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Monthly Planet Silver Year (011) Spring Season Contributions / thanks; Carl 2bob, Chris Getliffe, Christine Rush, City Showcase, Danny Green, David Sinclair, Destiny Madhoo, Dion Troubadour Power, Eric Waring, Fred & Ginger Teacups, Gearoid Hayes, Jason James, Jazz Lee, Jean Genie Graham, Jen O Neill, Joshua Fisher, Katie Owen, Kim Ling Hils, Louise Haywood Schiefer, Luke Newman, Marie Claire Denyer, McNaughty, Morgan Condon, Naomi Rebel Diamond, Paul Madden, Rupert Hitchcox, Tom Rose. Word Up – Poetry In Emotion, lyrical lives making future in the music; Kalamity Kate, Saul Williams, Dizzy Spell. Richey Edwards, Kate Tempest, Patrick Jones, The Freewheelin Troubadour and more inspire like wordsmiths of decades and centuries gone. They sprinkle stardust on Planet Water and the extended family connected to this bumper issue of Monthly Planet. This is our time.

Our Time Look and see something of yourself in me, we are both the same. Whatever past has brought us to the present, we are now here together. This exact second in time we are engaging minds and for every other word you read, a further stitch is thread that ties us together, here and now, whenever that may be. I am reaching out because I need you. Whichever teddy I pick, is picked for a reason. We are meant to be brought together. Shine your light into my life by letting me into yours, as we formulate a bond that cannot be broken. Only spoken word could illustrate how great this union is. It is ours and no one else’s. Any other set of eyes that spy this prize will be gifted with a gift of their own. There is only one conclusion to this illusion that is created in your mind, and it is whatever you want it to be, but Know, that you share it with me. I have sent it straight to only you, so design it as you deem fit. X The Freewheelin’ Troubadour

Artbeat of Uniqulture, Monthly Planet is published by Rocklands (True Vision) * *

A rock n roll East End night out at the Great Ormond Street Hospital fundraiser. Ben, Alex, Charlie and Callan photographed by

Gearoid Hayes (who is also a DJ & exhibitor at Deptford Army) Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 2

Spring Season, Silver Year Cover image : Lewie of Hedoniacs photographed by Eric Waring. Hedoniacs are woven into the Artbeat of Uniqulture, the newer wave of rock and the word up of poetic power that fuels this issue of Monthly Planet. A real movement in musicand much more is right here... Page 6 – Antlered Man – debut single and launch gig. Page 8 – Music Tourist Board calendar Page 9 – Rebel Diamond – rock art Page 10 – Music Tourist Board calendar. Page 11 – GST Cardinals. Their story by their front man. Page 16 - City Showcase; London Spotlight 2011 Page 18 – Art. „Bird‟ by Chris Getliffe Page 19-25 and 28-32 – words from the heart, a collection of poetry by

The Freewheelin Troubadour Page 33 Listen out for El Mingo Page 34 & Page 35 Jason James Page 36 & Page 37 Where‟s Strutter Page 38 Edit/Select – the band with the Toejam! Page 40-43 Look At Me London images from the latest talent and industry connecting event. Page 44 / 45 City Showcase Rocklands Page 46 Warehouse Republic Page 48 The Breadstealers Page 49 The Miles Away Project Page 50 Katie Owen – r&b pop‟s fan winning songstress. Page 51 -55 a star alliance of media & Gin In Teacups Page 56 Motorcycle Display Team – powerpop trio. Page 47 Music Tourist Board Page 58-61 Rocklands, Costa del Thames. London‟s South East X postcodes. Page 64 & 65 Alexander Wolfe the French lord of New Cross takes on 2011 Page 66 & 67 Bleech news – debut album due this summer. Page 68 Hedoniacs image by Eric Ware Page 69 Special Needs return! Page 70-74 Panda Power People Pictures by Rupert Hitchcox Page 75-81 Some candid 20th Century pix of Duran Duran on Planet Earth.

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“Part rock, part folk, part otherworldly. Big riffs combine with whistling, flute, violin and shredded slide guitar. Beware world, a new behemoth strides out across the land" (John Kennedy, XFM Radio).

Antlered Man are set to release their self produced debut single, „Surrounded By White Men” through Something Nothing Records on the 18th April. Its a classic slice of fucked up rock. Positivity with mighty riffs. Rolling drums, heavy as f.. distorted bass and hypnotic guitar. All overlaid with a vocal Jello Biafra would be proud of. The track builds into a frantic conclusion – sure to be a live killer at the show. Pre order the single and get a free download from "An extraordinary band!" (Tom Robinson – BBC RADIO 6). Danny Fury (guitar), Damo Ezekiel Holmes (vocals), Sam Ray (Bass) and Oliver Parker (Drums), cut their teeth in various punky rock bands before coming together to create what can only be described as something oddly complete with Sarah Townsend (flute). They are ferociously heavy yet wonderfully harmonic; the logical conclusion of a whippet-thin skinned, quick tempered environment and all those forced to dwell in one. Antlered Man offers a fusion of aggressive riff-driven guitar and delicate orchestral sounds, influenced by the likes of Melvins, Trail Of Dead, QOTSA, Dead Kennedy‟s and the deadbeat hero, Doug Stanhope. Single launch on 21st April; London Electrowerkz with special guests Billy Vincent, Palehorse and Black Dove Experiment in support plus DJ sets from Gary Powell of The Libertines and Dollyrockers. Discount advance tickets £5 via Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 6

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 7

Artful Music Tourist Board Calendar April 17 London Marathon starts in Rocklands SE10 and SE8 April 30/May 1st One of the best, rocking, independents Foxfest. TwoBob promoters are to be envied line up and organisation wise, and its a realistic price. Must/can-see for £12 listen to Kooba Radio for news, tunes, and more. Mini park of arty madness beer garden too. Fox & Firkin, High St., Lewisham, SE13. Music Tourist Board : April 5th, Panda~Power!, starring Parties, Itchy Teeth, Midnight Barbers, Crushed Beaks, Cave Painting live on stage plus DJs Lady Fantasy Tina and Jean Genie. The Social, 5 Little Portland Street, London W1 (Oxford Circus tube 1 minute). & April 5th; Chew Lips at London Bush Hall, April 30th-May 1st Camden Crawl & Extra Bank Holiday 24 April. 4 day weekend! Yay! May 2011 City Showcase Rocklands Festival – travelling circus of Artbeat & Uniqulture – London South East & Central.. 3rd May Panda~Power! at The Social, 4th May Rocklands @ The Bowery, 5th May Party @ New Cross Inn, 6th May Chamber at New Cross Inn. Share The Joy; Many thanks to City Showcase; London Spotlight for again having us maverick bohemians on board with the UK‟s only year long festival. Its May London Spotlight is the talent fest with the most results.

