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An unforgettable evening of beautiful cinema music. Seunghee Lee performs Morricone. Programme for this unique charity concert is specially arranged by Andrea Morricone for clarinet, piano and orchestra.

FIRST EVER PERFORMANCE IN ASIA Winner of BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards-Italy Composer and Conductor



29 MAY 2015 (FRI) 8 PM



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" Making a difference, one concert at a time‌" – Seunghee Lee


Concert for Cause Gala Message from The Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong & Macau We feel extremely honoured to welcome two gifted artists, who together will join efforts for this special ‘Concert for Cause’ fundraising event, to make a difference in the lives of people in need. Maestro Andrea Morricone, an award-winning Italian composer, received the important recognitions of BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards-Italy. His impressive talent, pervading brilliance and relentless innovation will be paired with the virtuosity of Korean-American multitalented clarinetist Seunghee Lee. Together, for one memorable night in Hong Kong, they will enchant the audience at the HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre. My heartiest congratulation to the unrelenting efforts put by Ms. Seunghee Lee and Ms. Michela Bardotti, President of The Italian Women’s Association, into the organization of this unique event in the Hong Kong music scene.

Antonello De Riu Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong & Macau


Message from the President of the Yale Club of Hong Kong On behalf of the Yale Club of Hong Kong, I would like to welcome all of you to this wonderful Concert for Cause Gala Evening. The Yale Club of Hong Kong has a long tradition of supporting the arts, charities and fellowship in our cherished Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Whilst sharing close ties with Yale University in New Haven, our club is operated entirely by volunteer members. Amongst our leaders is tonight’s soloist, Seunghee Lee (also known to us as Sunny Kang), who has brilliantly served as Club Secretary and Committee Head of Arts and Culture. Many of you are familiar with her passion, professionalism and commitment to help those in need. Seunghee serves as an inspiration to all of us who are fortunate to know her. Along with our partners, The Italian Women’s Association, we are delighted to welcome tonight’s Guest of Honor, Maestro Andrea Morricone, one of Italy’s greatest composers, on his first-ever performance in Asia. I would also like to express our special gratitude to the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong & Macau and the Italian Cultural Institute for lending their support to this worthy cultural and charitable event. Most importantly, I would also like to highlight the beneficiaries for tonight’s concert: Arts with Disabled Association, Children’s Medical Foundation, Missione Possibile, New Sight Congo and The Mekong Club. Our sincere appreciation extends to all the supporters of these worthwhile organizations and to each one of you joining us in tonight’s event! Thank you and 多謝!

Jesse Friedlander Yale Club of Hong Kong, President


Concert for Cause Gala

Message from The President of The Italian Women's Association

I believe in synchronicity of life and I am sure that some encounters are only waiting for the right time to bloom in all their beauty. This concert was born out of synchronicity and of friendship: a friendship cultivated over the years and stored in the memory until it found the right moment to come out in all its glory! I met Seunghee Lee a few years ago here in Hong Kong and I immediately admired her extraordinary strength and dedication to others. She is the creator of the format “Concert for Cause”, which is music at the service of the people most in need. I witnessed Seunghee Lee climbing half of the world charts with the magic of her clarinet, while keeping intact her humanity, humility, friendship and affection, being first and foremost a wife and a mother, intimately bound to her family. Maestro Andrea Morricone and I were neighbors, as children, when we lived in the countryside right outside Rome. In the years that separated us, every time I heard of his achievements and his recognitions, I was always smiling fondly, thinking of my childhood friend and of the many amazing things he was doing around the world. Maestro Andrea Morricone is one of those artists who, with his music, has touched the hearts of millions of people. It is a real honor to have him here in Hong Kong for the first time. This ‘Concert for Cause Gala’ sprouted in this way: by bringing together old and new friends, who have the same strong commitment for contributing to those in need. As a non-profit Charity Organization, it is a privilege for The Italian Women’s Association to be part of this extraordinary evening. We are even more honoured to have the support of a prestigious partner like the Yale Club of Hong Kong. For the organization of this special event, my most heartfelt gratitude goes to: All the sponsors, the Organizing Committee of this Gala and the Executive Committee of the Italian Women’s Association: all are simply extraordinary people. The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong & Macau and the Italian Cultural Institute for their assistance. Mr. Sung K. Kang, pillar of support, without whom nothing would have been possible. Seunghee Lee and Andrea Morricone for their art and their friendship, made available to all of us for such a noble cause. Grazie! Michela Bardotti President of The Italian Women's Association


about Concert for Cause I believe that music has the magical power to penetrate straight into people’s hearts to open and awaken the goodness and compassion inside every human being.

