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His book „Hanf als Heilmittel“ had been published in 1995 for a first time, as a joint venture between the Swiss Nachtschatten Verlag and the German publisher Werner Pieper from the Odenwald. Three years later the book was re-published in a revised version and as a hardcover at the AT publication house. Now a newly revised and updated version has been published at the Nachtschatten Verlag. Markus Berger spoke with the researcher about his book, hemp as medicine and the characteristics of the cannabis plant.

But our modern society views the high as „side effect“.

Hemp as medicine – what‘s it like when a book which is quite old is reborn once again?

I cannot comply with the idea that the intoxicating effect of hemp medicine and other psychoactive drugs are viewed as undesirable side effects of a medicine. It is really great when the alleviation of symptoms of diseases is accompanied by agreeable psychological effects like gaiety and happiness. Specifically as the positive spiritual condition and a relaxing effect do accelerate every healing process – and in some cases facilitate it in the first place. With hemp it is similar as with morphine or opium: it removes the pain and makes happy at the same time. And while one is in a pain-free and happy condition, body and soul can become healthy much better of course.

That‘s really fantastic of course, because it‘s when I realize that the subject still concerns people, and that the work I have put into the book has been worthwhile and has asserted itself obviously.


Wor d s ead ng Psytrance magaz ne

Certainly since man came upon it. Hemp is one of those plants which were cultivated in European history as the very first ones, namely as early as the Neolithic Age. Since then hemp has been a precious plant for medicinal use, utilization and purposes of getting high.

Christian Rätsch

For how long has hemp been used as a medicine ?

And has remained that until today. Correct. Though cannabis has found varied use, it is unbelievable what has been found out

through research during the last years – especially considering hemp as medicine. It‘s only gets realized gradually today that the plant still has more potential than had been believed up until now.

Yes, for certain! In Nepal, for example, cannabis gets to be used for rituals by shamans up to this day. They make no distinction between the intoxicating and the healing effect, but instead they believe that cannabis wakes up Shiva in the smoker‘s consciousness. Which naturally is especially salutary and exhilarating. What brings us back to the subject of the separation between the use for healing purposes and casual use. Many intoxicating substances work as remedies, but the

Growing and the plant itself must surely be legalised. Cannabis from the drugstore is above the means of the population. Furthermore even dealing with this wonderful plant and the fusion with it, if you nourish and cherish it, are salutary qualities which should not be underestimated. Any message regarding this subject you would like to add? (Christian laughs) No – there‘s no message from me, I am not Jesus.


Die 3 Top Wissenschaftstheorien

Top Three Scientific Theories

LANGUAGE Eng sh & 1.German The Holographic Universe Theory

zum Ausflippen, wenn Du stoned bist

That Will Freak You Out If You’re Stoned

You have to be a really inexperienced novice to freak out when you‘re stoned. We all have those friends though, the ones that ask to smoke your bud ignoring your faint warnings that it‘s really strong. by Zeus Tipado

Du musst wirklich ein Anfänger sein, um auszuflippen, wenn Du stoned bist. Doch wir alle haben diese Freunde, die an Deiner Tüte ziehen wollen und dabei Deine schwache Warnungen über deren Stärke ignorieren. von Zeus Tipado

As they inhale your stash you can almost see the inner-workings of their brain begin to lose control over their grasp of reality and

Wenn sie einen Zug von Deinem Stoff nehmen, kannst Du quasi zusehen wie das Innere ihres Gehirns die Kontrolle über den Realitätszugriff zu verlieren beginnt. Innerhalb von Minuten

The Holographic Universe states that everything we interact with, the chair you’re sitting in, the phone you may be holding, even the blood-shot eyes with which you read this is merely a projection from a two-dimensional plane of existence that Talbot calls the ‘Holographic’. With actual holographic film (the stuff your ‘foil’ collectible trading cards were made out of), if you view an image and then cut that film in half, all information stored on the original ‘whole’ film is

within minutes they‘re in full panic mode, running around your apartment like an infantile wildebeest. For those people,

duplicated in both films, but with a slight degradation of quality works indefinitely, so theoretically if you have a holographic film that’s infinite in size, and on this holographic film of infinite size you print all things in existence (and all things we can’t imagine would be in existence), then cut that infinitely large film into infinite smaller parts, then cut those parts into even more infinite parts, each part would store the same amount of data, which is infinity.

Hemp Five has made a list of the top three scientific theories that will freak you out when you’re stoned.

sind sie voll im Panikmodus und rennen wie kindische Gnus durch Dein Apartment. Für diese Leute hat Hemp Five eine Liste der 3 Top Wissenschaftstheorien zum Ausflippen, wenn Du stoned bist.

2. Zero Dimension

Das Holographische Universum besagt, dass alles mit dem wir interagieren, der Stuhl auf dem Du sitzt, das Telefon, welches Du hälst, sogar die blutunterlaufenen Augen mit denen Du dies liest, bloss die Projektion einer zweidimensionalen Ebene der Existenz sind, die Talbot die ‘Holographische’ nennt. Bei echtem holographischem Film (der Stoff, aus denen die ‘Folien’ Sammelkarten bestehen), wenn Du ein Bild anschaust und dann den Film in zwei Hälften schneidest, wird all die Information, welche auf dem Original gespeichert ist, der ‘ganze’ Film in beiden Filmen dupliziert und das mit einer schwachen Abnutzung unendlich oft. So dass theoretisch, falls Du holographischen Film hast, der unendlich lang ist, Du auf diesen holographischen Film unendlicher Länge alle existenten Dinge drucken kannst (und alle Dinge, die wir uns nicht existent vorstellen können). Schneidest Du den unendlich langen Film in unendlich viel kleinere Teile und diese Teile in noch kleinere Teile, würde jeder Teil den gleichen Umfang an Daten speichern, was Unendlichkeit ist.

„Zero is powerful because it is infinity‘s twin. They are equal and opposite, yin and yang. They are equally paradoxical and troubling. The biggest questions in science and religion are about nothingness and eternity, the void and the infinite, zero and infinity.“ Those are the first words you read when this micro-doc by Rob Bryanton starts to play, and if you haven‘t already fled to a corner in your room after reading



it, then you‘re sure to freak yourself out by watching his new ‚Imagining the Zeroth Dimension.‘ In ‚Imagining The Zeroth Dimension‘ Rob Bryanton essentially tells us that it‘s impossible to conceive of a zero dimension, and then he eloquently explains if there is a zero dimension, it would somehow encompass nearly everything in existence, but if one item is removed, it transforms value. Imagine if you took every number and then took the negative of every number and combined them -- the value would be zero. Therefore in a universal perspective if you took matter and anti-matter, all universes and every inverse of those universes and combined them, the value would be zero. So in essence, zero is everything, and it‘s also nothing. Yeah, marinate on that.