Also head to the south coast „s London-on-Sea for The Great Escape and, especially , 7th-30th May Brighton Festival Fringe where around own Rebel Diamond has an exhibition

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 8

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 9

Artful Music Tourist Board Calendar 011 06 (Jun


Brockley Max and Gay Pride bring sunshine to our lives. Glastonbury is the major festival weekend. 011 07 (Jul


Costa del Thames : July 9 Peoples Day Festival, Mountsfield Park SE6 30,000 revellers at South Londonâ€&#x;s biggest community free festival day out. Music Tourist Board; Secret Garden Party, home of the Planet Water vibe. + Kendall Calling, + Trafalgar/ Leicester Squares thost 'Deathly Hallows-Part 2 Premiere July 7 F July 1-2 Hop Farm, closest major national music fest to Costa del Thames keeps it sponsors-free http:// 011 08 (Aug


Music Tourist Board; Notting Hill Carnival, Edinburgh Festival, Underage Festival, Standon Calling, Reading/Leeds Feetivals and V Festival which this year boasts Duran Duran! (read on further for some 20th century candid DD pix) plus, most importantly in yer diaries, Cavstock at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell! 011 09 (Sept


Costa del Thames; Crossfields and Sanford events of theatre and festivity, plus; 23 September to 2 October = Deptford X Intrernationally renown, this is Londonâ€&#x;s biggest contemporary visual art event. Music Tourist Board; Bestival, Offset 011 10 (Oct


October is Black History Month. In the spirit of United Future month, Rocklands presents Artful Festival (London South East & Central) the one-month-long-party Chapter 7. This pre tipping expo of entertainment and exhibition celebrates Silver Year. Organisation and planning has already started. 011 11 (Nov


Costa del Thames; November is Greenwich Jazz Festival 11-11-11 at 11:11 am, 11 things... ask Minxy McNaughty or Rebel Diamond, ha ha xxx

God Save The Cardinals save rock n roll. Thanks to David Sinclair for putting mind to memory with heart, humour, musical passion & soul. “In the beginning... We began (Dave and Ollie) to tinker with the idea of forming a band in 2004 after speaking about bands and musical interests, not to mention been excited every time we heard The Strokes on MTV. We started putting out ad‟s for guitarists in the same year. It was more of a jam then anything, at the time getting a PA and a drum kit was big news. Having been on the band scene for the last year, watching The Paddingtons getting signed, and knowing they were hanging out with the likes of a certain Pete Doherty and many more, was very inspiring. Not to mention the parties that people was having for the Padds. This really got me feeling like I‟d discovered who I was and what I wanted to do in life (not knowing how hard life is in an aspiring band). I was at a Padds gig in Hull with a friend from another local band who i went to school with. He knew i wanted to start a band and told me to speak to another kid, who was also at the gig, from our school Mat Edwards. He said he‟d learnt to play guitar so I walked up to Mat and asked him if he „wanted to join the best fucking rock and roll band in the world?!‟ (Probably should have picked my words more carefully). Mat declined the offer but not been too hurt or bothered, the search for a guitarist went on. I was going to the ad section of the local guitar shop every weekend for months, taking the ads down so no one else could phone them. I rang one number and the kid said he liked the likes of The Beatles, Stones, The Strokes and The Libertines. We arranged a jam at Ollie‟s house and to my surprise, and I‟m sure Mat‟s, it was him. We got jamming and he invited his brother to play Bass. We started playing songs we all liked i.e. New York City Cops and Don‟t Look Back. One Saturday afternoon Ollie went out so me and Mat decided to write a song and we‟ve never really looked back.

GST Cardinals March 2005. After lots of weekend jamming session‟s writing songs. We acquired another bassist , Mat‟s mate Jimmy, aka Dr Gonzo (one of many bassists) making room for Mat‟s brother Paul to play rhythm. Being the 5 piece that we wanted to be, we started gigging on the local circuit. We obviously needed a name and after a load of shit ideas, in our favor the pope died, and after flicking through the paper Ollie found the word „Cardinal‟. So it was to be Cardinals. Then after us finding another band called Cardinals we decided to go by the name „God Save The Cardinals‟. (We‟re not religious the idea came off an old KINKS drum skin saying "God Save The Kinks").

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 11

First taste of rock and roll stardom I always wanted to be in a band that gigged and the more gigs the better. What‟s the point in being in band that is only known in their local town and playing to their mates? After travelling the country and a lot of lineup changes, not to mention mad moments ( i.e. driving a van to Glasgow after having no more than 10 driving lessons, never even driven a van or thinking about it, never driven on the motor way!) we‟d sort of learnt that it was not going to be easy. The opportunity came up for us to play some gigs in Germany. The lineup changed slightly on Bass, we now had Karl Hudson, and on guitar was Alex Day (Germany was his second ever gig for the band). The experience was amazing. Everything we wanted was free, we had a photo shoot with German MTV, as much booze as we could stomach, but only been 18 i didn‟t need that much! For me the whole trip changed my life, and again for me personally it felt like this was the point the band began, our lineup was set in concrete and it really felt like we were going somewhere. The United States of the great America, and not forgetting Sweden After coming back from Germany we consistently gigged the following year, we played around 97 gigs this averaging on a gig every 3 days. We met a lot of great people, some better than others and some still friends to this day. Things were going well we got our first gig review in London on Gods in the TV, we had a great van with beds in, we didn‟t care where we played (even getting paid wasn‟t a big deal, it was fun to see if we could get back home from gigs) and we had a good local following. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 12

Then after a gig in Newcastle, supporting a band from London who had people from EMI watching them, we got asked if we wanted to go to the States!!! A lot of people talk bullshit in music so i didn‟t get my hopes up to much, so it was all a bit surreal when I found myself on a plane with the lads setting off for the bright lights. At the time we had another bassist. A bit of a drip really, but he was willing to travel from Hull to Stanstead airport in the boot of my dad‟s car, so that was enough commitment for me (He was a big lad too over 6ft tall and weighing around 13 stone). The tour went well, we got an invite to go back the next year but the bassist wasn‟t welcome so we got rid. We eventually went back the next year (with yet another bassist) and the label that took us out there, Cranky Girl Records, ended up signing us on a small deal but a deal is a deal. The same year we acquired the driving skills of a one Sean Khan and went on a small tour of Sweden .Sean came with us 6, of us shared a small bed sit the size of an average Kitchen. Not to mention getting in on the first reunion gig for The Libertines at Rhythm Factory, unfortunately it was all in aid of the death of Johnny Rhythm and the proceeds going to his family but I‟m sure i can speak on behalf of all the lads in the band it was one of the best nights of our lives. And the struggle goes on Were now signed to Cranky Girl Records it‟s not the easiest of situations to be in, with them based in New York and the whole music scene dropping to its knees but were signed! I sometimes take it for granted and don‟t think its progressing enough. But when I think of the struggles we‟ve had to endeavor (life‟s little tests what doesn‟t kill you makes you stronger crap) the commitments we‟ve had to make to get signed, and not to mention the amount of bull shit we‟ve taken off gigs and promoters, and vehicles braking down on us, it‟s all still worth it.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 13

