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Monthly Planet - Nov 008 Page 1 Invitation to join Music Tourist Board meet up Saturday after the fireworks London SE8 Introducing the Artful Artist, Eugene Ankomah Pirate Awards 2009 from this year’s Artful Next Music Tourist Board : Saturday 8th November - NoisePop outfit DANCE SOME MORE got in touch and their noise-pop hooks were so instant that they'll play the launch of Studio 52 at Deptford Arms. After the fireworks, more fireworks. DJs. Dirty Sounds, Upsetta Wanna start a disco. Wanna celebrate the new Chris Getliffe book (come as a bunny?). Off line social networking if any of the following sounds interesting. 52 Deptford High Street, Rocklands, London SE8 4RT.


Ankomah. Visual Artist, Painter, Designer. Artful Exclusive. McNaughty, a love pirate, wanted to take Music Tourist Board proper. Sat next to a friendly face while feeling alien in a business course environment in Spring 008 and got inspired to start a social enterprise on All Fools Day. Also made a great new friend. Highly exhibited worldwide, collected by many including Uri Geller, Michael Horovitz, Jocelyn Gee Esien, Ainsley Harriot, Asher D and Doctor Who assistant, Martha Jones to name a few. (incidentally, battle of Canary Wharf happened over the river from Docklands in a parallel universe). Eugene has won awards galore and been featured in international Art surveys and designed for The Queen's 50th Anniversary which featured as part of a display on top of Buckingham Palace with works in numerous publications, often on front covers. On the Planet Water Wavelength, Eugene has been involved in helping the community by Cofounding both Cypher Arts Group and Visual Ambitions, which a focus on providing innovative, exciting and engaging Art Workshops for many children and young people in London. Eugene Ankomah has been cherished by not only locally but the world at large. (bloody lovely bloke, too). Today his talent and ability have given inspiration to many as a great role model, showing how talent, ability, hard work and persistence can achieve great things. He is one artist that will no doubt continue to challenge, invent and push the boundaries of Art to the next level. There truly is no other Artist like Eugene Ankomah. /eugeneankomah Pirate Awards 009

- Artful has earned a reputation for hot quality word-of-mouth-and-net recommendations. E&A&R New Year Tips from venues, promoters, audience, artists include ( BLEECH /slumminangels THE BRUTE CHORUS /thebrutechorus CHEW LiPS /chewlips COP ON THE EDGE. /copontheedgemusic THE COOLNESS /tenderlovingcoolness DANCE SOME MORE /thisisdsm DEXY /dexyspace DON'T WAIT ANIMATE /dontwaitanimate EXCENTRAL TEMPEST /excentraltempest FACTORY FLOOR /factoryfloor FIGHT LIKE APES /fightlikeapesmusic GAOLERS DAUGHTER /gaolersdaughter THE HANCOCKS thehancocksuk KASMS /kasms KIDS LOVE LIES /kidslovelies LITTLE TROPHY /littletrophy LORD AUCH /lordauchuk MATHS CLASS /mathsclass MESSENGERS /messengersofficial MILK PLUS /milkplustheband MY PASSION /mypassionmusic OCARINA /ocarinalive OFFICER KICKS /officerkicks POPULAR WORKSHOP /popularworkshop PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCERS publicserviceannouncers RUBICKS /rubicks SONOFABITCH THEE VICARS /theevicars TOY TOY /toytoyuk THE VIVIANS /theviviansdivided WE USED TO MAKE THINGS /weusedtomakethings - check them out. watch them go. make good things happen for them. they deserve it. Sorry no gongs for the mantelpiece. Instead seeking write ups, photography, filming, visuals, clothes, design, industry connections and especially audiences to come on board byLove Pirates from London's original cove, seeking booty and treasure for ship mates.

