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Music is My Life This Website is mainly about the addition to Music. It gives you the chance to post your own blogs, videos, and etc, plus to get noticed by the world and become who YOU want to be. I remember when I was 9 years old I would take a shower ever morning And I would have a good day. I remember when all of that changed when I heard about my grandmother that passed away. Then I would take a bath everyJared day Rhinehart Jared Rhinehart is the creator of because that day was a new day the website “Music Is My Life�. Jared Created the Site to get I remember children of his age to get more interested in music and create a lot


Those days were sad days, that?s why we pray. I hate what I have to go through to have a good day. listen to what I say, remember my words. because this is the last time I?m going to say Mus what ic I say. L ove bec aus e music is my lif e

Music & Lyrics & Video & Design Can Create A New Change and Possibility! Students THEN Artist? (STA) Students are first the little people who start off with a talent, then they grow into the best song writers, song producers, video recorders and

iRemix Records

The Change Society Brother Mike made “The Change Society” I guess just to expire children to be bigger than what they are and express their selves and push their selves to success. iRemix World Digital Youth Network gives students tools to be engaged, articulate, critical and collaborative. Facilitate the ability to become creators – designers, builders & innovators – who can envision new possibilities.

iRemix Common Mix tape

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iRemix Common From the beginnings of time we have relied on the griots. (a traditional name for oral historians, storytellers, etc.) In our generation Hip-Hop and Spoken Word have become our most effective means of bringing our cultural artistic voice to the world. It is this tradition we will continue, with flow to make us unique, and

messages that tell our stories: To teach, To inform, To inspire, and always Entertain. Common uses music to lyrically tell HIS story of the history of Hip Hop and inform us about realities of many Corners of urban reality as HE sees it.

Music Is my Life  

This selsction is alot about music

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