I‟ll never forget the second trip to the states, we set off to drive to East midlands airport and the van broke down, we were nearly in tears, we weren‟t even out of Yorkshire ha. We ended up getting 2 taxis from the side of Meadow Hall to the airport leaving Sean our driver to sleep in the van on the coldest day of the year until the AA came to pick him and the van up. And we still managed to go to the wrong airport!!!! We jumped back in the taxis headed up the motorway all panicking. I just didn‟t think we was going to get there, nothing ever beats us as a band but this time even I was doubting if we‟d get there. After all the fuss and money wasted we got to the right airport running around like headless chickens, we eventually got in the queue to get on the plane with literally no time to spare. I was happy when I saw Allison from This Morning queuing to get on the plane, then I knew we had made it. We got on the plane then got hammered. The cabin crew joked around with us all saying “what you try‟na do” (in their American accent) “try‟na drink your way over the Atlantic?!”. Completely sloshed I thought YEAH because I‟m in a situation most people can only dream to be in, and I‟m going to drink as much free booze as I can. I got asked a question not so long back “HOW LONG WAS YOU UNSIGNED FOR?”. We were unsigned for 5 years I replied. He then asked “What did you want from the band in that 5 year period?” I replied we wanted to get signed. Then I thought Fuck. What a little twat I am. I‟ve experienced LIFE more in this band then I ever thought I could, I‟ve been around the world on the piss playing music (LITERALLY WRECKED OUT OF MY FACE), met 4 brothers not band members! (Not to mention the other lads that have come and gone in the band), pushed myself mentally further than any of my school teachers thought I could, wrote some pretty good songs, met some great friends and to top it all off were signed!!!!!

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 14

So what‟s to come next (the big step up) At the moment we‟re more pushed and excited to practice then we‟ve ever been. We‟re just concentrating on writing great songs. We have our own studio to write whenever we want to, and a line up good enough to play anywhere, can‟t imagine the band with a different line up now. Even though were signed we don‟t have a manager and we know we need one, so were recording the new material then were going to hit managers with the stuff we have. We released our first single „All Time Low‟ at the back end of last year and we want to get another song released a.s.a.p. but we really need air play on good radio stations. That‟s the push we feel we need to take, the step up the ladder (easy said than done). We‟ve got a good following around the country and an absolute mental one in Hull which is great. There‟s a lot of people who have faith in us (as i said I‟m not religious but there‟s been times when I‟ve thought fuck. God really did save the Cardinals then ha, a quite fitting name really looking back) and I‟m sure we won‟t let them down. “They have the tunes, they have the looks, and they seal it together with their amazing on-stage chemistry and off-stage babyfaced smiles.” God Is In The TV

http:// * GST Cardinals play London - The Social (W1) on 3rd May and 7.30pm at The Bowery (WC1) on 4th May - as party of City Showcase Rocklands 2011

3rd-6th May, London South East & Central its

Updates/info; Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 15

City Showcase; London Spotlight Festival 2011 £8 wristband from for access to all evening shows, daytime store events (Regent Street, Heddon Street, Carnaby Street), the workshops programme and 20% discount at the many participating retailers. At The Borderline (W1), Xfm‟s Ian Camfield returns to host Rock Night on 6 May and Heat Radio‟s Sarah Powell is Saturday night hostess on 7 May. Other London venues uniting for City Showcase Festival include The Bowery (WC1), The Social (W1), New Cross Inn (SE14), The Apple Store (W1), the 100 Club (W1) and 229 (W1). Daytime gigs in Carnaby Street stores on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th May and Regent Street stores on Saturday 7th May will include Tibits, Ted Baker, National Geographic, Eastpak, TM Lewin, Timberland, WeSC, Fornarina, LK Bennett, Puma, Lee Jeans, 55DSL, Zebrano, Kirk Originals, Henri Lloyd, Vans, Sacred Café plus the Heddon Street Outdoor Stage with artists to be announced. Bands playing this year have been billed from a call out for artists (once again a record breaking year for applications) supplemented by recommendations from City Showcase friends and followers who took up the Everyone‟s An A&R challenge. City Showcase Director, Nanette Rigg said, „I am loving the City Showcase: Spotlight London 2011 line-up. It is our best ever, the wristband cost is incredibly good value that won‟t break the bank and this brilliant event, giving everyone a chance to tell industry who they want to see as the face of 2012, is a perfect addition to the extended May holiday in the UK.‟ Tues 3 MAY : THE SOCIAL, 5 Little Portland Street, W1 Panda~Power! hosted by Jean Genie Graham £2 all night for CS 2011 wristbands (normally £6). First Tuesdays monthly that mixes buzzy tips, sociable networking, party DJ sets, media/industry movers & shakers... and cake! Weds 4 MAY : THE BOWERY, 36-38 New Oxford Street, WC1 Rock/Pop/Blues/New Wave; Warehouse Republic, The Breadstealers, The Miles Away Project, GST Cardinals (live), Edit/Select (DJ set) curated by City Showcase:Rocklands Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 16

City Showcase; London Spotlight Festival 2011 Thurs 5 MAY : THE BORDERLINE, W1; Katalina Kicks, Ivyrise, The Kill Van Kulls, more T.B.A. and 100 CLUB, W1; Thomas J. Speight, Tigers That Talked, Toodar, Jake Morley NEW CROSS INN, SE14; City Showcase: Rocklands Social.9pm-2am. Free entry with City Showcase wristband.

Fri 6 MAY THE BORDERLINE, W1; Rock Night hosted by Ian Camfield with Horusset, The Eyes of a Traitor, Roxy‟s Wardrobe & more t.b.a. NEW CROSS INN, SE14. City Showcase; Rocklands recommends Chamber Club presented by Lee Puddefoot (Artrocker/Artful). 9pm-2am / £3. Playing live; Hold Kiss Kill Neurotic Mass Movement, Les Mistons, Bastard Sword. Free entry with City Showcase wristband.

