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Monthly Planet the Music Tourist Board tip zine of many pix, a few words and linked pages. It is not monthly (unlike visits to Costa del Thames by Doctor WTF who travels in this bright pink tardis)… Once upon another time, some Super Furry Animals requested; “God! Show Me Magic”. So Mother Nature's talent with science created 3D printing and bluetooth (the latter has nothing to do with dentristry, yet). Life is like Hogwarts meets Star Trek sometimes. People can laugh but loads of this comes true…

DIY cut n paste zine.. Please send your words / lyrics / pix n PDFs to; to spread your word. Everybody (ads included) in the issue is connected. Thank you Andy Palmer, Bad Wolf, Ben Dodd, Comatose, Embers, Jean Genie Graham, Junction Sounds, Leon The Canteen, Liam J Hayter , Mark Morriss, Mark Stein, Mutineers, The Otherside, Playhard crew, Radio Radio, The Hornets. Photography by Rupert Hitchcox. Cath Dupuy (cover image of Floodliners) and Marco Argiro. Snapshots n chat by Caffy.

Much of this is made from moments at gigs - CLICK THE PAGES. THEY LINK.

CONTENTS PAGE 4 - Moon Fairies * 8 snapshots; Mutineers / Gramotones. 9 Access All Ages * 10 - Floodliners pix by Cath Dupuy * City Showcase * 14 Mark Morriss * 9 Playhard November and December 2012 * 24 Jean Genies year of Massive Hugs * 29 ArtBeat -

Hearse Pile Up - ‘Pretty Shiny Things’ launch, 31st January + words/pix from first three events * 36 - Snapshots * 38 - Amersham Arms (happening venue)* 40 Saturday Rock Show pix & interviews; The Hornets,

Comatose, The Otherside, Bad Wolf and Radio Radio.* 52 Home Grown Rock - one of the great new music buzzes that started in 2012. * 54 - Music Promoters; Junction Sounds and Rocklands.* 55 Embers. immeasurably immense post apolyptic sound is coming. * 60 - 2012, - a few other LIKEs.

London South East X‌ at The Zone Of Time.

Moon Fairies in CiderSpace (The wi fi sci fi hi fi life I lead)

Dark fluffy night clouds sleepily fly Over the moon with inaudible sigh Moonbeams peep out from the star twinkled sky So fairies are sure that they land somewhere dry. And that is exactly what happened at Comet Street, London SE8, some years ago. Hattie Chewed and Smoocher Velvet liked the sound of Paradise, in a creative land where 'All You Need Is Love' was one of the many anthems. So they came by moonbeam, to a street just across the A2 from The Paradise Bar (immortalised in song, the legendary venue has now reverted to The Royal Albert pub). The Moon Fairies have been in the planet's zone of time, Costa del Thames, ever since. They are not the only intergalactic holiday makers to take a shine to the locality. Centuries earlier, intergalactic travellers had landed not far away from what is now Vulcan Road, London SE4. A stone circle commemorates the ancient site where they beamed down to. You still see people in South East London with their hats and hair styles covering their ears. Logical folk, they tend to live long, and in many different ways, prosper. This part of the Rock N Roll isles (a collection of stunning natural beauty spots just off the land mass of Europa) is where space travellers with any concept of time, land. Having heard of Greenwich Mean Time they head for the six mile radius around the oldest park. Although Stonehenge still guides holiday makers from all galaxies to this solar system, you can now fast track with the homing signals atop the Peace Dome at North Greenwich for the capital's best fair ground rides around London town. If on-land adventures are your thing. (You need to be humanoid for that. Oh and adventurous. Humans are their own greatest predators). Obviously the real attraction is the greatest adventure in the universe – the oceans of the Living Planet. But for on land safari types, then the Zone of Time is an artful affordable adventure. Eastminster is the London district that does not do dull. As seen on the BBC Map, Dickensia, East Enders Land, Docklands and across the river, the South East Bank (also known as Rocklands where Lovers Rock and Rockers Love unite).

