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MAKE VISUAL ART & MUSIC & DANCE & FRIENDS & PARTYING UNTIL HALLOWEEN Here are just a few events on the Planet Water wavelength where you can do this...

Art Beat (Uniqulture of creative community) creates this annual, ever evolving Expo of fresh talent.

Artful 009 - October 1st to 31st Exibition + Entertainment Events + Creation (5th Year) Friendly future making gatherings (London South & North) £0 to £5 Art & Photography & Projections & Screenings with added up n coming live music & documenting Including live music from

Man Like Me, Officer Kicks, Toy Toy, Blackout, Marvell, The Lovely Eggs, Heads.Hearts, Alexander Wolfe, Extradition Order, Arrows Of Love, Scaredy Cats,. Leon Rhymes (Queens English), Rhiannon The Nightmare, Edit Select, Dynamo Garage, Motel Blitz, Bethia Beadman, The School, MJ Hibbett, The Run-Up, Grave Architects, Da Shamonix, The Brights, The Peryls + DJs:

Dean Tynan, Backstage Sluts, Sean Feeling Gloomy, JeanGenie, The Heartbreakers, The D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D. Army Crew, Soul Boy Mystic, She Bangs The Drums, Unemployable Welsh Scum, Paedophile Stepdad. Art/Photos;

Chris Getliffe, Matt Sargent, Deptford X, Karen Toftera, Satoko Owada, Ami Barwell, Polly Yuill, NX Boutique, The Blue Light District, Artmongers, Ann-Marie Mullarkey, Andy Willsher, Heather The Minx, Loose Belt Productions, Ruben & Josh Music Videos & MORE Multiple excuses to party, plus the expansion of Planet Waters alternative social blueprint.

Artful Tuesdays = New art strip from Chris


@ Thursdays = 7pm on New music, sessions, news, reviews and interviews at Propaganda

Radio by Andy Pettman & Jamie Izzard

ARTFUL ON LAND some of the events. Thu 01-Oct-009 : Artful recommends

DYNAMO GARAGE at The Garage, Pirate Awards Tip for 2010.

Dynamo Garage photographed by Satoko Owada The Garage - Upstairs, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD Doors ÂŁ7pm. ÂŁ6 with flyer from Launch night of Fandango's new home after Camden stars a band that made such a vivid impression on the indie establishment club earlier this year - "their guitars are thrillingly intricate". It's been happening on a regular basis to this enigmanetic outfit recently tipped in Dazed & Confused. So there you go, the demonically dynamic pop tangents of the dandy duded

DYNAMO GARAGE, at The Garage! + highly recommended support CAPITAL + WE GOT WIRES (onstage 8.30pm) + guests/DJs.

Artful No.1 (Oct 1st 005) to Artful Nol4 (Oct 31st 008) – what we gonna make at Artful No.5?

Come to London‟s Costa del Thames... for the weekend Thursday in Lewishambles SE13, Friday & Saturday in Deptford Fun City SE8 – from electro disco punks and anti folk to reggae legends and street theatre via outdoor art, markets, magic and an old sailor‟s town... The boroughs that are completely round the bend (of the River Thames) are a blueprint for a possible alternative future via art power, hippy idealism, fusion, pedestrianised living, green spaces and lateral thinking. So Blend It Like Peckham and keep an eye and ear on the City‟s South East postcodes.

Thu 01-Oct-009 : Artful recommends CERI JAMES # A complete performance of the new album „Win,

Lose And Some You Can‟t Tell‟ live on stage. Host; Carl 2bob. 8.30pm to 1.00am/ Free Entry. My Pet Junkie, Ceri James, Trailer Boat Ride. Info Link at Artful Facebook. The Fox & Firkin, 316 Lewisham High Street, London SE13 ”Hi Good People, just to let yo know that all downloads on are only 59p and you chose the format. That's better than iTunes prices and all the other major players!”

