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Music For Business • Used for elevator music,

hold music, overhead music & a variety of situations • Prevents customer boredom

Music Must be Enjoyable • Clear & suitable for the

majority • Distract & relax them and

make them feel happy

Music Must be Licensed • You can’t simply use your

CD’s (copyright issues) • Licensing costs money, but

is necessary...

Difficult to Find Information • We don’t want you to make a

mistake & lose time & money (and customers)

• Choose the right type of

music for your business

Waiting on Hold is Needed • But people want to be

attended to instantly • The music helps distract

them & forget about the wait

Music Eliminates the Silence • You don’t need a lot of music • Just enough to keep your

customers entertained • State hold times as well

Some Tricks to Help • Use looped music • Tell them how many are ahead

of them in the queue

• Talk about products & services

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