Simultaneously ancient and futuristic, the greatest treasure of this over densely populated (but with just about enough green spaces for birdsong, and therefore relative peace and sanity), are the every day, down to earth people. Bursting with character and characters, this is the place for any moon fairy to live. Especially as they love art and music so much. Hattie and Smoocher arrived on this world from Moon Base, Universe City, just as Moon Beams were going wi fi. Jay Pegg's hologram tour buses were all the rage. Beam band is super fast. All it took was for an attachment to be picked up by a fellow Lunartique already on earth. One “send” to the net cafe on Deptford Broadway and, ta-dah! Welcome to Paradise. Or to be more precise, The Paradise Bar. Ooh London. Where the streets are paved not so much with gold as the nightmares of Dickensian poverty meet Orwellian paranoia. It didnt take long for the reality of Planet Earth to sink in. Having studied this world, and BritainIreland especially, Hattie and Smoocher arrived a little bit innocent. They believed they would be living in a first world land that felt sorry for countries where corruption was condoned, that boasted a national health service and all children had meals and somewhere to live. Bless their moon dusted socks. Frankly between the 90s and 2012 (The Nutjobs for Armageddon years as history books might call it) the hysteric desperation of the water people population on the globe that created them, fuelled intense invention and reinvention. Self expression shunned repression. It was like punk actually happened. When the Moon Fairies stepped off the moonbeam in Comet Street they were a little taken aback by the noise of traffic on the capital to continent highway that is The A2. They were just where New Cross Road becomes Deptford Broadway. Juggernaut lorries, european coaches and nightbusfuls of sitcom material thundered past. It was dark when they landed in the early hours, but it wasn't quite what they expected. The streets were paved with animal bones and excrement, human urine, chewing gum, phlegm and other rubbish – even though there were bins and drains. Not only that, apparently you walked on these dirty pavements then put your feet up on the tube seats while sitting on a seat where somebody had done the same. Humans sure had strange and unhygenic ways of boosting their immune systems.

The information input proved they were in the biggest mental illness zoo experiment you could ever imagine. Hattie and Smoocher devoured television during their first week at the tree house where they were staying. The News (Olds, really) made them sad and frightened at first. They often cried. Were they trapped in some blood thirsty, dark ages parallel dimension? Surely evolution had reached conscience and courtesy by now? They are still unsure of “celebrities” too, but thats understandable. Even with The News, you can't keep a Moon Fairy down for long though. 21St Century Planet Earth was obviously bollocks. Why not just travel through space. Cider space, that is, in the same manner that they arrived? This time, they went to a club called Pop Of The Tops in the Paradise Bar. By walking through the door (running actually, it was free before 8pm) they joined the ancient human spirits of self expression and walked the yellow brick road to the parallel dimension of Planet Water. New communications were in force to the ones on The Olds. Equality and unity for playing class friends. No jobs? Invent employment. No finance? Bartering favours in a recession. The Moon Fairies met one one of their best friends, Doctor WTF in the crush at the bar for £1 beers. In fact The Paradise Bar was their hang out space with colourful locals, musicians, visual artists and day dreaming visionaries of the Rocklands locality. This extended family of Playing Class Friends were budget mega stars with their lives held together by gaffer tape. That was what made the magic. The moon fairy tour bus “Big Red” is now a gateway to the Planet Water vibe – the artbeat of uniqulture is in the moon fairy garden of tranquility behind it. Hence the way of life; Share The Joy. News from the various dimensions of London’s South East X postcodes can be found at Transpontine Pix; Smoocher & Hattie, Artful at Deptford Arms (now a bookies), Kalamity Kate with the Lord Of The Lobsters, Manflu, plus various Rocklands locations - by Caf n Ru. This page; Darth Kitty with The Fairies of New Cross taken by Rich Pack.

Mutineers, live. One of the bands to look out for next year. Definitely a people’s band and the North West of England is on a (rock n) roll making 2013 already sound like FUN.

Like Preston outfit, The Youth Anxiety, Oldham rockers, Gramotones (photographed at Panda Power) are keeping the North West on the musical map for the future.

Ac�es� A�� A�e� Teenage Talent has been bringing the noise in South London, heralding a fresh brace of bands with big songs, big ideas and massive potential. Some of them are in this issue of Monthly Planet. ..

Images; Floodliners at RE:LOAD event at Amersham Arms by Cath Dupuy

Definitely on the Ones To Watch list for 2013

City Showcase year

2012 was big

with 15,000 people attending their amazing Soho Flea Market in May, 17,000 at the annual Run To The Beat event with Nike at The 02 (with some Rocklands allies repping on the DJs bill), let alone the tenth anniversary of their best talent scouting urban festival; Spotlight London. City Showcase is a not for profit music passion thing that is more than about media's critical massage or the latest scene. The talents chosen by fans and taste makers have career potential with a certain something extra, even if it may not be instant fame. Artists from the first ten years are still coming through. Fiona Bevan supported Ed Sheeran on tour and co-wrote the One Direction smash, 'Little Things' with him. Another City Showcase talent, recently topped the charts

with the Frankie Goes To Hollywood song 'The Power Of Love' following its use on a TV ad. Completing a decade or promising talent alongside industry big hitters (just some of which are in this two and a half minutes of image clips) this year's event joined genres, multi media and gave access to under 18 musicians – a mixture of ground breaking and risk taking. Who knows what the future holds for this year's hand picked bills? Being recognised by City Showcase is an achievement in itself, but what happens from then is down to the artists - with venues and business insiders taking an interest in both the music and the marketability. Probably did a bit of that myself as a promoter, checking out who plugged their shows using social networking, something that the entertainment business is increasingly involving in campaigns.