FRIDAY NIGHT! The DEPTFORD X FACTOR Travel 6 mins from London Bridge to Deptford Bridge, Deptford, New Cross stations (1-3 mins) plus loadsa buses 24 hours (it’s the A2. Capital to Continent highway). Over the road from Deptford High Street anchor.

TOY TOY : "Thrillingly filthy electro poppers" (Time Out). Aptly described by Londonist as “female fronted party starters out to flick two fingers up at granny-faced “indie” boys via a Grace Jones look-a-like with the voice of Siouxsie Sioux singing the lyrics of Mike Skinner”. Favourites of the local antiscene and deservedly essential on the festivals/alternative club circuit. The forthcoming single, The Me Song. It’s already an underground live classic as is this venue, literally! Friday 2nd October it’s the Deptford X Festival Party;

Artful presents THE DEPTFORD X FACTOR 10pm-3am at The Bunker 46 Deptford Broadway, Rocklands, London SE8 4PH Entry £4 – NUS/Depford X /Artful £2. 18+ venue – if you need id, do bring it!

MOTEL BLITZ : Formed just now in a pot noodle moment in a bedsite, Motel Blitz are a guy and a girl mashing up live rock guitar with phat house beats. You know you want it. Our DJs are changing the world, one smile at a time, effectively... Oh, and,

Party the night away on Broadway with visual delights on stage, on walls, on dance floor with live entertainment from the amazing Toy Toy and the electronically charged Motel Blitz with some intergalactic DJ sets from JeanGenie (Panda-Power Parties, Rocklands) and Paedophile Stepdad. Visuals courtesy of The Blue Light District including Matt Sargent & Chris Getliffe. Night out.

THE BUNKER : Where South East London comes to after-show party until the dawn chorus - one of the city’s real treasures. A mix of students, creative / performing community, wicked dancers, unique atmosphere and well cheap booze all behind an unassuming door a bunker!

Bonkers. Dress Up. Get Down:)

Rocklands. Art Beat Central. There it is, just over the river from Docklands London South East X. Come dancing in space pirate fairyland.

This year is the 11th DEPTFORD X festival. A series of events from September 25th to October 4th promoting the boundless potential of London's most creative (and often colourful!) community through visual art power.

Motel Blitz Photographed by Karen Toftera Of The Heartbreakers DJs We love our Heartbreakers DJs, catch them on the decks at Camden Head on 21 st October. Quite aptly the event is called The Photo Session. But more about that later...

Uniqulture in action. Artists uniting with Events uniting with Promoters uniting with Venues uniting with Festivals uniting with the local community so that they can unite with Artists... the creek courtesy of Creekside Centre, Creekside SE8. Creekside is also home to lots of art, music (including Creekside Studios) and the internationationally renknowned Laban (top European Contemporary Dance Centre, plus an Architecture Of The Year – has to be seen). Over 100 Galleries and Studios in Deptford, lord knows how many festivals, road crew, bands, students and colourful community characters. Welcome to The Little Easy... Planet Water has much to do with The Moon, and moon fairies come to think of it. When the tide is right come and walk in

Music, Dancing Art and Sport; we are virtually twinned with Havana.

SATURDAY 3RD OCTOBER The 11th Deptford X visual arts festival + FREE FUN = A Day Out Is Gr8 in SE8


The Beastly Beauty

Baroque street theatre and then some @ Deptford Project behind train carriage on the High St., SE8

Saturday 3 October 2pm The Deptford Project 121-123 Deptford High Street Behind the train carriage on the high street (opposite Iceland). OUtta Deptford Train Station turn right and walk 30 seconds. London SE8 4NS

Alison Ward brings together traditional English street theatre and contemporary performance art with The Beastly Beauty, a farcical battle between two characters that embody different elements of beauty and the grotesque. Combining elements of Baroque theatre, slapstick comedy and professional wrestling to produce the effect of a live action Punch and Judy show, The Beastly Beauty will perform the tensions that arise in a community in flux by inducing a joyful catharsis. Curated by Jenny Doussan. The Beastly Beauty is supported by Lewisham Council and is a part of Deptford X and Artful.