„Die Null ist mächtig, weil sie der Zwilling des Unendlichen ist. Sie sind gleich und Gegensatz, Yin und Yang. Sie sind sogleich paradox und störend. Die grössten Fragen der Wissenschaft und Religion sind die über das Nichts und die Ewigkeit, die Leere und das Unendliche, Null und Unendlichkeit.“ Dies sind die ersten Worte, die Du liest, wenn dieser Mikro-Doc von Rob Bryanton anfängt. Wenn Du nicht in eine Ecke Deines Raum geflüchtet bist, nachdem Du es gelesen hast, wirst Du bestimmt ausflippen, sofern Du seinen neuen ‘Die Nulldimension vorstellen‘-Film anschaust. In ‚‘Die Nulldimension vorstellen‘ erzählt uns Rob Bryanton im Grunde, dass es unmöglich ist eine Nulldimension zu entwerfen, um sogleich eloquent auszuführen, dass, falls da eine Nulldimension sei, sie irgendwie alles, was existiert umschlösse, aber sollte eine Sache entfernt werden, der Wert transformiert würde. Stelle Dir vor, Du würdest jede Zahl nehmen und danach das Negativ jeder Zahl und diese kombinieren - der Wert wäre Null. Daher aus einer universellen Perspektive, falls Du Materie und Anti-Materie nimmst, alle Universen und jedes Inversum dieser Universen und diese kombinierst, wäre der Wert Null. Also im Wesentlichen, Null ist alles und ebenso nichts. Eben, brüte mal drüber.


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Pure Gems

Although impossible to differentiate in the seed and germination period. The male cannabis seed is the black sheep in a grower‘s world.

These are normal, untreated and genetically unaltered seeds that result from the pollination between a male and female cannabis plant.

Male seeds are given a bit of the back-stage by growers because the male plants do not produce buds, and no buds = big no-no. Growers eliminate males either by sowing feminized seeds or removing the males from the crop. One of the ways to distinguish a male from a female is to examine the buds, since buds on the males do not possess the hairs that are present on the females. If the males are not removed in time, the harvest will be poor. Identifying males seeds from the female ones is big challenge since there is no presence of external markers on the seeds. Once the plants

enter the growing phase the task gets relatively easier. Female plants tend to be shorter than the males. Pistils are the small hair like structures present on the females which capture the pollen released by the males, once pollination occurs the color changes.

Some growers prefer to deal with ‘untampered’ seeds because the quality and genetics of the strain remain pure. The downside of regular seeds is that it’s impossible to tell the males from the females until the flowering stage is reached. Usually growers estimate that 50% of the crop will be males, and sow extra seeds to compensate for the undesired males.

D STR BUT ON Centra Europe focus DE AT CH UK NL out ets at shops & part es events 2000 subscr bers Obwohl unmöglich zu unterscheiden in den Samen und der Keimphase, sind männliche Cannabis-Samen die schwarzen Schafe in der Welt des Growers.

Männlichen Samen fristen bei Growern ein Schattendasein, weil männlichen Pflanzen keine Knospen produzieren, was ein grosses No-Go darstellt. Grower eliminieren männliche entweder, indem sie verweiblichte Samen

säen oder männliche aus der Ernte entfernen. Ein Weg männliche von weiblichen zu unterscheiden ist die Untersuchung der Knospen, da die männlichen keine Haare besitzen. Werden die männlichen nicht rechtzeitig entfernt, ist der Ernteertrag gering. Die Identifikation ist eine grosse Herausforderung, da es keine äußeren externen Marker gibt. In der Wachstumsperiode wird die Aufgabe etwas einfacher. Weibliche Pflanzen tendieren dazu kürzer zu sein als männliche. Kleine, haarartige

The best way to grow pure seeds would be in organic soil as this maximizes the yield that can be expected from each plant. A number of genetically modified seeds designed to enhance the CBD content for medical purposes are available on the market.

auf den weiblichen vorhandene Strukturen, Stempel fangen den männlichen Pollen auf, mit der Bestäubung ändert sich die Farbe. Männliche Pflanzen tendieren zu ball-artigen auf den Stängelknoten der Pflanzen vorhandenen Strukturen. Obwohl kein idiotensicherer Weg, das Geschlecht zu beurteilen, aber die Erscheinung von zwei oder mehr solchen Strukturen könnte anzeigen, dass du männliche wachsen lässt. Falls Samen benötigt werden, dann sind männliche Pflanzen erlaubt, um die weiblichen zu bestäuben.



Lately Big Pharma has been busy creating strains that produce high yield and are also pest resistance, this has started to cause concern amongst growers who prefer dealing with pure genetic lines since GMO seeds could cause unpredictable adverse chemical reactions in the body. GMO seeds also tend to be sterile, and pollen from GMO plants could travel to pure breed fertile plants thereby contaminating all lines.

pic: Male plant • by Marihuanay Medicina

Männliche Samen Das Y-Chromosom

Male plants tend to have balllike structures that are present on the nodes of the plant, although this is not a foolproof way of gauging sex, but the appearance of two or more such structures could indicate that you are growing a male. If seeds are required then male plants are allowed to grow and pollinate the females.



Der Ethnopharmakologe Christian Rätsch über Hanf als Heilmittel Christian Rätsch (59) ist Ethnopharmakologe und erforscht seit Jahrzehnten den Gebrauch psychoaktiver Gewächse und Transmitter, den internationalen Schamanismus und ethnomedizinische Traditionen.

When we make a reality check, which trusted shop or dealer stores herbals featuring an above average portion of CBD?