Anyway, Rocklands was proud to be part of the annual word of mouth celebrating.

just in time to resurrect myself. Alcohol, just say NO!

My good friend and PR star, Lisa, of Naz Promotions was in London for the week. We were sharing a pop-up office hub courtesy of The Phoenix at Cavendish Square. A hectic week for Lisa, as her band Fearless Vampire Killers were hectic with news. They're playing the 2013 Kerrang! Tour, way to go. Have loved watching their fan base swell with excitement and seeing their visual artistry increasingly recognised. Lisa and I probably started the week with too many (lets call them) shandies after a brilliant Monday night's Radiohead gigging at The 02, probably not the best way to start a very full on week, but we managed to open up every day and go out every evening from Tuesday to Friday. When I say Friday I mean getting a few hours shut eye around 6am Saturday morning after the Heather Minx birthday edition of Playhard,

The Saturday all ages event turned out to be one of the most inspirational gigs in a good while. Hopefully I did a really good impression of somebody able to stand, most of the time. Great sets - Floodliners,

Shanel Brown, Danny Shah, Too Many Ts, Callum Rafferty, Comatose and The Otherside sparked something off that is worthy of fuller investigation. Pretty inspiring really. Many thanks to Nanette, Annabel and the City Showcase gang, SE13 Records (and their singing and multi talented cake making posse), Archie the sound and Andy at Amersham Arms for the back room bash. Watch those musical talents they have already grown in profile since October‌

M��� M�r�i�� N�� Ye��, N�� A���m (N�� Be�rd?) A singer and writer of songs who made his name as the front man of classic british guitar pop quartet, The Bluetones. After fourteen top ten singles, three top ten albums and world wide tours since the mid 90s they disbanded a year ago with a sellout farewell tour. Mark already has a career as a solo artist, and with his charming charisma, a reputation that makes his tours more of “An Evening With...” type affairs, enhanced by the bond between artist and audience. After releasing his debut LP, 'Memory Muscle', in 2008, Mark has since penned new material. Demos recorded with Ed Sheeran's producer, Gordon Mills, sparked excitement from industry and fans alike. New songs 'Low Company' and 'Guilty Again' were given away at

Along with his constant touring, these songs obviously hit the right note as when Mark started a Pledge campaign he hit the 100% target in just over a day. Not just as a fan, but as a live promoter, it has always been a total pleasure to have Mark come to play live or do a DJ set, building on a relationship with one of the true gentemen of British pop. Anticipating the album which should be in the hand of Pledgers by early 2013, I I wondered what experiences inspired it? Mark: “Well, it's been almost 5 years since Memory Muscle was released, and in that time rather a lot has happened, but I couldn't say here which of those experiences has specifically coloured this album.• You'll have to listen to it and decipher that for yourself. “ (continued/…)

You still have a strong connection with your followers. How many gigs and miles do you think you covered in 2012? “The thing about my constant rolling roadshow is that it's more about my need to be out there hitting the road, travelling the land, losing myself, than it is about an audience's need to see me. If they come along to have a listen, then obviously that's a bonus, but for me it's the whole damn adventure. I think I played in the region of 150 shows last year, covering about 40,000 miles in my poor beat up VW.” Do you miss touring and playing as part of a band? “I miss the company of my good friends more than anything. Being in the band was always the perfect excuse for us to just hang out and shoot the shit. I am still enjoying playing live and get an incredible kick from it, but it'll never replace what we had in The Bluetones. These things are more rewarding when shared.” What have been some of 2012's moments for you? “Personal highlights this year, were the birth of my

daughter in August and a winning sequence of 5 squash matches in a row throughout October which moved me right up the local league.” Watching the latest video diary at youtube - markmorrissofficial - I can't help noticing that you seem to miss the whiskers you grew this year… “I miss my beard constantly. There comes a point when growing one that you start to miss your chin, and eventually the urge to shave becomes irresistible, but that is never ever as strong as the urge to start growing again. There'll be a new one in 2013. Mark my words!”