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RAR! - The Future. With so many of the more interesting, ambitous, self marketing and especially entertaining talent calling into or coming from art powered, “rock’n’roll borough” (NME) of Rocklands,home to London’s densest population of grass roots promoters, media, industry, artists, galleries, students, space caadets etc - it’s no surprise that the future’s next big things often get spotted here. South East London is now the affordable, alternative adventure of the city and this virtual Costa del Thames has attracted even more amazing performances this year. The biggest local event, RAR! at The Albany, is not only the citys buzziest 14+ club, with artists like Artful Dodger, Pendulum, Man Like Me, Princess Superstar, DJ Luck & MC Neat, My Passion, Toy Toy, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Sportsday Megaphone, Fucking Vegas, The Pepys, Goldielocks, The Vivians, Nic Nell and many more. You get the idea. (and see Page 3 for Beardyman/Trash Fashion at RAR! by Andrew Heron). RAR!’s host DJ, Dean Tynan not only has his own following, bringing a rave to D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D. each show, but has got to be the UK’s coolest teen rising star of the decks. This being Planet Water, there is another story to tell from the usual portrayal of South London/the teenagers of the UK in Planet Earth media. Got to, clicks on pictures. The vibe of last months Artful RAR! (starring the Artful Dodger - of course!) is captured there. The best (and most creative) crowd, united positivity, the best dancers, the future stars of the arts, partying together. The RAR! gang are the FUTURE. The electropunk star outfit that played the launch in January, Party Shank, started off as one of the New Cross Inn residency bands. Those all age gig riots, “redecorated” (ahem) the venue (how many kids can dance on a bar top?) but were such an electric thrill. Party Shank have gone on to be tipped via MySpace / NME’s as 2008’s No.1 band by on-line music fan activity, with Xfm, Kiss Radio and MTV plays recently. They return ‘home’ on Friday 21st November for the last RAR! of 2008 with the equally hot ticket Poppy & The Jezabels and more in support. Advance tickets advised 020 8692 4446 SEE RAR! Ruben Music N Videos : Knives are not cutting edge. We're not daleks, so don't self exterminate. Not, nazi ethnic

cleansing fools filled with hate. We can't let weapons rule our fate. Enjoy life and play. That's what your here for. Make Art. Make Love. Don't be a bore, and make war. War. Huh. What is it good for? Absolutely profit. Only Arms Dealers win, spend their money on sin, Pull their media puppet's strings with a negative spin, To keep division making trouble and their business in. Dying children scream in pain as champagne sipping war lords grin. This vicious cycle please get off it. War is engineered for profit. We can all be heroes. It's in us all to be great. Choose to lose the knives and start reclaiming our lives. When the killing stops we can all celebrate.

Rocklands - Sat 15 Nov (8pm-2am) Music Tourist Board monthly newer wave gathering at NX HQ. Revolution On, not-to-miss bill on the stage of New Cross Inn starring MESSENGERS disco punk sensation “like studio 54 on acid” - be here! DON’T WAIT ANIMATE rip-it-up electro grime BLEECH stunning comet rock GAOLER’S DAUGHTER noise-pop favourites & special guest DJs THE REFUSENIKS & host DJs THE HEARTBREAKERS - live music show @ 9.30pm suss out messengersofficial * dontwaitanimate * slumminangels gaolersdaughter * therefuseniksmusic * theheartbreakersmusic * artfulmtb * newcrossinn - Free Entry before 9pm then £3 323 New Cross Road, Rocklands, SE14 6AS New Cross / New Cross Gate / Deptford Bridge Rail loadsa buses 24 hours (zone 2) tel: 075 3540 2261 for band aid (reviewers/photographers etc) guest list

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artful - No.4 rocked - best creating/connecting yet EARWAX TV : Kids Love Lies, Bleech, Public Service Announcers - and ?! OFFICER KICKS & CHEW LIPS you can not miss these bands play!

artful- the ultimate in grass roots alternative festivity with a proven record of achievement & star spotting. The chic and scuffy mix seamless making friends and art to the live soundtrack of next year’s new music tips. Budget future making by Music Tourist Board allies. The first of this year’s results are bearing fruit now. No.4 was the most creative and connecting so far. Thank you to all Artful Dodgers concerned - join in at