Sein Buch „Hanf als Heilmittel“ ist erstmals 1995 als Joint Venture des Schweizer Nachtschatten Verlags und des deutschen Verlegers Werner Pieper aus dem Odenwald erschienen. Drei Jahre später kam das Buch in einer überarbeiteten Version und als Hardcoverausgabe im AT Verlag heraus. Jetzt ist wiederum eine ergänzte und aktualisierte Fassung im Nachtschatten Verlag veröffentlicht worden. Markus Berger sprach mit dem Forscher über sein Buch, Hanf als Medizin und die Eigenschaften der Cannabispflanze. Hanf als Medizin – wie ist das, wenn ein Buch, das schon so alt ist, immer wieder neu „geboren“ wird? Das ist natürlich ganz fantastisch, weil ich daran merke, dass das Thema nach wie vor die Menschen bewegt und weil sich die Arbeit, die ich mir mit dem Buch gemacht habe, ganz offensichtlich gelohnt und durchgesetzt hat. Wie lange wird denn der Hanf schon als Heilmittel verwendet? Bestimmt, seitdem man ihn kennt. Hanf ist eine derjenigen Pflanzen, die in der europäischen Geschichte als allererstes kultiviert wurden, nämlich bereits im Neolithikum, also in der Jungsteinzeit. Seit damals ist der Hanf eine geschätzte Medizinal-, Nutz- und Rauschpflanze.

I have no idea, I have not pondered about this. In consequence then, extracting could be the real McCoy as you recommend? Not for everyone. But its is a method amongst many, perhaps suiting some.

Und das ist er bis heute. Genau. Obwohl Cannabis schon immer vielseitig Verwendung fand, ist es unglaublich, was in den letzten Jahren geforscht und herausgefunden wurde – gerade in Sachen Hanfmedizin. Jetzt merkt man allmählich, dass in der Pflanze noch viel mehr Potenzial steckt, als man bisher geglaubt hat. In welcher Beziehung stehen die berauschenden und die heilsamen Eigenschaften des Hanfs zueinander? Bedingen sie sich nicht sogar? Ich glaube, dass beides zusammenspielt. Die berauschende Wirksamkeit ist dabei die grundle-

gende Eigenschaft des Cannabis. Alle Kulturen haben früher in der berauschenden Wirkung von Gewächsen und Substanzen die enorme Heilkraft erkannt, die zum Beispiel von ekstatischen Zuständen ausgeht. Das ist natürlich ein anderer Ansatz, als ihn unsere moderne Pharmakologie vertritt. Aber der Rausch an sich hat heilsame Qualitäten, weil er uns mit dem Sinn unseres Seins in Verbindung bringt. Deshalb finde ich den Hanf so fantastisch, weil er eben nicht nur auf den Körper wirkt, sondern auch auf den Geist – wenn man da überhaupt eine Trennung vollziehen will. Beides sind ja polare Teile eines Ganzen, die untrennbar miteinander in Verbindung stehen.



3. Mandelbulbs

A Mandelbulb is a 3D representation of a Mandelbrot -- a mathematical equation in which the result goes towards infinity. If I played less POGs and didn‘t draw picture-perfect Nike logos in junior high math class then I would be able to explain the concept of fractals better. However, Mandelbrot fractals are visual representations of infinities, to be more specific infinite infinities. If you had a microscope powerful enough to zoom in 2,000x on a fractal, the complexity of what‘s seen

Cannabis Indica plants are thought to have evolved from the Hindu Kush region located near Afghanistan. This strain prefers temperate climates which stimulates the growth of thick resin coats. The first published description of the Indica plant was reported in 1785 by the European botanist Jean-Baptiste, he is said to have discovered it India, this accounts for the addition of ‘indi’ in the nomenclature of the plant.

effects experienced by users. In countries such as India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan where the use of hashish is part of the culture, this strain has always been the first choice.

The beautiful Indica grows into short stocky bushes with broad deep green leaves. The high chlorophyll content of the Indica plant cuts down the growing period, and once the flowering starts, the plant matures in 6 to 8 weeks. The plant grows up to a maximum height of two meters, which makes it well suited for indoor cultivation. The yield is higher than that of Sativa, the buds are wide, and densely packed. Flavors include sweet notes, but most Indica flavours are pungent. Indica highs induce a state of deep relaxation, and in essence slow the smoker down.

mushroom summer ed t on nc ud ng Trancers Gu de To The Ga axy country report spec a

October 2016 December 2016 March 2017 May 2017 September 2017 December 2017 Generally hallucinations have not been reported during the effects of this strain. It is believed that the difference in the terpenoid content in the essential oil secreted by the plant could be responsible for the spectrum of

o Wor

pic: „King Kong“ by thör

Indica Seeds Süße Beruhiger Cannabis Indica Pflanzen stammen aus der Hindukuschregion in Afghanistan. Diese Sorte bevorzugt mildes, das Wachstum von dicken Harzschichten stimulierendes Klima. Die ersten veröffentlichte Beschreibung der Indicapflanze stammt von dem europäischen Botaniker Jean Baptiste, der sie in Indien entdeckt haben soll, was den Zusatz ‚indi‘ in der Fachbezeichnung der Pflanze erklärt. Die wunderschöne Indica wächst zu stämmigen Büschen mit breiten tiefgrünen Blättern. Ihr hoher Chlorophylinhalt beschränkt die Wachstumsperiode und nach dem Beginn der Blühphase reift sie in 6 bis 8 Wochen. Sie wächst bis zu einer Höhe von zwei Metern und ist damit gut geeignet für die Indoorkultivierung. Die Ernte ist ertragreicher als bei der Sativa, die Knospen sind breit und dicht bepackt. Geschmacklich durchaus mal süßlich, sind die meisten Indica doch kräftig. Die Indica Highs verursachen einen Zustand eines tiefen Relaxens und im wesentlichen verlangsamen sie den Raucher. Generell werden keine Halluzinationen während der Effekte dieser Sorte berichtet. Man glaubt, dass der Unterschied im Terpenoidgehalt des entscheidenden Ölsekrets der Pflanze verantwortlich sein könnte für das Spektrum an Effekten, die von Nutzern erlebt werden. In Ländern wie Indien, Afghanistan, Bangladesch und Pakistan, wo der Gebrauch von Haschisch Teil der Kultur ist, ist diese Sorte immer die erste Wahl gewesen.

rob m

Let‘s be frank, who extracts or even has the technical capacities? We are describing extraction with everyday extractors for everybody. Apart from that I document the Rosin-method, a simple extraction, which can be done using a flat iron for hair. Dr.Franjo Grothenhermen could prescribe a lotion containing 5% of CBD as medicine. Yet this will cost you 120 € for 20ml , 220€ for 40ml, 320 € for 60 ml and a staggering 420 € for 80ml (and this is only for those in possession of an exception permit!), which seems quite expensive: How much would you have to expect for an appropriate administration?