Sat 7 MAY : THE BORDERLINE, W1; Moon Visionaries, Starlings hosted by Sarah Powell (Heat Radio) & more t.b.a. 229 in W1 - FranKo, The Critical, Redtrack, Low Level Flight City Showcase is a non-profit making venture that provides platforms for aspiring musicians to perform and network. There are regular open mic nights, City Showcase: Rising, masterclasses with big names providing their expertise for free; City Showcase: Sessions and face to face social networking at the City Showcase: Club. The all year round festival of new music. *

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 17

Artbeat star; Chris Getliffe; Illustrator, artist, writer and geeky boy at the bar on Deptford Army nights in The Bunker (Rocklands SE8) Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 18

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 19

The Freewheelin’ Troubadour The King Of Hearts (06.06.10)

There was a King, somewhat noble, never found too far from trouble, liked by many, loved by none, loathed for wars he‟d never won. He‟d don his crown, greet the crowd, a few would frown but he‟d feel proud, there‟d always be a twinklin‟ eye, to keep the dear King satisfied. He had an undercover hunger, an appetite to look much younger, which, in a past life he was told, „the secret lies in being bold‟. His boldness led to meeting maidens, mainly leaving maidens made, and his huge heart would often yearn, for something more than „lessons learned‟. The King fell deep one day in June, after which, he was then deemed a loon, he tried to stay sane but was unable, for fleeting love is quite unstable. “I‟d give my life up to the skies, for eternity, laid within your eyes”, Lost momentarily like a dream, a vivid calmness, so serene.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 20

News the „mad‟ King no longer cared, was spread like fire in a dragon‟s lair. Soon, a frenzy created crowds, who‟d scream for help and shout aloud, that chops and changes must be made, how the King was now a renegade, and if distracted by his own heart, should renounce the throne to his counterpart. Heavy on his head, the crown, the need to please country and town, but also wanting to please his fate, and behold the beauty of his mate. He knew that pride comes before the fall, but on the night of the annual ball, he chose the peoples calls to answer, and arrived without his partner. She was never seen again, though they say her tears are the falling rain, which floods the kingdom every day, whilst the lonesome King stands in dismay, knowing a mistake was made, when he moved his light into the shade, wondering now where he‟d have been, if instead he‟d just made her his Queen. There is a King, a noble man, whose love is given to his land,liked by many, loathed by none, only ever loved by one. He wears his crown in search of pride, but something inside him has died, forever he sits upon his throne, to whimper, cry, and die alone.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 21

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 22 Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 23

The Freewheelin’ Troubadour Black Flags I am the son of Mother Nature, born of a dream, shine like the sun, written in scripture to serve all in-between. The prophecies of prophets for profit tell me to stop it, expose the fake, shake down the town and take the crown. We‟re the un-underground, we‟re rising and we‟re not looking back, You‟re still at street level, making moves with the Devil. Whilst I make deals with Allah, I pray to Jah, Rastafari don‟t deny my intent to supply, the message of realness, the righteous road to walk, you may shoot the shit with Satan but he isn‟t there to talk. You fly the flag of red, white and blue, but don‟t know why you do, I see you enforce something that says nothing to you. If there‟s no black in the flag then we don‟t want to know, I‟ll fly the blackest of flags that symbolises my soul. You will never see my people wave a flag that is white, Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 24

because we‟re tired of segregation and we‟re ready to fight. We‟re The Black Panthers, you just get bitten, you may love to hate my face but I can see that you‟re smitten. If you choose to give guidance of where next to go, don‟t point in some odd direction, then just assume the sheep know. You‟re lost in the cosmos but the stratosphere‟s here, you seem to only hear that bell toll in your ear. My dear, brother, sister, father and child, you‟re still tamer than a house cat, thinking you‟re wild. Roar at the poor, you bore, you‟re rotten to the core, but we‟re gonna soar like you‟ve never seen before. Intergalactic rays they leave me in a daze, like smoking purple haze in the good ol‟ days. Praise won‟t get you nowhere, and prayers? Give it a rest. God‟s within us all but you treat him like a guest. The children of tomorrow will re-write revelations, Today, we‟re steadily forming, one love, one nation. When you see the black flags fly you‟ll soon understand, that the true, bad, hour of The Troubadour‟s defining this land. When every flag you‟ve ever known ceases to wave, you‟ll know that their wars are over, and our equals are saved.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 25

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 26

Monthply Planet recommended a star breaker alliance of music clubs;

THIS FEELING Mixing cool future tips with hot current buzzes while staying friendly enough for a good time is a fine balancing act. Star Breaker Alliance events include My Friend Henry presents (Manchester), Rocklands, Panda Power, Brocolli Music, Toejam, Music Born and Chamber – you get an affordable, proper night out wither in a gang or on a solo talent scouting mission . Monthly Planet has enjoyed loads of great sets at this multi faceted party, introduced by London‟s top rock‟n‟roller, Heather Minx of Minx Media. Herself a hugely talented film maker and one of the faces at This Feeling. Get discount entry to the next This Feeling night, free downloads from some of the artists that have played there and all the latest news at

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 27

The Freewheelin’ Troubadour Stream of consciousness

San Francisco – 9/11/2009

Let me dance, for now I am free. The ridiculousness of everything seems so apparent now. The waves of light across the cardboard city, watching it slowly simmer, all that is unholy and impure, packed in, towards the fire. People lining up, waiting for their time to burn. My time is now. I will not wait in line. No need to push me towards the fire, i‟m already burning inside. This one man band is about to expand into something so grand, so magnificent, that even death, with all its sweet soaked glory, will have to step back and say “Shit, that kid just painted his masterpiece”. My Cisteen chapel only has a capacity of one, and I ain‟t goin‟ nowhere. A one way ticket every time you close your eyes, thrown into yourself and finding what‟s true, what is righteous, the power to create anything you deem fit for your world. Wicked flashes cast aside, no space for that on this hell of a ride. Still, it‟s hard to escape sometimes. Every individual human being is its own unique primate, with unique tweeks which make it tick. So many meaningless ideas indicate insignificancy to me; it‟s all foreign when i‟m speaking the Queens. Things tick and they tock and they EXPLODE all around me, but my face doesn‟t change, because nothing is strange. Everybody is out for themselves in this world, but is salvation found in the solemn prayer? I don‟t care, as I stare at every individual stroke of genius that their parents created. A voyeur, if you will, with a skill of detailing every inch, with my thumb, then through the eyes and into the soul, eating Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 28