– Seunghee Lee

Four years ago, Seunghee Lee founded an afternoon tea home-concert series called “Concert for Cause”. By inviting the founders of local grassroots charities to her home to share their mission, and by shining a light on current humanitarian issues, Ms. Lee created a wonderful pathway to use music as a bridge to bring people together and to awaken the goodness and the philanthropic hearts inside everyone. Through “Concert for Cause”, Seunghee Lee is passionate about bringing awareness, visibility and create a legacy for giving by everyone lending a helping hand to local charities and people in need, in process transforming people’s hearts to make a real difference in the world, one concert at a time.


Children’s Medical Foundation Bringing life-saving care to China’s youngest and poorest

“My wife and I live in the mountains of Guizhou and were married at an early age. After 10 months, we had a lovely baby girl, and our family was so happy. But only 10 days later, she became very sick and could not stop vomiting. Our local doctor couldn’t help, so we took our baby to the prefecture hospital, where we learned she had developed very serious conditions. Because we had married young, our baby was not covered by any government insurance. We had to pay for medicine and other costs ourselves, but our family only earns RMB 2,000 per month. We wondered whether we should take our baby home, even though she was so sick. Fortunately, Children’s Medical Foundation provided financial support that saved our newborn’s life. Although we are a poor family, I will educate my baby to help society and support those in need.” – Father of Baby Ao, Guizhou Province

The Chance to Live The first 28 days of life, the neonatal period, are the most dangerous. Nearly half of all deaths of children happen within these first days of life. Most of these babies die from routine conditions such as a lack of oxygen (asphyxia), low birth weight, or infection – deaths that are often preventable when good neonatal care is available. In 2013, over 140,000 newborns died in China. Babies born to poor, rural families face the worst odds. Their families may not be able to make a long trip by bus or motorcycle to the nearest suitable hospital, the local health care provider may not have adequate training or equipment to address anything but a routine birth, or, the family is simply unable to afford life-saving care. Your generous support this evening will help Children’s Medical Foundation bring that life-saving care to China’s youngest and poorest by training doctors and nurses in crucial neonatal skills, donating specialized medical equipment, and providing funding to families who cannot afford medical treatment. Founded in 1995, we innovate ways to improve healthcare and access for underserved populations. Past projects include establishing Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (one of China’s top pediatric hospitals) and funding surgeries for children with congenital diseases. Currently, we focus on neonatal care at 26 sites across 12 provinces in China, giving more and more babies a better chance at life. For more information, please contact us: Phone: +852-2877-4118 E-mail:


Concert for Cause Gala

MISSIONE POSSIBILE CHANGE ONE LIFE, CHANGE THE WORLD Missione Possibile is a non-profit organization, which supports humanitarian projects ensuring the fundamental rights to life, such as a healthy upbringing, schooling, adequate medical care, respect for the family and freedom of thought. We aim to prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation of children, believing that by investing in the education of the next generation, we can improve the quality of life in the countries where we work. We know that the smallest changes can have the biggest impacts. In fact, “Change one life, change the world” is our motto. In Cambodia, the continued efforts of our volunteers and local staff enable us to maintain two main projects in the fields of education and healthcare. Our project in Roong village started in 2005. Moving around with our mobile clinic, we saw a young man under a tree teaching a group of children. The chief of the village asked for help: hundreds of children did not have access to an education and most of the adults were illiterate, because there was no school in the area. After this encounter the village chief decided to sell some land to Missione Possibile Cambodia: in February 2006, the first school with four classrooms was built. Today, after huge efforts and sacrifices, Missione Possibile’s primary school has 360 students in 12 classes. The middle school, which officially opened in October 2014, has 100 students in 4 classes, grades seven and eight. Children in both schools come from six villages in the Takeo Province and, as well as learning the Cambodian school curriculum, they have access to English classes, computer lessons and a library. Our current mission is to introduce more classes and laboratories for the high school student, so that they can further pursue their secondary education. When it comes to matter of healthcare, we have a mobile clinic operating 3 days a week (morning and afternoon, in two locations per day). These people have no access to the local health care system and are unable to pay for doctors, medicines or even transportation to the closest hospital. Our mobile clinic staff are Cambodian, comprising of two doctors, one nurse, an assistant and one driver.


