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God Save The Cardinals save rock n roll. Thanks to David Sinclair for putting mind to memory with heart, humour, musical passion & soul. “In the beginning... We began (Dave and Ollie) to tinker with the idea of forming a band in 2004 after speaking about bands and musical interests, not to mention been excited every time we heard The Strokes on MTV. We started putting out ad‟s for guitarists in the same year. It was more of a jam then anything, at the time getting a PA and a drum kit was big news. Having been on the band scene for the last year, watching The Paddingtons getting signed, and knowing they were hanging out with the likes of a certain Pete Doherty and many more, was very inspiring. Not to mention the parties that people was having for the Padds. This really got me feeling like I‟d discovered who I was and what I wanted to do in life (not knowing how hard life is in an aspiring band). I was at a Padds gig in Hull with a friend from another local band who i went to school with. He knew i wanted to start a band and told me to speak to another kid, who was also at the gig, from our school Mat Edwards. He said he‟d learnt to play guitar so I walked up to Mat and asked him if he „wanted to join the best fucking rock and roll band in the world?!‟ (Probably should have picked my words more carefully). Mat declined the offer but not been too hurt or bothered, the search for a guitarist went on. I was going to the ad section of the local guitar shop every weekend for months, taking the ads down so no one else could phone them. I rang one number and the kid said he liked the likes of The Beatles, Stones, The Strokes and The Libertines. We arranged a jam at Ollie‟s house and to my surprise, and I‟m sure Mat‟s, it was him. We got jamming and he invited his brother to play Bass. We started playing songs we all liked i.e. New York City Cops and Don‟t Look Back. One Saturday afternoon Ollie went out so me and Mat decided to write a song and we‟ve never really looked back.

GST Cardinals March 2005. After lots of weekend jamming session‟s writing songs. We acquired another bassist , Mat‟s mate Jimmy, aka Dr Gonzo (one of many bassists) making room for Mat‟s brother Paul to play rhythm. Being the 5 piece that we wanted to be, we started gigging on the local circuit. We obviously needed a name and after a load of shit ideas, in our favor the pope died, and after flicking through the paper Ollie found the word „Cardinal‟. So it was to be Cardinals. Then after us finding another band called Cardinals we decided to go by the name „God Save The Cardinals‟. (We‟re not religious the idea came off an old KINKS drum skin saying "God Save The Kinks").

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Monthly Planet 18. Silver Year Spring Season

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