That‘s individually different. The question, how many milligram morphine a pain patient might take, would be a comparison. Some require a smaller doses in larger intervals, while the other might require twice of thrice this to palliate his symptoms or treat his pains. Who can afford the obviously quite expensive CBD lotions or wellness-products? What I think that‘s caused by the system. As a rule a considerable amount is added to the price of pharmaceutical products and wellness-products. Sometimes with those high prices you also pay for the development of these products of course.

legal products are there in Germany? Oils for massage (CBD-oils), hemp oils, creme, capsules containing hemp oil, body butter, CO2-extracts and the like. How do you explain the hype about CBD, which can be detected at fairs for example? As we are talking about a still legal cannabinoid that seems to fascinate many. Its usability for healing purposes is another aspect which stirs public interest. With this very interesting cannabinoid, which does not fall under the narcotics law some activists further hope that one can talk about cannabis in a gentle way plus raise the awareness about hemp - which is working quite well. Society‘s acceptance of cannabis and cannabis as medicine seems to have widened.

would still be infinite, in fact the microscopic depth would be virtually impossible to discern from the full-sized image. While this is extraordinarily mind bursting, Mandelbrots were only 2D depictions of infinite infinities -- that is until Mandelbulbs came along. Now we know what the infinite looks like when applied to the dimension we all inhabit, and it will undoubtedly remind you of that time in college when you thought taking an entire sheet of blotter acid was a good idea.

Markus, thank you for the talk!



Freispruch für growende Patienten

Four more cannabis patients, at whose homes had been seized up to almost one kilo of marihuana/black market cannabis and hemp seeds during raids by the police, could achieve acquittals in March in courts at Hannover, Karlsruhe, Duisburg and Esslingen, because the respective judges and attorneys justified the cases with „excusable“ or rather „justifying contingency“. Though medicinal cannabis from drugstores still costs between 15 and 25 Euro per gram and thus above most patients‘ financial means.

Vier weitere Cannabispatienten, die im Rahmen von polizeilichen Durchsuchungen mit Grows von bis zu knapp einem Kilo Marijuana bzw. mit Schwarzmarktcannabis und Hanfsamen erwischt worden waren, konnten im März vor Gerichten in Hannover, Karlsruhe, Duisburg und Esslingen einen Freispruch für sich erwirken, weil die jeweiligen Richter und Staatsanwälte die Fälle mit „entschuldigendem“ bzw. „rechtfertigendem Notstand“ begründeten. Medizinalcannabis aus der Apotheke kostet pro Gramm zwischen 15 und 25 Euro und ist damit für die meisten Patienten nicht bezahlbar.


lies in its availability. While the handling of THC and products containing THC is prohibited, CBD is not subject to the narcotic law‘s prohibitive policy. Although the free availability could be limited in the future. At the moment there are discussions to classify CBD into the pharmaceutical law and make it subject to medical prescription.

s nce 2013

Markus Berger answers all our questions about the currently very trendy cannabidiol CBD, the non-psychoactive sister of THC, and his latest book After discovering the term cannabis as medicine quite often and additionally in the book‘s back that most of the authors are cannabis patients sporting an exception permit, we recalled Howard Marks‘ words (Rest in peace!) who once said: “Naturally I welcome the legalisation of marihuana for medicinal purposes but personally I would not want to wait for cancer in order to legally smoke.” Having become somewhat sceptic we thought let‘s talk to one of the authors why this is this the stuff we all crave. Markus, in the foreword you wrote, cannabidiol is developing into „a trend“, it is both „an efficient natural medicine“ and „at the same time lifestyle product with potential“, yet you seem to focus on „cannabis patients“. Honestly what user value does has the book for normal users, that is those without an exception permit?

When we make a reality check, which trusted shop or dealer stores herbals featuring an above average portion of CBD? I have no idea, I have not pondered about this. In consequence then, extracting could be the real McCoy as you recommend? Not for everyone. But its is a method amongst many, perhaps suiting some.

cannabinoid with respect to healing? What are the differences to the psychoactive molecule THC? Which diseases could be already treated with CBD today? In which direction is moving science. In the middle, I report about the possibilities of extracting CBD and other cannabinoids or rather the mix of agents of the hemp plant, and at the end readers can follow the several hemp based recipes of the Berlin confectioner and hemp patient Kathrin Gebhardt. Basically the book is really not exclusively aimed at cannabis patients with an exception permit. In order to use a massage oil containing CBD, for example or similar purposes, as you can

Let‘s be frank, who extracts or even has the technical capacities?

shop at many places currently no permission is required. Moreover, knowledge about agents of plants interests many people. Not everyone acquiring a book about healing plants is terribly sick.

We are describing extraction with everyday extractors for everybody. Apart from that I document the Rosin-method, a simple extraction, which can be done using a flat iron for hair.

What is new about CBD, in contrast to THC?

Dr.Franjo Grothenhermen could prescribe a lotion containing 5% of CBD as medicine. Yet this will cost you 120 € for 20ml , 220€ for 40ml, 320 € for 60 ml and a staggering 420 € for 80ml (and this is only for those in possession of an exception permit!), which seems quite expensive: How much would you have to expect for an appropriate administration?

CBD and THC cannot really be compared in this regard. Though with the interaction of the two molecules, or rather groups of molecules we have synergies. E.g. cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects and therefore you also have a different legal situation contrary to tetrahydrocannabinol. The new function of CBD probably



legal products are there in Germany?

That‘s individually different. The question, how many milligram morphine a pain patient might take, would be a comparison. Some require a smaller doses in larger intervals, while the other might require twice of thrice this to palliate his symptoms or treat his pains.

Oils for massage (CBD-oils), hemp oils, creme, capsules containing hemp oil, body butter, CO2-extracts and the like. How do you explain the hype about CBD, which can be detected at fairs for example?

Who can afford the obviously quite expensive CBD lotions or wellness-products?

As we are talking about a still legal cannabinoid that seems to fascinate many. Its usability for healing purposes is another aspect which stirs public interest. With this very interesting cannabinoid, which does not fall under the narcotics law some activists further hope that one can talk about cannabis in a gentle way plus raise the awareness about hemp - which is working quite well. Society‘s acceptance of cannabis and cannabis as medicine seems to have widened.

What I think that‘s caused by the system. As a rule a considerable amount is added to the price of pharmaceutical products and wellness-products. Sometimes with those high prices you also pay for the development of these products of course. You are writing that CBD is completely legal in Germany and Switzerland and that the market is flooded with pharmaceutical and wellness-products “which are partly pure CBD“. Which

Markus, thank you for the talk!



CONTENT Hemp nfo & Enterta nment Art c es for Pro s and Newb es nterv ews Workshops H gh Cu ture Enterta nment CANNABIS


Medicine Man

THC was first isolated in 1964 by Professor Mechoulam, an Israeli scientist, and the synthetic version of this chemical has been legally prescribed for a long period of time.