Playhard, Electric Circus, Edinburgh Festival (pic by Caffy)

Britain is the world leader in music multi media. There was much positivity between musicians, music organisations, media and business projects united by UK Trade and Industry recently in London for Enterprising Music. As one of the up’n’ coming involved, Playhard was in attendance (that’s Tony on the roof gardens), made new future. Seems that we are on the right track launching the live streams at the International Live Music Conference (Spring 2012). Nu-media develops rapidly and needs megaflexibility to keep up. We are lucky enough to have an extended collective of artists / contacts friends for the mutual benefits of keeping one step ahead. Keep an eye and ear on the future @playhardgigs

2012 has been amazing. Huge thanks to the crew, the crowd and every artist that has got involved so far. Come on board for 2013! * (pictured, setting up before their live set is broadcast world wide; The Tapestry)

The Midnight Barbers London, December 2012

Got a thing for this soul p;owered garage blues duo, so it was an extra special treat to catch them recently at at•the iconic Scotch of St James (where Jimi Hendrix played his first English gig) on his 70th birthday. Felt like he was there in spirit. At the the end of year guitar fest, they magnificently magnetised louder applause with each song. This is pure and raw from the heart pure rock wildfire. TMB recently recorded, so consider yourself alerted.

Images by Rupert Hitchcox from Playhard Live Music Stream Show Nov. 2012. Above Marco Agiro of Jonny Lives! Right Teddy Quick of Rev78 Marner Brown playeds their last show under that name, ready for the release of their debut Pledge album where the fans get to rename the band.

November 2012 - Above; PLAYHARD is a large Friday night out. Below; Pete of The Kooks, Jonny Dubowsky of Jonny Lives! and Nick of The Kaiser Chiefs photographed by Marco of The Killing Floor (the t shirt that Jonny is wearing. This was the finale UK show before both bands headed back to NYC)

The Tapestry weave excellent influences to create something authentically thrilling and entertainingly fulfulling

Join the rock n roll party world wide from London. News, next events, mailing list, videos and pictures;

Tickets and updates

ArtBeat queen Jean Genie Graham has had a gold year in 2012‌ Resident DJ at Playhard live music stream show (pic by

Panda Power partying around London at Powers Bar and THE Wheelbarrow i

Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs at Hop Farm Festival

Deptford Army FunDay!

Heart shaped fro… gold shaped heart…

Pictured. Approximately 1% of the Good Times, Good Friends and Good Music moments of 2012…-

Read about Jean Genie and Panda~Power! In Issue 2 of Krazed the poetry, art, music photography zine




Hearse Pileup have one very, very simple message: there's something really fucking wrong, so sit up and pay attention Angered by the endless politicisation of issues which really should be beyond politics, yet frustrated with the internally-focussed microdebating of many protest movements, the band have gone right back to basics and aim to connect with people by putting these issues into the context of what they actually mean on a day-to-day level. Released on 4th February, Pretty Shiny Things contains three tracks of scuzzy, post punk blending the barely suppressed rage of Fugazi with the sleazy garage of The Stooges. It will be available as a pay-what-you-like digital download and the physical CD will be a fullyfledged parody of itself, a Pretty Shiny Thing with the album artwork picked out in beautiful silver embossing.


For anybody that missed the amazing Goldheart Assembly show for ArtBeat at Amersham Arms in October. Their forthcoming album is sounding immense! Image by Caffy St Luce

Emergenza winners, The Carnabys were a soul fuelled star turn. Born Nov 2011, the ArtBeat pop-up promo office for Rocklands network started live events in September 2012. Images from the first three events above (and on the opposite page;; DJs Jean Genie (Kooba Radio) and David Ham (GigSlutz), Jamie Fisher with Keith Wickham and Michael Skorjanec, French Crops and a stage invasion, Bad Wolf (being interviewed in the ladies toilets by The November event was a co promotion with Goldsmiths Wired Radio’s Swimsuit Issue DJs. All this collaborating is creating a virtual community centre for music friends. The 31st January event is with Junction Sounds (a brand new initiative by and for musicians).

Feet up at soundcheck, then a right royal variety show of alternative music with promise, from shoe gaze (Whistlejacket and Bare Pale) to blues rock madness (Urchin Child) via seductive country punk from Rhiannon The Nightmare - co promoted by ArtBeat and Goldsmiths Wired Radio show Swimsuit Issue who also did a set after the live sets with DJ


ArtBeat Amersham Arms

29 Nov. 2012

Rhiannon The Nightmare plays ArtBeat Live

with exclusive sessions, interviews and live events.. Featured at this year’s City Showcase and hitting well over 100,000 views since launching in New Year 2012., the team have made their mark already. Looking forward to wha they do in 2013

GOD IS IN THE TV The independent music and culture webzine.

