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SEMINAR 3: SINGING & SONGS  ­  PENNY BARFIELD Thursday 27th January 2011

Who’s leading? Looking at ways of using children’s ideas and encouraging creative expression. Adult-led, child-led, and the in-betweens – work in progress

Warm-ups and voiceplay Come Dance with Me (Sharon Durant) – Clap your hands, tap your knees, now get ready to copy me: rub hands/tap shoes/whee splash/miaow/ho ho ho/Sshh/kkkkk/cuckoo/tick tock Discuss progression


simple sounds/actions for babies combine two sounds/actions conduct in groups: agree signals for start/stop/ loud/quiet/fast/slow (children can conduct) one person leads (all copy) then points to another person to make a new sound (nice for family learning or carer/child groups)

Circle, action and passing songs Let’s make a circle, a circle, a circle, Let’s make a circle here today – a gathering song with lots of possibilities for new words Santa Maloney (tune: One finger one thumb, keep moving) John Feierabend Here we go Santa Maloney (x3) As we go round about. Clap your hands together (x3) As we go round about.

or clap your hands and tap your knees

Extension: think about sounded and silent actions; add vocal sounds (stamp your feet and shout yee ha!/rub your hands and all say ‘boo’) - similar idea to Clap your hands and wiggle your fingers (Sue Nicholls) from Bobby Shaftoe tap your knees (tune: Bobby Shaftoe)

Singing Bag Pass the bag around the ring, around the ring, around the ring, Pass the bag around the ring, what song shall we sing? (London Bridge tune) Use a bag and put selected items inside (eg. laminated nursery rhymes/objects/animals/puppets etc. inside). When the bag stops, the child chooses something from the bag (eg. teddy, potato, killer whale etc) and a song or rhyme is chosen. Hot potato pass it on, hot potato pass it on, hot potato pass it on, Get rid of the hot potato! (Pass the potato round, and roll it to someone else when you get to the words ‘get rid’.

Supporting musical creativity – next steps? Going from the known to the unknown . . . . Discussion – how could we support creative music making around the killer whale in the bag? How does it feel/what does it look like? How do you think it moves? What do you think it eats? Where does it live? We could make up a chant or song or use repeating sounds from the ideas. Creating a setting We could create a sea scene (fabric, shells etc.) What noises might the children hear? What songs do they know about the sea or sea creatures? Could we add some instruments (ocean drum?). Perhaps use a story book for stimulation. Ideas: A structure could be created by having a repeated chant or sound, then a new idea to explore. Video recording would allow children to look back at their work and talk about it, and would show how their music was developing. This could evolve over time if props/instruments were left out (work in progress). The aim is not to create a musical ‘piece’ in one session, but to encourage, support and extend vocal expression and music making.

Participants Notes  
Participants Notes  

Notes from Penny Barfield's workshop at seminar 3 of Moving On.