With your support, these children and families can hope for a better future, which in turn benefits the whole society.

New Sight Congo Restoring Sight, Changing Lives

New Sight Eye Care was founded by husband and wife medical professionals - Joyce Wong is a Hong Kong-born family doctor; Henri Samoutou is a senior ophthalmic technician with surgical skills. In 2006-2008, the couple successfully developed a non-profit eye centre in Gabon, Africa, which is now self-funded and continues to help over 6000 patients every year. In 2012, the Samoutous uprooted their family of five to pioneer the FIRST AND ONLY non-profit eye surgical centre in northern Republic of Congo, Africa, where 54% of the population lives in absolute poverty i.e. below USD1 a day. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 4 in 5 people who are blind are needlessly blind - their blindness is preventable or treatable. We can do this through simple measures like Vitamin A, glasses and medication. 50% of the people who are blind have cataracts and can see again after a one-off operation costing as little as HKD 800. When sight is restored, lives are transformed, not just for the patients but also for their families, and even the community. Our eye centre often feels like a happy reality make-over show! To find out more about us, please find us on Facebook: New Sight Congo, or visit us at

Message from Joyce and Henri Samoutou, founders of New Sight Congo Same patient bursting with a big smile

Recently our daughter told us a staggering fact that she read in a after operation book. Apparently, in a clear moonless night, the human eye can detect a match being struck 50 miles away. Light Thank you for sending us your love always dispels and triumphs over darkness - even if it is just and support from a little light from a tiny match. Hong Kong!’ What we are doing in our eye hospital in the Congo jungle seems so small, yet it is significant. Our little light makes all the difference to our patients and their families. We dispel and triumph over the darkness of disability. We give hope. We renew lives. Your support for us literally lights up their world. Through you, we will be able to continue to make a difference. Thank you so much to all of you. Here’s to the most magical and most luminous of nights!

Cherissa Samoutou, age 9


Concert for Cause Gala

The Mekong Club The Problem: Human Slavery Globally, it is estimated that there are over 36 million men, women and children in situations in modern day slavery. According to the International Labor Organization, threequarters of human slavery falls under the heading forced labor. These victims, who can be found in factories, construction sites, on plantations and within fisheries, are forced to work for little or no pay, deprived of their freedom, and often subjected to unimaginable suffering. Many businesses have a direct link to manufacturing supply chains. Therefore, a crucial and greatly underused weapon in this area is engaging the private sector in a more business-to-business approach.

The Mekong Club’s Approach The Mekong Club is the first of its kind anywhere in the world to directly engage the business world through a multi-stakeholder approach – a “business coalition model.” This approach is opening a new front in the fight against human trafficking and adding considerable resources. The Mekong Club is the “goto” organization in Asia, which engages, leads and facilitates action on slavery by the private sector, across a wide range of sectors and industries, in a positive and supportive manner. By facilitating information sharing, continuing education, best practice approaches, technical advisory services and problem solving, we are catalyzing change in the business sector’s role in eliminating human slavery.

The Mekong Club’s Activities

• Education: The Mekong Club educates companies of all sizes about slavery in the modern world, the role of the private sector in eradication and how it impacts business. • Connection: The Mekong Club connects the private sector with leading resources, tools and experts to help companies understand and address the potential threats slavery could pose to their business whilst providing a forum for networking. • Action: The Mekong Club is comprised of a network of leading experts in slavery and human trafficking, as well as a broad coalition of private sector consultants who are committed to helping businesses eliminate slavery from their supply chains.

Our Goal To significantly reduce slavery in Asia and the world.