Snap Shots in London December 2012

Window reflection of The Ghosts playing live at Hawley Arms, Camden. The Hornets first proper gig, Amersham Arms, New Cross (more follows, read on‌)

The singing bus conductor at The Big Red, Deptford.

moon above

Amersham Arms, New Cross

“The venue itself is a favourite arts n biz hang out fizzing with buzz from 2012 shows by Toy, Goldheart Assembly, Too Many T’s etc. mixing on their calendar with low key sets by TV comedians and massive dance parties.” (With Guitars)

“The area’s first destination club” (New York Times)


388 New Cross Rd, London•SE14 6TY tel; 020 8469 1499

With a veritable variety show of entertainments throughout the week, Amersham Arms is also home to Happy Mondays the long established bi-monthly event; as recommended by The Guardian. This is where the well known hone their material including Andy Parsons, Andi Osho, Sarah Millican, Greg Davies and Holly Walsh

“Amersham Arms plays host to an array of upcoming acts” (Artrocker) One minute from Goldsmiths. Buzz bands, Low key warms ups, taste making promoters, secret gigs, chef cooked meals, guest DJ sets, music industry and media hang out at the arty, creative, student friendly bar across the road from New Cross station.

“The nexus of southeast London's live music scene”. (Time Out)

facebook: amersham.arms

Saturday Rock Show End of (the old) days, start of something new.

Musicians, Djs, writers, film makers, photographers and more. All Music Fans. Access All Ages. Rock N Roll n Drum n Bass n a brilliant Saturday evening mini fest...

21st century turns teenage in 2013. You don’t NEED guitars to rock these days, but don’t rule them out. There WILL be guitar bands that audiences can engage with… if the Saturday Rock Show was anything to go by. A friendly, inclusive, ego free zone of gloriously noisy enjoyment co-promoted / organised by South East London outfits The Otherside and Comatose, joined on the bill by Bad Wolf, Radio Radio, The Hornets with Health and Safety DJ set - all sending Amersham Arms the best kind of bonkers.

A good friend recommended teen rock band, Comatose to me (thanks Andy). Really glad that he did. There was something to their musical output on line, but what really worked for me was a driving energy poured out in their live set. I asked singer/guitarist, Callum Smith (above image by Rupert Hitchcox) how the band came to be, and what makes them tick; “Well, I put the band together I guess, it was about a year ago, and I asked around if anyone played drums, and no-one did, then I asked my friend Reece if he just wanted to play on my sisters kit along to some guitar riffs, even though he'd never played before. He did and we just kept practising for a while. I then found a bassist online, but he left the band. A week later, an old school friend Hugh, was looking for a band, and he asked to join, so we got him in too. I kept writing songs and things just went from there! 2012 was the first year of comatose, and a lot has happened. We've done our first gigs, recorded our first EP and had lots of fun.We have many influences, but love rock music and are influenced by Nirvana, Mudhoney, The Pixies and more bands like that. Our inspirations are to keep being able to play the music we love, and to start doing it to more and more people, that would be incredible.

“Three of us have been mates since we could walk and talk, Jude (bass), Louis (guitar, vocals), Walker (guitar, vocals), and we started playing together last Autumn. We were left with the seemingly impossible task of finding a drummer who isn't too mad. Luckily for us Louis takes the train to school with one, and in February Luke Gordon joined us. Since then it's been plain sailing! We all listen to a wide variety of music and take inspiration from it, especially 70's and 80's rock, in particular Elvis Costello, from whom we got our name; Radio•Radio•being a track off of the brilliant 'This Year's Model'. The subject matter of our songs is inspired by people around us and things we see, particularly photographs, creating stories around them. We don't take ourselves or our songs too seriously though, we're not moody hipsters. 2012 was excellent for us. We started our first proper rehearsals in March and in Autumn played our first couple of shows at the White Lion and Amersham Arms. All in all a very successful year! We've got an exciting time ahead. We will continue to practice, write and play shows. In January we are back at the White Lion in Streatham for a gig, and will hopefully record a few tracks in the studio. We will also start to establish our promotion label, Sidetracked Sound, joined by another up and coming young band, Human Indeed. Thanks to Walker from Radio Radio for the low down.


New UK band, Bad Wolf made a video for ‘Who’s Got Your Back’ on London’s Old Street Roundabout after forming in 2010. They released ‘Addiction To Fiction’ / ‘Hot Lunch’ in Autumn 2011 and have continually attracted positive feedback. By 2012 they’ve won themselves some fans with engaging gigs, encouraging reviews and, with a collection of credible rock songs, some early industry interest. Ready to step up in 2013, the band look at some highlights of the past year before ending 2012 at the Saturday Rock Show. Bad Wolf - l-r; Mathias (drums), Simon (vocals, guitar), Ed (bass, backing vocals) by Rupert Hitchcox

BAD WOLF Some 2012 highlights January Filming “Too Much Too Young” video (with kids from local drama school and super-hot models!). Released as a download in March.

