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Seymour, guitarist with rock band, Ten City Nation and presenter of The

Painters Radio Show on Xstream East, at

Panda~Power. Photography by

Rupert Hitchcox Panda~Power!, The Social, 5 Little Portland St,London W1W 7JD. £6 (£4 concessions list via jeangraham.rocklands[at]gmail[dot]com Resident host Jean Genie Graham hand picks the best acts and graces the decks with tunes that take you on a magical journey and make the party swing. Its a night of infinite possibilities, quality music and art. Born from a series of events in and around New Cross, a party. With cake. Entertaining bills plus a mix of party people, industry and media. A genuine music CLUB. Artists that have played/DJd at this travelling circus so far include; The Winter Olympics, Daytona Lights, Bleech, Fiona Bevan, Pete Doherty, Late of The Pier, Mike Fielding (Naboo Mighty Boosh), Jon Hilcock (XFM / NME Radio), Where’s Strutter, Anita Maj, Visitor Q, Heads.Hearts, The Freewheelin’ Troubadour, Crystal Fighters, Kate Tempest, The Tricks, GST Cardinals, Gideon Conn, The Dash, Jason James, Isolated Atoms, Liz & The Ligers, Robot Disaster, The Bodells, Billy Vincent, Hedoniacs, Karvel, The Breadstealers, Popskull, Lekkido Lord of The Lobsters, Holden, Kiki Investigates, Jonesin’, My Panda Shall Fly, James Rea, La Shark, Rob Bravery, Real Fur, Joe Fox, Young Hearts, Dexy,, The Fatels, Blah Blah Blah, The Littlan’s, Little Brother – thanks to ALL Panda~People! Demographic 18+ finger on the pulse/ear to the ground- Panda Power People embrace all who enjoy quality live music n good times. Music policy Upbeat sounds (Panda Powser Party People YouTube video clips on Channnel 6 TV)

Everybody in the bronze year annual of Monthly

Planet is connected to each other – forward together to silver! contents;

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The 100 Club. 100 Oxford Street is the key address of London live music venues. When Minx Media TV started making the film, „Meet Me In The Keith Moon Bar‟ (currently in production), it was at a worrying time. Central London was losing The Astoria, Mean Fiddler 2 and The Metro in one sweep. Cross Rail is being built. The Keith Moon Bar was the upstairs at The Astoria scene of some shenanigans that the great man himself would have been proud of. A meeting place, an after show hang out and one of the few legendary music locations in the West End. Why is that? Why isn‟t Westminster more exciting for music fans? This situation is not all a bad thing though; The East End and Camden are close enough to central, commercial business localities of London . They have made the most of it and become alternative destinations for Londoners and tourists alike. It has been a major boost to these local economies over the last couple of decades. Westminster Council are rates-taxing a slice of English Heritage out of existence. Or trying to. The world famous 100 Club on Oxford Street is under threat at time of writing. Whatever happens, the possibilility of the venue having to close by Christmas is not such a sure thing. Who needs another tourist-tack shop basement? Every genre of music, so many household names This is The Decade With No Name and People Power is on the news. Whether its education or music, the loss of the important things in life isn‟t being taken lying down.

The full story is at where a read of the blog will give the full low down on what is happening from the horses mouth. Today is mid December, Paul McCartney is playing a low key show at The 100 Club on Friday. So many music, culture and London fans of every kind have shown their support for The 100 Club. There is hope. One way or another, as 2010, Bronze Year ends, a change IS on it‟s way... Last month, new band, Warehouse Republic got to play there. Its a milestone for up and coming artists. Ideally many more will get the opportunity. One of the live recordings from what turned out to be one of 2010‟s best gigs is available on iTunes for 79p – money raised goes directly to the venue. (Today, as somebody supporting the fight to keep The 100 Club open I still have hope that it can be done. Anyway, I would always rather try and fail, than not try at all. That is failing in itself.)

Having been introduced to the delights of this station via some best new and alternative classic tunes courtesy of shows like The Painters Radio Show and Propaganda, it is heart warming how Xstream East family members come out to events. A visit to their offices only underlined their welcoming community spirit. For a mix of music & culture, to listen live or even get involved (the Xstream East Academy for instance) click the link;

Talking of new music given early exposure on Xstream East Radio, one of the artists that has since gained more attention is rocking pop singer,

Anita Maj.