Then walk through the traditional East End Market (eat your heart out Walford, we got a horse and cart!) to the Al Fresco bar a.k.a. as The Anchor at the top of the High Street. Across the road is The Deptford Marbles / Tanners Hill (for The Music Complex / Deptford Deli). You wonâ€&#x;t have seen a Tea Dance like the one thatâ€&#x;ll take place at 3pm!


Artmongers & Laban Dance Tea Party at Deptford Marbles. Deptford Broadway SE8. Artmongers are the visual face of 21st Century Deptford, capital of Art Beat.

Contemporary Tea Dance Event in the Streets of Deptford, in collaboration with three choreographers from Laban. Saturday October 3rd on New Cross Square 3 to 6 pm. ( Junction btwn New Cross Rd and Deptford High St)

All Welcome and

Seeing as you’re in the area.... Pic: Some D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D. ARMY out to play on a Friday night @ The launch of Deptford X at APT Gallery on Creekside (25-Sept-009). Check out the unity of NX (New Cross) and Deptford. Get your gear (gossip, free badges/CDs/flyers and more) at NX Boutique, 1 Clifton Rise (next to New Cross Inn 323 NX Rd), SE14. I spy Rhiannon The Nightmare (keep an eye out on October 21st), some Foxy Foxtons, Dex Lutha (DJ and art star) plus a band member from previous live events. This is Rocklands, after all...

So anyway, seeing as you are in the borough of Lewishambles at the Old Sailor’s Town... Pop into Deptford Arms (mid High Street) and The Birds Nest (top of Creekside) for booze n good company, flyers and a catch up on what‟s on. Deptford Fun City has loads of unique retail family business and international dining, high quality at realistic prices. Historic walks, herb gardens, riverside, you name it...

The Old Police Station at Deptford X Launch on Fri 25-Sept-009. Go to 114 Amersham Vale, SE14 (down from NX station) for the fave Art Beat hang out. They do delicious nosh in the tea rooms, have open studios, make music videos and are socially inclusive. Rocklands loves this DIY Art Centre.

Sat Oct 3rd in Deptford (cont)

Now have a night out at various places in the boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark and Greenwich. If you are staying within walking distance, here‟s just a couple... (lots more!) Mad Professor and the Ariwa Possee: The sonic dub genius creates cutting-edge reggae live with on-stage manipulation of samplers, mixers and effects processors to create a dense, shifting collage of sounds and rhythms. Since establishing his Ariwa studio in the '80s, the reggae king of south London has been in seriously high demand twiddling knobs for the likes of Massive Attack, Sade, The Orb, Perry Farrell, Lee Perry and the Beastie Boys. Sure to be an excellent night out.- Joining the Mad Professor are his Ariwa Possee plus surprise guests. £12 advance, £15 on the door. The Albany, Douglas Way, off The High Street, SE8 4AG – 020 8692 4446 Live photography by Polly Yuill. Her exhibition First Three Songs runs at this venue through November. Or bunk up at The Bunker Club Live Music/Partying til 3am with SPRING YARD + BLACK MANILA BEACH PARADE + CHAPTER24 + DJs ALL TEETH + LOS GREASY PHANTOM - as always there will be ridiculously cheap drinks. 10pm-3am. bands start 10.30 - £3 entry - 46 deptford broadway, SE8 (Deptford Bridge end of NX Rd).

Friday 09 Oct – RAR! The “21st century‟s teen Hacienda!”

The Albany, Douglas Way, SE8 4AG Adv. tickets Box Office 020 8692 4446 & NX Boutique, 1 Clifton Rise, SE14

The return of London's best Rock And Rave Club This Friday Night will light up! RAR! Flyer Star! Jean-Genie DJing Friday 2nd October at The Bunker „Deptford X Factor‟) photography and design by Jenna Foxton.

