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you go . . .
. . .
Wherever you are
is there!

. . . a program of highly interactive choral and instrumental ensemble music.


Highly interac�ve designed for a wide variety of classes around the globe


Bringing individuals and Micro-Music Hubs together from around the globe


Increases self-confidence, social interac�on and enhanced learning skills through ensemble music performance


Integra�ng students with intermediate and advanced music experience along with beginning students and those with special needs


Home, Schools, Community Centers, Conference Rooms –any room where students have internet access and can par�cipate in music

Some of the International Students participating in Virtual Choir Concert.

Meet members of our International Team

Connie Fortunato

Santa Cruz, California

Founder and President

Music Camp Interna�onal

Master Choir Conductor

Carmen Hord

Craiova, Romania, Program Coordinator and Site Administrator

Music Camp Interna�onal

Rebecca Jackson-Picht

San Jose, California

Master Violin Teacher, Performing Ar�st

Ananya Shukla

New Delhi, India, Intern Coordinator

Virtual Music Camp Alumna

See full bios on our website

Musedics was born to create a compassionate community of strong relationships for today’s young people.
Today Musedics has expanded to become a dynamic force –uniting youth from all over the world with power, potential, and the positive message,
“We are the ones who can make a better world.”

Transforming isolation, trauma,

Semester Subscrip�on to Musedics includes:

• One Choir Class per week

• One Instrument Class per week (instruments vary)

• Concert with professional virtual orchestra

• Opportuni�es to enhance private lessons with ensemble and interna�onal involvement

• A living laboratory to prac�ce English speaking skills through student-teacher interac�on

• Access to extended learning pla�orm for all student materials

• Cer�ficate of Comple�on

Requirements for Par�cipa�on

• Ages 12-18 calculated Dec. 1 of enrollment year

• No previous musical experience needed

• Basic English skills

y of making music - and not just lear ning about it!

Members of philhar monic orchestras provide accompaniment for our concer ts Members of philharmonic orchestras provide accompaniment for our concerts.


• Each family provides technology and instruments when possible

• Tablet or Laptop, Internet connec�on

• Access to smartphone

Micro-Music Hubs and School Classes

Local sponsor provides Groups of 3-5 students

• Loca�on – either a community center, youth home or conference room

Lucy from Kenya learns to play Mozart on the recorder

• Chaperone or coordinator

• Technology – Access to Internet, Computer, and Smartphone

• Instruments when possible

For groups larger than five students, contact info@musedicsinterna�onal.org

“Experience the joy of making music together with students from around the globe”
and insecurity into confidence, community, and leadership!

▪ Departments of Social Welfare

▪ Causes for Social Jus�ce

▪ Children’s Advocacy Ini�a�ves

Program cost, payment informa�on, program policies, dates and registra�on informa�on for Musedics can be found by clicking on a link below.

info@musedicsinterna�onal.org 1-831-425-3600 Musedics International and Music Camp International are divisions of Canticum Novum International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible. Follow Musedics on Social Media Musedics Interna�onal works with:
▪ Ministries of Educa�on
INDIVIDUALS MICRO MUSIC HUBS Groups of 3-5 SCHOOLS Groups of 10-25 With Canticum Novum International