Anita Maj Images by Rupert Hitchcox

This London based singer/songwriter comes armed with cracking blues pop tunes and a go-get-em attitude which has started getting her noticed nationwide. This year she has also started making such a name for herself Statetside, that she has just returned from her third triumphant American tour. Anita has a distinct edge to her music - deceptivly simple but effectively contagious, it‟s feisty. Initially inspired by the likes of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, she admires fearless female frontwomen like PJ Harvey, Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry. Modern inspirations include Kings of Leon, The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse. Anita seamlessly channels her life experiences, utilizing songwriting as her therapeutic process. Anita has made good on early signs of great promise since her teens. Blessed with the Xtra Factor she‟s gone from busking to business in a short time. Her first siingle, „Out Of Control‟ (Li‟l Minx Records) this Spring, was inspired by the pain of unrequited love. It‟s fresh powerpop is underlaid with the harder guitar roots that define her sound and a taster of forthcoming debut album, „Truth Or Dare‟. Other grass roots star spotting media like God Is In The TV, Playvybz and Resonance FM picked up on, and supported the single. The accompanying video dives into the dark underworld of vampires and their tense relationship with humans. Despite not being a household name, „Out Of Control‟ is so catchy that it was shown in national retail stores, at fitness centres and even as in-flight entertainment, underlining Anita‟s postential to cross over to main stream. The immense feedback to this introduction propelled Anita to being tipped by Music Week as a talent to watch for both sides of the Atlantic. Not resting on her laurels, Anita has been recording the LP with „Junk Scientist‟, Russ Keffert (Clinic, The Rakes, Larrikin Love) and Dan Swift (Kasabian, Bibby Clyro, Snow Patrol). Alongside the USA interest, she started getting noticed by key UK promoters, played shows with The Levellers, Billy Vincent, Little Fish and Kate Tempest, appearing at City Showcase and various „Best New Bands‟ stages at festivals. Recently, Anita recorded with Kanye West collaborator, Malik Yusef. A highly acclaimed inspiration in his own right. The fruit of that union is due for release in the new year accompanied by a video which has already been shot. For winter, The Masquerade EP has been released in America to fabulous response. Anita found herself meeting various movers n shakers (and James Blunt) and picked up LA representation.

Things are starting to happen. The EP is being added to artist breaking college and national radio stations at an exciting rate. From current virtual obscurity at home in the UK, Anita is seeing her name on play lists and charts alongside known names like Blood Red Shoes and Jimmy Eat World, while getting to appear at big deals like Philadelphia Film and Music Festival, New Orleans‟s House Of Blues, NYC‟s Arlene‟s Grocery, LA Viper Rooms and a CMJ showcase at Alphabet Lounge This is a girl with a purpose, on a mission to open doors, and speak openly. Anita has worked hard, on her own terms, to make all the above happen. Now with industry insiders taking interest, she‟s set to make her mark on 2011.

Majic! *


The talent festival with results returns in May 2011 and is inviting applications to participate. It‟s a festival, a talent scouting conference, a musicians / audiences club and an event that has now gone international. Get involved;

McNaughty waffle; “Of course by the time that 2011 actually starts the music industry, festivals and publications will have their quota of approved potential. Bills are in place, tickets on sale, endless “best of” / “ones to watch” lists - let’s face it, that simplifies things. On Planet Water, there is only the instinct that buzzes like an overhead cable through the small to medium venues where future star potential hones it’s trade. Warpaint and Tinie Tempah weren’t in in the media 2010 tips, so it’s worth looking to the excluded for some bright surprises. RAR! (14+ club) kicked off Bronze Year (010 on Planet Water, or 2010, a magic year – I believe it). It starred Bashy (interviewed by Propaganda Radio that night and recently on Channel 4‟s T4 morning pop show). He was a total star, really doing it for the kids. Video clips; that‟s MC Rhymes (Queens English, Deptford Army) in the t shirt; - the next RAR! headliner, Tinie Tempah was booked, advance tip style at the end of 2009, found himself at No.1 in the charts and on stage in Deptford, Costa del Thames, in March. Artist and Deptford Army member, Tristan and Ministry Of Sound A&R, Sam and myself have had some fun and games at The Albany this year. Hats off to Sam for TT playing that show!