„Reguläre Samen“ Reine Edelsteine

cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other serious conditions.

THC – Der Held

Dies sind normale, unbehandelte und genetisch unveränderte Samen, die aus der Bestäubung zwischen einer männlichen und weiblichen Cannabispflanze resultieren. Einige Grower bevorzugen es mit unbehandelten Samen zu arbeiten, weil die Qualität und Genetik der Sorte rein bleibt. Der Nachteil von regulären Samen ist, dass es unmöglich ist die männlichen von den weiblichen zu unterscheiden bis die Blühphase erreicht ist. Normalerweise schätzen Grower, dass 50% der Ernte männlich sein wird und säen Extrasamen, um die unerwünschten männlichen zu kompensieren. Die beste Art, um reine Samen wachsen zu lassen, wäre in biologischer Erde, da dies den Ertrag der für jede Pflanze erwartet werden kann maximiert. Eine Anzahl von genetisch veränderten Samen, die für verbesserten CBD Gehalt entwickelt wurden sind auf dem Markt erhältlich. Zuletzt war Big Pharma fleissig dabei Sorten zu erzeugen, die reichen Ertrag bringen und auch schädlingsresistent sind, dies besorgt Growern, welche lieber mit genetisch reinen Linien arbeiten, da die GMO Samen unvorhersagbare gegenläufige chemische Reaktionen hervorrufen könnten. GMO Samen tendieren weiter zu Sterilität und Pollen

THC is regarded to be a ‘neuroprotectant’ which means it assists in protecting the brain cells from harm caused by inflammation and stress. The chemical also works to stimulate the production of new brain cells, this process is called neurogenesis.

THC wurde zuerst 1964 von Professor Mechoulam isoliert, einem israelischen Wissenschaftler und die synthetische Version dieser Chemikalie für eine lange Zeit legal verschrieben.

THC better known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main active chemical in marijuana responsible for the high. Cannabis contains different psychoactive chemicals termed collectively as cannabinoids, of which the most important one is THC. The human brain contains specific site known as the cannabinoid receptors, the chemical latches unto these sites and partially activates these receptors. Besides the usage of THC in treating pain, this chemical has displayed potential in treating

Acquittal for patient growers



When THC is in the plant, it is found in its acid form called THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). In this state the chemical does not produce the ‘high’ that smokers chase, only after the action of heat, the THCA breakdowns into THC. Medical users of the plant often ingest raw preparations since THCA still has the therapeutic benefits offered by THC.

pic: Ariel

THC, besser bekannt als Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, ist die für das High verantwortliche aktive Chemikalie in Marihuana. Cannabis enthält verschiedene psychoaktive Chemikalien, die Cannabinoide, von denen das wichtigste THC ist. Die Chemikalie klinkt sich auf den Cannabinoidrezeptoren ein und aktiviert diese teilweise. Neben der Schmerzbehandlung hat sie bei der Behandlung von Krebs, Alzheimer und einer Reihe von anderen ernsthaften Zuständen Potenzial gezeigt. THC wird als ein ‘Neuroprotektant’ betrachtet, es assistiert beim Schutz der Hirnzellen vor durch Entzündung und Stress hervorgerufenen Schäden. Die Chemikalie nutzt auch bei der Produktionsstimulation neuer Hirnzellen, bekannt als Neurogenese . Das THC in der Pflanze wird THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolische Säure) genannt. In diesem Zustand produziert die Chemikalie kein von Rauchern gejagtes ‘High’, lediglich hinterher zerbricht das THCA zu THC. Medizinische Nutzer nutzen die Pflanze oft, indem sie rohe Zubereitungen schlucken, da THCA immer noch die therapeutischen Vorzüge des THC hat.

The uses of medical marijuana have taken the world by storm, and most patients seek cannabis strains with higher CBD content.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many cannabinoids present in the plant. This non-psychoactive chemical is better suited to medical applications than THC. Although all types of marijuana work as curative agents, most

patients using medical marijuana prefer cannabis strains containing high CBD and low THC. Breeders create a wide selection of medical marijuana seeds to meet the increasing demand

for such seeds, which are often purchased by patients who wish to grow their own medication. At the moment Charlotte’s Web is regarded to be the best CBD strain in the world, containing 20% CBD and 0.5% THC.

CBD can be extracted from industrial hemp plants, which is legal in many countries, hence users looking to get CBD treatment can import plants legally. In a number of countries CBD based products are sold over the counter and online, and most users can avail of these without need for a prescription. This chemical is thought to reduce the spread of specific types of cancer cells and is a much in-demand medication. CBD also works to neutralize the negative effects of THC such as paranoia.

CBD/medizinische Samen Medizinmann Die Anwendungsraten von medizinischem Marihuana haben die Welt im Sturm genommen und die meisten Patienten suchen Cannabissorten mit höherem CBD-Gehalt. Cannabidiol oder CBD sind zwei von vielen in einer Pflanze enthaltenen Cannabinoide. Diese nicht-psychoaktive Chemikalie ist für medizinische Anwendungen besser geeignet als THC. Obwohl alle Marihuanatypen

als heilende Wirkstoffe funktionieren, bevorzugen die meisten Patienten des medizinischen Marihuanas Sorten, welche viel CBD und wenig THC enthalten. Züchter erzeugen einen breite Auswahl an medizinische Marihuanasamen, um dem wachsenden Bedarf für solche Samen zu begegnen, welche oft von Patienten gekauft werden, die ihre eigene Medikation anbauen wollen. Im Moment gilt Charlotte‘s Web als die beste CBD Sorte der Welt, mit 20% CBD und 0.5% THC. CBD kann aus industriellen Hanf-

pflanzen extrahiert werden, was in vielen Ländern legal ist, deshalb sind die Nutzer einer CBD Behandlung darauf aus, die Pflanzen legal zu importieren. In einer Anzahl von Ländern werden CBD basierte Produkt über den Tresen und online verkauft. Die meisten Nutzer können dies ohne Verschreibung tun. Die Chemikalie soll die Ausbreitung bestimmter Krebstypen reduzieren und ist eine stark nachgefragte Medikation. CBD funktioniert auch bei der Neutralisation negativer Effekte des THC wie Paranoia.



The Entourage

Cannaboids are a group of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, which affect the brain in a diverse range of ways.

