y.

Strato c for tim aster ® body familiaelessly and fe r look el.

Dual-k chromnob plate ee control ’50s Pr vokes a Bass ® vecision ibe.

Maste r contro volume pull col has pushfunctioil split coil to n for single n the hu e from bridgembucking pickup . Threerotary position selectopickup is an u r knob twist f nusual o instrumr a Fender ent.

as a er ’51 h haped d n e F a “U”-s n Shop Y he Paw er® body and ingle-coil M T E H LC as cast Strato r® neck, with kup, Fender TIVE A A E R e R t ic C s E A D Teleca cial™ neck p bridge SE FEN g R pe E V I Texas S humbuckin chrome D N OF D A ™ . r e ob ENTS Enforc d a dual-kn ures include N O P n a eat COM UFF pickup late. Other f modern 9.5” T S D p h l S AN contro retboard wit ush-pull f THING p le h p it a w am ntrol ardo c e lum -style h o s v 0 r ’7 e , t b s ers and ets, ma tor kno mbo fr pickup selec ge-style tun ju m y ediu inta n rotar and m uard, v radius three-positio white pickg e, lit, coil sp caster bridg e gig bag. o lux at tail Str tons, and de ut strap b

d of n i k e m Like so g early-’70s n six-stri project, e scienc n Shop w the Pa nder ’72 Fe series an unusual ts presen tion of na combi ender design F classic s. Not least nt eleme is the semiof them ody with b hollow d dual an f hole king pickup uc humb ation, but ur config lt is a truly u nt the res ve instrume ti distinc uge sound. h with a

’70s 1960s- styling n ig s e d s an impart tically n e auth ird” pawn “rare b ok. shop lo e-style Vintag and strap tuners s buttonauthentic for an are touch. hardw g gig ba Deluxe shly li for sty tive protecort. transp

® ster U Teleca neck d Shape ullet truss with bd threerod antachment bolt at k grip and for thictic earlyauthentonation ’70s in y. stabilit

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dyle har ® ’70s-st atocaster tail Str for bridge lid tuning rock-soy. stabilit

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ted -deten Center blend. pickup ollow Semi-haster® c o t a le Str ith f-ho body whly is a hig l touch a unusu nder e for a F ent. instrum

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