the fleeting thoughts, which are nothing to me, and finding the core, the life within, the realness, in one second or less. Where are the stars and the moon when I want to howl? The fog and the darkness loom above the rooftop where I stand, alone in this crying city. The bridge isn‟t far, if you feel like jumping. The ocean is where I need to be, washed away in sweet sleep, every particle dissipated equally into the slip stream, becoming the ocean myself and letting the ocean become me. One. Again, the fire within the city walls calls, blood boiling, I can hear its beating heart. I yearn for the desolation that I never find, as we are all alone, together. Lights flicker in the waves of the city, the paper skyscraper, insignificant after all. Who cares if I spit upon the roof of the rich? The rich? Well, they have no reason to bitch. I‟m sure they‟ll find one anyway, after all, they do know that what they have is hollow, and me? Well, i‟m not even really here, invisible in the city terrain. No fanfare to make you aware of the party, but it‟s happenin‟, right here and now, this is the spot where the flames get hot. Music is created within the thin air, everywhere; strange ringings which seem unreal seem to send you off. Then they stop. Then they start again. Then they stop, and the creaky floorboard welcomes a stranger, who wants to make sure I don‟t work here. “I don‟t work anywhere”, I respond, then off he walks, happily into the furniture, and becomes a chair. Still, I sit, and semi-stare, a voyeur, if you will, a voyeur, if you care. Unedited and in print, it‟s here for all to see, *drum roll please*....

NOTHING! Hope you enjoyed the show. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 29

The Freewheelin’ Troubadour‟s book entitled ‘Freewheelin’ In Monument Valley & The American Offerings’ was published by the people of The Freewheelin‟ World via donations which have led to a limited edition first pressing of 300 bound copies. These are given away FREE at his spoken word performances and are a thing of beauty. The book is also available to download for FREE from his collectives website: The Freewheelin’ Troubadour‟s poetry & music are also at t or on Facebook. Monthly Planet was lucky enough to catch The Freewheelin Troubadour last April at a Panda~Power! club night. A warm love fizzed from his words and persona ,and that was it. Bitten n smitten. Now one of the Panda~Power! resident talents, and a star at Artful Festival, we are chuffed as fug that Dion „Troubadour‟ Power has graced this issue with his magic. Don‟t let a zine tell you that people love a poet. See for yourself in this video; Live performance of Casual Friday by The Freewheelin' Troubadour and Ben Bailey for the book fundraiser on October 30th at The Victoria in East London. Made by The Funpowder Plot Image: Stream Of Consciousness Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 30

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 31

The Freewheelin Troubadour Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 32

Thank you to Look At Me London for introducing the genre clashing aural experience that is El Mingo. (photographed by Kim LengHills at the recent L.A.M.L. event) Get the juice on Look At Me London later on in the zine. For now, have a listen to the quality, fresh and on it sound that has got Monthly Planet excited and keeping an eye and ear out for what El Mingo does next.

another story woven into the Artbeat of Uniqulture, involved in playing at previous Artful and other Rocklands events. The bottom line is the that Gaolerâ€&#x;s Daughter have solid song crafting skills that can strike more a chord with fans of classic alternative pop music. Get the new EP 'Rhyme & Treason' via Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 33

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 34

A favourite on the new pop star scene is Jason


JJ is a regular at Panda~Power! club with the great ability to create instant dance pop anthems, and to perform them with panache. Off stage he is unassuming, unpretentious and a charming and friendly music fanatic. On stage he has the moves, the cheeky smile and even the (loudly) adoring fans, as proved when Monthly Planet caught him live on stage. A fellow music fan noted that he could be a potential male Gaga. Recently Jason has been working on new material, getting some photos done and planning a busy year. Monthly Planet: “So then, Jason James, hows it going?” JJ : “So far 2011 has got off to a roaring start! I have been performing around London and have also been busy writing and recording two brand new songs! During 2011 I am going to be performing around the UK at various venues and festivals and promoting my new material.” MP wishes him the best of luck, he definitely deserves a sussed scount to spot his potential.

Hear new tracks, 'Living Proof" and „Dusk Til Dawn‟ at Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 35

one of those young rock bands that you need to focus some attention on, pronto.

There’s more than just the big songs and a live presence that is developing into something mighty, this band care enough promote artists they like, at their My Friend Henry nights in Manchester. Started this year, its where to see the best new bands from nearby or on tour.

Monthly Planet: “what inspired you?” Where’s Strutter: “The lack of promoters wanting to look after bands in

the bigger cities (don't get us wrong for every bad couple of promoters, their is a good one), when you first pick up an instrument, to when you form a band, to the point if gigging, you have a dream of being able to perform your art to others, every bad promoter you come across, chips away at that ideal. some bands will fall away with this happening on a regular basis, music shouldn't be a chore and shouldn't be ruined by lazy so called promoters.

we wanted to give bands from anywhere the opportunity to play, no matter where they are from. We have booked 13 bands for the first 3 months and they include bands from Liverpool, Blackburn, Leicester, London, Stoke, Fife, Birmingham, Gloucester. none have been asked to sell tickets, to bring friends, just to come down play their songs and have a good time to as big a crowd as what we can get them. mp : what kind of artists can audiences expect?

“we have been inundated with bands wanting to play and we would genuinely love to have each one play and to give everyone a chance, but sadly we are a band ourselves and are not full time promoters (or do we think we are promoters - more a band putting on a night and treating the bands how we would want to be treated). Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 36

we, Strutter, do make mistakes, like when we switched venues, meaning earlier times and a band playing to very few people. We resolved that by booking them back straight away the following month, which doesn’t make sense to promoters but Where's Strutter and My Friend Henry

is about doing right by the bands we try to look for bands who have that work ethic that is needed in the industry. So many bands have the idea that they will be playing locally and an Alan McGee will walk in, love them and throw money at them and help theem become the biggest band in the world. Sadly, the industry has changed. we realize this and we gig constantly. we have lost jobs, we have lost cars. We have ran out of petrol on motor ways. We drive to scotland for one off shows, we accept shows all over and make the effort no matter what. we played 99 gigs last year and we work hard to make a difference and to carve a career for ourselves, many men have done a lot more for love so why shouldn't we? so we tend to look for bands that are making a difference, who are working hard and doing everything we are (we know were not the only ones) and want to offer them the chance to play our nights. thank you, Danny Green.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 37

Edit/Select "OMG you're that band with the ToeJam!" Edit/Select are setting south east London alight and keeping the scene alive. More than regular and high in demand on the live circuit, their ToeJam nights are also getting hotter and hotter expanding across New X Inn and Goldsmiths SU! ToeJam is a night for the real fun-lovin' music lovers. We oppose pay to play and we strongly urge anyone who does this to stop and come and play one of our nights. Currently working at The Roundhouse Studios on some new tracks (you will hear the result end of April) and also aiming toward a new EP. They return to Amsterdam again in May for a week of shows! "Come along, we can fit you in our suitcase!" 06th April @ Proud Camden 09th April @ Rumours, Leighton Buzzard 22nd April @ New X Inn, ToeJam 04th May @ The Bowery (DJ Set) 12th May @ Goldsmiths SU, ToeJam 20th - 26th May - LONDAM TOUR (NETHERLANDS)