Earwax TV is go. Buzz bandsin a raw, intimate, punky, format free presentation that may be learning as it goes along, but is right on the money with the music. This collaboration between the time zone’s newer wave radio show, Earwax and the programming genius of Sound Loop Studios can’t help being anything but as fresh as the bands. Gig Session. Recording. Interview Webcast. Phonecast. Live Web Chat. Radio Session. Podcast.All in one, fun, punkishly simple hour of good music. An hour later, available to stream. Tracks used in future Earwax Radio shows. Videos will go up on Earwax YouTube. Mon-17-Nov stars Public Service Announcers the electropop outfit going from strength to strength. Be part of the recording on line 9pm-10pm (GMT) *

Kids Love Lies on the Artful Broadcast in October. This month they are a recommendation by The Times. Live at The Old Blue Last on 6 November

Based in South East London, like the fab Kooba Radio, Earwax can’t help but see some of their new favourites early on. Andy Pettman & Jamie Izzard regularly play, interview, enthuse about and even DJ for newer wave bands that go on to Xfm, BBC 6 Music, Radio 1 and national press attention. Officer Kicks (top) and Chew Lips (bottom) being two examples of the exciting artists that are already stars on Planet Water. From rehearsals in Deptford to being Britain’s best kept rock secret what a year it’s been for Officer Kicks. Look out for a follow up to their acclaimed debut the six grand plot which did them a lot of favouris on the getting-noticed front, especially when played live. As plots go, they definitely got their money’s worth headline Xfm First Friday on 7 Nov /officerkicks - In a New Cross kitchen this Spring, electro pop trio Chew Lips played their first gig. Then the fab Dead Planet night. It was love at first song for Music Tourist Board and they were snapped up to headline the Midsummer Dream all-dayer at New Cross Inn filmed by up and coming teen talents Loose Belt. (early MTB films by Digital Sneakers included Special Needs, Twisted Charm, Art Brut, Bloc Party and more). Hooray to hear that this Autumn they were in session on Radio 1 and end the year as a Steve Lamacq fave, playing BBC Electric Proms and will grace the cool Swn Festival in Cardiff on 14th November. Before then they’re also at The Old Blue Last on 6th November. /chewlips

Monthly Planet - Nov 008 Page 4 TRASH FASHION (and a string of sex shops) BEARDYMAN (“I think I tried to lick him”) MUSIC TOURIST BOARD recommends BLEECH

RAR! @ London Albany Theatre (D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D.) Andrew Heron caught the vibe... Trash Fashion opened in a mushroom cloud of crowd hysteria, with their fresh-faced fans soon breaking out into an impromptu conga on the dance floor. The foursome continued to bouncily thrash through a plethora of kick-ass tunes, including Night of Error and the classic It’s A Rave Dave concluding with a tongued-in-cheek mash of We Are Your Friends. The audience and I would have loved to squeeze another ten tracks out of the lads! A brief 2-on-1 in the dressing room after, exposed a more intimate side to some of the band; they prophesized about future success, the dream of owning a string of sex shops in the West End and how one day they’d quite like to be either combine harvesters or armadillos. These young squirrels are acridly kawai. I could have eaten them all with dashings of balsamic and pepper.Trash Fashion’s album release, Night of Error is out now.. Go forage for it or just play with yourself over their myspace. Better still - see them live at one of their explosive gigs. Beardyman... Already an established stalker of this fine gent, my moistened drawers were in desperate need not to be deflated. And so he opened, slamming down a remix of Satisfaction and onto Marley’s Sun Is Shining. This bionic-voiced humanoid never fails to give me a stiffy. He never loses his touch or makes any audible mistakes, even though there’s a little bit of your inner sadist that would like him to fuck up, just once. The crowd loves him; I spot a few open-gobbed kids in the room when they realise that he’s only using his mouth to make these sounds. But it’s the speed he does it in, coupled with multifinger-flicking loops at pinpoint precision. My knees give way when he starts phlegming out Prince’s Kiss, and I found myself leaping around with the juveniles in the moshpit. This then ruptures into hysteric giggling when the Master At Arms finalised with a Gary Glitter My Gang remix. Genius. ... A tad star-struck in the ensuing interview, I may have alas bumbled around my resulting crappy questions. I remember discovering his real name, and loving him no less. As a fan of taking on the occasional crowdpleasing 80s reach-and-pull meggamix, he tells me that he’d love to rework a version of We Will Rock You. The rest was a bit of a blur, I think I tried to lick him and was then asked to leave; though recall waving at him with a tear-soaked handkerchief in one hand and a lock of hair in the other, as I was steamed to the nearest exit. He’ll be all mine one day.