BLACKOUT CREW Over 10 million YouTube views, the youth music TV phenomenon, as seen recently on Channel 4, very

LIVE on stage. +

MAN LIKE ME Back at RAR! For the Single Launch show. Celebrate good times, come on! MARVELL Bringing the noise... and the STYLE. + SCAREDY CATS Local venue packers get this massive party started! + DJs RAR!'s own DEAN TYNAN + guest disc spinner MATT SARGENT + This evening‟s Master of Ceremonies; LEON RHYMES (Queens English). Presented by RAR! Events in conjunction










What goes on? The partiest creative crew. Teen street style 'n' positivity united . Nu Skool Nite OUT! A single release promotional video, a photography exhibition and much more has already been inspired. Club info and Pix: / In an age of doing it for the quids, there‟s a growing family still keeping it real and doing it for the kids... Cool MCs/DJs, hot bands, best rowd; (including Pendulum, Beardyman, DJ Luck & MC Neat, N-Trance, My Passion, Princess Superstar, Trash Fashion, Toy Toy, Goldielocks, Frankmusik, The Pepys, Dan Le Sac –v- Scroobius Pip, You Love Her Coz She‟s Dead, Underground Unit, Nick Nell, Ratty Rat Rat, Sportsday Megaphone, Glamour For Better, Artful Dodger, Vivians, Wall Street Riots & loads more... Get involved or documenting. Contact the RAR! People : 077 9220 5375 + Caffy 075 3540 2261 + Sam

Heads.Hearts photographed at Rocklands

Club, New Cross Inn by Satoko


This pic was taken at the start of 009 and it was obvious that Heads.Hearts are are a wickedly cool tip. Immediate hooky pop like a hard kicking punky abba with electronic disco beats delivered tight like a west end show laced with a hint of perversion. Hear Heads.Hearts and get more info on them at See Satoko

Owada visions of Planet Water

Rocklands Club kept in touch with lotsa bands and swelled into Rocklands Music & Management and got busy. Also staged events at London City Showcase Festival in May then in July at Deptford Today , a stage People‟s Day Festival and at 229 Great Portland Street, 453 Club happens occasionally on that bus route (i.e. Deptford X Factor on 2nd at The Bunker, Deptford Bridge end of the journey). Check out the 453 Gang at the Artful Facebook page including Anita Maj and The Run-Up...or Come to the Artful Party on 21st October at Camden Head and join the growing family of Playing Class Friends.In short The Music Tourist Board of Rocklands, Planet Water, in Action. Artful is it‟s annual expansion expo. So guess who is playing a monthly gathering at D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D. Army HQ... Friday

09 Oct – ToeJam : Heads.Hearts headline the RAR! Aftershow party at Deptford Arms with hosts Edit/Select live on stage + Debasers and more... Look out for the Edit/Select video which was made on Deptford X Launch Day at The Old Police Station. Local Newer Wave Whippersnappers ith a buzzy buzz - look, see! taking the old skool paradise bar vibe baton forward – network with them. Free Entry! 8pm to midnight. 52 High Street, Deptford Fun City, Rocklands SE8.

Eternally Artful...

Live Music Events * Independent Releases * New Writers & Photographers & much more.Itâ€&#x;s been great watching God Is In The TV grow into one of the essential media platforms for new talent to network on.

Tues 13 Oct – Alternative Deluxe Pop event starring

Extradition Order, Arrows Of Love, Bethia Beadman Camden Head, 100 Camden High Street, London NW1 0LU.

8pm. Tickets £4. Friday 16 Oct – This

Feeling Club

(Heather The Minx Party Episode)

“A colossal club night.” ... (Noel Gallagher) ...“like a mad 60s carnival” (Serge, Kasabian). The first full electric set at London’s most rock’n’roll after show hang out. Officer Kicks are recalled to headline...

