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Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, CA

Contact: Web: The Players: Glitter Rose, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Rob K, lead guitar; Ara Ajizian, bass; Nick Welsh, drums. Username: GlitterRose Material: A good, fun, pop-rock sound with a “sexy-tough chick” slant, Glitter Rose seems to meet in the middle of a few genres. It is rock & roll, but of the classic, singer-songwriter type, sometimes sounding straight out of Nashville, such as the tune “Desert Blues,” with its slightly



playing and singing can sometimes take Rose’s mouth away from the microphone, losing the lyrics in the process. The vocal range demanded by the material is wide, and this performer’s voice is sometimes obscure in the lower range. While part of this can be attributed to sound engineering, the performer has the responsibility to craft the song to serve vocal strengths. Rose’s band is solid, but also has room to grow as a unit. All players are at the professional level. Rob K shines as a soloist, and bassist Ajizan does nothing to distract (which is high praise for a bassist in this stye), but drummer Nick Welsh has a tendency to over-play slightly and lose the groove in transitions and fills. For this style, less can sometimes be more, and the band would likely tighten up as a result of simplifying the fills and just sinking into the groove.

harder-than-Sheryl Crow sound. Chris Isaak comes to mind with the mellow-groove intro to “Sleep Only Wants Me in the Sunlight,” and the Fleetwood Mac anthem “The Chain” seems an almost direct influence in the track “Kody was a Killer.” Rose covers the Jet rocker “Are you Gonna be My Girl” and the Hendrix favorite “Fire,” suggesting a target market of popular, non-offensive, good energy rock music. Musicianship: Glitter Rose demonstrates a good deal of comfort with her guitar and voice, and is completely competent in both areas. There is, however, some room to establish a distinctly personal sound. The balancing act between

Performance: Glitter Rose came to give everything she had. Perhaps an off-night for the sound engineer didn’t distract or dampen Rose’s spirit. Her interaction with bandmates, the audience, and some quality moves on the stage proved that Rose is a workhorse who takes the art of performance seriously, and––quite frankly––has fun doing it, which is the most important part. Summary: Glitter Rose is sexy, tough and generally a lot of fun. The music is pleasing, safe and marketable, and the band is just a notch shy of inspiring. It is clear by her charisma and ability to perform in difficult conditions that this artist has the potential to grow into a dynamic, exciting and memorable act. – Tim Reid, Jr.

Whisky-a-Go-Go West Hollywood, CA Contact: Web: The Players: Allison Ireheta, vocals; David Immerman, guitar; Valerie Franco, drums; and Matthew Hager, bass. Username: halocircus Material: From American Idol fame, Allison Irehata steers away from the limelight, transitioning from solo artist to frontwoman of Halo Circus. Bringing a new sound, and tasty material, the band delivers solid ballads as well as energetic rock songs. “You Can't Take You Away From Me” truly demonstrates Irehata’s strength as a performer and her comfort zone as a solo artist. Halo Circus' more crowd-pleasing numbers, “Hello Love” and “Desire,” are especially catchy and cheeky, with stomping drums, infectious guitar lines and creative melodies. Musicianship: Halo Circus, whose members are all veterans to the stage, bring a helping of charisma and talent to their live performance. The only thing that needs a little work is the camaraderie between singer and band members. At times it is unclear if this is a band or a singer with backup. Performance: Irehata's voice, combining both the powers of a well-tuned R&B singer and the trilling coos of artists like Amy Winehouse and Duffy, was stunning. The live mix, however, was not. For anyone unfamiliar with Halo Circus, the lyrics were difficult to decipher and Irehata's entangling vocals didn't help the listener understand what the song was


about. As for the rest of Halo Circus, the stage presence seemed energetic and in groove with one another. This was a great strength for the show, but again, not in combination with Allison's own performance on stage. Irehata’s more demure and elegant appearance clashed with her band's relaxed rip-jeans and t-shirt style, which added to the overall discomfort when she interacted with her bandmates. However, this can be forgiven as sometimes it takes a while to grow comfortable and confident with new projects and musicians.

Summary: Allison Irehata, formerly a contestant on Season 8 of American Idol, tiptoes from solo artist to frontwoman in the rock band in Halo Circus. Just getting started, the band have yet to release any singles, however their songs “Hello Love” and “Desire” could contend for that spot. With Irehata taking the lead vocals and the band's mix of soulful lyrics with upbeat songs, they have a solid foundation to build upon. –Mary Broadbent

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