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Production Lyrics Music Vocals Musicianship

Production Lyrics Music Vocals Musicianship

Production Lyrics Music Vocals Musicianship

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Spends Quality


Contact: Web: Seeking: NA Style: Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop Username: bloomer1

Contact: Web: Seeking: Press, PR, Publicity, Radio Play Style: Rock, Pop-Rock Username: elcaset

Spends Quality is a realist who keeps the boasting to a minimum, but he has maximum mic issues. "Midnight" sets an eerie, spacey scene and a smooth, speedy vocal flow, but is hampered by the overused "on the phone" mic effect. Fingersnaps lend a subtlely jazzy air to "Don't Rush Me," a resonant lowend track where he pledges loyalty to his girl. Overall, SQ has some compelling beats and nice drops that his fellow headz will dig, but if he wants to make a stronger impact on record he'll need to develop a better, less muffled mic technique.

Lots of strengths—and some key weaknesses—characterize these tunes from Aussie trio Elcaset. "Can't Say We're Too Late" signals the band's early 2000's pop-punk influences, especially on bass and vocals. The hook could use more beef, and the kick-drum is overmixed. "Losing Ground," though much catchier, could be improved by adding a vocal to the chorus and more imagination to the drumming. All in all, we're most impressed by frontman Rory who handles the mic and lone guitar with skill. Keep working, guys.

Production Lyrics Music Vocals Musicianship

7 7 7 7 8

Karpay DM


Contact: Web: Seeking: Label, Distrib, Booking Style: Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B Username: karpaydm

Contact: Web: Seeking: Label, Booking Style: Hip-Hop Username: k-tek

The versatile Yoggi & Boo are looking for mainstream rap fame as Karpay DM. Their strip club number "Go Low, Get Low" is a solid Lil Wayne-meetsRihanna track that could work for film/ TV folks on a budget. The pop-rock leaning "Steal Away," however, is hampered by poor production that allows Boo's voice to flat out, and the rap flow, though strong, enters way too late. Despite nice elements (violin) the song never gets off the ground. The edm-friendly "Holding On" rebounds with better production and good vocal energy, mainly from Yoggi. More work could help this act to gel.

Rapper K-tek's "Henny & Coke" is a down n' dirty club ditty, a song that oozes sex as the artist voices his case to a comely dancer. He continues the sex prowl with "Opa," before shifting gears for the R&Bflavored ballad "Reminisce," pledging his love to a girl who has reason to doubt him. Tek certainly has an ear for interesting touches in his tracks. But he's got key areas that he needs to develop, particularly his sometimes clever but mostly standard lyrics, and audio production, which tends to be extremely shrill in quality.

Production Lyrics Music Vocals Musicianship

6 7 7 7 7

Edgar Allan Poets

By the Stone

Contact: Web: Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV Style: Noir Rock Username: chrismariotti

Contact: outpost@ Web: Seeking: Reviews Style: Prog Metal Username: bythestone

What does a Burbank via Italy duo who are influenced by Poe and Alfred Hitchcock sound like? Well, they deliver music that's moody and hypnotic, with an occasional twist, not to mention a singer whose deep, throaty English is liberally accented. The familiar-riffed, rock-operatic "Wrong Direction" could be termed "mellow Rammstein" while the act's Euro influence is most prominent musically in the keyboard sounds of the introspective "Cryptic Code." Is America ready for EAP? It's a longshot, but this niche duo are recorded well enough to be distributed.

Inspired by Pink Floyd and sounding akin to Tool, APC, et al., By the Stone have more work to do to create tracks that succeed on all levels. Gravely serious, consistently dramatic, at times operatic, the altogether lengthy songs "Without The Sun," "Jericho" and "Hubris" suffer from the same malady: poor recording and mixing. And for a prog-metal band, musicianship here is merely fair at best. We advise this Boston area outfit to find their sound first, and only then get in the studio with a skilled engineer to realize their vision.

Production Lyrics Music Vocals Musicianship

5 7 6 5 6

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