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It’s December and capitalistmas is in full swing. How about

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It’s the annual, original and best, advent download camera from get some of the best music daily til Christmas at

Maps Magazine,

PEEL STREET is go. As Music Tourist Board is a mixture of musician/lmusicfan there’s always been loads of feedback about favourite / legendary venues on the very necessary small to medium sized venue circuit that is the lifeblood of rising stars. Of course when bands make it big, the mainstream fall over themselves to insert them into every orifice going (event wise, that usually is), but it’s important to give a shit about venues that hold between a hundred and a thousand people - they are the future.

Music means so much to their every day lives. It’s not a matter of life and death like the daily condoned holocausts on the news, but still has a social impact on the present and future. Let’s face it, there’s no Barack Obama style revolutionary in the wings who understands the importance of arts and music to the social well being of a supposedly united nation.

With London’s Metro Club being given twenty eight days to close down a successful business in a recession.

Anyhoo... Music Tourist Board salutes the venues that the audiences and artists alike recommend, and have put the feedback from the last couple of years into the first MTB guide (starts in t he new year). Peel Street after John, patron saint of the new and alternative.

With creative spaces, in general, being “developed” (while empty buildiings are everywhere) people are disaffected with our so called “leaders”.

In that spirit, we’ve asked some of the artists entwined in the organic family tree of playing class friends for some of their favourite places to start things off.

Monthly Planet is Issue 2 : Various bits of scribbling and images have been found but thankfully people who can actually write are also included. Heck, people who can actually design and with proper cameras are on board for next month, so much be doing something right. Yeah, there IS lots of stuff from Sarf East London. Can’t often afford a travel pass. Add something about where you live next time. Or shut it. Enjoy. Downoad a page you like. Dance. Monthly Planet publications On Line and all linked MTB allies On Land New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross Road, New Cross SE14 6AS Deptord Arms, 52 Deptford High Street, Deptford SE8 4RT Kate & Tristan, 1 Clifton Rise, New Cross, SE14 6AS

Kids Love Lies - 1/2

Kids Love Lies 2/2

Rocklands Star Welcome to the borough of Lewisham "the rock'n'roll borough" (NME) and environs. Rocklands is immortalised in song “Lewishambles” (New Cross Inn, Carl 2Bob @ The Fox, Earwax Radio etc) by Mr Bligh and in action by what goes on daily... - and beyond...

Costa del Thames

Check out the comments for flyers from the pro-active promoters and venues in South East London, loads more galleries and interesting folks among the friends

Earwax Radio / Earwax Television - Newer wave tunes, interviews, sessions and news. * *

Kooba Radio New music and fun champions Gravity Guide - Various free music publications have started realising there is life in South

East London but this is the one with articles, news, listings and reviews of relevance, so grab a copy when you can/get in there!

Pulse - South London Press has a Friday pull-out with increased music news due to the wealth of activity and great support for it, affordable at 50p. Contact them with listings/news.

Transpontine - this is Rocklands, personified. If you want to know what, alternatively, is happening in the cit of London, the world’s time zone is a good place to start.

+ South East London Folklore Society + Utrophia + The Deptford Project + Rubbish Fairy + The Blue Light District + Deptford 45s + Creative Hub + Sanford Collective + Greenwich Dance Agency + The Albany + Kate & Tristan + Prangsta + 13:53 Magazine + Moonbow Jakes + Mad Cap Cabaret + Arts Greenwich + Creekside Studios + Midi Music + Cafe Crema + Rivoli Ballroom + loads more = a family worth uniting. Watch this outer space.

just a fraction of

Whats On From December 008

all below are Zone 1(central) and Zone 2 (inner) London events and international in the case of the live Earwax TV sessions which have involved Australia, Japan, Europe, The Middle East and various viewers from around the country...

04 : Gaolers Daughter + Rum Shebeen are live and it’s free entry. Twisted rock n roll poptastic ness! 9pm-12.30, The Marlborough Pub, 67 Sedgmoor Place, Camberwell/Peckham,

Rocklands, SE5 7SE tel; 020 7703 2703


: Absent Kelly Presents; YETI (live) - Ex-Libertiines bassist John Hassall’s new band return to London from their European tour and have decided to play their first UK gig since at Dirty South. Yeti have enjoyed chart success across Europe and recently supported Oasis in Japan and America. Their refreshing blend of britpop with a psychaedelic twist, will show just how stylish British rock music can be. Alongside are some handpicked hopeful tips; Crowns, The Audiables, Allegro, Self Esteem, Vince... See them here first!!...+ Effra DJs 7pm-2am. £8 NUS £5 - Advances: Dress Code : As if! + Dirty South, 162 Lee High Rd, Lewisham, Rocklands SE13 5PR tel; 020 8852 1267 - Lewisham DLR / Buses: 122, 178, 261, 273, 321, 621 N21 (zone 2)