Cannabinoids work to alleviate a number of symptoms by stimulating a certain compound called endocannabinoids which are produced naturally by the human body; once endocannabinoids are activated they assist in keeping the body in prime condition by monitoring cell communication which is required for health.


Cannabinol is present in small quantities, although this chemical causes fogginess in the user, it also works to lower anxiety.


Cannabigerol possesses has anti-bacterial effects. It was discovered that both THC and CBD originate from CBG. It acts as a relaxant.




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Racy Uppers

Customized Highs

Cannabis Sativa originated in the countries of South East Asia, Columbia, Mexico and Thailand. These plants love the sun and thrive better in warmer climates. Sativa seeds grow into tall thin bushes, with slender leaves that come in shades of light green. Under optimum growing conditions, the plants can reach gigantic heights ranging between 6 to 25 feet. Sativa’s take a longer period of time to grow than Indicas because the leaves contain a diminished amount of chlorophyll. This strain is more suited to outdoor cultivation because it is accustomed to receiving a consistent quantity of sunshine; the plant has adapted to carry on growing even when it is in bloom. Hence the buds move up the branches, this trait of growing simultaneously while flowering gives the Sativa flowers their elongated appearance.

The germinating period is also comparatively longer than Indicas, and flowering period takes 10 to 16 weeks. The narrow buds are sparsely packed, and the flavors range from sweet, to fruity, to tangy. This strain contains really high THC content whereas the CBD percentage is much lower, hence the Sativa high gets the smoker buzzing with energy, and augments cerebral activity. Sativa’s are better suited to psychological ailments such as depression, stress, anxiety, and are not too effective at treating pain, and other physical disorders.

Sativa Samen Schwungvolle Aufputscher Cannabis Sativa stammt aus Südostasien, Kolumbien, Mexiko und Thailand. Diese Pflanze liebt die Sonne und gedeiht in wärmerem Klima. Sativasamen wachsen zu grossen dünnen Büschen mit schmalen Blättern in hellgrünen Tönen. Bei optimalen Bedingungen kann sie gigantische 1,80 bis 7,50 Meter erreichen. Sativas brauchen länger beim Wachsen als Indicas, weil die Blätter einen verringerten Chlorophylanteil enthalten. Diese Sorte ist besser geeignet für die Outdoorkultivierung, weil sie gewohnt ist eine gleichbleibende Menge an Sonnenschein zu erhalten; die Pflanze hat sich darauf eingerichtet auch in der in der Blühphase weiter zu wachsen. Deshalb bewegen sich die Knospen die Zweige hoch, dieser Wesenszug des gleichzeitigen Wachsens und Blühens verleiht der Sativa ihre längliche Erscheinung. Die Keimperiode ist auch vergleichsweise länger als bei den Indicas und die Blühperiode dauert 10 bis 16 Wochen. Die schmalen Knospen sind spärlich bepackt und geschmacklich rangiert sie von süß über fruchtig zu würzig. Diese Sorte enthält viel THC, wobei die CBD-Anteil viel geringer ist, daher lädt das Sativa High den Raucher mit Energie auf und verstärkt die zerebrale Aktivität. Sativas sind besser geeignet für psychologische Erkrankungen wie Depression, Stress, Angst und nicht so effektiv bei der Behandlung von Schmerz und anderen physischen Störungen.

Hybridization is the technique used to create new genotypes by crossing two genetically different individuals. Hybridization occurs both in plants and animals, but plant hybridization is much more successful than animals, because of the shorter fertilization cycles and easier modes of pollen dispersal as compared to those of the animal kingdom. Each cannabis strain has its own set of negative and positive traits, the process of hybridization merges

the most favourable traits of different strains to create a new super strain, think of it as producing customized dope. In order to create hybrid seeds, two strains are selected, then a male from the first strain and a female from the second strain are kept in an enclosed space to facilitate pollination. Alternatively manual pollination is considered

to be the ‘safer bet’ in ensuring that only pollen from the selected plants are utilized. In selecting strains for hybridization the grower may choose any one of the following: Clone-only strain: The grower creates clones of the selected plant containing genetically identical clones. Stable seed strain: If the grower wishes to grow an entirely new strain, the selected parent strains will be cross-breed over a number of generations until seeds are acquired. Unstable seed strains: These can be churned out at a faster rate, but there is no guarantee that the resulting plant emergi

Hybridsamen Maßgeschneiderte Highs

verschmilzt die bevorzugten Eigenschaften der verschiedenen Sorten zur Erzeugung einer Supersorte, eine Art maßgeschneidertes Dope. Zwei Sorten werden ausgewählt, dann kommen ein Mann der ersten Sorte und eine Frau der zweiten zwecks Befruchtung in ein geschlossenes Behältnis. Alternativ gilt manuelle Befruchtung als verlässlichere Gewährleistung nur Pollen der ausgewählten Pflanzen zu nutzen. Der Grower kann unter den Folgenden wählen: Nur Klon-Sorte: Der Grower kreiert

Klone der ausgewählten Pflanze, die genetisch identische Klone enthält. Stabile Samensorte: Für eine vollkommen neue Sorte wachsen lassen, werden die ausgewählten Elternsorten über eine Anzahl von Generationen gekreuzt. Instabile Samensorte: Das geht schneller, aber es gibt keine Garantie, dass die aus instabilen Pflanzen resultierende Pflanze die notwendigen Merkmale enthält. Wilde Sorte: Dies sind Sorten, die wild in der Natur wachsend gefunden werden, Grower werden diese für die Schaffung neuer Sorten nutzen.

Hybridisierung ist eine Technik zur Erzeugung neuer Genotypen zu, bei der zwei genetisch unterschiedliche Individuen gekreuzt werden. Bei Pflanzen ist Hybridisierung sehr erfolgreich wegen kurzer Fruchtbarkeitszyklen und einfachen Arten der Pollenverbreitung. Jede Cannabissorte hat negative wie positive Merkmale, die Hybridisierung

„Flower Power“ from Royal Queen Seeds

H m




Cannaboide sind eine Gruppe chemischer Bestandteile der Cannabispflanze, die in vielfältiger Art auf das Hirn wirken. Cannabinoide funktionieren bei der Linderung einer Reihe von Symptomen, indem sie bestimmte Bestandteile stimulieren, die Endocannabinoide genannt werden und die der Körper natürlich produziert; werden Endocannabinoide aktiviert helfen sie dabei den Körper in bester Verfassung zu erhalten, indem sie die für die Gesundheit notwendige Zellkommunikation kontrollieren.


