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V.A. „Boulevard of Broken Drums“ (Cosm Records) Psy visionaries Cosm Records have gathered their crew together to cook another one of their intoxicating brews. ‚Boulevard of Broken Drums‘ is s sonic rollercoaster ride through epic Psybreaks and transcendental Trancefunk feat. Electric Sheep, 6th Floor, Metabreed, Digipack, Hermetica and more.

V.A. „Progressive Energy“ (Delicatek Records) Enjoy this compilation, that makes you dancing wherever you hear it! Be exited to hear this energy loaded work with featured artists from Germany, Greece, Serbia and Italy! Available as CD or Mp3 at progressiveenergy

Block Device „Spaceship“ EP (United Beats Records) Still strong after his first EP was released on United Beats Records, Block Device is back with a brand new opus! After dancing on The Ground (EP), it’s time to take a trip on the Spaceship (EP)! 3 relentless tracks for you so you can dance through the sunrise! See where the Spaceship will take you!

Open Source „Serious Psy Trance“ (Ghost Label Records) This progressive journey includes eight hard beat tracks in diverse styles, with classic trance elements, a mystical atmosphere, melodic leads and amazing hook lines that will establish this album as a true masterpiece. Open Source reveals his two year work with his third solo album, a compilation of eight serious psy trance productions.

V.A. „Erosion“ (Nataraja Records) Compiled by Dj Bigz, ‚Erosion‘ is the first Nataraja Various Artist release. Offering a massive selection of great psychedelic artists from the best rising stars of 2011 and some of the greatest new artists from Paris, Erosion set the mood for a wonderful journey.

Terraformers „No Rules“ (Geomagnetic Records) The debut album of this French duo comes with 11 tracks, each one created for the peak time of the night when true Full On energy is what the crowd is craving. Including blasting collaborations with Illegal Machines and Phonic Request plus a remix for the Gothic Darkwave band Trisomie 21. Enjoy a wild ride without any rules!


mushroom magazine July/August 2012  

Hot Summer Edition of the global psytrance guide with more than 35 Artist & Label Specials, Festival Previews & Map, GEMA article, 1st part...

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