Straight outta Creekside;

Michael Skorjanec, Jamie Scallion, Jamie Fisher, Keith Wickham photographed by Polly


Friday 16th October – it’s EAST enders EC1Y De Shamonix, The Brights, The Moons live & DJs Soul Boy Mystic, She Bangs The Drums, Backstage Sluts join the fab Heather The Minx party bash & Officer Kicks celebrate their single release, The Kraken (We Make Things Records 19th October) & however many other artistic movers‟n‟shakers under these arches + drink specials. It‟s all going on at This Feeling Club, Parker McMillan, 47 Chiswell St., London EC1Y 4SB (Moorgate/Barbican/Old St. tubes 3-5 mins or so. Zone 1), Doors 9.30pm-3.00am 18+ Rock n Roll debauchers. Tickets, if available, are £8 on the door. Secure some £6 advance via Artful? £0-£5? Yeah, of course there‟s a way to get in for a fiver... contact your band of choice, This Feeling Club have kindly got cheap entry, though arriving EARLY to ensure you get IN is well advised!

EC1V 16 Oct –

The Run-Up @ 333.

Not that far away to the East... Free Free Free at 333?

A message from the 21st Century “baby Talking Heads” vibe creating music makers, The Run-Up. “Just a quick note to say that our next gig will be at 333 Mother Bar in London on Friday 16th October. We've been doing some writing and recording this month and hopefully we'll also have some new songs up in the next couple of weeks! But y'know, never trust a band.” 333 Mother Bar, 333 Old Street, London EC1V 9LE. Nearest Tube: Old Street.

Weds 21 Oct – Photo Session (Artful Party) Rhiannon The Nightmare


special guests at visual projections do... (eagle eyes, check

Chris Getliffe – in demand art man) special guests. The Blue Light District projections of modern music history documented by Andy Willsher out Rhiannon‟s drummer

(albums, portraits NME etc photographer) – on line gallery at and more. Host

The Heartbreakers

DJs; . Appropriate as Karen Heartbreaker‟s pix have appeared all over various music publications and more. st

Tonight will evolve from October 1 onwards via people joining in via the Artful Page at Facebook and with info at the Music Tourist Board myspace and it‟s associated twitter. A mid week Artful gathering with recommended up and coming live performances, Art Beat united for on a night out. New Music Photographers and Rising Star musicians invited for photography from soundchecks onwards (includes guest list, so email to confirm). Bring CDs to play. All in a Music Tourist Board of Rocklands style. Flyer exchanging Welcome.

CAMDEN HEAD. Starts 8pm, £5. 100 Camden High St. NW1 0LU.

MTB style? It‟s all connected. Carl & Pete photographed by Andy Willsher. Film maker idol, Julien Temple came to an Artful Festival, showed both his Sex Pistols films for the first time ever, gave a legendary Q&A after then said that the people flying the flag for punk were Pete Doherty and Artful. We well chuffed!

______________________________________________________________________________ And... Come back to Camden Head on 28th October when Dexy plays live at Club Fandango (details as per 1st October). Not so much a singer/songwriter as a charismatic enigma with a honey tinged voice that conjures melodies into aural sensations. Of course Dexy is off to LA before the year ends. It‟s up to fans of quality tunesmithery to catch him on home turf in the UK before then.

Dexy photographed by Martin Yuill.

An Artful Pirate Award Tip. Definitely.

All this monthâ€&#x;s events, are creating exhibition & entertainment for London City Showcase Festival May 2010 and Artful Bronze

Year Oct 2010. So join in.

School children give Deptford Train Station fitting decor for a place called Fun City... Education and Hope are key for Uniqulture.

Goodbye Westminster. Hallo . . .