Cannabinol kommt in kleinen Mengen und obwohl die Chemikalie Verworrenheit im Nutzer hervorruft, funktioniert sie auch bei leichten Angstzuständen.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin regulates the psychoactive effects of THC. This chemical could be used in the treatment of metabolic disorders.



Tetrahydrocannabivarin reguliert die psychoaktive Wirkung des THC. Es könnte in der Behandlung von Stoffwechselkrankheiten genutzt werden.

Cannabichromene could induce the growth of new brain cells, it is also an anti-inflammatory, and has analgesic effects.

THCA the unprocessed acid state in which THC is found in fresh plants. The application of heat transforms THCA to THC.

CBDA the acid form of CBD, it could hold potential in the treatment of breast cancer.

Cannabigerol besitzt anti-bakterielle Eigenschaften. Man fand heraus, dass sowohl THC wie auch CBD von CBG abstammen. Es wirkt entspannend.


Cannabichromene könnte das Wachstum neuer Hirnzellen hervorrufen. Es ist auch ein Entzündungshemmer und weist eine analgetische Wirkung auf.

THCA der Säurerohzustand des THC in frischen Pflanzen. Durch Hitzeanwendung transformiert das THCA zu THC.

CBDA die Säureform des CBD, es könnte bei der Behandlung von Brustkrebs Potenzial haben.





The Hero

Professor Mechoulam • pic: Tzahy / Wikipedia

Ab 2017 sollen die deutschen Krankenversicherer die Kosten für medizinische Cannabisblüten aus der Apotheke übernehmen. Gesundheitsminister Hermann Gröhe (CDU) hat einen entsprechenden Gesetzesentwurf ausarbeiten lassen, den das Bundeskabinett Anfang Mai billigte. Jetzt muss das Gesetz noch durch den Bundestag gebracht werden, ab kommendem Frühjahr soll es gültig sein. Der inoffizielle Grund für diesen drogenpolitisch eher ungewöhnlichen Vorstoß ist die Angst der Bundesregierung, dass künftig womöglich mehreren Cannabispatienten der Anbau ihrer Hanfmedizin gestattet werden muss. Der Cannabismedizin-Experte und Arzt Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen aus Rüthen (Kreis Soest) nennt die juristische Novelle das „Eigenanbau-Verhinderungsgesetz“. Die Krankenkassen sind indes von der Entscheidung der Regierung nicht sehr angetan. Immerhin dürfte mit dem neuen Gesetz ein immenser Kostenapparat auf die Versicherer zukommen.


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From 2017 health insurance in Germany will cover costs for medicinal cannabis blossoms from the drugstore. Secretary of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) had drafted an according bill, which has been approved by the national cabinet in early May. Now the bill must only be put before the Bundestag, starting next spring the law would be valid. The unofficial reason for this rather uncommon venture, from a drug policy perspective, is the national government‘s fear that potentially several cannabis patients will have to be granted growing their own hemp in the future. The expert for cannabis as medicine and MD Franjo Grotenhermen from Rüthen (district Soest) calls the legal amendment the „home-growers prevention bill“. To be sure, health insurance is not amused by the government‘s decision, as with the new law a huge matter of expense will lie in store for the insurers.



Just another lifestyle product or more?

At first it would have to be defined what is a normal user, you probably have in mind your standard pothead. The CBD book is primarily meant for those to whom the subject is of interest, patients, therapists and cannabis lovers. In the first part, the medical practitioner and expert in things cannabis as medicine, Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen writes about the status quo of CBD research. What are the potentials of this



Health insurance to pay Kassen sollen Cannabismedizin zahlen for cannabis medicine

nternat ona Magaz ne for a h gh cu ture You are writing that CBD is completely legal in Germany and Switzerland and that the market is flooded with pharmaceutical and wellness-products “which are partly pure CBD“. Which




CBD Ein Mandelbulb ist die 3DAbbildung eines Mandelbrots - eine mathematische Gleichung, bei welcher das Resultat Richtung unendlich läuft. Falls ich weniger POGs gespielt und nicht perfekte Nike Logos im Matheunterricht gemalt hätte, dann wäre ich in der Lage das Konzept der Fraktalen besser zu erklären. Jedoch, Mandelbrot-Fraktale sind visuelle Abbildungen des Unendlichen von noch spezifischeren unendlichen Unendlichkeiten. Falls Du mit einem Mikroskop mit 2000-facher Vergrößerung auf ein Fraktal einzoomtest, wäre die Komplexität dessen, was zu sehen wäre immer noch unendlich, tatsächlich wäre die mikroskopische Tiefe beinahe unmöglich von einem Totalausdruck des Bildes zu unterscheiden. Das bringt den Kopf außergewöhnlich zum Kochen, doch Mandelbrots wären nur 2D Abbilder von unendlichen Unendlichkeiten - also bis die Mandelbulbs kommen. Jetzt wissen wir, wie das Unendliche aussähe, würde man es auf die Dimension, die wir alle bewohnen, anwenden und es wird Dich zweifellos an die Zeit in der Schule erinnern als Du dachtest, das ein ganzer Bogen Acid eine gute Idee sei.



Sweet Downers

9 lies in its availability. While the handling of THC and products containing THC is prohibited, CBD is not subject to the narcotic law‘s prohibitive policy. Although the free availability could be limited in the future. At the moment there are discussions to classify CBD into the pharmaceutical law and make it subject to medical prescription.

"Der Rausch ist das W Wesentliche“


The Y-chromosome

pic: Male plant • by Marihuanay Medicina

CONTENT Mus c Art sts Charts Part es & Fest va s nc Fest va Map DJ & Producer Techno ogy Art Fash on Commun ty Summer ed t on nc Trancers Gu de To The Ga axy Country Reports

Hemp is also used for shamanic ritual healing?

Because we have put everything to profanatory use and must exploit everything. For example, drugstore cannabis is extremely expensive with up to 25 Euro per gram. Whereas the plant can be grown quite simple by everybody. How do you evaluate that?



s nce 1994

I do think the whole recent research of single cannabinoids makes sense and is profitable. But what is made from the results and which conclusions are drawn, is another matter. I do not understand though why one should disassemble and separate the individual molecules in the face of such perfect pharmacological compositions both within the hemp plant and the opium poppy. Hemp and opium cause holistic synergies respectively, that is why the natural composition of the substance is best for humans.

high simply is the main thing. I believe that the high through hemp would be much more beneficial to our society than the use of individual substances as pharmaceuticals. But our society is really sick. I cannot call this a crisis any loner, we have fallen sick culturally. Amongst other things, because we have robbed the high of its importance, its holiness and its significance. This split-up into intoxicating and healing substance is a manifestation of a cognitive dissonance. Let‘s take tobacco: the Native Americans, for example, said that tobacco is only harmful because we do not worship it as a holy plant.