Edit/Select photographed by Lucca Joy Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 38

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 39

Look At Me London

Laura J Martin at the most recent LAML event

Look At Me London is a Music Video Production Company and Music Events and Networking Organisation. As a live music event, they unearth young, musical talent within south London and offer sign posting and a platform to perform for those with ambition and passion. Audience members at our events include peers, fellow musicians and top industry representatives - there to offer feedback and advice - and all performances are filmed to HD standard and professionally edited for performers to use as they wish, all free of charge! As a video production company, Look At Me London specialises in tailor-made promotional material for artists who are passionate about their music, diligent when it comes to their craft and serious about getting their music noticed Marie-Claire Denyer and her team present fresh, exciting talents of many creative disciplines and mix in industry and media at their networking events. A Rocklands favourite, get on this! Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 40

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 41

Potential Stars Shining live on stage At Montague Arms in South London photos; by Kim Leng Hills * Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 42

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 43

Return of The Jedi. The travelling circus hits WC1... (facebook event) Advance Tickets; Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 44

Free with City Showcase wristband – limited availability, come early!

Rocklands @ The Bowery is part of

City Showcase London Spotlight 2011. City Showcase is the UK‟s year long / international) talent festival, with results (incl. Amy Winehouse, N-Dubz, Patch Williams, Keane, Razorlight etc). "There are plenty of festivals that devote themselves to showcasing 'emerging' artists musicians and performers but there are few with the track record of City Showcase" (Metro) "The riotous Rocklands scene" (Time Out). Punky potential spotters, breakers and connectors with an "impeccable party vibe" (Pulse Arts) - the Artbeat crowd. Previous Rocklands events/co-promotions included music from My Passion, Sound Of Rum Saint Jude, Bloc Party, Hatcham Social, Tinie Tempah, Anita Maj, Pendulum, Art Brut, Chew Lips, Bleech, Ebony Bones, Man Like Me, Factory Floor, Special Needs etc plus up and coming visual artists film/video makers, poets, photographers, media and an ideas factory of newer wave industry. Tonight‟s hand picked bill and connected audience are again serious contenders. The Bowery, is THE new venue in Central London, the perfect place!

Tonight stars adventurous youth with mature musicality and a century of inspiration in their individually unique future sounds. Experience poets with guitars & adrenaline rushes at Come early for socialising, a goody bag of promo-cum-instant directory of contacts. Support promising talents. Advance contact vision @ rocklands . tv

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 45

"A quadruple shot of Bourbon-soaked music adrenalin into the flaccid veins of contemporary Rock 'N' Roll" (Musos Guide). Fuelled by frantic energy; Warehouse Republic are already a genuine live attraction to catch at close range. Exciting and unpredictably original, they are a rock and roll movement who launched their debut single, Revolver at The 100 Club in November. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 46

They sold so many advance tickets, packing the venue with fans (including a many fellow creativeand performing talents) that they found themselves promoted to headliners. An amazing start with a mad-for-it-crowd (59 seconds of the night, visually but the supposed sprain that drummer, Alex Howson, suffered a few hours before that show turned out to be a foot broken in three places. He had just played through the pain. A couple of weeks later, guitarist, Charlie Flynn, had to jump from a second floor blaze to save his own life. Their collective injuries meant a break from touring to recover. Now restored to health, they are ready for the next chapter. 2011 began with a January live radio session and interview for the BBC, a brace of encouraging initial press feedback and a buzz that has earned them a slot at Secret Garden Party Festival in July. Not resting on their laurels, Warehouse Republic are currently writing and recording new material, gearing up for the next instalment.

Get some Voodoo Love from Warehouse Republic. Free download

Image by Rupert Hitchcox * Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 47

photographed by Dan


Appropriately described as "Bob Dylan meets Patti Smith with a dash of Television and an English accent", there's something enigmatic about The Breadstealers, fronted by the sweet tones of Gabi Garbutt. The band were a highlight at the Artful pre-tipped-talent fest, making a real impression at the sociable networking music party that is Panda~Power. Just had to have them for this show. Expect to hear much more about them. Their „Miller St. EP‟ is grabbing attention and the London band are "Making an interest in a tough town to crack" (Spoonfed). Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 48

New rock already in the sights of the capitalâ€&#x;s prime venues and events.

Dark dirty riffs and light clean tunes that veer unpredictably from controlled melody to improvised catharsis. The Miles Away Project are an East Spanglier based band making a mark with the mover shaker venues in London too. Listen out for their forthcoming debut EP which is being launched at this show. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 49

“I absolutely love what I do”

Katie Owen

Talented singer and songwriter , is making waves on the international music scene. She blends R&B, pop and rock to great effect, and has mass appeal potential, with the added edge that comes with being your own record label, marketing department and PR, simultaneously. Katie grew up hooked on greats like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and cites modern influences like Pink, Rhinanna and Christina Aguilera. In that vein of ambition, the video for her self penned single, „Wrong All Along‟ (from debut LP „Comin‟ On Strong‟) oozes sex appeal and killer vocals. It‟s also won over 40,000 views already. Underground star style. with a growing legion of loyal fans who have supported and enjoyed watching the talented Southern girl blossom. Katie has the untweaked raw ingredients of a mainstream artist but also the engaging enthusiasm that caught the attention of Monthly Planet in the first place. One to watch. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 50

Here‟s Another tip – Xstreameastenders! The Radio Station, Xstream East goes from strength to strength, not just with the amount of musthear new music being championed, but with the activity in the community like the highly supportive Xstream East Academy. Their listenership continues to rise and so do those involved with XSE. Get on this!