Concert for Cause Gala

Andrea Morricone composer / conductor Andrea Morricone is a modern day “Maestro” of the next millennium. It is rare that a classical composer and conductor can reach across multiple genres, from classical to rock, with ease and ingenuity. As a masterful composer, his repertoire is vast, varied and formidable – attributes sought after by singers and studios alike. Andrea’s dedication to his music and his passion for musical innovation are legendary. His amazing uniqueness lies in the fact that, first and foremost for him as a composer, a conductor must know a score intimately; and he does; thus his music speaks volumes. Andrea refers to his music as being quintessentially cinematic, big themes for the big screen and big voices, a Morricone hallmark. His impressive filmography includes over twenty Italian and international film scores including the “Love Theme” from Cinema Paradiso for which he and his father received the coveted BAFTA award for Best Original Film Score. Other of his notable film scores include L’Industriale (The Entrepreneur) which earned him a Golden Globe in Italy in 2012 and A Slum Symphony which was lauded as Best Documentary at the Rome Fiction Fest in 2010. When asked about what lies ahead, he is exuberant.

I feel like a very strong, strong river ... that does not find any obstacles. – Andrea Morricone


Seunghee Lee Clarinet Praised by music critics, clarinetist Seunghee Lee has been reviewed as a “brilliant clarinetist” by the Fanfare Magazine, and The Clarinet Magazine has recognized her as “an uncompromising soloist destined to be an upcoming contender of top stature”. Upon release of her debut album Brava with Summit Records, Seunghee was featured as one of the “Top 30 Classical Stars Under 30” by KDFC, San Francisco’s classical radio station. Her long awaited second album Embrace, released by Summit Records in 2011, beautifully showcases the clarinet’s versatility as she aims to broaden the clarinet’s repertoire by making premiere recordings of some of the most heart-warming classical compositions originally written for voice, strings and piano. Embrace climbed up HMV Classical Charts in Hong Kong to number 4.

Hidden Treasures, Seunghee’s latest album independently released under her own label in 2014, achieved even greater heights by climbing to number 2 on Hong Kong Records’ Top 10 Classical Charts and was featured as “CD of the Week” in such classical radio stations as KDFC (San Francisco), WSCL (Maryland), Symphony FM 92.4 Singapore and Fine Music Radio in Cape Town, South Africa. Also a passionate and highly skilled golfer, Seunghee (a.k.a. Sunny Kang) spoke at TEDx Hong Kong about the surprising similarities between golf and music, and the mental challenges of viewing both skills through the lens of a perfectionist.


Concert for Cause Gala


Andrea Morricone (1964– )

Ennio Morricone (1928– )

La Forza del Sorriso (The Power of a Smile) (composed and arranged by Andrea Morricone) Piano Solo: Andrea Morricone

Gabriel’s Oboe – from The Mission (arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet: Seunghee Lee

Andrea Morricone

Hymn to Faith (L’Inno alla Fede)

Johannes Brahms (1833–1897)

Two Hungarian Dances – No. 1 in G minor & No. 2 in D minor

Nino Rota (1911–1979)

La passerella di otto e mezzo – from 8½

Love Theme from The Godfather

Andrea Morricone

Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso

(composed, arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet: Seunghee Lee

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Pianos: HK Duo – Hui Ling & Julie Kuok

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone)

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet Solo: Seunghee Lee

(composed, arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet Solo: Seunghee Lee




Andrea Morricone

La Festa – from L’Industriale

Ennio Morricone

Deborah’s Theme – from Once Upon a Time in America

Scott Joplin (1867–1917)

The Entertainer – from The Sting

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet Solo: Seunghee Lee

Andrea Morricone

Theme in D minor

(composed and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone)

Lee Hin (1985– )

The Story of Ups and Downs

Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952– )

The Sheltering Sky

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet Solo: Seunghee Lee

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet Solo: Seunghee Lee • Piano: Lee Hin

(composed, arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone)

(arranged and orchestrated by Andrea Morricone) Clarinet Solo: Seunghee Lee

We are grateful to Maestro Andrea Morricone for his program. All arrangements and orchestrations performed tonight are World Premières.