23 Oct

D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D. ARMY crew party at The Bunker Club! Yes! it is true. The Deptford Army‟s very own Dex Lutha (Matt) & The Duke of Deptford (Tristan) are hosting the first of the DEPTFORD ARMY Presents nights In the BUNKER Club!! 10pm - 3am. Pre drinks at the Deptford Arms (get your cheap entry voucher from here!) - For a night of all things Depford Army & all things Party Party Party, this new monthly night is expected to be packed out! So come early to get your FREE limited edition (numbered 1 to 100) Deptford Army MIX CD (Mixed by BassHove, Dex Lutha & Paige Gregson). Also Deptford Army Limited Edition T's will be on sale at the begining of the Night!! We got some of Deptfords best DJS, Deptfords Best Beat Boxers, Deptfords Best MCs, Deptfords Best Artists in one of Deptfords Best Venues. All we need is Deptfords Best party minded wreck up maniacs to come PARTY!!!! The Bunker, 46 Deptford Broadway, SE8 – 10pm-3am. Contact Tristan at NX Boutique for the juice : Or call in, it‟s Artful HQ this year...

24 Oct – 350. A Worldwide Day Of Action For Our World. A Plan Of Action For It's what scientists say is the safe upper limit for The Planet That carbon dioxide in the Rocks atmosphere.

350 - the most important number in the world

Two years ago, after leading climatologists observed rapid ice melt in the Arctic and other frightening signs of climate change, they issued a series of studies showing that the planet faced both human and natural disaster if atmospheric concentrations of CO2 remained above 350 parts per million.

Action and involvement via

Rock n Renew founder Jonny Dubowsky of rocking outfit Jonny Lives! has already united New York and New Cross, playing at Rocklands events and appearing on the Artful compilation „Once Upon Another Time‟ with the massive anthem, Get Steady. Being 009, it‟s time for chapter II of this tale; „In A Galaxy Far Far Away (from a tube station)‟. It started at the Planet Water‟s Time Zone, with the conception of Uniqulture, this new year... Whatever the Playing Class Friends have created by chaos magic over the past nine months, begins life on October 1st...Here‟s some latest from

Eco-friendly Musicians Combine Music With Activism. Eco-Lectric Tour artists recently spread the message of sustainability in New York as part of CMJ‟s annual Music Marathon and‟s International Day of Climate Action on Saturday, October 24th. Rock „n Renew, a non-profit organization that helps musicians, students, and communities live and act in sustainable ways. Jonny Dubowsky, excited about combining his two passions, performing and educating audiences about climate change, explains; “Rock „n Renew‟s mission is

to educate communities about the damage that we are doing to our environment and recommend small changes to improve our world. Our appearance at CMJ is just the first in a series of collaborations that we are working on as we prepare for the first Eco-Lectric Tour (Spring 2010). He will moderate a CMJ panel on “The Greening of the Music Industry” on October 22nd, 11 am to 12:15 pm at NYU‟s Kimmel Center. The panel will include representatives from Reverb, a non-profit organization founded by Guster guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner that educates and engages musicians and their fans to take action toward a more sustainable future. Also on the panel is noted author/activist for climate change, Bill McKibben, co-founder of, an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis and chief coordinator for the International Day of Climate Action. It‟s an introduction to climate awareness that starts the dialogue for personal and community change, and encourages participation in‟s International Day of Climate Action on October 24th. It‟s on the Planet Water wavelength and, Music Tourist Board will be teaming up with Rock N Renew this winter. More on that in the near future. Unless you want to come on board now?

30 Oct – Pic N Mixx (Mix Tape Party) Live On Stage; The Lovely Eggs, The School, MJ Hibbett, Grave Architects, The Peryls & DJ Sean (Feeling Gloomy). Mix CDs to swap from Art Brut‟s Eddie Argos, Los Campesinos!, Lucky Soul, Everett True, Dananananykroyd, Xfm's John Kennedy and more, so bring one to exchange and get a happy face stamp instead of an unhappy one! Tickets £6 on the door and £5 in advance from; Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, London N5. ______________________________________________________________________ ... will promote what is great about BritainIreland united as a rock‟n‟roll isles of lalaland ( urban culture and rural views) to the world. Life Long Childhood / Photography / Film / Fashion / Art / Design / Clubs / Education / Collectives / Festivals / Comedy / Literature / Theatre / Environment / Architecture united by music. It‟s a great way to run the country.