Image of Xstream East involvement at the station‟s HQ by Destiny Madhoo

What‟s Really What? Music and culture media on the rise... *

THE PAINTER'S RADIO SHOW "Interesting stuff you might not have heard before." EVERY THURSDAY, 6PM-8PM GMT ON XSTREAM EAST * Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 52

When Rocklands heard that passionate music fans, the very lovely Fred & Ginger, were starting something a few months ago, it was a cause of celebration because of the amount of care and thought they bring to whaat they do. It‟s no surprise that since its launch, on line music TV show, Gin In Teacups has proved an instant hit. Interviews and sessions with artists that are genuinely exciting music fans, and behind the scenes in depth music industry conversations create viewing with the shared obsession that is often missing in whats left of 21st Century music tv shows. In conversation with artists that come to play Rocklands events, I find that some of the the young artists pine for the kinda shows you see on BBC 4 like The Old Grey Whistle Test etc. Less predictable than the approved-for-critical massage rigidity shown on the press / radio air play matching telly shows sometimes. There‟s no Word, Tube, Snub intent on “breaking” bands like I saw the early Manics on in the 90s. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 53

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 54

Artists worthy of note, that have shared Gin In Teacups with Fred & Ginger so far include Carl Barat, Joan As Policewoman, Keiron Leonard (pictured) and new sensations, Warehouse Republic and The Heartbreaks. Also pictured is industry legend, James Endeacott (The Strokes, The View etc) who restored faith in the integrity that many in the music biz still believe in with his in depth interview. Gin In Teacups recently found themselves at the NME Awards. Not surprising really. These are quality short film shows made by people who check out interesting artists live. With a background in major entertainment broadcasting and music business, Gin In Teacups is also worth contacting for your Electronic Press Kits and filming needs. Since launching http:// became one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube and is already heading for 95,000 views at time of writing. “The best musicians kidnapped to play the most intimate acoustic session you could desire,with an extra-zing” http://

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 55

Motorcycle Display Team

Image ; Louise Haywood Schiefer

Steve, Mog & Richard, collectively known as Motorcycle Display Team, are truly cementing themselves as an intense and vigorous presence on London's unsigned scene. The powerpop trio recently packed out the Islington Academy and the music industry are taking notice. Within the last year they have gigged solidly, had their videos featured on some new music satellite channels and a load of on line radio play. Their songs about sex, insomnia and the religious zealots of London are creating a buzz in musical circles and any other shape you care to mention. They are currently making their debut album with Cesar Gimeno Lavin, who has worked with White Lies and Modest Mouse among many others. Go and see Motorcycle Display Team now while they're still friendly and in your neighbourhood. Gigs & more; Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 56

The Artful Music Tourist Board People and Places that are the ambassadors of Affordable Adventues Adventures around BritainIreland and the Channel Islands. The Rock n Roll Isles are a song and dance about positivity. Toruistm for locals, but visitors most welcome. Artful Festival (annual autumn octoberfest) is the expo of exhibition and entertainment on this wavelength. Though based in London‟s lower east side (across the river from Docklands, nicknamed Rocklands) the vibe has spread, like ripples from a pond, worldwide.In Bronze Year (2010), Artful Music Tourist Board set up Facebook pages for regular gig swap localities with this area.

Artful East Spanglier (Herts, Essex, East Anglia)

Artful North West England (Manchester, Liverpool, Cumbria etc)

Coming to London? Music Tourist Board recommends Costa del Thames for an affordable alternative adventure. Pictured; Jane Heartbreaker of regular Rocklands rock DJs The Heartbreakers and Lenny Love of DJs & tour managers, Dirty Sounds at the Rocklands Stage, People‟s Day Festival). Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 57

Rocklands – the artbeat of london town Ripples from London‟s South East X postcodes spreading around Planet Water.

New York Times tipped New Cross and Deptford as forthcoming hip parts of the capital. The NX / NY cross over since Jonny Lives! came to Rocklands and local artists saved up and hauled ass to the big apple, continues. The Old Police Station, Montague Arms, New Cross Inn, The Albany, The Birds Nest, Goldsmiths S.U., The Fox & Firkin and more are regular ports of call. Brockley is arts and theatre drenched, Blackheath and Greenwich have magnificent scenery. It‟s the ideal place for the world‟s only Music Tourist Board to exist. Tourism aimed at the locals enjoying their wealth of entertainment, events and exhibitions within walking and bus hop distance. The area has fans around the globe though, there are Rocklanders on all continents. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 58

UK and London itself would laugh at the South East Bank being an alternative holiday destination, but a Costa del Thames weekend break is rewarding. From British Rail Stations to 24 Hour buses there‟s loads of transport with easy access to the capital‟s centre. Additionally, the East London Line between Islington and Croydon and the The Dave Lee Roth (DLR, ahem, Docklands Light Railway) connects Canary Wharf, Bank, Lewisham and various Eastenders stops and The O2 in minutes. The River Bus is one of the loveliest ways to see London and visit Tate Modern, London Eye and the South East Bank, stopping at Greenwich (a.k.a. Lilliput) which is already a popular tourism centre, home to London‟s oldest royal park (oh, such beautiful ancient trees) and the Cutty Sark. The South East X locality is also the Zone Of Time for the planet, blessed with a variety of markets, international dining and livelness due to a student population nearing 90,000. Tate Modern, Borough Market, Shakespeare‟s Globe, The South Bank, The Shard are more central. Quickly accessed from the number of hotels and hostels in Rocklands. Deptford is London‟s Sailor‟s town. Deptford Army don‟t fight, they dance, DJ, C and frolic at The Bunker. The underground under ground and a rave full of talents. Painters, designers and graphic artists are the DJs, crowd, MCs etc. Take regular, Polly Harvey, also an excellent photographer And regular Rocklands Face. Deptford is also home to Creekside Studios, Cockpit Arts, Midi Music, The Music Complex, Arcsound, Lewisham College, The Laban, Deptford Project and London‟s biggest contemporary art festival, the annual and internartionally rreknown, Deptford X.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 59

The Stone Circle at Hilly Fields, London Rocklands SE4. Poetry in motion. Locally connected talents like Sound Of Rum are going from from strength to strength. Kate Tempest is, indeed, a storm. Get an earful and eyeful of The video for their single, „Slow Slow‟ (Sunday Best) by Dean Puckett & Lucca Benney of – fresh from a sell-out one month residency of nights with special guests, Sound Of Rum have a future that only gets brighter. Feisty Brockley rock chick, Anita Maj, has made a load of things happen for herself on two sides of the Atlantic. Songs from the album, Truth Or Dare, are causing a stir in America with their instant, hooky, blues pop rock. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 60

The UK‟s „Oxbridge of Alternative‟, Goldsmiths (Tracey Emin, Malcolm McLaren, Blur, Placebo, Jools Holland, Damien Hirst etc associations) continues with new mover shakers like James Blake and Katy B are among those making their mark. Meateasy at Goldsmiths Tavern has become London‟s first mustgo place to eat (see Standard, Time Out etc) and Deptford Project cafe, Cafe Crema and The Amersham are also definite pit stops in the Costa del Thames Holiday Guide. Wanna help make that?(deadline September – wanted images/words on South East London postcodes – tourism for locals, visitors welcome).

“come on back to New Cross” sings Rhiannon The Nightmare to „Fit James‟; Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 61

Proud 2 Newly launched at The O2 in North Greenwich (Rocklands SE10). The Camden Gallery venue extravaganza is now both sides of the river. Described as “Welcome to Alice in Wonderland meets Mad Max meets Cirque du Soleil.” Proud 2 is another great attraction in London‟s Costa del Thames.

below, Deptford

Creekside, St Paul, Laban seen from Greenwich.