PROGRAM NOTES La Forza del Sorriso (The Power of a Smile) This work is dedicated to Expo Milano 2015, the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy hosts. For this anthem, Andrea Morricone has collaborated with the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who provided the Italian lyrics as well as his beautiful voice in the recording. Gabriel’s Oboe – from The Mission (1986, UK) Directed by Roland Joffé, The Mission is about the struggles of a Jesuit missionary in 18th century South America. Besides winning the coveted Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, the theme “Gabriel’s Oboe” has since found a new life as the immensely popular song Nella Fantasia sung by Sarah Brightman.

Hymn to Faith (L’Inno alla Fede) Originally written for oboe and strings in 2014, this delicate yet powerful piece is the official anthem of the Pro-Music and Sacred Art Foundation in Rome, Italy. Two Hungarian Dances: No. 1 in G minor & No. 2 in D minor Brahms has written a total of 21 short dance tunes based mostly on Hungarian themes, originally composed for piano fourhands and subsequently arranged by multiple composers (including Brahms himself) for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles. These were to become one of the composer’s most popular pieces. La passerella di otto e mezzo – from 8½ (1963, Italy) Winner of an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Grand Prix at the Moscow International Film Festival, Federico Fellini has turned the story of a director suffering from creative block into one of the greatest films about film ever made. Love Theme from The Godfather (1972, USA) As the Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 1973 and a Golden Globe winner for Best Motion Picture – Drama, this epic about the Corleone crime family is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential films of all times, and its success spawned two sequels. Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso (1988, Italy) Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, this Italian classic is about a deep friendship between a young boy and a projectionist at the local cinema, and how this shapes the boy’s successful pursuit of dream as a filmmaker. An instant success upon its international release, it has won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Grand Jury Prize at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. The Morricone father-and-son, who jointly composed the film score, shared a BAFTA Award for Best Original Film Score. La Festa – from L’Industriale (The Entrepreneur) (2011, Italy) The most recent film directed by Giuliano Montaldo, L’Industriale premiered out of competition at the 2011 Rome Film Festival, and has won three Italian Golden Globes for Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Music. Deborah’s Theme – from Once Upon a Time in America (1984, Italy) This is Sergio Leone’s final film and chronicles the rise and fall of a band of Jewish gangsters from New York City’s world of organized crime. The drastically shortened and re-edited version for the American market was a commercial and critical failure, and it is when the original edit for Europe release was made available on DVD, that the masterpiece finds its full glory and modern day success. The Entertainer – from The Sting (1973, USA) Subtitled “A Ragtime Two-Step”, this piano rag by the King of Ragtime Music has enjoyed renewed popularity since the 1970s through an adaptation for the Oscar-winning film titled The Sting. The Sheltering Sky (1990 British-Italian) The drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci is based on the 1949 novel by Paul Bowles about a couple who journey to northern Africa in the hopes of rekindling their marriage but soon fall prey to the dangers that surround them. The soundtrack, composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score and the LAFCA Award for Best Music.


Concert for Cause Gala

Concert For Cause Gala Orchestra

Violin I Kitty Cheung Kiann Chow Eiko Hosaka Hui Chi-kin Shushen Jia John Kruer Thomas Lau Violin II Michelle Cai Sharon Chan Mark Hui Mo Ting Ting Jasmine Pang Tsai Loo Viola Ringo Chan William Lane Johnny Ng Cello Laurent Perrin Calvin Wong Wu Yin-yin Double Bass Evette Chiu Eddie Zong


Flute Brian Chan Oboe / Cor anglais Marrie Rose Kim Clarinet Johnny Fong Bassoon Joseph Chin Horn Harry Chiu Richard Ho Trumpet Huang Shan Harp Ann Huang Pianists HK Duo – Hui Ling Julie Kuok