April Supporting Queen Kwong from LA (discovered by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails)

May Ed got a new bass!

September Muse album released

October Doing an MTM tv interview in the girls toilet of the Amersham Arms which ended in an arm-wrestling challenge.

November Playing a sold-out show for Playhard at Camden Purple Turtle

December Being in the Joyzine downloads advent calendar (check out door No.9 for a free treat)

June Reaching the final five best unsigned UK Bands in the Envol Macadam competition.

“Everything you want a band to be. These guys rock.” (Xfm).

August Writing five new epic songs which will hopefully be recorded very soon.

The Otherside headline Amersham Arms, December 2012. Pix by Caffy St Luce.

Newer wave generation terrorists,

The Otherside

are a UK alternative rock band, who recorded their debut EP in October 2011 with producer Paul Tipler (Idlewild / Elastica / Stereolab etc). I can't quite put my finger on what intrigues about The Otherside but I'm not the only moth magnetised to their musical flame of articulation since seeing them play last year. Impressed, I've kept an eye and ear out since, and want to know more about where these teenage musicians are coming from. So I asked!

The Otherside formed long after the end of the indie "boom" of the mid-noughties, at a time when guitar music had been dead commercially for about two years. The band at first consisted of Theo Gowans (keys), Declan Ward (percussion) and Adam Maric-Cleaver (guitar and vocals), who met at Felix's School of Rock, a holiday workshop designed to set up bands. After numerous fill-in bassists, the band found Jonny Davies at another FSOR and he joined the band full time. After many more gigs and an EP, Alex Blake joined the band on lead guitar. Line-up complete, this is a band with deep undercurrents of inspiration in their sound. The spectrum of aural treats linked to is a journey of discovery for any music fan. (continued)

The Otherside


About those undercurrents… “…Influences are mostly Rock 'n' Roll bands, because that's what we are. So Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley straight through to The National and St Vincent. But a lot of other influences get in; I'm currently listening to a lot of Tom Lehrer and Muddy Waters, and I like to think that shows in some way. As for inspiration, I (Adam) write about things that come to hand. In the case of a song like "Leviathan" that's the city and cars and exhaust fumes, while "Girls Forever Evil" is an argument against the idea that humans are born "good", which is a theory I hate. We manipulate and take natural pleasure in suffering when it benefits us. If something ties the songs together, its that they are all anti-love. I saw The Otherside really connect at shows this year. How do they feel about that? “2012 was a great year. We played a ton of gigs and made a lot of friends in music. Saw a lot of good bands who were very friendly. Playing to bigger and bigger crowds. Really special year in all.”

“Next year we're going to get famous. We've got to, because after that some of us will go off to university and we will, in essence, break up, so the race is on to at least make the band a secure financial avenue by then. Probably have to pull together and start being more aggressive marketing-wise. That's how most groups do it, except they act like their 'image' is exactly what they are. There'll be none of that with us. If we market ourselves a certain way, people are gonna damn KNOW that we are being false (but that doesn't mean they won't buy it).�

Thank you Adam from

The Hornets

for the lowdown‌. “I'd been playing guitar in a terrible band where the bassist was only playing bass because I told him to etc. And I was just sick of it so I contacted a friend from my old school who drummed and he got his friend involved and we went from there. The name was pretty automatic since no one had a better one. My friend Jonny Davies from The Otherside asked me if I was in a band at the moment, I said yes, and boom, we had our first gig! Each person in the band liked slightly different styles of music, so it was like throwing pieces of wood onto the fire until it got bigger and bigger. A massive influence from all of us was punk, but the drummer bought in prog rock and the bassist bought in a more metal, grungy sound. We only came together in about mid august and 8th December at Amersham Arms was our very first gig .

We will definitely do as many gigs as possible and, if we make enough money, possibly record an EP of some sort. Sit tight, fans.