Bronze Year - Jan 010 Monthly Planet looked at the „Starbreaker Alliance‟. Promoters like a&r scouts, mixing booking / industry networks (grassroots and otherwise) with an inclusive nature. i.e. The Playground

Anita McKeown, helped kick things off. She is a Love Pirate of Art Services Un-incorporated and Deptford Artist In Residence. As a fellow Love Pirate it was good to meet up in the Albany Cafe and say “Bronze Year” is go! Then get a 188 bus to meet Nanette Rigg of City Showcase at The 02. City Showcase Rocklands went multi venue in Bronze Year. That same month,Panda~Power! (born in Rocklands town one Artful Festival) moves to The Social, Heavenly Records bar near Oxford Circus. Although Marques T Oliver and Red Drapes don‟t play that night, Jean-Genie (booker, host & resident dj) continues to seek the more adventurous and entertaining tips. Soon a genuine music CLUB exists. Sociable networking! I met the fab Mark Bennett of Crosshair Management that night, a friend of London rockin‟ doll, film maker, Heather Minx (of Minx Media, This Feeling and more, fame), he pointed me in the direction of a young rock band, Where‟s Strutter? Full on fresh with an instant impact on first listen, I‟ve got a thing about guitar bands that make you want to move. North West England based, they pack out gigs there and now word‟s leaked around the country. Innit. January Monthly Planet also tipped Chew Lips, who went on to appear at Glastonbury, iTunes Festival and have an amazing 2010. The Laurel Collective are another of Jeanie‟s fab tips, bloomin‟ marvellous. All the Playing Class Friends and Star Breaker Alliance are great for early spotting of potential obsessions, and where I first heard about Mona, The Heartbreaks, We Are Animal and loads more fabaliciousness this year. Needed a photographer for Artful Artist, Eugene Ankomah. His art is full of heart, but being a walking work of art himself needed the right photographer to capture that. Culture sparker, Dizzy Spell suggested Andrei Nedelea. His work was the exact match. During the session at Panda Studios he played early tunes by the band he manages, Warehouse Republic. The ever conncting Playing Class hillbilly family grows...

Artist Eugene

Ankomah photographed by Andrei Nedelea


Beat play time!

Been enjoying the visual exploits of new Artful faves

Grimes and Jones An artistic collaboration between childhood friends Andrew Jones and Lewis Grimes who stumbled across a natural ability to make people laugh through their simple sketches and comics as youngsters – discover more at Saatchi on line;

More wonderfulness

and check out the tâ€&#x;s on these! Getliffe art and more at new boutique t-shirtery ape vs atom

Bronze Year - Feb 010 The Planet Water music/arts group, Rocklands, began a set of four monthly ones to watch style events at the 229 on Great Portland Street, McNaughty creating Channnel 6 TV clips in the process (camera in one hand, drink in the other) and a culture clash of great sets that complemented each other by being entertaining. Good to see the artists profiles continuing in the right direction

If you click the link above for the video clips, The first person to walk in on the first video (and wave the Dirty Love Pirates scarf) is Chris Eustace. He sings, writes songs, hasn‟t been able to perform with The Run-Up much this year and is lost in music. He was telling me ages ago about Cerebal Balzy, The Vaccines etc. I don‟t know much about music, but Chris is out all the time, if I was going to ask a list of people for 2011 tips and 2010 “smashed it” types, he‟d be on that. Not surprisingly as this year ends, Chris is now also a music writer. One that is actually at loads of early days don‟t-miss shows. By the way, I love this song (and the blessed old tape machine that The Run-Up had on stage). In general, Bronze Year really has laid a foundation as planned. A movement. The Playground goes from strength to strength, adding Koko and even starred Gary Numan! This Feeling added the venue Queen Of Hoxton in Shoreditch. City Showcase not only added New Zealand to it‟s portfolio of locations, but continued to prove itself the new talent festival / members club, with the results. Even the X Factor format is a replica of early CS. And Urban festivals use retail premises for gigs like CS has helped to make Carnaby Street groovy again. Rocklands live acts and contacts have grown. The Uniqulture of ArtBeat is in full force. Like the inspirational people behind Maps Festival (Manchester Northern Quarter), Strummerville, Unconvention, Club Blub / Stortford Festival, God Is In The TV (an alternative culture network in its own right) – united in wavelength with what Planet Water is about. There were great intensities in rock albums from Officer Kicks (Citywide Curfew) and Orphan Boy (Pain, Passion & Loyalty). I think the latter articulate “Tastemakers” much better than I can; A vanguard of punk, blues and garage influences have been brewing under the radar of generic “indie” (that used to mean Independent, this century it just means “whatever” apparently). Bands with guitars may get lumped into that for ease of reviews, flyers, labelling etc but there‟s so much more to some of them.