06 : Midi Music / The Albany present a Christmas PARTY special featuring the best of funky house, old skool, soul and rare groove. Headlined by the legendary Jazzie B playing an exclusive set, this is a perfect warm-up for the holiday festivities. Chart-topping Elisabeth Troy performs her hit singles, Crazy Love and Sincere alongside your resident, DJ Ng, and former Kiss 100 DJ, Angie Dee. Dress funky and come to party. Tickets £7 in advance, £10 on the door, The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, Rocklands SE8 4AG tel : 020 8692 4446 Book online at

06 & 07 : Deptford Christmas - A weekend of alternative festivity in London’s otherwordly sailor’s town. Stalls and entertainments... More info at

09 : Spoon of Music, 8pm – Midnight, £4 Entry on the Door @ The Windmill, 22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, London SW2 5BZ with Ghostwood (Sydney, Australia) - Epic an unyielding wall of sound noises crash in creating an exuberant amalgamation of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain all with a melodic edge hidden beneath. This Sydney quartet has already created a buzz with their debut EP on Modular earlier this year. Watch out for more in 2009. + Phantom (London) - Haunting and engulfing operatic vocals cascade over delicate guitar picking and euphoric violin arrangements. Stunning and ethereal melodies with a Bad Seed nod twist and turn inside its self creating a beguiling gothic vibe. "Dark and subtly textured, moodily atmospheric soundscapes" (Time Out Magazine). “On this early evidence it seems anyone looking for timeless sounding female vocalists may have found a new one.” (Kruger Magazine) + Jack Jack Daw (London) - Dark and gothic new wave that draws influences from the Cure to Siouxsie and the Banshee’s and all with a pounding Queens of the Stone Age meaty rhythm section. Short, Sharp and Spiky. + Dutch Uncles (Manchester) - Bouncy and delightful alternative pop with some jaunty rock thrown in. Straddling the new wave line with a big bucket of songs and distinctive vocals their songs have the ability to get stuck in your head and stay there. +

Spoon Of Music DJs. definitely

one of the great clubs in London to see the best new bands thrilling the underground

Dec 008 (continued) 12 : Greasy Lips Club Presents; The HORRORS DJ set -

Coffin Joe and Spider Webb promise to spin some dirty nasty tunes to keep you young punks rockin. This will be a rare chance to see the boys out and about as they are all too often studio bound, working on the completion of their second album, and possibly a chance to preview some new and unreleased tunes from the forthcoming album. Also we have some nasty newbies in support bringing a live edge to the night which promises to be..... well; Happily horrible.... Seizure Circus, November Criminals The Scallys, Apollo Withstands, The Troubadors £8 Nus £5 advances Dirty South details as per 6th Dec.

12 : End of Term Mash Up with Dead Kids, Dan Dunne and the Reels,

Koogaphone, Overthrow live on stage. The Marlborough, SE5 (as per 4th December). 12 : Matt Finucane recently graced the industry’s CMU sessions with Tim Yen and The

Unplugged Sessions at The Albany with the worth-catching Joe & The Band. Current 5-track EP 'Episodes' is released on Light Crude, available on iTunes; gigging this evening at the Fiddlers Elbow in Camden

15 : Upsetta live on 9pm gmt live gig, live web chat, recording by earwax radio for earwax tv - Upsetta the band and DJs collective are responsible for the excellent and exciting new One Foot Cow events at New Cross Inn. The favourite new artists are coming from far and wide.

18 : Swagglepuss - 'a mixture of live music and DJs with guitar rap from The Greenhouse Effect and Oh-mega3, - the folky smartness of Spilt Milk the punk dub of OnlyJoe - onlyjoe and folkster Damien Renouf 8pm-2am, Free Entry. New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross Road, Rocklands SE14 6AS tel : 020 8692 1866 (New Cross/New Cross Gate BR, Deptford Bridge DLR) Doors 8pm close 2am (also Kate & Tristan shop, Deptford Arms)

18 : The Lea Shores return to Sarf East X to play at the fab-as-fug Shot By Both Sides

club. Peckham's finest (along with Del Boy, that is!) gear up for their album release next year. Pyshadelic blissed out rocking of the essential kind. £4 @ Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road SE14 (opp. NX rail station) &