Going For Bronze (Artful 010 – The Sixth Year). Thank you for helping to create whatever happens next. You could get off your sofa and start a wildly exciting band. Or have a seemingly crazy idea...

Art Beat (vision and self expression)...

Incidentally, New York Times was already on the case, checking out South East London in Spring. Some elements of the UK press were appalled that such a working/non-working class stronghold should be seen in a positive light, they were hilarious in their reportage. The best article on London‟s SE14/8 is by Tristan Scutt of NX Boutique in the Summer 009 issue of the local Art Beat Whats On Gravity Guide And as far as some other great ambassadors of SE14/8 go, search for “LET LOVE SHINE by SE14/8” on YouTube

This has been a party party party non-political broadcast by the world‟s only Music Tourist Board. And also a good excuse to include a pic of Kids Love Lies on a sofa... ha ha

ARTFUL ON LINE New Artful tips video clips will be added between October 1st-31st of recommendations at

Channnel6 TV playlist Artful 009 - Sound Of Vision (No.5) At Teabags In Ashtrays – Alexander Wolfe – animations made by Alexander Wolfe & photographer Luke Newman. Special live appearance during Artful to be announced check out some Wolfe Man and Fox Lady moon lit action at where in less than one week

over 30,000 people have checked out this New Cross bard and the seven minute film that his song Stuck Under September has inspired with people creating such beauty for free, and even a packed out show at The National Portrait Gallery (stuck under 24th September!) with a string quartet was done on a shoestring budget.

Pretend that it‟s a water colour instead of an unfocused snapshot in the dark of a magic moment...

Under The Bed – Kids Love Lies – produced and directed by Rob Heard. Make-Up & costumes; Kids Love Lies. th th Second single released on Cherryade Records 12 October and the launch gig is on 15 at London Queen Of Hoxton. th

I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too – The Lovely Eggs (live on 30 Oct at Buffalo Bar). The Me Song – Toy Toy – from the Fuck My Boyfriend launch party at Pure Groove. (live at Deptford X Factor on 2 Oct.)



Make Noise – Marvell – from Marvell Network TV (live at RAR! At The Albany On 9 Oct) The Worthing Song – Bleech – Directed by Russell Lee Ford, Produced by British Getaway Films. New Classic Rock trio that played this years London City Showcase Festival Rocklands event

Pic: Bleech at London City Showcase Festival 009, Rocklands Club. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Bashy Directed by Adam Brown & Greg Duffield, Produced by Rocklands Creators, Digital Sneakers Some Deptford action too. Bashy was back in Rocklands for the Run To The Beat half marathon staged by City Showcase Festival in Greenwich in the last weekend of September. Video Diary – Officer Kicks. Another new classic rock outfit on their first trip to Ireland (Autumn 009) Edited by The Moon recommended film outfit, Loose Belt Productions) Aliens - Seeing Scarlet - directed by Sven Pannell, edited by Alien-Eye. Some aliens landed in Rocklands early 007. Unlike the usual on land visitors to this world they‟re not humanoid. Last seen dancing in New Cross Inn at Rocklands Party a few months later...

Other Artful Pirate Awards include Pushing Pussy Records, Jenna Foxton, Kate Tempest, Jim Arofish, Gemma Ray, Dexy, King Of Conspiracy, My Tiger My Timing, Ten City Nation, The Smoke Fairies, Bretton, Saint Jude the & Sarf London‟s rock n roll man of the people Nathan Persad and much more (including FoxFest) at

. Music Tourist Board is (still!) a not for profit disorganisation

Monthly Planet 09 - Artful Festival No.5  

Artful 009 Oct 1st-31st Some possible places to make friends and more. The Planet Water vibe. This rounds off the first stage of Artful Fest...

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