Bronze Year - Spring 010 Where‟s Strutter? In the vanguard of st

21 Century Manchester / Madchester

In April Where‟s Strutter? (above on home turf, Manchester) played their first London show at Panda Power! (joined on stage by Pete Doherty to sing Fuck Forever – Strutter had recently supported Babyshambles on tour and he was singing their praises big time). He‟s got a point, its a band with more going on behind their eyes as their recent dalliance on TV proved. In 2011 they put their money where their mouth is and connect artists that tongues are wagging about, with their own events. My Friend Henry presents launches at th Gullivers Bar in Manchester‟s Northern Quarter on Saturday January 15 with Lysergic Suite, Outer Circle, Deadbeat Echoes and more top tips, don‟t be elsewhere.

Bibelots not only played the launch of Playhard events (Minx Media and Rocklands united for rock n roll partying) but a few months later began promoting their peers in Spring too. Channnel 6 TV was there on Friday 16th April; their night, Dirty Souls, has developed into a monthly London fave night out. Also in April, Rocklands Events stage a singer/songwriter show for Rhythm Of London (The Mayor‟s city wide music event) at Camden Head. Kalamity Kate & Rhiannon The Nightmare twinkle and shine like the punk vixen stars that they are.

The Music Tourist Board triangle between The North West, East Spanglier (Hertfordshire, Essex, East Anglia) and London has strengthened for gig swaps. Kudos to Miz not just for great new talent tips but also Maps Festival inManchester‟s Northern Quarter recently voted the best part of Britain. Having highlighted it with such excellent annual celebrity has definitely helped the area. There‟s also an invisible stargate to Rocklands with Miz, Orphan Boy and more being no strangers to this area. Last year South East London was being courted by New York Times as the city‟s art quarter. With such a high percentage of musicality also in the community, many are making their mark. This year, the same newspaper has the French lord of New Cross, Alexander Wolfe, in it‟s 2011 People To Know list. Straight outta Brockley rocker, Anita Maj, is also straddling The Atlantic, ending off an great first year as a released artist. The amazing rhymes n beats vibe of

Kate Tempest / Sound Of Rum glows and grows. Goldsmiths student, James Blake is tipped all over... Sarf East London is home to one of the capital‟s best music weekends, Foxfest, after all. Having refused to fizzle out after the allocated 15 minutes of fame / infamy for “scenes”, the newer wave anti-scene of Costa del Thames rolls on. Self promote and connect in the capital‟s „lower east side‟ on Facebook. Got anything on in the South East postcodes of London? Please feel free to spread your word at the London South East X page;

Music Tourist Board second location ready for 2011 is North West England.

Unlike other media, Monthly Planet aint got a self-fulfilling clue who will achieve success in 2011 etc. Just opinion from aural excitements and being open to pleasant surprises and recommendations; LOOK


IDEALS - East Spanglier school friends form band in 2009.

Create epic alternative pop with favourable comparisons (White Lies, The National, The Cure), relocate with suitably big ambitions to London where tongues wag positively about their gigs and songs. ‘These Seasons’ gets onto a Fierce Panda compilation. 2010 included four releases in total ; ‘Lungs’ ‘Love Song’ ‘Forever Leisure’ ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ hear them at;

Two tours (including gigs with Pete Doherty and The Automatic) swell their strong start. 'Significant Other' is a free download on the 25th of December (aww) then Ideals plan six singles next year so 2011 already looks idealistic...

Jason James




fabulous pop star. He certainly has the right moves, the looks and the magnetic personality but above all that he’s got the TUNES. Sing-a-long melodies the postman could whistle married to some club-tastic electrosexual beats. His song, ‘Stereo’ is setting up residency in the Tour Dates chart and Jasosn is gettiing booked for some ubercool events. Listen up! *******************************************************************************************************************

mAn-fLu (photographed by Rupert Hitchcox)

mAn-fLu = Xcellent Art Wave Punk Rave Xperience, live!