Home Grown Rock One of the new music ventures that has really made an impression and that as a fellow promoter, I can definitely relate to this; “WOW 2012 has been a crazy busy year for Home Grown Rock (HGR). What started out as a mere dream in March (when I became self employed and had a few extra hours to spare by not working 9-5) soon turned into a full time hobby! Spending days finding new bands on Twitter, building strong friendships and important contacts, I've now booked over 70 bands this year, having 3 gigs in London each month on top of doing gigs across the UK. We have venues wanting us to do nights with them now, knowing we put on a good show with amazing bands, it's really rewarding for me seeing it grow and people like you taking us seriously. The bands we're working with have been incredible, very grateful of the support and free promo we give them. We've been helping bands build fan bases outside their own towns, so they have a wider reach, especially in London which is our main area. It's so important for bands to have real fans and not just a perception of them. It's such hard work for these new bands, working their way up on the gig circuit, for sometimes no money at all, so by giving them the chance to play The iconic and legendary '100 Club' on Oxford Street, London has

been fairly special to them and us. We already have a queue of bands waiting to play there in 2013. We remain a non-profit organisation, splitting any money made between the bands after covering our costs (some venues do not come cheap). We have our HGR Rock Chart, HGR Radio playlist, HGR Reviews all on our website giving great promo to all our bands, go check it out and subscribe to our newsletter hopefully we'll see you at a show soon. We have some major plans for 2013 and cannot wait to share it with you!� Lisa -

Picured, one of the HGR bands: Black

Wolf -

things are taking off for their hard hitting cclassic rock style. Catch them on tour from the start of this year

JUNCTION SOUNDS Junction Sounds was formed on November 2012 as a vehicle for new artists to air their originality and creativity to an audience receptive to live music. This idea was born after a couple of negative experiences regarding promotion in our own musical lane, led us to see if we could put on our own nights. We used a shared ethos and collaborative attitude to ensure that any musician who works with Junction Sounds has a captive audience, decent equipment and networking opportunities.

With regards to finance all our acts can be guaranteed that at the end of each night any profits shall be split equally after the venue/soundengineer costs are covered, thus ensuring there are no dodgy deals, pay2play, fleecing, advance ticket deposits etc. As working musicians we expect nothing more than to be treated fairly and now as promoters, exactly the same principle applies



Mid Winter interview

I just can not thank Embers enough for making the orchestral masterpieces that are Part Of The Echoes and Hollow Cage available to download just before the Apocalypse. If ever there was a soundtrack to the end of the world, well, epic is too small a word. The world ended gangnam style and here we all are in the next life and the chance to start many things anew. I hadn't heard of Embers before Autumm but, this being Artful Gold Year I checked them out after some excited band tip exchanging at this year's City Showcase. Very glad that I did. John Kennedy at Xfm was quick off the mark, as ever, giving them airplay that got more interest. I’m not surprised. Embers sound like we have all jumped from space to earth. Their aural soundscapes are of the finest form without losing sight of a tune. Such a new but instantly grand musical experience, Embers recent videos featured string players and a small choir. They were filmed during a show at Manchester’s Gorton Monastery. Enigmatic, yet impactive like a comet, Embers will change some lives and sounds with this music, that's for sure. I had to ask.. Even without watching Embers videos. Would you agree that the silver screen is among the influences of your cinematic sound?

Embers; “Definitely. We're a huge fan of the works of the likes of Hans Zimmer, John Murphy and Brian Eno. Composers of some of the most beautiful film soundtracks you're likely to hear. The way music can completely enhance a moment, encapsulating the moods and feelings on show so perfectly, is something that we've always been interested in. We've always wanted to try and take these cinematic, grand and swelling atmospheres and combine them with more traditional song writing. Hopefully that comes across….” As four musicians working and playing together, are you as intense as you sound? “You'd be surprised to find that we're all incredibly jovial people.. We do have our moments from time to time, naturally - we care immeasurably about the music we write. As a result we're very strongly opinionated people and it can be highly frustrating when song ideas can stall. It's inevitable though, and writer's block is just something you have to deal with. It happens. For the best part though we're all very laid back.” This year is a "make your mark" era. Can you remember some of the highs and lows. “2012 was our first full year together really so it was very much a case of writing songs and keeping our heads down until we were ready. We didn't really do anything for 80% of the year. We laid low, spent a lot of time developing ideas, interspersed with the odd gig here and there, and when we felt ready (around September) we decided to self-release a limited edition 7" vinyl. That was excellently received. Hearing that our debut single was John Kennedy's 'Xposure Hot One' on XFM was pretty great, as was the reaction to the 'Hollow Cage' live video. The video being premiered on Clash Music and the resulting barrage of emails and tweets we received was a little overwhelming. It was great.”