18 : Young Polish film maker (and Artful fave) Roman Rappak has not only been featured on

the Sci Fi Channel, received an NFT short film award AND responsible for the Kasms video) he also fronts BRETTON one the most intriguing of the experimental punks mixing raw guitar with an electronica overtone. From the Tough Love Records (a Rough Trade for the 21st Century) stable, HONEYTRAP play lively and contradictory twisted pop. Lo-fi-folkers THE WOE BETIDES support admirably with grungey fun. Free Entry, The Fox & Firkin, 316 Lewisham High Street, Rocklands, SE13 6JZ (Ladywell BR Lewisham BR / DLR) - Doors 7pm close 1am

19 : Gird your livers! It’s the (legendary) Totally Tidy Tours Christmas Party at Brixton Windmill. The foundations will be ROCKED. Guest DJs include The Heartbreakers. Live entertainment to mosh to including The Magnificent Shimmering Beasts.

Dec 008 (continued) 20 : No Doom At The Inn! Would you like to see The MooN rise indoors? - it's Christmas in New Cross Inn with DJs, live bands and festival party spirit. New Cross Inn. Also massive partying in Peckham (SE15) and Modern Love’s knees up at The Lord Hood (SE10)

20 : The 5th birthday party of twobob, which has been relentlessly championing live music in the costa del thames at reasonable cover charges. South East London says thank you. Twobob says... THEIR HEARTS WERE FULL OF SPRING. The seven-piece collective of beautiful harmonied pop are twobob's tip for 2009 + Artrocker magazine faves, BABY GRAVY, playing art school punk + Drowned In Sound darlings LET OUR ENEMIES BEWARE with a unique take on rock + PHILLIOUS WILLIAMS (ex Ladyfuzz) bring made-formovies soundtrack country blues. This melting pot are are MCd by champion beat boxer and recent Beardyman supporter, Reeps One with alternative rock DJ sets from Fox in-housers, William and electro/alternative ally Simon #9 till 2am - only £5.00! Fox & Firkin (as per 18 Dec)

24 - NIGHT BUS TO CATFORD xcellent ska / reggae / northern soul DJs till 2am @ The Fox & Firkin 27 - The Run-Up play Camden Proud Gallery on a Saturday night. If you are in town they are a

marvellous, classic-alternative band with genuine soul, and there’s a reason why they are relatively unheard of yet being invited to appear at high profile venues like Punk in Soho, Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross etc... best explained by going to see them play live

29 - The Bright Young Things

live on

9pm gmt gig, web

chat, recording. Like East Spanglier (herts, essex, cambridge, east of england in general) there’s loads on / starting in kent -The Bright Young Things are in your face straight outta the garden of blighty ps bored of christmas / not excited by new year year? come on line and chat for an hour with your feedback/news - by now, earwax tv will have featured a spectrum of genres on this limited edition collection of live shows from welling’s sound loop studios. seeya in cyberspace?

Jan 009 12 - Jonny Cola & The A Grades glam pop live on 9pm gmt live gig, live web chat, recording 15 : Metal at The Marlborough presents the marvellous Fuckshovel + more 8.30pm-1am - Free Entry, 67 Sedgmoor Place SE5 17 - Toy Toy headline the first Rocklands show of 009 (a year since it became a monthly club) with Greenwich electro stars Saar & Sky - catch songs from their Dec 1st appearance on Earwax TV at and blistering pop from Honeytrap (see 18 Dec). Rocklands Club is Music Tourist Board’s monthly gathering at HQ and kicks off Year 009 of Planet Water in fine style. New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS tel : 020 8692 1866 and 26 - Toy Toy live on 9pm gmt live gig, live web chat, recording by earwax radio for earwax tv don’t miss this special edition as preview to the debut release by the kind of genuine star band that the UK gives birth to every now and then...

Issue 3 first week of Jan 009. Paste-able, text-only listings to + free jpeg (1/4 A4 page portrait or 1/8 A4 page landscape) advertising for Music Tourist Board / Artful allies and co-promoters.

Monthly Planet - Dec

008 ‘92 : words by Richey / pix by McNaughty

Monthly Planet 02- Dec 008  

Monthly Planet Zine, Music Tourist Board, Rocklands, Time Zone, Uniqulture, The Run-Up, Toy Toy, Kids Love Lies, Richey MSP, Manic Street Pr...

Monthly Planet 02- Dec 008  

Monthly Planet Zine, Music Tourist Board, Rocklands, Time Zone, Uniqulture, The Run-Up, Toy Toy, Kids Love Lies, Richey MSP, Manic Street Pr...