Red Cable Sunday The inspirational Denis Fernando continues to inspire with his never ending energy and enthusiasm for positivity, equality and social justice. When as musician, Red Cable Sunday, he played Rocklands Club at 229 in March, new friends were made in the form of the equally and excitingly inspirational Freya and Mike from Uprise Festival. Believe every dream you have because they started something amazing just with faith in bringing back London‟s free unity festival (Boris Johnson killed it off). It was good to catch up with Denis... “This was a definitive year for my music - I had not imagined that a piece of classical piano inspired by Malcolm X would get airplay by Alan Titchmarsh on Radio 2! A huge huge thank you to Rocklands for introducing my music to the City Showcase people which resulted in a performance at the 02 as part of their Roots and Flutes festival. One of the many highlights I had this year was getting to play at the Spitalfields Music festival with the London Bulgarian Choir and percussionist Kuljit Bamra as part of Max Reihhardt's 5th Quarter collaboration. Doing it all in a church on a sunday morning took me back to my young life as a Catholic! The highest highs of the year? The wiping out of the fascist BNP in Barking - great to see black, white and muslim councillors united against their racism replacing those fascists. Also great to see peaceful direct action against the cuts to education by tens of thousands of young people, fighting for the future in such a vibrant and dynamic way - ok – I’m biased- I have just played the piano for the UCL student occupation!”

“Lows of the year - the election of the Con-dem-nation which is seeing the most brutal cuts in the post-war era - they are taking a wrecking ball to the economy to protect the priveleged few. And the murderous assault on the Mavi Marmara - a ship that was full of civilians, including some close friends of mine, that was there to break the siege of Gaza which is slowly starving the Palestinian people who should be getting aid after Israel's murderous war in 2009. There should be a concert as big as Live Aid for these people - I hope that one day there is! I hope to release an album in 2011 - big thanks to everyone who allowed me to express my inner artiness!�

Peace and Love stop the rain and bring the sun at

Uprise Festival

“The snooze fest is over!”

A back to basics explosion of twisting and shouting broke out in Central London recently. Found guilty of causing this affray are Callan (vocals), Charlie (guitar), Alex (drums) and Ben (bass). They launched their band publicly in mid November with a gig that was all about connecting with an audience and having noisy fun. That was some show. After a few months of live outings ,the band had generated sufficient thrills to get a gig at the world famous 100 Club during a highlighted moment in it‟s history. As if getting to play a legendary location at such an early stage in their own story wasn‟t exciting enough, Warehouse Republic had shifted so many advance tickets that they found themselves promoted to headliners. It was a day of ups and downs (that morning, drummer, Alex, badly injured his foot – last minute change of drum kit pedals adding to pre gig chaos). On the up side, journalists from two continents had already interviewed the band before this show. One observer sould later called them a “baby beatles band” in response to some of the excited squeals.

Before the doors open, a huddle of fans are already outside 100 Oxford Street. The internet has buzzed and even more people have turned up to get tickets. By half nine the place is packed. (“like sardines” according to an audience member who had popped in on their way home from a West End Show).

Cheers greet the (banned from tv) video for „Revolver‟, and raise anticipation. Adrenaline pumps from the band waiting to play and the eclectic, electric crowd. Decibels rise when WR* take to the stage and conjure infectious intensity with a rebel yell;

“The snooze fest is over. This is rock n roll!” The atmosphere explodes from the first beat of a set which goes for the jugular like a slap in the face with a frozen shark. Some technical hitches don‟t camouflage their musicianship, some nifty ad lobbing goes on. Its the kind of show The 100 Club suits perfectly.

At one point Charlie swaps guitar for grand piano, another time they‟re joined by Judd Lander who has played with, and for, many a musical legend. Whether Britain has the misfortune to lose such an important venue, or (preferably) not, this gig will definitely be one of its defining modern moments. The show exudes raw punky passion until the house lights go up on a stunned room caught like rabbits in headlights. Everybody feels united at the start of something fun. There‟s a determined campaign to keep The 100 Club from closing at the end of 2010. Putting their money where their mouth is, WR* rush release a live recording from this gig. „A Change Is On

It‟s Way‟. Money made will go directly to the venue. After the gig, theres loads more to do before „Revolver‟ is released so the last weekend in November is spent in a South London studio. Alex still has a bad foot, and is playing through the pain again and Callan‟s voice is a little husky and hoarse but they‟ll all soldier on to have a follow up release early in 2011.