Do you have any plans in place for a brave new 2013? You know, after the world ends. “Well if the world is going to end, then we're pretty adamant that we'll be sound tracking it! Ha. As for 2013, if we're still here, which we will be obviously, then we just plan to expand and develop our sound further. We're a very new band still and we want to try bigger and better things. We'll hopefully go into the studio soon and record a new single too.” How did you get together with film maker, Luke Bather ? “We were recommended Luke by a friend of ours who writes and runs the fantastic Manchester Scenewipe site. Luke was involved in doing some camera work for the Tunnel Vision video, so it seemed like a natural progression to ask him to help us film the live sessions.” What is floating your boat about Manchester at the moment? “There are numerous great bands in Manchester at the moment. Be it MONEY, Shinies, Great Waves, Pins, Moses Gold or Emperor Zero. It's a great place to be.” And, music fans, 2013 is going to be a great time to be. Embers are one of the many reasons… (m)Embers; George Agan (Vocals/Guitar), Will Clutton (Bass/Keys), Steven Mclnerney (Guitar), Nathan Howard (Drums)


tangents on me tangents, but you couldn't make some moments up. Music world in Nature’s Art makes life even more surreal… 2012. I also “LIKE”d; the inspiration of Anita Maj who has overcome a complete roller coaster to keep on track with getting her album completed while growing extra production skills, 12 Dirty Bullets at 93 Feet East in June. That was pretty epic, one of the bands that helped ArtBeat Stars get started on the PR side (thanks to Crosshair), Art Terry (along with Kosmic Troubadour and Lekiddo Lord Of The Lobsters, guaranteed to make any event into a mini festival), Bad Magic – tinged with Aerosmith, another of the classic rock new comers bristling under the radar, BandWagon (a first year together of friendship and music instigation), Bleech (aah, didn't get to see them live for ages, but they are in the vanguard of new guitar power, just need more radio to believe in that), enjoyed seeing Charli XCX's name all over the place. Tristan and I loved her supporting The Coolness a couple of years ago in New Cross, but couldn't get her for RAR! Developed into a great pop star. Same with Breton, what a

year! I swooned at Danny Boyle's Olympic vision – I may not be all that on sports but along with entertainment I relish the uniting positivity of it. I had also been stalking French Crops on twitter and finally nabbed them for the ArtBeat launch. There's the seeds of something that audiences can go mad for. Google them. Gem & The Deadheads – a great rock band who I haven't got to promote live, but seen/enjoyed quite a few times. We all found ourselves at Chelsea FC’s Under The Bridge venue where vodka flowed like Niagara Falls. There were falls alright. The legendary night was topped off by GATD playing a set that wouldn't have been out of place on the main stage of Reading. Goldheart Assembly – like a massive Glastonbury Festival set in a New Cross back room bar. That album is gonna be astounding. James Dean Bradfield and the Manic Street Preachers film screening at Rough Trade – our lovely Rhiannon The Nightmare sang along and ended up being mentioned by Rolling Stone (next stop, a recording!). It was an evening of reminiscing for me. I love that The Manics are still turned on by what they do. A year ago they'd been literally effervescent with

excitement from playing 39 songs at The 02. Guess what, I’m a manics fan. Janice Graham Band at This Feeling – both times. Also we did a One Beat Records co-pro with Playhard at Camden Wheelbarrow. The place went mental for The Carpels. Our DJ Jon (The Charlatans) was reminded of when it was all going off for them early days. The One Beat Sunday festival in Birmingham this July was totally amazing. Fell in love with Swim Deep at this. Also ear treats; Laura Mvula, Savages, Michachu and The Shapes, Sonic Boom Six, Haim, OneGirlOneBoy and Phreeda Sharp. I look forward to hearing more. Pink Cigar are one of the bands that rocked 2012 for me. Album is coming. Massive thanks to Lee Puddefoot for the invitation to Thamesmead for Dashwoodstock. I was especially struck by Scarlet Echo and will definitely catch them again. Also, not far from where the battle of Canary Wharf took place, I found myself at The Bridgehouse, for an unreal rock n roll experience. I’ve enjoyed Rev78’s epic aspects blossom and Marketstall Records become a necessary reality. Shanel Brown of the awesome voice was just one of the many

astounding moments at The Big Red Sessions and I recently got turned on to Sonny Green who is right up my street. Caught The Blind Hearts at City Showcase Rising , there is a golden vein of Americana that bands like Sweetheart Contract purvey with utter style. I seem to have found myself seeing The Ghosts whenever possible. Yay for them hitting SXSW 2013. I've kept an ear on The Other Tribe, since I saw them a few years ago and witnessed Warehouse Republic on top form at Surya on a balmy july night. More Yinka of Sabatta and Zachery Stephenson soon I hope and MUST experience Morrissey & Marshall again too. Do you know what? I could just keep typing, there is so much more. What I enjoyed best of all though was that all this happened with music loving friends around, enjoying, creating, documenting and most importanly part of all this music movement. The artists that have been a pleasure to work with to the point of staying in touch and the kind feedback for all this encourages what happens next. Cheers. Share The Joy @rocklandstv

New World. You can do it.

Be Brave

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