Those are just a few of the many faces woven into the giant extended family of South East London and just about everybody in this zine is part of that just from having got involved in Rocklands in some shape or form. In short, the anti-scene rolls on in full effect. Its a place where a lot is happening. The goose that lays the golden egg are the every day people that live on the estates, flavour the schools, bring colour to the local businesses or even just dance to the reggae playing in the butchers on Deptford High Street. The skint artists, unsigned bands and the socially aware heroes and heroines who embody the local motto (still) “You Can‟t Kill The Spirit”. Its far from perfect because this is Planet Earth, but if you‟re looking for glimpses of Planet Water, welcome to the inspiration.

Recommended Costa del Thames whats on/what‟s up; Transpontine and community/participating; Madcap Coalition Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 63

Talking of USA, New York Times named the French lord of New Cross, Alexander Wolfe, as one of 2011‟s people to know. His album, Morning Brings A Flood has stealthily become a national treasure as music fans and critics get to hear what sounds like a soundtrack to some of the best and most chilled out of Sundays. One of the tracks, „Stuck Under September' has been nominated for an 'International Songwriting Award'. (judged by folks like Frank Black, Robert Smith, Peter Gabriel, Robert Smith and Tom Waits – the latter of most amazement to the already acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer. This song had also enticed Emilia Fox to appear in the accompanying short film which was premiered at the National Portrait Gallery, accompanying a magical live set . From radio sessions with Bob Harris, soundtracking national TV shows to producing acclaimed albums, there‟s much more to investigate from this stealthily emerging talent. Alexander Wolfe recently recorded „ Skeletons‟ & „Seperated By A Smile‟ live. with a string quartet directly to 10" vinyl at Riflemaker Studios. A limited 100 copies were pressed, with sleeves individually hand painted by the artist. Collectible treasure for only £10 +plus p&p. Email jazz at deanst dot com for info, while stocks last. Hear more and get a free download from Photography by Luke Newman Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 64

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 65

Bleech newer wave classic rock from one of the best guitar trios in the land. They have just completed mixing and mastering their debut album. Monthly Planet has heard some of the songs and guarantee that this is worth getting excited about already.

Image by Magic Photography

Bleech have amazing songs and a personalble side that gets involved with the revolutionary rock day dreams of Rocklands. Once they even drove from BBC show out of town to the mad pub that was Deptford Arms, not yet another betting shop. What‟r the odds... There‟smuch more to them than shallow pop star puppets, so it‟ exciting and deserved that Bleech are the new face of the cool label, Kangol hats, worldwide collection for Autumn and Winter 2011. In preparation, Bleech were recently photographed around camden and will play a special live show in New York during October. Mighty alternative grunge anthems and a heart stopping live show. Bleech are the rock band you have possibly been waiting for. Catch some sounds Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 66

Bleech l-r; Matt Bick - Drums & backing vocals Katherine O'Neill - Bass & backing vocals, Jennifer O'Neill - Guitar & Vocals, Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 67


are In the vanguard of hard on rock gracing the newer wave of classic with their take no prisoners blues explosion. They stormed „HMV next big thingsâ€&#x; and are set to blaze at Camden Crawl (1 May). Free downloads etc; get close at their regular stomping ground, New Cross Inn, Friday April 1st at the excellent Chamber night. All Fools Welcome!

photography (and cover shot) Eric Waring

Special Needs reformed for a show in February at Camden Proud Gallery.

It was one of those “I Swear I Was There” moments. There is an obsession for their alternatively popular music. Their front man, graced the front cover of the first Monthly Planet and the band feature in the Digital Sneakers films, „Rocklands – Live In New Cross; that created the anti scene. Zachary, himself, has blossomed with The Bon Vivants and also is one of favourite London promoters (and thinkers).

Images of Special Needs courtesy of Christine Rush

Hear The Bon Vivants and See them Live In London Town on April 10th The Wheelbarrow and May 19th Camden Barfly and look out for low key Special Needs appearances

Panda~Power! A sussed bill of recommended artists on stage, DJs that play for the crowd not themselves, movers n shakers from grass roots upwards join a friendly and creative gathering. Contacts are exchanged, cake is shared and future is made, courtesy of host with the most, Jean Genie. DJ, radio presenter and promoter of London‟s Central London Artbeat event – ia real love-in! Some of the artists on stage like it so much that they‟re also regulars, it‟s also a great night for scouting and networking, with industry and media represented at all the shows. Many thanks to Rupert Hitchcox for the use of these shots. Contact him via

Lovely lasses; Fiona Bevan and Jean Genie Graham.

Emily & The Woods brought a sound of stark, startling beauty to Panda Power East at Shoreditch Road Trip.

The Winter Olympics literally raised the roof of The Social at the end of Bronze Year Panda~Power! party, and are steadily swelling their acclaim in 2011.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 71

Hull‟s punky GST Cardinals. The Only Girl, Ellen Murphy at Kids Love Lies launch.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 72

Jean Genie, The Dash, Jason James, Dexy & The Hand Me Downs and Panda~Power! resident poet, The Freewheelin‟ Troubadour. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 73

L. A. Salami and Kalamity Kate at the Panda~Power! birthday party. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 74

Duran Duran in London, 20th Century Planet Earth.

Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes (Swiss Cottage)

John Taylor, Oxford Street Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 75

The Taylors. John, Andy and Roger. Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 76

Duran Duran, nice blokes. Love their Artrock ways. Weaving visual imagery into pop tunes with beats made, pre mac, by live drums and keyboard. They were pure escapism. Personable off stage and amazing on stage. The bottom line is classic, enduring, timeless, song writing. Proven by the fact that they‟re bigger in the 21st century than they were in their “heyday”. Memories are great, we have many special ones, but in the words of the current album‟s title track, All You Need Is Now.

Nick Rhodes at Air Studios during the recording of Rio.

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 77

Oxford Circus. 6 of us were their first airport send off-off when they went to make amazing videos. The band couldn‟t believe anybody could be bothered. Later there would be thousands of screaming girls wherever they went. Simon didn‟t think i‟d get this shot when he flashed his passport quickly...

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 78

confetti headed guitarist Dreamy eyed keyboard player

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 79

Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 80

Simon Le Bon, a natural front man.

Duran Duran are on tour this year. The songs have won them fans of all ages. This is live music that you really can DANCE to, while singing your head off. Would recommend them to all friends of mine! Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 81 * Monthly Planet – Silver Year spring season 82

Monthly Planet 18  

Monthly Planet 18. Silver Year Spring Season

Monthly Planet 18  

Monthly Planet 18. Silver Year Spring Season