BLEECH are on tour and you have been tipped! left to right: Jennifer (vocals/guitar), Katherine (backing vocals/bass), Matt drums. Stars of the latest Earwax TV session - catch it at BLEECH are on tour around the UK (including dates with The Rifles. Check out dates and music as soon as possible fans of Pixies/Subways but with added East End slummin angelic charm to make something complete fresh and exciting - if you can catch them, you SO must.

Music Tourist Board Beyond just money to R/Evolution New musical talent Rising stars of visual arts Communist Capitalism Articulate Attitude Relevant Recommendations Expo of DIY Creative (Artful) New friendships, networks, collectives and collaborations for the future, this has so far proved more than fruitful/inciting with a high quality / proven (E&)A&R rate Since 003 musicians, music fans and their friends have promoted a positive alternative (planet water) to the world on the news, and invented new ways of working, using friendship where finance didn't exist to develop the most exciting newer wave (i.e. art powered and networking) talents. Mainly through live music. Many of the half formed but boldly innovative ideas turn up elsewhere later as fully organised, sponsored, polished, profesional versions - which is highly encouraging. Organic, friendly, inclusive. From not for profit disorganisation to the creation of a semi-professional social enterprise business on all fools day (1st april). Enthusiastic cross-promotion and amazing feedback. Real people in the community get involved with buzz bands up close. Watch this (Outer) space... Previous shows included : The Pity Party, Special Needs, Hatcham Social, Volcanoless In Canada, White Rose Movement, Pop Levi, Popular Workshop, Battle, The Rank Deluxe, The IRS, and probably most bands mentioned in this leaflet plus events like Rocklands Bandstand (outdoor festival stage at People’s Day), Artful Festival, City Showcase, In The City and as part of NXP; Rocklands Party, and RAR! Club. MTB matches favourite new bands with industry & media contacts, and these contacts with each other. We spot stars early (e&a&r) and don’t just stage them, but also invite allies to film, sign, review, interview, connect, photograph and advise them so have seminal footage of Kids Love Lies, Bloc Party, Chew Lips, Bleech, Art Brut and many more. This year, after five years of organic growth, ready to progress. /artfulmtb come and chat, exchange ideas and contacts always seeking self promoting, ambitious talent that can ENTERTAIN for the live events (Pictured, Zachary of The Refuseniks/Special Needs and James n Mauro of The Rocks at a party with Digital Sneakers where MTB was born...)

Although this guide has started with the participants of this year’s Artful, advice, suggestions, partnering up, all the usual stuff is most welcome. Also includes a calendar of recommendations so what were your favourite festivals/events of this year and when are they on next year? (send link) Which venues do you love? (Peel Street), where are good places to stay, rehearse, get travel etc help in ukireland? Music shops, other finds. What anecdotes from where? Oh and don’t forget to come to Costa del Thames. Meet up with Playing Class Friends and experience Planet Water. Share The Joy. Music Tourist Board guide for 009 is being compiled thanks to the involvement of artists and audiences alike.

Monthly Planet 01 - Nov 008  

Monthly Planet Zine, November 008 Music Tourist Board and allies news - pilot trial including Party Shank, Beardyman, Messengers, Earwax TV,...

Monthly Planet 01 - Nov 008  

Monthly Planet Zine, November 008 Music Tourist Board and allies news - pilot trial including Party Shank, Beardyman, Messengers, Earwax TV,...