Apotheke - pic by joho345

Christian Rätsch (59) is an ethnopharmacologist and has been researching the use of psychoactive plants and transmitters, international shamanism and ethnomedicinal traditions for decades.

Speaking of morphine: This is an agent extracted from opium poppy. What do you think of the procedure to extract individual cannabinoids from hemp, e.g. cannabidiol (CBD), in order to work with it? Wouldn‘t it make more sense to use the entire complex of the plant‘s agents?

Industrial hemp „Finola“ - pic: Hanfzeit

I think that they interact. Though the intoxicating effect is the main characteristic of cannabis. In former times all cultures noticed the enormous healing power in the intoxicating effect of plants and substances, for example those deriving of ecstatic conditions. In fact, that is another approach in contrast to the one advocated by our modern pharmacology. But the high in itself has healing qualities, because it connects us to the meaning of our being. That‘s why I find hemp so fantastic, because it does not only affect the body, but also the soul – if one has to make a distinction here at all anyway. Both are polar parts of the whole which are inextricably linked.

Industrial hemp „Finola“ - pic: Hanfzeit

Ethnopharmacologist Christian Rätsch talks about hemp as medicine

Markus Berger

5 What relation have the intoxicating and the medicative characteristics of hemp to one another? Aren‘t they mutually dependent?

"The High is the main thing“

Christian Rätsch







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Inner-views with the Raja of Psytrance Raj Ram shares some of his thoughts on Music and Life

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Raja Ram is often referred to as the ‘Godfather’ of the psychedelic world. He holds the distinction of being one of the major definers of the scene.

Has the process of making music transformed you? LOVE Bach and Classical... Indian flute music. Which is a big influence. Also funky spunky fancy truancy...wiggly wobbly...pop...all sorts DUB Reggae...the lot really.

and devotion. I would NEVER try to turn anyone on. It’s a private path to heaven. I remember the very first time Terence McKenna gave us a package in the UK. Wow... Life changing. Beyond words and thoughts...Pure MAGIC...

Floyd may be my favourite...we opened for them 3 times in the UK in the late sixties. Can you imagine that? Those were the days... making music is like making love. And of course trance formation... Life changing and enhancing...The best fun ever...The most satisfying also. My muse is my heart. True feelings. Emotions, devotions,

Your take on the Psy-scene? The future of Psy is so bright we need three pairs of shades. Always changing but slowly mor phing into an exhaled dimension of highness...weird highness and high weirdness...the scene for me has never been better. New places and faces...New concerts and new ideas. It’s all happening.

“The future of Psy is so bright we need three pairs of shades. Always changing but slowly morphing into an exhaled dimension of highness. Weird highness and high weirdness. The scene at the moment for me has never been better. New places and faces... A million Dj’s with a million computers.”

What is the story behind your name and project? I got my name in ‘68. It was given to me by a Guru from Mauritius. Raja means KING and RAM is a Hindu God. Pretty nice name. The Infinity Project became T.I.P.


“Without psychedelics, I would be NOTHING. They’ve always been my spine. I took acid in New York in 1960 before Timothy Leary. Yes, and I have always majestically partaken the sacred substances with care reverence and devotion. But I would NEVER try to turn anyone on. It’s a private path to heaven.”


G’ Morning! How are you? Every day is a laugh. It’s all a gigantic tickle. I will be 75 this year. Feels like I was born yesterday. I’m in Goa. India is just the same as it ever was.


perpetual motions. The tides...the planets. The suns and moons make the tunes. Creativity and psychedelics work together. Do you agree? Without psychedelics, I would be NOTHING. They’ve always been my spine. I took acid in New York in


A million Dj’s with a million computers. The best advice you’ve ever received? My Philosophy is to be Loving. Be kind. Stick with your friends. Family is BEST. Best advice from my dad when I left home. “Take half the

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MUSINGS FROM GOA Tristan © Unknown

‘A Renaissance’

“Goa... Roaring down the road on a single cylinder classic Enfield Bullet 500cc, the wind in the hair (no helmets required), the palm trees silhouetted against the sun-soaked sky, freak-energy oozing from every pore of this place... it’s still only 9am and it’s my turn to do the school run!!! Somehow I don’t get this same feeling doing the same routine in the rain in London in March. There’s a party happening every single night this week, promo parties for trance events in Europe like the Sonica, Ozora, Modem and Universo Parallelo, there’s birthday bashes, and there’s beach-shack party nights-like Shiva Valley, Curlies, Monkey Valley, Chronicle and 9 Bar to name just a few.... It’s like living in a festival, or Fr.3.4. - Sa.4.4. perhaps the festivals are trying to

Freigeister Eastereggs

recreate this environment: being Catonium, Förster Weg 163, surrounded by non-stop music and dancing; a mecca for freaks, Mekkanikka, Android Spirit, trancers, yogis, beach bums Aqualy, Manawizard, Nomatic, and backpackers, designers and Egalo, Mutant-X, S.J.K. Project, dealers, traders and tourists, lost Blindflug, Bombax, Dsompa, Nyama, souls, searching souls, found-it Ignis , Mitra, Syno, Ax|Nt, Woodfoun Woodfounsouls and all manner of alterdation , Mr. Marc, Manawizard, Die native lifestylers that you can Linken Hände, Rumpel, Morpheling, imagine; and all bound by one thing: Freedom. Free Optics,Flurooptics,Spacekidz The kind of freedom I haven’t Freumuchai, Lamuozu, Elfen Elfenfound anywhere else- the heady schwestern, Stereon,, Divinedesein mix of spirituality and hedonism, Freigeister/WohldorfWoodFreigeister/WohldorfWood the tolerance of the wonder-

Tristan Cooke’s name cannot be segregated from the psy-scene, his spirited music has kept the trance-floors alive for over a decade. Here he gives us his perspective on Goa, although he confesses, “I kind of veered from the point a little I’m afraid...Might have been something to do with that pipe I had after breakfast! Anyway I thought I’d write about something that’s inspiring me...”



ful local people (Goa was a Portuguese colony so there is a


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For almost 30 years Burning Man has been the craziest festival in the world. 70,000 freaks from around the world gather every year in the Nevada desert to have great party-fun and meet incredible people. Psytrance plays only a side role there.

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Smoky Heaven

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