The first weekend of December is unreal.

Charlie‟s house goes up in flames and he escapes with just his life and some injuries. All possessions are lost, including beloved musical equipment and irreplaceable records. Family, friends and fans rally round but there‟s a tangible sense of shock mingled with the excitement of „Revolver‟s release a couple of days later. Living the blues. It‟s poignant but thankfully nothing more, that one of the songs recorded a week before the blaze is called „Ghost‟. In the spirituality of positivity, another is „Voodoo Love‟. Music has good karma and obviously wants more from Warehouse Republic, who operate by unpredictable instinct, for the future. Even „Revolver‟ has a different feel to much of what new bands are doing. It mixes classic influences with something individual beyond definition. The first reactions to the single include “record of the week,” “band of the week” type accolades and some BBC Introducing radio play. Warehouse Republic been invited to tread some great stages next year, already. A change is on its way...

Callan Maloney photo by Rupert Hitchcox

(the band played a special acoustic set with drummer, Alex, on guitar at Artful)

Rupert Hitchcox Photography at Artful Festival.

Youthless storming the New Cross Dolls party for their end of UK tour show. Went down the proverbial typhoon!

(top) Jamie & Andy of Propaganda Radio created an Artful special show on the night. Lekiddo – Lord Of The Lobsters! Spreading the pinchy pinchy kiss kiss love in Rocklands town.

Bronze Year summer & autumn loved

City Showcase Rocklands , Foxfest, Rocklands stage at people’s day festival, staging ‘X it at Deptford X visual art festival, Artful, much more and especially swelling the family of playing class friends. As 010 / 2010 ends its the foundation of a movement free of format. A community spirited arts network of inclusion and ideas. The ArtBeat of

Uniqulture in action. Rocklands presents Artful Festival and Music Tourist Board (artfulmtb) get in touch, get involved *

Rhiannon The Nightmare & Kalamity Kate by Rupert Hitchcox

mAn-fLu (top). Kalamity Kate & Lekiddo Lord Of The Lobsters. Artful New Cross Dolls party @ NX Inn. Rupert hitchcox.

Marner Brown‟s live presence shows their unique bond and mutual passion for everything about music. Their growing reputation as one of the tightest, and most energetic rock bands on the circuit is well deserved. They‟ve already impressed Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and Ocean Colour Scene‟s Steve Craddock, recorded music for global TV ads and signed a US label deal. Their debut album was recorded at Paul Weller‟s studio. (he caught them live on stage and was also impressed). It‟s out in 2011 upcoming brit-flick, Zebra Crossing also features a track from the band as the theme.

In short, here is a home grown rock n roll band poised for deserved greatness.

Marner Brown are the band that collectively pave the way for the next generation of rock „n‟ roll at close range. At their Artful Festival appearance recently, the gob-smacked audience literally PLEADED for them to get back on stage.

The new single Dirty Weekend is available now to download. It sounds massive and soars. Dirty Weekend is Xfm Radio playlisted and has also been played by Dermot O‟Leary, Steve Lamacq, and TV favourite, Soccer AM. It‟s getting fantastic response across the board, around the land. And beyond. Its also earned them a slot on Thank Google Its Friday (following The Scissor Sisters the month before) and the video has been featured on the YouTube music home page next to Pixie Lott and Bon Jovi. Marner Brown aren‟t out of place there. Along with Anita Maj and Alexander Wolfe, they are one of the bands making an impression on new-brit-music loving America. Marner Brown recently had a 40 minute interview and music feature on WCRN in New York and are now on rotation on NYC and Philadelphia stations. They ended this year playing anywhere that would let them the response has amazing. Next year has already got loads of excitements in store.

Marner Brown are one of the main reasons that 2011 will be rock n roll heaven. we are all getting connected. Look out for Eugene Ankomah in the new Lord Of The Lobsters video. Anita Maj introduced Rocklands to Rupert Hitchcox who took the majority of images in this issue and was exhibited at Deptford X visual Arts Festival. Marner Brown played Edit/Selectâ€&#x;s night at New Cross Inn and so many of these and other artists in here are what Silver Year is influenced by and made of. New surprises await.

Monthly Planet 17 - Jan 011  

Winter Solstice issue. Year 010 / 2010 round up looks forward to Silver Year 011 / 2011 Rock n Roll Heaven.

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