Lee Hin piano Being a music lover, Lee Hin attained LTCL Performing Diploma from Trinity College London and Grade 8 in singing from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. He has studied piano under the mentorship of renowned pianists, Ms Nancy Loo and Ms Michelle Kim. He was awarded the Most Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award of “Cross All Borders: A Mini Festival Showcasing New Performing Artists with Disabilities 2009”. Believing music can enable him to see wide and far, Lee Hin actively participates in public performances and has collaborated with various music maestros and arts groups such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Hong Kong SAR Philharmonic Orchestra. He also collaborated with renowned musician, Mr Kung Chi-shing and pop star, Mr Hins Cheung. His recent performances include “Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Fundraising Concert 2015”, “Festival of Inclusive Arts 2013”, “Freespace Fest 2013”, and “HKGNA Music Festival 2014”, etc. Apart from local performances, he had the opportunities to exchange with overseas artists in the “2010 International VSA Festival” (USA) and “The 8th International Abilympics” (Korea). He also performed a duet with erhu maestro Mr Wong On-yuen on Below the Lion Rock at Shanghai Expo. Besides, Lee Hin began his own music creation, and composed the theme song, A Story of Ups and Downs, for an original musical he performed in as the leading character.

Lee Hin

HK Duo Piano The Beijing born Hui Ling met Hong Kong born Julie Kuok in 2000 at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where they formed the “HKDuo”. The contrasting personalities give exciting chemistry and colorful merge of tones with their genuine interpretation ranging from classical music, jazz, to their own compositions and transcriptions. The HKDuo had given various concerts since their establishment. These include the concert series organized by the LCSD celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the City Hall and the 150th Anniversary of Debussy. Their multi-media concert named “Duo & Duologue -In memory of Nadia Boulanger” interacting music with drama and dance marked an innovative breakthrough in their performing history. They had also collaborated with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong and appeared with other local and foreign artists in several piano extravaganza concerts. And they had also participated in charity concerts raising fund for the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women. Their appearance abroad includes the Waterford Arts Festival in Ireland, the Grand Asian Piano Concerts held in Korea and Malaysia, the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival and the 2nd Yichang, Yangtze River Piano Music Festival. They had also given concerts and masterclasses in the music schools in Taiwan and Xiamen. HKDuo had been the Artists-in-Residence of the RTHK Radio 4 in 2005.

Hui Ling (left) and Julie Kuok (right)


Concert for Cause Gala 8


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Concert for Cause Gala

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“Through your friendship over the past 9 years, I truly found humility and happiness. Thank you for your love!” - Sunny Kang


A special heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals for their amazing support in creating the Concert for Cause Gala, 2015 Concert for Cause Gala Organizing Committee Sunny Kang (Founder of Concert for Cause) Michela Bardotti (The Italian Women’s Association) Joanne Tam (New Sight Congo) Sheryl Lee (Chiczando) Sarina Mahasiri (Children’s Medical Foundation) David Wong (Children’s Medical Foundation) Jo Fok (Marshmallow Media) Sylvia Yu (Mekong Club) Kitty Cheung (Violinist) Laurent Perrin (Cellist) Yale Club of Hong Kong Jesse Friedlander Randy Kwei IWA Executive Committee 2014 – 2015 Michela Bardotti Paola Caronni Mariapaola Paiola Francesca Rossi Patrizia Tarallo Aparna Sordi Maria Evangelista Ginevra Niccolini Serragli Production Team Sheryl Lee (Chiczando) Ricky Tsang (Chiczando) Shirley Doo (Chiczando) Mei Ming Leung (Chiczando) Lee Cham Kau In Support of Andrea Morricone Franca Smarelli - Skyhigh Promotions Salpi Kerkonian Missione Possibile Gerry Testori Francesca Gasparrini Audrey Jack Mindy Tagliente Paola De Antonellis Rohini Thomas

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you to All of my friends for your generous support and your countless Hours of contribution behind the scenes. I'm humbled by the Outpouring of your love and team work. A special acknowledgement to Michela Bardotti, A woman with a Heart of Gold, Who always puts the needs of others first. Thank you for your vision and your inspiration in Creating this extraordinary event. To my family who is the Source of empowerment in everything I do in my life. I love you! To Maestro Andrea Morricone, There are not enough words to express my Sincere love and gratitude for your enormous generosity. Your Love Theme to Cinema Paradiso has touched and Healed my heart for many years and it is truly my Honor and privilege to work with you to Make a difference. Most importantly, THANK YOU to Everyone here tonight for opening up your Hearts in support of Concert for Cause. I do hope you experience The power of music. With Love, Seunghee Lee